Podcast Advertising: Get Your Livingston Parish Business Noticed

Advertising has changed. Using traditional media and conventional marketing channels is no longer the best approach to achieve success. Sure, you can continue to use traditional advertising methods for your small business, but you may miss your target audience.

These days, it’s all about digital advertising. Chances are, you’re already using some form of digital marketing.

Businesses of all sizes are using social media to boost their brand awareness and boost their sales. Check the companies in your local area on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you’ll likely find their profiles easily.  

Using social media a must (although it doesn’t replace your website. Here’s an article from BlakSheep Creative to explain how they’re different.). But, social media and a website aren’t the only way to advertise your small business digitally. Podcast advertising is another option you should consider.

In this article, we’ll discuss why now is as good as a time to consider podcast sponsorships. At the very least, you’ll learn why podcast advertising should become part of your overall marketing campaigns.

You’ll also learn the unique value that businesses like yours can get from advertising on podcasts and how sponsoring podcasts can help you grow your small business exponentially.

What are the benefits of podcast advertising?

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As a small business owner, is it really worth your time and money to invest in podcasts? Sure, this strategy is not foolproof; however, the risk is not as significant as you may think.

Once you learn the benefits and return on investment from sponsoring even one podcast episode, you’ll realize just how effective this advertising method may be.

It’s hard to argue how in-demand podcasts are in 2021, but many don’t realize just how far this medium of digital audio has come.

Consider some of the following statistics:

Plus, the numbers are still forecasted to rise after the pandemic.

And those numbers are expected to continue to rise given the COVID-19 pandemic that has people quarantined and looking for something to occupy their time.

By 2024, it’s expected that an estimated 164 million people will be monthly listeners to at least one podcast.

The point here is that if you have hesitated to advertise on podcasts because you are afraid that they’re just a fad, you can see why they’re here to stay.

Podcast advertising can improve how consumers view your local business.

Podcasts are often recorded to where they sound like two friends just having a conversation. Take Local Leaders: The Podcast, for example.

When guests appear on our show, we’ve already befriended them, and our friendship is what makes the topics even more enjoyable.

real life real crime podcast white logo

Some other podcast hosts take more of a role as a storyteller, like Woody Overton at Real Life Real Crime.   

Woody tells his true crime stories like no one else, which keeps his podcast audience coming back for more.

No matter which type of podcast your target audience is a fan of, there’s one thing that’s for sure – listeners are loyal to their favorite shows.

Hosts become more than just a voice on their radio or a face on their screen; they become a virtual friend.

That’s why if a podcaster’s endorsement of a product or service resonates more than just reading an ad in the newspaper or on social media.

So, who better to become a brand ambassador for your business than a podcast host?

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Podcast advertising helps you reach your target audience.

While the podcasting heavyweights like Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and just about any show on NPR are geared towards a more general and national audience, local podcasts are on the rise.

If you Google podcasts in your local area or industry, chances are you’ll find a couple of shows.

For instance, off the top of my head, I can think of three Livingston Parish podcasts: Local Leaders: The Podcast, The Livingston Parish Thread with Brandon Browning, and of course, Real Life Real Crime with Woody Overton.

There are probably more; those are just the three that pop into my head immediately.

What’s important is that these three podcasts are listened to regularly by people right here in Livingston Parish and are potential customers for your small business.

Be sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Podcast Advertising for 2021.

How do local podcasts boost small business?

Let’s face it. Advertising on NPR or Joe Rogan may be unrealistic (and out of budget) for most small business owners. Plus, unless your business is an eCommerce store online, It’ll do you no good to have someone in California interested in what you have to offer.

Instead, by advertising on local podcasts, you can reach a hyper-local audience who are more apt to visit your brick and mortar to buy your products or enlist your services.

Shopping local helps boost brand recognition.

I, for one, understand the importance of supporting small businesses.

Unfortunately, small businesses have to compete with the big brands with higher advertising budgets. Once these big brands flex their financial muscle, it’s harder for the small businesses to get any attention.

By advertising on a local podcast, you can compete with the big brands and use a medium that they overlook.

Partnering with a popular podcast in your area can be useful for your small business.

Some listeners of a local podcast may already be looking for services or products like yours but haven’t heard about your business. A mention from a local thought leader or a recommendation from a podcast listener who remembers your brand name from a recent episode may be the nudge they need to check you out.

All it takes is for a few members of your local community to create a buzz about your business. And with that buzz comes sales, and the rest is history.

Podcast advertising gives local businesses a chance to boost their brand.

Whether we like it or not, there’s a common perception that smaller businesses lag behind their larger competitors. Many consumers tend to see small businesses as traditional mom-and-pop stores.

That’s not true, but most consumers won’t be bothered to take a second look.

But, by partnering with a local podcast (or podcast network), a small business can update or change its image.  

They can even rebrand as a tech-savvy local business that realizes the importance of reaching (and serving) their customers with current tools.  

Pair your podcast ads with a stylish website, and you’ll start turning heads (and get those credit cards swiping.)

How to find the right podcast to advertise on

Now that we’ve shown you why your small business should advertise on a podcast, it’s time to show you exactly how to do it.

For instance, when I had Chapman’s Paint Place Podcast, I would have local painting companies advertise on the show to reach my painting-oriented audience.

Now, if you remember earlier, I said that there were three podcasts in the Livingston Parish area, so chances are you’ll have a hard time finding a local podcast for your exact niche, but that’s ok.

Think about it: Woody doesn’t have killers listening to his show (hopefully), but what he does have is rabid followers with disposable income who are consumers.

People pay attention, regardless of the niche.

Find a podcast that reaches your target audience, and approach them about advertising on it.

How to write a compelling podcast advertisement

Now that you’ve found the right podcast partner, it’s time to focus on creating the ad that will boost your small business.

First, you need to work on the content of the ad. Ensure that the ad provides a good summary of your business offerings while remaining compelling.

Cut straight to the point and include the essential details. Provide a promo code, listener discounts, or something to entice the listener to buy from you.

Have your website developer create landing pages specifically for your podcast advertising campaigns so that you can measure the return on investment.

Consider naming them something like yourdomain.com/podcastname so that the host can say it during the show, and listeners can remember it.

Also, don’t paint the podcast host in a box. Remember, your ad should read naturally and sound like it’s just part of the host’s dialogue. Give them the freedom to wing it, and it’ll be more enticing.

Start your own podcast.

claus grunstaudl 147900

If you can’t find a podcast that you’d like to advertise on or are more of a hands-on person, you could always just start your own podcast.

But be warned, it’s not an endeavor to be taken lightly.

You’ll need:

  • Professional equipment to record and edit your podcast
  • Exciting topics to talk about
  • A host that people will listen to
  • Lots of time

Starting your podcast can be risky, but if you pull it off, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to advertise your business.

While we’re on that note, if you want to start your own podcast but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on professional equipment, sign up for our newsletter to learn when our new service launches.

We will soon become Livingston Parish’s only podcast recording studio that you can use to record your podcast professionally.

Advertise on Local Leaders: The Podcast

Podcasts are here to stay, and that’s good for both content creators and advertisers.  

If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost your Livingston parish small business profile, consider advertising on our podcast. It could give your business the exact type of boost you need to take it to the next level. Visit our sponsorship page, or complete the form below to get started.

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