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Local Leaders: The Podcast Presents – Dr. Donald St. Angelo of Advanced Dental Care

Dr. Donald St. Angelo of Advanced Dental Care is back for a second appearance on  Local Leaders: The Podcast .

In this edition of Local Leaders the Podcast we discuss the importance of a well trained staff with regard to a high paced Dental office, to his basic dental practice offerings to the amazing technology only available through his office including UltraShape and VelaShape Technology, Sublative Skin Resurfacing, Body contouring and the Profound Machine.

Raised in Livingston Parish and a extremely active member of the community he made for a extremely interesting podcast!

You’re going to want to watch this one!

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Video Transcript (Beta)

dr donald san angelo of advanced dental care how are you i’m good jim thank you it is your second time on local leaders the podcast so i’m assuming you had some fun the first time if you’re back first go around was pretty good that was that was a neat experience never done that before so you are denim springs guy tell me tell me where you were born and raised yeah so born in baton rouge we lived out towards livingston for a little while and then in about the seventh grade we moved out here to dental yeah figured it out yeah great place a great place and you graduated from from denham springs high school yep yep class of o2 you went into college and eventually you ended up obviously in dentistry school that’s right uh have you always wanted to be a dentist ever since you you know you were a young kid or was there a time you wanted to be a weatherman like me wait a minute that would have been a good one um no kind of you know about the time i had braces i was in the dentist office a lot at that point that kind of really you know just brought it to light for me i was like this is a really cool place to be i’d love to work at a place like this and then kind of you know didn’t think about it too much more until really until i got into high school it was kind of like all right fixing to go off to college what we’re doing here yeah kind of you know figure some things out and i was like i’m going dentistry that’s that’s what we’re going to do it’s interesting a lot of people in business they they kind of figured out around that senior year of high school of course there’s people that go to college and and they don’t you know they start off in one field and then they end up doing something completely different but i find a lot of people that i sit down in here they knew what they wanted to do by the time they were a senior in high school you uh you graduated from lsu school of dentistry was that where you that’s correct okay yeah it’s in new orleans uh in new orleans yeah i actually was driving from denham springs to new orleans really for a good bit of yeah a good bit of my schooling that’s a trek i got a little a little dorm i think my sophomore year and i’d stay a few days a week over there but you know my wife was here um we were starting to do a little family and make our family and her career and everything was here so it was honestly it was easy so you were married while you were oh yeah we have our uh 13th year anniversary coming up next wow i didn’t realize that so you were able to get through all that be married and start a family oh yeah she was like my sugar mama during school she supported me and everything yeah excellent excellent way to go now you’re paying her back she’s still supporting me out there so very good um so you came back to denham springs and you opened up your business i knew you started out with a partner originally yes so actually when i first graduated i was at a different office for about six months i think okay and then we we found out this office was was coming up for sale pretty much the uh and yeah the two dentists that were in it before they stayed on for a little while one stayed on for about four or five months okay and then dr behringer who was the original practice owner he stayed on with me right up until the flood and then after the flood he was like it was just me there you go doctor you can deal with this that’s it that was around how long was that practice uh well it was after the flood that he that you took it over fully before that it was you and dr behringer in there that’s right i got you okay so in 2016 you took it over fully and you’ve been rocking and rolling ever since and i’ll tell you one thing from a patient perspective that when i walk in there it is like uh you know i’ve said this before other places but it’s like walking into something on rodeo drive in some ways it’s just very nice uh the design of it the layout so when you did flood and you had to rebuild all that you really obviously somebody put some time into designing and definitely yeah now you know the flood was a blessing and a curse at the same time we were able to take that building that had been there you know it used to be old house yeah back in like the 50s and and my wife came in and she just completely redesigned everything for us and she had the goal in mind to make it as as clean but as comfortable feeling as possible yeah and she did great the first thing you notice when you walk in is how comfortable it feels it’s just a very very uh nice atmosphere especially for a dentist office because you’re already going in there and a lot of people probably have a little anxiety they’re going to the dentist you know and yeah and uh and so it’s nice to walk in somewhere and it’s it’s it’s more relaxed and and just it flows very well so shout out to your wife absolutely because evidently there’s a science behind that colors and and you know patterns and textures and all that kind of add to it and yeah they’re all that kind of stuff that’s right and colors will change your mood and everything else of course i know a little bit about color and it’s interesting that a lot of your restaurants have red walls really yeah and the reason they have them they’re like dark red is because red sparks your app appetite interesting so they want you to sit down and get hungry so if you look around a bunch of red walls you’re like man i’m hungry i don’t know why i’m so hungry so yeah there’s a little tip for you i won’t even charge you for so uh jim’s design tips for today so anyway beautiful office uh everything in there looks uh great and i want to today kind of go over a lot of the things that you do in dentistry you know everybody knows you clean teeth that’s a that’s a one good thing that they do extremely well but let’s go into let’s say the basic dentistry offerings that you offer uh you know cleanings and and uh i guess braces would be part of that do you do braces we do some of the uh invisible braces but like wires and brackets and stuff we work with with a good orthodontist and we refer out to okay but you do do invisible type yeah for uh many adults you know they’re pretty good candidates for it just a little minor movement and stuff and yeah and the clear stuff works excellent for that excellent and uh tell me some of the other stuff you do as as far as in your office yeah so you know fillings um cleanings that’s kind of the basic stuff we also do the periodontal cleanings the deep cleanings and things so important it’s been a while maybe since you’ve been in you need a little more than just a touch-up we can take care of that yeah um crown work bridges uh dental implants that’s the big thing now a lot of people you know instead of you know maybe doing a lot of extensive work to try and save a tooth that’s yeah kind of hopeless that you’re just trying to hang on to now we can offer dental implants yeah and before you get off that point i do want to mention um you make a great point and that is sometimes you put a lot of work into saving a tooth that that i mean you as a dentist you probably know i mean we can try to save this but in all likelihood it’s it’s not going to make it that’s it um you know and maybe even cheaper in the long run just put an implant in there usually in the long run it is and you know everything we do we base it off of predictability and science and you know how long is it going to last and statistically how’s this stuff going to look yeah and we know with dental implants they’ve just instead of like you said trying to save that tooth it might work it might last five years might last ten years we know these guys are jam up for you know 20 plus years so yeah definitely in the long run they they pay for themselves yeah they’re really nice yeah no doubt about us he did do the implants and give me give me some other stuff so with implants we even do some uh pretty extensive bone grafting sinus lifts things like that so okay you know a lot of people before your general dentist didn’t do that you had to go to an oral surgeon we can we can tackle some of the things like that we still work with some excellent oral surgeons who come in and uh take care of some of the extreme cases for us but yeah yeah some of the stuff we try and really keep it in the office you know um a lot of specialists don’t take every insurance that’s out there we we do accept a lot of insurances so we really try and make it convenient for our patients and really you know maximize their uh their insurance and save them some trips from office to office and that kind of stuff yeah so that really helps us out with that but absolutely and one of the things i find interesting with folks that go to the dentist is some people have anxiety about it maybe they had a bad experience when they were a kid or maybe they just are freaked out about somebody putting a drill in their mouth you know those sorts of things so you have some solutions for that at advanced dental care dental anxiety is real i mean we literally there are people who they get nervous walking into the office yeah just coming into the doors so we do we offer uh nitrous oxide which is the laughing gas you know that’s a nice little thing kind of feels like you had a cocktail just kind of eases your nerves calms you down a bit but we also do some uh some heavier sedation stuff we do we stick with the oral sedation yeah um we do not do the iv sedation in the office we can send out to our oral surgeons and stuff for that but yeah you take a few little pills you come in the world’s a beautiful place you’re happy as can be you come in you usually take a little nap while we’re doing the work for you and uh yeah you kind of come in life is good yeah it is it’s it’s a real thing too and it’s good that y’all offer that absolutely you probably can’t just get that anywhere there’s i’m sure it’s limited um and these you know i have known several people that uh they’re like man i really need to go to the dentist to get this or that done but they’re just totally i mean they really are freaked out absolutely and uh one of the good things we were talking about this earlier was your staff and how helpful they are in that process you really got to have someone up front that can put people at ease and understands and gets that not everybody is uh is a a dentist or not fearful of the dentist that’s right you have keaton up there i did want to mention him because he’s bigger than life you know with his personality and and uh he’s really good at just kind of making people feel comfortable and and at ease would you agree with that he is absolutely i’ll tell you one thing about he’s got a memory like an elephant he knows your name before you even walk he can see him walking up to the window in the front door he’s like oh so-and-so’s here that’s fantastic it’s like wow yeah you walk in he greets you with a big smile um he already knows everything about you pretty much he really he really takes a lot of in-depth care for his patients and you know knowing everything he needs to know about him yeah and he takes pride in his job and it shows and and what a nice guy um and i’ll tell you knowing some people’s names and things like that when they come it makes all the difference in the world sometimes they feel welcome they feel part of the fa the advanced you know dental care family and and all those sorts of things and jim the entire staff is like that they they know talking about the anxiety they know all the sometimes it’s super hard like i said just to walk in the door so anything and everything we can do to make them feel good and comfortable when they come in we try and do that a thousand percent fantastic yeah it’s so important and you do you do a great job of it my whole family goes and uh and y’all do such such great work over there i now i want to get into you have the name advanced you know that’s in the name and uh and you are you’re very advanced and you you have a lot of interesting equipment over there machines and so first we want to get on that dental side of things and the offerings that you do uh you know my terminology is horrible but i’ll say 3d x-rays or whatever that kind of take me through all all the things you could do as far as your actual equipment sure so we have all everything’s digital um you know some of the forms we fill out are you know on paper but then they all get transferred into a digital format but all of our x-rays are digital as well we don’t have to wait for the film to develop anymore you know we take an x-ray it pops up instantly yeah along with our x-rays we have some 3d capability so we have a cone beam ct machine which is a 3d x-ray of you know basically from your shoulders up yeah and with that we can you know that plays a huge role in our oral surgery stuff our root canals and things like that we can do many times they have hidden canals and things and we can see them on these 3d machines actually around yeah yeah it rotates around your head um it’s not like laying an mri where you’re laying in there for an extended amount of time it takes a few seconds spins around you get a 3d version we can we can zoom in and out you know turn it anyway we can see bone density all kinds of great things we can tell from that airways people with uh sleep apnea and things like that oh that’s you yeah and i’m glad you mentioned that that is something that you can kind of see people forward that’s right and help them through it right that’s right yeah yeah that’s a that’s a good uh that’s a good thing to mention because a lot of people don’t realize sleep apnea uh may have something to do with some a lot of people assume it has something to do with the way that you sleep or maybe you’re you’re doing something wrong but uh aren’t there mouthpieces and stuff like that you can get for sleep apnea or some some sort of offering you sure can yeah if you’re a mild case you can you know you may not have to have a cpap machine or you know something with positive pressure air in it you can sometimes just have an oral device that just kind of holds your jaw into a certain position and allows that airway to stay open gotcha and yeah for some candidates that’s a that’s a you know easy method to use yeah and you you know grinding teeth is a is a problem yes and that has a huge i must i must dream and like get mad in my dreams i don’t know what it is but let’s talk about that a little bit yeah because there’s a huge link between grinding your teeth and sleep apnea yeah so some of the things we see are people grinding their teeth some acid reflux and then all that just it kind of keeps you tired throughout the day you can feel very sluggish that’ll have an overall effect on your health so it’s it’s a huge issue that we really try and get our patients aware of when we discover it and when you do do you have like mouthpieces and things that you offer for teeth grinding or we do yes okay there’s and there’s different levels of that um the two main ones we have a thinner one we refer to it as like a day guard yeah it’s comfortable enough you can wear it during the day you can talk with it um it doesn’t really put your jaw into a particular position to open your airway or anything yeah it just kind of protects your teeth interesting yeah but then we have the thicker ones uh and a lot of people are you know familiar with those those are referred to usually as night guards and things like that and those will they will hold your jaw in a more neutral position and kind of help with the clenching and grinding and stuff yeah a lot of people that they probably need that mouthpiece for clinching but their apprehension is i won’t be able to sleep what do you what’s your what’s your thought problem what do you tell people when they say that so our mouths are very sensitive we can detect a hair between our teeth so yeah you you stick a you know essentially a chunk of plastic in between your teeth you’re gonna know it’s there no doubt usually it’s very easy to get used to but we do have some patients that are highly attuned and they they don’t wear them very well um we offer botox for those kinds of patients interesting what it does just like relaxing the muscles you know for wrinkles and things like that we relax the jaw muscles so that extracurricular activity of clinching and grinding and things like that you don’t do it and it works 24 7 not just when you’re wearing your guard at night it’s working during the day it’s working while you’re asleep wow yeah that’s interesting a lot of options uh you know to help your concerns whether it’s with your clenching and you’re worried about i’m not going to be able to sleep with the mouthpiece or you’re just nervous about going into the dentist you know you it seems like you all have some solutions to all those kind of issues we we try we definitely try yeah very good now uh so let’s get back to your equipment we talked about the uh the the 360 degree x-ray equipment that you have and the fact that one thing to note is you don’t have to wait for those x-rays to come back they come back you know i would imagine it’s almost instantaneous you can pull it up on the screen that’s right our two dimensional ones they’re instant soon as you push the button boom it’s on the screen the three-dimensional takes about 10 minutes to develop yeah or process not bad at all no not at all usually by the time they bring the patient back to the chair i you know i’ll i’ll come in i’ll take a look at things and start looking and it’s ready for me at that point yeah and you know it’s i think about uh dentist maybe dentist way back in the day before all this was you know really something that was even an option and wow how did they do it x-ray equipment is a great uh a great example of that everything’s just instantaneous so it saves time it does and that’s our most valuable asset we don’t get that back absolutely people are so busy these days yeah yeah it’s hard to get into you know your doctor’s appointments any appointment or something to even make an appointment like me and you know that’s what keaton’s for he keeps me he keeps me uh he keeps me on task on that he’s going to call you he’s going to text you i want him to help you yeah i i need it i need it so tell me about some of the other equipment you have over there because you all are very advanced at advanced so i’ll tell you our newest thing is and this technology has been around for for several years uh but it’s intra-oral scanning which is we’re really excited we just got a new one um it’s been about four or five months ago yeah but you know instead of taking those goopy impressions to get the molds of your teeth you got to send it off to your lab and make all your devices and all that we’ve got where we can do all that in office we can we can do the intraoral scanning right then in there it’s a 3d version you don’t have to go through the goop anymore so unfortunately some people gag a lot yeah when you take some impressions and things we can we can eliminate that option for them so wow that’s really nice yeah yeah and it’s right right there in office you don’t have to go somewhere else and come back and it become a uh kind of a tedious thing because people do look at that and you know when you have sent them somewhere else you do that and then they’re going to send me your chart and you come back over here it it becomes uh now i’ve got to schedule my whole life all over again you can do all that in-house that’s it we just try and make it as convenient as we can because it is it’s hard we know that yeah it is everybody’s living a crazy life uh so getting back to uh your equipment you can do all that on your dentist side and i and i do want to talk about your uh is it a health spa med spa med spa med spa let’s talk about your meds boss yeah so that’s the fun stuff too this is the stuff that’s going to get 5 000 views right here we love everybody making people pretty yeah so you know we’ve always done botox and juvederm the fillers and the relaxins and stuff and then we’ve uh you know over the past several years we’ve gotten into more of the the higher end cosmetic stuff so we’ve got we’ve got a whole slew of fun tools let’s say we can start with um our our biggest thing is profound radio frequency micro needling yeah tell me about that so we are we are one of i believe four machines in the entire state wow yeah and this this technology it basically is a skin tightening skin rejuvenating system um it’s it’s one of these one and done many many of your cosmetic things you know you come in and three weeks later you come in for a second treatment three weeks later you’ll come in for a third this one’s one and done it’s it’s good for about five years you can do some touch-ups in between if you need to but it is uh it is a a non-surgical facelift essentially and it’s about one-third as effective as a surgical face lift no kids so it’s yeah it’s incredible it’s some of the top technology out right now yeah because some people the hesitation is the surgery on maybe a facelift sure downtime all that kind of stuff there’s no there’s no real physical downtime with this you have a little bruising right after a little swelling we refer to it more as social downtime yeah but with mask and everything social distancing these days that’s a good point oh my gosh it’s perfect for right now yeah yeah so do it now don’t wait that’s right so very good yeah we’ve got the uh the profound machine uh then one of our other machines is um uh body contouring yeah so we have some that’s uh fat eliminating excellent we have some that’s a temporary fat reducing it’s a little quicker treatment a little easier treatment yeah um after we get through the body contouring we also have some sublative skin resurfacing yeah which a lot of people are familiar with that that’s a really really hot topic right now okay super super easy minimal downtime so what does it do when you say resurface yeah so it uses that same radio frequency technology we were talking about a second ago and it essentially just causes uh cellular damage but in a way where your body recognizes that and then it says okay i need to heal okay so it does a minimal amount of damage then your body comes in and heals and as it heals it’s like a fresh start wow and that’s yeah a lot of a lot of the the facial cosmetics and things that’s that’s the the essence of how they work control damage and your body comes in and takes over and heals up and gives you a new a new set of skin almost wow that’s really cool now would it would that work on like i’ll give you hypothetical sunspots you know some people get sunspots and they want to make those go away so this ablative isn’t very isn’t the main treatment for sunspots but we have ipl which is uh intense pulse light that’s the photo facials you’ve heard people talk about and yeah so you know pigmentation uh issues if you have unev uneven skin colors dark spots red spots things like that the ipl photofacials will really take care of that really yeah little freckles sunspots all that kind of stuff zaps them right away no kidding yep very cool y’all hear that this ain’t no joke go make an appointment with keaton that’s right that’s that’s fantastic stuff so let’s back up a little bit and talk about the uh you know you have mentioned skin tightening so when you talk about that we have of course i get wrinkles i don’t know what you call the the elevens i think the 11 so that machine would actually help make that kind of go away yes that’s more of a botox issue well it’s kind of combined so your botox is going to relax the muscle which is what moves the skin to cause the wrinkle yeah sometimes these wrinkles have been there for so long they’re almost like scars you know what i mean so even if you relax the muscle causing it that that dent that wrinkle is still in the skin yeah so we can come back on top with with the sublative and that will help to resurface the skin kind of reset it back yeah but we also have some other other skin tightening things that sublime is on that same unit as this ablative and sublime is the the red carpet facelift yeah um it’s it’s a great thing you have a party coming up you know saturday night you come in and see me on thursday or friday yeah we tighten you up and you’re ready to go for your party saturday no downtime whatsoever on that painless beautiful beautiful procedure yeah that’s fantastic and about how what how long does it take kind of and i know it varies depending on what you’re doing but what is it like an hour process you usually allow a couple hours 20 minutes maybe yeah wow man that’s a lunch break it’s quick yeah very quick fantastic i do want to talk about the the fat disappearing machine for about lack of a better term because that’s one that everybody’s ears popped up mentioned it um tell me about that you said there’s two there’s one that kind of just uh just well let’s talk about them again yeah so there’s two main ones we have vela shape which shrinks the fat cells and tightens skin at the same time okay you can do really large areas with that yeah it’s very quick you do a few treatments very effective we also have um ultra shape which destroys the fat cells so a lot of people have destroyed oh yeah a lot of people have heard like cool sculpting and things like that it’s a similar technology to that but instead of freezing the fat cells to destroy them it uses ultrasound technology so you don’t feel anything you don’t have that that there’s no pain you feel like a little vibration as it’s doing it kind of feels good yeah and that’s it yeah wow it’s unbelievable because you would think it would be extremely painful and and all these sorts of things no not at all no it’s it kind of feels good wow awesome brings a little heat to the area and everything yeah it’s kind of nice so how uh how long does a process like that take usually about 30 minutes an hour that one’s more dependent on the size of the area yeah um the vela shape usually we do it in certain uh quadrants i guess you could say and they take about 15-20 minutes per per area yeah so yeah depending on how many areas you want to do ultra shapes pretty similar it’s a little bit longer it’s maybe a 30 45 minute procedure okay you just kind of lay there the whole time you know answer emails play on your phone facebook twitter whatever yeah i mean i don’t need you to do anything for me we just we take care of all the work when you do the laser hair removal how long does it does it how long is that process before it grows back or does it ever or so it’s kind of different on everybody depending on hormones and you know what type of hair you have and all that kind of stuff but you can i guess you could say on average it’s about a year or so oh wow yeah i never thought it’d be that long so it ain’t every three days for sure not every three days no fantastic and it’s pretty quick too an armpit we can do one armpit oh my gosh we’ve never timed it maybe maybe like three minutes four minutes yeah wow it’s not too bad wow so and that’s some i’m glad you mentioned that so laser hair removal they do it right there at uh advanced dental care and uh they can get you fixed up and in and out of there in a jiffy and you ain’t gonna worry about it for a long long time anyway that’s it fantastic so you do teeth whitening and all that stuff too so we do yeah we’ve got several teeth uh whitening options you could do in office so if you’ve got an event coming up soon you need kind of that instant tooth whitening yeah we can do it in office takes uh about an hour and 20 minutes yeah yep we also have some take-home versions we have more of a stock tray take-home thing that you can use super convenient you know pop it in your mouth when you’re driving to work take it out when you get to work we also have some custom trays that you can use at night where you just buy the gel refills yeah the the you know the whitening gel refills and you know if you want to do some long-term bleaching that’s a great option as well yeah uh so what else are we doing i know one thing with uh with advanced dental care is y’all don’t y’all are very giving to the community and you do something really special uh once a year and i want to talk about that i’m not sure what time it’s probably not this time of year that you do it but you i want to let people know that it is offered uh and that’s your your deal you do with the military yeah it’s called freedom day mm-hmm um it’s usually around september october every year and we didn’t get to do it last year with covid and stuff going on but yeah we’re going to jump back in on that and yeah it’s usually around september um and it’s a day of free dentistry for anyone in the military either whether uh active or retired and their immediate family that’s fantastic that’s great so we get them in because you know unfortunately our military guys they aren’t taken care of as well as we think they should be sure we yeah we give our it’s a day it’s nothing for us you know it’s easy yeah and it makes a huge impact on a lot of people yeah well we appreciate it and you give them back and and uh that is uh something that’s unique to our parish in a lot of ways is a lot of our businesses give back and you’re certainly no exception and that would be probably of all the the charities that i’m familiar with that’s one of the my favorites uh is uh the military charities really of any sort but especially what you all do because you bring up a good point in our ex-military guys or you know especially there there they have issues getting proper dental care sometimes yeah and uh and so to offer that to them it speaks a lot to all of you at advanced dental care we appreciate that of course they’ll have some interesting things going on right now they don’t even have to get out their car for their appointment they just call and and you come out and get them at their time or how does that work that’s exactly right yeah so when you arrive you give us a call you let us know that you’re here and when your room is available as soon as it’s ready we come out we get you we walk you in straight to your room the room’s been completely disinfected sterilize everything is you know super clean you’ve seen it we’ve yeah that’s that’s just like it was before coveted just like it was that’s right yeah and you know ppe wise we’ve taken some extra precautions but no we’re we’re cleaning things we’ve always cleaned things oh yeah super clean yeah i mean you were uh you were treating it like it there was kobe before there was there’s no doubt about it especially your dentist office that’s right it’s always top-notch and our our office is not a big open platform kind of if you’ve seen before some guys will have chair chair or chair you’ve got you’ve got your own private room yeah you’re there so yeah you know everything’s kind of walled off so it’s it’s nice yeah you have what is it five five rooms there we have six six six operators yes sir wow yeah so uh you know it’s they’re right there on range folks and when you when you pass it you wouldn’t believe it’s hard to describe so you’re going to have to go there make an appointment and get something done to see what i’m talking about it’s hard to describe but when you walk in there it is like from the outside and it doesn’t look near as big as it does when you walk in when you walk in this is a big building on the inside yeah yeah it is pretty good size yeah it really is and and it’s been around a long time as you said since the 50s used to be a house way back in the day and uh conveniently located right right there on range avenue i’m trying to think of a landmark that you could say it’s across the street from across from the gaddy’s pizza and that shopping center right there next to poboy express yeah right there i’ll tell you a fun little fact the staff was telling me this the other day they said that uh dr barringer several years ago had gotten some sort of award or recognition for that being the longest running

commercial business on range avenue no kidding well that’s a fun fact i didn’t know i learned it myself recently interesting there you go so not only are you going there and getting good dentistry work you’re becoming a part of history all the folks over there they make you feel at home when you walk in uh you want to talk talk about someone with good bedside manner i guess you could call it it’s hard to beat dr don there’s no doubt about it he makes everybody feel calm that the you know the businesses that really dug deep and and made changes where they had to after covet or maybe you know they they said how we you know we’re going to keep moving we’re going to keep doing dentistry work and so we’re going to make everybody feel comfortable and let’s come up with a plan and those are the people that that really um you know had the the benefit of still maintaining their their patient count or customer count or you name it i’ll tell you it’s been it’s been different we’ve had a lot of you know unique things going on that we had to go around with you know spacing out patients and you know cleaning the rooms and the turnover and you know having patients waiting in their cars and all that kind of stuff things that i think honestly have kind of turned into a good thing yeah yeah well i saw an interesting stat um on the news the other day and it was uh the flu and they said you know they’re it’s almost non-existent right now because you know at one point they were talking about the flu and kova being there at the same time and being like a super co-fitter right right i was like i don’t want a super covey for sure but um but no flu hardly any flu cases uh so that that’s interesting that’s great yeah i think people are more aware they’re washing their hands more they’re you know they’re they’re conscious of what they’re touching and putting their hands in their mouths and in their eyes and all that so i think it’s really kind of enlightened a lot of people on proper hand hygiene it really has in that and that’s a good way you know we try to put a positive spin on everything and and one thing i will say even me personally i would wash my hand i was always a good hand washer but it was like three seconds you know it was so sh you know i’m too atd to sit there too long and uh i’ll tell you what since covet hit i do kind of do that 20 second deal you singing a birthday song now i gotta go one two three four yeah somebody told me about the birthday song got alexa’s in our house and and you know the kids even rely on these things they’re like hey alexa set a two-minute timer while i brush my teeth yes yeah anything that makes things easy for us i love it i love it so you bring up a good point there it has helped people with hygiene and just just and hopefully once you get in a habit it’s hard to kind of break that habit that’s right it’s a good habit to have good habit to have um so you’re a hunter as well you like to hunt a little bit i do like how was hunting season this year hunting season was a little slow um so my hunting seasons are a little different these days the boys come with me now so i’m more of the guide than the hunter so uh but man i tell you it just brings a totally different aspect to honey yeah it’s a lot of fun they did good they got some good deer this year really yeah awesome i appreciate having you on today is there anything else you wanted to mention that maybe we haven’t got to i think we covered a pretty good bit yeah and what i’m going to do with this so i want to tell all the listeners out there everything we talked about today i’m going to link in the description of this video including dr don’s website uh give us a shout out on your website yeah it’s going to be advanced dental care yeah there you go so go check that out and i’m sure he has some information on there all about a lot of the stuff we talked about but i’m gonna link some other things in there that uh and and maybe even pull some pictures off his facebook and stuff like that there we go of the things we’re talking about yeah if they go on and check that out they can even request an appointment from the from the website yeah make things a little easier there you go yeah or just when you call you’re gonna you’re gonna either talk to heather or keaton yeah when you call and you hear keaton or heather’s voice you know exactly who it is you just you know you just don’t have that five minutes to make a phone call you can do it right there on the website that’s good to mention so we appreciate you coming on again thank you uh i hope you enjoyed it new office new podcast room fantastic neighborhood stuff so yeah uh we’re very very proud to feature uh local businesses like yours and uh you know always anytime you want to come on you’re welcome i’d like to have you on again when when it gets close to doing the uh the military stuff that definitely yeah that’d be a great thing to give everybody a little reminder yeah before we do that that’d be perfect absolutely absolutely i do want to thank the lady off camera it is casey mcmurray she’s off camera she does so much to help local leaders the podcast is our executive producer uh until next time i am jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business and keep leading thank you

tell me that yeah well so we wanted something that was catchy obviously you know we wanted something that was simple and easy to remember though and everything we you know we went through hundreds of names and a lot of them were catchy and sounding good but they weren’t simple you know um they weren’t memorable so um we ran across a shop uh driving called uh the red barn door or something like that you know and it kind of the color in there it made it memorable to me you know i thought well that’s so simple and it’s memorable you know so you know when we were opening at the time and still now a lot of people were doing the blue doors on their houses it was kind of what was in i was thinking about incorporating that and i actually originally came up with blue door mercantile yeah i like the word merchandise i do too it’s a nostalgic it is you know it makes me think of the old times but uh my wife didn’t like it you know a lot of people i don’t know what mercantile means so i said well you know i want it to be simple so we went with blue door market and um you know i i wasn’t in love with it right away yeah but every time i told somebody the name they’re like yeah i love that you know it’s simple and it’s easy to remember to be an easy logo to make so we stuck on that and it has worked you know people just a lot of people just say blue door you know yeah i’m going to blue door you know and stuff like that so it’s easy to remember yeah yeah it really is and it and it you know some names just kind of fit it just kind of fits right you know that and you’re right it’s it’s a simplicity to it but it it tells a little story of what you do there to me i picture you know those old nostalgic blue doors right yeah and and all those things so kudos on on choosing that name that was great obviously uh so you opened blue door market and you hit the ground running you were doing pretty good uh especially with your social media which i do want to mention i looked today over 12 000 fans this guy has that’s pretty impressive uh you know it is no easy task to get people’s funny you can have 500 followers on facebook and you tell them follow me on my page and and a hundred of them do it right and it’s like what do y’all love me anymore what’s up with that but you got 12 000 people that uh think enough of your business to follow the page that’s pretty awesome uh and it’s huge of course social media is always important especially to small business it helps small business compete with large business in my opinion it’s a cheaper way to advertise than than some you know ways that you might think of but i think it’s vital for your industry especially antique shops furniture shops places like that uh after coping 19 showed up you know where would you have been without social media yeah i mean social media has built my business i owe everything to social media most of my products are visual you know period they’re unique and you know in today’s times people like to sit on their couch and shop you know and so how do i compete with the big guys well i have to get them to see my unique products and so you know daily and just try to keep people engaged and you know somebody may follow me for three or four months before they ever actually come into the store but something will catch their eye eventually that’s unique they haven’t seen and they’ll come in a seed and then they’ll realize how many more unique products we have so yeah social media is uh you know it it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and it’s a little stressful at times you know but um it’s i owe everything to it you know i mean it it’s huge it’s uh you know and it i’m a big believer in innovating your business and kind of you know kevin 19 hit jeremy and it was like uh whether you were in your business or whether you were in a restaurant or you were a hairdresser you name it it was like what are the rules what can we do and yeah kind of two choices there you can bury your head in the sand and just say the world’s gone nuts and uh you know i’m out of business or whatever or you could innovate you innovated you know you probably i’m sure ramped your social media up and said this is how we’re gonna have to show furniture for a little while and uh so tell me some of the steps kind of that you all took during that time well interesting um we uh we were moving from the old location to the new location in march yeah which is about when the shutdown yeah so actually i was already going to be closed for a couple weeks yeah so it kind of worked out a little bit timing-wise yeah it could have happened at a better time right right he gave me a little extra time to get the shop you know because i was rushing so get the shop ready and um so once we got the shop ready we and they had the shutdown going on we were doing curbside sales i was actually doing free local delivery just trying to keep the business going so anybody that purchased anything 20 or more i was hopping in the van and taking it to them you know as long as they lived in lewiston parish yeah and so that kind of kept kept scoring that and the curbside pickup and everything and then um and we used social media you know to reach out and show people what we had and and so um we have since we’ve been at the location cove has been around so i don’t know what it’s like to be open at the new location without covid so yeah a lot of people saying got to be better well yeah i mean a lot of people say how has it affected you i don’t know because i don’t know what it was like before you know probably the biggest negative is uh in the district you know the spring fest and the fall fest are really big huge you know huge forest and then you know they have the ladies night out the girls night out and the wine tasting and all those events haven’t happened since i’ve been there so you’ve missed those you know those are a benefit to all the shops in the district so i miss those and i’ll be glad when those come back but other than that like i said we don’t know any difference you know yeah and something i’m curious about so you have other these other shops in the district and are you all all friends or y’all are rivals how does that work yeah uh actually most of the shops are friends you know i don’t know everybody uh personally but most of the people we do know and you know we’ll share share ideas and we do work together a lot of times you know um a lot of the shops are part of the merchants association which is a group that’s basically to benefit all the merchants in the district you know doing um different promotions and working on these festivals and stuff and um yeah a lot of the guys work together i’m very fortunate to have a lot of shops that kind of helped me you know uh when i got started and then all my neighbors are really good to me you know we help each other out and we work together so very good i don’t you know if if if somebody’s a rival in the district to me i don’t know about it yeah you know to be honest with you because um we stay so busy down there we just you know we just mind our business and go to work every day but yeah if we can help anybody out we’d be glad to do that and everybody seems to get along pretty good so well and yeah y’all have a you’re unique in that district and that your furniture is you know majority of its new furniture it’s it’s uh and it’s rustic in in its character right and uh where a lot of people in the district they might have antiques that are 100 years old i mean it’s just a totally different type of furniture um so that’s something that’s unique that you can get at blue door that you may not can get anywhere else in the district is that brand new just beautiful you know buffet

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let me ask you this and i want to talk about a lot of the wonderful items y’all sell um the first time i went in there i had no idea what and i’ll give you a perspective of a customer okay went in there i thought the building was beautiful but i had no idea what to expect i knew you had furniture in there because i could see it through the deal but i walked in and i’m like wow they’ve got all kinds of stuff in here i mean y’all have got gifts you’ve got furniture you’ve got uh you had some i think sectionals in there even at that particular time which people may not realize you have yeah um you had uh some interesting snacks and stuff like that you even had some neat little uh louisiana themed uh koozies and things like that so one thing that i want to make sure you get out of this podcast is that people realize it’s not just a desk in there there’s hundreds of them and they’re beautiful but you have stuff for everybody so i definitely uh recommend anybody you know follow follow jeremy on facebook at blue door market and check out what they have because you have a lot of great pictures as well on facebook so what would you say is as far as rustic furniture that y’all carry what’s the hot item right now well the uh the hottest style is all the rustic white with the with the dark stained top that seems to be the most popular um as far as items you know the uh we got a little a bunch of little side tables little accent tables you can use for anything like nightstands and end tables and you know side chair tables and stuff so those sell really well um all our buffets sell really well yeah we just have such a unique blend the only negative is is keeping it in and getting it restocked in time you know we’ve had a hard time with that um getting stuff in but i do want to mention that we did get a truck yeah this monday

yeah 300 pieces of new new rustic pieces and about 280 of them are new styles that nobody’s seen yet it’s all new stuff so really it’s similar to what we have but some new colors and just some new you know new styles so we’ve been working hard this week getting that stuff out displayed wrapped and unwrapped in price fantastic and i’ll tell you reasonable very reasonable on price so you’re not going to walk in there and uh and just knock your socks off you know just insanely expensive they’re very reasonable on their price i have several pieces here right here in my office that uh that i bought from you guys and more than happy with it the quality is what you would want it to be and the look is what i wanted it to be so yeah we appreciate it all our uh with all our furniture is solid wood it’s all solid wood all solid and it’s heavy good good solid wood stuff yeah absolutely and you don’t stop at furniture either you carry candles in there right we’ve got can we got a a great selection of gift items so we got about three or four different can candle manufacturers um green leaf and circulate are our main two yeah circle e everybody circle he’s been around forever the bird of paradise everybody loves that candle and then the green leaf has a lot of great candles and um but we have all kind of gift items yeah you know so dish towels and t-shirts and sunglasses and um yeah so we got a great selection of stuff yeah and i really like in your shop that it a lot of it is tied into like the local community or louisiana in general it’s you know uh so you’ll find something that’s kind of close to home there and that you may be looking for and they’re unique they’re some of that stuff i’ve never seen anywhere else only at blue door markets so that’s one of our main goals is to try to be unique you know people can find a core all over the place absolutely we try to we try to have unique stuff and what a lot of people don’t know about a a lot of our decor is a lot of is locally made i have a lot of local people that make decor sell it to me that i turn around you know and you know just play for the customers so we have a lot of locally made stuff that’s interesting i’m trying more and more to bring in more of it you know so anytime somebody walks in the door and says hey look i make cutting boards or you know i make you know what whatever you know uh wood signs porch signs i always listen and if you know if they have a fair price i try to work with them you know because uh i’m a local business you know absolutely i think that’s what makes us unique is you can come there and find stuff made you know here locally you know it really is and you’re you’re supporting other people who are local that’s right and that’s you know you’re here today and and you’re supporting us and we’re local and we’re all we’re all trying to help each other and and uh in that sense but i did not know that you had some stuff there that from locals so that’s that’s good to know uh so feel good when you walk in blue door you’re supporting your local business and in those local businesses that even jeremy does business with so you also have wooden swings those are cool yeah we’ve got uh i’ve got a guy an older fellow that builds me some nice pine porch swings stained and then with a nice coat of urethane over them to protect them from the elements with nice heavy-duty chains he builds rockers for me uh crawfish tables right now we have a good yeah a good selection of crawfish tables right now um gliders stuff like that so in and all solid wood stuff none of it nailed together all screwed together so very which which means it holds up a lot better in the elements absolutely and what i’m going to do uh is i’m gonna go on your facebook and i’m gonna get some pictures of the stuff we talk about and as we’re talking it’s really cool all this stuff i can do with editing now i’m gonna make those pictures pop up that’ll be awesome so when you say cross crawfish table it’s gonna pop up on there and so that way the people watching this uh they’ll be able to see right there firsthand what we’re talking about right that’s awesome that’s why i love doing podcasts where it’s visual man i can really play with that editing now you you uh we talked about the snacks that you offer you you have swamp pops in there yeah yeah uh soda it’s a soda company out of lafayette louisiana yeah and um they they have a cola a root beer a cream soda an orange strawberry and a ginger ale and it’s it’s really really good a good taste and stuff it’s made with pure cane sugar so they’re a little sweet you know but i like it yeah and they’re they’re really really good so we and we have several local items we got some dip mixes made here locally uh cousin boudreau’s dip mixes yeah that are awesome um and uh he makes some pralines too he does and um all kind of stuff we just started carrying some products um some some spices and some uh spicy pickles and stuff like that locally yeah so awesome man you’re really giving back then to the community by right putting their wares i guess you could call it in your shop and and letting people discover what they do as well uh the cousin beatrice guy i actually know as well and uh yeah he’s a character yeah yeah that that he is a character and he got his start writing thibodeaux and boudreaux joke joke books is that how he got his startup that’s how he got his start and he would always put he would always put a few uh uh spice uh recipes in the back of his books and um once he sold enough of the books people weren’t buying anymore he started doing the dips there you go innovating yeah you know for him he’s uh that’s innovating your business now and speaking of your business your family in business right that’s right you have a lot of people in your family involved in in the kind of day-to-day operations of blue normal market yeah yeah i mean um i i’m the main person that operates it my wife you know she’s always working at her store but she helps me with ideas and stuff like that behind the scenes stuff but uh just about everybody that works there is related to me instead which is such a blessing for me you know because uh you know i’m doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff ordering and organizing and restocking and stuff and so i don’t work the counter as much as i probably would like to and um i got a few girls that worked for me uh you know nieces of mine and relatives of mine they do an amazing job and i’m very lucky probably the best thing about my business is my employees because uh you know it you get a couple bad experiences you start getting a bad reputation and it’s i know how important that is and so i’m very lucky let me tell you you you set a mouth full right there and most successful people that i sit down in this chair when i ask them about their business and one of their keys to their success they’ll say my employees yeah because it doesn’t matter how good you or i are if our employees are aggravating people or not giving them the service we would give them and and uh all those things you could lose a customer over it and most times people won’t mention it they just won’t come back right right and so yeah it is a blessing and and i’m glad to hear that your employees you know are so good at what i know every time i’ve been in there they’ve been more than polite awesome and all those sorts of things so yeah you know i got casey over here she’s behind the scenes but she helps me a lot and she’s well everybody can’t have good employees

no she does a great job she does a great job

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uh so so moving on from that uh i will say that you know as we discussed earlier you kind of help fan the flame of my furniture addiction i’ve got a a major furniture addiction because i’ve you know i grew up in the paint business and and uh i’ve worked 25 years for the same paint company and and so i’ve been able to take furniture and do this whole chalk paint thing and all that and i’ve experimented with it and the process i kind of fell in love with it i had an idea that i was going to do that and then just sell it on facebook or something and i never sell any my wife’s like dude you got to get rid of some of this furniture i’m like this is so beautiful what are you crazy right but anyway uh you definitely helped me to fan that flame but what uh you know i love everything about that business from the aspect of my furniture addiction but also from the aspect that it’s family-owned right uh and that uh i’m supporting a family in business that’s important to me now one thing i asked you in pre-production was some advice you would recommend to another business owner maybe and uh i wanted to quote you because this is a good quote i really love this and basically what you said you said work hard never stop trying to better the customer’s experience and use social media daily to engage your customers i couldn’t agree more yeah that is uh you know your customers are while we’re there and uh no matter what you’re doing and the better experience they have the more likelihood they’re gonna come back and be loyal to you and and uh and everybody that’s going in there that i know of including myself it just raves over the experience they have going in that’s good to hear yeah yeah it’s it’s got a great reputation now on the end of that quote you said um use social media to engage with your customers also agree 100 um i would say this to business owners and i’m sure you’d agree if you’re not active on social media you need to get active that’s right um keep an active facebook or an active instagram or both and put a ton of stock into social media because i can guarantee you if you have an active uh non-active social media presence and you’re in business right now not a good thing right somebody else your competition is probably innovating and so uh so as you said earlier it’s been a huge part of your business absolutely so any uh what are y’alls plans for 2021 y’all just going to keep rocking and rolling with uh with with you know just got an 18-wheeler furniture and uh yeah where i’d be going to once this podcast airs that’s gonna be gone so yeah we actually we’re unwrapping it this morning sold three pieces before we even got them priced you know right off the truck so we’re we’re working hard to get that but we’re always looking for ways to bring in new items you know i have regular customers that come in all the time yeah and they’re not looking to see the same thing so i’m constantly challenging myself to bring in new items we actually are starting to carry rugs now floor rugs five by sevens you know six oh that’s good so eight by ten so those are in we just gotta get them out displayed so that’s something new we got some other plans coming some big plans that i’m not gonna i don’t wanna i don’t wanna say anything about but uh yeah we’re going to keep growing let me just say that we’re very good growing so uh and we just like i said we try to keep the experience you know new and exciting for our customers yeah absolutely and i’ll be in there and you know one thing that speaking of growth we’re growing here at local leaders of the podcast and i’m going to need a bigger table so so uh i’ve already got on the agenda there to go pop by and kind of check out your tables and okay and uh find something that suits my taste and and snap it up right there we got plenty to choose right now it’s a good time maybe come about friday once we get all that new stuff unwrapped and uh we’ll have a great selection yeah i’ll pop by this weekend and check that out now if you’re in the market to purchase a home or sell your home then tricia johnston of latter and bloom realty can assist with over a decade of experience in the area trish’s vast knowledge of real estate makes her the perfect realtor to represent you for more information trisha can be reached at area code 225-754-2000 or via her website at tricia tricia johnston building a strong foundation of trust one home at a time one thing we do on this show jeremy is we do fun facts this is this is actually casey’s favorite part of the show she loves fun facts they uh they are fun facts on whatever your business is and in your case i wanted to do furniture obviously for obvious reasons and i came up with a few one of them uh that will say right now the average lifespan of a sofa now you wouldn’t believe this but the average lifespan of a sofa is 2 958 days which is roughly eight years wow the office chair was actually invented by charles darwin who knew charles darwin invented the office chair he added wheels to the chair to actually get around his study quicker so uh he thought of it before anybody else and he wrote a weird book on apes so why do kings sit on thrones if anybody’s ever wondered that in early history chairs or thrones were generally used by people of higher society people with less rank in life i guess sat on stools so if you sat on a stool you i guess you were a lower part of that society but uh but now we talked about your facebook and um and so i want you to go ahead and tell people where they can find you on facebook yeah we just look up blue door market on facebook and then on instagram is blue door market one yeah yeah so we’re on both but if you follow us on one you can get the same pictures we post and it goes to both so fantastic follow us on one of them and then so i do want to thank you for coming on the show is there anything else you want to mention uh shout out any uh any any new new stuff y’all got well we already talked about the 18 wheeler load you got uh yeah so we we just got that 18 wheeler load about 300 pieces of rustic furniture we’ve got uh i know if you’ve been by lately we’re low on on swings and stuff like that but we’re working hard to christmas wiped us out so yeah the christmas season so we’re working hard on getting everything replaced so it’s good if you haven’t been by the shop in a while come by and see all the new stuff you know yeah definitely and on your swings and stuff do y’all have the painted swings too yeah okay so tell me a little bit about that before we go yeah so on the we stock five foot porch wing is what we stock but we can have it made any width you want i mean it it can be a random you know if you’ve already got chains hung and they’re four foot three inches or five foot five i can have it built takes about two to three weeks um you can have it oh wow yeah that’s good information right you can have it painted you can have it stained um you can get it unfinished some people want it unfinished so they can paint it you know with their own paint to match their shutter you know what however you want it so uh the guy’s real flexible he’ll do you know whatever you need do y’all do chairs too as well like the i don’t know what you call them but the chairs that kind of have a little angle on them well we the adirondack chairs yeah so we can do that i don’t stock those right now um but we can do them we’ve built some for customers we do some custom stuff um excellent uh it’s it’s uh if you can visualize it he can generally build it and like i said we do really great with our rockers double rocker single rockers and gliders and stuff too fantastic crawfish tables very good yeah i want to check out the crawfish table too that’s i’m going to end up spending too much money in that seat all right wife’s going to be on me so let me ask you this too jeremy um as far as all the furniture that you stock and and all of those sorts of things do you deliver to people okay so you do yeah so i don’t the blue door market doesn’t have a delivery truck but we have a delivery service we use okay and good people that we know so um we can get it brought to you they you know there’s a charge they charge but it’s it’s a fair charge and um yeah we can get it brought out and if it needs most of the stuff comes together but if you need something put together they can take care of that too so fantastic absolutely what are your hours over there um we’re closed on mondays um tuesday through saturday is 10 to 5. sunday is 12 to 5. so we’re open six days a week oh wow very good very good so yeah i know in the antique district some some are open some days some are open others so i definitely wanted to mention your operating hours there and so all you people out there go by and check out blue door market trust me you won’t regret it they’ve got anything you could possibly be really in the way of furniture and if you don’t have it he can custom make it for you no problem at all i do want to thank you again for coming on the show i enjoyed it i’m a customer and i can vouch for everything blue market uh does over there in the way of furniture if uh any listeners out there have not had the pleasure of checking them out please do so we always want to support our small businesses and our local family owned companies so i do want to thank my right hand lady behind me you can’t see her on camera but she’s casey mcmurray for all she does in her role as executive producer of local leaders the podcast she is invaluable to my success i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast we’re now up believe it or not jeremy to almost 5 000 local subscribers on youtube yeah that was a tough go but uh we are rocking and rolling now and almost up to 5 000 our local views uh per episode or over 6 000 on youtube so please continue to like comment subscribe and share local leaders on all social media platforms as we strive to spotlight all our local businesses here in livingston parish i do want to thank my sponsors including premier credit corporation tricia johnston realtor big mike sports bar and grill william waldrop of twfg insurance black sheep creative sr enterprise painting elisa verret interiors and custom workroom geats plumbing tiffany c card of home key mortgage and buddies barbecue denim springs for all their support until next time i am jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business and keep leading

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