Why We’re a Livingston Parish Business Podcast

When I began Chapman’s Paint Place Podcast, the plan was to give painters in Livingston Parish and surrounding areas tips, tricks, and business advice to grow their small businesses.

Now, almost three years later, I decided to expand the podcast to reach more small business owners in Livingston Parish and beyond. Keep reading to learn why I decided to rename the show and target a larger audience.

Ready, let’s go!

Why Change from Chapman’s Paint Place Podcast?

With the massive success of Real Life Real Crime with Woody Overton, it became apparent that Denham Springs residents had something to say that the masses wanted to hear.

Let’s face it; every local business owner has an amazing story to tell but often don’t have the platform to do so.

Let me correct myself.

Every individual has a fantastic story; however, I decided to focus on local small business owners due to my passion for family owned business and my experience in working for a family owned business for more than two decades. I saw a way I could help, and jumped at the chance.

So Local Leaders: The Podcast was born.

Why Choose a Podcast Format?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, people were listening to podcasts. Being quarantined and stuck at home just made them grow exponentially.

Let me explain.

According to Edison Research, in 2014, of the Americans who consumed audio:

  • 51% of their time was spent listening to AM/FM content (which was roughly 4 hours a day),
  • 2% of their time was spent listening to Podcasts. 

This meant that we were listening to 25 hours of AM/FM content for every hour spent listening to a podcast.   

Fast forward to 2020.

  • 42% of our audio listening time was spent consuming AM/FM content
  • 5% was spent listening to a podcast. 

Now, for every hour spent listening to a podcast, we are only listening to 8 hours of AM/FM content and most of that is sports-related talk shows.   

This represents 150% growth for podcasts and a decline in AM/FM content.   

I believe that this increase is due to COVID-19 plus just how easy it is to listen to podcasts. One of the most significant advantages of using this format is reaching more people quickly.

What’s the Mission of Local Leaders: The Podcast?

As I said earlier, I wanted to give business owners in Livingston Parish and beyond an avenue for them to increase their brand awareness and tell their story such as:

  • What made them start their business?
  • What advice do they have for small business owners?
  • What does their business have to offer their customers?

And, so far, the response has been incredible.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and talk to some well-known Livingston Parish owners like one of the area’s top real estate agent Tricia Johnson, Real Crime podcast superstar Woody Overton, BlakSheep Creative’s web design and SEO guru Clint Sanchez, and Mickey Watson of Buddy’s BBQ (one of the parish’s leading BBQ businesses, by far).  

I’ve had the chance to hear stories from lesser-known entrepreneurs in the area, such as Live Oak High School’s Tommy Sigman to listen to his incredible story.

By the way, you have to stop what you’re doing right now and hear (or view) that episode entitled, “Talking Foster Care, Bi-Polar Disorder, Published Author at 17! Tommy Sigman’s Amazing Story!

Shoot, I even got to sit down and talk to myself.

Ok, maybe I should have said by myself.

In a recent episode, I got on the microphone (sans guests) and explained the new round of PPP and the cCares act and how local small business owners can take advantage of this latest round of help from the federal government.

And the best is yet to come!

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of why Local Leaders: The Podcast was created, what our goal is, and where we intend to go in the future.

Speaking of the future, part of the long term goal for my Media Company “Chapman Distributing” has already began with a brand new podcast featuring local business owner James Adam-McCants and myself entitled “2 Bald Guys Podcast.”  It’s our take on everything going on in this crazy world.

 Likely full of inaccurate information but always comical, this is just the start of many plans for the future as we scale Chapman Distributing.

Here’s the pilot episode:

Be a Guest on the Show

Would you like to have your business showcased on the show and reach thousands of Livingston Parish business owners and consumers?

Get in touch with me, and let’s make that happen.

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Jim Chapman

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