Clint Sanchez of BlakSheep Creative

Clint Sanchez of BlakSheep Creative Talks Local SEO and Google’s Updates

Google Tips and Website “Must Haves” For Small Business Owners!

BlakSheep Creative is a digital marketing company in Denham Springs that offers website design, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, and pay-per-click advertising. In this episode, Clint sits down with Jim and walks business owners through the basics of what you need to do on Google from creating an account to getting your business verified as well as what you can do to prepare for Google’s upcoming Core Web Vital update.

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Podcast Transcript (Beta)

hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours

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podcast all right we are back with black sheep creatives clint sanchez how are you sir i’m good so we’re going to talk today with clint sanchez of black sheep creative and we’re going to discuss all great things google we’re going to talk we’re going to talk a little bit on uh gmbs and how how those can help your business and and uh and all of that good stuff so with that welcome clint sanchez to local leaders the podcast that’s right thank you black sheep creative that’s cool we’re taking over the world that’s it you don’t change the name of the show brother uh so first where did the name black sheep creative come from love the name and i love the spelling of the name black sheep uh we we kind of i guess we go against the mold we’re not your typical web design seo digital marketing company we do things our model’s a little different uh so we went with that and there’s no c in it because my initial clint c so we took the c out so it’s like you’re the black sheep it’s artistic you’re the black sheep of the family but the sea is missing you know i love that kind of thing so so it’s b l a k b l a k which is important so if you’re searching that online blak uh sheep l a lack is didn’t we look at it one time yeah i think they make with tables or something yeah yeah so don’t go to them go to clint so today we want to kind of help business owners uh in their quest of as what you would say global domination online and there’s a lot of things that they really need to kind of pay attention to now as business owners they’re busy in their business typically right clint they’re you know they’re busy building something and so the online presence side of what they do is usually lacking unless they have a media company or you know a black sheep creative company doing things for them but it’s extremely important it’s uh it’s something that most people don’t realize they need until a black sheep creative comes in and kind of looks over their stuff and gives them a report of what could be better right right so first we’re going to talk about local seo search engine optimization and uh i want you to tell everybody what it is and why do businesses need it okay you reel me in whenever you want because i can talk about that google has a big database of all the websites that i mean it’s trillions that exist right now yeah so when you search on google or i’m not going to say her name if you ask that lady on the phone um for something they have to go to this database and see what how to best answer your question so any any query search on google is a question i mean you know last time we were chinese food or whatever so once they google goes through they have what’s called bots or spiders and they crawl the web so they’ll bounce from this website to this website to this website and they’re indexing it but it’s a best guess they’re trying to figure out what your web content is so you want to make it to where it’s easy for them yeah and there’s some standards or whatever so search engine optimization search engine optimization is basically making sure google knows what your website is and getting you to rank above your competition there’s all kind of ways there’s on page there’s off page there’s there’s approximately at last guess there was about 200 they said there was 200 factors that google may or may not use however sorry about that however we know that it’s more than that but it’s it’s the mystery

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can do a little test and i i did this just the other day and i would recommend all listeners do this go to uh the i can’t say her name either but there’s a phone s-i hey s-i-r-i you say that into your phone and then you say something like play local leaders the podcast and it will pop up it will pop up through your speakers it will just start playing episodes of my podcast so i want everybody to stop right now and do that clint would love it because there’d be a big jump in the analytics area so um so that is another example of seo so basically technology has advanced to the point where it’s not just searching google physically it’s also google being being able to coordinate with with s-i-r-i and uh and playing what it is you want them to play so i thought it was pretty neat because i actually never knew and well i just never tried it and i tried it the other day and and it was an episode of local leaders the podcast and then i said uh s-i-r-i-skip and it played another episode of local leaders the podcast so you can do that with anything though you can even do it with your own business if you have a business where you have podcasts that are uploaded online or something like that so um so that’s a good way to check or you could say hey s-i-r-i uh give me directions to and then plug in your business and see if it pulls up maps and shows you if it doesn’t do that you’ve got probably an issue with your seo would you agree yeah but it’s that’s probably an easily fixed issue to tell you the truth yes like this i’m gonna everything we’re gonna talk about today once we talk gmb and all that yeah it’s free and you can do it at home you know we just want to empower people let’s think of it like this if you look for local leaders of podcast if you say hey i need show show me local leaders of podcast she has to turn and go in her filing cabinet okay or that database we’re talking about here you’ve got to be in there in her rolodex for her to show up not only you have to be in there you kind of gotta you have to be in there and have activity and have activity and all that so that’s what we’re gonna talk about i’m not gonna get ahead of you like yeah yeah um you’re leading me right into it you you wanna be in her roll with dicks so we’ll just we’ll take that metaphor all the way out right now in this episode sure so how do you get in here at rolodex yeah and and i think that leads us to gmb correct which uh is an acronym for google my business my business that’s right um so tell us the advantages what it is and the advantage google my business is free mm-hmm it’s free you sign up um you verify your business to prove that it’s you we had some troubles here uh they’ll send you a card in the mail with the code on it then you’ll go and and put your code in and you say hey this is hey google hey world this is me this is my business here i am i mean there’s a caveat to that you have to be a brick and mortar that that people can come to or not just you could be let’s say you’re a plumber okay and a plumber let’s see your guides plumbing since they answered say your guide’s plumbing exactly okay well giott doesn’t they probably don’t get a lot of foot traffic to repair toilets you know somebody doesn’t come in there with their toilet but they do go so they provide a service service area provider to these people’s homes so that counts i guess what i’m trying to say is if you’re a e-commerce only store you know if james mccance was was only online excuse me for a google my business it wouldn’t be the best fit what google wants is for when you’re in your vehicle somewhere between it depends what stat you look at but i’ve seen recently as high as like 80 percent of people or mobile searches right here so and we’ll double to that too yeah so google’s figuring hey chinese food place near me you they figure you’re on the go right so you’re typing in your phone so they want to find help you find that one near you yeah so you have to create a gmb google my business free easy to do we’ve got some i’ve got some how to’s on our blog actually you want to create it another thing people often forget when you create that gmb it gives you you can click one button and have a free website not a real good website not optimized for seo it’s a free one that google gives what you pay for on that absolutely but do it because that’s just another another way to expand your digital footprint just a little bit and sure and that’s what google’s looking for not and we’ll talk about that later is not only on the web one time with the gmb yeah you’re on everything else so anyways create a google my business and i’m gonna tell you why jim we’re swamp with these podcasts and i’m in the mood for some local barbecue for lunch barbecue casey the problem with barbecue is the speed that would take forever not at buddies barbecue with the drive-through line they can get us fed fast in that sauce mmm yum it is right in the heart of denim springs do they have specials yes they have plate lunch specials every day jim and i bet you didn’t know they offer some of the best catfish plates you’ve ever tasted on fridays and on saturdays they have smoked rib eyes they are as flavorful as you can find anywhere okay i’m hungry what’s the number i’ll call it in no just go online and place your order by the time you’re finished i can head that way that is convenient and really smart yep just like me a local business and you know what i always say oh yes jim chapman loves local correct and that makes me smart oh please if you’re in the mood for barbecue go see buddies barbecue at 105 florida avenue southeast right in the heart of denham springs they’re a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast when you do that hey find a chinese food restaurant near me find whatever that database is google my business now you’re so that’s that’s siri’s rolodex yeah with my business i get it now and let me let me say this what you what you’re really saying is it’s important that you have a you know gnb is more beneficial if you have a brick and mortar so not just an online presence yeah you’ve got to have a brick yeah so um even if you work out at your house if you if you’re comfortable with putting your home address on there you can you can hide your home address so that’s perfectly okay um you can hide your home address um google’s kind of gotten a little smart too and you can’t do it we don’t i don’t guess we have um like shared office spaces in living space i don’t i don’t know i don’t but in some big areas you go when you rent it’s like an airbnb for business you know you rent a spot yeah they have one in baton rouge yeah so it’s like it doesn’t count probably your next point don’t just make one make it use it almost as a website update it post pictures um yeah and and for those of you that uh are wondering about that if you go to google and you and you you know you type in local leaders of the podcast let’s just do that and and it pulls up it’ll pull up the address to our podcast it’ll pull up many many pictures of you know you’ll see guest pictures on there you’ll see pictures of the podcast room you’ll see pictures of signs out in front of my building you’ll see all of all of those things you’ll also have contact information address all of those sorts of things and that’s what google uses to kind of index me so they it’s like how i get in that rolodex and so that’s that’s how google can differentiate who i am and what i do and then clint at black sheep creative and this is where they kind of come in is at some point you’re going to get curious to how many people are looking at those pictures or how many people are are searching for local leaders the podcast and his company comes in and they run those analytics and they can they actually print out a report monthly that will show you your traffic for lack of a better term right even just through google it doesn’t have to be your website it could be he can actually search 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this is a horrible sales person yeah you are so don’t say you can get it for free and do it yourself but you can’t now now there’s some there’s some it’s kind of like playing golf okay you can go out there and play golf and you may be the next tiger woods right but you may want to you know you it would behoove you yeah to have a approach show you how to swim how to just define that absolutely all that so uh and some people just don’t want to do that something i mean you know there’s a there’s a lot of nuances and just little things that as seos we know little tips little tricks i’ll tell you a trick a lot of people don’t do and and this will blow people’s mind like they’re gonna be like i don’t want to do all those steps when you upload those pictures if you geo tag them does a little bit better sure because because you’re telling google hey if i take a picture a selfie right now me and jim my phone is going to geotag it probably as being took it right here yeah so when you upload it to your gnb google says hey this picture was taken right here so they associate it with it and also a lot of stuff your reviews are tied into these reviews are absolutely important so you just did some work aren’t you currently doing work for a new business in livingston parish like an ultrasound they did like 3d m4d yeah okay so tell me a little bit about so here’s what we did we set up a gnb uh i’ll take the steps we did and then you guys that are listening and want to try you can you can try to replicate it for your business okay so we set up the gmb we verified it we put the address in let me let me preface it with this we put in the nap it’s called name address phone number when you do that business owner you want it to be consistent across the web so if your address is one two three four main street make sure it’s that way on facebook twitter pinterest instagram wherever you sign up sidebar sidebar if you if you can fill out a profile do it anywhere anywhere those are called citations any directories you know join the chamber get your name on there well and that’s and we do want to talk about local directories inside today so we set it up for them okay we uploaded some pictures we put their information and what that’s doing is telling google here we are we’re on the map we exist we just opened we’re a new company right that makes them eligible or more prone to show up in what’s called the it’s called a bunch of names the google map pack the snack pack um the local pack and i can paraphrase it or let me just best explain it we’ve all done it we’ve all looked on our phone search for something or on our computer and you see in the middle is the and this is this landscape is changing every day that’s called the serp search engine results pages in the middle is what you look for right then when you have a map you might have a listing of three companies you might have something on the right with the company name it just varies and it’s easy for me to show then tell so i’m trying to explain it but to get in that map pack you have to have a google my business to get in that local pack you have to have a google my business so that’s why i would behoove you to do that sure especially if you’re you know i’d venture to say 80 of the people that listen to this are going to be local brick and mortars okay that are trying to work on their local seo game they want to outrank the competition sure you know

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and that’s a great start to it and you know ranking and this is where like a black sheep creative really comes in handy is understanding what specific things ranking you know the pictures and how many times they’re getting viewed can actually rank you and where you show up because it’s a you know as business owners it’s a it’s a rat race right it’s it’s uh survival of the fitness sometimes when it comes to your online presence and that’s where i think some businesses kind of drop the ball is they don’t put enough stock into how important it is that you have a web person unless you are a web genius we all think we are but unless you’re a web genius you really need someone handling that for you because that stuff changes like daily so where clint will be someone that is constantly reading every article known to man on google uh you and i listener or not and so uh the game changes constantly he that he makes it his business to keep up with that daily where uh the you know the the the business owner is paying attention to their business they and on the online google stuff is not their forte right you know so you can equate it to uh i’m sorry you can’t wait to a tax tax person you know cpa or whatever you can do your taxes you can do your taxes on turbo tax yeah but is it going to keep you are you going to know that you can claim yeah how much money it costs you know and all this stuff and that’s right you know google changed their algorithm 300 and i think like 370 times last year that’s more than once a day okay so and it’s all for the better they’re trying to help the end user sure but you’ve just kind of got to keep up with that listen now let me let’s get in a little bit about local directors and citations what first of all what tell me about that what what are those things local directories inside i i group them together um it’s your yelps your your chamber of commerce stuff like that um we’re doing a campaign for locally for envision right now um and we’re building those and podcast studio rentals best in the parish with video so anyways um we’re building out citations for that so so basically what you want to do is it’s all those profiles that you can create yes we’re letting google maps know we’re not google maps we’re letting you’ve got to google my business we’re letting apple know hey because you know we forget about that yeah that’s where um s-i-r-i gets her stuff from too so we’re let we’re just letting everybody know we’re on the scene so maps and citations are important because they you get case in point when when we joined the chamber the chamber put us on their website so we remember put us on the website that created a link traffic it created traffic and ultimately conversion sales so you want to get on all those uh create those and what it does is provide signals to google also that says hey you know we’ll keep going we’ll go to envision envision is legit because now we see envision has a google my business and vision has a facebook envision has a twitter envision has a yelp and vision has a everything niche specific stuff you know envision is here and business here and divisions there so it’s it’s letting them it’s legitimizing it’s legitimizing it’s your business building your uh your so it’s not enough uh listeners to to just have a facebook and uh you know that’s it i mean that’s that’s fine we’ve seen that but the problem is google is not going to rank you or they’re not going to rank you near as high you won’t have as much favor yeah the people that are going to rank above you have other things so that’s that’s one way google is judging you is sure okay if you’re if you’re xyz seafood and there’s another uh seafood place in your community and you have just a facebook and uh and you have a gmb there’s not only two things you have but this other place has a facebook a twitter youtube a instagram a linkedin they’re gonna rank higher just based off of the amount of of different entities they have on the web sure that and there’s an added bonus to that if you will um without going into the whole thing of backlinks and on your website and all that when somebody links to you to your website be it local anywhere there’s a link that’s pointing here google sees that as them it’s giving you internet street cred it’s them putting their reputation on the line saying hey i vouch for local leaders yes well those are all high quality websites so when you create a link from facebook from twitter from me up and all that google’s seeing those links and saying hey they’re coming from somebody that’s already credible yeah and they’re valuable they must be they’re vouching for local leaders so they’re saying they’re a little more trustworthy yeah so those citations and those local directories those are important so so all right so from there i want to get a little in depth with you on uh google’s core web vitals uh now we’re getting really we’re really getting there yeah yeah oh yeah and uh but these are important so tell us what that is and how it’s important okay google there we don’t know when every now and then they’ll show their hand this was a weird one because google said hey look we’re gonna do these updates we’re gonna place more weight on these things uh coming up mm-hmm so it has the seo it has our or people are panicking you know um and there’s there’s two thoughts you know people are like oh this is going to make the war you know it’s going to break the internet and then it’s not going to do nothing right anything not going to do anything so the core web vitals is another like one of the big algorithm changes where they’re going to focus a lot more on user experience okay so no need to worry if you’ve already been doing what you’re supposed to be doing last episode we were talking about http https right secure non-secure websites um this is kind of going to piggyback on that you know as long you know things to look for right now in your website to see if you’re going to be affected by this and when i say affected they’ll drop you you won’t rank as i you’re not necessarily going to be hurt by google like they’re not going to penalize you you’re just not going to have as much favor with them right yeah casey have you called the plumber about the sink in the break room yep they came this morning i can’t believe you missed them what was their name again giotts plumbing wow that was quick and they did a great job they did and when you need plumbing services of any type give giotts plumbing a call with over 50 years combined plumbing experience the team at geots plumbing can handle all of your plumbing needs so whether it’s residential commercial new construction or reconstruction give geats plumbing a call at 907 6282 and get scheduled fast geats plumbing a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast so someone else is doing something that you’re not in relation to this they’re going to rank we say it all the time you might not be doing it but chances are your competition is um so some of the things to to make sure your website is mobile friendly we’ve all seen those you know remember everybody’s searching on here so you go to your website over 90 yeah you don’t wanna you know if you’ve been on a website you don’t wanna have to shrink everything you don’t wanna have to shrink it move it around because in google’s eyes it’s not giving a good user experience um good point i can put in layman’s terms you want a fast website you talked about that last episode um and there’s ways there’s all there’s all kinds of john q public when you made your website on wix we’ll use you for an example there’s just some nerd stuff you didn’t know like like you did with you know in your skill set or whatever which is which what you did was great however there’s some stuff us nerds no it can speed it up man we want to leverage every kilobyte possible to make your website faster well in the in the the you know the the back side or the downside to a business owner that is not in that field is when you build a website like on a wix or any any pick a plug-and-play sure sure um the issue becomes as the business owner you’re wanting to feel so much information because you want someone to go to that website and have no question about anything as far as the services you can do the problem with that though is there are specific ways to do that without slowing your website down because of it if your website does not load within a specific amount of time it will cost you ranking it will also cause frustration to the user because the user will just you know after six seconds of of looking at your website and waiting for all the stuff to load they’re gonna click off of it and think their internet’s slow and google knows that yes so this is where core web vitals are really going to come into play they’re just look the layman’s way of saying this is they’re going to put a lot more stock into the experience from the user standpoint and there’s nothing wrong with that that’s it should be uh something that the the user you know or visitor to your website has a good experience and is not just going there and clicking off going there and clicking off so um so to paraphrase they’re going to look at those things that speed um your web i’m not going to bore you with all that but just your user experience your speed your page jumping around your mobile friendliness all that you go to a website it doesn’t load fast enough you bounce off and go to the competition right so google says well you know what we had him ranked above the competition by virtue of him bouncing off clearly he didn’t find what he needed there so let’s push him below that competition because maybe the competition is what he’s looking for yes and then that just wash wrench repeat and you just keep working your way down so you know if you want to hide a dead body you put it on page two of google yeah very good so for all you uh murderers out there there’s you some advice or if you want to hide a dead body what you do is don’t mess with woody yeah that’s right he’ll find him that’s right he’ll find it uh so um let’s get into websites a little bit um you know it’s interesting that websites the layout is major important to your ranking on google as we discussed um what you post on the website how fast your website loads uh blog posts you include are very important what you know in your opinion and we don’t want to spend too much time on this but just kind of break down what you think a good website should include well every website’s going to include i say every we’re just going to make generalizations here you’re going to have your homepage which is your the best way to explain it is just kind of everything yeah you know that’s where you just want to because not all not everybody’s going to visit not everybody’s going to land on your homepage it’s everything that’s not tied into the links so it’s if people don’t want to sit there and go to the menu and scroll down on things your your homepage is going to be like your handshake that’s going to be a general overview of everything right right um your about page you want you want to build trust with a prospective customer you know so it’s going to tell you you know your story how to get a hold of you et cetera et cetera so we want that on there we want home we want about we want ways to excuse me for them to contact you

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you know yeah um what about a blog blog absolutely and now when we say blog blog when i say blog i think of you know a mom a homeschool mom or whatever yeah writing blog posts about hey why this why i learned that legos are better than duplos or you know whatever the case may be right that’s that’s morphed into something huge and it’s just it’s just a content generation content marketing keep your website fresh because here’s the deal you business owner are the expert in your field you’re the podcast that’s right you know you’re the guy you know let’s take envision for an example you’re the podcast guy you know why this mic is the best which it is why this stand is the best which it is and all this so you know podcasting stuff so people are going to come i’m the expert so they’re going to come to me to find out what type of microphone you want to keep that content fresh when you keep it fresh google keeps coming back to your site and they keep they give you a little bit more they look at you a little a little better yeah they they start recognizing you as an expert which is important you’re providing value so going back to that you want to keep your con you don’t want to just a website’s not set and forget it not from our standpoint yeah from an seo standpoint we want to set it we want to it’s kind of fishing you know we want to throw that bait in the water let it sit for a little while then we’re going to analyze we’re going to see how people are finding your website yeah what they’re doing when they’re on your website and then how long are they understand that gives us data to look at and say hey we need to work on this we need to work on that another thing in the in the um that a lot of websites don’t have is calls to action you got to direct people somewhere like if people are getting on the envision website your point in envision is to provide a service to want to be podcasters i don’t want to be in a bad way but to people who want to start a podcast your whole model is to keep them from having to invest in all the money all the time all the effort that that envision does right so but you want to give them away too sure you know you can get on there all day and say this is the best podcast but if you don’t give them a button a click or a link to click yeah yeah you’re not going to convert wasting your time so you know you want to have ways to contact you reviews we want to have reviews you want to have maps for people to find you again all of these kind of things are helping google make that correlation between your website and your gmb yes all right who better who better for them to trust than them so once you’ve established that gmb now everything else correlates with that exactly right so that’s right and and blogs are to me extremely important because that’s where you can include like your what we call backlinks a lot of listeners you know at this point you might be a little lost and that’s why you need a black sheep creative handling this stuff for you could you do it yourself if you have the desire and a little bit of knowledge yes uh do you want to most people probably not because it’s a it’s it’s a keep up game i mean it’s something look i’m behind a computer a lot and and uh i i can do a lot of these things but there’s only one of me clint and and i just don’t have the time now do you you know we want to talk about black sheep creative as well and some of the services that y’all offer specifically and of course you do all of these things we’ve already talked about um but there’s some other things that you offer that people may not realize like for example you do motion and graphics services uh yeah we make videos intros and and or little probably saw it before yeah before this episode yeah that’s right stuff like that most of our stuff that we do is based around that that small business client you know stuff that that kind of comes with the web you know we’ve learned it that way you know hey clint i need a cool graphic for my upcoming sale yeah we learned how to do that yeah motion graphics um just kind of a one-stop shop sure for small businesses what is what is white label web design we do a lot of white label um it’s it’s basically subcontracting through another uh company or whatever so so we’re essentially we do a lot of white label work for about five or six companies throughout the united states uh which is what though what it would they’ll say hey clint i got to build a website for a pharmaceutical company let’s just say we don’t have the time to do it we’ll build it and they put their name on it yeah finish business they basically sub it out club it out exactly okay so so if you are another company and and you’re just you know you’re inundated with with work and or maybe you you me you know you’re full with bigger giant very expansive websites but you get a lot of calls for those smaller small business websites uh they’ll do that at black sheep absolutely we we’re smaller you know sure we’re and you like doing stuff for small absolutely absolutely so that’s that’s a big part of it

tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

you you work a lot clint with notable businesses but two in particular woody everton’s real life real crime the podcast see i can sound just like him when i want to as well as my podcast local leaders uh you know while we’re both podcasts i also think it’s very important to mention you you work with you run the gamut of industries that you do work for are there any you specifically like working with or they all just you know you love doing them i need to do a lot with non-profit websites i do um i like non-profits because you can see the return on your investment i guess or you feel like you know you can pat yourself on the back a little more you see more of a hey i’m helping make this change i’m helping lead this charge um really small businesses you know and it’s it’s counterintuitive to a lot of forums and stuff i’ll read in our industry that say go for microsoft shoot for this client don’t go for the small business because yeah whatever whatever well i’m the other way remember i told you the model’s different i like i like this new business that we’re dealing with now watching it it’s no pun intended it’s like a baby you know you’re watching it grow so sure i really enjoy getting in on the ground floor setting everything up starting with nothing and then watching it build if you enjoy listening to local leaders of the podcast please go to my website at go to the bottom of the page uh you’ll see something there that clint says i have you click and and leave me a review if it’s not there it will be so um so it would be that easy and uh just just if you enjoy what we’re doing over here that’d be great um i do want to mention clint and you’ll find this interesting you probably already know but i i looked up the top visited websites by month right so this is an interesting little fact the top website no surprise google what surprised me was the amount of monthly visitors 92.5 billion with a b it’s a lot of people searching through google so that’s why you need a google expert that’s why you need black sheep creative to help you with that stuff yeah is that just google the search that’s okay that’s not counting siri that’s not accounting yeah that’s only counting google the top visited website is 92.5 billion so it’s well over 100 billion when you count all these other uh things uh second youtube make that connection 30 yeah owned by the same people incidentally 34.6 billion visitors per month and we are on youtube incidentally obviously um facebook number three at 25.5 billion and number 4 twitter at 6.6 what a discrepancy though between facebook and twitter you’re talking a 20 billion uh visitor difference between those two but twitter hanging in at number four at 6.6 billion facebook right above it at 25.5 that’s a huge discrepancy though between those two but to tell you how strong google is facebook and we we all know how many times we personally go to facebook facebook has 25.5 google at 92 so they are almost triple the amount of monthly visitors unbelievable so but it tells you how important google is to your business and why you need to get with black sheep creative on that very very important uh i did some fun facts we like doing fun facts on this on this show clint kind of gets gets people know a little bit more about you and i found these interesting of course clint does all our work here at local leaders the podcast i would love to take credit for all the web stuff and all the google stuff uh but i just can’t um that’s all really courtesy of black sheep creative one of the sponsors of our show and they do great work and we have seen a lot of success with that they also do our vision podcast studio rental side of what we do and uh and they keep up with all those things that i don’t have time to keep up with and really uh i don’t have the knowledge that they have on those sorts of things so fun facts on clint you wanted to be an astronaut when you were a child really well you’re halfway there you’re on the world wide web so you’re you’re out there you’re just not all the way to the moon yet um your favorite movie is fight club hands down what is the first rule of fight club you don’t talk about that it’s a good movie very good movie brad pitt degrading that uh if you owned a yacht what would you name it you said for sale sell it i love it i love that’s a great name and i would do the same uh the best purchase you ever made was a guitar amp i’ve got quite a few uh

quite a few uh one of them i bought i’m a huge need to breathe fan yeah and i bought the one that was on there the reckoning tour and album so i’ve got it it’s it’s got provenance so uh that’s it well the amp opens you up to music right so that that uh that was an interesting one and people would be surprised to know that you actually self-taught yourself to play four different instruments what instruments guitar bass guitar kazoo no hormone guitar bass guitar uh drums drums and violins and violin you can play the violin come on fiddle it’s more of a fiddle when i play that’s pretty good i’m surprised piano isn’t in there somewhere i can tinker on piano but not well okay okay now if he also asked you if you can buy only one stock what would you buy this this is going to surprise no one clint’s buying google all day long and at 92.5 billion searches per month probably a good decision absolutely you know they’re probably not going anywhere anytime soon right uh so there you go we won’t charge you for that stock tip uh clint once again we we do appreciate you coming by this your second appearance on the show uh we have clint on every now and then because we you know we’re a business we’re a small business podcast here right right and small business and what clint does at black sheep creative are kind of hand in hand of course he discussed he likes working with small businesses in particular but it is something that you never can get enough information on how you can have more of an online presence so clint uh you know he comes by every now and then and and we get to borrow his brain for a little while on what he thinks is going on in the world of online right so here’s the they appreciate all those tips sales pitchy thing uh you can go to our website right now b-l-a-k-s-h-e-e-p dot com yeah you’ll be met with a pop-up you can get a free local seo check you can see where you stand like it’ll be up you put your business information and it’s gonna send you a report i’m not gonna it’s gonna send an automated report that’s gonna say hey here’s where you could win here’s where you could lose here’s how you could better it here’s how you could worsen it and it’s gonna do your website everything so there you check into that yeah but check into that blake not no c and and uh you go there and and you can also get information it talks about all the great things they do at black sheep creative you can get contact information all those sorts of things so go check it out because if clint sees a big giant jump after this podcast airs he’s going to credit me for that that’s exactly right and that’ll keep him coming back he’ll want to he’ll want to be a guest every week at that point and while you’re on there after you get your uh you know sign up for your free audit excuse me cruising around the website if you go to our blog there’s more information than you can check a stick at or there’s a new program programmer rolling out not get real salesy click on it you’ll see we’re offering some small business websites there you go and they do do some packages so so the great another great thing about black sheep creative is you know everything doesn’t have to be a la carte so they have some packages that they put together and they have like a flat price but you know to get all of those things kind of bundled together extremely inexpensive and let me tell you something from personally working with black jeep creative uh they are quick they are not people that that they understand your business and if you need a website you need it like yesterday right they understand that they get on it they’re not people that are going to make you wait three months and sign 400 contracts in order to get your business out there we you know we pride ourselves in that like you get we don’t have this fancy ticketing system we don’t you get our tech i mean you get my cell phone number uh yeah and and much to my dismay you know i’ve got somebody that my wife calls the uh my lady of the night and we’ll be texting you know at 10 and it because that’s when jim’s free at 10 at night you know and hey i work on your schedule so um we’re personal like that yeah but but just great work folks and you can cruise my website cruise clinton’s website go on real life real crimes uh website for those woody everton fans out there clint does all their work um so he is uh you know there’s all kinds of proof of black sheep creatives uh fine work that they do now speaking of real life real crime uh i’m doing a giveaway on local leaders the podcast yes i’m giving away tickets to that sold out texas club real life real crime the podcast uh crew bash ii sold out of the texas club it is totally sold out um and chase tyler is is playing also so you’ve got a great concert there with chase tyler in addition to woody overton doing a live podcast is only woody everton can do it so you want to you want to really check that out you can go to my facebook page cast there’ll be a link there you click that you just fill out it’s like you know your name your email address and stuff because when you win we’re going to email you and let you know you won um and it takes about five seconds and you’re automatically entered to win we’re giving away two free tickets uh to whoever gets drawn out of the out of the hat there for the uh for the two free tickets with woody everton’s real life real crime the podcast crew bash two so check that out we did mention envision podcast studio rentals um more to come on that folks but you can check out the website at you go there and uh and it tells you all the great things that we do in renting this podcast booth just for you if you want to do your own uh podcast this would be great for realtors who want to keep their keep their prospective buyers and sellers uh you know in the know on market trends and things like that but also if they have 10 houses they’re trying to sell uh we’ll do everything from edit it to promote it anything you need done and they’re all broken into packages so you can go on check out those packages get in touch with us plus a pocket has great content for your blog posts absolutely amazing content so there you go there’s a tip from the master right there i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing listening you know the local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share local leaders of podcast on all our social media platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on local businesses in the livingston parish area thank you to all our sponsors including premier credit corporation tricia johnston realtor big mike’s bar and grill william waldrop of twfg insurance sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting alisa verrette interiors and custom workroom kiosks plumbing tiffany c card of honky mortgage buddies barbecue denim springs and i trade exchange we could not do any of this without all of our great sponsors including black sheep creative so until next time i am jim chapman reminding you to love your community support your local business and keep leading thank you stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word sport center in denham springs is your one stop shop for team sports equipment school uniforms and promotional goods conveniently located next to the antique village since 1977. sporting center your business means everything to them because your name rides on everything they do

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