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On this 159th episode of Local leaders: The Podcast, host Jim Chapman sits down with 8th degree Black Belt Sr. Master Jason Dendy of Inspired Martial Arts Denham Springs. This studio which teaches The American Taekwondo Associations (ATA) Singham Taekwondo style also offers many other classes including women’s self-defense training, gun and knife defense classes, has trained SWAT teams in the past and Master Dendy is also certified to teach KRAV MAGA (Israeli Special Forces Fighting techniques). So sit back and learn how this studio has mastered over 20 years of longevity and be inspired!

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hey everyone and welcome to another edition of local leaders the podcast and the gentleman sitting across from me who has a huge history here in denham springs is senior master jason dendy so first of all welcome senior master dendi to local leaders thank you jim i appreciate it i’m excited i’m excited today as a matter of fact when i was scripting this thing out i had to kind of cut it down a little bit because i’m like man we’re going to go for like three hours if i’m not careful a lot to cover today and i want to kind of talk a little bit about you first before we get into your business uh you’re a senior master which is an eighth degree black belt correct actually it’s a seventh i just tested for eighth gotcha i’m going through the process to be a chief fantastic so that’ll make you a chief master once i finish the process technically uh they’ve just got to go through that approval process on that it’s a little bit more than that gotcha you got to do some training you got to do i have a vegas coming up we got to do training in vegas going my son and i he’s going to go with me we’re going to climb turtle peak mountain gotcha and then as it gets closer we’re going to have to do more training and we have to do a fasting oh a fasting how long you gotta fast it’s gonna be um three days leaning off and then uh two to three days no food and then weaving back on oh okay you have to do that for every master title interesting okay i did not know that that’s interesting yeah every organization is a little different i know some people that got their master’s title at a lower rank it’s just that’s the way that they do it yes we started sixth degree and just because you test doesn’t mean you become a master right right yeah that’s just the testing that’s right you know but there’s a lot behind that there’s no doubt about it and your son’s gonna be climbing a mountain with you yes that’s awesome yeah we’re gonna have a big group going up turtle peak i’ve been it’s red red rock canyon in vegas so yeah i’ve done it before it’s a pretty good little hike it’s nothing easy

well you know when you get when you get up at a high ranking in any martial art i mean it you know easy kind of goes out the window it gets a little difficult at that point it should be something uh you know that challenges people so very good uh now you’ve been a student of taekwondo since 1987 and folks to put that into perspective the number one song in 1987 bon jovi’s living on a prayer uh we all remember that one and to paint an even clearer picture how long has that been i actually had hair in 1987 so that’s been that’s been a while uh so i’ll tell you taekwondo actually runs in your family your wife rachel is a fifth degree and also a teacher so uh which could be tougher than taekwondo in some cases you know we love our teachers and uh your 12 year old son also a student in addition to playing baseball uh you have a six-year-old daughter that is also a student in addition to doing gymnastics correct another great sport that um that you know benefits kids and adults alike i’ll tell you gymnastics back when i was younger i don’t know how to say this but it wasn’t something you know it was football for guys and and taekwondo and things like that you know uh but gymnastics a lot of a lot of things to learn there go try to get on them rings and see i think sport is good to do yeah 100 activity right very much so very important uh so you’ve quite literally been in martial arts your entire life i mean there’s no doubt about it so my first question is what age did you start and uh why did you start what what kind of put you into martial arts i was getting out of sixth grade going in the seventh yeah my brother came home one day and said you come with me to taekwondo and you’re like okay pretty much that sounds fun that’s right we lived in uh we lived in the country so we had to drive to the next town yeah they had a small club two days a week so that’s the way that’s the way we started so we went every tuesday and thursday very good and what town was that urbanville urbanville okay yeah yeah my instructor at that time was david villarry david villarreal is he still around or he’s not uh associated with any martial arts but he is still around oh very good very good uh so you know a lifetime of it and it’s very important today and and i want to provide a big focus on your history in the community here you you’re from the irwinville area but you’ve been out here a long time matter of fact you’ve had a business out here a long time always on range avenue even though you’ve moved a couple times it’s always kind of been on range and uh so i would imagine range has been good to you and the community’s been good to you to to be around that long so let’s get into your business as i said uh you’ve been a staple here for well over 20 years uh and i always say one thing on this show and that is longevity speaks volumes and what i mean by that is when you’re a business that has crossed like a 20-year plateau for example it not only speaks to the community community’s acceptance of your business but also speaks to the legitimacy of your business and what i mean by that is if you’re someone that uh you don’t have a strong organization behind you or you you’re not doing the right things relative to maybe your product whatever it is isn’t working uh you’re not gonna last 20 years you’re not gonna last five years and all likelihood most businesses fail within that amount of time so uh reputation’s important but extremely important in the martial arts world right correct yeah you’re correct on that i i think the biggest thing is to make sure whatever you in in any business that you’re true to whatever you do yeah make sure that whatever you teach like if i’m i’m teaching taekwondo i make sure that i think about what should we instill in these people that walk in what should they learn and how do we teach it i’m not saying i’m the nicest person whenever i teach i’m i try and joke around but i’m very strict and i’m very structured yes and believe it or not a lot of kids love that they might not realize they love it but they like that approval they like that structure and then after every class i’ll have one or two kids come up to me and give me a hug no matter if i gave them push-ups or not they’ll still give me a hug yeah because they know and i’m pushing them to be better uh maybe they’re seeking that right it could be a couple of different reasons we have um single parents single moms that come in that look for discipline from maybe a gentleman yeah they want other forms of discipline or even parents in general that maybe they’re having trouble in certain areas with that with that child if it is a child yeah and they’re just sitting there saying you know how can you help us and i said well we need to talk don’t just think that i have the answers we have to do it together yes and that’s the biggest thing yeah 100 and everybody you know it’s just like what you just said um structure is important and people seek that people seek um someone rewarding them for the good things they do and and also the bad things they do not rewarding them right the opposite of that and especially kids because they’re in that rearing stage in life and and uh you know i i was in taekwondo and and you were a fourth degree when i was in i still remember and so it’s been a little while but um uh one thing i always remembered about you that really stands out to me is your ability to teach kids is is uh something i admire um it takes a patience that some people just don’t have they uh but people that are as good at it as you are you have a passion for it right and that’s that’s a gift i mean it really is it goes way beyond martial arts to me um so much respect there for that because i can remember even back then i was like wow man i wish i had that patience that that guy has and you know i am human yeah sure sure we all may there is there is days that i’m like i kind of look at the kids i’m like you see my new two gray hairs you just gave me yeah right well at least they’re not gone they’re great so you got something there hey when it comes to podcasting local business i want perfection and when it comes to banking i want personal service and that’s why i bank with hancock whitney hancock whitney bank not only provides me with a local business banker but also the experience and knowledge only a bank with a history of over 100 years can provide with over 230 branches in the gulf south hancock whitney can service all of your banking needs including commercial lending small and large business accounts personal bank accounts and much more for more information visit hancock whitney bank your dream their mission um so your school is affiliated with the american taekwondo association correct can’t say enough about them but i’m going to let you kind of before we get into your specific school kind of explain the american taekwondo association and its affiliation with uh inspired martial arts okay so ata american taekwondo association is the organization of my school so that’s our background um hong yu lee that actually created the organization created song taekwondo now that wasn’t done when he first came over he came over just like a lot of people and he was doing the what was called the chun ji patterns like everyone else and then they sought out looking to develop different patterns that had more kicks to match taekwondo because chun ji patterns were more japanese yes so whenever they developed that that’s why whenever you look at our forms we have a lot more kicks they’re higher than some they’re you know they’re we go we go different ranges we still have a lot of hand stuff but ata gives us the bones the background of everything that we need to do to teach and gives us more stuff that helps progress in our businesses also but also in our um training very good because we didn’t stop just i want to say right when you were when you were there we just started weapons yes yeah and that was a while back and i think the first weapon was um the song spawn which was numchucks and then the banglani which is the scream of the single stick and those were the first two weapons so correct we have a lot more now yeah i saw that i’m i’m like man i picked the wrong time to um it’s the wrong time to join because i or get out it actually would probably be a better term because y’all have uh one interesting thing about ata and inspired martial arts that i do want to bring up that i think is important is um times change and um one good thing about you folks is you change with the times right um you added additional weapons you um you know and you can speak on this obviously more than me but i’m sure you adjusted uh things to fit the interest of the times correct well yes yeah and let’s talk about that so you have traditional taekwondo our forms are sparring and then there’s something called one steps for you for the um lower ranks yes so it’s a partner it’s two people facing each other not making contact one going at you in other words progressing at you in a maybe a punch or kick manner then you’re going to defend it without making contact doing a certain amount of moves those are one steps yeah that progresses into the sparring which is contact point sporing yes now once you do point sporing in your forms they said you know let’s go ahead and develop some other things so they got into weapons those were the first two yes once they started adding a couple more then they said wait a minute they have this new thing coming out it’s called xma xma is extreme martial arts okay now we have extreme martial arts open hand creative open hand which is still whatever you develop and xma is whatever you develop it’s just you limited creative it’s a two minute form with music xma too many form with music the difference xma is no holds you can do flips you can do anything you want 540s 360s anything your body can contort to you can do it wow it’s very intense compared to traditional it’s not like a traditional form yeah creative they want you to make a creative form more of a sanam style yeah even though a lot of people don’t they kind of mimic with the xma but that’s what they like but you cannot do anything over a 360 turn nothing um inverted no split anything like that then they said well now let’s make different weapons for those so they can use different weapons a little bit shinier weapons something they can spin faster um and that’s where the extreme martial wars they can just utilize everything wow then they progress with more weapons as they went through yes yes

and that’s really a big thing it is that progression it is the progression now not everyone is good at everything some people are some people don’t like forms but they love sparring maybe weapons don’t look at weapons as a weapon look at it as a gross motor motor skill tool that your child or yourself because the parents are just sitting there watching am i right parents now you’re going to put the weapons in your hand you’re going to come out figure out it’s not that easy right you have to learn to think spin all that stuff on your own well it’s just a good gross motor skill tool it really is a lot of hand-eye coordination um you know and when you work them right and i i can only speak from what i’ve seen uh but i’m going to try to show some videos for y’all in this video and uh y’all will see what i’m talking about it’s it’s really beautiful stuff when it’s done correctly i mean you work a set of num chucks and you do some of those forms that people do with numchucks uh it’s something to be seen and i really like it you know i we have traditional chucks we have xma i have um a couple of people that have took world champ in the single chuck sanctuary then i have a one or two people specifically in my school that are extremely talented with double xma chuck yeah very good really yeah yes awesome they can flip them things way more than i can yeah and that look he can do them so uh i remember those days and and uh they even have competition teams i guess you could say in ata or exhibition teams that specialize in that stuff they do yeah they do not as much as what they used to we call them demo demo but um we have that but always nowadays we have team sparring wow that’s also new yeah that’s new that’s really fun yeah yeah and that’s the only time that you can coach so i can actually coach my team oh you like that because one thing interesting is when you achieve rankings as high as uh as master dendy you um you don’t get the opportunity to compete like you used to yourself right no i can only compete at national events yeah so this is his i guess way of you know he has a competitive spirit right just like all of us and and this is his way of competing hey this is my team come on over here and i love that uh so as we just mentioned you’re an eighth degree um that to tell y’all how high of an achievement that is uh ninth degree they have a tenth degree which is an eternal grandmaster which is hu lee uh the founder of song of taekwondo um but uh no one well that’s his rank and and uh so ninth degree is as high as you can go period pretty much in sonam taekwondo yes and that is extremely rare um how many knife degrees have they had just a couple right they have um five or six five or six yeah over the history of song of taekwondo so um you’re you are one step away from you know being the highest achievement that you could possibly get in sangom taekwondo and that is from 34 years of hard work yes sir that’s impressive and uh and what it says to me is um this is someone that basically took something from childhood and has seen it all the way to this point and i don’t care what business you’re in if you’re if you’re a

grass cutter and you’ve done it for 34 years you have a passion for it right uh your passion and your ability to see something through like that is what impresses me the most because life happens in between that i mean 34 years of time there’s a lot of things that go on in your life do i need to stop doing this to do this or whatever and and you go through those and you saw all of that through and that and so to me when you’re teaching students uh you’re an example of seeing any task through and you’re still doing it still to this age probably still learning you never stop learning never stop learning that’s right so i want to dispel some uh you know some something that uh maybe a perception that some people have especially in other disciplines as it relates to taekwondo in general and that is oh man these taekwondo schools they’re black belt factories you know they award them to kids and and uh a kid ain’t a black belt and all that kind of stuff and they can’t beat me up or whatever you know all this stuff that people who are uneducated in that say um i want to take it a step further many folks don’t don’t know that i was a taekwondo student as i mentioned earlier in the early 2000s i achieved a rank brown belt which is just two two belts away from black so i can speak a little bit educatedly on this um and i want to get your thoughts on this after i i kind of give my thoughts and my thought has always been this in my opinion a black belt is measured by technical ability not necessarily power and i think that’s where people get it twisted they look at a black belt and they say well that guy’s got to be able to beat everybody up to be a black belt that’s not the case it’s all to me it’s all about technical ability and it is all about growth so for example a child’s roundhouse kick at 12 years old or or 10 years old is not going to have the power that a 25 year old guy is going to have on a roundhouse kick obviously but his technique might be better and guess what that kid’s going to grow you know his growth is inevitable so if that technique stays sharp or sharp ends from that black belt stage eventually that power is going to catch up and uh and you’re also in my opinion rewarding someone’s uh ability to achieve and and uh and master a a aspect of for example color belts you know you go through those belts and you’re mastering forms or maybe you’re mastering weapons or or sparring or whatever it is and that’s what you’re getting rewarded for that’s that’s achieving that goal and the goal is the next belt let me get your opinion on that william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast

this is not the first time i’ve heard this i’ve talked about this before so let’s talk about um knowledge let’s talk about life let’s say that kid comes in you don’t know what that kid has came in at and where they’re at when they get their black belt this might be a hundred percent turn around they might be achieving that black belt on the just the perseverance of going through all life’s stuff we don’t know what their their um demons are in other words if they have they go to the hospital a lot if they have life issues we don’t know i might know some of that yeah but that person making those comments don’t that’s right the general public no correct for sure so what are you looking for are you looking for someone to beat someone up are you looking for someone that is going to be a leader yes or are you looking for someone that’s going to step in the ring and put themselves out of the comfort zone of their their environment to achieve something that they are going to become later in life because they’re going to have to stand in front of people do a book report they’re going to have to do all this so not only they’re achieving their black belt at an early age but they’re achieving so much more to prolong all the stuff they’re gonna do in school to look at what they’re gonna do in the future that’s yes stuff that a lot of people don’t think about whenever other disciplines talk about that i don’t take away from other disciplines no i believe in all disciplines i really do i love them all i have friends and all and we have a lot of conversations never about this though yeah never about stuff like this it’s about how martial arts can help but when someone says the bell factory what is a bell factory yeah did that person do what was qualified to become a black belt did that person go out and train and stick to whatever and i want you to tell me how hard is it for a six seven maybe well maybe not six seven eight year old to stick with something with perseverance set their goals what are we taking away from that right we’re not we’re that’s a big thing yeah it really is that’s one second i said it earlier what if they have difficulties in their life what if they they have i’ve had several that used to go to the hospital all the time yeah and i would say what do you mean you know i i didn’t understand and then the mom would fill me in i’m like oh my good gracious or stuff in life maybe um divorce going on or something like that and they’re just this is their thing to keep them together yeah to to keep their gives them something to focus on outside of whatever the issues are going whatever the issue behind this matter also school majority of the people that do this very few parents come and say their grades are going down most of them say the grades have went up since they started because now they can focus i talk about training i talk about training just like homework so i say whenever you’re doing homework it’s just like training so you have to do your homework in here so it still it instills in them on what they need to do in life yeah that’s the whole goal yes i agree 100 mentorship is is uh because you brought up you know their grades improve and i believe parents are parents right where my parents were my parents coaches for me were the people that i really wanted to impress and those are the people that i really didn’t want to let down because i knew my parents would love me no matter what but i can remember disappointing a coach for example at one point in my upbringing and feeling absolutely horrible about it you know my parents could have yelled at me till the sun came home and i knew they’re gonna love me anyway this guy might not and and i didn’t want to let him down because he was investing time in me you’re correct on that so i want to hit on my son so my son made this black bear at an early age yep six he was like six or seven he was in what we call italian tigers which some people do not allow tigers to become black belts i do but i have a way that i do it once they become a black belt and they you know they stick around they have to learn that black belt form they i do it in three sessions in other words that’s a lot of move so in the first three black performance 81 moves wow so when you look at 81 moves and that child learning those 81 moves i break it up into 30 moves a little bit increments yes and so whenever they test then they’re also learning a weapon once they merge all that in they’re merging into the big boy class is what i call it yeah mixed with adults um teenagers and other people then now they’re in a different atmosphere so i’m i pretty much graduate them to that yes once they get in there that’s whenever we see okay they’re ready now let’s let’s just take my son for instance he’s a second degree he stayed at first degree for four years yeah that just because they get their black belt that didn’t mean they’re going to progress fast after that he was he was in the top he was in the top four and in the world with weapons he uh he’s on my team scoring team he’s really good at weapons he might not be a forms guy but i wasn’t a forms guy when i was coming up when you knew me i was more of a sparring guy yeah but i did like this i did like forms now i i switch as i get older i get more technical and stuff stuff like that he’s great in weapons he’s great in combat weapons he’s not much of a sparrow but he gets out there and he does what he does and he ends up winning the matches because he listens yeah and it’s just it’s the point i’m making is once you look at the positive instead of the negative yeah yeah i think we’re so used to looking at negatives sometimes because it’s not our way that we forget to look at the positive i’ve always believed that martial arts is only partially about fighting you know or whatever and everybody especially when you’re 22 you know you want to go in there because you want to learn how to kick somebody inside the head and if you have to and those sorts of things and that’s fine um i get it i did too but uh but what you learned through the journey is it’s really not about that um and yeah yeah and and we’ll get into that a little bit towards the end of this uh that what i feel and i’ll get your expert opinion on um what it is really all about in the end um so we’ll get to that but i want to get specifically into your school now inspired martial arts first of all the name i love it inspired it’s one of my my key words is inspire as a matter of fact i have it on the back of one of my t-shirts uh and it’s something that we all want to do in life and i can’t think of a better name for a martial arts studio than inspired because that’s really what you are doing to not only kids but adults as well um and we don’t want to leave adults out of this at all it’s for everyone it’s for everyone but we’ll start with the kids at your school in particular and you brought up tiny tiger tiny they still call them tiny tigers yes okay tiny tigers we’ll bring them up and uh you have an interesting belt system for tiny tigers it’s a little different than white you know yellow camo and and all of that you have like turtle and and stuff like that for those folks they do they do have i don’t actually utilize that as much but the tiny tiger system they have animals linked to it yeah but um it’s still progression as in rank so in other words they still get the white belt but they’ll get the maybe the camouflage strike through it yes or stuff like that so it’s still progression so the biggest thing for tying tigers is what making sure they’re structured focused um they you’re still trying to pull them out we’ll get shy ones we want to pull them out of the shell of course some of them not all of them are shy they want to have fun but this the biggest thing is structured following along making sure they understand and life skills life skills courtesy something i show daily we say it every class every cycle we have certain life skills we say all the time but we emerge them with moves yes so they’re in there they’re together with moves so what i did is i took the one steps and we put words with it yes and we still do the forms so everything is still there i do not i repeat i personally do not do a lot of playing in the class i don’t jump around do a lot of playing because i find that they can get that elsewhere i’d rather stay doing the martial art part of it but also utilizing a little fun with it that way they they know they can get in there have fun but they’re still kicking and punching moving around we do weapons i i think weapons is way more um important than a lot of people give it credit because that is a big gross motor skill tool like we talked about and for tiny tigers to spin that weapon without hitting themselves for chucks or a staff which uh people might think a staff is easier it’s actually harder because it’s both hands on it yes so they’ll get twisted up and i’m sitting there looking at them and i’m thinking i’m like how did you get that way and i had to like untwist them so it’s just it gives um i think tiny tigers i hate to say it i’m more i feel more rewarded when i teach them because i see a lot more progression because they get so excited to do it yes it’s a brand new thing for them and guess what those kids don’t realize that you’re sharpening their motor skills so it’s fun for them you know one thing with kids when they realize you’re trying to do something to maybe oh we’re going to sharpen your well that sounds boring but here we’re going to hand you this staff and or we’re going to hand you these chucks and we’re going to have you work them and and uh coordination hand-eye coordination big time and they have a blast with it it’s it’s teaching them things behind the scenes they don’t know it’s hard yeah that’s right the older kids think it’s hard they will do whatever because in their mind this ain’t nothing he’s doing it i can do it yeah kids have no fear that’s right you know it’s different than adults kids kids will do anything with tiny tigers aside from the self defense or really kids in general that they learn uh you mentioned it confidence goal setting how about that yes you know that’s a that’s an early form of goal setting when they’re looking at these belts self-control you know another one uh coordination you know all that much in there everything entitles courtesy um integrity we talk about perseverance we talk about manners everything yes so uh so i you can’t you really can’t teach anything better than that for four kids so i’m gonna give you a scenario a mom and a dad come in and they have their seven-year-old with them and and maybe this seven-year-old is struggling with confidence and somebody told them hey you need to go see master denny over there and inspired martial arts they helped my kid so they go in there what does that first day look like for those parents well the first day right when they walk in the first thing i do is you know we greet them and everything and if the parents we have a little information sheet so they write certain things down but as the parents tell me we’re looking for confident building and all that i don’t i don’t treat anyone different but if i see that child is looking down and shy i eye contact is a big deal i want them looking in my eyes i want them talking to me i want them responding so everybody’s like um whenever i say we got to say yes sir yes ma’am okay not all forms of martial arts make you do that but let’s ask that question why do we make them do that so i’m going to ask you why do you think i make them say yes ma’am and yes sir respect that’s one give me another um to make them talk to you that’s that’s part of it to hear the response that they heard what i said interesting yeah without them responding back how do i know they heard me yeah and it goes back to being parents it goes back to anything so with that being said every time they respond back to me that tells me we’re interacting yes so that’s one second is to get them into class now if the class is fairly big i don’t just throw that child or teenager or adult in that class they are working with someone on the side that person on the side is good that person on the side is a black belt that doesn’t mean that person is an adult that person might be a teenager but that’s fine that person is there for a reason i won’t put just anyone working with someone they teach them how to bow they teach them the basics they teach them stances they teach them all the little things that you don’t have to stress because if i throw them in a class they feel what yeah they can intimidate it all right so that’s one thing i definitely do not do and and there’s a big advantage personally that i think with one-on-one kind of interaction you know with the new people i would imagine every ata school organization they all have different names but we’re still part of the organization yes pretty much every one of them either has a white belt class or they do exactly what i do because they know it doesn’t feel good to be thrown into something that everyone else knows more because then you’re intimidated you feel you won’t come back one you’re not helping we will not be helping their confidence we’ll be pushing it down further it’s great we need to pick it up all right so how do we pick up someone’s conf well let’s say a parent says that they’re being bullied they need to learn to defend themselves first thing out of my mouth is okay we need to work on their confidence it’s not to teach them how to punch yeah it’s to teach them ways that they can build their confidence and the way and something that we need to pull out of them because then they can actually stand up to the bully yes and or not be afraid to go tell someone about it let me ask you this and and you would be the one to know you would be in the know on this question how big a problem is bullying do you think in schools bullying is is bad really it’s everywhere yeah and sometimes people don’t realize they’re bullying sometimes they forget or they’re teasing someone or they’re making jokes and it all depends on who that person is you don’t know how that person is they might take it a total wrong way and that might hurt them feeling their feelings yeah that’s bullying to me yes yeah it doesn’t have to be physical right it doesn’t it could be making fun of or that’s majority of the bullying nowadays yeah it’s verbal yeah interesting and and hurts sometimes worse you know in some cases and it really brings someone’s confidence down and that’s what you can get from inspired martial arts uh is uh especially from a a kid’s perspective the confidence to to know what to to know how to handle that not necessarily even physically but you have the confidence for it to roll off your back maybe uh that you you might not would have without that without that in your life so even older adults um you know let’s not even say 20s and 30s here let’s say 40s 50s 60s they can all benefit by training in martial arts so let’s let’s discuss kind of the benefits of the older crowd taking martial arts and and some of them that i thought of mastered any uh obviously self-defense but things like balance you know a big thing reflexes flexibility uh motivation yes you know stress relief uh all of those things i think of now um one thing to mention here is is uh you perform testings yes and and you test for each belt we do we test for every belt we have curriculum for that belt whenever you go through the cycle we prepare you for the testing we actually pre-amp we do uh stripes or clips some schools do something different they do what they call a screen week they prepare you to make sure you do not fail and the reason is is if you’re not prepared and that we we don’t let you test no now i could let them test and then not pass them well how would you feel right in front of everyone yeah and what’s the benefit of that i mean there is none none whatsoever you know and what it what it’s doing it’s causing you to fail in front of a bunch of people which drops that confidence everything is you know as you go up in rank things change so in the school we try to instill a lot of things in them but we prepare them so they stay like i have a lot of younger um second and third degrees and you might look at it and say well he’s a third degree he’s only 14. all right that 14 year old can do a number two round kick through maybe three wood boards yeah he has some power yeah he loves the sparring he’s not big on forums but he loves to spar i have to get him prepared because when he tests for fourth he has to go in front of a national panel it’s a total different atmosphere we can bring someone up to third we can actually bring some people up to fourth and we do a regional testing i prefer to push them to national and at least one midterm and i’ll talk about midterms um because as you get up in rank that’s where you have to test so i’m you’re not testing in front of people you know and that’s what i like i it’s like competition you’re going in front of different people that don’t know you personally they’re grading you on what they see right so that way it’s not oh i know him he’s a good friend of mine you’re being graded legitly yes if you pass what i always call and tell people you blow them out the water you don’t sit there and complain if someone gives you like a tournament a low score what did you do did you blow them out the water well maybe you need to go back to the drawing board what do we need to train on yeah i’m a big believer in competition um as far as testing is progressing whenever you go to certain ranks you have to do certain things whenever they test for black belt i make them do certain things it’s not just a regular testing it’s not just doing your form breaking boards and sparring you have to show some other stuff we have to show self defense we have to show lower rank forms also yeah so it’s it’s just a couple of different things do you have to do you still have to go through all your forms from the beginning from white to black i stopped that i did personally that’s good because man that’s not as easy as you think you know well what we’ve found is we have we were losing so many people it’s i want you to imagine um what you just said it’s not a good thing it’s not an easy thing uh eighth grader eight eight year old i’m sorry or nine year old going for first degree and they’re learning all these forms they’re taking it all in then all of a sudden it’s going and testing they’re mentally drained they’re yeah i’ve done my thing i have achieved what i wanted issue is it doesn’t stop at black belt that’s when it starts beginning 100 you took the words right out of my mouth that’s when everything changes yeah and a lot of them they go through the color red the color belts they get to the black belt and they see that black belt form and they’re like whoa this is what it’s all about um yeah that black belt form is sweet y’all you gotta check that out uh so a hundred percent and so i’m gonna ask you the same question on this and i’m gonna give you another scenario and male female doesn’t matter 40 something year old comes in and maybe they’re looking to lose a little weight maybe they’re looking to gain some confidence maybe uh you know whatever whatever they’re seeking uh they come in and they say i heard that podcast you did with local leaders and it sounded good to me it sounded like fun um i’d like to try a couple classes and you do incidentally they do offer two free classes you can go online uh and check that out but uh but they you know you got nothing to lose there so they come in and they say i heard i heard that on local leaders and i want to try out a couple of classes take me through uh is it basically the same scenario as you do with that with that kid that we were talking about same scenario line them up with someone kind of by themselves and hey i’m gonna show you how to you know throw a punch or uh taekwondo pocket yeah we do all that it’s basically learning the basics and the the good thing about a lot of this is if it’s a family we have the our classes are family oriented so dad and mom could take classes with their son and daughter if you hear that folks that’s huge seven and above if the detainee tigers are different i don’t think you want to jump in there with a tiny tiger but the other ones you can do it with them do it with them that’s right yeah i mean that and that separates this sport from a lot of sports because you know we all love baseball your kid plays baseball but you’re not going to go pitch to him at 13 years old in a game i know but you you you ever been to a small a young baseball game lately all those parents i think they want to get out there as much as they’re yet oh 100 so yeah like come on i got a high school football games and i’m like man just one more time i’d be in the hospital but hey because i totally get it and and that’s something that you can share with uh with your child that you know those are memories man those are those are things you can actually achieve a rank with that child at the same time how awesome is that you can train with them it helps that it helps out at home but training together because you’re building what family time too so that’s right it’s a it’s a it’s a big deal i love it hey maybe you know there’s parents out there that got teenagers right now and maybe they just can’t find rapport with them maybe maybe dab works a lot and mom works a lot and and they do the best they can but they they just can’t find something they can do together this is something you can do together that both of you would enjoy both of you would benefit from right or all of you uh mom and dad even so we mentioned the two free classes that you can definitely uh try it out and there’s there’s no obligation there right now you like it there’s also you know people that um started with us and left they can always come back i know i’ve been thinking about that you know i got a couple belts left to make up just to get to the point where i get to the point right and they can still use those two days yeah okay i’m making a point here yeah i follow you 100 percent and actually i’m intrigued and and something that i’ve always planned on on going back and doing and you know life happens and i ain’t going to give you all those excuses you’ve heard a million times life happens and then i’m i understand yeah you also offer classes every now and then and this is something that uh i thought was very important to get out and it such is like female defense training for for uh you know i’ve actually helped uh assist in teaching some of these classes way back in the day and you know a guy pulls a gun on you and you’re female and and you know you got to get that gun out of the way and and you show them moves where you can break you can move in and strip that gun out and and all those sorts of things um do you still offer those i do very good i do um something that i haven’t started back which i need to we’ve been getting some phone calls is um krav maga so yes i’m thinking about starting it back but only two days a week but merging it with taekwondo so doing krav but also with the bell system of taekwondo so self-defense with with the taekwondo part i’m just kind of teetering on an idea but the krav maga part is israeli self defense that was developed for the israeli military to make it easy for women and men to do it yes no matter who you are yes i do gun knife defense but that is not the only thing in krav a lot of times you won’t see that it’ll be grabbing and all that so we do choke defense we do i’ve been doing that i got certified in croft since and on the week of 9 11. it’s been a while that’s that’s a heck of a timing it was yeah it was on the tuesday if i’m correct and uh we were going through everything that was the toughest week of my life believe it or not is is not looking this is a guy with 40 34 years of martial arts he just said that was the toughest week of his life yes uh crowd was uh it was the toughest week they what they do is they try to weed you out because they’re not it’s it was it’s serious training it is and if they’re going to give you that certification they’re you’re going to earn it and and they’re going to make sure that you’re you’re not uh a slouch for lack of a better term going out there with their name behind you and and uh so yeah i remember because i was i was still involved when you when you went and got that training it appealed to me back then it appeals to me now um so different than taekwondo in some ways uh a lot a lot more uh it’s more street oriented yes so you love it so the the difference between first you have a lot of new types of krav maga coming up the one that i was affiliated with was the very original one of the toughest ones you can go through now you can go on a weekend two days and get a certification i have been through that one and i’ve been through a lot of other ones so it’s not just one week that did it for me i did a lot of gun knife stuff i’ve talked to swat team for the baton rouge sheriff’s office several yes but when you look at krav you look at even if you come in it’s not about punching and kicking a bag sometimes um different places will just throw you in a bag i will teach you how to punch i will teach you how to kick properly properly that’s the key yeah sometimes people get a little bored and they want to hurry up and punch something but then they’ll break something yeah so yeah so properly and then um i’ve had a couple of um students in krav um that have been mugged or attempted to be mugged yes let’s just put it that way yeah and um i’ve gotten feedback that they were fine and and um they the assailant did not get away with their stuff

yeah because and here’s the interesting thing and this is where martial arts training um is so valuable in my opinion is 99 of the time whoever is going to try to assault you probably doesn’t have training because if they went through a whole bunch of training in most cases they’re not going to assault you because of all the things you learned through training martial arts is so much more than just learning how to fight that’s appealing especially to us us alpha males that you know we we love learning that stuff um but it’s so much more than that that is a very small aspect of of your journey you know and you can attest to that you’ve you’ve made a lifetime of it but back to krav maga just really quick and i would love to see those classes i’m definitely down for the first class you uh just let me know when and where and you can beat me up all night long i’ve always been interested in that um but it is another example of you adjusting and and offering more to the community um taekwondo is is amazing and uh in my opinion uh everything starts off on your feet and uh you better know how to kick and you better know how to punch if you ever get in a situation where you need it but what krav maga gives you is options in case you can’t kick at that particular time or punch maybe someone’s trying to choke you and it’s going to show you ways to get out of that correct and you’re going to drill those and train those and it becomes second nature and it’s muscle memory at that point and everything is muscle memory yes yes 100 so uh very very good now um you also mentioned you’ve done some classes with police officers and i want to i want to talk about this specifically because it’s an important topic right now right a lot going on in the world and the ways in you know i have a unique uh maybe not so unique but i have a a really deep respect for law enforcement really deep respect and have a ton of friends that are law enforcement officers um and you know it seems like they they’re changing every day how these officers deal with being attacked themselves you know um in just a while but so in some cases we’ve all seen some of the bad videos out there and and there’s bad in every organization folks but um they’re limiting a lot of these officers now in my opinion in how they can respond to even being attacked you know uh you got to know the proper way to maybe choke somebody to where you’re not causing harm things like that you um training is where that all comes into play right even defending yourself somebody pulls a gun on you and your police officer how are you gonna how are you gonna disarm them and get to your weapon or whatever situation you’re in um training is the key and i think that’s where maybe maybe some departments may you know no fault of their own they just don’t have maybe the budget too the time train or the time to train to train like maybe they would like to um but you offer that mainly it was for the swat team because i knew someone they they brought in but they wanted something specific yeah they were mainly looking for gun defense at that time a great thing to learn but at that time their gun defense was a little antiquated now it has progressed a little bit more most of them have taken on this new type but they’re still there i hear the same thing they don’t get to do the reps they don’t get to train as much so their knowledge is there but it’s still not muscle memory what their muscle memory is is probably utilizing the gun the baton stuff like that which is very good but um you are correct on that a lot of people don’t they look at cops as a one way i look at it as that gentleman right there he’s was keeping everybody safe hundred percent they needed i mean you respect them they give you a ticket we have laws for a reason just like we have rules um we need to abide by those rules and laws let me ask you this and i don’t want to put you on the spot with it but would that be something you would be interested in getting involved in if oh yeah yeah yeah we’ve had i’ve had people contact me and try to get me in there but a lot of times they want it to be internal sure and i understand that totally sure i understand that yeah i totally get that but i i think that it’s hard to hard hard hard to um to replace 34 years of experience and uh and i think you would bring a tremendous value to something like that just one guy’s opinion before we go on yeah i want to hit on the female self defense real fast go back to that yeah um the the female self defense anytime someone would like to do a self defense class they can reach out to me yes and i just sit there and say well look you get so many up and we’ll we’ll get it going the self defense class for females and it could be males too but if it’s specifically females that’s fine and i have done it a couple of times for teenage girls up to women but i want to make sure it’s always great to just reach out we’ll figure out times and we’ll get it done the the only issue i have with any self-defense anything you do how about we just put that out there gun retention anything it takes training takes reps it takes you have to do things so many times to have a muscle memory do you know how many times it takes to break a bad habit yeah i think it’s like three weeks or something like that a thousand times thousand reps roughly to break a bad habit it’s just there’s not many people that know this so if i’m from me to you and you’re the attacker how or let’s say i’m the attacker how far do you think you need to be to feel safe six feet further really uh eight feet 21 feet 21 feet i can get to you before you can pull that gun in the back out that’s interesting depending on how if you trained it might be different yeah does that make sense sure yeah and obviously some people’s reflexes are going to be a little bit better and and and believe it i did not believe that yeah that’s interesting i i specifically did it i made one when krav maga i made one of my students i’m like we taped it off 21 and and i said all right you’re gonna come at me and you when you touch me i want to see where i am and i we had like a um a training gun and i had it in the back and i went to pull and he was i was right here when he touched me interesting and it’s just it made me realize that awareness is the biggest self-defense yes yes a hundred a hundred percent and that’s a sh i would have never thought 21 feet and you’re someone that’s got good reflexes so it’s you know you’ve been working on your reflexes your whole life and and it took you a little while um so that’s an interesting stat master danny there’s no doubt about it um so another reason that we need to train these things and and uh and i would love to see that happen especially with our law enforcement guys because we want to protect them as much as they protect us in a lot of ways and so um anyway uh now i want to read your why statement and this the i want to kind of read it verbatim of what you said because this speaks to who you are and i asked you you know why do you do what you do uh 34 years of this and you said i love teaching i love seeing self-improvement i love seeing people build themselves better um the key word there is love you love what you do obviously you wouldn’t do anything for for 34 years that you didn’t love but started off as a as a youngster went all the way through you were you know you’re now an 8th degree black belt and

nowhere in there did you say i love the fact that i can kick someone’s head off the side of the you know their head gear off the side of their head which you can do i’ve seen you do it but um you love seeing improvement in others and that speaks to who you are so shout out to you on that i asked you about leaders and i said uh what do you what how would you define a leader and you said a leader is someone who takes action and a person who will do anything they would ask someone else to do 100 percent i say that all the time leaders find their broom and what i mean by that is leaders will never ask somebody to do anything with such a sweep the floor unless they would do it themselves and uh you want to see someone that’s not a leader it’s someone that’s not willing to do something they ask somebody else to do in my opinion uh and and it seems like you concur with that yes sir you encourage tournaments you you encourage competition and the you know kind of i guess answer for me the reason you do that what’s what’s the thought process behind that because some people might be a little shy about i don’t know how can we do that we are a tournament driven school and what that means is um yes we believe in tournaments tournaments are what puts you into that category of hey i’m going to get out here in front of these people i’m not going to be in my comfort zone i’m taken out of my comfort zone and i’m gonna set my goals to do my stuff to achieve my goal even if i place or not that’s one second what do we what do they learn by that what do we learn by that can they now get in front of a whole class to do a book report i can now i might might not have the vocabulary as some but i can definitely get out there and teach a big hundreds of people sure you can i couldn’t do that back then yeah putting yourself out in an uncomfortable position that you’re not used to until you get comfortable great competition is something that rewards you for your hard work yes yes so i’m gonna i’m gonna tell you this real quick it’s not a big story but it’s about this one individual if if he hears this he’ll know it’s him

he’s a 5th degree black belt now he’s in his 20s

he still gets sick he cannot eat before he competes just nerves it’s nerves and it’s something else he said he has but it’s nerves and i remember the first time i’ve seen it happen i was judging him he was a lot younger he was i think a color belt maybe a young black belt and he’s sparring and all of a sudden he gets sick in the middle of a sparring match and i stopped the whole match it was me i was a center judge and i’m looking you all right you’re like oh lord

i thought he was just sick he says no his mom his mom is he’s nerves master danny nerves at that time i think i was mr denny i’m not sure all right let’s get a mop let’s get whatever we gotta do we gotta clean this up but i i guess my point is is this guy competes a lot national events every tournament in texas he’s there yeah he’s from louisiana but he’s there all the time and he’s so talented he’s a fierce competitor but that’s how he is that’s how he is and look but he does it anyway he he puts himself i’ll i’ll give you another real world example of that outside of martial arts that um because that to me is is uh you and i believe in that philosophy one million percent um but i’ll give you another scenario so uh i was a outside sales rep for a paint cuttings manufacturer 25 years and there was a particular type of paint coating that when i first started going outside and calling on people i never wanted to call on this industry and that was the industrial industry and the reason i didn’t was because it’s extremely technical and i was scared that they would ask me something i didn’t know the answer to and it would number one it would uh make it look like i didn’t know what i was talking about but number two would embarrass me so i avoided for a little while calling on that particular industry and then one day i said you know what if i ever want to really get to where i want to be in this business i’m going to have to call on those folks i’ve got to get over this so i started calling on nothing but industrial people what i did not even realizing i was doing it was number one i forced myself to learn those industrial products um because i didn’t want to be embarrassed but number two i put myself in that uncomfortable position and every time i did it it got a little easier and a little easier for me to make this next thing you know it was my it was actually my number one industry that i was selling to and it was the one that made me the most nervous in the beginning i can speak from my experience and things that i’ve seen that what you say is absolutely 100 accurate and everybody i don’t care how confident you are has nerves that’s right and you get in front of a bunch of your peers and the last thing you want to do is look bad and and uh but the satisfaction after you do it is amazing because you you you got through it and you lived in all those sorts of things you didn’t just absolutely die so um shout out on that i agree with that a hundred percent as well if you want let me tell you um the first time i competed sure i’d love to hear that story it’s green belt it was green belt it was at the belmont baton rouge belmont michael clara’s tournament went in frozen my form could not compete could not finish it froze just get a couple moves and could not remember wow went blank yep bowed out someone came and sparring back in those days we didn’t have all this gear yeah you know that’s interesting get in there keep busting my lip bleed blood everywhere i said i’ll never do a tournament

and um i waited a little while next tournament came around probably i waited about six months or more maybe more i don’t remember i went took first place i i made sure i trained enough to be prepared yeah you never wanted that to happen again yeah back then the tournaments were a lot smaller so i was i think a red belt weren’t even a black belt but they they mixed me with black belts oh great i went against the second degree black belt and i knew and i ended up beating them but the way i beat them probably not as as happy as what i should be i saw he was doing a jump sidekick and he was coming down on top of my head and all i knew is to throw a psychic as hard as i could and knock him out of the yale not knock him out of the air and i did and when i did i clipped him in the head oh please i beat him i was so happy i didn’t have i was happy not about beating him i was happy i didn’t have to go again because that was the first and second i was done i was so nervous because i was with all the black belts yes and look at you now yeah well look at me now i tested for eighth i get nervous still sure but before i test it for eighth when i walked up i had a lot of obstacles to overcome before testing one i blew i tore my acl i had surgery that november before testing in july so i rebuilt it for eight months on a quick rehab and i was nervous and i remember going up and they put me in the center because some numbers got messed up you’re supposed to be in four pods pod pod pod pod you know in the corners and they put me right dab in the center because they messed up and put me in a different area and i was supposed to be in this area so i went dead last and they put me right in the center and all i can remember is when i ran up my nerves started to get to me nerves are are tough and and the important thing is that people realize that uh it’s normal but uh three-time world champion you’ve trained some world champions yes we have quite a few at the school now um and i’m proud of every one of them you know every year we’ve pulled some world champions since since 2016. wow yep every year so far speaks to student and teacher on that um well i will say that it speaks to students mainly because of their um training ability and their um goal settings yes because it’s i always talk about reps it’s not like a like one of two reps we’re talking about thousands yes yes i still say you deserve a lot of credit he’s my you’re very modest and and but i’m gonna tell you what from someone you know it’s kind of like yes the students out there they’re doing it but you’re you’re the one uh motivating him you’re the one keeping you know teaching them you’re teaching them this stuff and and i’m gonna give you right whether you like it or not so uh good job to both student and teacher um you brought some weapons today and i definitely want to show these so i’m gonna have my assistant and awesome executive producer miss tiffany c card hand me these you can you can come in from the camera it’s all good or you can just pass it any one there you go she grabbed the one first that she’d probably like to hit me with so tell us about that one this is um a combat weapon so combat weapon is now utilized on a progression from sparring so progression they they decided to get into this because of the single stick the screaming of them using padded weapons to score with yeah they’d be able to show the defense patterns and also striking ability oh that’s cool it is so fun yeah and it did not have that when i was no no and it’s this is you know you have a lot of people that maybe have hip issues that are unable to kick a whole bunch there’s no kicking in this it’s just utilizing the striking of the weapon it’s understanding the opponent it’s watching the opponent kind of took it you can kind of look at it as uh they took it away from fencing to a certain point you’re you’re still checking the person you’re still using your dating and all that in sparring but with the weapon it is super fun it looks super fun and let’s let’s pass another one over here this is a staff also known as a zhongbong it’s the korean term this is actually my uh my daughters used to be my sons when he was younger the staff is exactly what most people they they call it a bo staff but we call it a john bong you can manipulate this weapon in xma all around your body and traditional we do it as more of a good striking and um reinforce stripping the weapons and stuff like that one thing you have to look at as a weapon it’s an extension of your body it’s an extension of your arm so if i punch and i strike that’s a punch so anything you do that’s what you that’s what you want to look at as a weapon don’t look at it as you’re just swinging a weapon you’re looking at as you’re extending your body for extra length yes all right this is just a more of a long-range type weapon interesting we call this middle range staff but there is also one that’s called long range there you go very cool

one of my favorites right here this is the training protect these are all protect weapons called the gumdos the korean version of the screener um not a scream i’m sorry um katana so the gumbo gum dough gumbo

yeah yeah um the gun gum dough is some that something that came not too too long ago compared to a lot of the other weapons is one of the last weapons that was introduced and now it’s it’s growing to be very big yes form is really traditional precise cuts now the ata is um partnered with a true with he’s an eighth degree in ata but he’s also if i’m correct i don’t want to say it wrong because he’ll get you yeah a third degree black belt in this weapon now the ata is now

progressing people as long as they’re going through him on becoming you know trying to achieve you got to go through it it’s a ranking system yes and it’s not as easy specifically for that weapon yes interesting and i like that it’s definitely not that easy i went through a little course with him and then he started telling me that what we had to do to not just this fingertip push-ups i’m like okay

i think i can do fingertip push-ups i don’t know if everybody can but but there was certain things that you had to do and and honestly this is a a really good sword to show your cuts and all that but you can’t hear this one as good whenever you know that yeah this one this one you can hear this is more of an upgrade and this is still a pro-tec approved sword

dragon pearl yeah yeah that dragon is it really is and the interesting thing that’s aluminum this is that you’re showing there and if you hold that it’s extremely light obviously because of the aluminum but it makes a sound it does and then also when you make that noise with that weapon you know your cut is good if you’re not that means your hands turn incorrectly your position’s wrong it tells the tail yeah it will have a tattletail on you yes yes yeah and ata does have a um a metal sword but this is the very good one of the last one we had more but these are the only ones i brought and these are one that most people may be familiar with enter the dragon yes great movie by the way um so these are numchucks other words for korean in the korean culture called song shibongs and ata this weapon is a protect approved so anytime i say protect approve they’re padded weapons we have to use certain weapons because we spin them so much you go get a cheap one it’s going to fall apart on you it’s going to break it’s going to fly off these are protect approved to make sure they’re cushioned enough their strings are sturdy they’re not going to fall apart on you and i have several people that won world champion this weapon i have um two i think that one on staff wow um and i have i think a couple that one in xma and creative and also a couple that won in um combat sporting interesting and what what’s your favorite out of those and i know it might be hard to pick yeah your favorite weapon staff really i’d have paid you for a num chuck guy or sasha bone well the staff mainly because i’m actually one of two pro tech guy pro tex jong bong people for ata oh okay i just got that title a couple months back we did a big um gathering and myself and senior master morrison out of texas is my partner in crime and we’re going to be eventually teaching all of ata which is all of the united states all of all over like they’ll they’ll come to tournaments and we’ll we’ll do those seminars very good and uh we definitely want to talk about this and that is earlier we mentioned you never stop learning in taekwondo and uh you have an instructor even though you are way up there on the on the rankings you have an instructor and let’s give him uh him or her shout out and and uh yeah um chief master marxist there there you go so much more sir he is from allen texas a3 black belt um multi multi world champion in a lot of events um very talented um gentleman he owns two schools um i can’t not say anything negative about him he is um a very good mentor very good instructor tells it like it is yes yes and you can’t ask for more than that and obviously an expert at what he does yes um now earlier i also mentioned um that i was going to talk about this at the end of the show and that was uh my i guess my outside looking in perspective of what martial arts is all about and i had said in in master denny had mentioned earlier that uh your journey starts at black belt you know you get to that point and then your journey starts and and uh i’ll give you my perspective on kind of we had talked about you don’t compete anymore except for national events um and some people might say why why why did they stop them from competing and even as a you know a black belt and i don’t know when do you stop is it fifth degree or fourth fifth degree sixth degree okay why do which is your mastership that’s when you that’s that first stage of mastership i guess you could say um and some people might say well why do you stop competing and even as as a sixth degree when you get that there’s probably ata masters out there that were like i can’t compete no more and they you know that drives them nuts um so i’ll give you my opinion on how it mimics life and that is at some point it stops becoming about you and it starts becoming about your teaching and when you’re a sixth degree master you have figured out now you are past it’s you’re passing that down right you’re passing that down to these tiny tigers or maybe these teenagers and these adults and all these these people and and you’ve got this school and you’re teaching and um i’ve always said that leadership is is not about uh being number one even though as we come up in life that’s what it’s about in our minds especially if you were in a sales career like me it was every month you were starting out with zero and you wanted to be one nothing wrong with that but true leadership is serving others passing on knowledge things like that servant leadership i i’ve called it and a lot of people have called it um it’s truly what you’re doing at this stage of you know you’ve done almost everything you can do in the world of martial arts and taekwondo and but what you’re doing now is you’re leaving your legacy for others and i want to read something and this you know research i do my research folks and i want to read something that um that one of your students had wrote and of course i don’t have the paper but i’m i’m going to do it from memory and i can’t remember the the student’s name but it was on your facebook and it was it was a few years back basically he had posted a picture of you and him and it was one of the professional martial arts pictures that you see and uh that incidentally y’all do a great job of and um he had put in there uh this guy right here is like family to me and um essentially to sum that up and i’m gonna paraphrase but he basically said i graduated from high school this year i never would have done that without this guy and his wife miss rachel um that’s huge that’s huge

one day you’re you may sit back and and actually have the time to think about how many lives you might have changed and that’s what leadership is it’s not about being number one it’s about changing other people’s lives and making them better people you’re doing it every day that’s that’s huge it deserves a lot of respect um you know you’re a very modest person and i know you would never say that about yourself but i see that and i see that through your students and the lives that you’ve changed so i enjoyed this conversation i appreciate you coming on um one thing we do want to mention is where you’re located so people have heard this and hopefully you’re going to have to bar the doors shut you have so many people coming in um where are you located now i know that you you were over there on the other side of range by uh big mics but now you have you have moved into a new facility tell us about that yeah the new facility is actually right across the street from investor bank right next door to the auto zone yes yes so we have a parking lot in the back and we have a park line in front so you can actually park in the back and enter from the back into the parent area that’s great advice so go check them out over there and they have a website what’s your website and they have two facebook pages that i found out um so they have uh denim springs ata martial arts and inspired and inspired martial arts so get both of those a fall i don’t know which one’s more active i know one has more people denim springs has been around a lot more because we just changed the name not too long ago it inspired so we just kept the denim springs at martial arts um and that’s also part of the website is arts dot com you can use either one very good and i’m gonna link all of that to the description of this video so if you’re driving or something and listening uh listening don’t watch but listen if you’re driving um but if you’re at home and you don’t have a pen handy just scroll down you’ll see the the links for all of that stuff below you can click on it give them a like on facebook follow all those sorts of things check it out but most importantly try it out try it out i guarantee you’ll love it take your kids to it look make it a family affair uh bring the whole family two free classes you have nothing to lose there’s no obligation he’s not gonna handcuff you and force you to sign a paper uh he you know he wants uh he wants you to try it out and see what they’re all about and from there trust me the decision’s easy so uh so please check that out we’ll link all that to this video again thank you for coming on i appreciate it i appreciate you doing this yes sir uh if you need uh further information on local leaders of the podcast in regards to sponsorship or being featured on the show please reach out to me at jim at local leadership podcast dot com i do want to thank all my sponsors for your continued support and speaking of sponsors before we do close out you have a tournament coming up pretty soon i do look i’m sponsoring this tournament folks and i’ll tell you i have all the information you can reach out to me or master dendy and uh he can get you information but just real quick where is the tournament going to be adam the date well the date is april 23rd and it’s at the location is going to be in ponchatoula actually ponchatoula strawberry city so uh not too far at all there’s uh kind of in these tournaments it’s various schools in the area well it’s actually it’s all out of the area too we’re going to have people from texas people from florida we’ll have people from alabama tennessee all that plus in the local area yeah so last year was the biggest one um we’ve had in a while it was 430 competitors wow yeah that was very good i guess people were just ready to get out i mean and everybody from uh from youngsters to adults are going to be at this tournament yep even if you just want to come and watch and we’re welcome to but it’s all scheduled out it’s actually on the website you can click tournament look at the schedule and you can come see what everything’s about it’s fun to watch yes and and uh look support these these uh these local kids and the in these obviously local businesses and give a sponsorship i know there’s a lot of businesses that listen to this podcast and and uh you know these sponsorships are they go a long way and and uh to support our youngsters here and our businesses here so you can reach out to me or master denny for information on that so thank you very much uh until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like inspired martial arts and keep leading thank you very much

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