Local Leaders: The Podcast! Fear the Wolf! Woody Overton Solves the 15 Year Old Cold Case of the Murder of Courtney Coco. *Special Episode* Local Leaders:The Podcast

Nearly 2 years ago Woody Overton through his popular podcast Real Life Real Crime investigated the Courtney Coco case. After nearly 15 years the case went cold. Within 7 weeks Woody Overton solved it. While Woody never sought credit, it appalled me that the D.A. in Rapides Parish (among others) refuse to even mention his hard work, time and effort in solving this case. As soon as the cameras rolled the piers that be seemed to accept full credit for a case they had over a decade to solve. I wanted to offer my thoughts on this as well as make an attempt to credit the amazing detective work performed by Woody Overton.

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