Denham Springs Fit Body Boot Camp – A Passion For Fitness and People

Heather and Lamar Powell – Fit Body Boot Camp

Heather Powell has an incredible passion for fitness because of her own personal journey. This is why she opened the Denham Springs Fit Body Boot Camp with her husband and strongest supporter, Lamar. They go in-depth with Jim Chapman on starting a business, overcoming adversity due to health issues, what makes their gym so popular – it’s all about family!

Heathers Story (Discussed at end of episode):

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the brand 30 minute high intensity workout appeals to those looking to get a good burn in a short period of time today we’re going to learn about all the amazing options you have right here in denham springs with regard to working out and learn more about these local franchise centers so with that welcome lamar and heather the local leaders podcast thank you it’s great to be here well today we’re going to learn all about the amazing things that y’all do over there fit body boot camp in denham springs to change the lives of people all over livingston parish and the surrounding areas but first we want to learn a little more about each of you so whichever one of you would like to take this tell me a little bit about your family and how long you’ve been kind of in the livingston parish area oh my word uh we’ve been in livingston parish for uh since uh probably the early 80s yeah a long time yes a long time um originally down in saint bernard parish yes lived a lot of years in mero yeah graduated from chalmette high school had a little stint at southeastern wasn’t the best of students but i have a feeling i ended up over in this area in the early 80s yep and so for me um i i kind of grew up in hammond louisiana until i was 10 years old and my dad is an evangelist so he went into the mission field and so i kind of had a little bit of a different unbreaking i was in a different state every week my mom was a schoolteacher before my dad went into ministry so she homeschooled us and we lived in a bus my dad was a tram carpenter by trade before we went into the ministry and he built the bus out and mom dad me my brother and sister went on board and i didn’t come off the road so i was almost 20. wow that’s it that’s a whole nother podcast right here that’s awesome heather powell the early years there you go there you go well that sounds cool and you so y’all are familiar with livingston parish and especially being from hammond i mean it’s right next door in tangipahoa parish so lamar you’re a co-pastor at christ chapel i am we started christ chapel just over two years ago actually meets in our gym and um yeah co-pastor there along with uh mike nguyen you know it’s amazing that pastors always have these voices that are just kind of these booming voices you can almost pick them out in a crowd uh you have a great voice and uh i would have guessed you were a pastor even if you wouldn’t have told me it’s amazing uh so heather you have quite an interesting story with regard to your journey into fitness that eventually led you to start the franchise known as fit body boot camp denim springs uh tell me about how your fitness journey struggles led you to you know eventually buy that franchise sure yeah so um after my daughter was born um she’s 16 years old so after she was born well during my pregnancy just gained a lot of weight very athletic prior to um and then after i had her just you know the struggles of just trying to lose weight like every mom out there especially when you know they gain weight that they’re not used to having in their bodies out of proportion that they’re used to having and so it was like okay i’ll go to the gym just like everybody else does right i’ll go work out i’ll start eating healthy and i’ll lose it and i found out really quick like that it wasn’t exactly as easy um as i thought it was going to be yeah when you’re overweight you walk into the gym you’re intimidated by you know the fit people that are in the gym um you go a few times you get frustrated aggravated and then you quit right right it’s like the process like in january everybody starts over right yes so i did that for a couple of years and then finally just got to the point to where okay listen it’s people do this all the time they’re able to have children lose the weight get back in shape and be better than they were before they had their children so i ended up just uh going on instagram and and finding other fit moms like i didn’t know anybody know i had an account it was strictly just for me to be able to go in there i wanted to find other moms that was just like me that had and i found them through different parts of their journey so i wanted ones that had already lost their weight those that were just starting and those are that were in the middle so that way i could gain motivation from them and it really helped drastically for me um because i began learning from them more so than you can learn online right google you get all kinds of questions and answers when you’re dealing with other moms that have done this before and they’re working through that they can be very beneficial to you and so that’s what ended up happening um and over the years just began to try different training techniques learned about nutrition learned about macros learned the difference between cardio strength training on the mixture of those two and had always thought about the the opportunity of owning my own business but just never thought if it would you know come to tuition or not yeah and you know what’s interesting uh heather is uh us as guys and and you can speak to this lamar um you know we don’t get it as far as if if it’s my wife and she says i’m 10 pounds overweight and i’m looking at her i’m thinking you’re beautiful you’re not 10 pounds overweight um but it kind of matters to that woman right absolutely it matters what we think but if they’re they don’t feel that confidence in their self that’s where the where it becomes an issue because no matter how much we say they’re beautiful if they don’t look in the mirror and think they’re beautiful um there’s only one way really to change that and that is to get a healthier lifestyle if if maybe they don’t have that yeah and that is one thing that we really really focus on um is it’s not just fitness with us it’s the mindset our business is not for all just females that’s the reason why i started it was because that was my passion to help others but i mean we we have guys that work out with us as well as the ladies but they need to feel um that that what they’re doing within that gym matters and so that’s why we work very hard on mindset with our clients because the mindset goes hand in hand with fitness and that was the disconnect that i had in the beginning i didn’t have the mindset connected with the fitness and it’s just as important very good point and how supportive was lamar when you were when you were going on this journey okay i would imagine i mean i wasn’t there but i would imagine something came up where he said i think i want to open a gym and uh yeah yeah we had i had my own journey and then i had helped a lot of people without with throughout my fitness career before i became a personal trainer i was always very helpful in the gym he can tell you i lived there um and then decided that i want to get my personal training certification so that’s where it started it was like okay listen i want to help these other ladies and these other men be able to you know get in shape and learn to enjoy their lives be able to enjoy their kids their grandkids because that is possible through fitness and a healthy lifestyle um 100 so you know that that is what kind of got me started and then we had talked on several occasions about opening a fitness facility down the road but i didn’t want it to be a big box gym i didn’t want it to be what was already out there just the standard that you saw and so i was actually on on facebook one day um and i had saw a cousin of mine online that had just simply liked fit body boot camp it was just it come up and said he had liked fit body boot camp and i’m like okay never heard of that before what is that and there was a video associated with it so when i clicked on the video like i probably watched it five times over and over again and i’m like oh my word if i was going to open a business this is exactly the business that i would want to open it was perfect yes and so we began talking about it and he’s been extremely supportive through every step of the way and if i talk about his support too much i will get emotional that’s okay we love that on this show that’s really good yeah and it’s very important that you have your spouse’s support or your significant other or whatever when anytime you go into any business because you know the friction will start at home if you don’t have that hundred percent support it’s really hard to succeed so shout out to lamar for supporting his wife on that yeah and i think for her it’s i was a tall contractor yeah and had been for 20 years um i have a passion for food because we live here in south louisiana absolutely um but her passion is fitness but one of my passions is her yeah supporting her very well yes and and that’s that’s why i do what i do so when she began to be interested in that i knew she was passionate about it i wanted to help her fulfill her dream absolutely so it was kind of a no-brainer for you let’s do this uh so you saw fit body boot camp you clicked on it you watched the video and it and at some point uh you said this is uh this is the way i want to go i want to start fit body boot camp which shout out to you that’s that’s bravery i mean that’s you know it takes a lot of nerve to start any business especially a fitness business bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your am wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

um not only did you choose fit body boot camp but you chose denim springs and i always impress the people on this show it’s very important that they realize um these people invested in us as much as we invested in them and and uh you know they could have put that fit body boot camp somewhere else and they chose here why denim

we love denim springs we have roots here i moved here first with my family and then eventually over time just about all of my family has moved into livingston parish really yes wow and uh so this has become home to us uh and has been for a long time love it and we love it here we love the growth here we love what has happened here uh we you know we have our home here and it’s just it was a natural to put our business here i love it i love it and and uh so you you finally decide on a location and uh you know you got the franchise rights for this area and eventually you open fit body boot camp denim springs in december of 2017 under the umbrella fit body boot camp the company uh what were some of the reasons you chose fit body boot camp uh versus all those other gyms so you kind of mentioned that uh you know it was a little different concept and and that appealed to you did the did the franchise company you know they sit down with you and kind of discuss this is a process or uh yeah i mean you know those sort of things yeah they i mean they do to a certain extent but really and truly what drew me to the fit body boot camp what they they embodied was several things um one was the fact that it was a 30 minute session um one of the things that i learned throughout my journey was that you do not have to be in the gym for two hours to get results right you just have to give it everything you have while you’re there and a lot of people go to the gym they talk you know they’re in between their sets and if you’re a bodybuilder that’s one thing that’s what you need um but for the general population that are just wanting to lose weight get a little toned up 30 minutes is all you need can you work out for an hour absolutely but our success stories are based off of 30 minutes a day i think that’s huge and you know what lamar like 30 minutes is probably the best uh interval of of training that you can get in my opinion because everybody can kind of find 30 minutes anything beyond that it gets a little intimidating when you’re a business owner or you’re a mother and you got four kids and they’re all in school i mean all these things right and that’s and that’s primarily a lot of our key clientele is is is going to be those moms or dads a lot of times they have a desire to get fit they don’t really know how nor do they have you know the money to fork out for a personal trainer or to get someone to help them with their nutrition and fit body pretty much takes care of all of that for them yeah we have another reason why i was drawn to fit body boot camp is because of the fact that it’s not it’s not just for our clients to come in that building and do that workout that we give them my coaches are certified personal trainers so they are teaching and educating people through those sessions so we have a lot of people that come to us that’s never worked out a day in our life um sue brumfield um is one of the ladies here recently she won bootcamper of the month this month because she’s she’s done so great she’s been with us for about right two years i believe yeah um she’s lost 40 pounds she wow just turned 62. there you go she’s never gonna see brumfield yes never worked out a day in her life until she was 60 years old ever yeah so for a lady like that to be able to come in never work out a day in her life but have a coaching staff that can put her mind at ease and say okay listen we’ve got you through this we’re going to help you through this and then look at her the consistency and a lot of people may would say well 40 pounds i mean she should have done that sooner but the way that we work in our business is we’re not the business that’s going to put you on a 900 calorie diet and destroy your metabolism yeah i want to help you the right way when it comes to your nutrition um and that’s important too that’s just as important um as the the workout aspect of it i agree 100 and you know you you said something there that kind of uh struck me and that was her age kind of tells me you’re never too old to really start on your fitness journey nope our youngest is probably i have to look and see generally 16 years old is generally one we let them come in yeah um and then the oldest i mean we have quite a few of them that are up in their 60s awesome yeah they even have a couple that’s in their 70s i think they are in their 70s and that’s i think what’s great about boot camp is that the way we’re structured we can we can modify depending on your fitness level at any fitness level if you’re a beginner or even a veteran you can do boot camp yes and and then to be able to modify if you have an injury or a problem area we can modify that for you and sue’s story is incredible because we’ve watched that over time yeah and it’s such an encouragement yeah it really is and you and you bring up a good point in the modification uh which is something you you know you you can’t really get at a standard gym let’s say um nothing wrong with those places but you may you know you just can’t go in there and unless uh you’re paying a personal trainer i guess to meet you there uh you’re not really gonna get those modification trainings that you that you would need in the event of an injury or something of that nature now timing of course is everything so december 2017 you opened and and it was just shy of about a year and a half since the great flood uh here in denham springs and the majority of people uh were finally rebuilt or they were getting close and people were ready to focus on things outside of their house and their health was one of them i’m sure that was on the top of that list what were the first few months like with regard to the excitement of of people finally being able to get out and work out again after all the yeah i mean it was i mean it was great it was great for them for something you know different that was coming into town um you know but i mean not only that just the excitement for me was off the charts because here you are you have this journey and you’re able to go back and look at your own personal journey and then you finally have the opportunity to help other ladies something that you had dreamed of doing for so long absolutely and um being able to do that naturally put me on a big high for quite a while i bet it did yeah it felt really good because we were like a lot of other families in the area you know we had a home that was flooded we had to go through those repairs we were i mean we were devastated by all of that so it was good to be able to get to a point and begin to be able to focus forward with that positive it just felt real good that’s a great point yeah it kind of like focused your mind somewhere else getting back to normal yes yes and sometimes it’s real important to have something else to focus on than just i was there too and and you know as as many listeners here in the area were and uh and so you know just aside from the beauty of what you were doing for uh people um just aside from that the fact that there was a new place that people could go to and um get excited about something was just a nice change you know from what we had and i think what i liked too was i had again my focus hadn’t been fitness but i watched it in her for 10 years her passion and i know she was excited about helping people change their lives and then for me to see her you know live that way and the change that took place in her life to be able then to transfer that and to help other people that’s what got me excited and again i wasn’t excited about fitness but i saw the transformation in her i knew the transformations that were going to come and since we’ve been opened i’ve seen scores and scores and scores of those friends i bet you have and you know it’s probably one of the most personal things you can do is help someone with their health yeah you know no different than a doctor or anybody else i mean you and really their mental health as well right their confidence we get that a lot of times um we we get people telling us that hey listen there’s a lot going on in this world today and i have to come this is my mental therapy for the day i have to be there because this allows me to do something good for myself um but in in return because they’re taking care of their self they’re really taking care of their families as well yes absolutely and it’s a beautiful thing it really is now you got off him running and and i remember i remember seeing um articles about your business and back in those days and uh you were you were rocking and rolling and then what happens march of 2020 a favorite you know everybody has that every business center has that circled in their calendar the gym business in my opinion got hit harder than any other uh restaurants would be a close second hairdressers but those three particular industries my heart went out to more than anybody else because in my opinion they were kind of left out in the cold in a lot of ways um you know but one thing it did was it forced everybody to kind of innovate you know unless you wanted to lose your business we got to think of some ways in order to keep this puppy going and uh so tell me some ways that you kind of innovated during that time after the dust settled because i’m sure there was a period where it was just shock fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

it was yeah i mean it was but i mean i have to give kudos to my team and you’ll hear me say that a lot they jumped right in um i was just coming off of my first round of some of my treatments that i had had to have for my sickness and was just trying to introduce myself back into my business at that time yeah um and and and so the the franchise itself like pedros and the team at headquarters were tremendous during this time um because they not only did we jump in and jump up they did as well i mean they were up 24 hours seven days a week working on online programs um for us to be able to keep our clients busy they were recording uh videos and things like that so that way even though our clients had to stay home we could still you know keep them active one of the things that we did personally we used the resources um that we needed um from headquarters but we have such an amazing group of of trainers that there was there was no reason for us to not use them right that’s who our clients liked that’s who they were close to i mean we’re like a big family there and i truly believe that my team doing those videos um and and putting those out was drastic for us because again it’s able to keep our clients very busy at home we’re trying to keep them focused on fitness and the most of craziness that was going on yeah um and so one of the things that we did too because we’re always real big on trying to help our local community as well is um we had several businesses um two particularly that we that we focused on was big mikes yeah and then fit blends during that time yeah so we would buy gift cards and things like that from those restaurants and we would hold challenges for our clients and so there was all kinds of different crazy things whether it was a push-up challenge or maybe a plate challenge or there was all kinds of stuff that they could do and then we would do drawings each week and they would win those prizes wow so we was able to support our local community and keep our clients busy at the same time and you know that’s a beautiful thing because at that time i can only imagine being a gym what you know the thought process that was going through your head but then to still consider other businesses that’s you know that tells you listeners out there what type of people these are um and i think that’s important because one of the things that’s unique about fit body is um passion um and that that is something i’ve seen from our leadership in our company from the very top down it’s amazing the passion it’s not just it’s a business and we’re here to make money but but it is different because they’re passionate about helping people helping your community the heather is driven by that passion so it’s just a natural thing when you see your clients suffering as a result of what was going on we had folks losing jobs you know a lot of changes going on for folks so that passion is really what drove us and it drives us to help in our community as well yeah that’s a great point that’s a great point and uh you know it you discussed this earlier but at fit body boot camp you offer 30-minute classes these are these are important as we discussed with regard to time um it is hard for people to fit in uh working out in a day when you’re building a business or uh or you’ve got you know five kids in school and you’re running them all over town and they’ve got after-school activities so the 30-minute interval is really important and something we want to press down hard on um because everybody can find 30 minutes um even even me as much as i act like i can’t and when i really want to i can so everybody can find 30 minutes and you can get a great burn in that short time frame right so let’s talk about that take me through fit body camp’s programs and classes and what people can expect from your gym okay yeah so um so our sessions we have three different types of sessions throughout the week um we have sessions that are that are focused just on on strength because it is important for you to work those muscles um and then we also have sessions that work on cardio which is all cardio related yes and then we also have sessions that are kind of in between they’re those going to be those hit style workouts yes all of our stuff is really hit style we just change the variations from the time frames and the intervals to make it work for whatever it is that’s a focus for that day absolutely and so but we always try to um like with our strength session we always make sure that that our clients are getting full body workouts um so that way they may have an upper body day or a lower body strength day that week um they may have a couple of cardio and then one metcon but it changes so it’s never the same on each day yeah during that 30 minute session there’s a warm up so whenever you come in and the coaches on the mic you’re going to be met by warm trainers that’s the best compliment that we have received with our facility and it i hear it all the time is the non-intimidating atmosphere that we have that’s huge yes because gems are intimidating if you’re not used to them yeah and again that’s another thing that was very hard for me whenever i started my fitness journey so i’m really sensitive to that sure just wanted to make sure that everybody you know feels really really good and loved and knows that you know nobody’s judging you you know everybody’s on a different fitness level i mean we have some people that are ripped and in shape and we’ve got people that are in their 60s and 70s we’ve got people that you know need to lose over 100 pounds so really and truly a variety of all different levels um whenever we start the session coaches on the mic we have warm-ups so warming up our clients and then we have our coaches that are demoing so they’re showing you what the workout is going to be today and what they need you to focus on so they’re giving you instructions on what the workout is going to be once the workout starts of course it’s high energy sessions and then we’ve got our coaches that are going on the room and they’re looking for people that don’t really know how to do the exercise so they can teach them how to do it proper form correct correct because we don’t want people to get injured and that’s very very important absolutely and i think uh something to add to that is not only do our coaches are warm and friendly outgoing but they also know our clients names they walk in the door they know that person by name that’s something we’ve pushed from day one our company uh believes in that so that’s an amazing thing and i love it when i when i’m there and i see our coaches hey so-and-so so hey sue and you know they’ll know them by names and then the other thing i think is really cool about the sessions is that i like is i don’t have to think about the session when i go and work out of the session it’s all planned out for me yeah so the 30 minutes is great because that’s a you know a great amount of time because everybody’s busy yes but also i don’t have to think about that workout it’s already planned out for me i just go and watch and then do what i’m told to do and they help me with my form and that is what’s awesome to me yeah i love that yeah and and uh you know it’s a it’s an important point you make i can remember when i was when i was in high school even uh i would make my own workouts so i would do you know the old-fashioned stuff bench press times three sets times whatever i was doing at that time and that took time i mean that was uh i put a lot of care and time into that and and had a lot of muscle and fitness magazines and all that that i would go through but y’all take care of all that kind of for people so they don’t have to worry about that and it’s important to mention that hit stands for high intensity interval training so nobody’s going to hit you and they’re not by you know they might be shadow boxing but they’re not boxing each other for sure um but hit training is it’s hard to beat for a burn it is yeah because it’s you know steady state training is fine if you enjoy that that’s when you you know go get on a treadmill or go on a jog and it’s a steady state yeah but that that hit training i mean just the science behind it is absolutely incredible i mean that 30 minutes if you give it every single thing you have um you can you can burn additional calories for up to 36 hours later


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and treadmills get born after a while golly that’s a tough one yeah the hardest part for me in the gym whenever i did start learning about all the fitness and everything and learning how important that muscle is you know all these ladies want to be toned right yeah you don’t realize in order to be tone you have to pick up a weight yes you know but they don’t want to get bulky no they don’t want to put if they put on a pound of muscle they look at it like a pound of fat a lot of people and uh and it’s not it’s a pound of muscles totally different than the way it looks yeah and then once you learn that it’s like you walk into a gym and you see all of these ladies that are going 90 miles an hour on that treadmill it’s like oh i just wish i could teach you a few things in a few minutes i know what you’re trying to get you’re wanting to be toned yes so he brought you just brought up about the the muscle and the fat i think that’s another thing that’s really unique about our facility yeah is the fact that we’re not into weight loss we want you to lose weight but we want you to do it the right way yes so our focus is fat loss yes not weight loss and there’s a difference because you can add muscle lean muscle it weighs the same as fat yeah but what you want to do is shed that fat off but if you’re working out like you ultimately you’re going to gain that lean muscle so your your clothes are going to fit better yes you’re focusing on the inches instead of the pounds yes basically that is correct yes so if you take somebody like we may have a client that comes in and so we we try to start that mindset when they first come in it’s like okay listen we know that you want to lose weight and we want you to lose the weight but we need you to understand that working out here you’re going to gain muscle which in return is going to give you that toned look yes so if you’re swapping muscle for for you know fat mass right um you know then that’s going to show in the way that your clothes fit absolutely muscle is so much more smaller and so much more dense than that one pound of fat so if you take one pound of fat and put it next to one pound of muscle it’s amazing the size difference and the density of that yeah so we actually have that at the gym we have one pound of fat and one pound of muscle as you can see the difference so yes as they gain that muscle like that that scale may not move but their clothes start fitting them better they start feeling better about themselves um so there’s a whole lot of other ways to gauge versus off of just that scale absolutely not real big on you know people staying on the scale all the time yeah throw the scales away at home and how we do our strength days yeah um our strength focus like if we have uh like yesterday was lower body i’ll use that you know for example and so generally our strength um interval uh training style is 60 seconds on 20 seconds off okay so for 60 seconds during that strength session whatever that move is it might be a a dumbbell deadlift if you’re doing a dumbbell deadlift um you know you’re going to do that for 60 seconds we’re going to be coaching you slow and controlled we’re wanting to watch your form make sure you’re doing it right once that 60 seconds is over you have 20 seconds of rest so that way shake it out shake it out and then once you shake it out you’re going to go back generally we’re going to have a minimum of two um sometimes you may have that exercise three times which would represent that’s that split like we generally do at the gym you know three sets yes um so sometimes it may be you’re at that station and say it’s that that dead left um yesterday was a sumo dumbbell deadlift um and and and you may do that you may stay in that station that day and do two sets or three sets 60 seconds on 20 seconds off um or it may be changed up to where it may be with an av exercise so it may be where we were doing um a kettlebell um leg lift which it sounds strange i would have to show you yeah but it’s basically where you’re working your your quad muscle and then you would go back and you would do the deadlift working those hamstrings so you’re you’re you’re backing those muscles up so you’re not working those same muscles over and over again interesting yeah and i gotta try that i got i gotta go bye for a class there’s no doubt about it it sounds fun actually yeah um now um personal accountability is something that you all also push heavy and is very important especially in in your field there’s no doubt about it so how important would you say that is that yeah personal accountability is big um with our coaches like you know having a relationship with with our clients it’s just huge because when you form that family type atmosphere people get excited about seeing each other yes and so whenever you don’t see that client for a few days it’s like okay well where are they i need to shoot them a message and let them know hey listen i haven’t seen so and so um in a couple of days hey where are you yeah um so all of our clients when they become a member of our facility they’re given a coach one of our personal trainers um and so they are able they are able to have contact with our our coaches to be able to communicate with them um ask them questions get advice but it’s also for our coaches to help hold them accountable yeah and it’s absolutely important it’s he look it’s a you know discipline is an important thing and there are some people that are just disciplined people and they can go every day to work out at five o’clock in the morning it’s no problem uh but most people aren’t like most people you know they if they can get out of it they will and that’s why people have workout buddies that’s a form of personal accountability but what you’re getting out of fit body boot camp is you’re getting someone that’s going to follow up with you number one they want to make sure you’re okay they want to make sure you know you’re not having any kind of problems but they also want to say hey time to come back to the gym william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast

and we need that as people one thing cool too about fit buddy we’ve been able to be exposed to some of the greatest coaches in the country who have who have coached some of the greatest athletes not so much their team coach but their personal coaches and that’s been an amazing thing to see because even a top athlete has to have a personal coach what makes us any different i mean we need somebody to help coach us hold up hold us accountable yeah that’s a great that’s actually a great point i mean you know bo jackson had a workout coach um and now i’m aging myself but drew brees has um had one yes we were able to listen to and been a part of our fit body community and it’s been yeah it’s been cool to hear them uh their their mindset and stuff so one one thing that’s good about that too that makes us different is when you come in you’re not a number yeah you’re a person with a reason for coming in with a story with with some goals and we want to help you reach those goals it’s huge yes it’s a huge part of it and and you know we we talked about nutrition earlier and you do offer nutrition coaching yes sir we do um it’s primarily like whenever we run our challenges we have three on average generally three challenges a year um and those is where we we we talk not only to our clients that are already vip members but also we allow people to come in from the outside to do our challenges and so that’s whenever we get really serious about nutrition um and and really kind of hone that in and so the way that that works with us is again you get a coach throughout that entire challenge and they’re going to actually personalize your nutrition program that you’re going to use for us um and what is also unique is um you know there are several diseases that are out there that you have to be very careful with nutrition and hashimoto’s is a disease that i was just recently diagnosed with which i’m having to learn about that but we have quite a few clients that are at our facility so what’s cool about us is not only are we personalizing their workouts but we can personalize you know your nutrition to a certain extent so if you’ve got a disease or something where you’re supposed to stay away from certain things our coaches are skilled and they’re trained to know how to help you with that wow that’s a that’s a big deal it’s a big deal and more people are finding out now even just from their diet standpoint whether they can’t have dairy or whatever you name it but they’re finding out things about themselves that uh with regard to the nutrition that’s very important and can have a very adverse health effect if you’re not careful yes and our biggest issue we have when it comes to nutrition with our clients is them under eating yeah it’s yeah trying to get them yeah because when you try to get them to um you know try to start you know and we’re not real big on major major differences in other words like like science has proven when when you start getting two and three things that you’re trying to change at one time like your success rate falls drastically sure so we try to work on little habits to begin with so we try to start we don’t throw it all on you on once right you know hey listen we wanted to get your sessions this week i’m just trying to work out this week yeah and some some places do that you know they’re like we need to do this this and this and and what you’re really saying is you kind of ease them into this process right correct yes yeah very good now goal setting how important is that would you say goal setting is very important um uh uh like for us like we try to get our clients there three times a week if they can come three times a week and get their their thirty session their 30 minute workout in three times a week and they’re watching what they eat not necessarily on a dead strict diet but if they’re off of cokes and they’re just watching what they eat you’re going to see results yeah i mean we see it all day long yeah um and it’s important to know you have 40 sessions yeah yeah yeah 43 sessions a week we’re getting ready to add one we’re not supposed to say anything about that yet but at noon we’re going to do a lunchtime session that’s coming up and some other things that’s convenient yeah they will be yeah that’ll be very well you’ll have to come back and tell us all about that um also i do want to uh well you mentioned the workout adjustments that that you do so people as they work out um they will their bodies will kind of you know if you’re someone that’s that’s curling 20 pounds again i’m aging myself but you’re curling 20 pounds and you and you do that for two years straight you probably need to increase that weight a little bit this is where trainers your trainers come in is they’re professionals that can tell you when it’s time maybe to move up and wait a little bit right yeah so she does some personal training for me on the side apart from fit body and yeah that’s how they are because you know you know you’ll push yourself but they’re watching yes and they know whether or not you really are pushing yourself yeah and uh can push you a little bit more and get you get that extra rep in and uh which is you know real real helpful yeah yeah fantastic and obviously you have a lot just a ton of education in this well i mean a lot of it really and truly is life experience for me i mean the best kind of education i had i mean personal training yes i mean i have that in my background got my personal training certification have a nutrition certification and things like that but i mean ultimately it was life experiences for me that really really is what shaped and molded me and then also at what i use in our business as well yes yeah huge and life experiences is as good in education as you can possibly have yeah and and i was going to touch on too you was talking about the the workouts and the words like when to increase your weight and and things like that yes and a lot of people like you said they go to the gym they do the same exact thing over and over again and our body gets used to that yeah so it adapts so you have to change it up every so often you can’t continue doing those things things over again and get the results that you want to get so that again is why we’re so crazy about making sure that our workouts are different like you’re never going to have the same exact workout you may you’re going to work the same exact body part out each week but it’s going to be in a little different way than you did the week prior so we’re constantly doing that because we don’t want your body to adapt and that’s perfect and it also keeps you from getting bored that’s correct i mean to me that’s the that’s kind of the thing that kills somebody in the gym is they just get sick and tired of doing you know pull-ups every day um switch it up maybe and and so y’all do all that i don’t have to think about it or come up with something and it’s high energy and it’s exciting we’ve got great music going and and our trainers are just going around the room encouraging you and pushing you and it’s just a real upbeat positive exciting environment to be a part of

planet planet provides a full range of residential and commercial landscape services including plant and tree installs grading and drainage patio paver and retaining wall installs and much more reach out to them at 225-252-4905 planet planet they are a world apart and a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast environment’s important i mean that’s like you said earlier we want everybody to feel welcome walking in there no judgment freezing right absolutely yes absolutely yeah that’s that’s huge um now we talked about your staff a little bit earlier but i want to know how how important is your staff to the success of your business oh my gosh like you have no idea how important they are especially just through my own personal trials that i’ve had had to go through um you know with my sickness whenever i first got sick about a year and a half ago uh annie which is my facility leader all of my staff stepped up um annie has been with me since the beginning before we ever opened our doors i watched annie online she had had her own a personal weight loss journey that she was on and she was excited about the fact that she had lost the weight and was wanting to get her personal training certification and so we’ve known annie for a long time since she was really young and it just i reached out to her we began communicating and one thing led to other other and i’m like you know what i feel like you’re the one that that needs to do this with me you know wow so we talked about it and i will forever be grateful for her she jumped in with both feet um and has been there for me every step of the way with me stepping out she had to step up to the plate there was a lot of pressure that was put on her that i wish did not have to be put on her but she rose to the occasion and she freaking killed it so i’m super proud of her and then you know my other staff you know you’ve got grace and diane are my oldest stuff annie grace and diane are the oldest staff that i have they’ve annie’s been with me since the beginning grace and diane’s been with me since six months after i opened yeah so they’ve been with us um and then we’ve got some new team members that are coming on board that are just phenomenal we have a veteran a navy veteran that’s a personal trainer awesome most recently come on board we love our baby best and then we have um uh one of one of our other coaches that that have come on board with us uh had like a major wreck had like a really bad injury told her she’d be knocked out of fitness she couldn’t be in fitness anymore and she began working out with us i’m not quite sure how how long ago but she’s been with us for at least a year or so i would think and has been able to it’s amazing to see what she’s been able to do with her body and just defying her doctors and things like that which is really really cool and so we’re going to kind of do online on the job training for her um she loves fitness she’s passionate about fitness and so we’re going to you know help help her get her certification and we’re really excited fantastic that’s awesome and a lot of our team too have come on they were clients grace was a client diane was a client amanda who just came on was a client and all of them have incredible stories and so they know what it’s like to be coached and be a part of that program and now they’re they are coaches and really loves our clients so that’s kind of the team we’ve been able to build around us one of our newest male coaches um chase just came over and he used to run a fit body in texas uh tremendous knowledge but what’s incredible about him is his fitness story it’s all fit body and he’s lost in excess i think it’s a it’s over a hundred pounds i think that’s amazing and you look at it before and after pictures that’s a person yes you know and you look at his story it’s incredible well he’s coaching you i want somebody like that coaching me yeah because he’s been there he’s lived it absolutely yeah wow now let me back up a little bit so when you first started fit body boot camp here in denham did you were you the basically the trainer the one that went out there and me and annie annie yeah i mean like i’m telling you like we started out with like nine eight or nine sessions a day wow 5 15 in the morning like when i tell you like we were on fire we were both ready to change the world we were ready yeah we talk about it often i mean i don’t know how we survived the first six months of that business i i don’t it was pure adrenaline we ran on god had to be because you know people don’t think about that but you know when you first start out it’s probably a smaller staff and look it’s basically like you’re working out all day long that’s exactly correct that’s not easy like when we would wear our my zone belts to like see how much calories it was amazing the calories that we burn we would burn almost as much calories as a coach coach in that session as you are working out in that session but that’s just because we’re so active with you i believe it i mean that’s that is dedication and and uh and just impressive so awesome awesome um now on your questionnaire i asked you how you would define a leader and you really gave me what is in my opinion totally dead on and accurate you said a servant and a facilitator who brings out the best in people wow i couldn’t agree with that more um i tell this all the time on my show but you know i was in sales my entire life and and uh in that business it’s number one you want to be number one and uh it wasn’t until i was over the age of 40 that i realized you know a leader is not the one who finishes first the leader is the one who kind of gives back it is about serving others right um important that people realize and know that we all want to do good you know win and all those sorts of things but at the end of the day if you’re not serving other people you’re not winning and so i i was really impressed that you put that because i feel that same way so 100 accurate there um now i do want to move on a little bit and we want to talk about some of the ways in which you give back um you mentioned earlier about the gift cards that you did for big mikes and places like that but you’re also members of the livingston parish chamber of commerce so you support your business community in other ways um i we are also a member of the livingston parish chamber and in august you’re featuring the homeless fam uh female veterans through one of your coaches tell me about that uh one of our newer coaches heather dugas is the one who’s a navy veteran and one of the things that she has done since she’s been out of the service is she was made aware of the difficulties female veterans were facing in the area of homes and child care yeah and uh and when you actually look at that it’s really something that’ll not be that way the statistics are crazy in this country that we live that ought to be something that can be taken care of and so she’s an advocate for that and so i saw that with her and began looking into that myself and every month we we feature a different type of charity or our service and we’ve been doing that from day one yeah and we want to focus on her uh in august we’re doing that with raffle tickets we’re doing that with uh shirts or just don’t you know folks donating to that calls um she’s also uh she’s a part of um like a a veteran um oh i’m a loss for words um

i don’t know i wasn’t a part of that one veteran something but she’s she’s in a contest um to be recognized and actually she’s a semi-finalist in that kind of wow and the organization she’s a part of is called final salute incorporated okay and um so she’s pushing that and we want to help one of our coaches we want to help our community with that need as well so we’re promoting that that’s a beautiful thing and and you know that’s where kind of us as businesses can can help these lesser-known charities i guess you could say you know every saint jude is a beautiful charity that i support every year um but it’s a very well-known charity where i do like to myself feature smaller uh lesser-known charities because they really need the you know as much help as they can get i guess and there’s others in the area that we’ve helped as well uh they may have a need where we may donate a membership uh that can be auctioned off or using a raffle or whatever the case may be for that particular charity so we’ve done several of those we keep an eye out for all of them as well because that’s part of giving back to our community it really is and it’s a beautiful thing and so i’m sure i speak for everybody when i say thank you for that thank you for looking out for those those uh non-profits now fit body as a company also does a lot with shriners hospitals one of the best burn units ever in the history of the world that’s been amazing we’ve been giving to that two um every year yeah but this year the focus shifted for um almost 10 months out of the year the focus has been on shriners and a different division children so that’s been a great thing as well yeah we’re happy to be a part of that it really has and and uh they’ve got a great uh history and and all of that sort of thing now uh charity check-in tell me about that so that’s where we give a hashtag every month and what we ask our clients to do when they come into the gym is when they come is uh to check in on facebook and put that hashtag for that month that way it gets recognition for that particular charity so that’s something wow that’s a great idea yeah that’s a great idea i’m having y’all start managing my stuff tiffany write this stuff down she’s off camera so uh yeah that’s a that’s a fantastic thing and a great idea uh for anybody out there that’s wanting to bring exposure to a charity so just another another reason to check you folks out over there at fit body boot camp so heather i ask business owners every week on my show why they do what they do why is heather not an astronaut for example uh heather’s not smart enough i don’t know about that i don’t know about that uh but you said fitness is my passion now passion is a word i hear almost every week on this podcast and it is always brought up by the guest i can kind of see how passionate you are you’re truly passionate about fitness aren’t you yes sir yeah that’s a huge thing yes sir in your life yeah it i mean it really did i mean it changed my life i mean it it really did because i i was never a person that was really really um had a whole lot of insecurities and things like that prior to yeah but after gaining all of that weight yeah i mean just what i had to go through mentally and deal with um and then you know you go through and you learn how to get it off and then you become just so passionate about it because how healthy it is for your body it makes you feel so much better about yourself yeah um and and when you feel better about yourself that projects to the people around you it sure does it just makes going about life easier and and confidence is such an important thing you know when you when you wake up and you put on a nice suit or or maybe you put some nice clothes or whatever you just feel better you go about your day a little bit better and and it all starts with confidence right and it there’s nothing that makes me feel more happier than being in town and being out and about and having our clients come up to me and you know just thank you so much you know for bringing fit body you know i just hit my goal of you know 40 pounds this week or you know i just got in a pair of jeans that i didn’t think i’d ever be able to get back into again and so for me that those are the stories that keep me going um the real big ones is when they’re able to get off their medications yeah they’re able to you know not have that type 2 diabetes anymore or have to deal with that high blood pressure and you know those are things that that’s very common that we see you know that people are able to get active and get back in working out and you know they’re coming back to us and talking about you know how their doctors just can’t believe you know how well they’re doing um and it’s it’s just a an amazing thing for me to see it’s a beautiful thing and you know i’m i’m a believer in that god put you in absolutely where you’re supposed to be in life at some point and you can’t deny that you know you can’t no matter how much you try to push away from that maybe uh if that’s where he wants you that’s where you’re gonna end up and i think you’re right where you need to be i think that’s a beautiful thing and you are very passionate about it now another aspect of your why uh as you continued on and that was uh you said said lamar did not have to work so hard physically and that you could work in the business together now i think that speaks a lot to both your character and y’all’s relationship uh lamar feeling pretty blessed to have this woman by your side who who uh you know she’s she’s special man she whenever you think i want to have this business so that this man don’t have to work so hard physically that’s pretty cool that was my prayer yeah for probably about three straight years yeah it was because i would see him he’s 17 years older than i am and although he don’t look at that he looks like a young man he’s got more hair than me this is true but i mean although he wasn’t into fitness and no matter how hard i tried to get him in and into that that was not something that he was interested in yeah but at the end of the day he worked very hard physically i mean working in construction um you know at his age and just you know my heart just just goes out to that and it’s like you know lord if if there’s something down the road that you know you could give us to you know work together that’s awesome oh it would be fantastic and so here here we are awesome awesome we’re going to do a bow renewal after the show uh now social media is really how fit body boot camp as a franchise was built and through you know primarily the success stories of just thousands of people all over the place and fit body boot camp denim springs is no different you mentioned some earlier some nice little success stories you had uh do you actively post these on like your facebook and things like that so people want to go check that out you can definitely do that that’s something that he’s he’s that’s his side of things like he’s very business-minded he’s very good with like social media he’s very good with you know those types of things so that’s his department so i’m gonna let you answer we have a ton of stories like when we open again like i said at the beginning heather was the only story we had yeah and and her story is incredible even to watch it absolutely yes the video i watched it beautiful it still moves me to this day but then to be able to be a part of this business where you’re seeing lives transformed and you see those stories and we just give a little snippets of those stories yeah you know i think about shelby andrews and i hate to get in a bunch of the names because we have a bunch of oh yeah and i don’t want to get our clients mad at ours but shelby’s a great example yeah she’s our cpa she’s here in the community you know incredible person yeah but uh just recently carnahan andrews yes absolutely she shared her story and it’s an amazing thing to see and you can’t help you look at that and read it to really come to tears if you really care for people absolutely you see that transformation she’s one of scores of yeah i think shelby’s lost about 50 pounds yes wow but yeah last time i saw her i said you look great yeah um incredible member of our facility love her to death yes yes and and so if you do want to read about and check out those success stories what i’m going to do is link the facebook obviously to the description of this video so go check them out click on them you can read all about them and we’ll keep lamar out of trouble but also what i’m going to do is he mentioned his wife’s uh personal story and i am going to after this video that video will play so i’m going to have it play immediately following this podcast on the same video so that everybody can really see that because i like you was you know just blown away by that thought it was a great job and an amazing story so we’ll link that or we’ll play that right after this video on the same feed uh now some things we want to clarify with regard to fit body boot camps you know call them frequently asked questions or whatever but um it’s not crossfit they’re different we want to clarify that nothing against crossfit but they’re just different types of ways of working out some people uh are intimidated quite frankly of of crossfit so they’re not crossfit totally different um so we want to hammer that down also you you have many different levels of members there and you mentioned this earlier whether you’re a beginner an intermediate an advanced you’re donald schwarzenegger whatever you’re gonna find the gamut of that at fit body boot camp so you’re not gonna feel out of place

probably the number one reason people don’t walk in a gym is because they feel like they’re going to look stupid you know for lack of a better term yeah and you may walk in and and in a class and push-ups just a general we may be doing push-ups that way that day but you may see one person at one station doing push-ups you know regular push-ups from their feet you may see somebody else doing them from their knees in another station you may see somebody who can’t even do that and they’re on my wall doing push-ups from the wall so that’s kind of a good example of how we can vary all exercises if it’s if it’s a particular movement that may be bothering you or hurting you then my coaches can instantly give you another uh another uh uh workout to do another move to do to work that same exact muscle group yes yes and you know it you want to make it your goal that if you’re someone that’s pushing off that wall you know eventually you’ll be doing push-ups on that floor and you’ll see that nothing feels better than that yes you know so great great uh words there now speaking of uh beginners it’s very important to mention that the large aspect of fit body boot camp is the trainer aspect as we discussed earlier it kind of separates y’all from those 24-hour gyms or those gyms that you just walk into and work out those are great when you’re an advanced person that you know that’s what you’re looking for but uh what you’re going to get out of fit body boot camp that you need to consider is you have access to a trainer every time you go right no scheduling with that or nothing i mean you show up to work out and your trainer’s there so that’s something that we definitely wanted to mention now lastly on this subject you do allow guys to work out at fit body boot camp absolutely yay yes indeed it’s not just for women not just for women it started with my passion just for women honestly sure personal training days when that is what i did before i opened fit body um you know honestly and truly guys are the easiest to train i mean you can transform their bodies so fast yeah unfortunately us ladies it just takes a lot yeah for us to do it so i love training guys just as much as i love training girls as well but my passion came just because i was a mom just wanting to better myself sure absolutely and and so guys you can do that too and look us as guys we don’t we’re not as outward about it but we like to look good and feel good and and feel like we’ve accomplished something every day with regard to working out so uh you’re welcome at fit body boot camp important to mention so you had a little honor recently right you had 225 magazine honor job with something tell me about that i’m really excited about that um i love that magazine i love it they promote our region i think it’s phenomenal so to be nominated uh to be um one of the best of two two five comedy was an incredible honor for us huge yes so i really like that and then so we we went to the 225 event when they announced all the winners and of course we didn’t take first we did take third out of five which again i was really excited about that yeah and and the reason i am is because we’re and i know there’s been a lot of other winners out here in denim as well in tt5 yeah but we’re from denim we’re not in baton rouge we’re not in that market yet yet being the key moving that way and uh but we only have one location and a lot of the other winners multiple locations they are in baton rouge market so third for us that was a that was a win for me i i was excited about i was very proud to see y’all in there and and i pay attention to all those things because you know livingston parish is near near and dear to my heart so when i when i see like a 225 or similar magazine come out with those things i always look for lp folks and i saw y’all and it was very very proud to see that so um you mentioned you might possibly be expanding we’re coming for you batman he’s coming for you yeah so we do plan that’s in the works can’t say a whole lot about it yet but we’re heading in that direction there you go and uh excited about that well we have a lot of listeners out in baton rouge too and so uh folks it might be coming your way soon and we’ll announce it when it does so we’ve heard about fit body boot camp denim springs and i would imagine there are a ton of people out there wanting to try it for themselves well guess what you’re in luck because you folks offer free class yes we do awesome and you how would they go about like signing up for a free class so it’s real easy we have a website that’s uh wow can’t get no easier than that we can’t even forget that a little more so get a free you can go there and put your name in and um i’ll get a hold of you there you go and that and that’s good because you can try it out uh there’s no you know upfront commitment to anything and speaking of commitments do you all have like those sort of uh you know a lot of gyms now they want you to sign up for like five years and crazy stuff like that so we’re unique we’re we’re not high pressure we’re not in we’re not a salesy gym right um we want to transform lives that’s our priority it really is people don’t believe that oh they believe it after this yes so so the commitment to be a member not only we’ll give you a free class we’ll also allow you to take a trial that’s 28 days long yeah they can find out about that at get fit there you go real easy yeah um you can come for 28 days no commitment and we want you to love it we want you to try it first and we want you to love it and we know that you will if you come yeah so our memberships only require 12-week commitment if you join as a member we have a couple of different levels depending on the nutrition aspect of things but we only ask you to commit to 12 weeks and then it’s a week-by-week commitment after that that’s fantastic so it’s not again we want to transform lives that’s why we’re there and we want you to love it and that’s and that’s fantastic and rare these days with jim so um so there you go sometimes people just kind of freak out because they’re locked into something forever they feel like and and uh so you won’t feel like that at fit bodybuilding what’s great about that too is because it does allow people you know life happens things happen you know they they need to get they may need to get out of their gym membership for a while but it doesn’t mean they want to be gone forever that’s right um and so it just it makes it so much easier if you don’t have you know a major you know cancellation policies and all that kind of stuff if it’s easy for people to do to do that if they need to yes then it’s a whole lot easier for them to come back right yeah i want to come back if you make it easy on them no doubt about it i agree 100 and we didn’t start that way i mean at the beginning we did like most facilities we had a six month or a one year contract but as we got involved in our business and we were looking at this overall what is our goal our goal is not to just have a bunch of numbers it’s about the person and changing their lives yes that’s why we’re in business and so we want to make it as easy because if you get in there you get changed like a sue or uh or are like um matthew or matthew or shelby or there’s all kinds of these folks then they’re going to stay that’s right that’s right at the end of the day if they’re happy with what they’re getting they’re not going that’s what we want tractor we want you to be happy yeah and you’re getting the results that uh because that’s what the coaches want 100 the coaches want to see that transformation that’s their oxygen that’s their fire that’s their fire and their bones yeah that’s her fire yeah you can see that transformation and that life and then it’s the same thing for that person this place is changing me absolutely i want to stay here and let it keep changing me i agree i agree and uh so tell me about the six week challenge six weeks challenge happens two to three times a year and it’s just an opportunity to focus for that set amount of time to drill down on nutrition you’re coming to the gym you’re coming to the boot camps but then you’re also focusing on your personal nutrition you’re learning about macros you’re learning about what foods to eat or not eat so we focus on that in an individual way for each of our clients for that six week period of time and we’re looking for results on the back end of it and we’ve had several different types of nutritional challenges um you know whenever we first got into fit body when i first opened a franchise um it we got support but it’s a little different now the franchise has really been unifying over these past couple of years and in some of the programs we offer with the uh with the challenges it’s kind of evolved through the years sure but again people uh trying to educate people and sometimes it gets real difficult to educate people on nutrition because we live in south louisiana and the crawfish bowls and barbecues and everything so a lot of it’s just learning the small things and if you can commit to six weeks to learn and commit to that you’ll see a change and then hopefully beyond that then you’ll take some of those small steps and continue using those in your life to help you stay healthy fantastic and that you know for those that are interested that starts september 20th yes the next one’s september 20th so check that out now ask tradition on local leaders the podcast i like to do some fun facts you know a little fun uh part of the show where people learn even more about you and lamar i asked you if you purchased a yacht what you would name it you said the sister mary i bet there’s a story there there’s a story and it’s probably way too long trying to think about that a lot of names but when i was when i was a kid growing up um my dad was a big louisiana sportsman we hunted we fished we shrimped yeah living in saint bernard parish we did all of those things it was incredible but at one point in our life we lived right on the mississippi river i walked out the back of the house we had this little yard then the levee and on the back of the levee is the mississippi river wow that was my playground yeah a lot of years growing up a lot of fond memories of that well dad early on had a a wooden v v-shaped bowel boat yeah uh it was old and rickety but we would spend a lot of time in the river yeah we would duck hunt we would fish we would set out uh traps catfish traps and things of that nature and there’s many a time i thought i was going to die in that boat because a ship would go by or tug real fast and i remember a couple of occasions we’re getting pushed onto the shore from the waves from that boat yeah holding on for dear life but and i asked him what that why do you call this old boat mother or sister mary and just like i don’t even remember why yeah and that’s interesting but any case it’s funny what you remember from childhood yeah you know fond memories of that yeah no doubt about it and heather i asked you what you wanted to be when you were 12 you said a basketball player basketball was my life come on yeah my dad was real big into sports he had i don’t know how many scholarships he had for he was he was a quarterback um he also was a point guard playing basketball as well so i kind of inherited some of those jeans and um just i mean i ate breathed and slept basketball yeah you know whenever my dad surrendered to go in the ministry you know places that we would go you not always have a basketball court so i got really good at tricks with my basketball awesome and so i would do all kinds of tricks and my dad and then some of the ministries that they were involved in um they were involved in like some of the school ministries so they would have me come into this gymnasium with kids and stuff yeah and um have you do basketball trips and things like that but um but yeah playing and i still love playing to this day i don’t get to do it as much yeah of course i mean i’m in my 40s so i mean it’s they were real tricky with you should have brought the ball today because it amazes me what she can do yeah like like pete maravich yeah oh yeah yeah a lot of his tricks and stuff like that that i did i learned um i just that was that was my passion before fitness was that’s awesome yeah and the bad thing with preacher daddy one of his friends they would trick some of the boys and uh like uh you think you can beat this girl yeah yeah you think you could take them all yeah they would never y’all she has something no problem right now and still that’s funny i love it he says he’ll stick with his food there you go i appreciate both y’all coming on one very very much i enjoyed it um we’re gonna link your facebook we’re gonna link your website we’re gonna play your video at the end of this video uh so everybody can see uh that beautiful piece of work there um and everybody check out fit body boot camp denim springs it is an awesome place you might even catch me there so say hello if you do i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to share it on all your social media and if you see a great success story from uh fit body boot camp denim springs make sure you share that too and uh you know those that’s where those posts really do their best work is when they get shared um i do want to thank all my sponsors including tricia johnston realtor b.j pawn fit blinds denim springs planet planet landscaping sporting center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrop of twfg insurance and tiffany c card of homekey mortgage we could not do any of this without all of you if you would like information on sponsoring or appearing reach out to me at gym jim until next time i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like fit body boot camp denim springs and keep leading thank you very much for coming on

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