Clay Grant’s Number 1 Recruiters & his Client First Concept in Staffing Businesses

Clay Grant of Number 1 Recruiters Talks COVID-19

In this episode of Local Leaders The Podcast, Jim Chapman sits down with Clay Grant from Number 1 Recruiters to discuss the challenges facing the Staffing Agency industry during Covid-19. What he discovers is that Clay has a small business which provides both an excellent service for clients and potential employees by ensuring they’re matched up well on capability as possible.

Number 1 Recruiters is a staffing agency that takes the time to place job seekers in positions where they are most qualified. Unlike other agencies, Number 1 does not nickel and dime its clients for every placement but rather looks out for their best interests. Clay’s Positive attitude helps him see potential in others who might be overlooked by many larger corporations which can often lead his referrals to find long-term employment with these companies instead of just being a one year placeholder. This makes this episode on Local Leaders: The Podcast must watch because it offers hope to small businesses struggling with finding good employees.

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Podcast Transcript (Beta)

hi this is lori johnson with hancock whitney bank and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast visit for previous episodes or for information on appearing on the show

challenge to running a successful business i almost always get the same answer employees it’s no secret finding good employees can be a daunting task for any business owner my guest for today is a livingston parish resident and owner owner of number one recruiters and he makes his business to assist you in your staffing needs of your business so with that welcome clay grant to local leaders of pockets thank you sir appreciate you letting me be here oh man it’s it’s uh look you’re a new business and we love promoting new businesses around here there’s no doubt about it right here in livingston parish louisiana and uh so today i want to get into all the ways that uh number one recruiters can help business owners find the right employees for their business but first i want to find out a little bit about you now one interesting thing that stood out and i want to get into this right from the beginning is that you ran for congress at one point true story true story so it was in the fifth congressional district in 2012 tell me about that uh what led to your decision to do that i was in the uh i went to the restoring honor rally in washington dc uh something that glenn beck had put on yes and i was in over millions of people there and i just it it overwhelmed me i was i felt compelled when i got back home it is time for me to do something somebody and you know when i talk to different people and they would tell me the same thing they’re like you know why would you want to run and i’m like well if not now when it’s not who you know or if not me then who right so and i was like well let’s go ahead and put our name in the hat and it was it was a it was a an awesome opportunity that i got yeah at the same time as a third-party candidate you know and i still i got as a libertarian you know running running for congress as a libertarian yeah um but we really did we did very well i mean had over 20 000 votes just for me and i had zero dollars invested in this it was just my hard work and effort that i put out there to get that wow that’s amazing and you know it’s interesting uh clay that the money aspect of politics and how much that makes a difference you know those those those guys and gals that are heavily funded they’re hard to beat regardless of the platform sometimes they’re hard to be that’s right because they have the backing so yeah 20 000 something votes i’m still the third i’m actually i have the largest third-party votes in the district no kidding to this day yes wow well that’s something to be proud of i am i’m happy about it moon griffon told me he was like he said just imagine if you had some money backing me yeah that’s true i could have won it is very true and it you know fundraising in in politics is one of the most important aspects of it that’s right because you got to have you got to have a bankroll even even for local politics that’s true just running for uh dog catcher you better have some money in the bank that’s right some supporters so wow that’s impressive and and i’m i’m sure you learned a lot of things about kind of leadership and and and talking to people and all of those sorts of things through that experience correct yeah you know and you wouldn’t know this let me take a quick real quick yeah you wouldn’t know this about me but growing up i had a stuttering problem come on and i’m the guy who’s who wants to go run for congress i’m just like and i did it took me and i i just started to talk you know a little bit different than most people did but it was a mind thing yeah when i figured this out i was like oh great i got this now i can handle it oh that’s interesting yeah yeah well and it’s overcoming an obstacle right right and probably a fear when you’re going up in front of a bunch of people and you’re worried about a stutter issue and i haven’t noticed you yeah we’ve talked several times i would have never guessed that yes very very interesting

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now uh prior to earning your company number one recruiters at number one recruiters you spent 15 years in the staffing industry okay you worked for a lot of large companies everybody be familiar with but on november 6th of 2020 you decided to take the proverbial leap as i call it and open your own staffing agency now this is something i love to get into because this is the aspect of entrepreneurs that is the most intriguing to me of everything so take me kind of back to that you’re a guy that was working for other people right you you know uh on my show i say this a lot of times you can get comfortable uh working for other people to the point that it becomes a crutch that stops you from doing anything else for yourself as far as your own business that’s right some people are look they’re fine with working for other people and and that’s where they want to be and they’re happy doing that and you have to have that uh but at the same time it can be a hindrance to people that might be successful entrepreneurs on their own so tell me about that decision you know i come from a family that is you know business owners you know my father was a business owner you know my my uncles my cousins you know i have a lot of people in my family who i’ve looked up to you know and in that business aspect of it um and of course like i said you know when 2020 hit covet hit all these things happen you know you found you find myself unemployed again and i’m just like well and now granted i took me a while because i was sitting there you know applying for jobs talking to different customers or different different companies and going through that process with them and they’re worried like they’re trying to figure out is can we hire right now yeah because no one knew they were like we’re interviewing but we’re we’re not really sure if we can we can bring you on right so at that point in time i’m sitting there and i’m thinking to myself all right it’s time i i i cannot continue to keep doing this this way i have to do something for myself because i can’t rely on the economy or or the people you know covet happens and you know we would you deal with that so i decided to take that leap of faith and i threw everything i had in it and i said you know what this is it this is my make it or break it and that and and my determination and my mindset is that i’m going to make it yeah you know this is that positive attitude that i have to have is that this is what i’m going to i want and i will achieve it wow wow and you got to have that mindset to really take that jump because it’s scary i mean uh exactly every day still is it really is the premise of what even started this show clay because uh when i started this show that was the question that i wanted to answer every episode was what you know what does an entrepreneur have a business owner that just they put it all out there right they they take a jump as as a lot of people call it or a leap and they have no parachute and it’s just like man either i’m gonna survive or or splat on the ground one of the two like i said you do that song you know from uh chumbawamba i get knocked down but i get up again oh yeah that’s my life story yeah like i’m not gonna be defeated i’m gonna keep getting back up i’m gonna do this very good and you gotta have that attitude listeners out there um you know positive attitudes over enable you to overcome a lot uh because a lot of times your success is just around the corner it’s just having that enough of that push for yourself to get there yeah and so yeah and i love that song by the way great song it will fire you up there’s no doubt about it but uh you know you picked an interesting time as well i mean it’s 2020 right covet is uh is rearing its ugly head right and that time frame was still before everybody kind of really knew what was going on and you you up and decided you know what i’m just gonna open my own company which i’m sure this was a decision that you had thought about for years correct you know in the back of your head there and it was just like uh well it’s now or never probably and why and most people until this day i’ve had so many of my even my clients today why in 2020 did you start yeah the timing is intriguing and i was like you know what i said for the first for the first pretty much three months i was starving yeah put it this way and from the first of the year it was almost like all right here it comes and it started coming in yeah and i was just like you know what this is the reason why i started it when i did because i think i actually got it in at the right time yeah yeah and i would imagine speaking of timing that that time frame you know i’d imagine the staffing industry in particular was uh having a lot of challenges right i mean unemployment pay you know the the federal government was stacking a bunch of money on top of what the state already pays for unemployment and so i would imagine it kind of made finding staff for your clients a little tougher than usual it’s still hard and that’s the reason why like here here pretty soon you know i think uh i want to say it’s may the 11th we’re fixing to do a job fair out in the north shore technical college okay yeah i’m not sure on the times yet we’re still hammering things out on that point sure but uh but yeah we’re because we’re trying to engage in the community again yeah we’ve got to make sure that we do the right things to make sure we find the people you know yesterday i was a friend of mine had shared something with me on um what the governor’s office was doing about these uh door-to-door vaccines going door-to-door this campaign is a huge drive yeah and i’m like why don’t we have a campaign going door-to-door saying hey guys it’s time to get back to work right that’s what we need to have that’s the conversation we need to have i agree casey have you called the plumber about the sink in the break room yep they came this morning i can’t believe you missed them what was their name again giotts plumbing wow that was quick and they did a great job they did and when you need plumbing services of any type give giotts plumbing a call with over 50 years combined plumbing experience the team at geots plumbing can handle all of your plumbing needs so whether it’s residential commercial new construction or reconstruction give geats plumbing a call at 907 6282 and get scheduled fast giotts plumbing a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast i agree and and you know from any any business owner standpoint right now that’s been the biggest challenge right is is uh you know when you tack on federal unemployment benefits and state unemployment benefits i mean some of these guys it’s equating to about 11 12 bucks an hour correct that they’re making uh to sit at home you’re incentivizing them to sit at home that’s that’s right that’s right and so it it creates especially a big issue for a staffing agency because you’re out there and you’re you know you’re trying to find people that want to work right and and uh place them in in a position where you can marry that company and that employee together so to speak yeah and uh and get a good result so i’m sure if you’ve i’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard this as well is that all across the country right now there are businesses that are closing their doors because they can’t find employees to come to work uh so hopefully we’re kind of on the other side of that i think uh hopefully you know you never know what’s what’s going to occur but but i’m going to stay positive and say that’s right we have to we’ve got another choice we’ve got to stay positive that’s right exactly right now your business motto this stood out to me as well your business motto is that you are not just another staffing agent sounds funny doesn’t it why would you put that on there right i love it now i want to go into detail about that a little bit so what separates number one recruiters from like a typical staffing agency because i don’t do what everybody else does yeah you know let’s because as you know there’s a lot of companies out there and i don’t like to bash anybody else because guess what everybody has their own niche i’m just a little bit different sure you know i the way i approach things is a little bit different than some companies even companies that i used to work for sure but i believe you know in the in qualify and i’m not a temp service i’m attempt to hire service so i do pretty much permanent positions yeah um but the the main thing for me is is i want to direct employees to the company culture of that organization so when i go in there and i meet with my clients i’m learning every aspect of that business i want to know everything from how they operate to their mental mindsets how how they look at people so i can take that and go with it and try to re-qualify and recruit those people that meet those goals and meet those standards yeah that’s my opportunities for them to say here’s what we got go from there and it’s been very successful here you know besides up until you know people not want to come up to work but the that that guide for this yes was really you know bringing the clientele in for me because like hey i’ve heard you were recruiting for this company you’re doing you’ve been pretty successful with them you know could you help us out we’re having some struggles so yeah yeah and you know it they appreciate that from your from your clients standpoint i’m sure that they appreciate that you kind of got that extra mile and you really are interested in their business right clay you’re you’re kind of diving into it because uh it’s an extension i want to be an extension of their business i don’t want them to see like i’m just an outsider yeah i’m just a staffing company who’s just trying to get business from them no yeah i want to be that partnership with that organization yeah and i think that’s uh that’s the difference between small business and and bigger not even necessarily large business but bigger businesses is you get that attention to detail from that business owner from a clay that’s going to go there and say okay tell me what you do tell me what your mission is tell me what you look for out of an employee uh all of those sorts of things so it’s huge and then and the other part to my because they said it’s a twofold business so on the other side of this business is my consulting firm yeah so i do consulting for hr okay recruitment and retention employee benefits and so forth because i have a degree i received my degree in human resource management and i’ve been doing this for over 15 years so i have a kind of an understanding of how things work and to have that outsider approach to come in and say hey look just i want you to look at this just tell me what you think you know that’s what’s really been helping to drive as well and consulting you know it’s a it’s a huge thing for companies to take advantage of because sometimes as a company uh you kind of you get drawn into doing things just your way that’s correct and um almost you can you know all of us we can almost be hard-headed to the fact that well this has worked for 20 years or whatever yeah pick a number and so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but life is constantly changing people are constantly changing generations yeah and so getting someone from the outside looking in sometimes can be one of the most beneficial things you can do in my opinion uh and you just have to have a company that is willing to accept that exactly and that’s the main that’s the main thing is are they willing to accept those issues to be able to come in and say hey look i’m only here to help sometimes we come in to kind of critique a little bit but it’s just to help it’s it’s not to negate anything it’s to really just kind of finite and tune into what your company is organization is really needing the needs of it yeah and and the critiquing is important because the last thing you want to do is have somebody come in and you say okay i want you to tell me what i’m doing right and wrong and this person comes in and they say well you’re doing everything right you know that’s that’s no business is doing everything right but i’ve had a lot of business owners sit down in the in this chair and and i have one in particular tell me at one point he said the best advice he could give another business owner is figure out what you’re really good at and then highlight that for yourself and that’s kind of your mission in your business but don’t be arrogant and think that you’re good at everything because if you discover something you’re not good at hire someone good at it that’s right

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there was a phrase that i used to use years ago where it was is the people aren’t your most important asset the right people are oh i like that that’s the main listen behind it people write that down that’s great and and that’s the other part of that about that is too is that for me like i said when people talk about how you operate how you do things and i’m like growing up i remember my grandparents used to always tell me this and it was always kind of stuck in the back of my head it was to do the common thing uncommonly well yes i like that too yeah man you’re full of good puns i should have brought my pen and paper this is great well you know in in the and all of that leads me to something i want to quote from your questionnaire so when i asked you about a general recognition your company has received you answered like this and i want to make sure i quote this correctly my reward is not really about the accolades my reward is when an employee calls me to thank them or cause them to thank me something like that clay for an opportunity or when a client tells me how much they appreciate my business putting so much hard work into their business i’m a firm believer in the phrase and here it comes under sell and over deliver that’s a great phrase and that is um you know if i’m hiring a staffing agency that’s what i want i want someone that says you know i don’t want to knock their heads off on on cost i guess you could say and i want to make sure that they feel like they got way more than their money’s exactly exactly and i learned that from an old regional manager of mine who’s no longer with us anymore and he used to always tell me that he said you go in there he says you don’t sell them the moon yeah you know you go in there you you tell them exactly what what to expect and then when you at the end of the day you you just you just supersede it yeah you know and it’s like and it is it’s a customer service it’s it is it is a hundred percent customer service when it comes to that and that is it and you know when i go in there they all already kind of understand the business they already understand the staffing industry so when i’m going in there it’s nothing new to them it’s what i can do differently than my competitors yeah yeah and that’s another thing too i don’t know if you remember this one or not when i was talking about or my competition yeah and this was i said the great information and infinite wisdom that i’ve received over the years come came from from this man my old boss and he always tell me he says stay in front of your competitors clients more than your competitors yes ooh i like that too yeah and that’s you know that’s probably some of the best advice you could ever get um i’ve been in sales a long long time you know uh and you know yeah i mean i spent oh yeah and you know you you constantly have to go after new business no matter what industry you’re in because um things happen you can get comfortable with uh in your we’ll take your business for example let’s say you know you had a giant client that you were constantly sending these employees to and they were your bread and butter right and you want to take care of those people it’s important that you take care of those people but sometimes people can get so drawn into taking care of that one customer that they’re not going they’re kind of resting on that laurel correct and what happens if that customer just closes yeah and then you have nothing and uh and so if you’re not constantly going after new business you end up in a situation where uh you have no business i’ve had clients tell me like clay i see you more than i see the girl that i’m currently using i’m just like is that a good thing yeah that’s right yeah so let’s get more in depth into the services that you offer at number one recruiters because i everybody out there listening and you know obviously they have a a general interest in what we’re talking about right now and hopefully there’s some companies out there in livingston parish that have been looking for a staffing agency that are going to get something out of this that will uh that will really benefit both parties right correct so i want to i want them to know the services you offer and uh get a you know the way i want to break this down let’s break it down as if somebody has no idea what a staffing agency does what is a staffing agency give me a rundown in the benefits that you would say of hiring number one worker gotcha

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and this is the one thing that i love to talk about the most is because granted when you’re looking at staffing like i said you’re like an extension of your company yes so if you reached out to me and you said clay hey i i really need some people but i don’t understand the process i don’t understand how this works what do i do yeah so you come to me with with that with those issues all right first of all i’m gonna lay it out to you here’s what we do as a staffing organization i provide you with the quality personnel that your company needs fit to your company culture number one yeah okay how the setup is you come to me we have a little small application just basically a credit app you know just to get your basic information in there okay once we get everything out i go and i talk to you about your business what are your needs what are your pain points what are the things that you’re looking for and you’ll go through there and you’ll tell me you know let’s just say you know i need a sales guy or i need a counterpart sales person you know yeah okay great what is it what are their job duties i need to know every intricate detail of that business because from that point on guess what i got to take that now i got to get it to my underwriters yes so because i want to make sure that i’m doing the right business i do right the right business the smart business that’s right that’s what that’s what i focus on because a lot of companies they’ll just they’ll just tell you oh yeah we can do that yeah yes here’s here’s what here’s what your rates are going to be yeah no i’m finite with it yeah i want to i want to be able to give you the right workers comp code that’s going to cover this position for them so once i get that information back from underwriters i present them with the quote for this that present it to them give them that information and then hopefully from that point on it’s like okay great when can we start yeah and you know it’s it’s also important to mention that you you’re also getting that information so you can make sure you find the right person correct you know um if if if the guy that you’re hiring at the staffing agency doesn’t ask a whole lot of questions or gal there’s probably something wrong that you might want to question because they don’t if they don’t know enough about your business they don’t know who to put in the place for your business yeah a part a parts puller is a parts puller i guess but clay has a lot of care in who he’s putting with you because the culture matters correct um and he wants to make sure there’s a good fit because you know like you said earlier your temp to perm that’s your niche and that’s where you want to be and you want eventually this person to leave you and go to work for these and so it’s very important that clay would understand the culture so that is something that i would say separate you now um some of the benefits of hiring a staffing agency and we talked about this kind of when we met originally was the cost of of training an employee hiring hiring an employee just the stuff you don’t see i call those hidden costs correct so time right time is the biggest cause to a business owner and successful business owners recognize this um it’s not a cost where you’re writing a check for your own time right typically but it’s a cost in that you’re making an investment in somebody that’s right you have insurances you have all these things and what if this guy doesn’t work out for whatever reason yeah you’ve you know if you hire him yourself you spend all this time you’ve done background checks drug tests all these sorts of things and then three weeks later he doesn’t show up to work that’s right um you know so where a clay really comes into uh to play there and number one recruiters is y’all do a lot the screening yourselves i mean you’ve yes basically these people work for you to work for them you’re screening these folks you’re you do you handle the drug tests they’re testing background checks everything and see that’s like you know the the the normal cost for hiring an employee could be anywhere between four thousand to six thousand dollars and that’s including from the time you start sourcing and recruiting to posting jobs to the four thousand to six thousand thousand to six thousand dollars till the final finish where they’re like after the training and everything else and then normally within that time frame is whether you know where that person is going to either work out or stay with the company yeah well the good thing about using a staffing company is if you work through that now we’re the ones who take all the liability out of it yeah so we’re responsible for you know the unemployment cost the workers comp the the insurances we’re the ones that’s you know in charge of all that now yeah so that alleviates that additional cost that could be incurred upon that upon that client right right and if you’re if you’re a business where maybe you don’t have a huge staff let’s say you’re you know you’ve got a small staff you know you would come in really handy because the business owner or the business owner’s right-hand person they’re not going to want to have to deal with all this extra stuff that’s right maybe maybe they’re you know just getting off the ground and they don’t understand all the laws with regard to workers comp and all those sorts of things will you take the pain out of this exactly i love small businesses those are the best ones to deal with absolutely me too me too yes i agree 100 and so we’re gonna i want to talk about that a little bit and that is uh the industries that you you really like to deal with and i’m sure you know i’m sure all of them you like to deal with in one way shape or form but we took we did talk about one industry that in particular that’s kind of tough right now to get uh people you know and that’s the transportation industry right that is the hardest one why do you think that is right now the competition there’s so think about it you know even during coven who was still working yeah all them truck drivers are out there on the road they were still pushing it out there and that’s the reason why because the competition is so fierce right now in the transportation industry with the sign-on bonuses and you know they’re paying they’re just doing so many out you can’t go to ziprecruiter or indeed or any job board and you type in drivers if you can’t tell me you won’t find 20 to 30 positions in your local town yeah for drivers yeah take it from someone who’s in manufacturing it is hard right now to even get freight in a reasonable amount of time extremely hard and it’s not because the freight companies are just totally dropping the ball it’s because there’s no drivers to get it there they’re struggling to pick things up a lot of people aren’t going to go into that field anymore like you’re like you gotta you have a huge mark of people who actually are drivers because you can you can tell you get on the interstate what it used to you see i mean tons of trucks are on this road yes but it’s the people who are going into that field yeah they’re not looking to go out there and get their class a license yeah you know so it’s an educational thing you have to educate them because these guys can make really good money really good money yes i agree 100 and you know the interesting thing is i was uh i have this conversation a lot with people and and you know college is pushed by parents right i’m parent i’ve got three children well they’re almost adults now but and i’m no different and i push college and yes college is extremely important there’s some people that they’re just not a fit for college had nothing to do with brains maybe they just uh they’re people that are hands on they’re going to yes and we don’t push trades enough we don’t push things like a welder how much money do welders make right tons yeah yeah pipefitters uh uh you know truck drivers these people are making six figures easy and uh and you know you don’t necessarily have to have a college degree to do it and there’s you know in a drug driver’s situation you’re seeing the world man i mean the country you know you’re all over the place you know i came from an industrial setting so i know what these welders and fitters and carpenters yes i mean carpenters painters yeah what they’re making they there’s a good living in there and that’s why we have to start pushing that trade good looking go into that trade school now i tell my kids and believe it or not i might tell my son all the time and i got two boys and i tell them all the time i said there’s two things you have an option to do granted he says college if you want to go to college that’s great yeah i’ll back you up absolutely i said but one or two things will happen you’ll either go to trade school or you’ll join the military yeah yeah and that’s and you’re like okay dad yeah yeah it’s it’s uh you know it’s it’s almost because there’s a lot of kids graduating from college right now and trust me we’re not slamming college here we love college college is great but the issue is um they’re getting degrees and things that they cannot apply in the real world or if they apply it it it it generates absolutely no income and they end up paying student loans for the rest of their life um you know for the for something that that makes 30 grand a year or something like that

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so so have that conversation with your with your kids and if you have a child or or a young adult and he and he seems like he’d be good military material there’s nothing wrong with that love it we love our military um and if it’s if it’s someone that you know to me the trades is where you raise your entrepreneurs these are the people that figure out when they’re a truck driver that hey i can start a big hot shot company right now and be my own boss and make a ton of money which you can right now in hot shot and i’m sure well you know just look here locally look at chris ferreira yeah i mean look what he built you know oh yeah he started the fire i’m just going to go build a build a fire truck myself and he built an industry yes that’s true it’s all about trade you know yes it really is so uh so that’s something i hope people get out of this and like i say i’ve always believed that trades open the door to entrepreneurship you know period when you kind of when you jump into corporate america you get stuck there sometimes and there’s there’s a place for that and and uh and all of that but you know look into those trades maybe too well thank god for our schools here i mean look at all the you know everywhere permission all luke’s in paris schools yeah here in walker denham springs everywhere else all the tree classes that they’ve oh yeah i mean walker high has a has a tremendous trade program there uh in particular you know and and they also have like the stem center that denim springs eye has uh these are all you know interesting things and they really make these kids think of other things they can do in life other than go to work on wall street that’s right you know and those sorts of things so let me ask you this um with regard to some of the misconceptions you’ve faced right since you have owned your own business you stated the assumption that a smaller staffing agency cannot compete with a larger one be it cost productivity etc now how do you overcome that you know what that’s my that’s my biggest and and toughest part of this is because of we do i am in a very competitive market yeah staffing is very competitive a lot of companies are out here right so how can i first first of all stand out above them well i have to work literally ten times harder yeah than they do yeah as a small business owner what do you think i’m doing 24 7. working working yes i don’t stop these guys can go to work eight to five get it get off work not to deal with it have the weekends off clay sitting at home working 24 7 monday through saturday monday through sunday yeah you know my just the other day i was on i was it was a saturday or sunday i was messaging one of my clients and she told me she was like do you ever take off like why are you working on a weekend i’m just like because i’m that’s what small businesses do that’s right we don’t stop until we get it done that’s right so yeah yeah it is yeah i i i agree 100 and you know hard work will overcome just about anything that’s right um you work hard and you put time into your business that you feel like it deserves and you will see a result sometimes it’s not as quick as we want you know hard work drive and determination that’s right that’s right those are three things that are very important so please listeners don’t get a misconception just because it’s it’s not maybe uh a very large staffing company that we won’t mention but you know the names doesn’t mean that they can’t place you as a matter of fact i would rather do business with a smaller number one recruiters because of what we talked about earlier you’re going to get that attention to detail right exactly and uh and you’re going to you know it’s a personal relationship you know i know that’s that’s the that’s the key to it is that that one-on-one personal relationship that you have with your clients yeah it’s huge and you pick up the phone you talk to clay you talk to the owner that’s right right you’re not talking to the you know someone five people down the line when you’re maybe frustrated about something or you’re looking for something can’t find it you’re gonna talk to clay that’s huge so uh check that out now let’s talk about the lack of engagement from the workforce do you see this improving and what are some things you’re doing to overcome that i know one of them we talked about was job fairs correct you know as far as the the idea that is it improving gradually yeah and it is just and that’s just from over the past few weeks we’re we’re actually starting to see a little bit of a growth when it comes into finding more people coming in very good into the workforce yeah the only other issue is is that with all the unemployment that’s been coming out you know with i believe they’ve extended it until i think september yeah i think it was yeah so there’s still a little bit of uh what what if like all right is this is this really going to be what’s going to hinder us to keep finding good quality people yeah you know because i do i probably interview probably 50 60 people a week at least really yeah and i may only have really just a handful that i’m like i can utilize yeah you know because i said it’s about that company culture i got to find the good people yes you know so as we start to kind of branch out into the marketplace doing these job fairs yeah you’ve got to get the community involved and it’s not just like people like us it’s the employers it’s your local and state representatives it’s you know your parish presidents all of them we have to start coming out and speaking about this because your businesses are suffering yeah and we have to address this issue immediately 100 agree and you know they’re they’re that’s the other side of kova that maybe some people didn’t see is the effect that it had on the workforce and and all those sorts of things and you know it’s it’s interesting i’ll use the chamber for example the chamber does an expo every year at least bears chamber commerce and they have a job fair that’s tied in along with that and they’ll you know if you’re uh if you if you have a booth there they’ll say you know if you’re hiring let us know and we’ll kind of put that out too and and all those sorts of things of course everybody you know every business center is always looking for good people i mean there’s no doubt about that but it would be a great opportunity for like a number one recruiters to you know that’s a great job fair type atmosphere for them to be in the problem is after covet hit there were no job fairs right there were no expo we couldn’t go nowhere we had to stay at home you weren’t even allowed to talk to people exactly except for over the phone or behind glass that’s right this is ridiculous felt like we were at the bank every day and you know what i’m i’m proud of states like texas to go or in florida who are out actually out there doing you know hey hello let’s get back to work people yeah we need to do that here if we can get all come together on this i promise you we could you know build something up to where we can have everybody engaged yeah get the community involved yeah i agree 100 because you know especially in your business those job fairs are important that’s where you kind of find your people i’m sure people reach out to you every day and hey man i’m looking for a job now one thing i will say and and number one recruiters has a facebook and all those sorts of things is i kind of piddled around your facebook a little bit and and y’all do a good job of posting you know what you’re looking for right now and things like that how important is technology to your business oh about a hundred percent hundreds believe this or not i mean granted and i post on you know pretty much all the major websites you know just recruiter link and then you get all those yeah facebook has actually been a lot better for me to post my jobs for finding more people yeah so that’s what i’ve been just rampant and you know why i think that is this is everybody is on their phone period and everybody goes to facebook believe it or not um i had a gentleman in here a day before yesterday we did a podcast and he owns a company called black sheep creative and so they can you know they he’s a genius on google all right and all these sources yeah he’s awesome and uh so this you know we were going over stats as far as the top search websites and stuff and of course number one was google like everybody would think but number two was facebook i found that in or excuse me number two was youtube and then facebook at number three so i find that interesting but i think that you see a great result on that because people are always on facebook also in particular right so uh and don’t get me wrong i would love to post to youtube but they banned me yeah so i can’t do that yeah yeah well you’re going to be on there but you’re going to be going through my outlets there we go we’ll trick them uh so um but i bring that up because you know an important thing to mention here is is that that’s another benefit of number one recruiters is if if you’re a business owner and you contact number one recruiters and you say i’m i’m looking for a parts puller um clay is going to handle that media aspect of that so the the business owner doesn’t have to because they don’t have time for that unless they have a podcast they don’t have time for media right so it’s uh so they don’t want to fool with that so clay’s doing that job for them how much is that worth you know what i mean that’s a that’s a huge benefit

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it’s very valuable and yeah especially to the small business owner you know because like i said they don’t have that time or the resources they’re focused on their business yeah the hiring process is totally different look i know business owners that don’t even have now they’ll have a business facebook but they don’t even have a personal one because they ain’t got no time to get on it and they’re like the people i want to see i already see you know right i don’t need to facebook them but uh so clay does all that for you another big benefit of dealing with number one recruiters now give me a rundown clay of the type of employees you’re always kind of on the lookout for in in relation to industries every day all day class d drivers which is which is what what is class d the show first license driver so they’re driving like a box truck or like a flat bed uh just regular pickup truck yeah so it don’t have to be a limo no but you need class d drivers we need production operators we need uh packaging technicians yeah maintenance technicians pretty much a little bit of everything as far as in the manufacturing field yeah we’re looking for it what is a now a packaging technician what do they do packing text they uh they take the product off of the off of the assembly line and they package them into the boxes and stuff like that and then they put them on pallets and they palletize that and then they get rid of it like ups the ups would use and people like that like with our like one of my clients pod pack international who has this assembly line process where they’re getting the coffee pods and they’re you know taking off the line putting it in the boxes people still do that oh man it is and it’s i love that facility over there they have that thing running smooth awesome shout out to them shout out to them great work there now and class d so that’s not just a regular driver’s license that’s that’s kind of a sticker you get with that i guess yeah it’s just it’s like i said it’s above a class e you know it’s a little bit more intricate but it’s not like you’re going for a cdl license yeah so it’s just a class d chauffeur’s license yeah now let’s say i’m a listener to this and you know i’m i’m ready to get a job right um and uh and i’m a i have a class d license and i’m like oh i got one of those clay’s looking for me what what should i do call me immediately because i need somebody you you can play something i can play some right today right off the bat yes okay so you hear that so he just named off some industries in particular but even if he didn’t name one i mean you’re probably always on the lookout for good people for many different correct yeah like i said and it could be anything from you know you know like i said industrial type work it could be you know in the manufacturing type field it can be clerical administrative yeah so professional professional folks i mean if you’re a um if you’re a secretary and and uh maybe your company shut down due to covet and you’re looking for something else clay complacent you don’t have to have a class d like i said we do it all we get we get it all we’ll do it all there you go so be on the be on the lookout get in touch with clay uh if you’re looking for a job of any type and let him see if he can find something for you he probably has a list a mile long wait uh so another quote by you that i want to mention you were full of good quotes in your questionnaire i asked you uh what you look for in a leader and you stated leadership possess courage clarity integrity passion and most of all humility exactly now the word passion this is interesting comes up almost if not every episode of my podcast but i want to ask you how passionate are you really about your business how much passion you got for i am i wouldn’t have done what i’m doing right now if it wasn’t for the passion that i had for it i love this business i love the opportunities i have i love the people that i get to deal with i love the communication i have when an employee walks into my door and i’m talking to them those are the things that i look for those are the things that that wake me up every morning to make sure that i’m just like all right who’s and this is how this is how i see this whose life can i help today yeah no what who can i benefit yeah from what i’m doing yeah and that’s my idea like i said no i’ll reach out to my clients call them up hey just checking on you everything okay do you need anything what are you looking for yeah you know just to kind of build that up and that’s that drive that i have you know and that and that love for what i do because like i said you know when i when my clients are telling me all the time hey man we appreciate you we appreciate your hard work we appreciate what you’re doing that’s that fills me yeah i said that’s that money can’t do that money can’t do that right you know like i said you know god has truly blessed me in this field right now and i am going to continue to keep doing it and continue to be being successful at it man i’ll tell you i love your attitude brother that’s that’s what you look for out of out of people is is that passion and you want to help people that you see passion out of i go out of my way to buy from people that i i feel like and i love the passion of it the passion of this job is excellent to me the one that really sticks out to me the most is humility yeah i mean i i’m a very humble person yeah and i love the fact that like i said when i talk to my clients and stuff you know i understand their needs yeah because their needs now become my needs yeah you know and then that’s the that’s how i separate myself from my competitors i’m i want to be a part of that you know and i do believe in that when you humble yourself before then you do it before god and everything else and all these things will manifest into you i have literally walked out of my dad’s house i had a phone call and one of my clients was telling me he’s like hey we’re having a hard time trying to find somebody and i was like look give me some ideas of who i can look for yeah and he told me i looked at my dad i said by the time i get to my house excuse me by the time i get to my house i’m going to have a candidate that had just applied for this job yeah i spoke it into existence one minute i walked into my into my office i sat down and pulled it up and there he was exactly what he what he said that he would that he would accept and look for and there it was that’s amazing yeah that’s amazing you know

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when in you said it man humility is huge i have something on the uh on the horn of my car piece of paper it says stay humble and the reason i put that there is because sometimes we can get wrapped up in even our success right and um let me tell you if you’re if you’re some the problem with not staying humble is you never think there’s room for improvement that’s right and the second that you i don’t care who you are or what you do you can be the president you could be uh you know a podcast host whatever it is the second you think there’s not room for improvement you will watch how far you fall it’s a fact stay humble people that’s right and uh and i remind myself of that every day every day 10 times a day when i get in that car um humility is huge especially for the business owner you know even getting back to that the whole humble thing and then and like i had told you before you know when every day in my house for years i have woke up to this portrait that i have in my house and it never really resonated with me until yeah and then it’s you know from rocky six yeah when rocky was you know out there we’re talking too favorite quote at all times life life ain’t sunshine and rainbows you know it’s a mean hard nasty place out there and it’ll beat you to you near to your knees if you let it yeah you know that’s the thing you know what you want go out there yeah you know like i said you have to you know you know you you get up you know you you know life’s going to knock you down you know nothing’s going to hurt you and hit you as hard as life does you know but it’s not how hard how how hard you can get hit or how hard you can hit it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward that’s right that’s how it is we have to and that’s how we that’s the focus that i have to have yeah that’s right and you know life’s tough life’s tough i don’t know of anybody who’s went through life and not been knocked down um no matter how privileged you are yeah there’s some billionaires out there who’s had to struggle time and time again you know and most billionaires yeah they’ve been through the ringers i mean it you know and and uh you always see somebody kind of at the top and and the assumption if you don’t know that person is it came easy to him there’s very few people at the top that it came easy until you succeed that’s right i love it man that’s that’s exactly right now you pride yourself on being attempt to perm agency uh we talked about that earlier but let me give you a scenario i’m gonna give you this and and uh this is for the listeners out there so they’ll know should they call should they not call um they should say i’m they should go say i’m dillards okay i’ll use dillard’s as an example and i’m closing a store and i need 20 guys to work for three weeks just for the teardown of that store that’s all i’m really looking for would that be something you would want the opportunity to staff primarily this no because like i said i am more of a tempted permanent type person position but it’s not to say that that company dealers can’t call me and say hey this is what i’m needing for can you help me out yeah because i have connections that’s right i will help you out great till this day i have employers call me up hey can you do this no sir i can’t but i know someone who can that’s right let me and i so you want to help i i’m sorry i’m a big help i wanted to help yeah i can’t do it for myself i know somebody who will that’s right so he’s and look as long as you’ve been in the industry i mean you got connections he’s got the hook up as we as the kids say so uh yeah reach out to him anyway he may not staff it personally but he will certainly put you in touch with no doubt about it so you know how important we we touched on this earlier too but i just want to hammer it down how important would you say staying positive regarding business ownership is especially during these times well during these times it it’s it’s it’s double you have to yeah i mean exactly doubly important for this yeah because and i tell you i keep telling my clients you know yes there are some struggles there are some things right now that we as individuals we cannot control we can’t control the code that we can’t control the the you know the unemployment we can’t control these things there are only certain things that we can control yeah so we are doing our due diligence to make sure that we’re finding and and providing you know the quality of people that they need yeah and sometimes it’s taking us to think outside the box yeah you know i mean granted there’s a lot of things we’re doing network benefits the workshop trying to push out push out there so there’s some opportunities out there but we always stay positive and we stay focused we got to focus on the end game what’s our end game and our goal is to get here and we’ve got to make sure we provide that for them and that’s what i said i stay positive enough for my clients even when they’re not 100 as positive as i am they’re just like all right clay we we’re we’re we’re putting it into you i’m just like i got this i’m gonna i’m gonna focus on this for you yeah i love it man that’s awesome now another interesting side note about you is that you actually have been working on your own podcast it’s it’s it’s entitled louisiana life and liberty love that name tell us a little about find us on facebook look it up tell us about that my main goal behind this was was to talk about pretty much all things louisiana and i want anything that’s going to affect us whether it’s economical you know anything from you know governments coming down you know any kind of you know things are going to be affecting louisiana in a sense but you know even like some of the things that are going on right now look at what’s going on in port fusion you know with those with those men out there who know that they’re still searching those are things we need to educate the community and believe it or not not many people are talking about that so you know those are the things i want to talk about i want to discuss i want to put it out there so that you know people can have a place to come to for all things louisiana i think it’s a great idea i think you know coming from another podcaster i think it’s a great idea for you to for you to do that run with it i think you’d see a lot of success and i do want to note that one of our subsidiaries in vision podcast studio rentals can assist you with that clay if you are so inclined i might be coming here to come rent some of this information over here and come and do it excellent hey man we’ll take care of you now i want to hammer down this last quote you said in regard to your business you said this i make it a point to recruit and qualify according to the needs of the business i’m providing staffing for i do everything possible to ensure the staff i send will mesh with the organization’s culture that’s a great way to sum up what number one recruiters does i can’t drive at home enough i don’t know what else you know yeah i mean you can’t you can’t say it any better than that man i’m i don’t even need employees i’m ready to hire six

fantastic you know that and that’s something listeners out there hopefully we got some you know i know i’ve got a lot of friends that own some pretty pretty large small businesses here and and uh you know so re reach out to me and i’ll put you in touch with clay you know whatever you want to do but uh but number one recruiters are the good people clay’s going to give you uh personal attention that you’re probably not going to find a whole lot of places that’s right and uh and you know he’s hungry he’s ready he’s he you know he you can’t give him enough business right yeah he wants it all yeah i’m the eager beaver what do you need me to do for you that’s right so uh let’s let’s uh let’s make sure if you know people if you’re a listener and you know people uh that are in need of staff please uh please send them clay’s way and uh unless let’s make a difference in his businesses life uh upcoming now now is the time more than ever to support local business alisa barrett interiors and custom workroom is working hard to use made in the usa products for all their clients window coverings schedule your appointment today for a consultation on roman shades drapes shutters outdoor sun shades and even woven woods need a virtual appointment no problem call alisa at area code

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now some fun facts on you we do fun facts on this show and uh and this is just something kind of people to get to know you a little outside the business because we spent an hour talking about the business right so uh when i asked you what you would be if you were not a staff if you were not in the owner of a staffing industry you answered a singer so you’re a good sister uh i used to be i’m not gonna make you think but that’s look that’s a talent man and you know they uh what kind of music uh anything i went from gospel to country come on a little bit of anything oh man there you go well you got a great voice and and that’s something you know we were talking about that i had him in and let him kind of try out the equipment he uh clay has great voice for podcasting and he has a probably a great voice for singing you know it’s probably all kind of maybe one day we’ll hear that singing voice maybe so maybe so uh also your favorite movie secondhand lions i like that movie as well could you i know not a ton of people don’t remember that or have watched it but that’s a great two old man out there on the on the porch all day long haley joe osmond i think it was started yeah so uh good movie good movie now if you owned a yacht you name it the ss meno and hopefully it would not end up with the same fate but it i love the name my reference to gilligan island yeah absolutely the best purchase you ever made your home very good very good uh and if you could only buy one stock you would choose amazon and i would say yes you would be safe with that choice amazon uh and the evil empire there’s no about it yeah they ain’t going nowhere and you know i give i give amazon a hard time because you know in a lot of ways they do pull away from small business uh they’ve just made it so dadgum easy to shop online and get it you know in a couple of days but i will say that you know that guy started out as a small bookstore online and what he has done jeff bezos is is simply amazing i don’t agree with his politics per se that’s right and those sorts of things but i will give credit where it’s due and look he built a monster did he know and anything is possible yes i mean a bookstore online bookstore oh you remember amazon it was it was yes books yes i remember think i you know i’m old enough that i can remember saying uh you know when i wanted to get a book online that’s where i would go amazon never looked at it for shoes or clothes or anything it was just bucks at one point nine times out of ten everything else you need yeah heck if you want a casket you can buy a casket from amazon i’m telling you he’s it look it’s crazy um i appreciate you joining us today on local leaders the podcast believe it or not it has been 57 minutes clay we’ve been running our miles up here all about your business and i think some people really got a good grasp of what you do and who you are today uh so we appreciate you joining y’all check out this guy as he attempts to fill the staffing needs all over livingston parish and the surrounding areas now clay everyone’s heard about the great service you offer and uh you know all these great things about number one recruiters but how can they get in touch with you like facebook you got a facebook i do have a facebook yeah we are on facebook at uh at n1r and it’s number one recruiter so you can put type in at n1r the at symbol okay you can also go to our website which is there you go or you can call me directly 225 300 6919 he can answer any questions you got on on anything to do with your staffing needs and if you are a a person looking to get staff somewhere he can also answer those questions as well so check him out and as we discussed he he does post uh needed needed positions you know immediately and stuff like that so you can you know like it on facebook and uh and it’ll pop up every day as he posts uh i do need to mention clay and you’re familiar with these folks real life real crime the podcast hosted by woody everton will be holding their second annual crew bash at the texas club on june 19th and we’re going to be giving away some tickets woody over 10 along with his promotional genius wife cindy will be on local leaders of podcast on the 29th this month clay so we’ll be drawing winning a winning name for two tickets and actually we’re gonna let i’m gonna let them draw it and uh and also chase tyler will be performing a concert at texas club on that date so uh so i want to let the listeners know about all that i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please can you continue to like comment subscribe and share on all your social media as we strive to shine a spotlight on people like number one recruiters sitting right across from me every day thank you to our sponsors premier credit corporation tricia johnston realtor big mike sports bar and grill william waldrop of twfg insurance sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting elise of ferret interiors and custom workroom geats plumbing tiffany c card of homekey mortgage buddies barbecue and i trade exchange we could not do any of this without all of you and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like you and keep leading thank you very much

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