Becoming “Fearless!” Fearless Fitness is Empowering Ladies in Livingston

Denham Springs: Meet Fearless Fitness

Jim Chapman of Local Leaders The Podcast sits down with Brittany Powell who owns the only ladies fitness studio in Livingston and is Helping women fall in love with fitness one class at a time!

You are going to love this interview with Fearless Fitness, a ladies-only gym located in Livingston, Louisiana.

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hi this is lori johnson with hancock whitney bank and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast visit for previous episodes or for information on appearing on the show the fitness industry in the u.s is a 30 billion dollar industry that over the past 10 years has seen a growth rate of about three to four percent annually currently about 20 of american adults have a fitness club membership of some sort a number that i think could easily double in the next 10 to 15 years all of that being said timing is everything and like any business how you innovate when unforeseen circumstances such as coveted shutdowns threaten your business they can make or break you she overcame the covet shutdown just shortly after opening and discuss the vast programs her business offers to ladies all over livingston parish so with that welcome brittany powell of fearless fitness to local leaders the podcast awesome thank you for having me i’m excited to be here today i am excited that you’re here and a lot of your fans and friends on facebook are excited and we want to get into all the awesome things that set your business fearless fitness apart but first let’s get into a little bit about you let everybody learn who you are tell us where you grew up and a little about your family i grew up in denham springs i went to a small private school from kindergarten to 12th grade which is where i met my husband and i just so y’all a high school sweetheart we are we started dating at 14. wow okay yes very young lucky you you found the one early early on very very young so and then we got married at 21. he went to college i kind of just worked to just help support him and then we moved to watson once we got married and that’s pretty much it then we moved to livingston i got into fitness we moved to livingston and now we’re here yes and and you left out that you have nine dogs we actually have nine dogs two cats and well we had two chicks one died this morning and then a rooster and three hens oh wow we have a farm in the middle of town yes you absolutely do awesome that’s gonna be a lot to keep up with it is wow it’s a circus 24 7 in our house all the time all the time i can imagine and so are your dogs all the same breed or are they a bunch of different breeds they are a bunch of different breeds we have my husband’s registered vet tech so obviously we have well that makes sense four or five are rescues and then four we’ve gotten from breeders thank you so they range from like a little chihuahua mix to a golden doodle well it doesn’t even look like a doodle but you know yeah yeah that’s awesome well you got to love that and uh and your husband being a vet tech it totally makes sense but y’all have a lot of pets around there um i’ve got a little datsun that we’ve had for 13 years that is like amazing and you know they’re like people i mean they they even sleep in the bed like people it’s weird we have two that sleep with us and even last night i told my husband i was like literally five of them were having attitudes yesterday like you would talk to them and they’d roll their eyes they’d huff they’d puff i was like oh my goodness like kids love it yeah exactly exactly sometimes even more spoiled than most kids so you’re a fan of reality tv i am i’m a huge housewives fan we watch most of the housewives we watched the bachelor and bachelorette for a while jersey shore oh i love good reality tv shows yeah i got i was into those for for a long time orange county housewives i started watching kind of first i never got into the other ones real life oh jersey is where it’s at is it really girls are crazy huh yes seems like jersey girls would be crazy for some reason so yeah no i’ll have to check that one out orange county i started that was like the first one and i never got beyond it so but i do see the previews and they’re like throwing wine glasses at each other flipping tables all sorts of stuff awesome and you love colorado i do we got back in june we went for a week for our anniversary and we were in vail for a week it was amazing wow i bet that was been to breckenridge and we’re going back to steamboat springs the end of september so you do a lot of skiing when you’re there i actually have never skied surprisingly really we went last november to breckenridge and ski season wasn’t open so we didn’t do it and then it was closed when we went but also my livelihoods teaching so i don’t want to do something and break a leg and not be able to do something and it’s very possible with whiskey i’m going to tell you i’ve done it one time it was not in colorado it was actually in north carolina where buddy of mine lives and went to visit him and it was at the end of the season so it wasn’t really snow as much as it was ice yeah and um and you know i’m one of these people that think i can do anything the first time i try it and so i could i actually could stay up good like i could go down the mountain no problem couldn’t stop yeah that’s what scares me yeah i couldn’t stop he’s like just cross your skis like like turn him in a v and um i could not grasp that concept so how i would stop is i would literally throw my body on the mountain i would just tumble he would laugh and and laugh it was it was i’m so glad there’s no video of that yeah it hurts when you fall i mean it did for me anyway um so you’re in the fitness business my question is have you always been someone that’s kind of enjoyed working out staying fit those sort of things or was this something that came later on it’s really something that came later on like in high school i was never athletic like i played volleyball that was the only sport i played at pe i was the girl in the outfield way way way out so i didn’t have to catch the ball i didn’t have to run after anything like i just wasn’t into sports into really fitness and then at about 24 25 is when i started getting into it and what kind of pushed you into that or i don’t want to use the term push but what what got you into that what was the kind of light switch for you that you know i’m gonna start getting into fitness really this sounds terrible i had been married for like two to three years and i was that person and i was like i don’t want to be that person that doesn’t fit in their clothes anymore because they got married yeah so i started working out mainly just because i you know i had gained those first couple pounds from being married for a couple years oh yeah so i had started for that and then i realized just mentally it helped me so much so i had started like working out at home with like some program i was doing there and i realized i loved it like it quickly became like i don’t want to say obsession because that sounds terrible but it really did like i felt better i looked better mentally it helped me yeah so i just i’ve been going since then well and it’s a look if you got to have an obsession working out would be a good one to have i say there’s a lot worse things i could be addicted to so yeah doing good yeah that’s right that’s exactly right and you know the interesting thing that i find with with exercise is that it kind of raises that serotonin and it it makes you just feel good you know you feel better about yourself and yes and all of those things your your mental well-being is a is as important as your physical well-being and they kind of tie in together when you’re physical you get out there you’re moving and and all of those sorts of things it really helps your mental well-being being as well so that’s something that you pretty much specialize in now at fearless fitness um now i want to talk about uh your fitness experience prior to opening fearless fitness you taught classes and things like that other gyms at one point i did i taught classes at um well the person when i first started group classes i went to a martial arts studio in watson and one of the instructors ended up opening up his own gym with his cousin so he asked me to be an instructor which was my first time ever instructing so i was there for about a year to a year and a half then i took a little break and kind of did people even in watson like in my house like just people i knew and then i ended up at pilates plus in denim for about two to three years wow yep pilates is tough too that’s that’s it it is it’s a good workout yeah it is yeah it is so you definitely had some some experience prior to you know jumping out there and opening up fearless fitness and and uh at some point this experience led you to opening fearless fitness in livingston prior to that you actually launched your business in your garage for a little while i did i um we had moved to livingston like then in november of 2018 and in january i had gotten with a couple girls from my church and was like you know new year’s resolutions y’all want to be healthier like i want to train people y’all can just come to my garage like then you can charge them like we were just in my garage like five girls having fun like girl time talking we’d be like whatever happens in the garage station garage that’s a t-shirt yeah it’s gotta be so then like random people might pass by and they would see us working out in the garage and i had like one girl i knew kind of had asked me if i’d be interested in having her and a couple friends and i was like yeah i guess like i don’t know any of these people they’re coming to my house great i’m gonna get murdered so they ended up coming and then it just like i would meet someone at the nail place and they’d be like oh you teach out of your garage and i’d be like well not really but i mean if you want to come sure and then eventually like i launched we were in my garage for about three to four months and it got really crowded and really hot because it was about april closed in garage was not very fun and then we ended up moving to the park in livingston and we were there the dead of summer from april to september and then we got in my building so you were actually in the park we were in the park we were like they have a big pavilion and we were under the pavilion my car was like a gym i had a wagon that i kept in my car all my equipment no one could ever ride with me all my equipment was in the back of my car i’d load it all up in the wagon towed it to the pavilion unload it load it back up bring it to my car every day of the week yeah no kidding and loving every minute i did i loved sometimes i’ll pass by the park and i’ll be like oh i kind of miss it like just not the i love my air condition though so yeah you miss it for about five minutes i miss it in the winter time not so much in the summer no doubt about it i get that 100 now tell me about uh that you know what led you to the saying i’m really gonna do this and or two saying that and starting the process of looking for a location for fearless fitness so you’re out there you’re doing you’re doing your thing in your garage and then i mean eventually you came to a point where you said you know i think i think i’d like to to open the business and and uh make a run of it and a go of it what what kind of led to that decision and how much how long a time frame was it that you debated that before you just finally went for it bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy yorum wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

so i can remember like we started in my garage in january and i’ve always when from 16 to 21 i worked out a small tan in salon and watson and i always kind of was like i would love to own my own business like i loved working there and you know everyone when you work in small businesses you think like these people like are living the dream like they’re being a business owner it looks amazing so i was always a part of me was like i want to own my own business one day well then get married and just life took its toll and i was like yeah like that’s not gonna pay my bills i just need to do this work in this office so in january of 2019 i started having people in my garage and i would joke like well one day when we’re in my real building like in my real gym this is how it’s gonna be like completely joking no clue it was gonna happen well then i can remember my word of the year i tried to do one every year in january was fearless because i was running a half marathon that february in disney and i’m not a runner like i signed up because someone said i couldn’t do it and i was going to prove that i could so i was training for my marathon my goal was to be fearless and i was running my marathon and i was on like mile 12. and there was a tangled quote which i love princesses tangled one of my favorite disney movies and it was like step out of your comfort zone the rewards are worth it or something like that and i can remember running and like i was dying it was mile 12. i still had a mile to go like that’s when that wall hits and i remember thinking like i’m going to do it like i’m going to open my own business one day like i don’t want to spend my life helping someone else build their dreams while mine are going on the back burner still had no clue what was coming up for me that year i was like one day i’m gonna do it like i was 27 i think maybe 28 i was like nowhere in the near future and so i got home like that’s kind of when my garage started expanding and then like once i went to the park i advertised it on facebook and i was scared to death no one was going to come i was like nobody’s going to want to sign up it’s 100 degrees outside they don’t know me technically i’m not from livingston so i’m not well known like people that have grown up there their whole lives and i ended up having like 10 new ladies sign up right i didn’t even know and i was like okay this is great and i was like you know i love doing this i was still working full-time at a heating and air company i was also working part-time teaching classes somewhere else while i was doing all this and then probably like about that july i started thinking like really hard like okay we i need to do something like i want a building with air conditioned mainly because we were all dying if it rained we had to cancel or we got soaking wet like it just wasn’t something that could keep going like that and it just so happened one of the girls that came to the gym one day was like oh well you know so and so is moving out of this building and it’s going to become available here’s the landlord’s name if you want to message her and i was like no way like i’m not i’m not to that point yet like that is so scary so i was like okay i’ll message her and i was like this lady is going to think i am too young to be owning a business i have no idea what i’m doing like i’m just this girl at the park like so i messaged her and i ended up meeting with her and i was still kind of like on the fence but i was like you know if it happens i know it’s meant to be like if everything goes through like that’s just the lord telling me this is the timing even though i’m scared to death so i ended up meeting with her um and she was like well she’ll be out in november of this year so then you could move in then and i was like okay that’s like five six months like that’s still really close but okay we’ll do it yeah well then she messaged me like this was mid-july the end of july she’s like she’ll be out at the end of august so you can move in september first like you’re like slow down excuse me like immediate panic attack because i mean i was like i loved my job i was making good money and i knew i’d have to somehow cut back on that in order to focus on my business so then i was like how do i tell my bosses like i’m opening up this but they’re going to think i’m crazy for doing this so then i moved in like september 3rd was my first opening day scared to death didn’t know who was going to show up what was going to happen but we did it people showed up people are still showing up so it’s good i love it and and uh i can totally relate i mean to that entire thing um you know most business owners i’m sure can but it is it’s a scary thing i don’t care who you are and how uh confident you are and all those sort of things there’s always that moment where you’re like man i’m about to be all in yes so that’s why it ended up being fearless fitness since fearless was my part of the year i had to be i kept telling myself okay i have to be fearless if i’m going to do this and so yeah it’s just stuck you know and i’ve of course talking to people about you coming on the show i would say fearless fitness that mentioned the name of your company and everybody’s like oh i love that one i love the name i love the name so you’re good kudos on your word of 2019 that it no word has compared since then like every year i’m like i mean i can’t beat fearless yeah no you can’t

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um so let’s talk about uh you know that word fearless and and you mentioned that just now and and how it became kind of your word but how important is that word to you like it’s it seems like it’s it’s got a lot to do with your personality and how you want to be and and uh i would imagine this is a word that you try to instill in your clients and things of that nature it is it means it honestly when i chose it i didn’t know it would mean as much to me as it does now just because i am not a risk taker i play i’m the comfort zone person i play it safe i like knowing what’s going to happen having it planned out so to have to be fearless and i mean it doesn’t mean i’m without fear because i’m still scared to death every single day yes owning a business and doing this and doing it the right way but just to face my fears and come at it and just what was it head on yes and it’s it’s bravery we we’re all gonna have that fear but the difference between uh you know in my opinion the difference between kind of leaders and people that are not leaders is the fact that leaders will will still do it you know they’ll have that fear but they will still go do whatever it is they’re needing to do which is exactly what you did of course you were nervous about it scared you know you were comfortable in what you were doing you did it anyway i did and i try to tell my ladies like and i know i was that person my first group class i was scared to death i might be an extrovert when it comes to teaching when it comes to doing new things and being around new people i am one thousand percent introvert i need someone i need like my wingman beside me to kind of distract me my phone something yeah and i can remember my first class being scared to death i pulled in the parking lot and immediately pulled right back out and went home because i was just too nervous to go in a class full of other people and work out in front of them yeah so i tell my ladies all the time i’m like i know you’re scared i know like it’s nerve-wracking to come in your first class but you have to be fearless with it and once you get involved and there’s a lot of ladies that have realized like i am fearless i can do this like it is easier to do yes yes absolutely now you open up your gym and um i do want to kind of ask you about your husband and um obviously this was a decision you didn’t you know you’re married so you didn’t make it necessarily on your own i’m sure you had a conversation and uh and how supportive was he in that decision he was very supportive he from the get-go was always like i mean you should just go do it like i mean you’ll never know unless you try but i mean that’s his personality like he is just go with the flow nothing ruffles his feathers like he’s just living the life yeah i on the other hand and not like that so anytime he’d be like that like no you just don’t understand quit encouraging me i was like you don’t get it like i just can’t quit my job like i can’t just open this like this is a lot yeah he’s like i mean you just need to do it he’s like everything’s falling out in the plan like you can do it you know you love it you know it’s something you’ve wanted to do so he was a hundred percent for it awesome he was the one that actually was like you know fearless fitness sounds good since that was your word of the year like make it fearless fitness yes and at first i was like that’s kind of lame and then like once i kept saying it in my head i was like oh you might actually be onto something he he came up with a good one he did everybody loves it good job uh so you decide on the town of livingston and this is something that always intrigues me so you know as business owners we go through all the things you just described we try to find every reason that it won’t work and then yeah and and when you’re meant to do something you know you’re kind of pushed into that whether you like it or not and you know uh faith will find a way and um eventually you decided to go to livingston to open your business that’s a big part aspect of business especially in your industry is where do i want to put it because if you pick the wrong spot or at least in our mind we’re thinking if we picked the wrong spot we could do everything right and it’s still not work you know location location location as they say um so why did you choose livingston the town of livingston in which to open fearless fitness we had recently moved to livingston just we liked the small town feel and there wasn’t anything like it there’s one anytime fitness that’s it there’s no other i mean in denim and watson there’s pretty much fitness studios within a couple miles of each other yes um i am a huge fan of ladies only i love the idea of ladies supporting other ladies like cheering each other on and i had seen teaching through classes the impact that has on people people you would never be friends with you could all of a sudden have your gym bestie because y’all would cut up during class and build relationships that you never would have thought you would have so and then being at the park and seeing all these ladies enjoy it and there’s so many people that tell me like if you weren’t open like i wouldn’t go to the gym like i’ve never stepped foot in a gym i don’t like working out in front of people so i like that it was something the town of livingston didn’t have and it was something that i could offer to all the ladies absolutely a place just for them to come work out not feel judged not worry about the guy grunting next to him at the gym slamming the weights down like they’re able to come and talk to people and have fun and cheer each other on through class and i’ll have like one group of girls like every time they’re like you can go heavier you can do that like you can do this like grab those 30s like oh that’s awesome it’s a fun atmosphere with all of them yeah fantastic so you you do you open up your gym in livingston in september of 2019 and i would imagine you know just as soon as you were getting your feet out from under you about five months later coveted hits now gems to me were the part of what i would call the big three that really felt the brunt of covet i would include restaurants and beauty shops in that what was going through your head when the shutdown orders just started happening all of the sudden i was in a panic i had just started in january of that year i went full time with the gym up until from september to december i was still working part time at my other job and in january i had decided i was going full time like no extra money like just the gym money and i felt like everything had been laid out like this is what was meant to be like the lord had worked everything out so then like march rolls around and like it was my birthday is march 13th we had gone out of town for my birthday and we got back and march 17th we got the orders that you know we had to shut down and i remember like on our trip people would talk about it and i’d be like whatever like i don’t want to talk about it like yeah we’re not going to shut down like i’m not thinking about it like this is crazy and then we had to shut down and i was scared to death i remember i would sit on my couch and i was used to getting up at 4 30 a.m every day like going i interact with people all day that’s what i do like i’m a cheerleader i’m around people so going from a not having that like being stuck my husband was an essential worker so he was still going to work i was stuck at home at the time we only had seven dogs so i was stuck at home with these seven dogs like not getting an interact like thinking like what in the world like i just started this business and i’m already a failure like we had to shut down like i can’t do anything at that time it was like you know you can’t be next to anyone like you can’t even go on walks oh yeah sounds like we can’t go to the park like i was scared to death wow yeah i can only imagine in especially in your circumstance uh what that feeling was like and it’s it’s almost impossible for me to find like a silver lining with covid but if i did uh find any silver lining positive thing for business owners it would be that it forced business owners to kind of innovate um restaurants for example they added drive-throughs that uh they built beautiful outdoor patios uh for um what did you do kind of to innovate because i would imagine there’s a point where you said okay this is happening um i’ve got to go ahead and take ownership that it’s happening and then figure out how am i going to innovate this how am i going to continue on with business in the midst of this so i had already like planned like when they started like that monday they started talking about shutting down i had told people i was like somehow we’re gonna do something like we’re not just gonna stop so like that wednesday was our last class and i had already set up a private facebook group for every single member to join where i told them i was either going to post workouts we were going to do something and it ended up like i started every day at 9 30 i went virtual like we had i had ladies coming to get equipment from the gym that didn’t have anything so they couldn’t have excuses of no equipment they couldn’t work out um i went virtual live every day at 9 30. that way we could all join in together everyone could comment that they were doing it with me so it was almost like a class the class atmosphere just without people so i was doing that we were doing it from home and at first it was just normal members like just my monthly members and then i ended up opening it up to people that just couldn’t go to the gym they didn’t have anything to do they could join and also do the workouts with us and it’s still going on like i still everyday post i have a couple members from like colorado florida that hop on and work out with me every day fantastic yeah so you innovated you did what business owners do you know they find a way and and uh thank goodness for facebook and all those things you know i was telling someone uh shortly but was probably in the middle of you know 2020 uh when everything was going on and i said you know if it were 10 years ago there would be no zoom there was no zoom there was um facebook was around but it wasn’t anywhere near the capability it has now uh what would people have done i don’t know but i mean even just from a zoom standpoint where people were zooming meetings at work i mean bit you know thank god for technology yes because um us as business owners even major corporations they couldn’t have functioned in a coveted environment without a zoom or without a facebook so um so great job on innovating that and you you know you kept most of these things around and that’s an interesting thing is it almost uh it was almost you know a good idea to have these uh virtual facebook workouts i guess you would call them because it definitely would not have happened if i wouldn’t have had the option because i hate filming myself i hate being in front of the camera so having to do that every day imagine that i know it took me like a year to get used to it and if coveted wouldn’t happen i would have never just jumped in and did it yeah yeah well i’m so glad that you were able to innovate that and keep going and and uh sign of a sharp business owner if you ask me

planet planet provides a full range of residential and commercial landscape services including plant and tree installs grading and drainage patio paver and retaining wall installs and much more reach out to them at 225-252-4905 planet planet they are a world apart and a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast so in your questionnaire i asked you to provide a why statement on your business you said my why is to help women learn to be confident in their bodies and help them to enjoy fitness i wanted fearless fitness to be a place where any woman can walk into and immediately feel welcome like they fit in now let me uh let me say this before i go any further on that um that is important in it that women feel comfortable um it is a woman’s only gym and you’re you know half your job is probably to make these ladies feel comfortable right yep it is yeah and i would say probably 80 of my people had never worked out in a gym atmosphere some of them had never worked out in general yeah so it is very important to make them feel comfortable to make them feel welcome and to build that confidence because some of them start like they’re like i’m just i’m not going to wear a tank top like i just can’t i don’t wear tank tops and then by like three months in they’re coming in with their tank tops they’re lifting heavier weights like that’s a beautiful thing you can see it just in their confidence and maybe like they’re i’m a huge fan of gym clothes obviously but you know just they might start in like baggy t-shirts and shorts and then they go to like leggings and a tank top like you can tell their confidence is growing fantastic just in their workouts in their appearance like you can tell it in their faces yeah and that’s just really important to me that they all if they don’t get anything else from fearless just to get that confidence yes yes and it’s a judgment-free zone it is we are judgment-free we have fun awesome we all support each other so i want to continue on with with your why statement you said some women may be struggling with things we may never know about fearless fitness is so much more than just exercise it’s a safe place a safe space for women to talk and have the support of other women i want to be able to help them mentally physically spiritually it’s a place where women can laugh together share wins and losses or even cry together if they need it so that’s pretty honest and um emotionally driven it is um i’m going to tear up just thinking about yeah i typed it out but listening to it i’m like oh my goodness it sounds like it came from the house and uh and you know what i love about what you do is there’s so much emotion tied into it beyond just working out you know you’re changing lives right and and um that’s a beautiful thing that’s a that’s a beautiful thing to wake up every day and you feel like that’s your mission is to make ladies more comfortable in in doing things that make them happy so shout out to you thank you um fearless fitness offers a bunch in the way of training right it’s it is a woman’s only gym as i mentioned in livingston and moreover the only gym in livingston that offers like classes mentioning that access to a trainer is a huge part of what separates your business yes tell me about the importance of having a trainer especially when you’ve never really worked out before it’s very important especially if you’ve never worked out you don’t know correct form you don’t know what to do a lot of women if they do go to a gym without a trainer they’re walking on the treadmill because they don’t have a clue how to lift the weights what moves to do they can injure themselves because they might be going too heavy they might not see results because they might be going too light and not pushing themselves so in our classes you have me there supporting you every step of the way i’ll tell you if you need to drop weights i’ll tell you if you need to go heavier if i think you can go heavier i will correct your form i will motivate you and there’s the accountability factor if you walk in anytime you are just going to be okay well i can leave like i did five moves this is lame i’m done yeah with us you have you have to show up because you’re paying for it for the most part some people don’t but you know you know and you know as you come you build this friendship with people so you know they’re going to be like well where were you yesterday we missed you and it kind of helps keep them accountable to come and the more they do it the more they enjoy it yeah like you might start off hating it but if you stick with it you’re going to get better and you’re going to learn to enjoy it that’s right it’s nice to have the trainer to push you i’ll kind of check in with some of them if i haven’t seen them in a couple weeks like hey just making sure you’re alive like make sure you’re okay yeah and just keep them accountable yes and and you know there’s a comfort factor with having a trainer there especially when you’re doing something that is way out of your comfort zone maybe you’ve never worked out before or maybe you’ve done you know cardio aspects of working out but you’ve never done weights or things like that that’s where you come in i mean that’s your your expertise and and you can really hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re lifting incorrectly especially like back problems and things like that if you um but you also bring up another good point in that maybe someone’s going too light they’re not going heavy enough well you’re going to spot that or vice versa maybe they’re going too heavy you know and uh and so those are many one of the many advantages of working with a trainer and the great thing is that your studio it’s it’s an in-house trainer there for you all the time that’s awesome uh now let’s cover some of the vast training that you incorporate let’s start with the personal training so tell me about that i offer personal training um you come whatever day works best for you whatever works for our schedule and it’s strictly that person i have some people that might do um like double like they’ll have their friend come and it’ll be two of them in a group and i customize the workouts for their goals whatever they want to work on what they need to improve on or if they just want to focus on everything and they get me for a whole session by themselves no other person in class i help them go like i said go lighter go heavier i spot them and you know we might have a good therapy session every now and then i like my personal training sessions awesome so you and of course you also do group classes tell me about that we do our group classes we have multiple class options multiple class times a day those range from anywhere you could have three people to 15 people so it is a little bit bigger of a group setting um it’s kind of circuit style training resistance training we have some weighted cardio each day we work different things it’s never the same workout throughout the same week and those are usually between about 30 to 35 minutes just so people don’t have to spend an hour of their time moms are busy wives are busy it helps them come in get it done multiple class times so they can come anytime they need and you have teen classes i do i have teen classes for ages between 13 and 16 which is probably my favorite class to teach i love getting to work with the teen girls um we have a wide variety most of them have never worked out like unless they played sports or something but they come and they get it done awesome um and as we talked about earlier you offer virtual classes i do i have the virtual classes which is basically i film whatever workout we are doing that day for class i film it i post it in a private page and they get to work out right alongside with me like i’m doing the whole entire workout with them cueing them through their form i tell them what weights i’m using so they can kind of know if they need to go up a little bit go down a little bit and i’d do it with them the whole time fantastic now let me ask you this there’s some people probably listening to this and they’re like i’m too old i’m too old to do that and how old is too old to work out at your studio age is just a number there’s no age that is too old i have a lady that comes miss vicki if she’s listening to this i’m giving her a shout out she is my most famous not my mother she is the most famous person on my facebook but she is my most favorite human in the world she i said she was 67 the other day but she is actually 69 and she calms wow and she kicks butt like she puts those 30 year olds to shame so there and then i have some people like i’ve had a 70 year old that came for a while right before covet then she kind of slacked off obviously but um i have 65 like i have a good bit of ladies in their 60s yeah so i tell them all the time my grandma comes to personal training she is 74. so you know age is just a number it is just a number and and you know that’s a healthy lifestyle at that age and uh so shout out to those those golden ladies that are rocking and rolling at your at your gym now stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word how important would you say proper diet is as it relates to fitness it is very important and i will be honest i just told a challenge group i’m with in the other day i did not start working on my nutrition until probably about seven months ago yeah like i’ve always been that person i worked out so i could eat donuts or so i could eat cake and um i have noticed the most results within the past seven months with just not depriving myself like you will never hear me preach keto you will never hear me preach intermittent fasting or any random fad diet like i on the weekend i’m gonna treat myself sure but i believe in just eating healthier watching what you eat um i love fit blends i go there all the time i love that they are healthy they have good food and i’m all about making sure you’re eating enough yes and that’s the main thing i have ladies that come in they want to eat 1200 calories a day and that’s just not going to cut it yeah yeah i mean you know the the problem with starving yourself which i would say that’s pretty much starving your body of calories the problem with that is um you might lose some weight with it but the second you eat again it’s coming back yeah and it’s it’s very hard to maintain that over the long haul and it’s not going to build muscle either like you might lose weight but you’re not going to tone up it’s not going to build muscle you’re going to be tired all the time your workouts are not going to be 100 because your body needs energy yeah we need those carbs for energy so if you’re going keto and you’re not eating any carbs you’re going to feel like you’re dying every class yeah yeah correct um and speaking of fit blends you brought them up and i do want to say uh i do want to mention fit blends denim springs they can help with everything from meal prep to supplements and everything in between i love it that they serve breakfast all day bernie all day long and in addition to that the best ultra healthy wraps you can get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie fridays and are an amazing supporter of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you and i want to throw in if they go to fit blends i get their meal prep every week love it me and my husband eat it for lunch if they get five or more meal prepped items and use code fearless they get 10 off boom percent off i’m going to use that code i like that very good so shout out to fit blinds another uh takeaway in your questionnaire was when i asked you about your key to success uh thus far in your business you stated being real with my clients i don’t try to fake it and pretend i’m some great fitness guru who eats only salad and works out every second of every day i let others see my struggles so they know that even a leader has to work on being disciplined and motivated seems to me that that’s kind of a theme lately with my guest i’ve heard the term being real in the last three episodes i can’t agree with it more but i would imagine that’s very important in your business that um and something that i picked up on with you really quick was you’re real you’re genuine you’re not one of these people that um walks around i don’t want to say fake but um with a perception that is not reality that their self they’re basically creating that perception to make people think that all they do is eat salad and you know uh all those sorts of things but what it tells me is your clients can relate to you they can and i try to make that i think in the fitness industry there’s just this misconception that hey it comes easy to us like we just wake up every morning we want to work out we want to eat healthy like it’s just our lives and that’s what we love and i try to make it very clear to my ladies that i might not want to work out that day like there are someone especially after being around it all day some days i don’t want to do it but i still do it because i know a it makes me feel better mentally b unless i can tell my body needs to rest i know when i’m being lazy and when it needs to rest and also i don’t want to eat healthy all the time like yeah i went to crumble cookies last weekend and ate probably three cookies they were delicious so and i’ll be honest and tell them that i’ll be like you know what you might have messed up this weekend nutrition wise but so did i it’s a new day like it’s okay to mess up every now and then we’re gonna get back on the train and we’re gonna get it done and i think it makes it easier for them to tell me their struggles when they know i struggle with the same thing like i’m not gonna condemn them if they’re like i had cake this weekend i’m like yeah i probably did too good our bodies need it sometimes that’s right that’s right so um love that love that about your business uh i asked you basically how you would define a leader and you said someone that is fearless and not afraid to take risks there’s that word fearless someone that will stand up and do the right thing no matter who is watching him regardless of the outcome very true and you did you did all of those things when you open your business right you took risk and uh so you’re walking what you’re talking and that’s an awesome thing very good now how important has has social media as far as a role how important has that role played it’s super important and honestly i’m terrible at my social media game i’ve been trying to update lately but in the like time we live in social media is everything like that’s your advertisement basically is social media especially being in a small town that’s how we’re like other than word of mouth like social media is how everyone’s gonna see everything absolutely it is very important i’ve recently tried to really up my game on it because i’m realizing that’s what i need to draw more people in yes yes and and you know it enables um smaller businesses kind of to get out there with the larger businesses um you know the budget on on social media is is relatively reasonable so it’s what i love about it is no matter how small your business is you can still kind of compete with those larger businesses on that platform so um so yeah and in your business especially um it’s a it’s definitely uh something that’s advantageous to say the least um i want to mention some promotions that you have going on excuse me you’ll be celebrating your second birthday at fearless fitness coming up so tell me about that um august 28th we are gonna have a big birthday bash it’ll be at the gym obviously i’ll be doing a free workout that day for anyone that wants to come that will be at the park outside back where we all started um i have a botox injector coming for all the ladies that like their injections um i’ll have a couple local boutiques there a couple ladies that come to the gym that sell some things they’ll be in there and then i’ll have cupcakes for everyone like cupcakes and we will have giveaways i’ll have giveaways yes we’ll even have cupcakes so it’s just going to be a fun time we did it last year and everyone loved it so we’re bringing it back for a second year well happy birthday thank you upcoming birthday and uh so be on the lookout for that she uh you’re going to announce some things you have it on facebook and instagram i’ll be posting and announcing who all’s going to be there and the giveaways and everything like that now if you find your way into fearless fitness and you mentioned that you saw or heard about or became familiar with fearless fitness via this podcast brittany’s going to give you 20 off your first month or if it’s a virtual training uh situation that you seek brittany will be discounting that by dollars yes awesome yep so all they have to do is tell me they hurt well they’ll have to tell me what the special is so we’ll know they listen to the full podcast that’s right yeah exactly and a standing promotion that you have is i don’t i would almost call it a try before you buy a promo where first class is always free yes first class is always free they’re able to come test it out see how they like it before they pay me anything awesome so let me ask you let’s say some ladies hear this and and they definitely will and they say we we’re ready we’re fearless we want to go try out fearless fitness do they need to make appointments or can they just show up they just show up for class just bring their water show up i would say about like five to ten minutes early just to kind of go over everything but all they have to do is come in fantastic and it won’t cost you anything for that first client uh first class that you take so check that out and uh and i promise you you’ll be comfortable there at fearless fitness

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225 205 36 40 or visit i trade exchange dot biz

i do want to ask you um tell me about miss anison is it yes so tell me about her and her influence on you she was my old boss she is like my second mom um i mean i worked at anderson bitter for seven years i met her at the tandem salon i worked out at before that’s how she found me and then she got me to go over to her side and she has been one of my biggest supporters through all of this like even knowing that she was eventually going to lose me and i was going to go off on my own like she has supported me she has encouraged me as a business owner and has just helped me so much like i go to her probably once a week like if i have a problem if i need to cry on someone’s shoulder event about something like i will text miss tina oh she sounds like an awesome person she is she is like an angel on earth um we did some fun facts on uh on brittany that we’re gonna cover here i thought these were neat i asked you first uh if you purchased the yacht what would you name it i think i put u.s says fearless

your dream job when you were 12 you said a teacher yes you are a teacher i am i ended up being a teacher yes i wanted to be a school teacher but that wasn’t going to happen and you have some teachers don’t you that you uh train a lot of teachers awesome so um if you had a super power i got a kick out of this one she loves super powers she loves like uh i do the it’s dc and what’s marvel marvel of your thoughts yes i love marvel yeah so tell me about your marvel character that you would be if you had a superpower black widow is my spirit animal like i fun fact i started my first group class was kickboxing because i wanted to be able to just fight like a superhero and be able to be like black widow and just think i was so strong and tough and then i did jiu jitsu for like seven months because i wanted to be able to fight which i’m done i lasted seven months i competed in a tournament six months in and it ruined me i was like this is not for me i am obviously not black widow

that’s so funny i tried really hard i just it wasn’t there any stunt double person that does that type of stuff they’re amazing but black widow is my all-time favorite there you go shout out to black widow um if you could travel anywhere in the world you would choose england because you have a big royal family obsession yes i have wanted to go to england since i was little like that’s been on my bucket list really all of europe but especially england yeah i love the royal family yeah i would hope i could go and just get a glimpse of kate or something i would go to england love it love it i’ve never been there either but i would like to go that sounds like a beautiful part of the world i know some people that that have went and they definitely recommend it so um also we want to talk about uh one thing with fearless fitness is they don’t just focus on one type of exercise in other words it’s not just a cardio place yes right um it you know you have weights uh tell tell tell me a little bit just uh you know a symnosis of the offerings that you have as far as you do have a lot of cardio that you do but tell us about the other stuff yes we do offer cardio like some days like for instance friday is our cardio core day so that’ll be more cardio um it’s never like we’re not going to go running the parking lot we’re not going to jump rope for 30 minutes it’s more um bodyweight cardio we’ll be doing a lot of squat jumps switch lunges everyone loves burpees that’s my all-time favorite we do a lot of those we do a lot of core work but then there’s some days like for instance leg day we’re going to use a lot of free weights like you might throw in some weighted cardio in with it but it’s going to be mainly weights same thing with arm day it’s going to be mainly weights some days we might change it up and have a tabata workout where you just don’t know what you’re going to get it’s going to be a surprise there might be weights included there might be cardio we do a total body day which includes weights cardios we use resistance bands i have trx straps um some ladies that do personal training i have a kickboxing bag and we’ll do 30 minutes of kickboxing so there’s just a wide variety i like to change it up i don’t like to keep it the same thing keep our muscles guessing on what we’re going to do yes you turning ladies into a bunch of warriors out there it sounds like to me awesome so the good thing is you know with what brittany does at fearless fitness is that you’re not going to get bored you’re not going to do the same thing every day you’re not running around the block every day or um jumping rope every day for ever um she switches things up makes it fun makes it interesting and i’m sure anyone could enjoy that yes and so check that out thank you so much for coming on thank you for having me i enjoyed it i enjoyed it you did great you ran with that microphone um tell everybody where they can find you in livingston you can find me i am off florida boulevard 14098 florida boulevard sweet c we’re next to china one if you’re familiar with there you go or we’re a little bit past g j’s if you know where that’s at yeah i’m sure a lot of them do and and uh so check that out shout out your facebook and it is um my facebook is fearless fitness dashboardpalfit on facebook and then instagram you can find me at fearless fitness livingston or at brit palfitt i do also post workouts on my personal page at brett palpitt so if you’re ever in the gym and you need ideas of things to do there are free workouts posted on that page too awesome and the most important part your hours of operation what do you open right now during the summer we have kind of modified schedules with school being out teachers being out in august we will start monday through thursday we have 5 a.m 8 30 12 15 a 5 45 a.m and a 5 15 p.m awesome and on tuesdays and thursdays teen class is at four o’clock what about saturdays and sundays saturdays as of right now there is no classes just summer we’re taking a tiny break um and then it will start back probably august september at 9 30. sundays i am closed awesome awesome well every and look nobody’s complaining about that so no it’s the day of rest they can all have a rest day that’s right there you go she’s to let you off uh i do want to thank uh you again for coming on i appreciate it um everybody check out fearlessfitness uh and and you know tell her that you that you heard it here first and she will give you a little bit of a discount on something so look for that i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders of podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share us on all your social media platforms thank you to all our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor b.j pawn fit blinds denim springs planet planet landscaping sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrop of twfg insurance and tiffany c carter pham key mortgage we could not do any of this brittany without all of them if you’d like information on sponsoring or appearing on the show reach out to me at jim at local leaders podcast dot com until next time i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like fearless fitness over here and keep leading thank you very much you

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