Local Leaders: the Podcast

Each week, Jim Chapman and the team behind Local Leaders:  The Podcast talk with private business owners in Livingston Parish and surrounding areas who exhibit leadership skills and business acumen we feel our audience can benefit from and conduct 1-on-1 interviews featured throughout social media and the internet!

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Recent Video Episodes

View some of our recent vodcasts to see what Livingston Parish small business owners have to say.

Discovering JM Boutique’s Passion for Fashion on Local Leaders:The Podcast S4 E9

Megan Goudeau with JM Boutique shares her story with Local Leaders: The Podcast to remind us that by staying positive, small business owners can see success.

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The Struggle to Offer Health Insurance for Small Businesses & How Gallagher Can Help! Local Leaders

Health Insurance is also the #1 reason most people never take a chance on owning their own business. Learn more from Sean Aucoin of Gallagher insurance.

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A Lifetime of Design! Alisa Verett Sits Down with Local Leaders:The Podcast!

When you talk about a lifetime honing your craft, a lifetime loving your community and a lifetime spent performing at a top level, you would be hard pressed not to think of Alisa Verett of Alisa Verett Interiors and Custom Workroom.

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Latest Audio Episode

Unable to watch our recent videos?  You can still listen to our recent audio episode. Click on the title to listen on the episode’s page, or just click the play button to listen here.

The Struggle to Offer Health Insurance for Small Businesses & How A.J. Gallagher Can Help! Local Leaders S4 E8

What is the largest hurdle to overcome when hiring good people for small business owners? If you said Health Insurance coverage you are correct.The sad fact is most Local Small businesses struggle to compete with regard to the benefits that public companies can offer....

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About the Host

Jim Chapman has spent over 20 years promoting Local, family-owned businesses.

Through his popular blog and podcast entitled Local Leaders: The Podcast, Jim contributes to his community’s growth and the business owners who support it.

Jim’s catchphrase and belief that “Every Business Owner Has a Story” has attracted a large local following and even a worldwide following with listeners and viewers in over 20 different countries.

In October 2020, Jim and Local Leaders: The Podcast was honored as Local Leaders: The Podcast achieved a ranking of 48th highest voted podcast in the world by Podcast Magazine.