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Jason Derouen, the Cajun Ninja joins Local Leaders podcast host Jim Chapman in episode 134 and discusses his life both inside and outside of cooking up some delicious dishes from South Louisiana. This creator who features a unique style that is fast becoming famous across America has much more to offer than just what you see on your screen! With over 3 million followers throughout social media, it may surprise many yet again at how little they know about this man’s story.

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springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast all right everyone welcome back to local leaders the podcast this is episode number 134 and sitting across from me in this chair is jason durham is that right man it depends where you’re from it’s one of the most butchered last names ever it’s actually from what i know growing up uh derwent yeah but nobody got it right when i was growing up in high school and what have you and people call me derun yeah i can’t see that i ended up doing my last name because i was i was like i’m just going with it so i say jason deruan yeah but derwent is actually the uh french pronunciation there you go jason d i like that too uh or otherwise known as the cajun ninja so everybody can check him out that maybe you haven’t seen all the wonderful things you’re cooking up and getting it crack-a-lacking and all that kind of stuff in your uh in your kitchen on a on a pretty much a daily basis i mean you post videos pretty frequently i try you know you know there are gaps in between but thankfully i’ve created enough content that i’m able to kind of resurface stuff almost like a rerun yes um you know when i was hd version the exact high definition yeah so i was kind of always nervous about re-sharing stuff i had done i thought well people saw it but i’ve learned that new people are always coming in yeah and uh when you resurface it they’re like i hadn’t seen that one so i do that you know i just re-share and then create and re-share and it’s been really cool yeah i think it’s a great idea and i did want to mention that in this first segment we are uh really have a lot of support from hancock whitney bank very thankful for that and uh mr cage and ninja is gonna move all his money to hancock whitney at the end of this episode just kidding it’s not very much i didn’t talk to him about that yet but yeah uh but thank you very much for coming on and we’re gonna jump right into it and the cajun ninja maybe isn’t so familiar with how we do things here on local leaders the podcast we kind of do a long form podcast where we tell kind of your whole history into how you got to do what you do we believe that uh when people know why you do it they’re more apt to support you buy from you whatever uh so we’re gonna get into where you were born and raised tell tell me about that so i was born in thibodeau louisiana um grew up in houma louisiana um at about age 27 my wife and i moved to bruce louisiana so i’ve got a lot of love and history in uh you know kind of the southern bayou region and then also the acadiana region with lafayette and all right two of my daughters were born in lafayette yeah a big raging cajun fan but also a big lsu fan which i know a lot for a lot of people that shouldn’t mix but i like to say that’s my recipe that’s it and look i was a huge for what they called it usl back in those days that’s correct but i was a huge usl fan back in the day i thought i was gonna be recruited by them coming out of high school but that that didn’t come to fruition but always loved them and uh and the colors are great you know nickels i’m telling you i’m telling you and then you got nickels where the saints would do their uh training uh yeah for several years they did their summer training i think it was there and i have went to a lot of those and yeah and you know it’s funny because i mean i’m sitting here mentioning the cajuns and and lsu obviously those are probably the more bigger schools when it comes to sports but i am repping the nichols hat yes you are yeah you know because that is part of the ot town where i’m from and uh you know the colonels have done some great things we got coach rebo there who actually came from ul yeah so um yeah you know i like to see them grow and hopefully they become real popular too i’d love to see them on a level one day like north dakota state yeah you know which is in that same uh you know realm of football so i would say so caught up down in louisiana that’s it let me ask you this before we go any further so obviously the area you just mentioned houma uh we you know our hearts go out to them tell me about that struggle with hurricane ida how are things looking over there you know it’s crazy man um the people of houma thibodeaux uh you know larose cut off uh you know galliano like raceland all these areas that really got affected yeah they’re so resilient you know they’re they’re just they’re so like all right well let’s just get out there and clean up you know um so you know there’s been struggles of course you know with the amount of groceries on the shelf um a lot of the places we like to dine at you know and shop at or not running right now but you know we we make do with what we have and um uh you know people seem to be in good spears i mean they’ve still been holding like you know these functions around the area i know bayou terrebonne distilleries down there has put on some great functions for the eye to relief that have been free to the public and and when you get to hang out with those crowds and those moments of just you know like hey let’s relax you swear that a hurricane never even happened you know so um you know there are people that are still going through struggles and we’re still you know trying to find ways to help them but uh for overall i i think people are in good experience and know that we’ll bounce back yeah yeah and you know you you said the word there which was resilient and uh of course people here in livingston parish they know what that means because in 2016 we had a horrible flood here in denham springs 90 of the homes went underwater uh for everywhere from a foot to six feet it was it was crazy and uh we did just with them good folks down there and in your area did and that was we didn’t wait for anybody we just started picking up the pieces right and and uh so we know that struggle and our hearts go out to all those people over there and um i’m not worried about y’all cause y’all are some good occasions you know you’ll take care of it you can send us a few prayers yeah yeah absolutely those are free to give yes free to give and uh i do want to mention a little bit about your family you got a wife misty absolutely man that’s that’s my the ying to my yang you know a lot of people don’t know but misty is the you know uh she’s the spinal cord of the whole platform uh you know she may not be on camera as much you know but she’s been super super helpful for the growth of the page um i can’t tell you how many times that i did videos and she’d take the three youngins in the back bedroom and just sit back there with them for like hours so i could film and you know have the you know sound good no not little girls screaming in 11-foot ceilings um and and you know i think like how many ladies would want to do that you know they know more than likely you know many wouldn’t be like i’m not about to go sit back there you know but she would do it she did it many times and for the first year there was no money or revenue in this facebook didn’t pay anything at that time yeah you know i didn’t have products i was just creating content i just i believed in it i knew it was something that was growing and something felt good about it and she supported me 100 and uh i’m grateful for her that’s a beautiful thing yeah she’s uh she is the the rock of the garden that’s for sure excellent and not to be uh not to be not mentioned you have three children yeah my my three little girls isabella zoe and juliet great nice little little ninjets yeah they’ve been jets yeah i love it your wife actually hit is it the the cajun lighting ninja or something she’s like i would talk about her so much that like uh i would you know i just started calling her miss cage and ninja yeah i told her you know what you should create your own page and she’s like no nobody’s gonna follow me and i think she has almost like ten thousand people following now you know she’s the real star i do yeah i mean i told her i said hey look everybody has some type of story to tell and your side of this is actually kind of interesting you know like people don’t know uh how you know many struggles can be there for the person who’s married to the creative content you know 100 person you know like um i mean there’s a balance there between what i do with the public and what i do with my family and you know for me it’s always you know i’m a husband i’m a dad and you know then a content creator yeah and i try to always keep that in mind um but you know there are times too that she you know she you know makes sacrifices so that i can continue to do what i do that’s beautiful yeah so she gets to show that on her page hey ladies it’s pete with idaho lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon so in addition to all that you’re a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo and actually an instructor port time in houma correct yeah uh a part run a school down in houma called home of martial arts and um you know that’s why i teach taekwondo to people of all ages really you know my classes consist of uh kids from three to three years old to uh you know ladies and gentlemen in the 50s and 60s you know yeah that’s amazing i actually had a a a lady who came in most recently well there’s a lady in our class miss donna who’s in her 50s but she brought in her mom who’s in her 70s and she came in kicking pads you know come on look you know body in motion stays in motion and uh you know ms donna’s mom said if i keep moving time won’t catch me so uh yeah you can learn so much more seasoned votes it’s been great man i love the class yeah yeah and uh shout out to miss donna and her mom hey shout out miss donna very good now eventually uh through all your life i mean there was a lot of things i’m sure on the way but you made your way to the oil fields at some point much like a lot of folks and especially the lafayette area do and all that tell me tell me about that tell me about your experience in that yeah you know i was uh really kind of fortunate to land a job in sales in the oil industry uh you know selling pretty much a service which is called non-destructive testing and in the oil field they they often have to uh they test the welded material you know or you know structures that are put together for cracks or if there’s any trash in those welds and they use actually what they do in the medical field though x-ray the welds or they even use ultrasonics you know and uh so these companies that are uh you know putting putting platforms together uh welding pipe together they they need these services so i would go out there and search for those businesses 100 what did you spend doing that uh let’s see probably almost eight years yeah probably almost that was a good stance yeah yeah i was in in it quite a bit you know face some layoffs man uh you know and uh that that’s i noticed the trend on the second layoff i noticed a trend i was like man when it’s good it’s good when it’s bad it’s bad and when it’s bad um you’re the overhead you know as great as you know a salesman you can be and build a division a a an area what have you at the end of the day you’re selling the service the people that are selling the next job are the ones who do the work yes you know the guys in the field those are the ones who are more important um you know and so after that second one i just when i sat down on my couch and i told my wife you know i just want to do something that’s me and i just want to chill for a second yeah and that’s how this kind of all started awesome and we’re going to get into all of that because that’s amazing and i do want to say you’re you’re a hundred percent corrected in the oil industry it’s it’s either really good or really bad and and i used to tell people all the time they would celebrate because that gas was going down and look you want it to be reasonable but when it would go under about two dollars a gallon i i get nervous for my buddies uh you know in these refineries and say hey man two dollars a gallon is fair let’s not drop it below that because they do they you know it’s a derivative so it goes up and down and and uh and unfortunately these big corporations they like they like to hold profit so yeah i mean uh when it’s low like that that means there’s probably too much of it on the shelf you know so that’s right that’s 100 right now you have a passion for food imagine that the cajun ninjas got a passion for food and it’s obvious totally obvious when people watch your videos um that you have a real big passion for that and after you got laid off kind of saw the writing on the wall you decided you know i’m gonna film myself cooking so yeah it sounds simple but take me through that thought process so really um that really wasn’t even the thought process uh when i started that page i didn’t know what i wanted to do i just knew that i wanted to do something that entertained people yeah you know i love to entertain people i love to make people laugh and um you know i know follow garyvee you know we talked about the america yes um during those times like if 2015 was the year before i started doing this i listened to a lot of his viral videos and you know he was real big on just create content you know yeah just create something and um you know so when 2016 came i was like i’m just going to do something i have no clue what i’m doing but i’m just going to do something and i would just upload like funny videos things with my daughters you know my wife i maybe had like 400 followers through like me inviting all my friends yeah you know and like so what really wasn’t doing much for about six months and then i was uh snapchatting myself cooking gumbo yeah and um you’re able to take like all your snaps and put it into one video so i was going to put that on like my personal page like uh you know hey just me messing around cooking gumbo and i thought my friends and i they know how to cook gumbo and i got they’re probably going to clown me you know so i was like well i’ll put it on my little uh page at the time was called what you doing to ruin uh i love it yeah i didn’t i didn’t have the ninja name at the time i decided i just didn’t know what the cause i called what you doing to ruin because like i was doing anything yeah and then um i posted it there and the next morning it was shared 11 times and at that time i had maybe had stuff that was shared three times yeah and when i saw that i was like wow that’s a lot which is funny to say now yeah yeah and um and then like within two days that one video had a million views and i was like whoa i was like man i might be on something here you know so uh at that point i remember garyvee saying like do what you love whatever you love do a bunch of things centered around what you love i love entertaining people um it just turned out that cooking was a thing i did was entertain me and he had said whenever that one thing hits double down on it i said i’m gonna cook so i just started cooking wow yeah and that’s how it can be and here they come yeah and so the very next video um well the first video i said paella when i was throwing the trinity in the pot and the very next video i chopped it with my hand and i said don’t mess with the cajun ninja and then love it people were saying they were calling me that and uh and then i i ultimately ended up switching the page name man it you know and from one creator to another that’s really where uh you know the these are are really well known things that you say now and um and even your name the cajun ninja came kind of spurred from that stuff and my point here is it seems like the most simple things are where it’s at i mean uh you know this wasn’t you didn’t sit down thinking about a name for for a year or maybe you did but that wasn’t what you landed with you landed with you know cajun ninja which is perfect it’s perfect for what you do and and the pie yeah yeah not pia y’all which is what i said when he came in and i’m like i knew it was paella why did i because i watch his videos so man comes so prepared i know it first thing he throws away i’m surprised you didn’t walk out the door i’ve been p.i many times so one of the first ones good deal good deal well we’re going to get kind of into this next segment and i do want to mention it’s brought to you by sandra ricard that sandra richard is a commercial realtor here locally and uh she wanted me to tell you mr cage and ninja two things one she went fishing the other day and she wanted to thank you for sharing that video because it got like 75 000 views on it i don’t know if you remember that but she did a fishing video the other day that you you shared she was on a uh something with fish she was on like a commercial fishing trip or something and oh anyway man she’s an awesome woman right commercial realtor and she said when you can’t stand it you got so much of this stuff and you’re looking for a commercial building to expand she got you covered all right all right there you go he’s gonna look you up miss that in the back pocket first video you did which was gumbo i’m gonna tell you a quick story you may well i know you don’t know it but uh another friend of this show is woody over tim real life for a crime we talked about him earlier and what he you know a lot of you people out there know him he just signed with i heart radio big true crime podcaster um woody when i told him you were coming on the show said you’re kidding i know that dude i said you do he said let me tell you a story so what he tells me that he is quite the cook as well and he said i had a gumbo recipe jim i’ve used for 20 years and he said i kind of want to try something different just one you know it was like the same one over and over it’s good but i wanted something different so he called his mother and he said um you got a gumbo recipe maybe that’s different than the one i’ve always used i want to try something different she said here’s what you need to do woody everton you need to go to youtube and you need to youtube this guy called the cajun ninja and he’s got a recipe on there that you need to try where his mind his mother did 85 years old well i am humble yes so what he said i did just what mama said went to uh youtube and checked it out and he said jim i’m telling you i made that recipe it’s the best gumbo i’ve ever made and i’ve made it about four times now so wow y’all are already friends they met each other yeah well that’s that’s really cool man you know look i i tell people time i don’t consider anything i do the best by any means um i think food is subjective you know we all have a preference um but to hear someone say that is obviously uh super humbling and that his mom you know uh you know decided to talk about me to him yeah i’ll take that in high regards because you know to me ages wisdom so anytime i’m compared to a grandma or grandma’s uh referencing me i will take that that is awesome it was woody everton mom approved well shout out to willie overton’s mom yes indeed fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

so on that first video uh which was gumbo um it went viral and when we say went viral what does that what does that mean over a million views i don’t know what would really constitute as viral anymore or that defines viral i guess i guess if you hit a million right that would that would seem pretty viral yeah um you know um but yeah like currently that video sits at like 45 million views and it’s been shared i think over 500 000 times you know across the many different ones because you know beautiful put it out there a few different times every year i try to repost it again um around uh you know the year that it debuted was october 17 2016. and it’s crazy because like i call it the infamous gumbo and the reason why i say infamous is because there were many people who tried and loved it and had confidence but there were many people who hated it too because gumbo is one of those controversial dishes that your mama has a recipe your aunt has a recipe your grandpa that’s not how you do it you got to put this you got to put that you know so there was a lot of hate in the beginning uh everybody’s got their different spin on it it’s kind of like boiling crawfish look some people say pour the salt in there some people say don’t pour the salt it don’t work uh to me the the end result does it taste good yeah well i’m down yeah for sure and look i’ve learned there is no right way to do it at all because if there was a right way to do it then there would be no need for the gumbo cook-off that’s right you know that’s right the reason why we have a cook-off is to see who’s the best on that day according to this group of people yes you know and then the next year we do it again and that’s why there’s always a new winner because that day we got a new lineup of people and what their taste is is you know whoever they thought the best was that day that’s right and that’s how that’s right and keep it positive yeah you know it’s uh everybody’s got their own spin and i’ll give you an example of one of your videos that worked for me and and uh really put a new spin on the way i do things i think i make one of the best chili’s ever known to man on the history of the earth right on it me and my wife i don’t know if anybody else thinks that but we definitely do but but i was watching your video on chili and i’m watching it and i’m like i might could take the cajun ninja on this so i’m watching it through and through and i’m like hey he does pretty much the same stuff i do we’re looking at it and all of a sudden you pull out the the ace of spades or something man you pull out chocolate and you say it can’t be sweet no no don’t put no sugar no you want unsweetened chocolate but you dropped two things of chocolate you know what i did i hit pause first i hit pause i’m like oh he done did it now i hit pause i went in there i told my wife i said check this out next time i make chili i’m putting unsweetened chocolate in it she looked at me and she goes ooh

i said i’m telling you i never thought of that but um i haven’t done it yet but i plan on doing it and i will let you know but you know everything’s better with chocolate let’s be honest sweet or not yeah like i love chocolate like big time and i’ll tell you man there’s been a few people quite a few people who have tried it already since i’ve put it out there and um they’ll tell you like when you tasted before it’s good but something about it the chocolate does something where it enhances it’s like it enhances the chili powder the cumin the things that really make a chili chili yeah um and it’s really good yeah i’ll tell you what i’ll put chocolate in chicken noodle soup you know man yeah i mean maybe i need to make a video chocolate in there you want a video to go viral put chocolate in your chicken indeed those are the things you’re going to get out of watching these videos is you know just a new spin on something maybe it or maybe he’s doing it the same way you did it uh but you you got to watch and check it out i’m telling you but what makes uh the cajun ninja so amazing is the entertainment that goes along with what you do and i want to want to kind of bring that up in segment three and that’s brought to you by root home inspection sean root he does mold inspections pool inspections online reporting and he will inspect commercial buildings so when you get that commercial building with all this stuff in there sean rooney to come inspect it for you how about that so you’re off and running right you’re you’re turning out fat videos faster than bruce lee can throw round kicks that’s pretty fast i like that don’t you bruce lee and yeah that’s fast yeah kicking like bruce lee is pretty fast one inch punch right in the chair anyway that’s a that’s a whole nother video uh so you’re turning them out and uh you develop a kind of like i don’t want to call it a stick because it’s you right but uh and it’s not a gimmick and sometimes when i think of schtick i think a gimmick it’s not a gimmick this is who this man is um but it’s excellent things to make all your episodes entertaining one of them that i’ll mention right off the bat that i have interviewed some people since you was coming on the show i went to friends and i said what’s your favorite thing about the cajun ninja you know because it’s good to see what your fans really take to and uh everybody loves a karate chop yes they love it you hit that thing and and uh and do some i guess some camera magic and boom there it goes and you dyson you dyed some vegetables all over the place what made you think of that what do you mean camera magic

people always say like how do you chop your vegetables because they always look so pretty and i’ll send them a picture of this right here if you have this weapon no man it’s kind of funny because like i tell people a lot you know sometimes i wish i’d have thought of something a little easier um because yeah that’s that scene takes probably almost an hour you know i feel you’re playing such a crazy little scene right but like everything has to be aligned perfectly and then i’m trying to make it as realistic as possible with a a camera in hand you know so um when you do that um you gotta come back to it and understand where the cropping is you know so to be lined up good on that but um yeah i don’t know man i like i think whenever i was doing that second little video i just i just thought it’d be cool to do that you know i think i like camera trickery and uh you know things that kind of catch you off guard and uh um i threw it in there and people seemed to love it so i was like well i’m gonna keep doing every time and like you said it it ended up being my my stick yeah and uh or my niche however that’s a better word for it yeah stick is just hard to say you know yeah yeah it really is try to spell it i feel like you air this and i’m like it’s going to be my and it’s just going to be my people because i just didn’t say it right right but uh yeah no so my niche and um yeah it has really stuck out with all ages i love when like parents send me their kids trying like they full-on believe they can do it oh yeah and they nail that onion and it just rolls off the table and they’re so deflated but it’s fun

b.j pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your am wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

oh it really is it’s it’s great and of course i mentioned to you earlier my favorite part is when he grabs the pots and says oh uh it’s time to get shop pot hit it up yes my favorite part i went around the house saying that and everybody looks at me i’ve got three kids too so yeah a little bit older than yours i got 16 year old twins 18 year old son but it don’t matter i still tell them heat it up that’s it man you know the beauty of that line to me is is it’s it’s time you know like and i think that’s why people like it and i even put it right here in the back of the can get your potty up you know and i had you know a lot of thoughts on my hand of my head of like should i make it cajun and you know uh you know put like getcha or something like that but i thought you know that’s kind of how i say it when i started so i just fully pronunciated and that way if somebody in delaware ends up with this can they’re going to understand what that means that’s right that’s right get your pie heated up and um yeah i love that line because it’s like all right it’s time to start cooking love it and then my my other line that i like is of course anytime you’re dealing with the ninja it’s got to be crack-a-lacking right got to be crackling crack-lacking in this podcast today and you get it crack-a-lacking everywhere else and uh you even got t-shirts say cracker-like that’s right i don’t think i ain’t gonna order one you know like it was so cool when i was designing it it just like it was this amazing light bulb as i was writing it out like like cracker lacking the l just fit right perfect in the middle yeah and i said i’m gonna put the state of louisiana yes you know and it says let’s get crack-a-lacking you know like 100 man you uh you definitely have a talent for all of that stuff and the numbers kind of show that that’s a great thing about what we do as creators is we know if we if we’re really giving the people something they want to hear because they’ll tell us by not watching or watching and your success has just been phenomenal uh you said it was your second video you came out with the wow man yeah yeah yeah yeah well i said pie on the first one but all i did was throw the trinity in the pot and then the second one i chopped the vegetable yeah yeah just great moves all around you’ve really made made the right moves at the right time and i think it’s just who you are wasn’t designed to you know gain followers per se it’s just hey man this would be funny and and you do it and just took excellent work uh so you mentioned garyvee earlier which uh we talked a little bit off-camera and he’s a pretty successful content creator i’m sure everybody knows garyvee out there uh he he has a following like no other but he has a he has a motto and you mentioned this in your question here i think it spoke volumes about who you are you said uh or he said chase happiness not money my question is how much did that resonate with you huge man um you know like especially now that i’ve i’ve grown what i’ve grown now through happiness um that i’ve understood you know if you work hard at something that you just passionate about the work will come a lot easier and then when it does blossom into something that can be financial that can you know provide for your family you you’re you’re kind of you’re kind of set really like i mean um you know um as long as it’s enough that like you said they can that can cover your needs you’re set you every day when you get up you’re doing something you truly love yes you know and i know what i know what it means to get up and go to a place where i’m not necessarily happy or not wanting to do something i really care for but i have to because i’m committed to the things that i have my mortgage my car my kids schooling you know and uh and a lot of people are in those places you know and it’s not easy to just jump into something like i did you know i was fortunate enough that i was kind of smart with my money and saved a lot of it and then uh when i had that next layoff i was able to just you know do what i did but um yeah for sure man um chasing happiness for sure like i mean even as this grew and blossomed that first year i wasn’t putting out like all kind of crazy amounts of merch or anything like that or constantly trying to get more followers like you know you never really hear me say make sure you like and subscribe you know i don’t really say that you know not if anybody does that’s fine you know but like for me it was like i’m just going to do what i love if they they want to subscribe they want to be part of it great if not i just keep doing that you know um because i’m not trying to chase numbers you know i’m happy to talk two to one versus having to keep up with one million yes you know and i’ll tell you yes and and i’ll say this as well as a caveat as an addition to that if you’re doing what you love and you’re genuine those followers will come just because you are who you are right i want to mention the top five videos you have posted on youtube i did a little research went and looked at the numbers in case people because i know what’s going to happen some people are going to hear this and they’re like yeah i’ve heard of the cajun ninja but i’ve never watched your stuff so here’s some favorites up you know according to the youtube numbers anyway your chicken and sausage gumbo in hd uh almost 700 000 on that on the views on that one crawfish boil uh 373 000 crawfish etouffee 371 thousands motherboard chop at 365 and hamburger steak at 329. so that’s your top five but uh it kind of in order as far as what you have currently posted on your on your youtube that i can find yeah and that order would probably be different on facebook yeah because i know for a fact the one not in hd yeah is way more popular oh yeah which is crazy because earlier we were talking about how like sometimes just simple stuff right yeah that video was done on snapchat low quality no music no no i don’t even show my face on camera like you know and and that video is it’s crazy it has seen has seen them by the most people yeah so the more to that story is you don’t have to have a million dollars worth of equipment to now um i know that you know i’m sitting here with sm7bs and and i’m googling joe rogan and his equipment and i want to copy it and we got the same stands by the way i’m not gonna lie he’s a pretty badass can i say about it yes you can absolutely say that thank you very much and uh and anybody get it you mentioned facebook and and uh you know does it ever boggle your mind that over one million people are on your facebook page oh yeah that’s i mean that’s just sit back and think about it well like the way i put it in perspective uh which for a lot of people you know uh could could definitely you know fathom this is if you’ve ever sat in tiger stadium and looked around you’re looking at a hundred thousand people and like that’s that is substantial amount of people when you look around and you multiply that times ten you know like like that’s how many people like know who you are it that that can be overwhelming and took an interest in what you were saying yeah yeah and look you know i i always try to stay in the mindset of like be humble you know be grateful um because um at the end of the day to me like i i i get to be on this this stage but they following this stage they walking up to this stage they’re allowing me to perform for them yeah um so that’s why i don’t always say like they follow me you know they follow you if you ever listen to me talk i’ll usually say like thank you for following my platform you know thank you for following the place i’m allowed to do this you know um that you’ve given me this opportunity yeah you know but yeah like to to really put that in a whole perspective um it’s it’s wild you know and i think you know it doesn’t really register until like you know when we were like in tennessee and we were getting recognized there and i’ve been you know recognized in ohio and uh galveston texas crazy yeah that’s weird you know because i don’t know like i still have the mentality that we just saw the same people like uh uh at at the end of the day we’re all on the same stage this morning you and i got out put our put our feet on the same ground 100 so there’s no reason for me to think that anybody’s looking up at me that’s right and look if i ever need a good humble and i just go home the wife will humble me she’s like look here youtube star go there and wash them dishes and i’m like yes man no problem just who i am yeah and and what a blessing for both of us you you know and i would never compare myself to your your followership that you have but we’re both very blessed to be able to do this right right that is the comparison yes it does the numbers is is irrelevant yeah the comparison is the blessing yeah you know so yeah for sure 100 do you want to mention you include your you know a lot of your videos you’ll have your kids in there i’ll mention one in particular and it was when you received the silver play button from youtube and for people out there that are like dude what what’s a silver play look in a creator’s mind that’s a that’s a huge honor um you have to get over 100 000 subscribers to qualify for that there’s even a gold one above that uh for the buttons but when you got that you did kind of an unboxing i guess you could say of that on live on youtube and your kids were there your wife and you did this nice little thing but you include the family in some of your videos and and i think that’s pretty awesome too so even the young ones are learning early you got a bunch of creators coming up yeah crazy ninja babies and look i uh i i have them part of it here and there but i i i don’t want it to be to the point where i’m uh you know it’s fixated on let’s create content with y’all yes i still want them to just continue to live a normal kid’s life which i don’t know really what that is anymore we’re always evolving but but you know um yeah every once in a while they do want to do some stuff so we have created a few things but i don’t make it a point to to make sure that we do doing videos constantly but yeah yeah if i can include them i definitely will because um i think my success is ultimately um a part of my entire family not just me video and what i do you know very very well put and true and now we’re gonna get get to uh this stuff right here the seasoning of all seasonings and this is we’re gonna call this segment four it’s brought to you by rhino electric they handle all of your electrical needs whether it’s commercial or new residential so give them a call because they can charge all your electrical needs without shocking your wallet how you like that that is a nice catch good one i love it yeah i love mark yeah so check them out uh so let’s talk paella seasoning um and i talked to you about this a little off camera but one of the ways that i discovered the cajun ninja was he’s very good with listing you know doing a little video or picture of where he’s at putting it on facebook putting it on instagram and i follow carter’s grocery store which y’all heard me talk about carter’s many times loved that place uh and he was at carter’s and he took a picture of him stocking shelves or whatever and and uh i said wow man that that’s a pretty cool name cajun ninja what does that do do and i i love seasoning so i saw that and i’m like maybe i need to check that out then i saw the next day you were at oak point and uh and took a picture and that’s kind of how i discovered you but you’re known for that seasoning and i guess my question to you would be how would you describe it because you go to the you know you go to the racks and they got 20 different seasonings sitting there what’s what’s what do you what’s different about you yeah stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

you know so for uh for mine it was something i worked on for a good year and a half in my kitchen you know just like i told you all the time it was like breaking bad a seasoning you know like i was just i was measuring grams and uh you know had all all mapped out added together then i’d have to you know send it off to the people who i get to manufacture it they’d send me their mass production sample of what it would be like in the can yeah have to cook with that nope that wasn’t it have to do it again um and you know ultimately i settled on a blend that i thought would have you know good spice good hints of garlic you know and uh you know a blend of other flavors uh with enough salt to have flavor but you know not so much that you know if you if you start pouring it in it gets overly salted right you know so um you know i knew i probably couldn’t win the salt game and seasonings you know with the ones that are out there sure but i i could probably stand apart with with good good kick yeah you know and that’s what i think i think it’s got good kick when you taste it raw you know the spice will hit you but the amount that it’s balanced at when you cook with it it’s not so overbearing or overpowerful so yeah i’m very happy with it um i would tell people time though like is it the the best seasoning you’ll ever try look that’s always gonna be somebody’s opinion on on what’s good and what’s not yeah um you know but when people say hi well how do you compare to somebody else you have to try to tell me you know i can’t tell you yeah guys go out and get you some right now you know like i’m not that guy i refuse to be that guy um like i said i’m happy with it i cook with it i love it and um you know if you want to give a try it’s out there i noticed on your videos and this is this is how good a dude you are because i don’t know if i would do this i’m like man i’m feeling really inadequate now but he’ll put he’ll you know he’ll say two tablespoons of paella and then or your favorite cajun yes and that’s that’s pretty awesome man because most people wouldn’t do that considering they had their own season they’d just be like oh if you don’t use spider it ain’t gonna work right yeah right yeah look i you know and i i guess yeah i could have went that direction right like oh this is what you got to use you know but i mean that’s not that’s not me and it’s not true yeah you know it’s just not true and i believe in truth and logic you know i think if you’re gonna if you’re gonna take on any debate or any argument as long as you’re using truth and logic you’ll probably be in a good place and um you know so that’s what i think and then i’m able to kind of like maybe nudge off some of the haters who would chime in and say well i don’t like i like this that you know because i’ve already said you know i feel like i kind of ate mild it you know like eminem you know i just went ahead and told you yeah go ahead and use what you love yeah you know like you don’t have to use mine you use what you love if you’ve got something that works and that makes you happy then that’s what you should do yeah always but here’s another option yeah you give people another option and let me tell you um good stuff good stuff i’ll say it it’s good now um people are gonna wonder they’re gonna say man where can i get that stuff we’re based out of livingston parish and of course i’ll tell you here you can get it at carter’s grocery store you can get it at no point uh are you in um jubin over there on jubin i’m drawing if i am i’m not sure only reason why i say that is because i was doing a lot of my own distributing but then when i got in with uh happy city they started distributing to people in louisiana so there aren’t it are it is in places now that i’m i’m unaware of but i mean i know in the baton rouge area it’s in it’s in every rouses um that’s what i was trying to i mean all 65 houses i think it is and uh yeah we got one right down the road yeah you must be in that one yeah rouses has been great man you know they they they uh they’ve sold quite a bit of it you know thankfully to the public you know um also in uh ralph’s uh ralph’s market yep so uh carter’s rouse oak point uh hubbins um benedettos and you know what i love about all those names you’re spitting out all of those are local grocers bonings that’s another one yeah yeah and and so that kind of fits in with my show and and uh and love all those folks and and so check that out if you go into a place if it’s okay if i say this if you go to a place and they don’t have it ask them for it sure you know and uh and maybe shoot uh shoot the cage and ninja a message on facebook say hey i live in you know timbuktu and we ain’t got none of that season in here and i want something yeah look at my yard over there people hit me up uh and say well when are you gonna get it here and it’s like you you could help me with that you know uh maybe go to that store find out who it is tell them to contact me yeah and we’ll make it happen because yeah i ship i actually i cover uh max fresh market i i mean i distribute my own product to them by just shipping it to them uh and i ship directly to their stores and it’s in alexandria uh pineville it’s in monroe it’s in four different ones in arkansas so um yeah i i’ll put the work in and get it if you want it yeah make it happen and i saw you put a post on uh facebook and you said hey where do you want me to go next and i i threw up tennessee i think tennessee is a great place to get there for sure i got some hookups in tennessee oh let me know and we’ll see what i can do for you it’s more natural than just about any of the ones i mean i know there’s others out there but it’s a it’s pretty much uh would you saying all natural so so here’s the thing i technically cannot say all natural because the place i get it manufactured does a wide variety of things and you know they they have you know products that are probably preservatives and what have you that are technically considered all natural but are obviously safe in moderation but the ingredients that are in mine are natural ingredients only even my anti-caking agent is a rice concentrate yes so um you know if you look at the greens it’s all stuff you can pronounce very good yeah that’ll tell you right there it’s probably probably more natural than not so we’ll say 99.9 percent but the only reason why i can is because they do other things in the facility and like the little bit of particles that might have been left over could be in you know yeah so i don’t put all natural if i if i had my own facility and manufactured my own thing only mine then i could say it yes yes perfect

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we’re going to move into segment five and that’s brought to you by performance tire and auto go see ben morrison the team at performance free flat tire repairs and free rotations with every oil change full service repair facility tires ac diagnostics man they do it all they do it all so go see uh ben morris and those folks at performance iron automotive located right here in denham springs now it’s important to mention you got branded merchandise yeah yeah we talked about t-shirts i have stuff over at you know it’s cause people ask for it you know so i made it uh hats and uh um you know i got my spongebob you know i call it sometimes i call it seen that earlier yeah yeah yeah i saw that on your last episode yes and people love it man it’s a great stocking stuffer so this time of year it sells pretty heavily but uh you know it’s made of bamboo so it’s light um bamboo doesn’t hold bacteria um you know it’s you know better with heat handles heat better and uh the way it’s designed it has a little bit almost kind of like a flatter top big curve on one side small curve in the other so it can handle big curved pots small kerf pans yeah and make a roux very good very good and i was watching an episode and actually you taught me something on that one you were doing the diced vegetables and look the thing i can’t stand about that is it takes so long right it’s like a half hour at least you got to let them things saute in there it just is what it is i can’t speed up time i’m impatient whatever so um so you’re doing all that and you mentioned to pour something in that pot to kind of get that keep it from sticking on the bottom yeah so uh you know as you’re doing that you know you know if you’re not taught this and you’re trying to get your vegetables off and you see all that stuff building in the bottom people think i got like i’m burning it give me a brillo pad yeah just add a little bit of water it’ll break up and you can keep cooking your vegetables down and all that water will evaporate because people are afraid to do that because they think it’s going to be a soggy or it’s going to get bland you know and uh but you’re continuing to cook in a pan that’s uncovered so the water will evaporate yeah and it works and it breaks it up and it adds nice color to your vegetables and fantastic great little technique and what made me think of that was you mentioned that spoon chiller and i believe you were using that at that point in time so you can get that on his website and i’m going to link that to this video as well and that merchandise these are attractive looking t-shirts and i’m sure you got hats on there and this one right here actually i really love this one man you know it’s very patriotic yeah louisiana is the only state uh where the word has usa running right in the middle no another no other state has that you know so uh yeah so it’s louisiana put the state as the l and then uh the u s a red white and blue yes love it and it’s great that we have a state that’s a letter right so you can use it as a letter i mean if we’re in mississippi we’d be in a vine but yeah with uh louisiana you can use it you know well it’s on this side but i i usually have a logo of the state above this yeah with a heart on livingston parish because that’s uh where we’re based out of we brought up holidays it’s christmas well let’s thank let’s not forget about thanksgiving folks which um which often gets overlooked because everybody loves christmas time but this is a great time for you because i was sitting there thinking today and and when i’m not thinking about me i’m thinking about you mr ninja and your business and i was thinking it’d be great if he did like a series just based around holiday food right stuff that you can cook for example we were talking about earlier with the one you just released uh with the crawfish uh you know that’s something i’m gonna make as a side dish now and i may not have thought of that had you not dropped that video but i’d love to see you do some drops on some side dishes that you can do that maybe people don’t normally think of when they think of holidays yeah well you know this time of year that’s often what i do is either resurface stuff that i have that’s geared towards that or i’ll recreate one or you know put another you know touch on one yeah i mean i got my bake mac and cheese i’m gonna get out there i’ve got my dirty rice i’m gonna get out there i just reposted my fried turkey and uh so uh yeah and believe me those crossed my mind yeah yeah excellent so look for look for those coming out uh and i’ve mentioned this a couple times but i’m linking his youtube to the to this page so go give him a like and uh and follow him he’s not gonna actually do that but i’m gonna tell you dude do it for me and you’ll love it trust me you’ll thank me for it later um i’m gonna digress a little bit just mention one thing that i didn’t mention earlier now you were in a band in your 20s yeah man yeah i was actually in a local cover band called dolly parton oh i love it yeah we we kind of spelt it like dalai lama and the word pardon like pardon me um yeah we played cover music man that so that was like my first real time in my life where i was performing and uh it was a great time you know i loved it we played 90s music and uh great era yeah 80s and 90s are my my genre for music that’s where it just peaked yeah yeah yeah 2000’s everything went downhill like i mean you said it nothing yeah that’s right well and that probably prepared you for being comfortable like on a stage in front of people you know we sit behind cameras a lot of times and and uh at least i have the benefit of having someone across from me but a lot of times it’s you and and we were talking earlier about the fact that you don’t have to have a million dollars worth of equipment i don’t know what you started with what you’re filming with now but it could just be a is it a cell phone that’s all i’ve ever filmed with there you go cell phone as a matter of fact i was i’ve been so like uh you know i don’t want to say cheap but i guess cheap with it for the longest time that i would use like my paper towel holder as my uh

right on my counter and getting held up by my paper towel holder you know because i was so lazy just to go find a i didn’t think they made one for the phone then i finally started looking i was like oh wow you can get a tripod for the phone so yeah that’s all i’ve ever used and uh it works man i mean my editing app i mean i literally sit in my bed at night in my drawers and just edit the video like it’s the world we live in like how lucky am i you know like uh you know i mean look there’s real work in this right we talked about this 100 there’s a lot of real work i mean i don’t take a day off from this every day i do i check all the messages i reply to the comments i reply i reply to the inbox you know those are the things that that that gets you to where you know yeah yeah you know and and that’s where like uh you know when people say like oh man you’re so lucky or you know uh but yeah but it’s not a real job you know i’m like when you get off of work every day do you want to answer messages all day long do you want to answer the same question of where you get that pot you know like yeah you know because like you have to have in your mind you can’t get frustrated because the 30th person today may be asking the same question because to them that’s the first time they said it first time so you need to embrace them with the same empathy of yeah sure this is where you can get it you know and not everybody has that want to do that so you know those are things you got to keep in mind when it comes to this kind of stuff the work of this is unconventional to probably the normal nine to five but it is constant real work especially mentally you know and physically i know that in my case it takes between eight and 12 hours to produce one episode of local leaders um from the from the pre-meetings to the editing to putting it out and then you know you got to promote it i mean you got to show hey i just dropped this on youtube and all of that stuff and of course we released one thing i may not have mentioned to you but we release this in audio form as well on spotify iheartradio and all that stuff so you get video and audio versions of our podcast and uh and that takes a little work and we’re not complaining neither one of us but yeah but uh yeah i hear that too you’ve retired i’m like

tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast man i uh i want to go over these fun facts and then i’m gonna let you roll uh but we had some fun facts and i loved this first one i said if you purchase a yacht what would you name me you said i ain’t purchasing though yeah yeah i ain’t purchasing that so i could tell you and yeah he wouldn’t even get a cell phone holder he ain’t getting a yacht i don’t need a yacht man you know i’ll take a bass boat you know yeah there you go but i don’t know if i put this on there but i think at the time i was thinking to myself if i bought a yacht i would name it bad decision

so if you could have any super power what would it be another thing that speaks uh for you ability to heal others yeah yeah man you know um i think that like it that would be the greatest superpower you know to to you know take on somebody’s challenge of of who’s going through pain or a disease or ailment and and and just heal them just to be able to heal somebody you know like uh i mean ultimately when we think of a superhero we think of someone who saves lives right like why wouldn’t that be the one you know like to fly or be strong is is cool but if you really want to save a lot of lives you know to have that that power of healing others man that would be amazing yeah yeah i couldn’t i couldn’t agree more on that and and anywhere in the world that you could travel you and i share this i i picked the same place iceland yeah yeah it is amazing uh you know i think it’s it’s it’s not thought of because of the name iceland you think uh coal yeah yeah are just like you’re thinking of like the antarctic but no it is a very pretty area yeah it would be it would be amazing to see that area and hopefully i i i checked that one off one day have you ever been to alaska no i haven’t but i i’ve heard of like the alaskan cruise and i’d love to take one done it with my wife and i’m gonna tell you look i’m like you south louisiana boy uh i went on my first cruise was to alaska and i’m telling you it was unreal people from south louisiana we never seen something like this it’s like being inside a painting it’s just unbelievable eagles fly around like crows wow uh just uh just crazy man but uh but so check that out too alaska in iceland i’d love to yeah so man thank i can’t thank you enough for coming on look for those of you that we didn’t know each other i was a fan uh washed the show really enjoyed what he was doing and uh and so reach out and you you know you didn’t hesitate you said yeah ma’am when and where and uh here we are and i can’t thank you enough i really appreciate it i i find you to be just an interesting person all around well i appreciate that thank you for having me man i mean you know uh you reaching out is a big deal you know um uh if i have the time i try to fit these things in because they’re cool you know you get a moment to just sit down and chat with somebody yeah and if there’s anything i love to do is talk we got that in common i talk so much that like i’ll say this often like when i do get to meet people in public who like know me from the page and they’re excited and they’re like so pumped yeah like i end up like talking myself to where they’re finding like all right it was nice meeting you

they kind of walked like yeah that guy wouldn’t shut up you know so i know that feeling my wife does that to me sometimes all right jim i’m going to bed all right but i appreciate it again um anything any anything you need from the lp man you let me know and uh we got we got a crew over here and we can uh we can definitely take care of you and uh and get you out there but i’m gonna link everything in the uh description of this episode for uh your website and all that sort of stuff you youtube he’s not gonna ask you but give him a like and a follow if you’d like to and uh and let’s support all of our local creators in louisiana this is a hotbed for it believe it or not you’d be surprised well you may not be surprised people would be surprised how many podcasters come out of louisiana how many successful podcasters come out of this state from every bit of genre from business to true crime to cooking to you name it so oh yeah i don’t know what it is i think we’re just friendly people man well we’re a fascinating part of the country man i i like to tell people i feel like we’re the ireland of the uh usa man yeah we we love to sing and dance and drink and yes i was gonna say dream bigger yeah yeah you know so yeah we are very interesting part of the country and i think people are fascinated by that 100 and i do want to thank my sponsors uh for this show all my live sponsors all my sponsors that support me every week i appreciate and love all of you uh and thank you for allowing me to continue to do this and spread the great things about local business to people all over the state of louisiana and beyond that even uh once again i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading thank you very much

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