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Jennifer Mitchell of Flourish Hormone Replacement & Wellness Center

Flourish Hormone Replacement and Wellness Center is a family of medical spas that focus on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, testosterone therapy, treatment for anxiety/depression, sexual dysfunction, functional medicine, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, botox, aesthetics, and more!

In this episode of Local Leaders: The Podcast Jennifer Mitchell of Flourish Hormone Replacement and Wellness Center sits down with Jim Chapman to discuss the aspects of this Denham Springs business that separate them from anything else you can find in Livingston Parish. A must-watch episode!

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on your decor fourth don’t put limitations on showings the more readily available you make your house the more showings you’ll have again the more offers you’ll receive and it’ll sell for a higher sale price and lastly don’t stay home for showings inspections or the appraisal sometimes sellers think it’s a good idea to stay home trust me it’s not it’s always better to let the buyers inspectors and appraisers go and do what they need to do without the seller looking over their shoulder if you have questions about this or anything else real estate please give me a call and i’ll be happy to help my contact information is right here i’m trisha johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you if you are a male over the age of 45 there’s about a 40 chance you suffer from low testosterone if you’re female around the same age there is a better than average chance you do too although the subject is not often discussed low testosterone and both men and women can cause some pretty major issues biologically speaking jennifer mitchell from flourish hormone replacement wellness center is here to tell us all about the signs you need to look for that may signal you have low testosterone as well as options available from this wellness clinic located right here in denham springs for not only hormone replacement but also a variety of other services so with that welcome jennifer to local leaders the podcast thank you so much for having me jim so excited i am excited as well this is a subject i kind of knew a little bit about thought i knew a lot about until i really dove into it and i’m like wow i did not know that so we’re going to cover all the important things that folks need to know just when taking care of themselves right that’s what a lot of people don’t do you and i were talking earlier especially mothers you know they get busy they’re taking kids to school they’re going to work they’re coming home they’re doing clothes or whatever it is they do uh and they don’t take a lot of time to think of themselves and right you know especially with wellness sometimes even though some of that tiredness is normal because you’re running all the time uh there could be probably some underlying circumstances exactly and it you know androgen deficiency when our hormones are out of balance is so untreated in the medical field today yes it is and the interesting thing is it’s kind of it’s i don’t want to call it a taboo subject but it’s a subject that it’s not talked about really like it should yes for whatever reason so you do you folks do a lot of amazing things at flourish hormone replacement and wellness center and i want to kind of unpack these services one by one uh let’s start with hormone replacement therapy that’s the big one right yes that’s the one that a lot yes indeed and it’s something that a lot of people struggle to understand uh one of the misconceptions with hormone replacement therapy is that it’s just a men problem because it’s testosterone you’re dealing with and you know a lot of women think i don’t have testosterone i have estrogen but is that true or false that is so false so testosterone is so vital for women it treats like when our testosterone is where it needs to be our body can start healing itself it it will start increasing our libido it’s going to increase our energy that brain fog we have is going to be gone that’s a good point oh yeah that was something i really suffered from as a mom you know i just i couldn’t focus on a lot of like just things i was reading things i was doing my kid you know you just you just constantly losing your train of thought yes and that’s going now yeah because i was a patient before they hired me to work with them you know as miranda’s nurse and um her office manager okay and so i’m very passionate about it as a patient yes yeah when we talked previously i could tell you were very passionate about it and and look it makes sense because you you’re a patient right right you know the experience of what it can do for you yes um it’s interesting uh you know men also have that issue um especially when they get around mid-40s uh and men are a different breed and that we can be hard-headed as men and chalk it up to everything but what it is right right so um so we’re going to talk today about some signs you need to look for if you’re let’s start with females in females what should you look for that maybe i might have a problem my testosterone if you’re having a lot of joint pain like your body just aches you’re not having a lot if your energy is down um that brain bog like i just talked about a minute ago um let’s see libido libido i mean that’s a huge one those women like we just it starts diminishing and it’s not like it was when we were younger in our 20s naturally our hormones in our mid-30s to mid-40s just naturally starts decreasing yeah we have so many horrible air quality here in louisiana let’s face it um you know and then all the things we put on our skin all those things affect our hormones in our body yes absolutely that’s a good point yeah i mean in japan and in greek you think about these people they have much better quality of life they’re living so much longer they don’t have like all this pollution and all the things that we’re dealing with here right so they might not do pellets like we do with the hormone pellets um but their testosterone is naturally higher they won’t yeah they don’t have the issue they don’t need the balance yeah they don’t need them right um and so but here we do the only thing we can do to help us have that better quality of life since we’re all living longer is to keep those hormones optimal i absolutely agree with that and also you know hot flashes would be one cold flashes in women uh a lot of women look at this as i’m just going through menopause right right like i have to get through it yeah and that’s not the case because i mean we can’t obviously stop menopause or perimenopause even but we can help have you have a better quality of life yeah so you can deal with the symptoms right we can help with the mood swings we can help with the hot and cold flashes the vaginal dryness all those things that go along with menopause that no one really wants to talk about and they just think oh this is what i just have to get through it and that’s not how it is that’s not the truth that’s right that’s right i mean you know the first step is is uh a blood test i mean a blood test will tell you a lot about uh about whether your testosterone what level it’s at now that it’s not an end-all be-all because the crazy thing with testosterone in general is the range in which they give you uh for example if you if you go to a doctor and and they look at your blood test and they say well the you know if you’re anywhere from 300 to a thousand uh you’re good and that’s pretty that’s a pretty big range and there’s no way you can get an average based off of that because if you’re someone that was always performing at optimal performance let’s say and let’s say you were always at a 900 on that on that number and you’re down to a 350 and in you know someone’s eyes that is looking at that scale they’re going to say well you’re 350 that’s about now i was at 900 imagine the drop that you made horrible yeah we do start with labs and we do a very inclusive very in detailed panel we look at labs and different things that function conventional medicine i’m sorry yeah they don’t draw they don’t look at yes because we practice functional medicine so we want to get to actual root cause of what’s going on and fix it not just prescribe pills to band-aid yeah your symptoms yeah um well you’re treating the symptom and not the cause right like for instance with tsh when the people are looking at your thyroid tsh is what western medicine conventional medicine that’s what they draw and they’re like oh you’re within range we draw more pain like more laps than just your tsh to look at your thyroid so 90 of the time these people who are having their symptomatic for having hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism and their tsh is normal but the other lab showed that their thyroid their thyroid is not reacting normally yeah yeah exactly and and so basically you’re going deeper right into that person’s panel to really see what’s going on and find a solution to the actual issue and not a solution to the symptoms which is uh what you’ll get out of it and i’m not totally against convinced there are times you need it but um you know it’s hard to beat a natural uh remedy for something that uh does not contain all the side effects that you may get out of like straight testosterone for example right um so we’re going to talk a little bit about that today too now you also can get sleep issues uh when your testosterone is low whether you’re a guy or a girl right you can have that issue now that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s related to your testosterone but that’s another important reason to take those blood take your blood and read those panels because it it’ll tell you whether it’s that or whether you’re just uh you know a vampire or whatever for lack of a better a better term um so as i said in the introduction this is a huge concern for men also not just women especially when they hit their mid-40s like me uh what signs should men look for kind of in their testosterone you know it’s like i’ve heard a lot of them say they don’t have that oomph anymore yeah you know they start having deca strength they’re in the gym maybe you know but they’re still not getting that muscle gain that they want right which is a big thing um you know their libido goes down you know men start having an um go through andropause too where they’re having mood swings which you know men don’t ever have that but you know it’s cool as a cucumber right

and men can have issues with the thyroid also you know but um that you know brain the brain fog men are just as you know they get it just as much as women do yeah yes i know i get it when your testosterone is better your body can start naturally healing itself so you know they’ll start gaining more muscle and burning fat whenever their testosterone is optimal their libido picks up that brain fog’s gone they have more energy so i mean it just and it helps all around it can yeah it actually helps prevent um reverse osteoporosis it can prevent alzheimer’s yeah it has so many benefits yeah it really does and you know it’s interesting i do know some guys that go to the gym they work out every day and uh they just can’t seem to lose you know body fat in certain spots maybe it’s lava handles or something like that but they’re like man it doesn’t matter how much i run how much i work out i’m just holding on to this stuff and it could be a testosterone problem you you know your body’s and you’re overworking yourself and your body is just not responding because it doesn’t have the testosterone there to respond right right so um and men and i speak from that as a man um a lot of men it’s a pride thing with them they it’s not so much they’re against it as much as it is um you know automatically it means that they have a low sex drive and some men get in not necessarily you can have a great sex drive and and uh this isn’t that type of show but it might turn into it yeah you can have a great sex drive but have all these other symptoms so don’t think just because you’re sitting there thinking you know my second drive is great uh well maybe it is but maybe uh there’s some other symptoms there like the mood swing issues or sleep issues stuff like that excess body fat you know all of those things forgetfulness maybe those other things are the signs that you have low testosterone and there’s a great way to check that’s a great thing about science you can do some blood work and check that out for yourself now you mentioned about alzheimer’s which is uh which is a concern it’s an awful awful if if there’s one disease that uh that to me is just absolutely horrible it’s it’s alzheimer’s it is it’s a tough thing i’ve dealt with it personally with some people and uh it’s a it’s a tough disease um i have done some research of course when i had to deal with this personally i i’m a research guy and went on the internet and uh it was amazing the tie-ins that they’re tying in to testosterone and alzheimer’s and staving that off you know um it is the scale is really tipped way in the other direction in the relation of low testosterone and alzheimer’s symptoms yes so when your testosterone is where it should be those pathways to your brain can re like can heal themselves again just like they can to your heart um dr lawrence she’s very passionate about how it helps with alzheimer’s because it was really close to her just like it is with you sure so that’s kind of what got her into researching more about the bioidentical hormone replacement yes yes and i wish more doctors would talk about that i don’t you know i’m not a doctor and um and i don’t play one on tv and all that stuff but um a lot of them are hesitant for whatever reason to really get it out there it’s one thing to agree with it it’s another thing to agree with it and promote it and some you know i wish more would promote the fact that hey you know let’s check your testosterone level when you come in and do your physical and do all those other things it’s yes it’s important uh blood blood work is so important i know guys that get blood work every six months just just to be safe right you know just to make sure that there there are no issues um i actually found out i was deficient in vitamin d from blood work a few years back yeah so that’s one of the um that’s on our panel that we draw is for vitamin d and vitamin d is very closely related to depression and anxiety yeah along with many other things if you’re if you and we do um there’s a certain ones that we recommend for vitamin d because that is one of the things we look at so we treat that a lot um it can also boost your immune system and treat covid which is really important yes a lot of people are looking for yes um zinc another another good supplement that uh that helps with covid um but vitamin d like you said it you know depression symptoms uh uh mood you know overall mood it’s amazing how your gut and and what you’re intaking as far as vitamins affects your body in a positive or negative way if you’re not doing it vitamin d is interesting because you get that from the sun and what do we not do anymore we’re not outside

we’re really not and and uh the beach is great but you don’t unless you live on the beach you’re not out there enough really to do anything yeah so and that’s why when we go outside and we mow the grass or we work in our garden you ever notice how you’re tired but you feel a lot better at the end of the day that’s the vitamin d working exactly in my opinion and the other thing you’re talking about the gut is it when we’re doing hormone replacement they actually improve with leaky gut syndrome yes which is amazing really yes well there you go and i did that another thing and y’all got tons of things you can help people with that’s just a few um now here in lp we’re fortunate that we have a clinic we have a clinic here that specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement think of it folks when you hear bio identical as a kind of a safer version of what you get at a urology clinic or something like that right so most of the time when you’re going to these doctors and you’re getting injections and creams and things and even orally you can take it um it’s a synthetic hormone it’s a synthetic version so those do have some bad side effects that you know research always says like it can affect your heart it can like many things yes um we’re doing a bioidentical version which is plant-based and it’s similar to what your body’s already producing so your body’s gonna react better to it because it loves it identical and it can it just helps healing your body yes we can actually get you to a higher therapeutic level with the bioidentical pellets as opposed to the synthetic right there you go and you know she talked about there’s some risk with uh the stuff that you would get normally like let’s take creams for example one of the things they’re going to tell you is okay when you put this cream on you can’t touch anybody you need to make sure if you have young kids that you wash it completely off your hands right i mean that would have me pairing wood i’d be washing for you know 20 minutes washing my hands um because it’s it can you know it can be really dangerous if you’re using these creams and the residue is still on there you touch your kid so that’s one of the dangers with that fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

the shot i’m sorry the pill form of that i mean liver issues big time you have to drink like gallons of water uh when you’re taking those pill forms of those uh of testosterone because it will shoot your liver uh to nothing if you don’t wash it out really really fast right right so that’s the issue with that and then you have the shots which are inconvenient for one thing because you have to continually go back to the doctor most of them don’t last you know they some shots they say come back every 30 days really um the ones i the people i know go weekly to get theirs because it lasts like seven days right it’s in and out right yeah so in the with injections you’re getting that huge dose of hormones immediately into your body whereas with the pellets they’re um inserted right under your skin and so your body can absorb them as it needs it and you’re getting a steady dose of hormones yeah so it’s like a time release having that roller coaster effect yeah yeah it’s it’s kind of like uh think of it as as time release it right you know it’s a long lasting um a long-lasting product that it’s under the skin it’s and we’re going to get into exactly how this works because some people may hear pellets and they’re like pellets you know what is that and how does that work so essentially it’s your body is metabolizing these pellets over time right correct and how often would you go into the clinic like to get the pellets so our females come every three to four months and then our males are every six to seven there you go so a long lasting product uh product there that is time release so you don’t have the ups and downs if you’re someone that does injections of intel test intestine testosterone right now one of the things you probably notice is when you’re in the end of that life cycle with that testosterone you’re you’re really dragging and you know you know it’s time to go get my next shot um you’re not going to experience that with the pellet version because it’s just time released now um i would imagine the dosage would be different i guess you’d call it dosage the number of pellets between men and women would differentiate right so men are going to get a lot significantly more testosterone than women i want a hundred pellets oh lord it might turn into that kind of show yeah

so um so the men are going to get a lot more than women um as far as that goes and where do they go they go right under your skin right in like love handle your hip area yeah okay so right there so you don’t have to worry about and even when they’re in there it’s okay so what i was picturing was like this protruding you know you could tell you could tell those pellets were in there you can’t even tell no they’re like the size of a grain of rice yes yes and your body completely absorbs it yeah completely absorbs it and the interesting thing is the the incision is it looks like a scratch i mean it’s really nothing more than that yeah so you don’t even need suture it’s like we so we numb you with um some lidocaine and then it’s a little bitty incision and she pushed she gets that pellet right up under the skin using a tool yeah and you don’t even need an incision it’s a piece of steri-strip like a piece of tape that closes that incision there you go so you don’t even need like sutures or anything like that it’s just basically a piece of tape that you take off later on and it’s just a scratch there no one even notices it all good to go um now take me to the process let’s say someone’s listening and i’m sure there’s some people out there listening right now and they’re saying i’ve got those symptoms whether it’s male or females and they need flourish hormone replacement wellness center to administer these hormone pellets um can you order the blood test yes so we can either do um cash pay for your labs or we can go through your insurance for your lab work so the first step would be to go online on our website and print fill out all those forms we have different forms for mail and for females and you fill those out and send them into us and we can get your labs ordered for you there you go and you know the great thing is once they get those labs in they can really go through it they’re not just looking at testosterone like you said they’re pulling a huge chart there of things so they may catch something you don’t even know like vitamin d for example you know you’re really low on that or whatever but if you’re a male you know your estrogen may even be higher than what you uh what people would consider normal that can lead to colon cancer right uh all kinds of issues you know women it can lead to actually breast cancer if you have high estrogen levels those are things you would catch right right we’re looking at all of your sex hormones along with your liver function your thyroid and so much more there you go so now that we brought you know brought that up we want to address the concerns with women um because there are some maybe some i don’t know if you call them fallacies out there but there are some things that um women would tie into oh no that’s bad i don’t want that right primarily they think okay i could get these pellets and i’m going to be singing like elvis presley next week they’re going to have this deep voice they’re going to have hair growing everywhere um kind of taking it to the extreme of of what can happen so tell me about that tell me tell me about those side effects testosterone and having it where your optimal level is it’s not going to cause you to like start growing a beard right um if you’re already growing a hair you already have a chin here yeah it might grow a little faster yeah um but and very little faster yeah um you’re not gonna be zz top right no no i’m talking about like maybe aging yes right um you know but you’re my hair like it changes your hair texture even like to where it’s healthier and thicker and fuller like it yeah it’s great but it doesn’t even affect your voice we’re not dealing with levels that are gonna change your sex right right yeah your voice is not deep you don’t sound like elvis um and that’s the you know interesting you brought up hair um low testosterone can cause hair loss in men yes don’t think anything by that i intentionally shave my head thank you very much but um but it can it can cause um it can cause hair loss in men so if it’s if if you’re someone and you’ve got an italian family and all the men have just this beautiful dark hair and you’re balding um it could be another sign that maybe you need to get that checked out but for the women out there especially uh all they’re doing is bringing your hormones back to their regular level right if they’re at their regular level it’s not going to cause any adverse side effects like what you’re thinking the the stories you hear about that are like female bodybuilders that are out there and they’re injecting like four different steroids in their body and yes their voice is gonna deepen and all those sorts of things and yeah and uh and you’re not gonna have that issue with right and the difference is they’re not being monitored by a physician right you know we’re monitoring you so after we do those initial labs and you come in for your pellets we’re going to do those labs again between six and eight weeks so we can see how your body’s responding to this point yeah yeah and then at that point we can either oh look you know what it’s still not where we want it it’s still not optimal we’re going to up that dose or hey you know what it’s great or maybe it’s a little high we’re going to get back down for your next session yeah yeah so there there’s your answer to that they’re going to monitor that they’re gonna look at it and if in eight weeks it’s not raising like they’d like to see it raise i’m sure they’ll adjust from there um if it’s if it’s uh you know right where you wanna be for that stage good to go and uh but they they’re not just you know basically putting these pellets in you and walking off there’s uh you know they’re following up is is probably the term there stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

now uh i want to move on to another service that you offer and look we’re going to work our way back to the hormone replacement because i find that a very important subject but you have so many things that you do over there and another one that a lot of people may not be familiar with is lymphatic drainage therapy yeah so i think we’re like one of the only ones in like the south right now that actually have a technician that can do lymphatic drainage therapy and she uses this tool along with physical touch to help um drain your get your lymph fluid moving so our lymph fluid is and our lymph is literally all over our body similar to our vascular system but our vascular system has a pump you know it’s moving our blood our lymphatic system does not so with all the toxins and the air quality and everything that we’re putting in our body that lymph can get congested then you start having edema it starts to have you know the swelling in your legs and your arms so how with her therapy she literally gets that fluid moving and it’s kind of like a detox for your whole body it can help you recover after surgery and heal faster it can help boost your immune system there’s so many benefits for it what about like pregnancy um you know like uh i think i had seen somewhere where pre and post pregnancy it really helps with that yeah i don’t know okay there you go i have no idea and you know i did i intentionally didn’t do a whole lot of research on this one because i didn’t want to know because um sometimes if you research too much you’re not asking the right questions so i guess my first question would be how how does it work she i know she has an instrument um tell me about it tell me about the instrument so her in her machine it uses like sound waves and um the light from it to actually like it she does it all over your entire body okay along with the physical touch to get that lymphatic system moving and the physical touch is like almost like a massage or is it lighter than a muscle a little lighter than a massage is still very relaxing yeah and it takes about 90 minutes yeah i like relaxing yeah it’s interesting it’s it’s uh from what from what i was reading on it before i stopped reading because i’m like it’s an interesting process and you can uh you can go on their facebook by the way anything we talk about today they have some really good information on their facebook page uh so i want everybody to go check that out if there’s something you don’t understand or you want more information on hopefully you want more information on everything yes or call us text us yes absolutely so you do this therapy with in does this have anything to do with lymph nodes yeah so um it’s actually helping like detox your whole body wow with your lymph nodes and everything and it’s about a 90 minute session yes about 90 minutes there you go so uh so check that out now you have a massage therapist on staff yeah and she offers several different types of massage we’re going to talk about that tell me tell me about the different ones that she offers so um she does like more of a swedish massage i hate to say swedish because people think oh no i really need deep tissue no not me yeah i know i’m but i was always guilty of one of those i’m like deeper harder yeah and she just is so in tune with the body and her just with her experience she has a way of finding those trouble spots without you even telling her yeah just from like just the massage and she works it just enough to where you’re not walking out of there thinking oh my god i just got beat up you walk out feeling amazing yeah yes like she has to be spoiled now yeah her head’s getting swollen right now she’s watching she can’t listen to this i love it um and i’ll tell people a quick story on the you know me and me personally and my experience with massage so massage is a great thing look it’s it’s more than just pampering right i mean massage will work out tough uh tissue and stuff like that and it increases your mobility in a lot of ways um and especially these days where we’re always looking at a computer we’re always got our head down looking at a cell phone what happens all this up here gets jacked up right and then we start getting headaches from it yeah she actually even does a migraine in sinus massage too so if you’re having you’re really congested and all that she can you can come in just for a sinus drainage yeah she’ll do or if you suffer from migraines we have a couple patients that come to her um routinely like they’re on a schedule yeah and they’re not having migraines anymore wow right awesome because you know all that tension in your neck’s con yes and stress will cause tension and what release a massage will relieve stress as well so um i was someone that i you know i tried different ones i tried i guess you’d call it deep tissue um it was okay it was a little bit painful um but i didn’t leave i didn’t leave feeling like i was just totally relaxed you know i felt more like i’ve been a football game and that sounds kind of rough but i mean really i mean did it help it probably helped beat some or or work some stuff out of those muscles but i also had like the bow rivage massage which is more of a swedish massage definitely prefer that love that i was you know anytime you can almost put me to sleep i’m with it i love it so um i’m i’m definitely shout out the the lady that does this jessie corsi jesse corsi so i’m gonna be calling jesse corsi oh you won’t regret it yeah i’m gonna hold you to that um he even does um newborn massage yeah and prenatal massages yeah well there you go uh infant massages of all types what reflexology uh i can’t pronounce that word a shatu we’re going with a shadow i’m probably jacking that way up but it’s this word right here oh shihatsu i wouldn’t even close a shot what is that what are you speaking yeah that she uh she does that and then of course swedish and what about like chair massage yeah so that is something we can offer for any kind of businesses um we can do it for yes so um a lot of places they want to do like a wellness plan for their employees well that’s something we can do we can come we can bring the chair jesse in her chair and she can do chair massages for all your employees yeah we can also offer b12 which is something else we offer ahead of myself but we can also offer that into our wellness plan with the chair massages really yeah i have to get information on that because and here’s the thing with with people especially is you know times of value right now for everybody nobody ever has enough time especially business owners and people like that so they make it easy for you they can come to you and they can do that chair massage or whatever uh so uh definitely look into that now you offer aesthetic services do you not yes we do tell me about those so we have um we do some chemical peels we have a hydrafacial machine which is amazing so it can help um peel your skin extract sucks like everything it’s like almost like a vacuum cleans out your pores and then it infuses different serums based on your skin needs wow interesting there’s no down time yes guys can have it too yeah do you have some that actually do yeah no we have a few patients that are males that come in for that fantastic and you know see men we just think that we’re too macho for that stuff enjoy it with us yes yes get pampered gentlemen so um tell me about so that’s the medical peel i guess would be what that would be considered yeah or chemical peel or chemical so that’s something different we do dermaplaning um microphone abrasion derma planting um that’s basically where they go through and like um exfoliating the top layer of those dead skin cells off of your face yeah which is great to do in conjunction with other services because then that stuff can get deeper into your skin i like it i like it yeah um and i actually printed out some information on derma planning because i was not familiar with it at all and it it says uh it’ll help your lines and wrinkles it’ll prime your skin for a chemical peel um and also creates just a healthier more radiant appearance so uh nothing wrong with being radiant and healthy and you know another thing is it like gets all that peach fuzz and everything off your face too and your makeup just goes on so much smoother there you go which is you know us women we like that yeah yeah so so uh look into that surface they have that what about hydro facials what are those so that’s what i was talking about that it has a machine that we use and it completely sucks out your pores

depending on your skin needs whether it’s acne or fine lines that’s what else whatever you’re looking for we use different serums and that gets infused into your skin and it basically cleans it out you know kind of like especially with acne a lot of people i’m aging myself here but they used to have the pads that you would have oh yeah yeah and you’d wipe in it and you’d see all the um stuff from off your face the dirt or whatever and so what what this does is basically cleans it for you and cleans out all those pores where maybe those pimples are being caused right so it’s going to get deeper than what you would with like a pad or any facial cleansing cleanser um we’re getting deep into that dermis wow there you go so that’s a service and how long do those services typically take your your aesthetic services so they vary like um we have a basic hydrafacial and that takes about 30 minutes whereas our deluxe is a little more spa-like and that one’s going to be closer to 45 minutes to an hour there you go so not a ton of time you can do it over a lunch break right chemical peel that’s really quick too yeah and we’re getting into that season for chemical peels now so yeah b.j pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy yorum wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer bj pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast all right so the chemical peel is going to get deeper and it’s going to help with pigmentation acne scarring different fine lines and wrinkles it it’s amazing awesome now you’re all for botox we do so we have um we’re with xiamen which is a different brand of botox it’s a more pure farm because we’re fun we practice functional more holistic approaches to everything and xeon um like all botox is made from bacteria well xeon is a more pure version of that so when especially in therapeutic doses it you don’t get that resistancy that you do with regular bodox because some of us get botox so much that it doesn’t work as well it’s not lasting as long right xeomin won’t you won’t build that immunity to it that’s important that’s important so that’s something that you can’t just get anywhere but y’all offer we do offer that excellent so check that out it can also help with tmj issues right yes so you can treat tmj muscle spasticity along with you know the cosmetic reasons yeah the wrinkle alleviation if you got the 11’s up here as they call it right it can definitely fix that now you mentioned earlier b12 tell me about your beach well so we have a methylated version of b12 so it’s going to be better absorbed by your body it’s a little bitty little insulin needle and it goes right into your skin like right into the fat you don’t have to do it’s not an im injection so there’s no you’re not going into the muscle right so it’s not as painful yeah no i don’t even feel it you barely feel it maybe like a little mosquito bite yeah and uh and b12 is good for what b12 is good for energy it’s good for depression it’s good for focus um it can help with your hair growth immune system support yes it really helps with a lot of it awesome and you know a lot of a lot of issues and this is why i would be more for like what you do that i guess you’d say a synthetic b12 shot is because a lot of the drinks that you would get that b12 out of yes they have b12 in them but they also have some stuff that it’ll light you up like a firecracker if you ain’t careful and you know touring and caffeine and all these sorts of things and some people they get jittery from getting all that stuff you won’t get that with the beach not with the b12 so when your b12 is where it should be you’re not gonna have that desire like you’re not gonna have to have that coffee multiple times a day you’re gonna have that your energy is gonna be better but above and beyond that people think b12 and oh i get that big energy rush and you do but it also helps with your sleep yes yes so you’re gonna sleep better right yeah because you go drink a red bull two hours before you go to bed good luck yeah you ain’t going to bed at night yeah no doubt about it so um that’s why i’m i’m really for that and one thing y’all do focus on pretty heavy is like natural the natural side of taking care of yourself right yes and that’s that’s the part that sometimes gets a bad rap because sometimes people think um you know they might correlate that with oh that’s that’s uh that’s not gonna work because it’s natural it should be the other way around it should be in my opinion it should be um so with conventional medicine they’re going to look at these basic things and just pretty much i feel like put a band-aid on it on your symptoms they’re just going to reach another pill with us we’re more functional medicine so we want to find out what’s causing your these issues what’s causing these symptoms for you yeah treat those yes they actually fix the problem that’s right and it’s important to know you have a great staff there um you’re uh on your way to your pa degree is it i am in nursing school with and then going back to finish my nurse practitioner nurse practitioner okay yeah fantastic uh and um i guess it’s the owner is tell me about her oh miranda dr lawrence dr lawrence she is a blessing she came into my life when i i didn’t even realize i needed her um so she’s been practicing well she’s had her apr in for seven years and of that six years of that she’s been doing hormone replacement so she’s got a lot of experience absolutely um and then she went back and got her doctorate in nursing fantastic wow doctor in nursing yeah that’s pretty impressive that’s that’s a little above and beyond there yeah and it’s a good good uh degree right now for there’s no doubt about that so she owns the clinic and she has some other locations other parts of the country as well right yes we’re expanding so we have a location in marion illinois um we’re the only ones practicing um bioidentical hormone replacement in that area so there’s a huge need there we also have um a location right outside of richmond virginia excellent so you know what growth is good we are we’re growing always a good sign and uh and i’ll tell you what that you know the time is right for people to really start looking at natural wellness options out there and it’s important that we we talk about credentials because uh there are some clinics they may not have a nurse on staff or doctor on staff and things like that and you you know it uh you never know the whether the advice you’re getting has some education behind it or not right this lady has a lot of experience she does yeah and sounds like an awesome person um so social media let’s talk about that for a minute it’s important um how important would you say social media the role it’s played in the success of what y’all do one thing i noticed is that y’all have a good followership there on facebook 4 000 close to yeah uh followers tell me tell me how important social media is i feel like social media is so important especially today because i mean that’s where we go to when we want to relax online in the day what do we do when we get on social media so it’s really important for us to get our word out on social media i i agree 100 and you know social media i’ve always said if you have a company that’s just a large huge conglomerate and um they have a budget that kind of is you know let’s face it it’s a lot larger than a small business so um social media especially like facebook would be a platform where you can kind of compete with them on a level playing field because it’s you know it’s for all intents and purposes essentially free you know you boost posts and stuff like that but the following that you can gain from that is important um y’all done a good job of that i’m sure you wouldn’t have 4 000 followers if if you didn’t do a great job with what you do so i did notice that and speaking of social media i want to read some of the comments that you receive from folks on social media mr paul mitchell which i doubt is the hair guy but uh another paul mitchell he said great service every time i go in the staff there is top notch and they always go out of their way to make you feel welcome so how shout out to paul mitchell um miss katherine doyle said one of the best massages i have ever had she took time to focus on specific areas and i walked out with less tension than when i walked in just what we were talking about if you are needed massage give flourish a call very nice shout out to miss katherine miss tony holland stated just had my first hormone replacement done i’ve heard all about the amazing results people have had with this program dr miranda and her staff are all so sweet and helpful so we do have the best patients yes we really do and i want to read one more this this is miss lori brown okay she stated i was impressed before i even stepped foot through the door after dr miranda received my lab work she immediately started my treatment on my appointment day all of my questions had been answered and i had already been on medications that she prescribed for me for an entire week the pellet insertion was virtually pain-free very important dr marina and her entire staff are very friendly and the experience exceeded her expectations oh that’s the sweet i love hearing our review and that was a great review because she was very detailed in what she said so lori brown uh i i can speak for them when i say thank you very much for that review yes thank you and it’s important right those reviews it’s amazing how much stock google and facebook put into reviews and it’s the hardest thing to get people to do it is it is no matter what experience they have um you know and i wasn’t the best at it before i realized the importance of it i’d have a great experience somewhere i you know i just didn’t go on there and hit those five stars but if you have a great experience at flourish uh go leave them a review because what that does is that bumps them up that feed it lets google know who they are and all those sorts of things and it really does a lot now

planet planet provides a full range of residential and commercial landscape services including plant and tree installs grating and drainage patio paver and retaining wall installs and much more reach out to them at 225-252-4905

planet planet they are a world apart and a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast how would one go about we kind of discussed you know your process is almost seamless as far as as making an appointment and things like that but let’s say all right we got people out there and they’re they’re ready they got all the symptoms they uh they want to massage they want to fix their tmj and get hormone replacement all at the same time what do they need to do they need to either call or text us at

questions 225-283-1211 help them however they need help there you go and another interesting thing you can go on their website and there’s some forms there you can download the forms and you can kind of pre-fill out you know what i hate about going to the doctor the paperwork this is so much paperwork horrible um and i’m you know i i just i hate having to do that part um so the good thing is i can do that you know at the comfort of my own office right and then just bring it in that day and it’s all done and i ain’t got to i ain’t got to go through that yeah it definitely helps speed things along absolutely so uh go to their website and you can download forms there that you can pre-fill out before you go in then make your call and and go in and get that done they will schedule a lab for you let’s say you’re doing the hormone replacement therapy they’ll schedule that uh you to get your labs if you want to get your labs they can uh the the company that does the labs does accept insurance so they’ll kind of help you through that process but even if you don’t have insurance it’s it’s relatively inexpensive right yes i mean for the panel we’re doing it’s only 150 for your pre panel lab yes which is you can’t beat that yeah no you can’t i mean that’s that’s uh for the information you get out of that it’s priceless really yeah i mean uh it’s underpriced in my opinion for the the value now i wanted to work my way back to hormone replacement because you had some commonly asked questions and uh i wanted to cover those so one of them is does it matter if i’m on birth control no it does not affect power treatment for you there you go and actually on the flip side if your husband or your significant other comes in um testosterone in the doses that we’re giving actually works as a male birth control really yes so women can get off their birth control as long as their husband or signif their partner is on the testosterone therapy gotcha yeah so how does that work so i i can’t figure out you lost me on that it’s so testosterone dive deeper into it okay so whenever um and the doses that we’re given for milk from males it can it’ll make them sterile while they’re on the therapy only while they’re on yes it is not a permanent thing and if honestly before the pellets are you know before you do for your next session you’re like oh you know what we’re ready to have a baby you know i want to reverse that yes medicine we can give you to help reverse that it’s gonna like wear off sooner okay gotcha but if you’re male and you’re out there and you don’t want to have kids right now yeah it definitely helps prevent that there you go i didn’t even know that existed that’s news for me now um what if you’re already on uh the creams of the patches the pills whatever it is they give you for hormone replacement so um a lot of times our female patients come in and they’re already on estrogen or progesterone um depending on if it’s oral or the cream or what the dosage is you’re going to continue taking it until a certain period after getting the pellets because we don’t want you to have any kind of dip we want you to have that consistent coverage right that makes sense that makes sense and you know one of the concerns on any medicine whether it be hormone replacement therapy or whatever is uh i guess quitting cold turkey or whatever you don’t want you don’t want to throw your body into a freakout no lack of a better term so um so you know let’s talk about i know we talked about discounts um you offer some pretty cool discounts kind of go through that with me so um our the biggest one we have is anybody you refer to us you get half off your next set of pellets that you come in there you go if you send two people your session’s free your session is free yes and and uh so we’ll call that the referral discount we also offer um sorry first responders discount so all first responders medical professionals they get 20 off look and and who need who earned it more than those folks exactly um and i think that’s fantastic y’all do that for first responders uh so if you’re an emt if you are a firefighter if you are a police officer uh no worries y’all got them covered with that 20 off they’re paying 20 of your uh of your of your therapy so go check that out uh what what about if you leave a positive review like we talked about on facebook yeah so we will reward you for leaving us some reviews you’ll get five percent off for our facebook review and five percent off for google so that’s ten percent off there there you go yeah your first responder you leave us review that’s 30 off 30 percent off who don’t like to spend it away giving it away let everybody have it that’s it that’s it everybody gonna run around with the right hormones around here

so let me add in folks i do want to mention this it is not even um you know it’s not what i would consider just insanely expensive to begin with it’s not um ladies 350 dollars and that’s going gonna cover you for what do we say about four months three to four months three to four months and and look there’s a little variance there depending on how your body metabolizes this stuff i would imagine right um but that’s the average that’s yes you know as far as that goes and so 350 dollars is going to get you about four months through man you’re looking at about 700 bucks because you honestly a lot more appeal a lot more what do you right they’re getting a bigger dose but they’re also not having to come in as often as men only come every four to six months so um you know it’s lasting that long and then the other thing you want to consider with the price is we’re going to get you off a lot of your medication that you’re on yeah so i mean that kind of helps there although you’re spending on yeah we’re gonna hopefully be to start winging you off of those 250 dollar co-pays you’re there per month if you’re a guy and let me tell you testosterone shots and i don’t know this by experience but testosterone shots are um expensive and most insurances will not cover it or they cover very little of it so pricey yeah way pricier than that quite frankly so um so check that out and uh and let them know i sent you so um i also want to well first of all i want to thank you for coming on today and being so informative and awesome and we want to mention a few other services that you offer now your lashes are on point today y’all do laughs thank you yes amazing thank you her name is cyndal and she’s an adult that’s an interesting name isn’t it i love it i know yes i like unique names yeah and um she’s great with the lashes we do she does many different ones um my favorite so far has been the wispy ones because and i haven’t i’ve went to other places had lashes done and they’re not they don’t i haven’t seen them offer that so yeah i think that’s pretty neat love lashes and you know i for whatever reason i notice them you know um they for whatever reason i don’t know what it is but uh she did a great job thank you you’re welcome and uh any other services y’all do that maybe i didn’t mention hmm you mentioned a lot of them we but we offer so many yeah we are actually about to start a weight loss program i can’t give too much information on that but it’s got really good results well you come back and you tell about when you start that you come back on and we talk all about that i can because let me tell you i know i mean that’s a subject right there it is in and of itself right and uh and so that’s that’s great news so just another service that you can get over there now um at the important part where are you in denham springs we are um across the street well almost across the street from big mike’s by spectrum off of um aspen square yeah okay there you go so that convenient really convenient right off the range right off of the interstate yes uh and if you’re anywhere in the livingston parish area you know where big mike says it’s right across the street um and even in baton rouge i mean you’re you know denims you’re going against traffic no matter which way you’re going so right come see them go see them open hours we are tuesday through saturday nine to five tuesday through saturday nine to five so there you go so working moms uh working dads you know you can go on a saturday make an appointment on a saturday to go up there and uh and it maybe it won’t affect your work schedule that way that’s convenient those are good hours uh as we mentioned earlier you have a great facebook and uh you can folks you can search flourish hormone replacement on facebook and to pull it right up they also have a website at flourishhormonereplacement.com and there you can print out those forms that i talked about earlier uh and go see these folks they do a great job they’re very knowledgeable they have a large staff there and all they want to do is get get you your wellness where it really needs to be right i want you to flourish yes i love it so flourish with flourish yes yes uh i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast did you have fun today i did it wasn’t great awesome and tell her everybody should do it yes everybody that’s right that’s right i like the way she thinks come talk to jim i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders of podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share us on all your social media platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on all of our local businesses just like flourish home replacement home replacement hormone replacement replacing homes that’ll be next so that’s another service it does definitely help with the home life okay that’s right thank you to all our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor b.j pawn fit blinds denim springs planet planet landscaping sporting center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrip look at me 4d imaging milestone title and tiffany c card of homekey mortgage couldn’t do any of this without all of them if you’d like information on sponsoring the show you can reach out to me at jim local leaders thepodcast.com until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like flourish hormone replacement and keep leading thank you very much for coming on thank you

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