Defining Dedication! Fit Blendz D.S. Offers Healthy Eating Alternatives!

Denham Springs: Meet Fit Blends DS

Jarreytt and Andrea Johnson-Johnson are the perfect examples of what being a small business owner is all about. They have had their share of struggles with permit applications, long-distance driving to tend to Fit Blendz Denham Springs each day, but nothing that has stopped them from running one successful company!

This episode will be inspiring for any person who wants success as badly as Jarreytt and Andrea do – no matter how difficult it may seem at first glance.

Transcript (Beta)

hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours if you’ve been around long enough then there’s a good chance you’ve heard the saying good things come to those who wait my guest for today jared and andrea johnson can speak to this first hand their business fit blends located right across from the bass pro shop in denham springs was well over two years in the making from the time they decided on a location to opening day today we’re going to learn about that process and a whole lot more so with that welcome both of you to local leaders the podcast hey how’s it going it is going good and everybody’s going to notice when they’re watching this wait a minute where’s this other microphone so we had a little microphone problem uh before this i think one of the wires had a short so we’re going to do the best we can today um and the good thing is jared you have a bellowing voice so we shouldn’t have a problem at all uh now we’re going to get into all the great things that set your business fit blends apart but first we want to learn a little more about you andrea tell us where y’all are from and a little about your family okay we’re from church point which is about an hour and a half away people think we’re crazy for driving here but um we’re just attached you know um we were enjoying it and been here almost two years we have two small kids uh mary james she’s four and thomas reed he’s three and they are the light of our lives i mean we do everything for them absolutely now uh y’all were high school sweethearts yes wow that’s awesome you’ve been married 10 years just about okay almost 20 i mean we grew up together you know so yeah it’s pretty cool to say that yeah really it really is and look you you’re doing a business together if you can make it through that you can make it through anything right jared this is not uh you know your only business you also own an anytime fitness in church point we do andre and i own um our local anytime fitness in our hometown at church point we um make we actually make five years this 17th oh okay so good that five year point’s always a good positive thing especially with what’s been going on the last five years just in the in the you know world much less uh church point right so so congratulations on that now andrea in addition to being the social media guru for fit blends as i like to call you do a great job with that by the way uh you’re also a photographer how long have you been uh you know doing children and family for time it’s been about 10 years i mean i was still in college when i started really i’ve always loved taking pictures i get it from my grandfather yeah he always had a camera yeah and i got my first camera right out of high school and then i kind of turned it into a little profession when i was graduating college and 10 years later here i am oh wow and you know it comes in handy when you’re doing social media i mean that you have those photography skills food is totally different than people i’ll take like 100 pictures of a wrap and jared’s like why i’m like you got to get the right lighting you know this little wrap i bring it all around the store but it’s fun you know still learning yeah the best part about it well they look and and you’re right food is it’s got to look appetizing in that picture and all of that sort of stuff and us as guys sometimes we’re not as focused on you know picture quality when it comes to things so well i gotta give myself a little credit i try to a great teacher like if i’m not at the store i’ll be like i need a picture for lunch today and we need something new and he’ll take a picture and he’ll send it to me i’ll say no he’s like what i’m like the lighting like can you move it two inches this way he’s like are you serious i’m telling you it makes the picture it really does yes it’s crazy how much lighting plays a part i can’t argue with her on it so jerry you worked several years in the oil fields before you ventured out into your own business and you traveled kind of all over the country yeah we uh whenever we first got i guess say when i first got into oil field i worked uh on the pipeline side of it okay build conspiracy compressor stations all over the nation went from tennessee to texas to they tried to see me at wyoming one time i was like no i’m good with that during the winter yeah yeah oh my gosh yeah so when i got out of the pipeline side we ended up deciding to go back to school for a minute went to go be a land surveyor because that’s where i had kind of finished out in the oil field on the pipeline worked on this old man basically been doing it for ever it’s like this is kind of cool i think i want to go to school for it tried the school thing finished it but it really wasn’t for me um even worked for an engineering firm for a small time wow got to build uh the walking track which in a little town called rain louisiana i was the one that actually developed the walking track around it oh okay yeah that’s pretty neat um that is nate yeah but then after that i was like you know what i i don’t like working in the office this isn’t for me i’ve always been hands-on basically so a friend of ours got me on to doing production so i worked out of venice for i don’t know a few years i guess i had a flight out of blueville south past 72 stayed out there for i don’t know three or four years something like that yeah it was a while um got bored to be honest yeah seven and seven i mean we went from seven to seven to fourteen to fourteen which is great had a great group of guys um but you’re just there to maintain i was young i think it was i don’t know i’m in my early twenties we just got me yeah we just got married this is great but it’s it wasn’t enough i just i needed something more challenging yeah yeah an entrepreneurial spirit yeah sounds like yeah i guess so yeah um so through a family member got on with a small company doing flow back and well testing out of uh crawley and they sent me all over the nation i went from the canadian border to colorado to south texas the gulf of mexico parts of east texas north louisiana south louisiana just wow oh yeah driving too in the beginning we flew yeah and then whenever the oil field kind of took a little dip we we had to drive yeah so i’ve made a mini a trip to north dakota in a f250 that’s a track man that’s like the other side of the world it seems like i think it’s like 20 it was like 28 hours 28 hours if we did a two-man crew or two-man shift or whatever like we’d drive for so many hours because we had to be certified um would see a uh you can only drive a certain amount of hours i’m sorry cds yeah yeah you don’t like it drive for so long because you’re only allowed so many hours of day driving so we’d have to take shifts changing back and forth but yeah it was uh it was very interesting saw a lot of pretty country wow about that yeah and it does it’s it seems to me like it would be an interesting you know thing to do especially when you’re younger and yeah yeah and to learn a lot of things yeah awesome so let’s get into your business a little bit here in denham springs now coming to lp was not without its challenges uh first what led you to choose to place your business in denim springs and i do want to note uh before you answer that although fit blends had been previously in denim it was different owners that owned that one um completely different owners had nothing to do with your fit blinds franchise i just thought that was worth mentioning yeah but what led you to kind of pick denim springs i mean go anywhere in the world you go to north dakota yeah if you wanted to so you want to know yeah we were um you know well long story short we got we tell everybody this like why are y’all here um anytime fitness had reached out to us to put a gym here in baton rouge it fell into the territory of another you know too close together for both so we couldn’t do it the same guy that was building that shopping center was building the one by bass pro and um he’s like y’all have anything you’d want to put there and fit blinds and rain had just opened and uh jared and i were eating the food a lot and stuff and we know the owner the franchise owner and he’s like what if i’m trying to put one there you know it’s different it’s new you know that kind of stuff and it’s us so we were excited and um we thought about we looked at new iberia scott all this kind of stuff and i remember one sunday we came to denham just to look there was nothing there it was still just grass where we are now and um we rode around we went around the neighborhoods around right where we are and stuff and i just told jared i said it feels right yeah be here you know just something about it because you when something’s wrong we won’t do it and like if jared will tell me if you say it’s wrong then i say it’s wrong you know we just on that same page we try to you know work together yeah and coming out here it just it felt right yeah i’m anxious to see you know what the future holds for us here well you know it’s it’s interesting that um an old uh wise man once told me if you have to think about something too hard it’s probably the wrong decision and it seems like the right decisions that i made in life have always been i kind of knew right off the bat it was like that feeling the first time you see it and it doesn’t go away good good feeling and being here i remember that sunday it was just him and i would left our kids with my parents just to come ride and uh we were leaving i said it feels right excellent well we’re glad you’re here thank you uh because it is an investment in our community you know you know as much as we invest in the businesses it’s important to remember that the businesses also invest in us and so that’s one of the reasons for uh the inception of local leaders the podcast was so other people could support small business and small business could support the people and it it just kind of took off so um so you’re here and we definitely want to support you now um let’s discuss a little bit about the concept of fit blends some people may not realize that vet blends as a franchise so tell us a little bit about the franchise and and uh and what the fit blends concept is really all about bj pawn and gun and denim springs wants to buy your own wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area bj palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer bj pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

so the i guess you could say the the original fit blends is actually based out of here in baton rouge it’s um off of airline it’s uh airline and piku right next to the women’s and children’s has been open since 2012. yeah um but what they told me apparently there was a few of it was around the area and for whatever reasons now there’s just two of us which not a big deal um but what we’ve done is or what the franchise has done is we’ve taken all of your favorite foods so not only do we a lot of people think we just serve smoothies because the name of course sure we have a hot menu that serves breakfast and lunch all day um wraps sandwiches uh burgers nachos quesadillas uh we do what’s called a fit meal which is like a super clean you choose your protein whether it’s a chicken shrimp steaks your tuna sliced turkey and then you can get it with rice or jasmine rice for people are trying to wash our carbohydrates with either broccoli or we offer green beans and then every once in a while we’ll get some bad other vegetables we’ll kind of throw in there a lot of people will be like what y’all got in the freezer today whatever veggie you want yes there’s some variety there yeah everything’s super super customized but we try to uh we try not to tell too many people know most of the time when they come through like oh can i get this this and this even we have some people that compete in bodybuilding and men and women like i’m i’m training i have a show coming up i have to eat only this much is it okay if i if they’ll get a fit meal or a wrap or whatever i got so many grams of this so many grams of that can you all do that yeah sure yeah and weigh it all for you yeah no problem so so you definitely customize those things and and one thing i’d like to say is in your questionnaire i asked you some ways that that fit blends kind of stands out in business and you stated we offer uh what we offer in the way of fit food can be kind of few or far between you can’t really find this just anywhere you know which is a good thing uh we love the brand essentially it is your favorite everyday food items with a cleaner and healthier spin which will make you feel full after eating but not experience the crash associated with less healthy options so andrea i’m going to ask you what would you say is the most popular menu item you have our fit wrap chicken by four honey mustard on spinach like you know you’ll hear them coming through and it’s so good and i i do love our honey mustard but that’s our most loved wrap i would say well i’ll tell you i uh i went by the other day and tried several things the shakes there are phenomenal absolutely um i have one of those i also had we were talking about it earlier but it was named after the pitcher at southeastern yeah

to do a wrap for us yeah it was pretty fun yeah it was a and tasty you know got a little spice to it and and uh i loved it i also had a i didn’t eat all this at the same time y’all but i had a also had a turkey burger uh the next day and uh that was good as well but i want to impress that the portion size was really good so the you know from a customer’s standpoint take on fit blends what i would say is um you definitely get full as a matter of fact i couldn’t finish uh i couldn’t finish the the battery body wrap batty wrap i couldn’t even finish that um i ate half of it and then about two hours later i ate the other half which i like what i do like i’ll cut it in half because if you have the whole thing you’re gonna like overfill you know yeah let me cut it in half yeah like one time and a half later like me and then you eat the whole thing yeah

yeah so it was it was really good and and uh service was great everybody there was awesome so um so those are just a couple of the items that you can try but i did want to push that the portion size is right um too many times you get a places now and it’s and you know you’re paying whatever for a meal and you get it and it seems like an appetizer i missed you know um so i want to definitely push that point so let’s discuss the menu for a minute jared it’s important that folks know that you offer all types of options as you kind of discussed earlier and though you have blends in your in your name you’re not just smoothies right no we’re actually pretty much a one-stop shop um we offer supplementation meal prep i have what’s called our baseline basically where um it’s your your your clean chicken rice broccoli chicken sweet potato patty with broccoli or green beans same thing you can do with shrimp or steak and we offer stir fries that are super popular oh wow yeah they’re super popular super super clean matter of fact if you do the shrimp with cauliflower rice stir fry i think it’s like 175 calories yeah 175 30 30 or 40 something grams of protein and yummy very yeah we have a matter of fact there’s a there’s a couple places that um we sell out of the store kind of like a i guess a little collaboration where they do the meal prep with us um atlas string shop was probably i think i sold 20 at a time just stir fry wow just just straight stir fry wow that’s awesome i’m trying that next yeah it’s super good it really is that’s that’s great and you know you serve breakfast all day long uh which a lot of people like breakfast at two o’clock in the afternoon i know i do even for dinner like good breakfast right yeah well especially with this air there’s a lot of plant workers so these all these guys that do shift work might be coming off from or going in or vice versa we just we want to be able to give that’s a good point yeah yeah no doubt about it i used to work shift work right i work nights and i would get home and like wait your body’s so used to like all right i want to eat supper will you get up and it’s lunch time yeah i want breakfast yeah so that’s a good point yeah and uh so they can take care of you there now do you do like egg whites and stuff like that yeah we do no one on our regular menu we do it’s just a whole egg just because of nutritional factors you get a lot but there’s some people that like i said that are that are watching their stuff we try to customize everything as much as possible so if somebody asked for egg whites would definitely give it to them no problem twice about it awesome so there you go um so one thing that changes constantly are obviously diets you know uh whether it’s low carb gluten free if you’re on the keto bandwagon as a lot of people are now it’s important to say that at fit blends you have options one example is the rice that you use in some of your menu items so as you said earlier some people may be concerned about white rice you know uh kind of carb heavy so you have options for that and tell me about that we do so um we offer jasmine rice as like our main our main source if you order a wrap you say i want a spinach chicken with honey mustard it’s going to come dressed with whatever tortilla you choose so we have three options it’s a cheddar jalapeno a spinach or wheat whatever choice of protein you use and it’s going to come dressed with pepper jack cheese a scoop of jasmine rice because we don’t use brown rice with jasmine rice it’s a simple carb so it burns off a lot quicker excellent and then now granted it does add carbohydrates to the wrap so that’s why we offer the cauliflower rice for somebody that’s wanting some carbs for whether if it’s just they want it to eat during the day but they’re trying to watch or they’re trying they just got finished coming from the gym and they don’t want to indulge in a bunch of bunch of carbs because they they’ve already ate them before yeah it we just it’s we try to make it as best for every anybody as possible sunflower rice almost changes the whole it does taste of the wrap it’s just different in a good way yeah it’s just you know give a little bit of variety there too yeah so so of the cauliflower rice and the jasmine rice which one is is lowering carbs well i mean cauliflower of course cauliflower okay yeah awesome awesome so you have three really three options there which way you want to go you know as far as as far as that’s concerned um now what also uh sets fit blends apart is your ability to customize as you’ve talked about um so one thing we want to impress is if you’re if you’re a bodybuilder if or maybe you’re not a bodybuilder maybe you’re just someone that wants to lose 50 pounds you know or 40 pounds or even 20 pounds uh one thing that i would say is use jared as a source so you know a little bit about working out i do you know and i’m sure you love to talk about it because you you know obviously you’ve kind of made it your life’s work you had a gym you know fit fit blends franchise and and probably love to talk to people about hey man doing this this and this and it’s not working you probably have some tips for them

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we do we have a lot of people that come in most of them i enjoy talking to people anyways sure so anytime anybody ever has a question about supplements i’ve tried to make myself knowledgeable in pretty much all aspects of supplements exercise i’m working my way through nutrition now getting which we’ve andre and i’ve always eaten clean we just weren’t dialed into with macros and your keto or paleo or whatever yeah diet you choose or lifestyle you choose to live sure um but yeah oh yeah when it comes to the gym stuff that’s i’m a meathead

you love to get into that stuff so that’s good so use them as a source i mean as well as as well as getting some great food over there now in your questionnaire i also asked you to provide a why statement and i’m gonna cov i’m gonna cover that i wanted to quote it you said our why is in the hope that we can play a small part in making the difference in someone’s life from our gym to our photography to fit blends we want to be able to give someone a reason to feel their absolute best i think that pretty much says it all right there you know what you do is you’re taking people that um in some cases that maybe they are trying to lose a little weight and feel healthier and get healthier you know sometimes it ain’t even about the weight it’s just about being healthy and so you’re literally making a difference in this person’s life i’m sure you’ve seen people come through there that maybe you’ve kind of seen that difference love hearing people’s stories yeah yeah success stories are great and i do i have noticed in the in the past a little while on your social media you’ve had some support of some people in the community even here locally i know a trainer from spectrum that that uh supports you all pretty good and really yes michaela yeah she’s actually she’s awesome she shouts us out almost daily on social media pretty much she’s she’s considered i guess you could say sponsored athlete or whatever yeah work out whether to wear um anybody that uses her as a uh trainer or or whatever we that she comes in and we gave her a discount code on meal prep to where not only can because that’s that’s a part of it people don’t realize that like you can go to the gym all day long you can work out for two hours three hours 30 minutes whatever but if you’re going leaving the gym and go and drink a coke which that’s not terrible i guess yeah because nutrition plays yeah nutrition does play a huge side effect sure um but yeah if you go and eat some fried food after you go to the gym you’ve literally done nothing yeah yeah her clients our way we push them for her we try to just push for anybody to be honest anybody that’s that’s dealing with the fitness industry or the nutritional side of it um we’ve worked with a lot a lot of really good people very good so shout out michaela yeah so you know you also have health supplements for sale uh in fit blends and i wanted to mention that you even offer a kid’s menu so if you have kids i saw a grilled cheese on there i mean that might be an adult menu sometimes for me i love me a grilled cheese jerry makes them like our kids can eat them so fast

yes indeed so if if you have kids they have a menu there kind of like specially for the kids and they do have health supplements as well uh for those of you that may be looking for that now another way you stand out other than the food that you offer every day that’s made to order is let’s face it life is kind of fast paced and people want to get uh you know some people want to get their whole week’s worth of food in one pot and that way they can pop it in the in the freezer and just pull it out when they need it you do have frozen meals to go we do we offer frozen meals uh in our in our i guess our lobby area um but we not only that like we like since we do offer meal prep there’s a lot of people like oh i don’t need that a lot of people actually get our hot menu item just prep as well yeah um whether they come through us and ordered in person or actually go to our website um where you can order everything yeah and it can be so custom yeah i saw otter come through last night and she just ordered hamburger patties with veggies

yeah and i did check that out online and we’ll we’ll cover that now um another great option you have is a drive-through you actually have a drive-through and that makes it convenient for people that really don’t want to get out of their car and have to go in somewhere and order them they got three kids in the back seat and not that y’all would know anything about that but you know um uh let’s face it life especially with kids is is uh is fast-paced to say the least so a drive-through helps uh especially a drive-through for healthy food right that was that was one of our biggest things whenever we got into this i wanted to put a drive through regardless yeah just because of that simple fact it’s a fast-paced world people want their food now and even though that we’re not a fast food place we do prepare our food at a fast rate sure but i don’t want people to get us like wearing mcdonald’s or yeah something like that yeah definitely not definitely not even close but at the same time it was a blessing in the skies with covid if we wouldn’t have our drive-through because nobody wanted to come in especially in the beginning when we didn’t know what it was that really saved our business yeah yeah how’d you not have that drive-through what do you think you’d have been we wouldn’t be open there now we probably wouldn’t be open to go yeah yeah that was a saving grace and and uh for you guys and i i agree with that 100 i mean you got to be able to go in we pushed it hard on social media like we have a drive-through you know we didn’t even when covent had first hit uh we had offered a five-mile radius with jared would go deliver food to people yeah yeah you know because you you don’t want to get out of your house or not we did it for a while not too far just because it was one we didn’t want to get me too far away to where in case something happened at the store yeah with the girls or or whatever but yeah if there was a they did an order i don’t know if we’d pretty it had to be not a substantial order but right enough i’m not going to go bring one rap yeah well you kind of lost money yeah you know um but if somebody ordered at least an order for the office like 20 yeah we did there was a couple of times we did it we did actually a huge order for a dsld i went delivered for them very good yeah just a few odds and end places a lot of office stuff some people that would order food for their family sure we were just doing what we had to do basically well yeah you had anything to innovate

anything and everything i hear you yeah there’s a lot of businesses like that and and one you know positive in the well it’s hard to find a positive with coving but one thing i will say is it it forced people to kind of think outside the box yes and uh and so that was interesting to see you know leaders in the community and business owners really uh get out of that box and come up with some pretty neat ideas you know regardless of the business so like many leaders y’all give back to the community jared uh in church point you’re a member of the community development committee locally y’all sponsored the denim springs high school power lifting team and you have plans to join the livingston bears chamber commerce so um how important would you say it is for business leaders to spend time giving back to the community in which they conduct business oh no it’s super important because if it wouldn’t be for the community we wouldn’t be open yeah it’s it’s not like where you would have to where you could sell things to other companies or stuff like that we’re a cash flow business if it wouldn’t be for our community and people that support us that we give support back to them we wouldn’t be we wouldn’t be here but at the same time people that support us we want to help support them i mean yeah we shake can or away yeah whether if it’s just a small thing of a of a gift card to sponsorship a sponsorship of some sort i mean it’s it’s you give and you get back basically that’s exactly right well i’ve and i’ve always believed that gratitude kind of reciprocates and uh and so you know if you’re someone that is involved and you’re doing things people want to kind of go that extra mile you know and and uh and refer you maybe when when uh you know to their friend who’s who’s looking for a place to get some good clean food that they can eat and not feel guilty after yeah and uh which which is right up you guys uh so good over there at fit blends now social media has become kind of you know the thing and i’m gonna turn to you on this one it’s become the thing as far as small business competing with big business um one thing good about a facebook and instagram and all those sorts of things is uh whether you’re uh abc corporation or your fit blends denim springs you can kind of be on the same platform and you can get the same presence you’ve done an amazing job of that i saw you just went over 3 000 followers fantastic yeah i mean that’s that’s huge um now let me ask you how how do you feel that role that social media how how much of a role has that played in in the success of fit blind’s denim springs kind of getting your name out yeah i mean it’s been everything we’ve we have kind of like a community you know yes people that show up every day for us on there and we show up for them and yeah we interact with local businesses and our customers and you know if somebody puts a picture of their cute baby i’m like oh my gosh so cute you know just yeah talking back and forth to the people that support us and it’s come a long way i mean it’s been almost two years of social media research for me you know i thought i told you listen to a podcast on the way here about instagram yeah you know just yeah learning the news and trying to stay up with everybody it and it’s a constant 24-hour day seven day a week thing you know like if people respond to us they took time out of their day to do that yeah i’m going to go back and take time out of my day to respond to everybody on us that responds to us on there yes we’ll do a poll and i’ll have like 100 responses well i’m gonna respond to every single one of you thank you for your feedback yeah you know just let them know they were appreciated absolutely and i’m the same way i mean you you want to kind of respond back and and uh you know not only helps the post but it also uh shows that you actually care and you’re not just posting these things to get your name out there you love it the people are commenting on them makes me excited like you see a new comment or you know somebody shares us on their story yeah thank you yeah that’s awesome their followers are seeing it we share it our followers see it so it just kind of helps all the way around yeah and and i do want to say from from one social media person to another you know it’s um it’s awesome when people like post and all that sort of thing but share them share them because if you just like it sometimes it kind of dies there it just uh it doesn’t really get the traction that maybe you want it to get so if you see something like a beautiful uh rap right there that andrea just posted share that puppy on facebook and let other people see what you like to appreciate yeah stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

it’s huge uh i want to mention some promotions that you actually currently have going on now you have a supplement summer sale that you have going on without that inventory because you know car like clothes supplements change every season yeah we want to go into our fall you know where they’re coming out with the pumpkin spice and you know all those different cinnamon and all that kind of protein so let’s move the summer stuff out so we can get the absolutely and some of that stuff’s marked 40 down so that’s uh yeah that’s that’s a heck of a deal you know if you want to save some money so go check that out over there in addition you have 10 off 10 plus items ordered through the meal prep tab of your website at that’s using the discount code fit all caps 15ds10 don’t put fip or it won’t work all capital letters on that and you will get 10 off 10 plus items and i want to talk about that for a second because i actually went and checked out your website and uh in you know the interesting thing about your website is you can go in there and you can totally customize it as you’ve just said we tell people we’re kind of giving you our pos system yes you’re doing what we’re doing on our side yes and so you can totally customize that thing and uh i i assume this goes straight to you and and uh you get that and and so you can pretty much pull up and say i had an order i ordered online and that’s how that works on our phones so even if we’re not there we can see them coming through and then the girls on our staff on the computer will get a little notification online order you press it it actually does it does it even print to the back it does it does print straight to the back so as soon as anybody does and we get a lot of time because we’ll have people that order lunch through it they don’t have time to call or get in or whatever they’re getting out of a meeting or doing something like that we always like to hear the little cha-ching in the back

yeah so it people like you know i’ll use me as an example i’m someone that i love that because i don’t know it’s just so simple for me to go on there and pick everything and order it than having to sit there and kind of explain it um i don’t know why i’m like that but i’m just i just am less room for error

but when it comes through online it’s the exact thing that they tapped on there yeah yeah well i love it and i think it’s a great concept and it makes it easy i did go check it out and uh and it’s just basically folks what you just check off what you’re wanting it’s a little box you check the box and then you submit the order it’s done uh and you can go pick it up and and no way it even saves your credit card information yeah one time she had forgotten her wallet and she wanted lunch and she’s like thank god for the online ordering because she ordered lunch and her kind like paypal saves you information you know yeah her credit card was still there so she ordered lunch because she didn’t have her debit card no sweet

very good yeah that makes a difference so um in your questionnaire i also asked you about positive influences in your life um now you mentioned a gentleman by the name of red tell me about red he is amazing i’m so glad i worked for him especially at the age i was you know 18 to like 23. yeah you don’t know anything really you know about business world yet and i mean he just instilled so many good qualities into me yeah i worked at his front desk for six to seven years at his health club and he was up there with us awesome he um he would answer the phone he would take notes um he always likes things i remember about him you tell everybody hello and goodbye there’s always toilet paper in the back that’s a good thing you didn’t know well it’s funny yeah and it’s funny how often that happens that there’s not yeah like i’ll get to fitlins or i’ll wake up in the middle of the night jared is there toilet paper you know because i learned that at reds you just customer service and keeping up around everything and he’s just so humble i mean you would see him picking up trash in the parking lot yeah yeah it’s the little things a lot of times in business that make the biggest difference i i think he’s amazing he sounds like an amazing gentleman uh jerry you mentioned your high school football coaches yeah yeah i can relate to that yeah they’re definitely one of my uh i guess biggest influencers one because they instilled a great work ethic at me sure andre and i went to notre dame high school in crowley yeah um which is great school big big sports school um i think at that point in time we’re a 3a yeah we were a 3a school it’s not super super big 500 kids but um whenever i played football it was fun but at the same time my coaches said that’s your job yeah so you have to if you want to have you want to live a good life you want to be well in life you got to do a good job sure so we practiced for perfection yeah and luckily enough we were actually able to go to state championship three out of four years i was in high school wow because of that working that’s huge yeah from the the 6 a.m workouts to the two a days to just sport just everything yeah between that and having to actually we worked on a i worked on a farm when we were in high school so we actually would physically pick red rice like walk through the fields barefooted with chops on so the rice shaft wouldn’t cut you and pull this wild rice out so it’s it kind of transferred over there as well it’s just it’s one of those things that yeah if it wouldn’t be for them i don’t i don’t know yeah it’s funny how uh you know work ethic how much of a role it plays in your life later on and i credit i also credit my my affiliation with sports yeah uh you know my work ethic i think is is second to none you know and i find that a lot with athletes um because you’re just used to it and and uh so shout out to those high school football coaches the coach jared up there at notre dame high school in crowley uh you know i i can’t uh i can’t impress enough the the uh value that fit blends as as a franchise brings to denham springs there’s really nothing like it me and jarrett and andrea were talking about this earlier um there’s some you know maybe some similar kind of deals but nothing quite like fit blends it’s really a one-stop shop and you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to go there you can be someone that just likes wraps and you just you know you want to maybe you want to clean up your lifestyle a little bit as far as your eating habits um a lot of times what stops people from doing that in my opinion is uh they think they’re going to get stuck somewhere for 30 minutes waiting on food guess what they got to drive through folks and uh you know they cook to order so it’s not it’s not they’re not laying 20 patties on a on a grill and pushing a deal down and two minutes later it’s there uh but it’s well worth the short amount of time that you really have to wait you can call ahead too yeah i’m 15 minutes

music to your ears it gets hectic which it’s cool i like doing that i’ve been there i’ve sometimes you know probably short staff so i’ll fill in and like phone’s ringing the waiter screen’s going off the door’s opening and the drive-through and i’m like which where do you go first yeah i mean but that’s a good problem to have right that’s what you’re definitely not about the last time i did it i left and i was just like i’m so thankful for that you know we prayed for those doors to open and they are so yeah yeah because when you’re a business owner and you open that first time i can only imagine uh you sitting there and thinking okay when’s the first person coming in you know it’s almost like uh you put yourself all out there and we’ve all kind of done it i did it in the podcast y’all did it in fit blends and before that you did it with your health club um and it’s uh you do the best you can you have the best of intentions and then you hope the public will come everybody out here in in the livingston parish area we’re really going to support what you’re doing there at fit blends they’re in a great location folks one thing i do want to mention is they’re right there across from bass pro shop of course that’s kind of a happening area you know with all the things going on there um and they’re right next to the italian uh italian place in the same building uh and just a great clean option for food and when i tell y’all it fills you up it fills you up that’s what i really like about it it’s not something you buy and you’re hungry an hour later right but it’s also not something you get so full that you crash i can still change my kids after i eat lunch burn off whatever it is yeah they’re always going so i’ll eat my he brings me home i eat it all my lunch yeah you know i’ll prep so i have my lunches and every day when he leaves he’s like what you want today yeah i’ll get my lunch for the next day and we’ve i’ve been doing that for over a year and it’s just nice you know it’s already there in the fridge just go make that excellent dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225 205 36 40 or visit i trade exchange dot biz

now jared what would you say um i would imagine are you one of these guys that eats like seven meals a day or 50 yeah we’ll go on vacation and we don’t you know you’re driving somewhere and especially if you follow my dad like you make minimal stops and jared’s like i’m so hungry my dad will make my dad tell him i’m sorry i know you eat seven times a day but we got a destination look it becomes that metabolism becomes like a clock after a while um you know it’s funny how diets work differently for different people and some people of course jared’s very active he works out i want to mention to you folks this dude drives an hour pretty much an hour and a half to work every day right before that he works out before he goes to work then he works all day and he drives an hour and a half back home so that kind of tells you that you know i call that dedication and that’s something probably you learn from those high school coaches and and all those sorts of things but let me tell you if you want someone that puts in an effort in his business and this lady here and her business uh you really can’t look any any you really can’t look past fit plans um that’s that’s tough man that seems but but it seems like just another walk in the park for you just kind of every day yeah you know and you get in the car and glad you ain’t gonna drive to north dakota it was a struggle at first in the beginning it was it was rough yeah but i mean it’s with anything it’s you have to be somewhat crazy to do with this

you’re right that’s with any business owner yeah where ever everybody’s taught go to school get a good make good grades go to college get a good job yes and then live out the rest of your life doing that yeah well those few of us that don’t want that do this do that that want that extra step in life to where you can push yourself something that’s yours right to take the risk you got to be a little crazy yeah you know you’re right and i’ve never kind of looked at it like that but i think i am a little crazy now that you mention it people will tell us that like wow oh i get told that every

it’s commitment though and i respect that man that’s that’s um he’ll listen to books to and from so i mean i’ll be learning at the same time podcast and that’s huge you know sometimes you want to jump in the car and just take a long drive and listen to a podcast especially and he says too like it’s been a long day at fit plans and you get to take that hour and a half to drive home you kind of low deep a little bit yeah a little decompression oh it helps yeah yeah no doubt about it now i did do some fun facts with y’all that i thought were great um and uh so i’ll go over them now i asked you if you purchased a yacht what would you name it you said breathe and i actually love that i love that i tell people that all the time when my friends get stressed out i’m like look just breathe just breathe um and i’ll bore you with my john lennon story and i’m not a john lennon fan okay i’m younger than that but i’ll bore you with this story and that is um yoko ono who was married to john lennon um she was a big art fan and she was also an artist and she had um he had went to an art uh exhibit and there was a ladder and uh it was way up in the air and there was something up above it and so john lennon walks over there and he actually was like what is this and it said to climb up it and he climbed up it and at the top there was a sign that said breathe and then yoko ono actually did that and that’s how they met wow but that was that’s pretty good i mean because you know as business owners we don’t stop to breathe a lot um apple watch tells me or i have to you know yeah my head breathe okay it’s going to be all right like you know you get really stressed out yeah i mean it’s just business you know normally if one thing happens two more are going to fall with me like my mom always says it comes in threes jared’s so easy going though i just don’t see him stressing her i don’t know why i just see him being like i gotta be fine just how on the way here you know the traffic and all that and i’m trying to figure out where i’m going because i’m lost he’s been driving livingston parish for two years i haven’t yeah he’s like it’s gonna be okay we’re in the situation so let’s figure it out she stresses enough for the both of us something granted i do hold stress i just hold it a little bit better and i guess coming from the oil field dealing with some of the pressures that i used to have to deal with like not like pressures of life like right physical pressure on a pipe yeah so it was like thousands of pounds that literally in the instance an instance if it went off you’re done yeah so i guess getting into the fitness world you know what it’s not a bad idea yeah it’s like this ain’t bad at all it’s crazy pounds of pressure to like oh the the we’re out of tortillas okay just go to the store and give it some more yeah yeah so we mentioned earlier we did talk a little bit about um about the fact that you kind of had a place picked out and then there was an extended period uh before you actually opened those doors what was uh you know what was i mean the interesting thing with you guys is you picked out like you said it was like a a lot of grass and so you have a lot that’s got to be done there you have uh civil work that’s got to be done you got to pour concrete and of course that creates red tape but this was like a two-year process to get open pretty sure was a year of permitting wow like they started dirt work because i can remember starting it talking with the realtor in 2017 basically once we decided it was like hey we’re gonna do is like all right it’s like it’s december 2017 it’s like all right february we’re gonna start dirt work yeah february comes well the weather was kind of bad so it pushed a little bit it’s like all right we’ll go a little bit further right and i’ll call like hey what’s what’s going on oh we’re waiting on this we’re waiting on this and we finally got a dirt pad concrete all of this at another it’s like okay let’s let’s go and then we’ll permitting which from what they told me it was with the flood that happened in 2016 that new construction got kind of like really looked at one because of they didn’t want to flood again like for the building to be demolished or whatever so it like i said it literally took a year for permitting wow that it all worked out oh yeah it all worked out because we we literally like like hey we’re gonna do the fifth lands two weeks later hey we’re pregnant we’re having a baby so i’m like because when we bought our gym the same thing happened and i’m like whoa so god just knows we can handle it yeah and then i remember we met with david our contractor which was awesome and he’s like we’re projecting august of 18 for y’all to open i’m like i’m due in august of 18. you can’t be opening there we’re just you know me i’m starting to freak out we were just going to figure it out yeah it all kind of worked out because you know we got pushed we had our baby he was home for the first six months because then we had two under two so um well yeah it’s supposed to be christmas and you know you don’t want to be stressed out around the holidays when they got pushed a little bit into january of 2020 and it just kind of all worked out yeah and then what happened and then coven that’s what i’m getting at alrighty then yeah we opened january 15th and it was january 15th to february 15th we’re like all right it’s not bad kind of slow new business we need to get out there do some we’re starting to get on the ground move some shaking start talking to people tell them where we are what we’re about sure they were familiar with it before because when it was off of florida um like hey we uh it’s we’re not the same people but we have brought the franchise back to town um and then was it march 13th whatever day they told us we had to close our gym i was that fit blinds and i was crying in the parking lot i’m like we have to close our gym like more i could not have it it was march 16th i mean it is just engraved in my brain that they i mean the world felt basically

you know you’re foreign yeah i mean everybody was kind of in it together and and uh i’m so glad we’re kind of on the other side of that so that’s a good thing and a blessing um your dream job when you were 12. uh andrea you wanted to be a doctor jared you can’t remember yesterday much less

i love that answer sounds just like me he said i really have no idea he said what grade were we in at 12 and i was like i just that was what i always wanted but he said i don’t know yeah the girls the girls i’m going with football player i think you wonder the girls laugh at me all the time in store because i’ll be mid sentence i’m like crap what am i talking about yeah look i do that too man if i have to send something with him too denim i’ll put it under his keys oh yeah so yeah the keys and the envelope are going to denim that day yeah i make a list i mean i have to list things out because if i’m relying on my brain to remember yeah i’m in trouble i give him reminders all day oh yeah like even if he shows up as sam’s on the iphone there’s like way more you can put uh it knows he’s at sam’s so he’s going to send him my list that’s the sound really like oh god oh that’s cool oh yeah you can we share a reminder list on our phones where she can send me something i can send her something you could be able to look at it if you text a person enough to wear like andre said if i go to sam’s which i do frequent there a lot yeah um they when i because of the gps sure oh hey you’re at sam’s this is what you need to do interesting interesting that’s a cool little feature yeah that’s pretty neat um if you could have a super power what would it be time travel yeah that would be awesome i i can’t i would agree i that would be uh left to go forward just a little course i’d be a total gambler if i went backwards i’d be betting on every sport yeah was it back to the future yes that would be me for sure uh if you could travel anywhere in the world i really like these andrea you said grace could yeah i could imagine that’s beautiful my mom’s pictures i still look at them jarrett scotland or norway and those are two fabulous places and nobody ever thinks norway but norway is beautiful beautiful beautiful never been there but uh that’s definitely a bucket list item for me as well um so shout out for those now i want to you know lastly before we kind of cut this um i do want to tell everybody don’t forget to go check out that website um you know groups if you’re looking for some really good clean food i know some people at fit blends denim springs that would love to help you out with that they can do uh meal prep they can do big groups so if you have uh if you have your monthly meeting in your real estate firm and you want to just order in a bunch of clean food uh that tastes good that’s the important thing sometimes when people think clean food they think paper or cardboard it’s just nasty this is good stuff i mean really good stuff so go check them out over there at fit blends uh denim springs i appreciate both y’all coming on today i had fun um i think it’s important that people really uh learn the other side of you and your personalities are great um one thing i found interesting was when i when i was posting a little pre-post on you know y’all coming on and everything so many people comment i love those guys i love those guys y’all have some good fans here in in livingston parish i definitely appreciate them yeah and and it speaks volumes to uh to how you get treated when you go in there uh totally clean and and open facility uh which i appreciate because when people get on top of me like this i can’t stand it um so you’ll really love it there you can dine in you can carry out you can go through the drive-through you can order online so they really make it uh convenient now andrea for all those people that want to watch this and they want more info let’s shout out your your facebook your uh instagram website those sorts of things okay we’re at blind denim springs on facebook it blends down the springs on instagram and at 225 430-4955 for our phone number there you go and and you can call in your order even if you’re not anywhere around a computer or something you want food i want to also review your hours of operation they’re monday through thursday 6 30 a.m to 8 p.m uh so they’re open late folks for those folks that work late like i do and you can still go there and get your food friday 6 30 to 5 saturday seven to five and you closed only on sunday which we’ve actually taken into consideration we’re going to do a poll with the polls sunday and people want us to be able to so really starting next month we don’t have a time frame yet yeah most definitely probably most definitely after church um but we’re going to open for lunch probably to mid afternoon come this august i think that’s a good call yep yeah i mean people have to church or whatever they’re going to want to go by and uh what are they going to do if they’re hungry jared and they want clean food yeah so look for that to come soon and and i’ll even post something on my social media when it comes around letting everybody know you’re going to be open on sunday i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to the local leaders of the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share local leaders on all our social media platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on all our local businesses thank you to our sponsors tricia johnson realtor b.j pawn big mike sports bar and grill sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrop of twfg insurance and tiffany c card of hamke mortgage we cannot do this without all of you that’s a fact if you would like information on sponsoring or appearing on the show reach out to me at jim at local until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like fit blends of denim springs and keep leading thank you all very much for coming on i appreciate it thank you thank you

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