Buddy’s BBQ Sits Down with Local Leaders:The Podcast!

Local Leaders: The Podcast Season 4 Episode 6

When you think of business owners who have all the skills…Mickey Watson comes to mind.

Schooled at an early age in the value of hard work, as Mickey grew older he learned many different aspects of business from operating a farm to running a crawfish to showing some impressive sales skills in the Oil and Gas field.

Along the way Mickey honed his skills with BBQ in Memphis and competed with his team in the annual Memphis in May BBQ Competition for what would become a popular BBQ joint right here in Denham Springs which carries the name of his father Buddy.

You may think you know Buddy’s BBQ but in this edition of Local Leaders:The Podcast you will learn so much more about the man and his dream of family business ownership!

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Audio Transcript (Beta)

hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with later in bloom with your real estate tip of the week now that 2021 is here i’m getting asked a lot what i expect the real estate market to be like this year i don’t have a crystal ball but based on my experience and what i’m seeing in the market here are the top five things i’m expecting us to see this year first interest rates will remain low home sales will continue to be strong and prices will gradually increase second buyers will continue to prefer outlying areas rather than living in the city at least for the first half of the year until the job market improves third buyers will look for properties that have more space both inside and out fourth we’ll see more new construction subdivisions being developed especially in those outlying areas and fifth relocation will remain strong as people continue to be able to work remotely they’ll prefer to live in more affordable areas and closer to family those are my top five predictions for sales trends in the real estate market this year at the end of the year we can look back and see how i did i’m tricia johnston residential realtor with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you

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i grew up in la ranger out in tangipahoa parish um but from the time that i knew what i was doing i was pretty much on the farm uh milking cows working hard working hard yeah so we we didn’t shy away from that it was one of those things where my mom said hey you know here’s here’s your allotment of money for your clothes for school and if you want extra you better get to work so that’s kind of what we did and um you know i fell in love with the farm life um so we kind of did our own thing and it was just hard work didn’t know it was hard at the time but yeah a lot of early mornings oh yeah so yeah four in the morning four in the evening type thing so i did that throughout uh high school when i got out of high school i invested back in bought a few cows started forming uh with henry catabols junior actually okay and he had a bigger form was able to bring me in and and so i did that for two years with him um so it was like nine years total with his form wow but um you know just got to a point my life was like hey is this really what i’m doing the rest of my life and um had opportunity to get into um construction working in the oil and gas industry yeah and so i always tell a story friend of mine pulls up it’s like hey man i got a job they paying me 15 bucks an hour i’m like for what he’s like well i’m a bowler maker i said great i said what is that and and he he said i don’t know but they gave me the job i was like cool so i wouldn’t make boys yeah so i went with the same plan uh and you know took off from there and you know i’ve i played around with cows and buying and selling calves and that kind of stuff throughout my time yeah but um you know just got in that world and um i basically ran turnarounds so we go all over the place working turnarounds i got to travel the world i mean not the world the country yeah from you know east coast to west coast north south i was in my michigan my last construction job i came home i guess i came home around um end of march or april and my dad passed away in july oh and so that kind of like rearranged my world for me i didn’t know at the time but that was a very pivotal point in my life you know how old were you at that time oh mercy i guess i was i’mma say somewhere around the 25. summer night area yeah um so from that time um i kind of i need to be home from a mom my dad had a bunch of projects my sister was married they lived close by so i just decided hey i’m kind of redo my redo what i’m doing so yeah i hooked up with a with a company just took a job house just i said i just want to work and go home yeah to my mom at the time so sure i um took this job and man i fell in love with the business it was uh we were at the time we were doing lick repair and uh hot tapping so we were kind of like uh in our world we work for a company called firmonite and we’re basically souped up plumbers yeah so except in the oil and gas industry they can’t turn the valve off so we would go in and fix it under pressure with heat and temperature so we would go in everybody else would be exiting we’d be going in gotcha so it was really cool we were kind of like you know show up and get it done type people so i really dove into that and just from my background of working and you know being involved with if something’s broke just fix it you know kind of like we’re not going to back down from all that stuff so um i mean i just dove into that business and he really loved it so well and and to back up a little bit so you were obviously raised you know that you work for what you get exactly and uh i mean you were 18 19 years old and you were you know it was you were no stranger to getting up at four o’clock in the morning it’s really the foundation you know my grandfather formed my mother farm my daddy was in the you know the navy uh the foundation was built you know i knew what it was like to you know to get up and go to work my mom and dad both worked my dad wasn’t you know when he got after i guess when he got back from service you know he became a mechanic and he worked every day as a mechanic and so just having that foundation and you know outside of foreman work was really easy to me yeah because i had such a background of hard work sure so you know and if you look around today there’s not many farms i mean so it’s it is really dwindled down and it’s a part of my life that my kids don’t know nothing about yeah you know and i and that’s kind of where the buddies idea came from yeah because you do have some kids that are involved in that business so you have two kids two kids one’s uh she’s a sophomore in college and then her name is caroline and my son is a sophomore in at denim springs here go jackets yeah no jackets so we love denim around there no so very good so you you’re moving right along yeah you’re doing all that stuff so yeah so would that work uh i didn’t like punch a clock every day so we were kind of on call um and then i guess around um right before i met my wife i had the opportunity to go in this to management type so it was really kind of a you know in the field manager if you will so we did i did a lot of turnarounds and that kind of stuff so i was the point guy basically i just knew how to talk to people better than the other guys yeah so it was pretty easy hey you go deal with the customer we’re going to work that type of thing yeah um but i met my wife she had just finished uh her master’s degree at lsu she’s an audiologist wow and um met her we bought our first house in denham springs up by amy baptist church and um we started you started life there and that’s when i decided to transition out of the on-call business because it’s very tough you know waking up at two o’clock in the morning with a phone call and plans get erased uh weekends you know we worked on the weekends that’s when we we made our money so uh at that point i kind of looked at hey you know where can i take this so you know i took it into a sales role and um it was it was pretty cool because everybody all the guys that i work for in the plants now i’m going there calling on them so they were just like friends i mean yeah you’re in a sales business yeah exactly so it’s connections and it’s you know hey do what you say every single time that’s right you know one of the best uh the best advice i ever got uh in the sales business was actually from the owner of my company and uh when i started selling paint he told me he said uh do everything you tell a customer you’re gonna do that’s right that’s the best advice i can give you and i always did and i found that it was it helped yeah for me uh one of my that that’s a very good point um and i take that we’re in a service business so whenever i tell somebody that the job can be done it’s because it has been done yes i may not have done it in the last 10 years right but i have done it before and then you know our guys now they do a tremendous job of working safe and you know executing those jobs so when we tell people that yeah we can do this they know they can trust us yeah i’m 20 years in the business now i’ve seen a lot of things and i have a lot of customers call me for you know the free advice yeah yeah yeah and then they go a different route and then they come back to me and we’ll make we’ll make money at some point so it’s all relationship business i’ve had that happen too right so um from there you know it was i got an opportunity to get in corporate america you know uh really just kind of dive in and see how all that works and i was able you know i i grew a lot during that time but uh you know deep down i was itching to do something on my own sure and i always knew that that i wanted to be in business doing something yeah so at the time i had an opportunity this was my wife and i were uh and we talked about you know i heard big mike on here with his wife and so my wife was very instrumental in me allowing me to do what i wanted to do right so you know she had she her work we basically she was working part-time just with the kids just trying to you know manage that with my schedule i was never i never knew what i was gonna be off right so that was that was tricky uh so she worked kind of part-time and you know we kind of going through life and then we had an opportunity um it was really kind of a intersection i had um got really frustrated with the whole corporate america how that operated and i was just frustrated i was making good money everything seemed to be going good and then um i had an opportunity a friend of mine’s dad on the produce market in mandeville yeah richard capped the boss yeah so we went to school with his son aaron knew the family so we had an opportunity to go over there and he was going to retire in two years okay and so we had helped him throughout the years go over there help him unload stuff and he had just like a roadside stand kind of like south side here yeah and uh he also had a seafood business attached to it okay so did crawfish and shrimp you know in that mandeville area so he said look he said come over here man check out for a while come work you know work for me and when business is good i’ll pay you more but tell me what you need to make it yeah and so it i did and i told myself this is what i need to pay my bills and he says i’ll pay you at least that and then if there’s opportunity we’ll make more money i’ll pay and he did he took care of me so for two years i got to run with him yeah understand the business i basically he i was his go-to guy sure and you know we bought crawfish from troy landry on small people yeah oh yeah his brother her character his brother bought brought us the crawfish bubba his daddy is the one that convinced richard to get into the crawfish business wow so it’s just it’s just a long lineage of you know those guys hard workers mr richard was a hard worker i came from that same lineage with my family and you know being in the produce and cro in the crawfish business you got to be a hard worker you’re not going to do it yeah so there’s no doubt yeah so we actually moved we moved from la ranger out to a mandeville area okay so and we went all in and had opportunity to buy me and his son bought half the business and we took out man and yeah yeah mandeville blew up what really got me away from mandeville was at the time my kids were really small i didn’t realize the impact that i was that that the business was having on them yeah so you know you’re in a seafood business or a produce business you’re working every day so it is it is wide open from candy cane and if you’re not there somebody’s you know you’re not getting the right product so um and then they did a road construction project in front of our business you know how those go right it’s supposed to be eight months and it won’t turn into 24 months literally destroyed our business and it’s just hey it was time for us to part ways yeah and so i got out of the seafood business and then you know we like sitting around hey what we’re gonna do sure at the time we really didn’t have an idea what we were gonna do yeah and um we went up to north louisiana that’s where my wife’s from she’s from ravel okay ran into some her cousin and some of his family her cousin’s husband family and hey let’s go to westmont road there’s a spot over there i want you to look at i’m like i just got out of business i don’t want to do it again yeah and so look at this spot the guy was trying to get out he had his sons in business and he’s like look take over the material all the equipment we’ll work out the finances later and the rent was like you know it was like nothing i was yeah that’s it so we started french market of west monroe okay so don’t ask me why but we we did never thought you’d be in that business no i didn’t really i was just like okay this is like a temporary thing and but what i realized during that time was it was really a god thing to get me in west monroe yeah because i had always gone to church and i felt like i was a christian but during our stint at in west monroe i got saved yeah like i got thumped in the forehead yeah at church and everything made sense sure and so from the time i got saved probably about a month later i sold the business just walked away from it said here here’s the keys go turn the stakes they on the grill like literally my wife walks in from coming from the bank i said hey we just sold the business we out of here okay so we packed up with the disney world for about a week there you go what else do you do so funny story there i didn’t realize that uh disney world don’t take cash really yeah so the guy that bought the uh the business from me he’s like look here’s half the money in cash and i pay the other half in three weeks i said sweet i’ll take it so i took the money and we stick off driving and we get to disney we had made reserve i think we had made reservations but it was kind of like you know tentative or whatever yeah and we walked up in there and it was just like when it was the chevy chase whenever oh when he went to california yeah so like we stayed at my kids got the the ears hat on and they’re all legit everybody and we’re like hey we don’t take cash it was like a screeching halt sorry sir yeah sorry sir but anyway so i called my mom and she’s like i will kill you if you don’t come straight here to pay me so we my mom’s credit card paid for the trip and then i went came back and gave her the cash no cash yeah so it was it was hilarious but anyway that was a great time we got back to to west monroe and you know i didn’t know what i was going to do yeah and i was like look i got this idea it was crazy idea but we did i sold fruit to gas stations yeah yeah and we made a living we made a living for six months that’s all and i grew that i picked up like i did one sales pitch picked up 20 stores instantly no kids and i treated it just like a bread route yeah and it was just it just goes to show that you know you’re talking to i met a guy at a barber shop that’s old cigarettes and he hooked me up with a company called you packet which was a grocery store chain unbelievable i went to the presentation three days later and 20 of them signed up that day you just never know you never know what what this decision is going to lead to that decision it all comes full circle in that yeah it does and that was something that i talked about the other day there was a need in that they needed some fresh fruit in these convenience stores yeah because most of it was just geared around you know beer cigarette cokes sure ships candy and so a lot of those communities up there those gas stations were like the focal point they didn’t have a walmart right small towns so anyway so that was pretty cool i grew that until i couldn’t handle it no more by myself yeah and it was at a point where i was like hey do i do i stay in this and hire people or do i just get out yeah and along that time i got offered a job back with firmer night in memphis okay memphis so i go up there actually uh i didn’t even have an email at the time they sent me the offer letter to my wife’s email sure and she called and says hey we accepted the job in memphis okay i was like what i didn’t even know she i was like what are you talking about yeah but she like they sent off a letter and she accepted it so i went to memphis you went to memphis yeah you’re following orders but it was a good gig it was great uh you know that’s where buddies really kind of took place

b.j pawn and gunn has been servicing the livingston parish community since 1990 if you need it there’s a good chance bj pawn has it so go see them in denim springs they’re a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast so memphis obviously known for their barbecue and their paint that’s right oh yeah that’s what we hear yeah that’s right so uh so you end up in memphis awesome uh awesome area of the country especially for barbecue and uh and you eventually you got on a team there and you started doing memphis in may yeah so that was a really cool event i didn’t know what memphis made was they knew me i actually called on that area when i was in sales yeah and then when i got there they were all like wait a minute we know this guy and so i became one of their one of their go-to guys but in the meantime like hey i’m cooking some gumbo this weekend i bring something monday right so that’s how it kind of started and then they were like hey we’re doing this memphis and may deal we want to put you on our team as a cook i’m like well hold on man i’m not a big barbecue guy i know how to cook barbecue but i ain’t trying to compete yeah you’re you’re talking about talking about the biggest barbecue competition in the country i mean you talk about a thousand barbecue cooking teams yes i mean it was out of control serious barbecue business so i mean just to be in memphis i mean there’s barbecue places in memphis that are on every corner yeah i mean it is a big deal so uh i was like yeah cool so they want me to do like uh we had a uh anything but so anything but pork so you could do you know chicken you could do we did you know i would bring up shrimp and do barbecue shrimp and just that kind of stuff so yeah and really just getting in there like it was an eye-opener so the first year i was there like i just walked around in all i was like what is going on here you know it’s like mardi gras over barbecue yeah and that’s what it was it was just a great time i got to see and learn the team was kind of established from years ago and they kind of kept this little team together and um what was the team name refined swine great name love it you couldn’t ask for a better team name it was awesome i had some really good guys uh you know uh two of them that i’m still really real close with was uh bob bush and jason kobach jason was kind of the backbone he kept us all in line yeah um and so we really kind of got together with those guys and in dovan there’s another one jim hardy uh bobby sullivan there’s a couple of guys that came in and out of the group but it was those those two and myself we kind of really dove into the competition side of it so yeah you know doing those competitions you got to know you know what you’re doing i know what to expect we went we did judging events where we can understand what the judges are looking for right it was really serious and i was like not expecting that i was more like i’m here for a good time but now it’s like whoa this is like out of control yeah you’re not tailgating at lsu no no it was it was good so but we got i think what we did was all year we would fundraise and we had some some donors we had you know valero sponsored us and what we would do is we would just cook all year long and try different recipes and temperatures and and man it’s like i didn’t know you had to cook meat that long yeah that’d be so good yeah really man i started really thinking about it you know if i ever come back home i said there’s no barbecue in louisiana you know we have a few places that’s you know been there for a long time but um that’s that’s kind of where my i learned how to i learned how to do the meat the from competition right and so i tell a lot of people a lot of times my stuff’s competition style it’s not like what you’re going to pull out of your oven or your grandma done or your pup all done it’s different you know well i can tell you it’s good and i and me and casey both ate a bunch of it before before this podcast and uh and it’s just unbelievable your barbecue is is awesome and your your story leading up to that is is just as awesome i mean you know it’s funny that you got trained the right way i mean like you say competition barbecue is different that’s right it’s uh and it’s it’s consistent and uh and so you couldn’t have asked for a better place to train than memphis tennessee that’s right barbecue in my opinion so you uh you start doing this and and how long were you involved in that team so i was there for five years okay and the wow the last year that we were there was the last year that our team was complete yeah jason actually retired and we did one last hurrah okay and so he’s retired and we just kind of disbanded the band if you will yeah that point so him and i speak all the time i always talk with bob we’re always cooking they’re cooking at home i’m cooking at the store so sure i’m sure there’s a little bit of envious there from them but um it’s it’s really cool to talk to people like that that understand you know the cooking process yeah and so the whole other side is a serving process so uh funny funny thing is people don’t realize like um you know being in the restaurant business you know you have to strive for excellence sure you have to be very consistent and then you need to understand what the what the need is where you’re at yes so what are you dealing with right so all those kind of pile in together to form your business plan yeah so i spent probably my wife and my kids will tell you that we ate at every barbecue place that you know of for two years and i drove i was in sales so i had the opportunity to take long road trips and veer off the beating path and i would go look at businesses and i would go in there and talk to i get to talk to the manager next thing you know i’m talking to the owner next thing you know i’m in the kitchen and i’m trying to understand processes and i’m trying to say hey what does this look like i mean i know what the food tastes like but how did you get here yeah and you know i used the memphis in may i mean we we won third place one year that was a big deal huge so people knew that so when i said hey we were you know we were fine swine in memphis we did memphis in may that would lead to a long conversation and at the end of it i’d be where i wanted to be understanding their process yeah for me i wanted to be different i wanted to be what is what’s going to make me set me apart yes so and that’s kind of where the whole buddies concept come from buddies of course is my dad yeah buddy i tell people all the time there’s two reasons that i named the business buddies one it’s a legacy for my kids yeah because they didn’t get to meet my dad right and so my dad was very instrumental in my life you know he he did almost a lot of the cooking my mom you know she cooked early on but towards the end my dad was cooking all the time yeah and so that’s kind of what i saw and understood and then um you know so just to honor him for his legacy and then let my kids understand that were they doing it for somebody else right yeah and then number two is if somebody comes in complaining looking for buddy they can’t find it no he’s not here so get a sales call or something like that yeah he’s always like oh i need to talk to buddy please like okay he don’t know us yeah because you know but anyway so we kind of had landed on the name early on but just really wanted to really fix the process and make sure we had this thing where it’s really good yeah so

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to be on my first my first drawing was i wanted to be in a in a gas station right because i had i had success in a gas station the number of people that go in out of these gas stations is off the hook yeah so my idea was is have a barbecue business that would be in a gas station we could do a really good lunch shut down you know during all time and crank it back up for supper right and then um as we looked around here it was kind of difficult finding that that perfect location and then we found um place in central right next to the right across the river bridge on magnolia bridge road and there was a shell station right next door so i’m like hey this would be a great marriage it’s close enough to the gas station right i’m on the end of a strip center it’d be great so the um the big thing for me was just to be i wanted to look clean refreshing nice and i wanted to be able to be do to better duplicate it right because my vision was always have two or three sure because i figured one wouldn’t be enough right so because i’m in a small space i really gotta do a lot of to-go waters catering so i needed to generate more for the volume so i figured two locations or three locations i could probably do that yeah so you saw this before you ever opened the first oh you’re already planning on the third third one i had the third had the second one in the second year it was in my business plan yeah well i back up on the business plan one thing that i did do and i’ll tell everybody that’s entrepreneur write a business plan yeah write a mission statement and present it to your family yeah and if you can’t sell them don’t do it right i can’t i agree 100

i did a full-blown presentation i made copies put it in a clear i gave out everybody one and i stood in front of my family first yeah because i said if i can’t sell y’all i’m not doing this yeah that’s right and and you have the support of your family at that point that’s you know there’s nothing worse than than having a great idea for a business going out there implementing it and your family not being behind it’s important to do it but never make it it’s having their support and having their understanding my wife has been supportive of some crazy ideas of mine seriously like she’s already going to heaven no matter what happens yeah but having the kids i don’t i can’t remember which one it was but when i got through they were like well how can we say no hey so sold at the end of the day you know some of my my top priorities was you know to be a be a steward of what we what we receive yeah be a steward what we have so if there’s people in need we try to take care of them we try to work with several churches and that was in my business plan that’s not something we just came up with yeah but um but back to the store it was a very aggressive uh a second store within my first year really right and then a third store within five years wow and so that was kind of our plan anyway we wanted to have a second store close enough because we figured we could cook enough at one store to supply another store sure yeah and so there came the you know our motto has always been how do we get people into the store quickly right in a fast food setting but be over the top with the quality of food and i would imagine especially in your business you know restaurant business in particular i could i could imagine myself kind of stressing over location you know once you commit you’re committed right your weather works or not that’s your building for however long that lease is take me through that process was it a stress for you it was very stressful i will tell you that um i originally looked in louisiana parish first i wanted to come a little bit i wanted to open my first story in livingston yeah it just didn’t connect up we couldn’t get on the same page sure um and i tell people all the time i had some struggles in livingston yeah at the where you go apply for stuff because i was green on that side like what do i need sure i went to central they had a little booklet and they gave me so here get all this in line and come back and see us we’ll give you a permit yeah sweet so it kind of stuck me through who i need to talk to whatever um okay i chose central mainly because there was a need there yeah yeah um and at the time it was after the flood yeah i knew that the market had adjusted down a little bit so i was able to find a place to rent reasonable and then what i did not know at the time was is that that location what you said earlier was very critical yeah so the location where i was at is a great location but it was a little bit of a challenge to get in and out of um and it was known for chris’s specialty meet yeah which had closed two years prior to me opening so it had been closed for two years but in everybody’s mind it was all it will always be chris’s old building right and so for that it was it was a i could not believe that after two years that’s all people realize it was that’s how they would tell now where are you located at i’m like i’m next to the shell station oh the old chris’s spot so that lubrication he did a great job he’s one of the first ones in there he had a good brand good marketing you know he had good product sure but i think that location just got him yeah and you know that location is struggling now and i’ll get to that part in a minute but we we went there and you know central open arms up we went in most of my people were in denim yeah they come across the bridge and support you supported me and then we we immediately as soon as we got things kind of the process is in place and we got systems and you know i started connecting up with some really good employees i realized that hey now i can look at a second location yeah and i mind you that i’m doing all this while i’m still working in oil and gas yeah yeah so you know i’d be there early in the morning and then i’m out during the day and i let my employees serve the food upon my direction and then i come back in the evening and cook meat yeah so um wow and so that was that was my main thing is to be able to have you know really good quality food but being a quick service getting in and out sure so our ticket times are we way better than most fast food places i tell people all the time and it’s barbecue and it’s barbecue right you never think you never think so here’s the thing our meat is cooked i mean we cook chicken in the morning sometimes we cook another load in the evening we cook sausage in the morning i’m if you order a sausage plate i’m not going to cook it yeah it’s in the hot box we’ve already smoked it we’re keeping it at the right temperature and we served it briskets cook overnight it’s ready to be slashed and i can’t tell you how good it is man the brisket is by far the best meat that we have it’s all good but as far as me it’s the quality because i got a really good quality of brisket that i use so yeah very important so but anyway and then you can’t hardly get anywhere else like that so that’s that’s one thing i tell people right so our thing was working through processes and then you know finding the right employees that’s another challenge right huge and i’ve been blessed i’m telling right now i’ll tell anybody that that i’ve if it’s not for my employees i’m not doing this we’re not talking yeah because i couldn’t quit my job to do barbecue right now i plan on at some point being able to do that but right now we’re building we’re building this thing sure right we’re we’re three years in all together with buddies you know most businesses fail within five years that’s right we’re trying to get to this hump right um but my employees man they just they hit it and they take pride in what they’re doing yeah so whatever i do affects them whatever they do affects me that’s right and so if you can get those employees that buy in terms of your yes you they got to buy into and so i sell myself to them first you know we’re god family then maybe buddies yeah but if you got issues with your family we’ll work around those things if i got to close down because somebody misses work i’m fine with that yeah if it’s a legitimate reason yeah it’s just it’s part of it you know and so having those employees my family helped a lot of my friends helped uh to get us up off the ground and and be brutally honest with people i tell people all the time everybody’s not gonna like my product but tell me what you think yeah i mean i’m fine with that i i take criticism as well as i take somebody tell me your food was great i don’t expect it i don’t expect you to always say that oh i don’t love your souls well you might not but why wouldn’t you yeah oh well i like mine a little more spicy okay we’re not a spicy sauce but we got a little time a little bite to it it’s all good but don’t go out there and be negative on some social media platform that doesn’t get anything done yeah i mean everybody you know different strokes for different folks and and uh you know i know people that love a certain type of sauce and some people it’s too spicy for them or whatever yours is unbelievably good but uh yeah you never want to destroy people on a social media site or anything like that because of your taste yeah i mean and that’s the thing i mean it is your taste if you get bad service the same thing come to me let’s talk about it my employees don’t want to do bad no they have great employment they need to to work and provide for their family just as i am that’s right i’m not putting people in there this that don’t need to be working in the front or in the back and i always tell people you know i got a friend of mine he don’t like my sauce yeah and he brings his sauce with him bring your sauce yeah you don’t hurt my feelings just don’t leave it yeah yeah yeah don’t leave it but you know at the end of the day a lot of restaurants get the bad rap for one person having a bad experience sure you know i had somebody call the store saturday they had a bad experience with some ribs yeah and i’m trying to fix it and he didn’t want nothing of it yeah and sometimes you gotta part ways with customers i can’t make you come back and give me a second shot but all i can tell you is i apologize and i will make it right and i think most restaurants that are on you know locally they’ll do the same thing i don’t have a doubt in my mind that they’re there to do it right i agree 100 and you know it’s it’s interesting that someone i say this a lot but when when you get good service people don’t compliment it enough when you get bad service they tell everybody they know and it really you know you need at least a 50 50 there and so i try to go out of my way to talk about positive experiences on facebook and places like that because not many people do that’s right it is and it’s such a bad rap i mean people don’t realize that when somebody pulls off the interstate at denham springs yeah where are they going yeah they’re going to yelp they’re going to google and they’ll just ride on down the road and say well they ain’t no place good here to eat and then they go somewhere else and what does that mean for us locally right our tax dollars are going somewhere else yep which we don’t want which we don’t want we’re trying to bring folks here and we want to share the experience you’re not going to eat barbecue every day i don’t expect you to there’s mexican restaurants there’s big mikes there’s seafood restaurants there’s all sorts of restaurants here you can eat at yes but if we continue to bash each other and i mean blow it out of the water it’s just it’s just unnecessary i agree we’ve done our best to stay off of social media i i mean i tell all my employees don’t engage yeah i mean that’s one of the first things i hire somebody if you’re going to go on social media to offend or defend me i don’t want you in my business well you know it’s interesting um we the feral calhoun paint actually had a company that came in and kind of educated them on social media stuff and one of the things they did say was when someone says something negative just let them know you want to fix the problem yeah that’s right that’s it because things happen we’re in the service business all of us and you’re not going to be able to please 100 of the people 100 of the time that’s right so uh so yeah that’s the greatest way to handle it is to not engage especially in a negative way let me go on there and say buddies is great that’s right well you know i you know really to get started with the whole buddies thing we was like you know keep it simple yeah stupid we just want to keep it simple we want to do good barbecue stay in our lane we’ll grow this thing as it grows and it’s the same thing with when people you know come in we wanted to experience what they came for right and if you don’t get that experience just let us know we’ll fix it yeah everyone every one of my employees have great pride what they do i have tremendous pride of what i do sure and whenever i’m cooking i’m cooking for you know trying to please everybody absolutely and so that cross the board way you know so yeah so anyway so we ran um in in central for a year and then we had opportunity to come to denim things lined up we got right in the center of denim and then uh we really wanted the drive-through so that was one of the big things we wanted spot was available there again i had some branding issues there but i was next to little caesars and then walgreens so tremendous amount of traffic sure so you know put the signs out and then so i’m getting overflow of people sitting there waiting in the drive-through at walgreens or waiting for pizza they’re looking at my logo yeah so i’m front and center and it was just a change and a great logo it is that’s right i like it thank you um but anyway it was it was something i wanted to do where i would be like it’s you know being in the central of the city i felt like in uh in central i was counting outside yeah central’s kind of spread out a little bit different in most cities so i was coming outside so people i get people going home sure and then i would get people you know they’d have to drive 10 or 15 minutes for lunch to get to me yeah so here i wanted to be right in the middle and so there’s so much traffic there’s people coming from live oak from walker from baton rouge coming into the denim so we’re in a hot spot and then having the the drive-through with covid has been a godsend like if i wouldn’t have the drive-through i would be shut down just like i had to shut down my business in central yeah being in these strip centers i could only get so many people in any way pre-covet and then post covid if i get one person in i can’t get anybody else in the building right so really crippled me it did and and then as an industry the food industry really really hampered and i wanna one point i wanna impress is when you came to livingston bears you came to dunham springs you you invested you invested in this community that’s what i want listeners of this show but really anyone in general to think when you see a business owner these people invested money and so uh personally i feel a responsibility to support that uh where i can and i and i you know one of the things i’m trying to get across with this podcast is how important it is to support business owners that are local uh you put your money up let’s put our money up that kind of thing and also there’s a continual investment there’s a continual investment each and every month each and every year that local businesses do into the community yes i always tell people that you know our money gets redistributed back into the community here all of my employees live here yes so when i pay them which by the way by the way that’s that’s my most i take the most pride in that at the end of the year or look at the w-2s and see how much money i paid to them yeah because it’s impactful yeah because at the end a lot of times you look at your checking account you’re like man i didn’t make a bunch of money this this month or i didn’t make any money this month or i lost money yeah but i was able to write checks to 12 employees huge right it’s big time yeah and so for me i know that those employees they’re not going to baton rouge spending money yeah they’re spending money right here i know i know what they do a lot of them stay in their zones stay in their lane and they’re feeding back so like all of our other local businesses not only are they paying their employees but they’re spending their money here locally that’s right i mean i i love baton rouge i go to baton rouge and you know i patronize that too but most of the time i’m spending the money right here yeah i mean period i don’t want to go too far from home just just we can’t build everything you need i mean so yeah i don’t need to go yeah i travel some with my oil and gas business but you know that’s just part of it sure it’s so yeah so the investment is big and you know it’s also investment of time yeah people don’t realize the amount of time that we invest you know a lot of us i could be laying at the house on the couch just chilling yeah but that time is spent diving into this community and how do we do things better and what can we do witnessing the people let people understand why you hear what you’re doing and then being able to you know to be that beacon you know be the business that you know that you’re that you that you want to be yeah you’re exactly right and

tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast we we led into this point which was coveted how it hit the restaurant industry extremely hard you were fortunate that you did have a drive-through you know there were some restaurants in your and things like that they didn’t even have they had nowhere where you could sit outside you know and and of course all our hearts go out for them uh you being a restaurant owner doesn’t put you in competition against other restaurants you all support each other um you know you don’t eat barbecue 24 hours a day i’m sure um so uh so we do want to support all our restaurants and but you know buddies barbecue i can tell everybody out there that’s listening i eat it all the time love it great but the service is a big part of it too i go in there they’re smiling they’re nice i’m helped quickly all those sorts of things but with covid when when that first hit i mean take me back to that but i’m sure it was a bunch of confusion what can i do what can i do for me it was disbelief yeah like i would imagine so from both fronts my oil and gas industry where you know i still i’m employed yeah a big company out of houston um i went through a transition where the company i was working for was out of montana and then they we went to work for another company during covid unheard of yeah but they seemed value in the guys that we had working for us our employees yeah um and here we got this you know a couple hundred million dollar company that’s oil and gas is now it’s flat yeah because guess what when nobody’s traveling and those planes on the ground they don’t need jet fuel and when there ain’t nowhere to sell it it just sits there yeah so the market plummeted from the restaurant side i was in disbelief that we could be told in a matter of 24 hours how many people can come in your store so for me i purposely have a small footprint i know how many cars i got to put through the drive-through and in the front of that building in order to pay the rent sure okay these bigger restaurants they need to fill those tables up yeah period i mean there’s restaurants right here maria’s big mikes dons dukes they got those big seating areas they’re paying for square footage yes so i was in disbelief and i was like there was so much confusion on what we could do what we couldn’t do so first and foremost i grabbed everybody together and it was kind of like hey i have all hands-on meeting and i said first of all you need to protect your family and if this is not some place you need to be and you need to be home quarantining or following the governor’s order as far as that goes go yeah i said if you have sick parents sick you know if you’re sickly don’t be here yeah and i had a couple of them said hey i gotta i can’t i said ten four you won’t be held against you you just go we’ll make do yeah and then we kind of consolidated the groups and said hey you know this is what we’re looking at we got this many people we’re going to run just the drive through so it makes a little bit easier to deal with just the window and look in those early stages mickey none of us knew how serious this was or was not i mean we’re going by what we’re hearing from you know our leaders the governor the the president and all these people and and uh we had no idea i mean from any perspective how how uh you know and that’s hoping for debate now one way or the other and and whatever everybody thinks is what that’s the story right okay mickey so you uh basically the people that needed the unemployment they they had access to they had access to it right very benefits that we paid in so very fortunate there for their families and their their their time and even some of these employees that that were they were just nervous they were scared of what was going on right sure so i mean with good reason i mean absolutely at the time we didn’t know how serious it was but we knew that something went right so uh for me you know the oil gas was basically shut down yes nobody wanted us in so i was in sales i am not essential unless there’s a panic button pressed and then i got to go on site they would give me clearance yeah so i was able to dive in uh you know had the kids available uh kinda like you know big mike mentioned i mean as far as the cleaning of the bit we already did that already so for us it wasn’t like we got to go out and buy a new product right yeah you were already busy but the other thing was you know it was a challenging i remember the first two weeks was i mean we were down like i’m like oh because nobody knew what was going on right and so and it was changing them as they were changing daily and so basically our business plummeted yeah i mean like to where i was like you know i was trying to make phone calls like hey you know what are y’all doing what’s going on sort of talking to other business owners well and and one thing we did at farrell campaign is we must ate buddies barbecue every day for a month one thing we were fortunate about was we were considered essential so we were able to remain open though uh we were doing drop basically drive through only that’s right yeah call ahead we’ll bring it to your car great great service in the paint business you can’t you can’t ask for better but every day for lunch what do you want from buddies yeah what do you want from buddies and and uh it was close and it was quick quick yeah so for us we felt what we normally feel around the holidays is people go out and buy up yeah i mean toilet paper you know everything everything was bought up so when they got tired eating their own cooking that’s whenever we shifted gears and so covid for us that’s whenever our business started climbing back up out of the gutter if you will right and so we had a lot of good things going on in 2020 this was early in 2020 yeah and i mean we were looking at a third location i mean we i actually made an offer on a third location in gonzales okay and it just didn’t work out good thing it didn’t because i’d have been i’ve been on the hook yeah and i took the money that i had saved and invested it yeah so then i had that money to play with so i was able to hold on to it very good and so for us it was that was that got me through the two and a half weeks of paying my employees paying for the food keeping the lights on and then once everybody kind of kind of adjusted yeah in the you know in the community yeah and figured out where they can go so we became the drive-through and everybody else that other businesses that didn’t have a drive-through they were like dead in the water yeah because doing the drive-through business it’s a science it’s not like you can just go put anything in a box yeah because it’s you have to have it at the right temperature to put in the box right and for me barbecue is easily goes in the box sure i mean that is one of my one of my very first things is is to understand that can i put this in a to-go box yeah and it’d be good 30 minutes down the road right so that’s our goal we want it to be good when you come in there but we also want it to be good in 30 minutes so that was always kind of our thing to figure that out so with the covid you know i had people blowing me up you know are you all open what’s going on you know people were nervous they wanted to see what was happening right sure and so fortunately for us we was in the center of town we was able to advertise some uh you know the walgreens was open yeah those caesars were open and the roads were open so people saw what we were doing and then we had a few friends of ours reach out through facebook it was like hey come to our neighborhood yeah and at first i kind of steered away from that i’m like wait a minute what is this all about but then i realized like hey people are really staying in their neighborhoods sure yeah so we took the catering trailer and we loaded up in the evenings and we would go post up like other restaurants did in this area and it was kind of an organized deal through some of these uh facebook groups and it was a great thing and i saw with several different uh restaurants they they would have it was almost like food trucks right in front of uh neighborhoods and made it convenient for those people and and made you know kept you in business and i’ll be honest with you i wouldn’t be opposed to doing it you know in the spring

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yeah you know in the dead of the summer it got kind of tough but in the springtime it’s great to go do things like that yeah so i’ll say this if you have if you invite me in i will come yeah i mean it was good for us and then you got the setup yeah we got i got the set up for that i can go on the road you know i can’t meet the criteria to be a food truck but if it’s a catering event i can yeah that’s what i was going to ask you so say you had an event where uh okay we’ll use me for example i’ve got a big company that i sell uh paint coatings to right and i want to you know they got 50 employees and i want to go ahead and treat them to hey we’re going to we’re going to get a catering truck out there to serve y’all today for lunch you do that not a problem yeah excellent so we’ll show up you know we’ll have everything going i have a fryer i have grill i have you know pots to do jambalaya pasta lives whatnot gumbos and i also have a smoker on my trailer so it’s like the best of all worlds so we can get it done so perfect so yeah so that’s you know that’s kind of you know when we first started it was like man you got to get in there and improvise do things different and understand the market changed yeah and then also on the other side understand that the vendors that you dealt with changed yeah so people don’t realize how quickly covet affected the meat market yeah okay so everybody went out and bought meat put it in the freezer so you think about this for a second if every family goes out and buys 400 worth of meat and puts it in the freezer yeah it reverses the market sure so they’re out then the it’s it’s a timeline yeah it was like the toilet paper exactly takes time to make it yeah the cows have to eat to grow to get to a certain size and then what happened was that’s why i say the reverse market after everybody done that they stocked up and then nobody bought yes and so yeah you know it’s interesting um that just to kind of piggyback off of that i had uh you know gallon cans empty gallon cans uh are hard to get right now part so hard in fact that it’s putting a strain on the paint business like eventually they’re gonna run hopefully they’ll never run out of empty gallon cans you would never think that’d be an issue but what happened was these people were all at home for two months three months so what did everybody do well and i love it i’m not complaining but let’s repaint the house let’s do all these things we never had time to do remodel they bought so many dadgum paint cans that nobody saw it coming cause you planned for this stuff six months in advance a year in advance so nobody had new paint cans made and it created a shortage and there’s a major shortage of metal cans right now yeah so it drives the price up not of our paint of course but some people’s it dries the price up and uh and all those sorts of things so you’re right it puts a strain on the market that you don’t even see just from a supply stamp supply demand and then you know and then the beef market shot through the roof yeah and this really hadn’t come down i mean it come down some but go buy a steak in the store right now yeah well it’s hard once it you know from a from a beef supplier standpoint once they’re getting a certain amount of money good luck yeah good luck crawfish i mean this is this little crawfish motto but you know it was it was it was crazy times we would order stuff and then the truck would show up and like nothing was there you know yeah we’d have half of our inventory show up so we had to improvise you know a lot of people were understanding they knew what was going on but it was a challenge it was a big we we had to adjust what we were doing and how we did it yeah you know and it was just it was pandemonium so after about a month or so of this up and down world we finally get levelized yeah and then our business really started kind of you know playing it off so in the upward motion so i say that more people were getting out yeah there was more money brought into the economy whether it be from the the check they got or unemployment people started getting back to work so things started kind of happening and you know kind of then we go into phase two you know so it all that kind of relaxed things up absolutely my employees that were out came back you know yeah they felt that they could manage it uh you know we encourage the mask you know we try to you know comply with all that kind of stuff at the end of the day when we just doing the best you can do all we can do man we got down there and do it you know yeah and you know it’s it’s important to mention uh if any business owner needed a reason to um to i don’t know if i’d say follow the rules of business owning but you know they always say you want at least three months of expenses in an account that you don’t touch and that way no matter what happens you you could not make a penny for three months and you have a little nest egg right yeah and just a little safety account and if anybody needed a reason to do that here’s a good reason to point at it you know what i mean you know because something like a covey can happen and if you don’t have any money anywhere you will go out of business that quick cash and yeah i mean it’s tough even your personal life you know we try to do that but you know a lot of things come up with people but it it really is and for me the big impact from me with the whole kovit is just knowing how many restaurants won’t come back yeah i mean we we see the ones around here that may or may not come back go to new orleans go to kenner laplace go to norco some of these places they’re not coming back and it’s like you know it’s like businesses have been there 25 30 years but they can’t take this hit and they can’t take it well and they’re making their biggest their biggest days we’ll use new orleans for an example that you know mardi gras this is where they make their money for the whole year that’s right you don’t have moisture yes yeah you don’t have those sorts of things you you don’t have a big season in it you’re just like you’re dead and so the trickle down of that is too you know we fish out of shell beach i mean those guys they only catching so much yeah oysters they put they’re leaving them yeah because they’re gonna know where to put them got nowhere to put them i want to go with it so that’s just insane it really was that was very interesting yeah it still is yes every day right every day but we’re coming out on the you know it seems like we’re we’re holding our own here and and uh we’re supporting businesses and that’s what it’s all about now you mentioned your children earlier and and i want to talk about that a little more you talked about how they they’re involved in the business a little bit so what role do your children play in the business and how important do you think the lessons are that they’re learning now will benefit them later yeah so that’s a another i told somebody the other day that if buddies close tomorrow yeah the growth that i’ve seen within my children was worth it yeah because um i honestly feel like that if i left for two weeks the buddies wouldn’t close my daughter can run the business my son can run the business when i say that they know what needs to be done yeah and they can do it awesome so you know they can work the front they can work the back they understand where the food comes from sure it’s it has truly been a i mean it has been something to see uh with my son’s growth my my daughter’s a lot like me yeah so she’s good with people her first job was at carter’s yeah if she was my son works at quarters his first job you know you just got uh so was she months ago well she went there she only worked for six months before we opened buddies but it was a good time for her to see and talk and interact with people and people realize that is that is a long lasting uh impression yes on people dealing with the public customer service um so my daughter fell right in to waiting on people sure and uh dealing with people trying to please each person trying to understand what this person wants what this person needs what we’re trying to give them now my son on the other hand he was way more shy yeah so he was one that would like not talk to nobody he would go hide i’m not gonna say hi in the back but he would like avoid the front yeah yeah so i know i got one like yeah and so it’s like i’m like you know you got to get out of this but you know he could handle the meat so his thing was hey i could trim the brisket i can cook the brisket we can inject the pork i can get all the stuff on the grill i’ll do all this back here don’t make me go up front yeah so i mean he’s like you know 13 years old slicing brisket in the back go ahead it was great i mean so just seeing that him understanding what a plate is supposed to look like how it’s supposed to be done and then watching the processes this is how we make a pork sandwich yeah this is our way of doing it and nobody else does it like this yeah this is how we do a brisket plate this is how we do sausage and so all of that is just man it was like it’s been it’s been incredible and i think you can ask my wife and my mom the same way is seeing that growth in them i mean now my son you know he when he goes in places he’s talking to people he’s out there and it’s just changed it’s changed him as he grew up in the business and then the amount of pride they take into it yes you know having those responsibilities believe it or not i mean they faulted it first because they’re like we could be doing x y and z but we got to go to buddies yeah because i mean early on it was hey y’all y’all working saturday all day yeah and then when you get it’s like real life yeah when you go to school you come into the store you know now you know her in college she’s my fill in person yeah so somebody don’t show up i’m like hey i need you to come to buddies yeah and carson’s in school so when he gets out if i need him you know he comes i mean they’re just there for feeling because now i’ve kind of got set in schedules and we try to plug and play where they go but they can step in at any minute it’s a true family and business it really is not yeah no yeah no doubt so for that it’s just having them experience this and i’ve had my daughter tell me thank you she’s told me thank you before and thank you for making me come to buddies and see how the business is run and see how how impactful that is you know to her life yeah you know having to go work for something yeah understand where that comes from right and then starting a business understanding the community part of it understanding giving back yeah you know that’s a huge part of it that’s in my mission statement i mean we want to give back we want to give back to the community we want to give back to groups and people and we’ve we’ve been very you know we stayed to that and that that’s something that i think they’ll take with them forever and understand that you know it’s not all about us yeah you know so well when we when we sat down on our first meeting uh you know you said a couple things that resonated with me uh one was you said find what the public is missing and fill the void yeah so which i think business people pay attention you know to that that’s very important but second you said find what a community is missing and fill that void too right so what that told me was you like to give back to the community for any success you may have had in your business and i thought these were very important points that were worth mentioning because it is about the other side of business which is getting giving back more of yourself i try to do that as i grew older i realized how important that was i was probably a little bit selfish in my younger days i wanted to take take take i wanted that money right i wanted to work and get that money but i wasn’t giving back where i should and as i got older i started joining some organizations really really giving a lot of my time which is our most valuable asset we don’t get that back mickey and uh so i you know i respect that that’s that’s a very good side of you that people need to see and hear but you’re also a man of faith and uh you have uh ephesians 4 1. tell me about that so it’s basically walk in the manner that you’re called yeah and everybody everybody is called to walk you know in some manner sure and and i take that you know if you go on down in ephesians 4 it talks about love love one another yeah and and so for me the whole really the whole ephesians force is is that but i really want people to understand when they see me i’m someone of integrity you know and i’m first and foremost i’m god and then we’ll go from there yeah and then it all work itself out you know when i was saved i felt like i could take my hands off the steering wheel yeah so my first business venture i did it all wrong yeah i’ll be the first to tell you sure i’m holding the steering wheel so tight and then i got a partner he’s holding the steering wheel we’re holding the same steering wheel and it just doesn’t analogy to me if you think about it when i let my hands go when i got saved yeah and i let god drive this boat things become clear yeah i sold bananas for a living after i was saved people don’t believe me but you can ask my wife we did just fine yeah selling bananas i sold bananas and i’d be at walmart at four o’clock in the morning said i’m going through their bananas picking the one because i wanted a certain size banana yeah because if somebody’s gonna pay 69 cents for a banana i want it to be worth it to them yeah but you know what that’s what they needed up there they needed some fruit in their life yeah and they didn’t have it that’s right that’s right i love it so anyway you know but it really does speak to one thing i’ve noticed during this whole conversation is everything you’ve done and you’ve done some stuff i mean you’ve had a lot i’ve left out a bunch of stuff for you yeah maybe for another comment yeah maybe so but all of those things you’ve done um i can only imagine when you were a young young kid that buddy the real buddy he instilled these things right so well that and my mom who’s still living today yeah pat she’ll be the first to correct me yeah she’ll be the first to call me and tell me you haven’t called me today why didn’t you answer my text yeah what is going on yeah you know if i’m draft if i’m trying sounds like my wife i’m leaving here i’m leaving here today and i’m going to north louisiana into el dorado arkansas yeah and she’ll be like you know watch your speed limit you know they’re speed traps but yeah i mean that’s exactly right i mean knowing that and like no one will love you like your mama i can still i can still remember my paw paw my mama’s daddy you know his thing was you know everybody was good people right and and for that i try to look at that that everybody is good people everybody yeah yeah i mean deep down i mean really i’ve seen the best of it you know after the after the flood of 2016. i’ve seen people you would never think had good in them and it didn’t matter who you are we were all in the same boat figuratively and otherwise and uh and so it brought out the best in people and um changed me changed me for the rest of my life i’m i was a different person because of it in positive ways i agree too myself myself included we you know we dove right in and we went at it out of my driveway cooking yeah and i tell people all the time you know we didn’t know who we were going to feed but we know we were feeding somebody yeah yeah so you know interesting and we talk about giving back but uh i was one of those people like everybody else got trapped in this didn’t didn’t see all this coming and and i had a family with three kids and a wife no house no cars no nothing all underwater and it was amazing the fir you know when the water receded the first truck that came down that road was just a guy he looked like he might have been a uh i don’t know a painter or a construction construction guy of some sort and he would stop and he would go in the back of his truck and he would just start throwing toilet paper right rolls i mean bags of toilet paper and you would not believe how important that was i had none yeah none no toilet paper and it it sounds funny but it was uh it was a godsend it was just like this is what i needed yeah simple something as simple as toilet paper so so many instances of that i had a um i don’t know how there’s a there’s an article about what we did our little group it’s in a magazine somewhere and i think in alabama i have to get it to you but yeah there was a lady came and she spent a couple days with our group we were connected with a couple churches just going out serving and same thing with her you know she was like it was unbelievable to see the things that you don’t consider important yeah that are very important so we went into a neighborhood one time and we basically we made lunches every day and we made suppers every day we would bring it to to the church and give it out sure but on the way we would stop and just give out to some of the neighborhoods right yeah and she was i think she was with my wife but my wife was making a delivery and you know this guy got peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it’s like that would bring people to tears yeah but you don’t realize that they ain’t now they ain’t gotta go look for bread they ain’t got to go buy no peanut butter and jelly you know and then like a year later that lady runs into my wife it’s like oh it was the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich i’ve ever had yeah and i’m like what about the spaghetti yeah i cooked it

that’s you’re right i mean it’s the things that you don’t think of man and and uh early on we had uh i got to put this in there so early on we decided hey we’re gonna do this we’re gonna go wide open and start cooking yeah so i went hooked up with dave’s smokehouse i’m like hey can you get some food in here yeah i said i’m gonna pay for it just order i need somebody for the food to be dropped yeah so i ordered i don’t know 40 bucks whatever and it was like 700 yeah and so i go back home and everybody’s around there we just running around we had had food donated that we were cooking this was our first big purchase sure and so i was like hey look we just ordered uh the pork and it’s like 600 bucks or 700 whatever it was yeah i said we don’t have the money yeah so we need to pray yeah and so we all hung up right there right next to my smoker and we prayed and i’m telling you within an hour i got a phone call from where i lived in north mississippi when i was in memphis yeah from my pastor they don’t raise 2 500 bucks the power of prayer unbelievable and so boom it was there and then we multiplied that and then we cooked for two or three weeks straight yeah that’s why i said when is it gonna be over i said when we’re finished yeah

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that’s it because everybody was i mean we’re just wide open doing that sure now you’re a member of an organization’s tell me about that so uh it’s called the industry of faith okay uh it’s something that uh a really good friend of mine dan valo started and him and i were going back and forth on it he was having some spiritual warfare going on really the organization was started to help people connect for looking for jobs yeah and dan happened to be in a rough spot of his career where he got let go because of an economic downturn and he said look he said i think god’s telling me to do this yeah he said but i told god that he needs to find somebody else because it’s not me right fast forward he gets a job fast forward six months later he finds himself in the same situation yeah god spoke to him again he called me up he said hey i’m gonna do this and i want you to be you know my whatever i want you to walk alongside with me so i’m on the board uh dan kind of leads it what we try to do is we try to meet once a month we try to draw in people from the oil and gas industry so it’s kind of a networking and we also have where we present a word to them sure so we have a guest speaker some of them are pastors some are just you know bi-vocational some people work in the industry and they have a message to give we’re able to share the word and we’re able to use god’s name in our oil and gas industry sometimes it’s not always used in there so with that one of the things was we have a job fair every year yeah so that’s our big deal was to have this job fair to bring people in so one of the things is for us to have this job fair yeah and we bring companies together in one spot let people come and apply for work because if you’re looking for a job you need these you need some boost absolutely and at the same time we could we could share the word with them right and so we’re on our third year we’ve had we’ve had two very successful job fairs we have it down in the gonzales airs at the uh at the tech school yeah uh we’re actually looking to do a golf tournament as a as a fundraiser wow and so we’re gonna do that probably in march uh we’re trying to nail that down just to kind of raise some funds where we can do things with that with that money right so we fed 30 families for for thanksgiving okay 25 or 30. basically we gave them smoke turkey from buddies yeah and then we gave them a gift card for 75 bucks and then we took three families or four families and we sponsored three or four family we sponsored them for christmas yeah so was able to take the leftover money and put it back into some of our local families that needed help for christmas awesome so anyway so that’s that’s pretty cool that’s a pretty cool group there so you know and it’s it’s pretty close to my heart with that so it’s cool to see people in the oil and gas industry open up about jesus yeah you know and and everybody has a story right so we get to hear those stories so it’s pretty cool so yeah it really is and and uh what a great organization so if you want if you want some information on that i’m sure mickey can give it to you absolutely industry of faith of l.a there you go so i do want to one thing we do on my show that i find fun is we do fun facts okay so what it does for me yeah i love fun facts what it does for me is it it is it gets me more information about your business in a fun way it kind of lets me learn it too but i’m gonna give you some more barbecue that was particularly fun so sixty percent of grillers say they barbecue year-round which is contrary to popular belief which it’s just for summertime i found that interesting and of course around here you know it’s we really have summer time year-round i guess in south louisiana but uh yeah 60 so the first president to host a barbecue in the white house was lyndon johnson he actually featured texas style ribs and believe it or not every president since has had a barbecue at the white house so maybe they’ll invite buddy’s bar never know it could happen it could happen my daughter is going to into law school so there you go yeah work that out get that going so uh what would you say is the most popular holiday for barbecue labor day labor day and memorial day memorial day memorial day is is supposedly the most popular now shocking fact here over 150 million hot dogs are consumed on memorial day online really and i don’t even sell a hot dog it’s unbelievable though i do sell the sausages you will tomorrow at least for memorial day that’s right that’s exactly right 150 million that is unbelievable that’s a lot uh so the top three areas for barbecue i bet you can name them so memphis is one uh kansas city yes and the third the third is really a state oh texas yes okay exactly so yes um in carolinas the carolinas are in there too as a like a fourth yeah uh so uh the term barbecue steams from the west indian term barbacoa which translated means slow cooking over hot coals right so that’s that’s that is a fact um people don’t realize a lot of people in our area we’re so used to cooking everything fast frying that kind of stuff yeah so nobody around here wants to take time and cook so keep the slow cooking in your path like we cook pork for 15 16 hours yes and lower temperatures yes so you know brisket is a 13 13 hour run oh yeah so anyway so a lot of people they try oh i cook my brisket in eight hours i’m like you need to slow it down yeah yeah don’t rush it i’ll tell you what the slower the better in a lot of cases uh louisiana specifically is known for its special form of barbecue called cushion delay which is a cajun style pig roast yeah so that i’ve actually been to one of those and boy the outside is crispy the inside is tender yeah i’ve been to a couple others fantastic i actually i built one i built a uh a pit when i was in memphis yeah yeah and i don’t i kind of figure out where that’s at but yeah we did we cooked we cooked ribs in them we cooked butts in them it was cool yeah yeah you’ve heard of those cajun microwaves oh yeah whatever they lower it down and those are interesting so mickey where can people come to get some buddies barbecuing denim springs and also where can they find you on social yeah so um we’re we’re located on 105 florida boulevard we’re right next to little caesars and in walgreens we’re at the corner of maine and maine so i like to tell people range in florida is where we sit um really a great location right in front of the antique village right and we get a lot of that walk traffic i tell people all the time you can park in the back you can park behind my store i have a door an entrance in the back and have interest in the front the front is is full a lot so it kind of it’s misleading but uh that’s where you can find us then you know we have facebook you got to realize i mean we’re 40 you’re in some change so we’re not the greatest facebook folks but we do post we have daily specials also have a website that has really been taken off and i wanted to mention that um it’s buddies barbecue louisiana.com there you go and you can do online ordering and then you can just swing up there and pick it up so you do do online yeah so this is something that we started this was actually out of covid i had a company came to me and said hey we’re waiving all the fees yeah we just want you you know you sound like a monthly contract which i got to pay anyway yeah and so they wave all the initials set up i had dan’s valo’s wife came and took some great pictures so yeah go check it out so it’s buddies b-u-d-d-y-s bbq louisiana.com awesome yes we locked that down so putting what you want what time you want to pick it up and we’ll have it ready for you perfect and you also do catering we discuss that a little bit so catering is really my heart yeah i am i’m really successful in feeding a bunch of people i think that uh the people that have used us in the past can vouch for that yeah so i’ve done weddings i’ve got a couple weddings this year coming up that i look forward to we do corporate events just kind of whatever i mean i’m a la carte if somebody don’t want to all barbecue i can cook anything sure i’m actually i’ve been in the seafood business i can know how to do all that stuff so excellent we’re hoping for it so catering or sit sit down

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we actually have a group of men that meet on monday nights at our store uh so the evening crowd is mostly to go or drive through yeah so people are picking up on my home they’re bringing the food home to eat sure so our dining room is open so we’re i think our monday group is like 20 people yeah so if you have you know 25 or less people and you want to come in in the after and afternoons yeah our dining room is open for that i’ll lock it down and give you the give you the whole floor we have a tv if you want to plug things in awesome so kind of like a meeting room like a meeting room right so and then the front will be open for business you know we have a couple places to sit up there and then we can still do drive-through so that’s we had a group of men from healing place they came over and said hey man what can we what can we pray for you about hey i need some business in the evenings yeah he says hey what if i can help you out there you go so it’s all it was cool it was really really cool i love it yeah i love it so check that out if you’re uh interested in getting some meet and space and this great barbecue in the process i know a guy uh so i do mickey uh i appreciate you coming by i want to thank again to my yang over here you can’t see her she’s off camera she is the peas to my carrot my sister from another mister i can only be talking about my executive producer casey mcmurray she does all kinds of things for me and i appreciate her very much my guest for today mickey watson of buddies barbecue uh and all you viewers and listeners to for your support please follow us on all our social media and spread the word as we do everything we can to help small business compete with big business thank you to all our sponsors including premier credit trisha johnston realtor black sheep creative william waldrop of twfg insurance sport and center sr enterprise painting b.j pawn and gunn tiffany cecard of homekey mortgage and i trade exchange we could not do any of this without all of you if you’re interested in sponsoring local leaders or appearing on the show please reach out to casey mcmurray at casey localleadersthepodcast.com and check out our website at localleadersthepodcast.com you can find some great business blogs we have uh past guest videos and we also have all kinds of other information on there so check that out until next time i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading you

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