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Chase Tyler has done it all. At the young age of 16, Chase made his way to Branson, MO, Then Nashville, and eventually ended up where he always wanted to be…Home. In this 139th edition of Local Leaders: The Podcast, host Jim Chapman sits down with this 2-time Louisiana Music Hall of Fame inductee to discuss his long and winding road in the music industry and discovers that the man behind the microphone is as genuine as his music and you will too!

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denham springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast all right so welcome back to another edition of local leaders of the podcast and today we have chase tyler in studio chase how are you i’m doing well jim thank you for having me i love it man i’ve uh i’ve been to a mini concert with chase tyler uh headlining and and uh also doing some openings for some other folks and you rock it man uh every time you’re on stage we have fun i don’t know about rocking it but no doubt about it and what i love about you is you’re a livingston parents guy right yeah i’m born and raised right here in denham springs yes yes very proud of that fact i’m very proud of it as well and you uh people may notice that i have a denim springs uh outfit on today and uh denim springs congratulations you made the playoffs and you won the first round against zachary killing it yeah he’s done awesome things with that team yeah he’s intense big old dude dude he’s huge yes he’s so he’s such a nice guy though he’s a big teddy bear yeah i see him shakes my hand gives me a hug he’s just an awesome guy he really is 100 so shout out to coach beard and i’m thinking if he’s coaching me i’m doing whatever he tells me absolutely yeah i ain’t jumping off sides glad he’s on my side is all i know today yeah exactly you don’t want to meet him in a dark alley anywhere for sure that’s right that’s right so you’re from the lp which we’re all very proud of we love our hometown boys here and uh you didn’t just start singing last year did you no no unfortunately not no i’ve been around for quite some time uh man it’s it’s crazy to think back on you know because things pop up on your facebook you know every morning i get up and kind of look at you know social media stuff and things will pop up be like um 11 years ago you were here i’m like oh man you think about times like that it goes like it’s just insanely quick crazy no i’ve been singing for a very long time uh my mom and dad actually had they were in a band together when i was before i was born or any of that obviously that’s how they met they were playing music okay both sides of my family played music that’s what we did we’re you know we’re just a musical family yeah so um they met and had me and there was just no way that i was ever going to get out without doing something musically yeah you didn’t have a change i didn’t have a chance no it was just in my house and around our family all the time no matter what so it really started from an early age so uh were they singers or were they played instruments my dad so my mom and dad separated obviously and and so my dad went on to form his own band and my mom kept singing just around the house and she’s actually the first one that showed me how to play my first chords on guitar so that’s kind of where it started for me when i was a kid i mean little just the music around and then started playing the guitar i didn’t really it didn’t really take off for me until i was about 16. you know when i was about 16 that’s really when i you know i calmed down i had to make a long story short i had uh major inner ear problems okay so i had a a major surgery the left side i have a lot of prosthetic bone and everything so i lost a lot of hearing on my left side had a big tumor on my ear drum and to make all of that nastiness go away i had surgery so i couldn’t play sports anymore i was big into football basketball the whole nine yards i was kind of a bigger guy growing up yeah you know i was always a little bit taller than everyone so i wanted to do sports by the time i got 16 it they were like there’s no way you get hit the wrong way or you can’t do football and you can’t do any of that oh wow if you get hit the wrong way you’ll go completely death so got all of that out no more sports so i focused on singing and and 16 and on it’s been it’s been music ever since yeah it has and i think it’s worked out well for me anyway yeah i mean look and you you get a crowd out there every time you play uh a lot of people i guess the way i would judge it if i were in your shoes is how many people come back you know absolutely and you have you have a lot of people that go to just about every every concert fans that have been coming out since i mean literally the first day that we started playing music as a band you know this is going back a decade now that that i’ve had this band and we’ve been you know chase tyler incorporated kind of situation so yeah they’re they’re literally people that are from the very first show that i’ve ever seen and and and done that are still coming out to this day and that’s just that’s awesome that’s going to make you feel good fans friends fans family um everybody’s family by the end of the show for sure yeah now you mentioned you know when you were 16 you kind of got real serious with this look when we’re all 12 years old we say i want to be this or that i was going to be a running back for the saints until i realized i was too slow uh too small and all that kind of stuff but you saw it through you kind of always knew this is where you were gonna end up at some point right you know i got fast-tracked very quickly so again at 16 i started singing basically in like some karaoke competitions around the state yeah and and i mean that was kind of you know my parents had played music and all of that so it was always around but my dad my mom and dad were divorced and so it was really difficult going back and forth between them so my real start was karaoke competitions and things like that when i ended up winning a statewide karaoke competition right after i turned 16. wow from then on it was like this is definitely what i’m meant to do this is what i’m going to focus on this blah blah blah a year later fast track to a year later i am uh arrested awesome thrown out of school expelled um the whole nine yards and sounds like a band to me brother that’s the makings of the band right there you know a lot of people don’t know that that’s it was a terrible time i was going down a very dark road from 16 to 17 years old was a very very dark time i was hanging out with the wrong crowd as as you do when you’re 16 so yeah you know you know a lot of people have that same story a lot of people don’t get caught smoking weed in high school and get kicked out for it though like i did and i did it was my fault no one to blame but myself um and it happened but it it it made me realize like i’m i’m headed i i had a choice at that point in my time 17 years old just got expelled from high school not allowed to do anything i mean i’m i’m literally on probation um you know i had to go see the community service i’m picking up trash on the side of the road at this point yeah at 17 years old like i have a choice i can stay this route hang out with the same people do the same thing that i’m doing or i can do this this route and i chose the other path and i moved from from louisiana which is very difficult because i love louisiana absolutely i moved to branson missouri and i got into a show up there you know it’s interesting too chase that that was a point in your life where if it had to happen that was probably a good time for it to happen because you i you almost got scared straight right like you figured out i can lose i did everything and and i did for i mean there was a good three month period right after i was expelled to where i was just i had no clue what am i going to do now right yeah i’m done with school i was i was completely over it at this point i’m 17. i’m not gonna try you know they expelled me for two years so it was two years of wow no you know no school functions whatsoever no dances no football games nothing so you are not allowed on school campus for two years yeah um so that was really difficult mentally to deal with all my friends are going to dances and football games basketball games and i’m just like yeah oh yeah man and you’re at that age you know you’re again my fault i’m not trying to place blame on anybody else yeah mr st pierre who is now uh walker’s friends yeah who’s actually the one who called the cops on me 100 in the right he had every right to do so i was in the wrong but i like to tell that story yeah um so yeah i had to learn quickly it was either going to go one way or the other and and i i just didn’t want to go down that that i have too many friends that you know i’ve seen do that and and get expelled and do drugs and and i just man i wanted better yeah 100 so you do you head off to branson missouri and why why branson so again the um the statewide karaoke competition someone i literally just lucked up somebody was in the crowd and was like hey look you’re great blah blah we we have some friends of ours that own a show in branson missouri we think he would be great for this show and it was literally between the time that i got expelled and didn’t know what to do with my life that i got a call from these producers from this show in branson uh there was a again a three-month period i got expelled i didn’t know what to do three months later the phone rings and it’s like um we want you to come to branson and audition for the stage show yeah i’m like it was just a sign yeah i was like exactly you know i’m at this point i’m working construction and and not knowing what to do with my life and three months later i got the phone call come to branson we want you all auditioning for a stage show that was a no-brainer so i did i went to and i auditioned and got the part come on i got the part and so i was in branson for almost three years i went from different shows with uh so i was in mickey gilly show for a little while you know mo bandy if anybody remembers mo bandy from back in the day um you know just doing stage shows and i did that for almost three years and that to me and what i tell everyone was my college experience yes so that’s where i got my stage experience learning how to work a crowd and entertain and just perform yeah that was a huge huge turning point for me

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you know and i’m glad you mentioned that because one thing that blows me away watching you on stage is your ability to work a crowd man it don’t matter if there’s a hundred people there or a thousand people there chase tyler’s all over the stage you really your energy is uh just something to be admired i remember garth brooks one time uh i went to one of his concerts and he was well known for his ability to be energetic on stage and and an older gentleman when i went and watched him but let me tell you you wouldn’t know it it whether you were the last person way up at the top and we know how many tickets he sells to a concert absolutely they would feel like he was singing right to them he would go to the cheap parts of the you know behind the stage people and and stuff like that and kind of work that crowd but you remind me a lot of that because you run all over the stage you’re jumping up and down and and all this stuff it’s a lot of fun and i and i tell you that music moves you it just does it moves you and it’s not only that jim when i look i made a decision to to go professional i’m going to be a professional musician so that means that no matter how many people or how big the show is or how small the show is anybody that paid a ticket to get in to see me deserves the same show as i would give to a thousand people yeah so it’s it’s it’s i try to do that to everybody whether there’s one or a thousand people there so it’s that’s just how i roll i love it and well it i’ll tell you what it’s it’s impressive and and i’ve been to a lot of concerts and and you’re one of the best at just kind of working a crowd so you cut your teeth there in uh branson and and kind of i would call that earning your stripes in a way in your in your world and so did you ever get to the nashville part of things so after branson after branson the next logical step at this point i am 20 years old right not again uh you know branson was great but my whole you know my whole goal was always to move on and be garth brooks right i’m 20 years old now i’ve got some experience in me i’m gonna go be garth brooks 100 so i moved to nashville that’s the next logical step that’s where everybody goes nashville and nashville was terrible it was god awful terrible yeah and i actually wrote a song about it and it’s called broken road for a reason because uh the my last image of nashville was i got pulled over for uh running a red light and ended up it was seven different violations on my truck so i had no insurance to my my no seatbelt i ran a red light i you know so it was speeding it was a something wrong with my license plate my tent was it was seven different violations that they ended up popping me for wow and it it it caught home when i was on the walk home because they towed my truck i was in nashville and i’m like that’s it you’re done i’ve had enough this is a year into it i’m just like i am starving to death i i’m bartending at logan’s roadhouse to try to make ends meet and it was i’m walking on the side of the road trying to get back to my apartment i called my mom i’m like i’m done yeah this is a year into it i’ve had enough i so i did i came home with my tail between my legs terrible terrible experience yeah i can i you know and and i’ve heard uh how tough it is up there just from up look another i hate to quote garth brooks um again but one thing he said was you could go to nashville and you could walk in any bar in nashville at any given time and he said you probably find someone that sings better than me uh that does you know maybe they look better than me but he said uh what he felt like separated him was that ability to work the crowd and bring energy to what he’s doing uh but there’s a lot of people chase that are amazing street corners that are just they’re that are so good man it’s yeah you take a look around nashville and like exactly what he said you walk down broadway and go what am i doing here you know how in the world am i ever going to break into this madness and i just never did figure it out yeah yeah well don’t feel alone jake i mean there that might be one percent or something absolutely you know it’s it’s insane in that industry in general reminds me a lot of the political industry it’s extremely cutthroat cutthroat it is the music business is just uh you know i think billy joel said it best if the devil was ever going to get into a business he’d get into the music business i love it he is that cutthroat you know yeah billy joel man so let me ask you your your country right you sing country music but are you just a country music fan or are you a fan of all music oh i’m a huge fan of all music there’s there’s nothing that i love more than than um i was raised on skynyrd and southern rock and you know that kind of stuff blues and very eclectic i like all kinds of music and i like the seeing all kind of all kind of music our you know our generally our uh original songs are more country southern rockish but i i love all rap even yeah there’s nothing eminem absolutely it’s a mood thing and music is subjective it just depends on your type of mood or your day that you’re having what you want to listen to or what can put you in that kind of mood 100 percent and i’ll tell you one thing that i’d i’ve noticed even about myself is you know i drive a lot different places and i wouldn’t notice if i didn’t take time turn on the radio sometimes you you just think you’re in the car and you’re thinking about what you got to do but towards the end of the day the day i would notice man i didn’t listen to any music today my mood is different different i pop that music on yes 100 it is a very emotional thing music it is and it just depends on the song you know i mean it it some some songs can put you in a somber mood and other songs you know have the ability to make you happy and joyful so yes it just uh it just depends and they can bring you back to a time right absolutely i can tell you my first kiss i can tell you what song was playing to this day that’s awesome that’s awesome it’s it’s it’s great i don’t know she can but i can’t she probably forgot about it by the way don’t say my name don’t say my name

that’s awesome but i really can i mean there’s there’s and i’m sure everybody’s like that where you hear that song and you’re like man i was 10 years old and i was in yogi bear you know absolutely whatever was that ability it really does what a beautiful thing now at some point you came back home and you formed the chase tyler band yeah so i wasn’t done traveling yet i so from nashville i’m like my biggest thing is i’m going to go back home and start a band right that’s the deal so i did i moved back home i started a band and that didn’t go very well either about a year into it we’re literally doing every daiquiri shop you know around which is great and that’s where you start sure just wasn’t pushing for whatever reason so i got another phone call um from uh some producers for a show in new york oh wow all the world you know it’s like look it’s an off-broadway play we think you’d be perfect for it we saw your it’s all you and branson you know we know your stage performance and all that kind of stuff so like man things aren’t really working out great for me right now you know at this point i’m 21. and i’m just like i’m young let’s let’s let’s go to new york so i did i i went they flew us to new york and i i spent six months um at a theme park as a theater inside of a theme park up there in upstate new york and uh an amazing time experience stage presence the whole the whole nine yards and it was awesome wow and i really really enjoyed my time up there again a learning experience just working crowds and doing the whole thing but it still wasn’t home it wasn’t what i wanted to do i wanted to do my own music my own you know situation in my own state and so i came back to louisiana and kind of got serious about it then you know really really pushed for really good musicians and good songs and things started to turn around a little bit after that um of course after that i met my wife so yes you know she’s she’s definitely uh been my biggest supporter and fan throughout the whole situation so we’ve been together 14 years now and that’s miss lindsey and that is miss lindsay yes yes definitely so um you know with her support and you know everyone support family friends it kind of started to grow kind of started to grow and push push push and um you know it’s interesting how a lady can bring you balance and yes and really almost mature absolutely i agree and i’m speaking of me i’m not saying you but both of us probably yeah absolutely the truth that’s exactly how it works um they kind of ground you a little bit and and uh you know i’ve had a lot of support yeah i’m very very blessed very good so you do you you you meet lindsay you uh you know at some point you decide you’re gonna get serious you’re gonna form a band so what do what do you do at that point do you go say hey who wants to who wants to play with chase tyler basically yes so i you know i had i had a few songs that i had written and a couple of things that i was working on at the time and there was a song that my dad uh wrote and it was called louisiana just louisiana and i’m like man this is really cool so i want to record it so i did so the president of the louisiana music hall of fame heard it loved the songs like maybe you know i get a call from him he’s like man i love your song and this is great i want to put it on a compilation album with some other louisiana artists and and do some stuff i’m like of course yeah absolutely you know please take all i got more yeah well this is louisiana it’s about louise i’m like yeah i get it so so he does he takes the song he puts it on the compilation album with wayne tubes and a lot of other you know all the louisiana artists it was yeah it’s a really really big honor we went to the governor’s mansion and did some shows out there and and i did some shows with the louisiana music hall of fame and in 2011 they inducted me into the future famers category yes and that was still a kind of a newer concept that they were that they were coming up with so i’m i was the fifth member to ever be inducted into the future famers and before me it was hunter hayes wow so another great another great louisiana yeah the whole operate so man i was just i was pumped you know i’m at the state fair and we’re playing at the state fair they come out do this big production bring me this big plaque and everything you’re inducted into the louisiana music hall of fame you know future famous category i’m pumped honestly from then things started to pick up yeah fairs the festivals the you know that kind of stuff started to come calling and it became just a little bit easier to get you know shows yes um with that comes you know just grinding at that point you know we’re just we’re putting the band together we’re working on songs we’re working on albums we’re working on shows and how to improve everything about our look our style and and just moving forward hey ladies it’s pete with idaho lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon a lot of people will look at and they’ll kind of clown some country music artists that uh are mainstream and we don’t have to name any names but they’ll say oh they’re not around the country but what they don’t realize is a lot of these guys and gals are being forced right to have that sort of image they’re great singers great singers and a lot of your artists today they don’t have a choice as to where their music goes they make music and you know the the people that are behind them all their backers and all of their music reps and all they decide what’s really going on yeah the the music today is a lot of there’s a whole different sub world that people don’t realize what goes on behind actual music and the singers that put these these songs out have very little to do with where it goes and how it’s being promoted and that’s just the way it is it’s the people that have the money that back them that that make all the decisions 100 i’ve i’ve talked to to record producers and and i’ve never been offered a recording contract per se um i’ve been offered several contracts to uh for radio promotion and and for other things like that and i’ve turned almost all of them down basically because it’s it’s like we will put you out on the road we’ll do this and we’ll pay for it but we own you kind of a situation yeah like we will take 100 of everything we’ll give you enough money to live on and that’s it you know what i mean yes my i always wanted to grow my own my own brand and not have to do that you know i want to be like i want to i’d look at this point in my life jim it’s it’s like this i don’t want to be garth brooks anymore okay that time for me has come and gone and i am much especially with everything that goes on in the world today with politics and i i don’t want to be a part of that world yeah i want to travel the gulf coast area stay right here in my little sweet spot and play music for what i want to do and that’s it and if i don’t want to go to canada i don’t have to go that’s right answer to anybody to do that you know so i uh you know i’ve kind of worked on that for myself and my band over the past um past few years now fantastic and it’s it’s uh i think you know for what it’s worth i it’s a great decision because you’re right they do man they own you at that point and they are calling the shots and uh you become almost an object it is it and that’s exactly it they’ll give you enough money just to live on and and it then they take everything and and that’s the music industry in a hole and of course they’re they’re always those artists that that fall through the cracks and and become huge success and then they start their own record label and they go i’m gonna make all the shots but you have to have a lot of money to do that yeah and that’s the great way to go about it but i just man with the way thanks are in the world today there’s there’s a lot going on uh that i think it would be best for me to just do my own situation not sign any contracts that i’m not comfortable with and i just want to play music in and around the gulf coast area love it that’s it love it and that is your sweet spot everybody knows you around here loves you now let me ask you i’ve always been intrigued to ask another artist who you would you know who do you think is a great in that industry someone and i know there’s bunch a lot of them but i’ll i’ll tell you in my opinion one of i think one of the greatest artists in music history is prince absolutely just an unbelievable guitarist and an unbelievable singer and an unbelievable stage prize he was literally the the triple threat he sing he played and he wrote almost all of his songs yes it’s insane yeah yeah and when eric clapton when they say what’s it like to be the greatest guitarist ever and he says i don’t know you need to ask prince

coming from eric oh my gosh a lot of people i think a lot of people like are like yeah prince is a great guitar player but they don’t realize how great you know what i mean yeah he really really was in a field you know all of his own he really was he was on a whole another level but yeah the whole package man um that uh halftime performance uh right with purple rain when he start come on that’s amazing are you kidding me you can’t write this stuff it was awesome he was he was an amazing talent yeah i agree missed out you know he was going far too soon as a lot of them really are yeah and uh it’s a it’s a hard life and i would imagine when you’re at that level it’s it’s like a kind of like a michael jackson thing you just uh can’t go out at your house you know i wonder i wonder at that point do you get to where your circle becomes so small because who can you really trust right it’s very hard to do you really legitimately of course you have yes men around you you know 24 7 but who can you really trust and your circle becomes really small and i’m sure that that gets kind of depressing a little bit you know and and i know it’s although you’re adored by millions and millions of people you kind of might be lonely a little bit you know because you can’t just go to walmart or go hang out at a bar with some friends or so you can’t do that anymore so i don’t know you know what the right right uh answer to that is but yeah that’s a shame yeah it really is uh so who would you would you say you know currently currently right now as far as just who is popular and who’s who um is really amazing as an artist a writer a performer everything i think bruno mars has some of that same you know gravitas that prince does 100 i think he’s just such a great entertainer performer um you know he’s got such a good voice and i’ve never i’ve never gotten to see him live so if i’ve just you know we’re busy whenever he’s playing and i can never go to a but um man everything that i see about him or here any songs that he does he does like kind of a throwback with the horns and you know it’s kind of like an old-school funk sound too oh yeah oh and it’s such a such a great performance you know all the videos and everything that he does i just think um i think i would i would really really like to see him live yeah he’s he’s amazing and i saw something on tv with i think it was a tribute to prince and he did some things and also morris day and the time did some oh it was oh man it was great they had the mirror out there and the guy was fixing his hair and doing the spins and i was like man i would have loved to see these guys in their past absolutely can you imagine just uh dancing and you know doing the whole oh yo

yeah that was great man but uh made me think of that when you said that so you’re not the only one people may be surprised that sings in your band you have someone else to say yes tell us about her so listen there’s there’s only good things that can come from hanging out with amber mccann uh you know she’s from south carolina that’s where she was born and and she lived in texas for she grew up in texas and and kind of moved over here about eight years ago to louisiana so she’s an implant but uh one of the sweetest ladies on the face of the earth period and and has the voice to back it up as well yeah absolutely beautiful voice um so yeah she is just amazing we found her um through just mutual friends and it’s a very small network of musicians and and singers and artists in south louisiana and a lot of us know one of someone else in another band who knows someone else in another yes so i was just looking for someone to do a duet with like i’d like to bring in a female for a song at the texas club one time and oh i know amber i know it so we brought amber in and i’m just like after we sang i’m just like look um how about you come on full time let’s just do this you just joined the band and forget anything else you’re doing come on with us full time and and that’s uh that was about two and a half years ago now so um and she’s really elevated us and just her personality and her vocals and her stage presence is so awesome and and she’s such a pleasure to be around yeah yeah and a great singer in her singer she’s amazing yeah and i would imagine that for you is also of benefit it gives you good break in between yeah take a take a sip of water or something you know and and she carries the show without ever slowing down in in any way shape or form and people love the dynamic between us because we do female songs now so it’s not only just male driven now um you know she’ll do eight or ten songs a night in every show and and people we do songs together and people really really love it that’s a great point too yeah you can get that female the female songs out there that people love and she belts him out and does a fantastic job

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now y’all form the band and you you’re rocking them rolling and you’re getting things are kind of moving in the right direction and and uh november 24th 2019 you actually did an amazing thing with the new orleans saints chelsea yeah man so i is our good friend carly mccord yes 100.7 the tiger who passed away so she was there i don’t know what you would call it she would go around and talk to people on the jumbotron you know in in uh in between quarters and things like that so she had an end with the saints and she’s like look i know the people’s email the email these people tell them who you are tell them what you can do and send them a video of you doing the national anthem or whatever so i did did all of that immediately they came back and um yeah we’d love to have you at a game you know and please you know come here be here at this time and nerves 100 you know as soon as you get the email because you get an official letter from the saints and and it’s it’s exactly what you think it would be it’s just big gold envelope willy wonka and the chocolate factory them flashing back to you you know saints i’ve got the golden ticket i got the golden ticket it was it was it was amazing i actually have it framed in my office at home so that’s awesome it’s a really cool thing right yeah so you know you go in you go early and and they have you go into into the dome before really anyone gets in there so it’s like the football players are warming up and everything drew brees is right over there and sean payton’s right over there and everybody’s warming up and they’re like we want you to go you go you have to rehearse you got to go sing the anthem right now like 50 yard line and there’s maybe a hundred people in in the whole stadium right here except for the football players that are all around me at this point you know i’m on the 50-yard line i’m singing the anthem as a warm-up and just trying not to you know drop the microphone or fall down on my face or anything like that so i do it and you know that’s really the most nerve-wracking part is after you do the warm-up because they take you back to this little room and you wait for two hours now we’re gonna sit here wait for two hours and we’ll be back to get you when it’s time and you’re just sitting there you know like oh god i could hear announcements going on you hear people coming in the stadium’s starting to fill up they’ll up fill up and you have two hours to sit in this little room think about what you got to do now so finally the time comes and they’re like okay are you ready and so i i do and of course they have my name on the door it’s all official saints logo all over it now that’s awesome you know anthem singer that’s hung up in my office as well uh but so it’s it’s if you’ve ever if you’ve ever been to a game which you know i know you have it’s it’s build up build up build up as the players are coming out build up build up build up build up build up spotlight on chase tyler boom that’s it that’s right there’s fireworks going off all the players are running out of tunnels and then it is complete silence yeah and it’s like spotlight on you 50 yard line hit it and it is you know you can imagine the nerves yeah and you’re singing the national anthem people get serious when you jack up the national anthem right i’ll never forget it like it was yet i mean it was just complete silence all eyes are on you hit it and i did yeah i did a great job nailed it i never say that kind of stuff but i go back and watch the video knowing how nervous and terrified i was at the time it was it was an awesome performance it really wasn’t i’m gonna tell you what it was it is well known that that is one of the best national anthems ever sung in this in new orleans stadium and uh you know people it kind of thrusts you onto a national stage like no other it really did that video has gotten thousands and thousands of views and i so i i get finished i run off the sideline and i’m walking back down the sideline and i feel this tap and i just turned around and it’s sean payton no idea

so i’m like i’m shaking and he’s like that was one of the best performances that i’ve heard and i’m like you didn’t have to say that yeah i really appreciate it you know shook his hand and it was just it was a really cool experience you know especially to hear that right then it was amazing and not the easiest of songs to sing definitely not the easiest of songs to sing under pressure like that uh the stadium you know to 60 something thousand people that that are you know it’s really hard to hear there’s all kind of echoes going on you know i mean it’s not the best um you know that you can that you can do but i you know i i really enjoy the opportunity yeah and we’re going to link uh in the description in this video that video so people can they’re going to be like man i want to hear it now and scroll down you’re gonna see a link there click it it’ll bring you right to it on youtube and you can check that out yeah it was it was really good

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i actually heard you sing it live uh acapella right there uh in north park at a small event uh during covet and i’m gonna tell you what man my wife turned to me and she said that was amazing i mean you just just got out there and just totally no band no nothing it was just chase tyler and a microphone and you hammered it again and i’m like i should have been filming that it’s nerve-wracking any time i get to do it and it but it’s always an honor i love to do the anthem because it means a lot to me and and what it represents but it is all whether i’m singing it to 60 000 people or 60 it’s just it’s a very hard song to sing for one just the octaves the way that it worked but um it is it’s it’s just it’s an honor it’s always an honor to be asked and since you know since i did it at the uh at the saints game i’ve been asked a gazillion times to do it in other locations and i can’t always do it and i hate that i have to turn some down just to time restraints or whatever but yeah um it’s always an honor it’s always an honor to do it 100 now uh we just mentioned kovit and uh coveted reared its ugly head obviously in march of 2020 and i’m gonna tell you what there is no industry that got hit harder than the entertainment industry right that was uh i could not imagine the day you found out about covet and you found out about all these restrictions and you were like what no bars are open no venues no nothing and i’m sure you had things on the books scheduled yeah so the end of 2019 was probably the best of my career okay to date because that was my second induction right after we did the saints game a week later i was inducted into the louisiana music hall of fame texas club that’s the second induction second induction that was literally my best you know time frame from november to probably early march we were killing it you’re on the road on a roll you could not march 15 14 i think it shut everything down march 14th i cancelled six dates that one day they are calling in left and right and i’m just i you know i have a text message with the band going this canceled you know i’m sorry i’ve taken this off the calendar this canceled sorry by the end of it by the end of march i think we had canceled around 74 dates for that oh my gosh fairs because our job involves a large group of people coming together at one time yes which is the one and first thing that got shut down immediately yeah so all the fairs festivals um casinos uh all the concerts that we had scheduled throughout 2020 was going to be amazing immediately canceled wow um and that was man that was a really really 20 20 was very difficult uh the bigger that you get the harder that you fall unfortunately you know and we we had gotten to the point to where we’ve you know gotten sponsorships now and we have sponsorship people to we’ve promised made promises to these people we can promote you here and here and here and here and now now they understood it’s not anything you know none of them were like oh my god i can’t believe it but yeah there’s nothing that was out of anybody’s realm of vision that anybody could foresee happening you know so um everyone understood and everyone was really nice about it but it was very very difficult there was a lot of um unpaid bills there for sure yeah yeah i mean this is your full-time job chase guys this is the entire band everyone plays music for a living so we’re all just kind of like what do we do now you know and and some of us went out and got other jobs yeah i drove a forklift for a year and a half in a warehouse hoping i have i don’t have any other skills yeah this is like this is it it’s been singing since i was 17 years old yeah so i just like you know some friends of ours we’re lucky enough to be like look and give you a job you know till you can get back on your feet and everything starts coming back and i did i had to take another job and um so did everyone else in the band yeah trying to play an acoustic gig or something outside where you know the government didn’t know about it it was just like we’re gonna hide it over here and just kind of you know secretly tell people it was terrible it was just terrible just awful and and um you know like we said that was your full-time job that was the only thing you did and the problem with all of that even more than the shutdowns themselves was nobody could tell you when it would stop no so it’s like is this going to be nine years of of just no you know six feet and yeah who knows and it just kept going well that’s the thing things would get like the spring festivals and fairs everything like we’re gonna we’re gonna reschedule we’re not canceling we’re gonna reschedule till the fall okay that’s great the fall gets here we’re going to have to cancel that until next year so it just kept going on and we we just kept rebooking some of the same things and and it was um it was just terrible oh yeah no one could tell you an end no one knew and yeah hairdressers and entertainment industry folks really absolutely uh you know hairdressers were doing kind of the same thing they were like i’m cutting hair anyway just come to my house i mean you got to make 11. absolutely at what point do you just have to i have to do what i have to do yeah exactly so tell me about the day you finally found out you can do what you love to do again i mean that day that they said oh live bands are open again so we uh man we’ve been playing there were a few things that we did outside of louisiana to whatever reason um not to get political in any way shape or form because i’m not going to do that but louisiana got hit i think really harder than some other of our surrounding states so we were able to go to mississippi and do some things they were a little bit more lenient on some of their restrictions so there were a couple of concerts that we got to do in mississippi it was um you know a couple of things and it was mainly everything was outdoors right everybody that was the big thing as long as you’re outdoors and as long as it’s less than a thousand people and then they kept making these crazy rules and and uh not going into everything political but there were some some really crazy crazy rules and um so trying to follow the guidelines is and look and some some states and some you know counties and some parishes were more hardcore than others yeah some would go look just come in play we’ll be fine and go on so there were a few um rebellious shows that we were able to put on in secret uh you know that that the government uh probably still doesn’t know about but you know but look when we finally were able to be like okay the mass mandate is up that’s that’s a big one for us um yeah because wearing masks and no one wants to go out into a crowd to try to wear a mask and do that whole social distance thing you can’t you can’t we did several shows to where you couldn’t dance you were allowed to come in but you had to stay seated you couldn’t go to the bar so what’s the point yeah you know at that point it’s like man i just it was it really got insane there for a little while but i really now things have um have changed honestly yeah you know and i hope that it stays that way um i know that we are here in in november and you know it’s almost thanksgiving so 98 of the fairs festivals uh casinos concerts everything that we had scheduled for last year this year that have been moved and moved are now rescheduled again yeah and god willing they’re gonna we’re we’re gonna get there and it’s gonna happen that’s right at this point it’s time i i just don’t see uh anybody stopping life anymore like that i can tell you i mean i didn’t think it would happen the first time yeah like i was like because i’m hearing all these things that are coming down oh they might shut this down like they’ll never come on people gonna put up with them and then they do and i’m like well they’ll never force everybody to wear a mask and then they do so yeah i just don’t you know i don’t know yeah i guess you never say never anymore what’s gonna happen you know it’s uh well you’re you’re back now full force i actually just went to an event over at uh at the mexican restaurant yeah yeah and and it was amazing man that was just flat out fun and i’ll tell you what chase tyler i watch him tearing down after the event look he’s pulling speakers i’m like wait a minute now you’re the lead singer here i’m never one look i don’t mind i don’t mind helping out at all it’s this is this is what i do and and i have a great crew and and team behind me and they understand sometimes i can’t do that sometimes you know if we’re selling merchandise or taking pictures or and that’s part of it but if i have a chance to help i don’t mind helping that’s just that’s you know that’s that’s what i do and you know i don’t mind helping well i’ll tell you you ro you rocked it out on stage and uh i was there with buddy mine woody everton and i’ll tell ya woody overton has an audience right he’s got a and he’s been a big supporter of yours and and uh he’s a chase tyler fan there’s a little overton fan yeah i love that yeah they uh it’s a and it’s a funny story because my uh our friend like carly mccord actually turned me on to woody i had no idea about the podcast and she started talking to him and and listening to him and and she actually got the whole band hooked on you know we’re all riding down the road plus listening to real life real crime talking about it at a certain point so it’s uh it’s kind of funny how small the world is yeah it really is and i actually learned of woody overton from laura goolsby because she was at a my dentist she used to work for my dentist right dr doug and uh so i knew her through that and i saw her post one day y’all got to listen to this or anything you know how her pose oh absolutely so i’m like what is she talking about but i went and i listened to that very first episode that woody put out and i was hooked man i was like wow and and i look back on that now and i’m like how do you know it’s led to a really good friendship absolutely that guy woody’s an amazing guy man he really is and and that’s the thing so you listen for the first one and then you get caught up so i’ve i’ve i’ve been caught up now and i listen to a new one every time it drops but what i’ll do is go back and start over yeah and you know go back through the seasons and now knowing some of the things that i know it’s insane really to listen to some of them again for the third time oh yeah you know it’s like man you catch little things that you didn’t realize yes yeah yeah he’s he’s the best at storytelling there’s no doubt now you’ve opened for some pretty pretty big name bands three doors down leonard skinner sam hunt hank williams jr uh let me ask you have you ever been like almost nervous to meet these folks is there anyone that it was like man i’m gonna actually meet you know hank williams junior person and shake his hand so there there there are there are times that a lot of this happens you know like backstage and it’s very quick you know you understand like hank jr doesn’t have a lot of time to hang out with anybody you know and and rightly so he’s that freaking junior he can do it that’s right he wore a hat that night that said icon so when you that’s awesome you mean it you’ve made it you know i don’t have to do whatever i want to do so a lot of these things are very quick uh with some of the really bigger artists but man uh i tell you what i got to it was really cool that probably still one of the coolest things that i’ve gotten to do is i played golf with tracy lawrence we opened up for tracy lawrence at the texas club and i got to go and really spend the day with him and he and i i’ll tell now because it doesn’t matter this was a couple of years ago we shot gun to beer on the ninth hole at graystone country club yeah and it was just it was one of those moments like tracy lawrence yeah you know shotgun the beer shot got a beer with him and you know we spent the day together and i asked him all kinds of a million questions you know and and of course he had a lot of great insights and and he’s hung out with merle haggard for you know ever and they were good friends back so i asked him all about that but that was just a really cool moment um i still get nervous meeting people you know it’s just especially people that you’ve looked up to for a very long time yeah in in the business and um but i tell you some of the coolest guys joe nichols probably one of the nicest really i’ve ever ever gotten to just hang out and meet and and super super awesome guy um jake owen another awesome nice person do you want to know somebody who wasn’t nice though would love it like the worst chris cagle no kidding very very and i’ll tell anybody and it’s kind of a running joke now but yeah um very very terrible human being and and i’m not going to get into the whole story uh because that’s a whole another hour podcast that i can talk about but very very not a nice guy and i’m going to leave it

and i think he weighs about 400 pounds now and he’s not singing anymore rightly so karma he deserves it i know that might be mean y’all trust me he deserved it no look karma’s you know what it is it is

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podcast i would hear that you were and i know the answer now but you were a two-time hall of fame uh louisiana music hall of fame inductee and originally i’m like wait a minute how the heck can you be a two-time and woody would say the same thing he’s like i don’t know how that happens it just happens so it’s it’s two different categories right they’re both in they’re both in the hall of fame but one is a future famer um so that was you know it was in 2011 and and it’s basically an award that says look we’re going to put you in the hall of fame because we know that you’re going to be a hall of famer louisiana hall of famer we know that you’re working your way towards it so um the second one in 2019 is the legit yeah you’re in your mind you’re in you’ve made it yeah so it’s um yeah i am in there twice and it’s it’s a very cool situation because there’s only four people in the entire history that have ever done that now i say that only because the first category had only just been started so i’m sure back in the day there would have been a lot more yeah um but it’s it’s it’s a cool it’s a very cool thing to do and and i’m very honored to be a part of it well we’re going to get you a country music uh uh uh cowboy hat that says icon on it absolutely yeah you wear that sucker

i loved it man i really thought i’m like that’s cool because when you can get to that point and be like yep he nailed it and him of all people would be the one to do that i just can’t agree feel that about that yeah the glasses the beard the icon i’m like oh yeah

now let me ask you i’m sure you have some dates coming up some things you’d like to maybe provide on that end yes so yeah so this thursday um we’re going to be doing what’s called rocking the row at perkins row yeah kind of like a live after five on thursday night at perkins row um they’ll they’ll uh they’ll set up a big production and everything right out there in the middle uh in the common area right across from the movie theater and um so that’s gonna be this thursday this thursday this coming thursday and we have uh this actually this this coming weekend is off so i like to hunt as well yeah anybody you know our good friend woody does too so everybody else calls it christmas time he calls it hunting season that’s exactly right more power to it i wish i had all that kind of time to do that yeah and so i i’m gonna take some time off to go hunting and um because it’s i don’t get very off that’s the downside when i take off everybody that’s that’s that’s the only thing right generally there’s like two weekends a year where i’m like okay band crew here’s the situation these are the two weekends take vacation around that you know what i mean and just do what you got to do so they do everybody’s planning vacations and stuff like that right now so um the next probably the next uh biggest thing that we’ll we’ll have coming up is uh new year’s eve that’s right around the corner we have a lot of christmas parties and things like that december but new year’s eve will be at the uh crowne plaza uh in baton rouge awesome always a big deal yeah i’ve been there before for uh for their new year’s eve festivities and i think i might look into getting some tickets today they’re gonna be released i think december first they’re going to actually start with the ticket sales on that and it is that is such a fun time yeah i really enjoy that deal over there yeah i remember one year i went to that i don’t remember who was playing but it was a great time and when me and my wife left it was snowing outside the only time it snowed on on new year’s eve yeah man and i was like you couldn’t freaking write this stuff absolutely on new year’s yeah you just never know yeah it was like little flurries my wife has really curly hair so it was like sticking yeah you got snowflakes in your hair new year’s eve i don’t have hair right now i don’t have that problem just bounces off of mine that’s crazy yeah so uh so look for that folks on on new year’s eve at the crown plaza and uh speaking of hunting did you have you hunted with woody yet i have so i i’ve uh been one time over to his place and and i killed a huge hog um he’s got a lot of hog problem over there come kill them all any anytime you want so um yeah i need to get back over there he actually told me at casa you know he’s like man it’s time yeah come on like you’re right and it is so i definitely do want to go back over there he’s got a nice setup out there yeah and them hogs are serious they’ll charge you in a heartbeat they will and they’re they’re so aggressive yeah but yeah it’s a lot of fun i really enjoy hunting awesome man well good deal uh i appreciate you coming on tell us a little bit about your life a little bit about what you got coming up man we are huge supporters of yours and uh and always will be so uh i’m gonna the things chase tyler has talked about today of course i’m gonna link all that in the uh in the description i’ll keep everyone posted on those tickets for uh new year’s eve and when that comes out i’ll shoot something out on facebook and let everybody know you got anything else you want just shoot it to me man i appreciate it look guys and i want to tell everyone right now the best way to support live music and bands in general is to go to their shows yeah you know get out and i know it’s some people are still i don’t want to get out and that’s fine totally support that come out support your your favorite artist doesn’t have to be me just live you know venues in general that helps everybody you know it’s trying to get everything back to normal and we are definitely almost there um things are starting to open back up and and people are starting to come back out and starting to see crowds get bigger and bigger so yeah the best way to support a band or your local venue or artist or anything is just go to their shows yeah go to their shows and and participate get out there and dance absolutely they love that stuff it’s so much fun with you know bands feed off of the crowd and the energy that you give to us we give it back so yes enjoy yourself yeah well thank you again for coming on thank you all you listeners for listening supporting uh local leaders podcast we couldn’t do any of this without the support of all our fans and and all of that good stuff so thank you very much uh until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and local bands and keep leading thank you very much

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