Redemption. Faithful Tattoo Studio’s Amazing Story!

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In this episode of the podcast Jim Chapman sits down with Travis and Courtney Taylor of Faithful Tattoo in Denham Springs, Louisiana to talk about their amazing story on their journey to business ownership.

Redemption, this is what comes to mind when I think of Travis Taylor and his journey to business ownership with Faithful Tattoo Studio. In Local Leaders the Podcast #133 HOST Jim Chapman sits down with Faithful Tattoo Studio owners Travis and Courtney Taylor to get an in depth look at the struggle for business ownership. What he learns is that no matter what your circumstances in life, you can overcome and achieve your dreams!

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i love it and you also like to boil crawfish and peanuts oh yeah and you did not bring me any boiled peanuts today how dare you i got uh i probably got like 15 bags frozen right now that i need to get rid of so um yeah yeah i’m not from here i’m from california yes i’m trying to get my cajun recipes down yes i love the food out here it’s awesome yeah yeah what part of california san bernardino san bernardino yeah where is that is that like central california no it’s southern southern okay straight desert out there wow cactuses and all cactuses joshua trees i mean you think of a desert not the sahara that’s what it is interesting so this is was when you came down to louisiana was it kind of culture shock to you or yeah absolutely yeah i’d imagine so yeah california and the south are just night and days yeah yeah traffic especially in those major parts of california are you know unbearable i hear uh i got some friends and they’re they moved had to move to california for job related reasons and uh and they always tell me they’re like man a commute here that’s like 20 minutes is like three hours literally yeah like three hours there driving through l.a you better pack something because you’re not gonna get to where you need to go bring a snack wow so do you go back or back and forth or you haven’t been back in a long time i haven’t been back in a long time i used to go back and forth growing up yeah between my mom and my dad my dad lives out here my mom lives in arizona now but okay she lived in california her whole life so that’s why we were back and forth let me ask you all this tattooing is a trade plain and simple i look at it no different than a painter or a cabinet maker it’s something you kind of have to master right you have you have good experience tattoo artists and you’ve got some that just kind of put a i guess a tattoo pen in their hand and and call themselves a tattoo artist right yeah you got some scratchers out there and then you’ve got the pros and i’m somewhere in the middle i’ve nowhere near mastered my craft but i’m always always learning because if you’re not learning you’re not mastering anything even the masters are still learning that something you know 100 so and there’s trends too with tattoos like there’s things that come and go you know so it’s like you you have to get with the times like you have to be adaptable you have to like learn what’s cool what’s new you know right it never stays the same yeah and it’s interesting you bring that up we do discuss trends a little bit and we’re going to cover um and i did want to say i’ve been on your facebook page and folks out there listening and watching check it out this dude’s got some artwork with him i mean he he he’s being modest uh i’m gonna tell you what he’s he’s got some amazing work on his page so we’ll tell you later on how to uh how to go to that facebook and give it a like and i’ll even link it to uh to this video so that people can check that out and make it easy on them uh now take us back to the start of your tattooing for you how did you know it was something you would enjoy and eventually kind of make a business out of it all right so the little pause i had there earlier was i didn’t know if i wanted to go too far back in my history because growing up was never fun for me right you know we all have rough pasts but mine um i don’t know my mom and dad were there but they weren’t there so we kind of had to raise ourselves i’ve got five other siblings oh wow so when i got a little bit older probably eight or nine years old i always drew like i loved drawing that was my escape yeah everything so and then but at the right of right there about the same time i started using drugs and alcohol and stuff like that so from eight to what 25 yeah i’d always done drugs and everything so but art was always a way to get out so i always drew yeah and then i got my first tattoo when i was 12. my cousin did it on me yeah and then my dad being my dad you know he he put the whooping on me and yeah i was i was a rebel you know outlaw like you’re not gonna tell me what to do so i picked up a tattoo machine and started tattooing and i wasn’t good but i did it you know i was a scratch or a legit scratcher but i didn’t have anybody to teach me how to do any of this stuff so i had to learn a lot of it on my own yeah watching youtube videos doing whatever i could to basically get better at it because i fell in love with it you know it was a way to express and keep my artwork out there so um yeah ever since then i’ve just been practicing and doing it and i did it for money and it was a good way to make money yeah so i kind of picked it up from there but the love never faded it always stayed with me so when i met her she was just like hey let’s make this a thing yeah so it didn’t happen quite that smoothly it never does hey ladies it’s pete with idaho lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon we we got married and we got together and he’s like yeah i’m a tattoo artist and to be perfectly honest i saw some of his tattoos on him and i was like yeah baby that’s right you’re a tattoo yeah and then so he did he started tattooing on friends and family and i was quick to realize i was like wow you are really talented like this this is something that you have a passion for obviously and you’re obviously natural at it so let’s cultivate it let’s see where this can go and it has just grown and that’s where we kind of are today where it’s like gotten so big where we actually had to legitimize we had to you know facilitate all the growth yeah so amazing and i want to go back a little bit to uh what you were just saying because it’s very important and something i would love people and i’m sure you as well to get out of this podcast is that uh you can have a sort of a checkered past maybe to say the least and uh overcome that right right absolutely um and it’s usually a woman that saves you yes quite honestly i mean for us men no doubt about it i did uh nine months in teen challenge rehab um i was homeless before that i had been homeless for a couple years just got out of jail uh wow yeah it was bad well i was sleeping in this guy’s truck because he was homeless too and he had a truck i was like shoot yeah roof over my head absolutely and then uh i just started looking at myself you know i was yeah sitting there awake it was probably two or three o’clock in the morning and i’m just like what am i doing yeah well i got up and got out and left i went to my dad’s house and he said oh you’re ready to stop and i said yeah and he goes well you’re gonna go you’re gonna have to go to a rehab that that switch flipped and i was like no i’m i don’t need that he was like well yeah you do so i went and when i got out two weeks later i met her three months later we were married and six years after that i owned a business so it’s a lot of hard work it’s a lot of dedication but it can happen anybody can do it you know like you said it’s a it’s a skill yeah you develop skills over time yeah so yeah anybody can do if i can do it anybody can do it it’s um and it’s a mindset you just have to make up your mind that that’s something that you want you want to be sober you know you want to make a better life for yourself and that’s what you did you reached out and you achieved it like i said it’s hard work but it’s worth it in the end you know anybody who’s willing to put up with hard work definitely deserves the route they’re going yeah so and i think a support system behind that someone behind you to you know not only push you but uh someone behind you that kind of redirects you yeah yeah yeah because you know without that uh it’s just kind of you right but when you have someone that is relying on you counting on you you love they love uh yeah it makes all the difference in the world man shout out to you brother thank you i love that thank you yeah and he said that’s one of the hardest things it wasn’t quitting the drugs that was so hard it was learning how to adult it was learning how to live a life sober and without you know couch surfing without you know basically being a bum and having to learn how to adult at 25 26 years old and i think a lot of people in that situation it’s uh they just need some confidence with i can make a i have a room in my life i can still make an amazing life oh look i’ve got a talent i’ve got something that i can build on once you build that confidence in yourself it’s a lot easier to kind of mature and uh it because you always have something to look forward to this is my opinion yeah you know you um was this something you were at first apprehensive of and yes

my parents owned a small business growing up and so i watched how hard owning a small business was so you eat breathe you know sleep the business and so that was one of the things that i was hesitant about not only that but also we’re very family oriented and so you know with owning a tattoo shop the hours aren’t always great you’re working nights you’re working weekends you know and so it did it took some time um and not necessarily convincing but just really meditating on it and seeing if this is the direction that we wanted our life to go um but the deeper we sat on that for a long long time yeah so we decided to legitimize and it just took off from there again so because now we’re able to advertise and you know put the word out and come on podcast yeah it was all word of mouth it was but that’s where it grew is it was just like you know our cousin’s sister’s nephew like everybody was telling everybody and that’s where it was just kind of like wow like we were growing you discussed that you were kind of self-taught in a lot of ways but you did do a little apprenticeship for a while and and uh tell me about that so i lived in crescent city california with my mom we moved to seattle and then after seattle we moved down to crescent city which is the northernmost part of california right there in the tip yes before you get to oregon yes it was little bitty town little small town and um there was a tattoo shop there well my mom worked with the husband’s wife as a caregiver in a retirement home well her husband owned the tattoo shop and they kind of hooked it up so i did a two-year stint there wow it was called underground inc in crescent city california good name i like it well he was kind of like me and grew up kind of self-taught so yeah yeah i got a lot of shop exposure there and it was it was a lot of fun that’s when we were there so very good so you were really focusing focusing down and and uh you know tattoo artists are no different than any anybody else and that uh they had you know it’s kind of like a school almost when you when you’re under the tutelage of someone else i guess you could say and they’re showing you things that maybe you would learn no other way yeah and i went through a traditional apprenticeship and it was um it was hard because traditional apprenticeships they make you want it they they put you through the ringer to make sure that’s what you want to do because you’re putting something on somebody permanently yes you know that’s what these scratchers don’t understand they’re just like oh we’re gonna i’m gonna practice on people you know i did it too i’m not faulting anybody but sure you really shouldn’t do that practice on people they’ve made a way where you’re not tattooing on um you’re not tattooing on fruit anymore yeah you can get the practice skins in practice without hurting people because that’s what you’re doing you’re hurting people yes when you put those kind of tattoos on people so especially with sanitation and everything too you have to learn there’s a lot yeah but you know i’ve been there i’m not gonna lie i’m not gonna sit here and say oh i did it right the first time because i didn’t i went through a good 10 years of hurting people before i actually got my apprenticeship yes so when i got my apprenticeship it was like oh man yeah like i’ve been doing this wrong and i had to forget everything i knew about tattooing and relearn a lot of stuff which is hard to do because you get inhabits just like anything else and it’s like i gotta retrain myself it’s kind of like a golfer that learns the wrong golf swing and i mean try fixing that trust me it’s nice i play golf so yeah it’s not easy uh so very good i want to quote your why statement and your questionnaire i asked you why you know kind of why you do this you said tattooing is your passion and as a bonus it brings people joy into their lives it really does yeah and i would imagine there’s a lot of people these tattoos are personal to them i mean let’s face it you know they’re going to be on there a while and uh what give me an example of some of the more personal tattoos you’ve done

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i’ve done a lot of memorial tattoos and man there’s just so many i did one tattoo on this lady and she had wanted this tattoo for years and years and years and when she finally got it and she saw how it looked on her body she just started bawling wow like crying that’s how much you meant to her that’s how much it meant to her and i had no idea because it it wasn’t a memorial piece or anything but it really meant that much to her yeah so that’s that’s the one that really stuck with me the most and there’s a lot of them they get memorial tattoos and uh just stuff that just reminds them of a better time you know yeah yeah well in the fact that you know what you did brought out um that kind of emotion in that person you know it’s gonna be a good feeling for you that it is a good feeling and when you can put something on somebody permanently because it costs a lot of money to have it removed and it hurts yeah and they love it yeah you know you’ve done something right yeah yeah it is a really good feeling knowing that you can bring that much joy to somebody you know besides your kids or your family it’s a complete stranger yeah so it is it is really rewarding yeah and i can see your passion for it and uh and you know i’m a firm believer in there are some people in life and they’re you know you go through struggles right we all do um and then you know but there’s some people in life they end up right where they should be and for me in a little bit i’ve talked to you already i feel like you’re right where you should be in life you know certain people i believe that people are put on this earth and they’re giving gifts uh by god for certain things and and this is your gift man and that’s that’s awesome you’re living your dream right thank you uh miss courtney i’m gonna turn to you for a second now let’s talk about the name faithful tattoo studio maybe not the first thing that people think of when they think of tattoo studios is faith right but you are both very strong in your faith and kind of tell me how you came up with the name honestly travis came up with the name okay you know like we we’ve been involved in church for a while you know and everything like that and we knew that that was if we were to ever open up a tattoo we wanted that to be a big part of our culture you know yeah um but i think what we love about it is we create that comfortable environment maybe people that aren’t necessarily prone to getting tattoos feel comfortable coming to our shop because it is more of a laid back atmosphere i just think that you know everything that we’ve worked for and everything that’s you know coming together it just you can feel it whenever you walk through our doors like we i don’t know i don’t even know how to describe it it’s so back when i was in my kitchen we lived in a trailer on the same road we live in now so i was tattooing in my kitchen and we would have people say that they loved the atmosphere of my kitchen yeah because she’d be cooking it was always at night she’d be cooking so we’d feed people and oh that’s awesome gumbo

we made them feel welcome you know you don’t get that from a lot of tattoo shops yeah so we made them feel welcome even though it was in my kitchen they would prefer to come to me then go to some extreme tattoo shop yeah and i’m not saying they’re all like that i’m just saying that when you think of a tattoo shop you think of like bikers and stuff like that walking in there’s art all over the walls and that’s not a bad thing because if that’s what you’re into hey that’s what you’re into yeah but um the people that we normally get come into my house and i said i’ve always said that i want to bring that feeling back to my shop yes i was sitting there thinking i’m like i want something faith-based yes so it just came to me one day

um and it has more than one meaning it’s not just faithful as in christianity but faithful as in we’re going to take care of you you know what you just have faith in us right yes you know have faith in god and also have faith that i’m not going to screw your body up

that’s a good thing well and i’ll tell you your uh your logo is is amazing um you know you’ve got the praying hands uh you’ve got the tattoo and that neat little font uh it’d be hard to critic criticize it it’s just it seems perfect to me uh with your message who you are and what you’re aiming to accomplish as well and he designed it that was his own design too so it’s not perfect but you know when when you think of us we don’t want you to think oh that’s just another tattoo studio yeah that’s just another tattoo shop we don’t want to be just another tattoo shop we want to go above and beyond like we want to get out in the community and start helping the community yes um like we want to do stuff like that not just because it’s the thing to do but you know everybody needs help so yes i want to start doing that now that i’ll have more time i’ll be able to start doing that that’s a beautiful thing so you know giving back is is important right and and uh something that it took me many years in life to realize how um you know true leaders really give back um that’s that’s kind of the difference it’s not always about being number one you want to be number one in everything you do um but giving back is kind of what separates leaders from from not leaders i guess you could say in my opinion right so uh so that’s good you’ve learned that a lot earlier in life than i did for sure i mean in today’s society with the way the world is going excuse me but there’s no sense of community anymore yeah you know there’s no sense of pride in your community there’s no sense of helping each other out anymore it’s every man for himself yes like who’s going to be the one to start stopping that that’s right you know we’ve got to start to band together and realize that hey we’re all in this together yeah we all got one life to live yeah and after that is eternity what do you want to do with your eternity right you know like how are you gonna how are you going to be sitting on judgment day 100 so now that that’s what i believe that we need to come back to a community sense yes and it’s really hard to bring it back but we can bring it back if everybody helps and joins in together yeah 100 i believe that as well uh so travis what’s the longest you’ve ever done in one sitting on a tattoo

18 hours straight

that’s amazing and they call that what a tap out tap out i do do not do tapouts i don’t do takeouts i’m sorry don’t call me for a i’ll please not trying to be rude just trying to be real he was a little upset that day i wasn’t in the picture yet and for those that may not be familiar with what that is correct me if i’m wrong but basically it’s a flat fee and you can get whatever you want and until you can’t take it no more and then yeah and apparently you had someone that was uh like a cyborg or something superman dude that would not stop and uh he paid a hundred and fifty dollars for wow 15 hours worth of work yeah not doing that i don’t blame you i don’t blame you but uh pretty awesome that you you know you like you lasted that long standing straight up and and uh tattooing so great job there now although you’re not new to the tattoo industry you both are new to owning your own business and having just opened in august of this year so you’re relatively new to this whole business process even though it was kind of a side hustle for a while uh courtney how smooth was the process as far as opening the tattoo studio and then travis how valuable has this lady been to your business from the aspect of business yeah well if i lost her the business would not be around it’d be totally illegal

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she is the brains the backing she is everything to this business i am just the art right so she does everything behind the scenes the same missed behind the scenes how hard was it you know when i think about it i think a lot of red tape yeah and that was like um for those of you that don’t know we actually converted our mother-in-law suite into our tattoo studio it’s fully licensed great idea yeah and especially not a lot of overhead you know just starting out um but yeah we had to get in front of the parish council and get approval to you know have a tattoo shop on residential property you know we had to go through sanitation fire marshall there is a lot of ins and outs you know um it was to be completely honest it was easier than what i thought it would be but it was still a lot of legwork and so and there’s still a lot of learning we’re still learning about taxes and you know um accounting and you know all that but um i think it’s just you know a learning curve for anybody that’s opening up a new business and so that’s what he he’s the dreamer like we we complement each other very well because i say that he’s the gas and on the brakes oh i like that but it’s like he’s like go go go like he wants to open up a huge tattoo shop and have all these tattoo artists under us i’m like can i just learn quickbooks first yeah yeah we were opening up location number two yeah and i’m just like hold up like let’s let’s you know work with what we have right now but it works out well because he pushes me out of my comfort zone and he’s reaching for the stars and it’s just it works well for us because like i said we’re just we’re growing and then in the same breath you know we’re learning yeah so it’s just very good great very good very good now uh you mentioned that it’s a converted mother-in-law suite that you have there and you have mentioned earlier that people really enjoy even when you were doing in the kitchen the atmosphere that you had i think that’s one of the biggest things that separates you now in that mother-in-law suite is that you have a different atmosphere it’s a more i would imagine a more comfortable atmosphere than you may run into it at another tattoo shop um all of that being said the importance of that is something that you really can’t you really can’t miss because i would imagine some people go in there and they’re nervous i mean i don’t i everybody that goes in there i would imagine some of them have never had a tattoo or maybe they’ve had one and it was 20 years ago and they were drunk and they don’t remember it whatever it was how important is that atmosphere do you think um i would say i don’t want to say it’s everything but it really is because if you don’t have a good atmosphere and you don’t have a good attitude about it yeah they’ll come to you but they don’t want to come back yeah and we have a lot of returning customers people that that’s a good job yeah they keep coming back they turn 18 and you know each month they’re getting a new tattoo like you’ve got to save some skin you know yeah so like i have clients that are like hey i got my 15 year old daughter that and wow they feel comfortable enough to say that yeah so i’m like no i don’t tattoo on miners yeah you know it’s like when she turns 18 yeah come on but yeah but they’re comfortable with us all of our clients inevitably end up becoming our friends that’s true and it’s awesome like yeah we have so many friends that we have made and that’s like honestly i almost feel like they’re friends but they’re also fans yeah and that’s like what’s been really cool is just the outpouring of people like um on social media like yes they they just support us and it just warms our heart because it makes us feel like we’re doing something right you are doing something right and i’ll tell you i looked on you know obviously i’ve been all over you facebook and um i do see that i see people interacting with your post i see people sharing your posts all of those things so important for for new businesses especially is exposure whether it’s through a podcast whether it’s through people who have had experiences with you that’s why google reviews and facebook reviews are so important there’s so much weight placed on that stuff so um so you know when this thing drops and all y’all are listening my my following y’all’s following let’s everybody share this thing oh yeah and uh and let people know uh about how great y’all are what you do you know the business it’s funny that you called him the gas and you the brakes that is every episode i hear something that is like a really neat uh ism of some sort i love that yeah i’m using that one i love it uh so travis in regard to tattoos and you brought this up earlier they can they can be kind of fattish sometimes maybe for lack of a better term like clothes um what is a good example of a tattoo you would consider kind of like i don’t want to use the term played out but uh fetish that maybe you’re not a huge fan of doing um or you just you love them all i enjoy doing tattoos uh there are some that i don’t particularly enjoy to do yeah he’s trying to speak carefully

and i don’t mean to put you on the spot but when i think of it from a guy that doesn’t do i think of like pamela anderson when she got the barbed wire right right um awesome tattoo but so many people did it after that to me it kind of lost its luster a little bit right um his is tribal yeah traditional tribal he’s not a big black tribal i’m not a big fan of that uh sunflowers some way to look but i’m not a big fan of doing sunflowers yeah i have a particular style of sunflower that i do when i do tattoo uh sunflower and everybody wants a sunflower really everybody i would have never guessed that no kidding my wife got us something i’m so offended right now that’s awesome i’m sorry i will do some flowers and i do enjoy doing them but with a smile on his face there’s so many of them that i just got burnt out yeah um yeah interesting now do you have a favorite maybe tattoo something that when people come in and they want that you’re like oh i’m really good at doing these uh american traditional i love the simplicity of american traditional there’s only three colors you use big bold lines so you know it’s going to be there 50 years from now yes um i love american traditional tattoos that’s my favorite american tradition that will fit my personality and it’s timeless it is very timeless yep so that’s it that’s what i’m getting done send me some options all right so travis i’m gonna hit you with a few questions like we talked about earlier that people reached out to us and wanted us to ask you so uh so here’s the first one are tattoos extremely painful

i guess depends on what part of the body you get it on yeah um so the area of the body makes a difference what’s the most probably the area of the body that’s thought that hurts the worst maybe would be a good turn the head yeah the head that’s where i want mine

no just kidding oh the head the lower abdomen ribs ribs ribs really that’s interesting i think the only tattoo that i’ve ever seen somebody tap on out on on in our shop was a rib tattoo a sweet little girl and you know he started the tattoo and he was not able to finish it it ended up looking like a little tiny candy cane and she i tried to talk her out yeah i did i tried to try numbing cream everything i tried doing everything and she was adamant about it i should have shut it down yeah like i had originally planned but she was adamant about it that she could take the pain and funny thing is is she ended up she was not upset at all i was more upset that she didn’t get the tattoo and she permanently has a little baby candy cane on her ribs she got the tattoo somewhere else and since then she’s come and got another tattoo so it’s like she’s you know she was a trooper about it that if she ever if she ever got it to where she can handle the pain i would cover that up for free so oh cool now what would you say is the area of the body where it’s you know less painful than maybe any other part of the body if someone says where can i get it where it’s going to hurt the least at least i would say probably back of the arm yeah so yeah top of the arm tooth those are those are pretty tolerable pretty bad yeah so to answer your first question though it really depends on the person and the location it really yeah and i would imagine the tattoo as well that’s not a fair question which one yeah i guess if i had to pinpoint the worst pain would be the head and the ribs the least would probably be the arm everything else is in between so it’s not really um but what really hurts for one person doesn’t hurt oh yeah yeah it definitely is i have seen this open for interpretation for huge thigh pieces don’t even flinch i got a leg tie too no ma’am yeah anyway i could i i could not like i don’t i’m gonna full disclosure i don’t drink whiskey and drink whiskey to get through that there you go like it was that bad wow so let me ask you um on that on that note what is the most what would you say is the most popular spot to get it in i know there’s a wide array but what do you get a lot of requests for as far as locations of tattoos stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504 432

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

with men normally it’s uh right here on the forearm yeah uh that’s a very popular spot uh with women it’s either the wrist or the back shoulder so yeah i can see that um a back shoulder with women there’s a lot with with those and and i know like the lower you know almost like the instep of the foot or whatever right a lot of people get them there i’ve tattooed the heel before the heel yeah you see it on my instagram it’s interesting it’s a little dog and it says chungus there you go that’s pretty cool that’s pretty awesome that’s the same girl that got the rib piece okay and i tattooed her heel and she sat through it perfectly yeah and i would imagine that one is pretty bad because i’ve tattooed my um the top of my ankle yeah and it hurt really bad yeah wow so it just depends on the person it really does interesting yeah are tattoos permanent no no you can’t remove them if you can have them removed yeah so so because i think a lot of people’s apprehension is well if you know i’m i say 22 now and one day i’ll be 50 to him what if i don’t like this tattoo anymore well it’s not permanent there are ways to remove it although although nobody ever wants their tattoo removed things happen in life and people so so don’t let it stop you as is i guess my point on that it may kind of suck to get it removed but you can’t get it removed yeah yeah and i’m finding out that it’s it’s not cheap but it’s not expensive either to have the removal done yeah and later on in our career uh we’re gonna try to get tattoo removal surgery done in the shop so laser removal surgery in the shop i don’t know how to go about doing that right now and uh but we’re going to think about that later that’s another project we’re going to be working on and there’s also certain parts of the body where it will wear off like people sometimes want to get finger tattoos finger tattoos they do fade over time yeah and then that’s like we do give a little disclaimer if you do get a finger tattoo we don’t do touch-ups on them because they they will think people wash their hands and stuff more than any other yeah and then the side of the foot too the side of the foot a lot of times it will rub and those will go away but i mean hey if you wanted to great information more power to you yeah uh can you touch up or change other people’s tattoos that’s kind of a taboo in the in the art industry okay uh yeah i don’t have a problem doing that and it depends on the circumstance it really does yeah if if somebody’s just artists shopping yeah and someone did a good tattoo and it’s been 10 years since they had it touched up and that guy’s still there like you should go see that guy to touch up his work yeah um let’s say they’re from california and they move down here and i mean they’re not going back to california to get it done you’re okay with helping out in that situation so um how am i you know it’s obvious we talked about this a little bit earlier but it’s obvious y’all put a lot of stock into the atmosphere of where you’re at and uh how important is customer service in your business and how much emphasis do y’all place on customer service number one yeah that’s that’s number one in my shop is customer service um i’m tired of going to mcdonald’s them getting my order wrong yeah and them getting mad at me for trying to get get it back and i know i’m not the only one yeah i said no pickles

and they’re like i guess we’ll change it yes you messed my order up yeah so anyways um customer service is very very very important it’s it’s more important over the artwork it’s over it’s more important than everything because without good customer service nobody’s going to like you nobody’s going to want to keep coming back and once they find you and they’re all like oh you have poor customer service like yeah they’re going to use you that one time but they’re not coming back right so one of my um friends she actually um she’s an entrepreneur too and she said that she had a conversation with her sister which made a lot of sense and she said that her sister will drive 40 minutes out of the way to get her nails done passing up several nail places on the way just because where she goes to get her nails done they know her name yes and that’s the thing if you make somebody feel special if you make them feel like you appreciate them it’s not easy to earn money you know that’s people’s hard hard-earned money and the fact that they want to come and spend it on a tattoo with us that’s flattering that’s you know very we we appreciate it so much we want the least we could do is give you a good experience and so that’s what we try to do is just make sure that you know that we value you and your time and come and see us yeah and i think it’s a big separator between you all and what and other people is the fact that you put so much emphasis on that customer service and i’m not saying that there’s not other places that do as well but uh i’m definitely a big separator with you guys that i noticed right off the bat um so very important now as we mentioned earlier you opened in august of this year and travis you’ve really been kind of limited as to the time you could dedicate to your art no pun intended uh but you got a big announcement

william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast

yeah so um i am going to do this full time making that leap yeah well actually the podcast that we watched last night yeah uh you mentioned the steve harvey jump yes and we watched it yes that’s an amazing man it’s time to jump yeah so i already put my two weeks in at my job and then watching that last night so yep i think i’m ready to do this full time and i love it i love it so much that’s where i feel myself yeah i was in my shop so you know i’m not going to work a dead end job where i can’t even grow in the ladder so well you know what some we were talking about this off camera but some people are just are just kind of meant to be certain places and and i just i feel a strong uh deal with you where this is kind of where you should be right and um you know it’s a tough thing i’ve been there i’ve been there i would you know i had a i was i had this as a side hustle for a long time before i said i’m gonna go ahead and do this full-time it’s scary it’s nerve-racking you know because you you have a responsibility uh for other things but if you don’t do it uh yeah you know and you’re right yeah you always have that there and let me tell you um if it makes you feel any better here when i did it um i have never been busier in my life and i have the support of so many including you guys and uh i know you’re gonna be the same way and shout out to you man i know that takes a lot of nerve personally and shout out to you for supporting that very important i’m sure that was a discussion right between both of you many discussions and uh yeah yeah exactly and the timeline kept changing it was like yeah i’m gonna do it in five years yeah two years one year and then now it’s pretty much after christmas yeah back to work on monday yeah just keep short monday yeah monday is like he hates going to work on monday now and it’s like don’t get me wrong i like my job i have sure now welding is uh that’s a great trade it’s great yeah absolutely and you know people just dive headfirst into welding yes not me so much yeah i did it as a job it is a job i took pride in my job yes but tattooing is not a job for me right and i love doing it and yes it’s going to be a lot of headache and rigmarole but in the end it’s worth it that’s worth the headache love it love it now courtney how important is social media played on kind of the growth of your business it’s been huge because initially we were like i said mostly word of mouth and that’s one of the things that i personally try to take the time to do is to be have a very big social media presence and interact with people um i think people like it you know i think that they do too and what you do is very visual yeah and the best way to show off visual things is to put them on social media where people can actually click on that picture and see some of the beautiful work you do one of the interesting things about this podcast and something you’ll notice when it airs is that we’re going to have your artwork pop up during the episode kind of like when you’re watching the news where we’ll be talking about tattoos and and one of your tattoos is going to pop up you know and and uh it’ll be pretty neat but that way people can see that visual even before they go to your facebook and check it out i love it right yeah yeah so that’ll be really nice now uh i also want to mention because it’s kind of close to holiday time and you know it’s getting to look a lot like christmas and all that stuff i won’t sing it for you but you get the gist um y’all offer gift certificates we do yeah that was something people ask us pretty frequently they’re like well do you do gift cards like do i pre-pay and so we had so many people asking for us so we went ahead and just got gift certificates we’re like why not you can have a cool little envelope with a cool little certificate with our address and where to find us and then it just kind of put something in people’s hands instead of being like hey i bought you a tattoo you know they can actually open it and then they have that fun little uh surprise and i think it’s a wonderful idea i mean i think everybody in business should have a gift certificate at some point because it may be something that that person feels like they can’t afford but but maybe their best friend gives them you know and says hey go get you tattooed not to mention i mean like we said uh you know you can get rid of a tattoo if you don’t want it but it lasts a lifetime like you’re literally giving somebody a gift that will last a lifetime so especially if it’s sentimental i think that is a really cool gift to give somebody it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year round as they say on christmas vacation that’s my first quote of christmas vacation this year there’ll be many more to come so we talked about the gift certificates and all that stuff and i thought i do this on every show but i thought it’d be fun to do some fun facts on on you folks outside of just tattoos you know y’all are some pretty funny people um and some of these answers may surprise you

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uh i asked what my first question was what job did you want when you were 12 years old and uh courtney said an astronomer so you like the stars and the map i did i don’t know i always had a fascination and then my mom actually i don’t remember exactly how old i was maybe 11 or 12 years old she actually bought me a star you know how they have the star registry yeah i thought that was really cool yeah i had it on my wall and it gave you coordinates of you know where your star was and there was a courtney pierce star out there in the universe i can’t believe i don’t have a star i need to look that up travis you said an engineer yeah awesome architect engineer yeah um man when i was younger i had this i had notebooks that i would draw and design houses in yeah like big that’s cool houses yeah

engineer because i had this design for a wing suit and it’s not too late i can get in with you on a wing suit that sounds interesting we’ll partner up on that one some guy in russia or germany i think it was germany did the exact same thing did he really swear to god don’t your idea someone always does it and then you’re like i could have been a millionaire jumps out of the plane with the winged back yeah oh i seen it yeah so he took my ideas dog on it and and we can’t get no royalties off of him that’s the bad thing all right if you could have any superpower what would it be courtney said super fast cleaning ability oh my gosh yes yes that would be a great superpower absolutely awesome and travis said the flash so you also want to be super fast yeah yeah i do too one of my favorites all the time now if you could travel anywhere in the world courtney said italy i’m that’s a great choice beautiful place but i agree with you and this is if i could pick a place anywhere in the world it would be scotland here as well wow oh man couldn’t imagine my grandmother’s scottish and my grandfather was scottish yeah and i’ve got a big percentage of scott scottish in me so i’ve always wanted to go see the layout of the motherland yeah

you fit right in me and i’m it’s just a beautiful country i mean wow uh i do want to mention your tagline we were we were talking about a tagline i love this i’m like i have to say this so i said courtney what’s your tagline and she says we don’t really have one but how about you pick it and we stick it

love that one love it love it did y’all have fun today great time awesome now folks go to their facebook page and give them a like check out their website for more information to stay updated on all things tattoo faithful tattoo studio dot com and we’re gonna link all of that as i said earlier to the description of this episode so you can just scroll down look at the description and those links will be there for all of that now if somebody heard this and they said i’m going to get a tattoo tomorrow how would that what would they do to get in touch with you um they can text they can call they can instagram they can face email like honestly i’m pretty responsive and that’s what i try to be johnny on the spot with the response i will say with him uh currently only working on the weekends we’re booked up about a month out right now but we will try to get you in just as soon as we can and then once he goes full time we’ll have that extra availability and i’m gonna be a little uh slave driver and you know if we can fit you in you’re going to get in there you go if you need one during the middle of the week you let me know like i said my clients are number one and i will always try to appease them 100 and i do want to mention that one of the things that i asked in the questionnaire i sent you guys was how did you kind of know it was time to go full time let’s say and and travis made the comment he just didn’t feel right telling people you’re gonna have to wait x amount of time in order to get it because i’m when he saw that coming when it was getting pushed out too far you were basically like yeah either i got a you know i pretty much got to do this full time because i am so busy that i’m having to delete it just didn’t sit right right exactly and like i said my clients are number one in my book so i want to turn people away yeah i believe that 100 so i think y’all are great we’re going to send y’all all kinds of business around here uh so thank you for coming on the show absolutely we were honored it was all our honor absolutely i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders of podcast please continue to like comment and subscribe i want to thank our sponsors tricia johnston realtor b.j pond fit blends denim springs black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrop of twfg insurance adele lane spawn boutique fit body boot camp we could not do any of this without all of you and if you’d like info on sponsoring the show or appearing on the show please reach out to me at jim local leaders the podcast dot com and i do want to mention y’all are on trade as am i so i trade exchange moxie if you if you uh if you choose to pay with any of that both of us accept that so uh check that out until next time i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading thank you very much

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