Creating The Dinosaur Experience. Martin Wilmott on Local Leaders the Podcast

Steve McDaniel – Southern Rhythm Venue

Book the only realistic T-Rex dinosaur in Louisiana.

The Dinosaur experience is based in the town of Watson Louisiana, their dinosaur show will come to you for your party, school or public event.

Accompanied by a handler, you can sit back and enjoy the show as the dinosaurs engage and entertain from young to old.

Martin Wilmott and Local Leaders: The Podcast host Jim Chapman sit down and discuss the amazing story of The Dinosaur Experience and you will not want to miss it!

Transcript (Beta)

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denham springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast hey everyone it’s jim chapman and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast this is number 130 and today we welcome a famous man in these parts he is martin wilmot he owns mission inflatables llc and the dinosaur experience welcome to local leaders of podcast sir thank you so much for having me it’s a pleasure to be here i’m looking forward to uh spilling the secrets yes yes and and we’ve been pushing you out on social media a little bit and all these beautiful dinosaurs and kids smiling and all those sorts of things been getting a lot of interaction with that but before we get into all that so we might have noticed a little accent when you talked is that authentic first of all yes yeah i’m a true cajun now i’m from england originally um i lived here i’ve lived here about 10 years now but originally i was born in england in essex which is about an hour north of london okay very good and you know it was interesting when we met for the first time you had told me some people think that might be part of your act is your accent yeah they actually think it’s australia uh-huh that’s right yeah i regularly get mistaken for australian and i tell people no that’s where we sent all the bad people australia is where all the bad people got sent and we kept all the good ones that’s right yes it was it was a uh what did they call that back and there’s a word for it yeah well they sent all the prisoners basically that’s right yep yep so you were the good people you’re on the good side very good so uh you are you have an amazing business and and unlike any other business in the area that i’m familiar with uh probably in the state uh and that is the dinosaur experience and then on top of that you have mission inflatable which is another side of of your companies but you have an interesting story way before that stuff and uh so i want to get into that as you said you were born and you lived in england for 40-plus years yes that’s right okay and then uh you were saints fans that’s right i’m a huge football fan um and i’m a big saints fan and in 2009 the saints came to england to play a game they played the chargers um and it’s a it’s a regular thing if you’re not if you’re not aware that the nfl brings games to europe and london and they play regular regular season games every year um so the saints were coming um and i was aware of that so i decided to put on a tailgate um in the local area at a local pub and we got a lot of local people come and a lot of people from this area came over as well and we had a real good time i got speaking to a good friend of mine from covington and his wife and they invited me to come back and stay with them for a month or so and watch a few games so and that’s what i did so that was 2009 and then ever since then i’ve been real good friends and we came back every you know i was coming back every year watching a few saints games and lsu and any sort of football that i could watch and then going back again and doing some more work and then coming back again and and so really the saints uh the reason that i came and started moved to louisiana how about that that’s an interesting story and eventually you you met her you met a lady that’s right and uh tell me about that okay so at the time i was a photographer i’ve done many many jobs but i was a photographer and i’d been booked for a wedding in new orleans and i was going to stay with my buddy in covington and i’ve been talking to a young lady from over here and i came over and met her and um the story goes that you meet you fall in love and the next thing you know you’re getting married which we did about a year later and then i moved over here and we’ve been together ever since and that’s dorman dawn if you’re listening and watching hello shout out dawn i love you so much um and she’s a school teacher at the central high schools oh very good and you have two 18 year old daughters that’s right hannah arena they they’re uh at college at the moment they’re at southeastern and doing very well so they’re twins that’s correct yes excellent i know that feeling i got i got some 15 year olds myself well 16 year olds now uh just turned 16 so uh shout out to my twins who probably aren’t listening we’ve got a young son as well i say young he’s 13. um and so he’s into all the uh all the things that 13 year olds are and playing video games and that sort of thing you know it’s funny they they seem like uh they’re always young kids to us i mean my son’s 18 now and i still tell people kids sure and i’m like he’s an adult now she’s in college yeah i mean yeah our children and then you look at them and they’re my he’s taller than i am now yeah wow kind of basketball player on hands awesome so uh so y’all have that happy family and you you mentioned you worked several jobs you know over your uh of your life i guess you could say um and i’m just going to cover a few of them but you were number one and first and foremost i want to cover you were in the british army that’s right i was in the army for eight years i was in the uh in the infantry and which is you know in the british army in the royal england regiment um and uh in the last sort of like period of that i was actually working for intelligence so awesome ooh intelligence that’s a whole nother podcast i was gonna say that if you’re gonna spare three hours that’s a whole nother pocket oh you got it you got gold right there that sounds good uh you were also a land rover sales manager so uh the lamb river very popular vehicle here yes um i we absolutely um i i fell in love with the brand with land rover um and i started there as a salesman and worked my way up to the sales manager um and learned a lot of good things selling cars it taught me how to talk how to walk and how basically sales work um and the truth is if you you can’t sell something to to somebody that they don’t want yeah if no if they don’t want it then there is no you’re wasting your time talking to them yeah so you have to build the desire um and that’s the truth you know you know you have to listen to what their needs are and then you can then you can work around how you can pitch um and and you know let the people know what an advantage what the advantages are of whatever it is you’re trying to sell but you know i’m trying to i’m trying to think on a value type of thing i want i want your listeners to have value from this from these um from this interview absolutely and so when it comes to that sort of thing it’s so important that you listen to what they’re trying to tell you and then you can learn from that and then you can you know tell them what the advantage is and if there are no advantages you know if you’re selling something they don’t want then you’re wasting your time so i’m sorry but i can’t help you but joe down the road’s probably got something that you’re looking for that’s right and and they’ll love you for it because you’re wasting your time if they don’t need what you what you’re trying to sell 100 and and i think it’s all about uh building value in your product and and uh you know i have people all the time i prefer obviously same thing with you but anybody that that wants to come on the podcast i need to meet with them first and and uh you know you get a lot of people like well how much does it cost and all these sorts of things and i’m like listen let’s talk about it because if i just spit out a number nobody knows what they’re getting for that number i could say it’s it’s you know just make an easy number it’s one dollar and that person says okay it’s one dollar that’s cheap i’ll take it well they have no idea what they’re getting what if that dollar is not a good value sure um so i you know without having the opportunity to build value in what i do i feel like the person can’t make an educated decision plus i don’t know if it’s something they need sure um it may be something that wouldn’t benefit them and i’m not gonna i’m not i wouldn’t have someone on my podcast if i didn’t feel like it would benefit what they’re doing hey ladies it’s pete with ida lane spam boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon so uh i agree with you 100 and those look selling vehicles and things like that that is a great stepping stone for anybody to learn uh sales absolutely um most of the professional sales people that i know that are very good at what they do started out that way believe it or not yeah and people have a have this opinion of of salesmen regardless what it is of being like snake oil salesmen and you know it’s all that but the best the best are the ones that that only sell your product that you need yes and that’s hundred percent honestly you can’t force somebody into something they don’t want or you can but they’ll never come back to you yeah you can only skin a cat once yeah but you can feed it for the whole life and that’s and that’s that you know if if you skin somebody they’re not coming back and and you see salisman do this all the time and they’re like oh yeah i met a cell today and i ripped them off and made all this money and you’re like you’ve got to think of the lifetime of a customer um and that’s that’s a really important thing you know like if you can keep somebody coming back regularly then you you’re made that’s how businesses are made yeah it’s not through one side it’s through 100 sales yes and it’s interesting i believe in that 100 relationship selling and what i realized through selling paint was i was selling something that you could get somewhere else at a competitor and uh so how could i separate myself from that person well the key was myself i was different in the way that i did it i built relationships with people we became friends things like that and so uh it wasn’t a customer one time it was a customer for life and uh and so that was the way i sold and i found that to be the difference because you couldn’t get me at that competitor i only came with my my product absolutely absolutely and that’s you know that’s the difference between brand and sales you know if you can build a brand then you’re the person you’re the one that they know you’re burning yourself right that’s right and that’s that’s the power in the brand as well you know it’s it’s you know it’s what it is it’s you are the brand and and you’re the ambassador for that brand yeah and so if you think of someone you know in my market everybody compares me to something like steve irwin because he’s an australian and he was allowed and he did it but he wasn’t the only alligator hunter out there there were thousands yes crocodile hunter as it was um but he was the one that stood out he was the brand um and he was the one that everybody thinks about and that’s that’s what you know i try and achieve with the dinosaur experience and mission inflatable you 100 do and you do achieve that and you are you know uh i you and i think so much alike it’s just amazing because i actually had a have a book that i’ve been working on forever but i call it rep the product say yourself and uh and so the product is the product but you’re really selling you with the product you want people buying from you and they get this amazing product on the back end so it’s funny funny how we how we think so much like there and i do want to say this quote from you it’s a good lead into that and uh and you said the cores to successful businesses don’t change just the execution absolutely absolutely that’s dead on i i um i love studying businesses successful businesses and and working you know like looking at how they did it um and i enjoyed reading sam what i say read i listened to a lot of books so sam walton’s autobiography who’s the man if you didn’t know set up walmart yes fascinating book absolutely down to the core values of of how to do business um and some of those values are you know are still very strong there today um and it but if you read through it today it was written i don’t know 50 years ago and you can read a modern book today and that the core values don’t change yeah it’s all about it’s all about looking after your people looking after your customers making sure that you’re thinking about you know making sure that you want them to come back yeah 100 i bet you y’all didn’t know that you’re going to learn all this today from from a guy who owns a dinosaur i just want to give value i want i want people to understand and and you know listen to the i always approach things in a backwards way so what does my person want what’s their ideal so to me you’re my person here and you want more listeners and to get more listeners we have to give them good value so i’m trying to think of things that would interest me as a business owner because that’s who we’re talking to yes and some of the tips that we can give them so 100 and i and i do want to build on what you just said and with regard to uh that the cores of successful businesses don’t change uh just the execution that is uh nick saban who you’re you’re a football fan you may hate nick saban but you know especially around here because you know he left lsu but if we’re all honest he’s likely the best college coach to ever step foot on the field uh even though he lost last week but but one thing i’ll say about nick saban is i’ve read his book uh that he wrote very early on when he was still at lsu and one of the things he preaches up until today today is you buy into my system my system works we win the core values of my system will never change mrs nick saban talking what i did 25 years ago to win i’m still doing today it’s just the way in which i executed the changes he said that so um that is a hundred percent on once you find something that works you don’t want to change everything you only you know you might have to to roll with the punches and change some things as innovation you know takes control but those core things oh yeah that’s never changed yeah the the actual the answers to the question don’t change just how you get there and with technology and and that sort of thing that’s the thing that that’s changing but the actual the way that you or what you’re aiming to do doesn’t change you know you’re always trying to uh you know 100 years ago people used to send telegrams to weddings now they actually turn up or they can do facetime or but it’s the same thing you know it’s the same thing but with technology you can do it a different way and people get afraid of technology you know that they they’re not sure about how this new stuff’s gonna be um you know the currently that the new thing that’s on the bubble of getting really big is nfts um and the majority of people don’t even know they exist which is a great time to get into it yeah um and that’s the next bubble that’s gonna be there it’s podcasting’s been around for what 10 10 years famously um and it’s getting huge now and what the internet has allowed us to do as businesses or individuals is to cut out the middleman it used to be if you wanted a tv show you had to go and speak to somebody and somebody in a suit would sit there and judge you and decide whether you’re good or bad and maybe they might put you on the tv now if you want a show make one make one get your phone out make one put it on youtube and the customer decides that’s exactly right customer decides if you’re good or not so the middleman has been cut out and um and so and that’s how you learn you do more and more you try you practice you get good at what you do 100 and you know it’s it’s uh it’s interesting with with that on that subject youtube has enabled people that are extremely talented to get on and do a show where they may never not have ever had that opportunity any other way so you’ve you it’s literally created stars from someone in in uh in egypt that had youtube not existed they never would have existed they would have been doing whatever it was before that so you know obviously i’m a big fan of youtube yeah well i think it opens up opportunity you have to be if you’re in business and you’re not talking to your customers then you’re not going to be in business long because your guy next to you he will be yes you know if you’re not if you’re not out there talking to your customers in every way you possibly can then you’re not going to be in business very long because if the days have gone where you used to wait for them to come through the door and speak to you you now have to go to them to do that you have to provide value you have to give them what they’re looking for yes mike tyson used to get up at four o’clock in the morning and run he would jog all over and people would ask him man you know you’re the greatest you’re the champ why are you getting up at four o’clock in the morning and running you can do that at seven o’clock and he said because the guy i’m fighting ain’t doing it yeah you know he was doing that way that would push him sure i’m up at four o’clock and i’m running and that guy’s sleeping and you know so that’s the kind of mentality you have to have as a business owner a lot of times to succeed in my opinion that’s right you’re in a you’re in a competition with yourself yes exact hundred very well put um so back to you and away from mike tyson bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your own wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

so you uh you’re chugging along you’re married you’re here in in livingston parish and uh you are a photographer at this point so tell me about that okay so uh photography i um i specialize mainly in wedding and portraiture photography um i don’t do that anymore so don’t get in touch with me anymore i i’d still take pictures but for my own enjoyment um and what i found was the business side of it i wasn’t enjoying i enjoyed taking the pictures but the business side of it was was a bit of a drag you know for example you’d shoot a wedding five years ago and then you get a text or an email from somebody and say hey my aunt flow passed recently you’ve got a picture on page 27 of my album um that’s like a thumbnail size is it possible you can get me a 108 of that and you’re like sure yeah let me look at my files from five years ago and and they’re all negatives at this stage and so yeah while she did that because obviously that’s an important thing for that for that customer um it was a drag on on everything so i you know i kind of moved away from the photography side but i had a lot of fun with photography i actually i actually photographed the nfl games yeah in london which which really was fun because that you know i’d have done that for nothing um uh because what happens obviously the games were coming over it’s expensive to fly people over to shoot the games and the sports photographers in england didn’t know the games yeah they don’t know the game yeah so you know like they’d be at the wrong end for a kickoff they’d be at the end where the guys kick in and all the actions at the other end when they’re catching it yes because they don’t know the sport they don’t know they’ll be standing next to they’ll be standing next to tom brady taking a picture of a lineman yes they don’t know the players yeah so because i had the inside knowledge i got the gig of going to wembley and shooting some of the photographers so shooting some of the games which was fantastic yeah like being on the sideline there um and i had dreams of coming over here and doing the same but yeah it’s a little bit crowded over here there’s a few people who know what they’re talking about yeah it’s a little bit different yeah so so wedding photography was fun um but uh the business side of it was was not and then of course when i moved over here you’re starting again you know you’ve got no reputation to live on you know in england i’d built myself to a good standard where you know i didn’t have to work hard to get business yeah you come over here you’re just the new guy so yeah good point and and i also love photography and and uh i i don’t know what it is about it but uh it’s just something where when you get that great picture you know just it’s a hobby for me i don’t know i will never be a photographer i’m not that good but you know playing with lenses and trying different things in lighting and and uh my my children actually had homecoming recently and i took homecoming pictures and i’m like wow that’s pretty good you know it’s off a camera it ain’t me but it’s really hard i’ll take credit anyway it’s really hard to take pictures of your own family because they just don’t want to know you’re just dead yeah

um yeah i i could never get good pictures of our own children well you know i’ve got some where they’re not knowing that i’m taking the pictures but yeah you try and pose them there they’re not interested so oh yeah no doubt about it i agree 100 now uh from there you also work for walmart kind of in there you know you did a different capacity for them in which you were an academy trainer that’s right walmart has an academy that’s right yeah i worked at the denham springs walmart here i started at the watson walmart i was the sporting goods manager and then i moved to the denim springs one here store 935 shout out and i worked at the walmart academy which is walmart has a training school for their managers so the idea is if you become promoted or you come in as a manager then you come to the school and we teach you all the systems and and the hands software and and the machinery and and how the systems are designed to work um and so we have a school back there and you know we would teach you know the new managers coming through um and they come to us depending what they were being trained on sometimes it was like two or three months sometimes it was like two or three days depending on what it is walmart’s constantly updating its systems and how things are worked sure um and so you know they might bring in a new thing and then we’d have to train people up on on what it was so yeah i worked at the academy um had a really good time there with everybody there um and it was it was almost a dream job for me i enjoy talking and teaching yes yes i can tell you and you’re very uh very articulate and communicate very well and that of course you know so it shows in your personality that you enjoy doing that now during that time were you running your businesses or yes um i i what happened 2016 um was when the flood happened obviously around here know that um and we got we got a lot of we got some water in our house about six inches um so you know we had um you might as well say four feet yeah yeah we had that boy i had to have the repair the house repaired um and i did a lot of the work on the house myself so i took all the floors out the the the walls and everything they wouldn’t let me rebuild it but they would let me take the stuff out so because of that when the insurance paid out we had it we had some cash left over and that was when we started our first business that was when we started mission inflatable um we bought two slides uh and a trailer yeah and that was how we started mission inflatable um and that’s basically set us up uh and then we went from there and you know we bought a few more slides and bits and pieces um until we we got to mission inflatable where it is today so how did you um what made you think i want to go into the inflatables business what was that moment okay so one of again in a previous job i worked for pizza hut when i first moved over here i didn’t know anybody and it was a job i could walk into and i worked at pizza hut as a delivery driver at first um and on one of my deliveries i i would always get chatty with the customers because the accident just attracts it and they always want to know what you’re doing and how you got here and that sort of thing yeah now one of the one of the deliveries i was doing was to a guy and his son um and they were unloading inflatables um at their house and i got talking to him and and they said oh yeah it’s a good business it’s a hard business very physical but um you know if you’re willing to put in the work then it can be it can be a good job and i was like that’s something that stuck in my mind i was like that’s something i can do yeah um and every you know like we didn’t have a lot of money um we had zero money in fact we had negative money and i would try and square relay money i’d try and put you know like a dollar here and ten dollars here and 50 bucks here yeah and i’d put it away and put it away with this dream of eventually buying a water slide um and then something would go wrong you know the frigid break or the washing machine or break or the kids had to go on a school trip what would happen um and we never got that break where i i’d get it close to like having nearly a thousand dollars and then something that happened and we’d have to spend the money on something else tires new tires yeah and then and then the flood happened and you know obviously that was devastating i’d never go through it again or never wish to go through it again but in the long run it actually benefited us because you know instead of taking that money and buying a new tv we invested in ourselves um and i think that’s a real that’s something that you know people really need to understand is if you think of it like monopoly you know like you don’t you don’t try and win monopoly by going around the board and collecting 200 every time you go around and not buy anything not do anything if you want to win you have to invest and that was something that that stuck in my mind was it was like we’ve got to we’ve got to be able to pull ourselves out of the position we’re in without just having jobs that aren’t paying enough for us you know to live yes so we decided to invest um and we bought the first two slides and and we went from there so yeah and you had uh and you still have this business important to mention uh-huh um so what do you have now we’ve got we’ve got nine inflatables now um we buy one or two maybe a year depending on on where we’re going and how we do nine inflatables non-inflatable wow so you’ve grown a lot that’s great man yes you went from two two slides and uninflated yeah to nine now we’ve got uh seven inflatables and three bounce houses or two two combos at a bounce house um and we were always looking to to get more now obviously we’ve got the issue we’ve got this year and last year is is the shipping is horrendous so if you’re trying to buy anything at all you’ve got to have you’ve got to plan a year or two in advance and as it was we used to get into the summer earn some money and then buy a slide well if you do that now by the time you know you you’re actually ordering the slide it’s going to be a year before it turns up so yeah um we’re in a holding pattern on mission inflatable at the moment we we can expand the business is there um but we’re we’re just measuring it which how we want to do it and and looking at taking on more staff which is the trick really you know once you’ve got once you’ve got nine out there um it’s it’s it’s kind of a beast to get them all out and back again especially with the dinosaur taking off and we’re doing birthdays on saturdays and sundays that takes a whole lot of time out so that’s a great point and you know you brought up a couple of keys there that i want to dive into the first uh is the you know shipping so and i’ll give you an interesting stat if you ain’t heard it i i have read an article yesterday that uh basically was saying christmas for christmas if you want to order like christmas presents um expect to order them by uh mid-november or you may not get them by december even if they’re in the united states because they’re expecting such a heavy christmas season that they won’t have enough truck drivers to transport the christmas gifts so um i’ve never i’ve never seen it that bad and none of us have ever seen it this bad with quarter shipping of any product fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

it’s it’s crazy it’s it’s a it’s a huge a lot of things have happened you’ve got the the ship that got stuck in the sewers canal that messed everything up for that time period for like a month or so nothing was moving because nothing could get through so that meant all the ports were blocked up with stuff that that was like coming to the ports that couldn’t be shipped out and then and then the ships started to get loaded and then covered of course and what happens you know in asia and china if somebody gets caught a person in a port gets kobe they shut the port yeah and so you know that might be for weeks two weeks and then and then they’ll reopen again and all the all the freight then moves to the next port down the road and and so there’s a huge backlog of freight trying to move around the world yeah yeah so you know that is one issue obviously with all businesses and then on the other side of that you have the labor issue and and um you know the the saying used to be good help is hard to find now it’s just helpless yeah i mean i have good or not i’m blessed that we have a guy that works for us jayden again superstar um if i could clone him and make more i would do he’s he’s very reliable he works the hours we ask him to um but you know i’m always you know like we’re always looking for for similar types of people and i’m the kind of guy that if there’s no work to do then that’s you know then you know there’s no work to do but yeah we we have real busy periods i think we’re getting into a quiet period now because in the summer obviously the the slides and things don’t go out as much sure the dinosaur keeps us going sure um so i’m the kind of guy that if i have to be a boss around you i’m not you’re not going to be employed very long yeah you know you need to be showing me that i don’t like paying people to watch me work yeah you know and i you know i’m very much a get in the dirt type of guy i you know i’ll be in there i’ll clean i’ll wash i’ll i’ll drive around and get as dirty as the next guy but i won’t have somebody watch me do it no and pay them yeah yeah no you don’t want to do that and you know it’s it’s important to mention that especially in the inflatable business and i know this from experience of of i’ll just tell a quick story so i was um i you know i’ve had i have three kids and and of course over the years we had done the inflatable thing kids love the inflatables and uh and i remember distinctly this was probably about 10 years ago but someone we had done an inflatable and they come and they set it up and it was it was a little bit of a feed to take it down and all that unless i want to do it myself and i said well i’ll do it myself i’m like you know how hard can it be let me tell you i would have i would have paid them double what they were asking it uh any time after that because it was a pretty big inflatable and um heavy and you know it was muddy so i had to spray it off first and all these things and then you got to let it dry out you don’t want to just roll it up because it’ll mold and that’s the hidden side that people don’t realize they don’t see is is the you know people see you come put it up and take it down and go away they don’t see you put it up again and when you get home clean it make sure it’s dry make sure you know and now obviously we covered you’ve got to be triply but that’s good you’ve got to make sure it’s all disinfected at the top and anywhere that people touch um and and that’s the part that people didn’t see and it’s also the part that some businesses don’t do yes you know and that’s the thing with us we’re very conscious that we we never take out a dirty slide it’s got to be clean yeah even if if we’re picking up from somewhere on saturday and moving it on sunday then when we get it to where it’s going to be we’re going to wipe it down before anybody gets on it because it’s you know again you can skin a cat once absolutely you know you can you can take it to them once dirty and they’ll never book you again yeah and i’m always looking at the lifetime of of customers you know and that’s a fascinating thing to do you know if if you ever looked at your word to somewhere like walmart as an individual person how much you spend at walmart or a family you know me and my family we spend i know three 300 bucks a week something like that if you work that out it’s 52 weeks a year over the next 20 years and our family et cetera we’re actually worth probably about half a million to three quarters of a million to walmart just one family yeah um and if you know it only takes them to mess up once and upset us badly that we don’t come back that’s that’s not half a million three-quarters of a million dollars that that one company isn’t going to have and that’s how i look at individuals yeah when if somebody’s blocking us then i don’t want them to book once i want them to book for their whole lifetime their family’s lifetimes so i need to make sure that they get the best experience that we can give them and you just said it uh something that i believe in deeply and that is if you give someone a good experience you’re not only going to get their repeat business you’re going to get the business of their friends and family because they’re going to refer you the strongest the strongest thing you can do for a business you’re happy with is tell somebody else refer them you know that’s a lifeblood of what you do because um holly holmmaker for lack of a better name uh she hires you and that’s great for her kids birthday but she probably has 20 friends that they they have kids and they’re going to have birthdays and you want her to tell every one of them oh they were so great they showed up on time they were professional all of those things and that is worth its weight in goal yeah we’re always aiming to to create conversations we want people to be talking about us and we want them to be talking in a good way as well yeah so we’re constantly trying to think of new and different ways to do what we do we do the same thing but we do it differently yeah how can we get that conversation going at first it wasn’t hard you know because you’re the new kid on the block um but now it’s you know like now people have seen us a bit more we need that conversation to keep going we need to keep reinventing ourselves new ways different ideas very good yes 100 now let me ask you of your all your uh inflatables which one is the most popular uh or is there one or do they all kind of say there’s an individual one slides it depends on the time of year as well sure um 18-foot slides are probably our most popular because they’re they’re in the right price bracket yeah that a small family could afford and they’re not too big and they’re not too small so kids can get on it and adults can get on it yeah so an 18-foot water slide is probably the best in the summer is there a theme maybe that’s more you know like uh say a castle thing we try not i mean we we try not to go with too much of a theme because we want to appeal to you know when we’ve only got nine if we had 109 then you can go with batman and spider-man and that sort of thing but when you’ve got nine you want the bounce house to be able to appeal to the three-year-old who’s into mickey mouse and the seven-year-old that might be into lol dolls that’s a good boy so you know we were in a position where if we bought a cindy house then that would only appeal to a small amount but you know you’re not going to get a boy in there yeah and and and so we we try we you know at this moment in time we’re neutral with with what we do um but you know as as we expand and get more and more and more then we can specialize a bit more sure and and trends change and so you sure don’t want to invest in a bouncy house for uh i don’t know pick a character and then that character in two years is stale and nobody cares about it i’ve got to tell you i’ve been i’ve been looking at one and it’s it’s a bounce house but it’s huge it’s it’s a thousand pounds weight this thing oh well it’s the millennium falcon and it is the size of the mate you get in it and you can walk around a couple and i fall in love with it but it’s just yeah adults would give that i might jump in there you know like it’s it’s a ridiculous price to buy um to buy and then it’d be crazy to rent it but it just looks so good but then it’s star wars and and star wars is is on target i mean disney hands it now so it’s probably gonna made 10 20 years in it i don’t know but it’s organic but yeah it’s just that it was in the 70s if we bought it it would be for me so yeah indeed yeah that one and what a presentation that would be i would imagine so pretty cool so maybe stay tuned for that one day so

william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast

obviously you’re rocking and rolling with these bouncy asses now this is kind of like a side hustle for you as you’re at walmart you’re you’re doing both things at once um when in late 2018 you started the dinosaur experience were you still at walmart then yes yes um i was still at walmart um i just moved to the academy in fact when we bought our first dinosaur nash um and i had this this idea we were going out to birthday parties with our bounce houses and i noticed that a lot of the birthday parties probably more than half were dinosaur parties it was jurassic park or it was like dinosaur parties and and i it was it was something that was burning in the back of my head if we could do something dinosaur related we there’s a business in this you know yes and also the inflatable business is very much seasonal like most businesses are but it’s a summer seasonal thing now in louisiana that’s great because some of us are like last in april and gets through to like late october right um and you can still you know we’ve still got them out this weekend um but we needed something that would stretch out over the winter so we were looking for another project that we could do and i decided that if we could find like one of these dinosaurs that you see at disney or universal that walks around if we could get something like that we could we could build a business out of it we could you know we could be um you know we could do birthday parties with that sort of thing yes and that’s where the idea came from um seems like you’re always kind of thinking oh you know you definitely have an entrepreneurial experience let me tell you it’s killing me at the moment i drive around at the moment and i drive past all these trees that are down and in my head i’m going people will pay you to clear up their yards they’ll pay you to come and cut this tree up and take it away and then you drive 300 miles up north to somewhere where it’s a bit colder and sell it and it’s just in my head that there’s just money sitting there that i don’t have time to do so yeah if you’re listening to this get your truck out hire a huge bed go and be paid to clear up somebody’s yard major pay yes and then and then drive up north and sell it for firewood and then you know you’re going to be made for the next six to 12 months well let me tell you this um on that point it it’s interesting in that the most expensive part of a storm is the cleanup obviously but from a state perspective the contract that they give the people that have the big you know crane that picks up the wood and the reason they have you separate that into piles uh is these companies well the companies request it but also they’re going to pick that stuff up they’re going to put in their truck and they’re going to do just what you said smart i mean that’s what they should do and it’s good you know it’s not going to waste it’s it’s being reused um but the whole point of this story is they are expensive none of that is cheap from a state government perspective the most expensive part of a storm probably 60 of what it costs is in those guys picking that stuff up then they’re they’re making a killing there then they’re taking that and they’re selling they’re making more of a killing it’s amazing it’s entrepreneurship in its best form you know it’s like these people need a service and so to these people i can provide service to both of them and they’re both going to pay me yes and and you know it’s like it’s perfect it’s the perfect business but there’s only 24 hours in a day yeah exactly you know if i had a thousand people in under my employment say right today we’re clearing we’re clearing the yards and tomorrow we’re salesmen we’re going to go and sell wood i love it but i’m constantly you’re right in what you say my wife will tell you i’m i can’t stop thinking about i’ll drive past something it was a business in that and and then before almost like abb you know two hours i’ve got the whole business plan sorted of how we’re going to do it how are we going to do that i’m like no you just you’re too busy as it is i’ve got i’ve got at least three businesses burning inside my brain that are desperate to start but you can’t at this moment in time and yeah i’ve got these other ones going to where i’m in i want them to be yes and and the problem is when i get them to where i want them to be six months ago i’ve now moved the gold plus yeah you know like i’m now right now building and building and building on the current businesses as well as the new ones that i’ve got 100 and i think that’s a big thing with what separates you as a as a business owner is uh when we sat down and we were talking you you have the amazing thing about you is you have a plan which is uh important you want to have kind of a short-term plan a midterm plan and then a long-term plan and you have all that i mean sitting down with you you would have thought you went to harvard business school you know your business and and uh you know business in general that impressed me a lot um and so at some point okay in here you’re running you’re running two businesses now and um eventually you you figure out uh in order to focus on these two businesses you’ve got to make a decision with walmart right yes yeah i i tell you exactly what happened um covered happened um which again you know it it it’s a huge switch in your mind you know like the business plan says we’re doing this and then all of a sudden you can’t do that because you know whatever you know life throws a fastball in your way you know there’s an obstacle there so i i said to the wife one day i said look what we should do just let’s get nash our big dinosaur out and we’ll put him on the trailer and i’ll build a cage and we’ll make it look like he’s in a cage and we’ll just go and visit a couple of friends and just go and take the dinosaur out there and they could come out the driveway and wave to us and we would just speak to him you know keeping the six foot distance and making sure and this was during the lockdown and we did that and we and we went out and and you know they put some pictures on facebook and whatever yeah and then people started their friends started getting touched hey would you come to our subdivision and do that and we were like yeah okay so we did that and and then we were turning up at these subdivisions and every every driveway had a bunch of kids at the bottom so where we would normally visit two houses we were visiting almost every house so we were driving around these subdivisions and we’d stop at every child any child that we saw we would stop and have like a 30 seconds to two minute chat with them about dinosaurs or whatever they wanted to do or show us and then we’d move on and that then became more and more and more so instead of doing it just at weekends now i took two weeks off i took two weeks from i’ve used my all my vacation and we said right we’re going to knock this out we’ll get it done all these people that have contacted us were going to do it and then so at this stage it started to get bigger and bigger so i had to put something on the website with a form to fill out because the phones were just constantly ringing about can you come to us so we put a form on the website and people were filling that out and and we were getting we were getting thousands of hits on the website every day wow so i did the two weeks um and we just couldn’t keep up with the the amount of people that wanted us and at this stage we were getting police escorts police were coming and meeting us and said all right we’re going to drive you around the subdivision with all the lights flashing and stopping at every child having a conversation what have you that’s amazing it was it was a move everything no it was a magical time let me tell you and um we would we would say to people right we’re going to do these subdivisions there’s five subdivisions we’re going to do today um we’re going to start at nine and we don’t know what time we’re going to get to yet and people will be tracking us they’d be on facebook oh they’re at so-and-so road now and we would ask them we would get to the last subdivision and it would be turning dark and we’d turn up there and at the bottom of the the little you know at the top of the driveways the children will be standing there in their pajamas holding their dinosaur toys under the under their arm and they’ve been waiting for us the whole day and it was so it was so special it was a it was a magical time everybody loved us we loved them um and then we had site people had signs made and it was like it was like we’d just come back from the moon it was like neil armstrong time yeah it was a magical time and and it was really special and then of course so at that stage it it just kept coming and now people were offering to pay us people were like we’ll pay you to come to our subdivision our homeowners association will pay you to come to us and we were like well we do need money yeah we do it’s a business you know at the end of the day we do need so then we started saying okay all right well we’ll take payment and then it just went even crazier instead of slowing down people were like yeah come to us come to us come to us because everyone’s stuck at home nothing for them to do netflix and and tiger king was about all there was yeah um and and so you know we were like a distraction we were we’ve been the show in town um and that’s what we did so um i went into warm up one day and i said look i i’ve got it’s time i have to leave because you know we’ve got we’re on the crest of this wave and we have to ride it as long as we can yeah and that’s what we did so we you know i left walmart on great terms love the people step there still um and uh and just you know for the next two three weeks however long the lockdown was we uh we we just hit the streets and every day we were driving around uh wow and that and that triggered you know our facebook page from you know we were very the dinosaur experience was a very young business at the time and we went from like 800 followers to like 5 000 in the space of like a month yeah and we built that down to almost 10 09 and a half i’m hoping to hit 10 before christmas but we’ll we’ll see how we do with that that’s interesting um oh you’ll hit it next week it just drops hopefully the dinosaur experience come and come and like us on facebook yes yes like them on facebook and i want to say um you know just back up a little bit and just say uh for those that may not be familiar i’ll tell you another quick story with with how i became familiar with you i want to say my wife had went to uh the library or something maybe and there there was a uh you know the cards the i don’t know what not a rack car but yeah it’s like a three by five type thing and it was your your stuff and maybe they were i thought maybe it was a library she went to but anyway she came home and she says you need to get this guy on your podcast she throws it at me and i’m like you know it’s one of those things where sometimes she does this and i look at it and i’m like yeah well i looked at this and i’m like what is this about so um and this was like a year ago and really kind of looked into it and uh found it very interesting and then much like you things happened and you get so busy with uh you know we are so blessed around here to have so many people reach out to us that uh we’re just now getting the point where we hooked up and got this done but the interesting thing about your business for those that may not be aware is the uh the dinosaurs themselves and yes and you were talking about we had talked about uh the you can’t go down to the local general store and buy these dinosaurs no no these are these especially handmade um ordered things they’re not they’re not it’s not you know there’s no there’s no producing these things so so nash for example our big dinosaur we had to have that made um in in china um it’s the only place that could make them um and so he was you know he was designed there and brought over

rexy he’s our baby t-rex he’s the mischievous one that all the kids love um he’s he’s that he’s the bad one um he was actually made by a very good guy in in baton rouge um barton gilly interesting he works on he’s he’s he’s an incredibly talented guy who makes uh movie props and uh stuff for concerts and that sort of thing you know you’ve got an idea he’ll make it for you yeah um he he does a lot for the 13th gate for example yeah in baton rouge he does a lot of their stuff um and uh so i you know this guy again if i had a billion dollars he’d he would work for me and i wouldn’t let anyone near him yeah um because you know i have these crazy ideas and i go to him and he like looks at me and he’s like i said can it be done he’s like yeah but yeah i’m like okay well let’s talk about how we can do this yes and so i went to him with his idea for the baby um t-rex and i didn’t want it to i wanted it to look realistic but not frightening um again which you know like putting these impossible tasks in front of him and i wanted it to to make it look like it was alive yeah you know to me it didn’t have it didn’t you know there are other people that sell puppets that are puppets yeah that’s fine that’s what they are i wanted this one to look like it was real yeah and have a character about it and um he did it fantastically and he’s made another one for us since susie um she’s the you know similar to rexy but she’s the female and and we dress her up in a tutu and things like that when we do a lot of girl birthday parties oh that’s cool and so susie is there as well so awesome but yeah shout out to barton he’s uh he’s an absolute superstar um and i’ve got he knows i’ve got so many every time i go there i’ve got new projects for him oh man he sounds like a good one to get on oh yeah he’s a future program very very interesting let me tell you he he’s got some stories now not all of them he can talk about because he goes he’s here’s the thing with him as well you you’re working on a project with him and you have to understand that at a second’s notice he could get a phone call and be in california working on a movie yeah and that’s what happens and that’s what happened with with our with rexy well you know he was like working on it and doing it and then you know he had to go and work yeah and uh you know yeah i gotta go hang out with sylvester stallone we’re actually gonna have to wait yeah you know you’ve gotta you’ve gotta go to where the paycheck is you’re completely understanding oh yeah yeah we’re business owners we get that stuff well shout out to him and important to mention something in your name and that is the name of your company is the dinosaur experience that’s just what it is and that’s what we want to press down here this is what makes you really different i mean there’s a hundred things that make you different this really separates you it is an experience it is not just uh you know something where a dinosaur shows up at your house and you walk it through and it’s over with right this is a whole show yeah absolutely what we didn’t want to do is like um be like a picture on a wall you know that’s cool or like a fossil you know like you go and look at it it’s cool we wanted we wanted the people especially the children to have an experience with us you know not something that they can just walk past and point at um like like you would have in a museum fantastic museums but they have their use we wanted the children to experience it so when when we do things when we do public events and libraries and schools and um pre-k’s and birthdays we we bring our dinosaurs and we want the children to get involved now the older children they they understand it’s not real you know they understand that you know dinosaurs died millions of years ago and and you know this this thing in front of them isn’t real but within five minutes we’ve got them acting like it is yeah that they are having an experience with a dinosaur and we get them trained in the dinosaurs and it all goes wrong and they laugh and i think it’s real funny um but yeah that was that was it’s something and again we want that water cooler moment of the conversation we want them to have a core memory of when we came and visited whether it’s at the school or whether it’s their birthday party we want that to be a memory they have for their whole life and so we try and make that experience as memorable as we can yes and and you script these shows yourself you work on these and and they change over time you probably have several different yeah i mean we’ve got we’ve got a set thing that we do for most birthdays but every child is different every child you know like some of them with nash who’s the big 15 foot walking t-rex he can be a bit much at first yeah so normally we start with him but if we’re we’re realizing that the birthday child isn’t like really into it then very nervous then we can shift him out bring the baby out and the baby’s the one they all fall in love with and we can normally win them over with that and then bring nash back again once they’re a bit more confident yeah so yeah we have a set routine that most of the birthdays run to will you know if you’ve got ideas you know then you know we’ll work with you on whatever ideas you may have um but you know like we we we kind of got it down to pat now we change and adjust as we go if you know i might say something and the kids laugh think i’ll try that again and try it again and it works again yeah that gets into the show yeah other stuff we’ve tried just falls flat in its basement yeah we’re not going to do that anymore you know yeah um but yeah we’re constantly adapting and changing looking for better ways of doing it yeah absolutely and it is it’s an experience from start to finish uh kids would certainly love it and there’s there’s certain you know i guess you could say demographics that you like to hit and and obviously birthday parties is a big deal that’s probably the bulk of what you do yeah it is currently um currently you know like every weekend we’re busy um doing the birthdays now sometimes depending on on the distance we have to travel the furthest we’ve been you know we’re based in watson the first service we’ve traveled for a birthday is san antonio yeah so you can imagine when we do that that that pretty much takes out a weekend out of your calendar absolutely so you know some weekend like this weekend coming we’ve got six birthdays and that’s that’s almost as many as we can do um you know we do one at 11 one at one one at three one at five we could probably get one in at 6 37 if if they were local enough yeah but six is about as many as we can do in a weekend um if there’s a long distance one then that messes up how many we can do so sure so yeah but yeah we so that’s the weekends monday to friday we do in the summer we don’t stop we do summer camps we do schools we do um pre-k’s we do all that sort of thing churches as well they have us a lot we come and do church stuff monday to friday we are really aiming now to get into schools we’ve got a lot of schools that we go to pre-k’s as well um but this year the whole project or you know the next 12 months is going to be getting us into the monday to friday to do schools and libraries and that sort of thing absolutely and and i think libraries is a great great uh section of segment of the market for you i just think that there’s so many things that y’all you know it’s a it’s not only an experience of of the kids love it and and even some adults but it is the experience of learning and libraries and learning go hand in hand exactly what you do is you’re teaching exactly we’re teaching them the kids don’t realize it right we’ll ask them questions and and that sort of thing and and and and and let me check the knowledge sometimes these children are so knowledgeable now i i purposely don’t put myself out there as a dinosaur expert because i’m not you know i i read and i try and learn as much as i can specifically about t-rexes because that’s what we have um and so when the kids ask questions i’ve got a good idea of what i can answer but you know some of these guys they they live in these dinosaur books um and so in that scenario i’m like well you tell me you teach me what you know and yeah how it is and then i can pass that knowledge onto somebody else so you know i’ve done i’m not a paleontologist i haven’t done any college stuff or anything um but you know i’d learn as much as i can through youtube and videos and books and the children teach me a lot yeah yeah interesting interesting boy they’re getting sharp these days for sure on those dinosaurs now are you pregnant or do you know someone that’s pregnant well we have the perfect place for you look at me 4d imaging has you covered right here in livingston parish to get your next ultrasound or find out the gender of your baby look at me 4d imaging offers a newborn baby boutique gender reveal supplies keepsake 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435-9749 look at me 4d imaging a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast now the obvious question um at some point you chose dinosaurs as your route and and this is i’m going to do this dinosaur experience what made you pick dinosaurs as the way to go um it was you know the passion behind the church i think every every child girls and boys have had a have had a time that they’ve fallen in love with dinosaurs and i think it’s i think it’s one of those magical things because you might like unicorns and you might like dragons but dinosaurs were real you know they were real they were real things that were here and that’s interesting that’s kind of like it blows your mind when you think about these these huge monster things that were really here um and so it’s it’s kind of a magical thing now you know we we purposely get into that to try and teach and and explain um and and show you know what dinosaurs could have been like in a friendly fun way and that’s you know we just want the experience to be good yes and for them to have fun whilst learning at the same time oh man it’s a it is a great business model and and i can’t impress enough that it is a an experience an entire experience so um obviously social media big thing for you um you know you uh you pretty much built your business on social media and water mouth and and all of those sorts of things how would you agree with me that that’s probably the big been the biggest component to your success undoubtedly undoubtedly social media is without social media we would be nowhere near where we are today you know we could still generate some conversation but we you know we have to we have to be able to put stuff out there for people to see because it’s kind of hard when we first started it was real hard explaining to people what we were you know like we bring dinosaurs to your party and then people think oh like reptiles or something you know like you’re like a little zoo that yeah yeah and they bring spiders and reptiles and no we bring a 15-foot t-rex walks around in your backyard neighbors and then of course they’re into okay so you’ve got one of these little suit blow up things that that you walk around like a big blob no no and so with social media we can put pictures and video and and you know broadcast out there and show what we do and people can share it yes and then more people see it more people and that’s that that’s you know we always produce stills from every birthday and we produce a small video from every birthday and we put those on social if the parents allow us you know understandably some parents are like no don’t put it on social because you know we we you know sometimes you deal with um um very important business people and sports stars that sort of thing they don’t they don’t need anything yeah they don’t need that so you know so we still produce it and give them to them but we don’t put it on social and we always ask permission if we can do that very good very good now um so hopefully uh and believe it or not we’ve been going an hour and it seems like about five minutes and look we could do a five-hour podcast with this guy we might he might be a co-host in the future you never know um but one thing we we definitely want to mention are some promotions and upcoming events that you have going on uh one of them uh is the dinosaur jubilee yes tell me about that okay so this is um we’re sticking our neck out a bit here again another martin idea i’ve always wanted to do a live show um where you know we can we can stand on the stage um and just do a show with a little bit of a story involved with the kids and the dinosaurs um and so you know i’ve been writing and rewriting it in my mind and redoing it again and we stuck our neck out and said look we can we can do it this year so we’ve got the dinosaur jubilee come along now it was originally called jurassic jubilee which is a fantastic name and then i messed up when i designed the flyers and everything and put dinosaur jubilee for some reason um so yeah but we that’s coming up on the 20th of november yeah 20th of november in 30th 30th so 30th yeah my bad that’s all right don’t show up on the morning at kristen wood in central now um you can get tickets for that from our website if you look on dinosaur jubilee click there you’ll get a link to buy tickets and and please do come along um we’ve got a lot resting on this it’s it’s um it’s a new project that we’re working on and if it works out we’re gonna we’re gonna take it on the road um so we would love for you to come bring your children um adult and children tickets are available yes come and see us um and we’ll give you a good experience i promise yes and i’m going to link that uh to the description of this video so you can just click in the link in the description section and you’ll see the dinosaur you click there and it’ll bring some bring it to a link for tickets and you can get tickets to this experience we want to really feel that fill that place up uh you’ve also launched a free live webcast yes uh i did my first free live webcast last night again i’m looking at what what do my clients what do my people want and these kids they love dinosaurs so i wanted to do a live um like show for them with our dinosaurs put a bit of comedy in there put a bit of knowledge in there teaching having fun at the same time but something they can re interact with which is why we do the live version so that they can come onto facebook watch us on there and then they can type in there and ask questions or what have you and we did our first broadcast last night and it was it was it was fun it went well um we got some more improvements to come which i’m excited about but for a first one it was good and now they’re recording record they are live but they’ve recorded as well so you can go on to our dinosaur experience facebook page and watch it there and also we’ve created uh a separate group a dinosaur experience for kids group and that was so that we could separate the business side of it from the fun kids side of it so the kids can get on there they can upload their pictures and ask their questions and do the quizzes that were set in and that sort of thing on the dinosaur experience kids page and the dinosaur experience page can be just there for mums and dads and people to look at pictures and and the business side so i just want to provide value for these kids wherever they are in the world um you know we get we get hits from all over um and i want to be able to reach out and speak to these kids in line live as we do it um and and just you know do that you know what a beautiful thing yeah that’s great and there you go so uh be on the lookout for that in in in uh in proper martin form you are even working on a book yes yeah we’ve got a we’ve got a storybook um you found 30 minutes left in the yeah actually my wife wrote the book so although i did i did say look i need to write a book she said well i can do that yeah you do that you write the book you’re perfect because yeah it was a it was a project that i wanted to do um yeah so she’s written this book about rexy going to a birthday party which is you know exactly what we do um and we’re having it illustrated at the moment we’re hoping it might be around sometime before christmas um watch our pages for that uh yes and uh and we’ll be able to you know put that out there i’m very very happy about that and super proud of my wife absolutely great job um now for people that want to get in touch with you what you know they they’ve heard the podcast and they’re like wow we want to do the bouncy houses and then we want to do the dinosaur experience and we want to do all these things what is the process okay so um facebook’s probably the best way to find us so you can look for mission inflatable llc on facebook or you can look for the dinosaur experience on facebook and you’ll find us there um and then you can send us a message through there we have like an automated reply um but we will come back to you so here’s the important thing if you’re looking for a birthday party when you first contact us tell us where you are because we we need to be able to work out they get messages i’m sure from all over we do we do um and the thing is how much is a birthday party and we then have to say well where are you because if you’re on mars it’s a different price than if you’re three doors down the road absolutely so please tell us where you’re from when you actually initially contact us especially if it’s a birthday if it’s a school a library that sort of thing put your contact details in there we’re probably gonna call you um so that we can discuss how we can do it because we normally try and set split age groups because we have a different show for the younger kids to the to the older kids absolutely and then we can work out timings and how many there are and that sort of thing yes so um but you can always go to and again send us a message through there um or facebook they’re probably the best ways we are on instagram as well everything is under the dinosaur experience um because you know like it’s just the brand yeah yeah it’s for us and you’ll find us and it makes it easy it’s all uh in one little pot there i guess you could say uh so follow those rules folks and the interesting thing martin is we’re gonna we’re gonna be able to uh we’re gonna have pictures popping up throughout this entire podcast so it’ll be like a the news or something yeah you know it’ll pop up when we’re talking about the dinosaurs they’ll pop up bouncing houses will pop up so i’ll get you to send me some pictures that you’d like to include and uh we’ll do that so i can’t tell you how much i enjoyed this we could have went another hour uh so we’ll have to have you back one day and and uh and definitely do part two of the dinosaur experience and he’ll probably be in a whole other country then he’s expanded all over the world it’ll be a great one if if anyone’s going to do it this man right here will uh i’m going to link the facebook pages and all that stuff the instagram to the description of this video as well so look for that make it real easy to find you and thank you for coming on thanks jim i had a really good time uh i want to thank all the listeners and viewers of local leaders of podcast for all of your sharing and your friending of my page i think we’ve went over 8 000 subscribers on youtube as of uh like four days ago so that’s a beautiful thing i think we’re close to 10 on facebook and uh close to 10 on instagram last time i looked so we’re excited uh and it really is people like you that come on the show that’s what this is all about uh y’all really really make me look good to say the least so thank you very much for all of you out there that share everything that we do and share this post don’t uh when this when this drops i want everybody to share it the more people that share it the more exposure this gentleman gets and that’s a great thing he’s doing a great business right here in livingston parish so check that out uh i also want to thank my sponsors for local leaders of podcast i say it every episode i could not do any of this without all of you i appreciate you very much and as i say every episode of local leaders of the podcast i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading thank you very much

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