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Motivator, Author, Entrepreneur, Life Architect, Philanthropist. A quick scan of Edvante Showers’s Twitter feed and you will find these words. When Local Leaders the Podcast Host Jim Chapman sat down with the Pastor of City of Hope Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana however….he learned so much more about the Albany, Louisiana native. If you are a Business Owner, or even just someone seeking to discover more about yourself then this is the podcast for you. It may be the most powerful hour we have ever filmed here at Local Leaders so get a notebook, buckle up, and be inspired!

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hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and today i have two gentlemen sitting across from me that are going to totally change your perception of development and developers in general these guys are total rock stars they develop primarily right here in livingston parish and i’m going to go ahead and introduce them there with front porch property group and over here we have mr justin bryson over here we have mr chase catalano how are y’all doing oh good jim you all excited to be on today

good deal i love it when they get fired up so i want to talk a little bit about y’all personally before we get into all the amazing things you’re doing with front porch property group and y’all have some interesting stories uh chase we’re going to start with you you’ve been a denim springs resident for about 13 years that’s correct and you’re married with two children one in the oven as well and one of them and one in the oven percolating just waiting to get out huh and here’s an interesting thing you have a 12 year old daughter her name is brynn that’s correct and she’s pretty strong she she has the title of strongest female 13 and under in the united states and holds wow american record as well well let me tell you anytime you have a title of number one in the united states on anything you’re pretty good right a two-time national champion in weight lifting that’s right looking for number three this year in 22. wow amazing chip off of the old block i don’t know she puts me to shame she’s well it you know it’s amazing with weightlifting in particular it takes a lot of discipline right that’s right get up every day you got to push them weights and uh and so you you know you’re obviously proud of her you you light up the second uh the second i brought her up and you also have a love for kind of restoring things you got a 69 bronco 67. 67 america wow

yeah it was a bucket list buy came at the right time at the right price and uh i will not let that one go at all yeah it’s going to stay around for a while it’s a it’s kind of like a dream car for me me too i have to pinch myself and we’re going to turn over here to mr justin and you’re also married yep you have a child as well yeah two-year-old boy yeah nothing in the oven though no not yet not yet not yet uh man have you had an awesome experience so far in life you’re 32 years old yep and uh you have a bachelor’s degree from lsu yep tigers go tigers yes indeed and you have a master’s from grantham university that’s right in addition to that y’all uh you were you’ve been in the national guard since 2009. yeah enlisted at 19. very good and you’re a captain yeah so thank you for your service obviously uh and in addition to that both of you are full-time exxon refinery employees that’s it that is which is where y’all met i would imagine it is okay excellent and you also are partners at front porch property group so uh so y’all been together for a little while as far as front porch is concerned how y’all starting 2020 that’s correct that’s a heck of a time to start a business

some might say a little crazy yeah some might say hey man look and he all business owners are crazy i’ve i’ve been convinced of that because we all take risks right yeah absolutely yeah there’s nothing safe about what we do that’s for sure so you eventually you you form this partnership and and there’s a story in and of that so whoever wants to take this just kind of explain how you ended up forming from porch property group yeah so it’s kind of funny we were um i don’t remember back in 2020 there was a a fire at the exxon refinery uh in the pipe band i do so whenever that happened they they pulled guys from all over the refinery to come respond to the emergency because they wanted to you know get the plant back and shut the whole plant down they want to get the plant back up and running as quickly as they could yeah so i just started pulling people from all over the refinery uh they pulled both of us onto that team that was a sign of that recovery um we were working that i was kind of in the middle of trying to get a little project management consulting business going off the ground i got a background in project management so at that time i was trying to get that going um chase had his uh his last development company going uh trifecta property investments um and then we just kind of hit it off and started talking you know talking shop talking about owning businesses talking about doing project management and land development of something that’s always interested me um and that was that was in february of 2020 so we had had a couple of conversations both work nights like we’re doing right now on that shutdown yeah um and we had we had talked about it in passing and then we kind of just went our separate ways you know and then i remember one day uh maybe august or so 2020’s out of the blue he sent me a message on facebook that was a a piece of property he was like hey i think this would be a good opportunity for us and you know to kind of go after yeah um i looked at it we kind of talked on facebook messenger i had talked to a dude in months right yeah so we kind of thought it over and we kind of just talked back and forth like what you know what do you have in mind what do you think what are the numbers look like um and i mean those conversations all went well and the margins looked good so uh i mean we ended up just kind of taking a leap at it right just taking the swing and it ended up paying off and then uh kind of exploded after that just kind of all went from there wow yeah you were basically like huh this is a nice property let me send this to my buddy and see what what he thinks of it and and boom our visions were in line for from kind of from the jump of why we wanted to start things we had similar paths and vision of what we wanted out of it so it made sense sometimes you have to force things some things come together naturally our personalities i’m kind of the ying and he’s kind of the yang yeah and you gotta have that yeah so i’m a little more aggressive he’s a little more conservative and like puts the numbers together a lot longer than i would um and that it balances out pretty well very good but we switch as well we’ll we’ll we’ll switch the yang and the yang sometimes he’s more aggressive yeah and i’m more conservative so it’s it works out well that’s right and you you you don’t you really don’t want two of the exact same personality because again you know you don’t you don’t have any bounce off or any feedback that’s constructive one way or the other in my opinion right oh i say all the time too like if we’re ever on the exact same page on something it’s time to bail yeah if we both show up to a property we’re like we have to have this right now like we might as well get in the truck i don’t think there’s been one yet where both of us were like yes absolutely yes you know right it’s all whenever he’s going full board i’m like oh hold on let’s take a look at it you know i’m like hey we gotta have this well let’s you know let’s make sure this is right for us i mean to this point we have not both said yes on something right off the bat which yeah kind of interesting right and you know y’all also bring some interesting individual talents into this you were kind of in the development business uh prior to that right and you were in the military where you kind of specialized in project management that’s right so that’s a that’s a great um starting point it amazes me when i when i was thinking about this podcast you know people are i believe that that uh people are putting people’s lives for certain reasons and absolutely and you can kind of track that thing back and in the fact that y’all bring these individual talents and you were able to kind of find each other and then combine them and turn this into a success you know i feel like doesn’t happen by accident i think every everything has a reason and a purpose and i think it’s great that y’all both bring these individual towns it’s important it’s important to business for sure so that’s a great thing and justin we mentioned you do have a strong background and how beneficial would you say the military has been to what you bring to front porch property sandra richard has been in the business of selling homes for over 20 years this award-winning realtor brings the perfect blend of professionalism integrity and client satisfaction to every buying and selling transaction a passion for both her clients and her community makes sandra the perfect choice when buying or selling your home so if you’re in need call the cajun lady sandra richard at 225-955-5484

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you know most of the experience that i have in project management is in the military and you know anybody that knows anything about the military you know whenever you look from the outside the military’s got everything together right yeah mean is fighting force on the planet you know everything’s squared away everybody’s uh in line military chaos the military is are experts at managing chaos yes um so you know nothing’s the same no no rules are the same you know the rules of engagement change all the time yeah um circumstances change all the time so growing up and having this you know long set of experience managing projects in the military and environment that is always changing yes um allows you to become very versatile and allows you to like gain the experience and the skill set to think outside the box and make decisions and and look for alternatives i think that’s probably one of the things that’s led us to success is that if we run into a roadblock we find an alternative like we we put our heads together we try to look at every avenue and and find an alternative and that’s probably due in small part at least to you know my some of my experience in the military where if you hit a wall you got to go through it back up and hit it again until you find a way that’s right um very good advice yeah i think just that that versatility and that like drive to figure it out and solve the problem at all cost has led to some of that success i think also um the communication you’re you’re forced to communicate in the military yeah on a constant basis yes and we talk more than most women talk to each other that have been best friends for 30 years yeah seriously yeah i mean look in it you have a great relationship and that’s that’s an important aspect and you’re i’m sure you’re not afraid to tell him when you think something’s wrong and vice versa and that’s probably the most important part it is that open line of good the bad the ugly the great we we talk about it all yeah constantly yeah fantastic and uh chase for those that may not know exactly what it is and and i know it’s a vast definition but kind of give us the the short definition of what a land developer does kind of break down their role in the construction process land development would be for us the way that we would perceive land development would be buying larger parcels of land and making and doing the infrastructure whether that be clearing house pads road infrastructure gas water utilities and making it and subdividing it into smaller chunks where it’s more affordable for the consumer yes very good definition and um important to mention that uh you know it’s not just as simple as hey i see a you know big square piece of land i’m gonna buy it and then i’m gonna sell it and it’s all gonna be there are so many parts to that you mentioned it i mean you’ve got uh infrastructure that has to be developed on that land you have to the red tape how about the red tape that’s involved yeah if you see a mud puddle uh oh we got a wetlands here oh that’s a palomano i mean it’s crazy what you got to deal with from the aspect of the red tape that goes around developing so one thing that impresses me about both of you is um i’m not an old guy but i’m older than you guys and uh and the fact that you just see these challenges and are able to kind of kind of go beyond those and do what you have to do is is pretty impressive it’s this is not like you’re building a retail establishment and you’re going to run it in in you know it’s an easy procedure there’s a lot of stress involved and you know when i think about what you do but i think that’s military backgrounds help that right yeah you know i think we both have the ability to stay pretty cool calm and collected with uh all the things raining from coming from different avenues in this yeah and and divide that equally between us as well that makes it pretty easy easier easier yeah and one thing that’s that uh well it’s not funny but it was like wow i couldn’t imagine having to deal with this so in the middle of you kind of starting off this company right row justin’s got to go uh get deployed in the middle of this to were you in iraq or afghanistan okay jordan and kuwait oh okay yeah so um which you know its own battle over there obviously but you know you’re kicking off this business and you’re probably like oh crap my partner’s got to go save the world unknown to both of us at that beginning of time and uh i think it was right before christmas i got the phone call yeah and he said i got some good news and some bad news you know christmas is going to be great beginning of new year is not going to be yeah that’s that was how that conversation went yeah yeah i think our our formation documents have our company like starting in september of 2020 or something like that and it was you know early december when i called so we were four months into it and i was like hey i’m leaving for a year good luck good boy yeah don’t don’t make no mistakes i’ll be back i’ll be back in nine months or whatever it was yeah yeah and at the time we had one i mean we had one property right we just bought our first property so we we formed our llc right before we purchased our first property in that in september yeah so it wasn’t that big of a deal right sure um it turned into a much bigger deal over time i don’t know how uh you know after after coming back into what i came back into i don’t i don’t know how chase is able to manage what he managed while i was going i mean

i didn’t want to stress him out yeah i’ve personally been i was in his shoes pre in in my previous life in the military yeah so i didn’t i i tried when we talked we talked shop in business but i tried not to let on that it’s a lot going on yeah yeah yeah well good for you yeah and you know yeah bigger things to worry about that’s right that’s right and and you know you’re back and and you’re rocking and you’re doing great things and this is the next thing i want to mention uh justin and i’ll turn to you on this one of the ways both of you describe your company and something i feel separates y’all big time from some of the land development companies out there is that you promote responsible land development how about that there it’s possible that you can be a developer and actually be responsible about it and community community-minded and all of those sorts of things so i i already know these examples but give give everybody else an example of what kind of separates you guys relative to the standard uh run-of-the-mill developer who develops these subdivisions that are very small tracks and all those sorts of things yeah so we don’t we don’t fool with anything under um an acre and in fact we try to stay over uh an acre and a half you know between an acre and a half to three acres yeah that’s kind of the sweet spot in between like where we’re still able to you know make some money but we’re also able to you know keep the area in in mind yes um you know we’ve we’ve purchased what 60 64 acres 72 acres now yeah i just forgot we just closed on another one so we purchased 72 acres and we’ve developed it into 20 lots right um wow that’s over three acres a lot yeah and you can you know in 72 acres you know a lot of developers if they bust them into quarter acre lots i mean you’re looking at over 300 lots that a developer would go after so um you know where most run-of-the-mill developers are looking to cram as many properties into a piece of you know a larger parcel as they can um we don’t we don’t do that we love it we’ll you know we bought 16 acres you know 18 acre tracks and we’re cutting them into four or five parcels instead of cutting them into 32 parcels or that’s huge man yeah and i mean when you talk about the money side of it it’s crazy too i mean we could sell you know eighteen twenty parcels off of one track for you know forty fifty thousand dollars i mean it’s huge money right yes but whenever we started our business we didn’t we didn’t really wanna you know we we did it like pocket chains you know what i mean like we both have really good jobs at exxon like i have you know supplemental income from the guard so it wasn’t yeah it wasn’t really a money thing it was like a pocket change deal that we wanted you know it’s like go buy new trucks or get a boat or a side side-by-side or something um for the for the for the toys and all the necessities that us men need four-wheelers my wife wouldn’t let me buy one any other way so that’s right you better get another job yeah yeah yeah but i mean we stick true to that though i mean at this point especially it’d be very easy for us to go after a large chunk of land and decide that we’re gonna you know delay that investment for two years while we go develop an actual like full-blown subdivision yeah but that’s that’s not what we want to do it’s not what we want for the parish you know what i mean yeah we bought 16 acres in walker um it was actually our first development it’s got 11 acres that we’re not touching i mean it’s got 11 acres that we’re leaving completely undeveloped wow um so well i think i get a feeling that’s just who you guys are man yeah i mean we’re both you know i’m a i’m a big time outdoorsman so i want to have as little impact to you know what’s left of the hunting property in louisiana anyway b.j pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy urum amount of gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

yeah um that’s a great thing we want to we want to boost the medium average income through this area that’s why we we lightly restrict the properties we’re making sure that home values stay the same yeah you know if you build 100 185 000 homes or we put five 450 000 homes with families we’ve boosted that average income because we’re not we’re not building to that lower grade right now right yeah and that’s a huge thing i mean that’s a great thing for the people that live here and it’s like man these are the developers we want here we’re not squeezing the land for every dollar that it could be pulled out of it yeah i i saw firsthand what happened in 2016 right i was in livingston um with the national guard like at the courthouse nice and for the duration of the event yeah um it’s very very clear what over development and over you know over over engineering infrastructure can do uh to an area so like i do not want to contribute to that problem at all yeah so everything we do we kind of focus on uh how to have the you know the minimal amount of impact you know we we looked at a property we could have made pretty good money on um in denim not long ago but it was um you know pretty far below base flood elevation we’d had to bring in a ton of field dirt to get the houses up above base flood elevation so they wouldn’t have to carry you know crazy premiums on their homeowners insurance right and because of that because we were gonna have to bring so much field dirt in and build these big you know ant mound homes we just passed on it just let the deal go i mean the margins were great i mean we could have made good money yeah but we don’t want to build where was that water you’re going to go yeah yeah you know we’re going to put these hands below that level you know yeah i said up you know 72 hours of no sleep during 2016 flood while we were pulling people out like waste deep water chestnut water neck deep water i mean it was it was a mess you know you’re doing your whole series on it yeah everybody lives here knows how bad it was and we like refused to contribute to that problem yeah man that’s awesome awesome i’m getting chills in here man that and that’s exactly why i do podcasts like this because that’s something you can’t communicate on a billboard that’s something you can’t communicate really in a 30-second commercial but in a law enforced podcast these people can see who you are and see that you are atypical you have your heart in the right place and your company in the right place and uh and so you know it’s an honor to do a podcast with you guys on on things like that so chase i wanna i wanna shout you out for a second um for your answer to the following question i asked you what individuals had a large influence on you and why and you answered get this y’all my wife she was in school for her master’s as a nurse practitioner and i saw the amount of time and energy she was putting in for our family and future and i knew i had to match that energy now first of all i want to give you kudos you might be the first person to mention their wife as the largest influence so dude that is like major props you know when you get home tonight she she owes you a big hug she’ll probably give you a big hug for that um also uh how important it is the support of your family you know the fact that how important is that to business in general and your business that your family’s there they got your back they’re behind you 100 that’s the reason i started my first property development company was because she was tired of the bedside and really wanted to get into the higher degree of nursing which you know she wanted to be a crna um or go for family nurse practitioner which took a lot of clinical time so you you it’s not able if you know anybody in the nurse practitioner field to work a full-time job and do 250 hours of clinicals per semester so we had to go to a part-time role so our our income was going to change you knew that so i was watching her study every night till midnight and there’s a lot of tears there’s a lot of reading there’s a lot of projects there’s a lot of clinical work and i i had to make up i i felt that it was my job as as the husband and the king of the household to at that point fill that gap yeah that was the reason i started getting into landfill i was already interested in it yeah so i went to the books and pulled all the codes and ordinances of livingston parish

i’ve done that myself i started reading and putting sticky tabs because i work nights at exxon right and we have some down time here and there yeah so pulled the codes and ordinances started reading a lot very good trying to make sure that i was trying to follow the the t yeah very good well shout out to your wife for for being a large influence on you now justin uh let’s talk about some of the uh the services at your company front porch property group outside of land development we uh our plan and we we talked about it from the jump we we actually spoke about it last night at length is uh build your company on a napkin the hierarchy of what you want so when you’re big and you’ve made it there you can look back and see how you wanted to structure that yes we have big things in the works for front porch property group oh i love it and uh any you want to talk about right now yeah yeah absolutely um so uh the the vision ahead yeah is a front porch paradise group we will own vacation rentals throughout the united states oh my god i like vacation rooms and uh try to really focus here on the next one is in the florida panhandle going into some metropolitan cities nashville austin uh if you you know anything about nashville it’s natural nashville yes yeah right so we want to be able to capitalize that on that with uh with some airbnbs uh throughout the united states and then we will have a front porch project group that will be all uh under the umbrella of the property group yeah so we will be dealing with full home remodels new construction uh just every project you want to handle in the in the real estate world very good and then eventually depending upon if we can find the right person we want to put people in that in those places that are rock stars in their own we’re we’re not real estate uh agents right i’m not gonna label myself as that but we want we would like to get to the point where we have a brokerage and bring someone on where they own front porch realty group and they are the face they are the rockstar they’re the one crushing the game yeah so that you put everyone into individually in that umbrella but together you’re this unstoppable machine fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

man you sound just like me except for mine’s media yeah we’re in different fields but i think very similar to y’all and that um you know it’s not just about that the the one company it it’s branching off of that company and and you know when you have success in what you’re doing what i find where i find business owners sometimes miss the mark is they settle on that completely and they don’t have that umbrella with those companies underneath it that can sustain them you know if you if you do it right uh a a company under that umbrella can sustain you when maybe this company is slacking you know or not just from the market not necessarily 100 division yeah love it i read a book whenever i you know i do i do a lot of like personal development reading yes but i read a book while i was overseas called the e-myth yes and what the guy talks about in the book is how you have to have like you have to have three distinct personalities in a business for it to be successful right you have to have the technician which is the guy that like is on the ground doing the work he’s in the trenches he’s out there beating the street like but that’s all he knows right he’s a technician right that’s it you have to have the manager that’s the guy that knows how to get the most out of people the leaders in your organization those are the people that you know can motivate the technician to do his job to do it well to hold the standards and you have to have the entrepreneur that’s the guy that’s like he’s not even looking at the business he’s looking out in front trying to see what’s next what else we can do what else you can capitalize on like what other markets you can enter how you can make the most money um and like that that whole little analogy kind of stuck with me this like three personality thing and you and they all three have to be in sync right so you know if chase is being the technician one day i want to go be the manager of the entrepreneur and think about what’s coming next and if he’s out looking at you know what we’re gonna do with front porch paradise group and all that then i’m gonna make phone calls in the back you know yeah um that’s actually where that idea of writing out your business came from so we it was in the same book you write out like what you want your company to look like whenever you’re a multi-million dollar company yeah and you you start acting like that today yeah and so you start putting the things in place to get moving and and structure the company um so that you have room to grow that’s what the guy says like one of the largest myths is that you know people fail because they you know they’re not capable of being entrepreneurs they feel because they don’t think like entrepreneurs they don’t think like business owners they think like technicians they get stuck in the technician phase and he said a technician can never be an entrepreneur so you have to be able to look out beyond that that’s right beyond that technician level i agree with that 100 and i think i think the difference between maybe the most successful of business owners and those who don’t see that success is not the vision it’s acting on that vision it’s execution yes so many people fail to execute yeah they they have the great idea but it stops there they get intimidated maybe maybe it’s a little bit more and not being afraid to fill the role of like you said for the year that i was gone i’m in the trenches running with the business but now both of us are back things are a little bit more leveled out we’re both looking up and above so we we can’t be afraid to fill that technician role underneath us for that to still be working like it should right we’re looking over the the mountain peaks love it man love it and that’s look check out that book i’m going to check it out the email that’s right the e myth check that out folks chase so uh you focus on acreage style properties as you mentioned justin and i want to give some stats and we kind of well we talked about this earlier but the fact that you used the example of 20 lots or or thereof and and you had that was composed of 72 acres so this is these are really large tracks you mentioned how you know this could be 300 homes 350 homes that you could have put on there uh you did not do that it was a little over 20 homes and that’s smart development right um it’s obvious where your heart is with that as far as as a community is and what stands out to me is it’s obvious it’s not really all about the money you know because if it was all about the money you’d be able to hop from house to house to house on those rooftops you know um now as far as the red tape i want to kind of get into that a little bit and as far as and we’ll take livingston parish because that’s where you do the primary bit of your business um how has it been from a standpoint of i guess the government side of things you know the parish council and they work with you pretty good it seems like they do good the city planning or parish planning office has been a great resource for us um they’re very forthcoming of sitting down in the office and saying this is what we’re looking at is this available because there’s some there’s some clears mud type situations that you can get into and it’s not spelled out very well so you you have to sometimes you would get some pushback and they’re not willing to answer your questions but livingston’s they’re pretty good about it they’re if we make an appointment or we’re able to get in there when they’re not crammed full of people and they’re waiting for permits or they’ll sit down with us they’ll they’ll say look they’ll pull it up on geoportal we’ll look at things and they’ll say we’ll say this is what we were looking at doing and they’ll say no you might run into this or that and this is why so they they have been a resource for us and and there’s obviously red tape everywhere when it comes to wetlands and there’s there’s a lot going on you got to build a team of people that can help you identify those things so you’re not really getting into the red tape later yeah we’ve pulled three um a lot sales recently that have been from ascension parish very wealthy families that are moving their kids that are in sports their money this way that’s helping everything that we do in livingston 100 yeah and we’re and we’re stealing them from ascension yeah bringing them yes that’s even better yeah we see the latter we see a lot working you know working at exxon guys that grew up in levinson parish that whenever you know they go over to exxon they start making decent money they all move like saint francis feels central right central’s the worst i mean it’s right across the river yeah it’s right there yeah um but instead of staying in livingston parish those guys go across in east baton rouge parish and uh yeah are over in the saint francisville and their money goes with them so you know i’m from springfield um springfield needs a new school bad you know what i mean the town’s growing to the point where the school’s overrun yeah you got temporary buildings and um you can’t fix it right you can’t do anything about tax dollars that’s right and without good development you know kind of higher end developments in the parish a place for these people with um some money to want to go they’re going to ascension parish they’re going to saint francisville they’re going to central they’re not they’re not hanging out in watson that’s right hanging out in walker and springfield they’re they’re going to saint tammany and to east baton rouge parish or west louisiana parish yeah y’all have some guys that get it and that’s that’s exactly right and and look ascension parish they got plenty of money over there they got the plants you know they got right every every large plant outside of exxon is in is there and the tax dollars they get are enormous what they have to work with versus what livingston parish has to work with is night and day and that’s just what the plants give them not to mention the residents and so uh you you hit the nail on the head we want to attract that here and one way you can attract that is by having larger developments that people want and uh and what could be better than an acre you know an acre and a half three acres of property to deal with we’re essentially marketing to ourselves the same type of people that i guess that we are in the sense that we don’t want to be on top of our neighbor we want our kids to grab a full wheeler and go ride in the front yard if they want that they can ride around and throw a baseball and not hit their neighbor or you know have just some space between them yeah that’s it

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all right so there are options out there people still and uh and these would be guys that you would want to contact now uh chase who would you say are like great i don’t know if you call them referral partners but people that you you like to know you kind of you tend to do business with on a frequent basis um people that you want to build a business relationship with what type of individual would that be um bulldogs our realtor is we we call her our bulldog she’s i remember she doesn’t take no for an answer she i give a lot of homework in the realtor world yeah constantly because that’s how we make our analysis sure so i’ll call her at 9pm because i work nights and she’s going to bed with her kids and she i’ll say i need all these things and 9 a.m the next morning i have a full email list or text to both of us of everything i’ve asked um and and some of that’s meaningless because we might do our analysis and go nope that’s not going to work so she spent time effort looking through all this but she knows it’s pa it’ll pay off um she is she’s tirelessly working for us all the time so i want people like that in every facet of our business yeah mortgage lending uh analysis of properties when it comes to wetlands which we’ve we’ve nailed down some of that stuff we’re starting to build that team of people that work as hard as we do and it feels good when you’re on when you’re starting to build that team of people underneath not underneath you because they work side by side sure they’re in their own facet but that person you can rely on contractors obviously that’s a huge thing too yeah um that’s a hard that’s a hard group to work with sometimes sometimes sometimes 25 years working with them sometimes they’re there sometimes they’re not but when you find that that guy yeah or girl that one that always answers emails always there communicate hey it’s okay if you can’t be there tell me you can’t be there yes communicate yeah that’s that’s a big thing about that yeah and and uh i i know exactly what you mean and look i built a career uh in the construction world by being the one that would answer his phone at any time and and really go out of my way to help my clients and uh and i think that’s important and that’s separate that’s a separator with people and look y’all y’all would probably do business with somebody till the end of time if they were that type of person and gave you that type of service because you can respect it i’ll pay a little more yeah if you’re that good and you’re punctual and you communicate i’ll pay you a little more for that yeah yeah because it’s worth my time there’s a value to it yeah that’s exactly right now uh justin one nice promotion that we definitely need to mention on here and look my eyeballs popped out when i saw this so i guess we call this like a a referral bonus but you basically uh offer a thousand dollars to anyone uh that kind of refers i guess closed business your way or tell tell us about that yeah that was something we started doing like right at the beginning we had to i’m not a neither one of us are like social media gurus right we don’t know neither of us from marketing guys like we don’t know um how to market i don’t know how to market yeah that’s okay yeah we’re learning it we’re figuring it out um that’s our specialty right yeah so we thought like right at the beginning we’re like how are we gonna get people to come to us and we’re like i don’t know let’s just throw some money at him i guess so that’s that’s always a good one so we decided to do this like thousand dollar referral bonus um and then we made it fun we got one of those big checks everybody wants to hold that check oh yeah the big you know yeah absolutely it’s a five foot check i love it yeah so yeah we started doing a thousand dollar referral bonus and we decided to keep it like if somebody you know if somebody has a friend that’s looking for land or whatever and they send them our way and we end up closing the deal we’ll coach a check for a thousand dollars and we hang your hundreds there you go there you go folks you guys take a picture with the check

thousand bucks i’ll take a picture with that check all day long very good uh so listeners out there lucky you looking for some land or you know someone look for some land and uh in livingston parish you refer me to these guys you can make yourself an extra an extra g right there on the spot so very good chase i asked you to find a leader and you stated someone who consistently puts in the hard work no matter what level they are at and willing to listen as much as they teach someone who possesses the traits they expect of these under the leadership and someone who learns from failure got it out that time that’s it now i can’t argue with that really at all but it but what you said there that really impressed me was you said uh someone that learns from failure sometimes you have to fail to succeed right i don’t i don’t think there’s a sometimes i think you you have to yeah we’re getting away from that i think as a whole as a society we’re getting away from failure and learning from that yeah we want to protect everyone from failure but that’s how some of the greatest moments and teachings have come through failure if you don’t if especially as a leader man you know i’ve been like i’ve been in the garden leadership positions for you know 10 years um if you don’t if you don’t fail to to grow then you’re not you’re not really growing you’re just getting lucky like you you’re just a really lucky dude that you’re falling into good circumstances because the only way um to really learn a lesson that sticks is to mess it up a couple of times that’s right and i tell people all the time you know the difference between succeeding in the end is some people fail and they give up and that’s not that’s not the time to give up that’s the time to learn and then push keep pushing and eventually you know you you’re going to push through all of that and you’re going to find success you’re going to jump off that cliff you’re going to hit a lot of rocks on the way down you’re going to hit a ton of them it’s unavoidable but eventually your parachute is going to open and you’re going to soar and that’s uh i think that’s something that’s important for people to understand and learn is that failure is just a part of it to be a good leader you have to have good qualities yeah there’s no other way around it yeah that’s right 100 100 and and uh you know laters can look at themselves and know what they’re good at and what they’re not good at just like you just said you know we’re not good at social media we’re not that those people so maybe we hire that out to someone who is you know uh so many business owners get caught up in i can do everything myself and i can do everything right and oh no this is my company i know exactly what i need to do and look man find what you’re weak at and hire someone else that’s right yeah those are those people are going to fail i’m good at being my own worst critic and that’s great because i know that what i’m not good at that’s right yeah that’s exactly right yes indeed um justin i ask you what the most difficult thing to overcome in regard to people understanding your business and you discussed the perception of land developers and we talked a lot about that today but kind of kind of again let’s hammer down kind of the difference between front porch and and maybe typical yeah i know whenever i answer that question i think i wrote like exactly that i was afraid to tell people we were land developers so whenever people ask what we do in real estate i like won’t string those words together like that right i won’t say oh we’re land developers i’ll say you know try to come up with some creative oh we you know we buy and sell property here we yeah you know we uh you know we try to build uh you know build neighborhoods and communities like i’m terrified to tell people that we’re land developers because especially in lewiston parish man lane you know land developers have a bad rap yeah nobody wants to sit across the table from a guy that’s buying up you know mom’s cow patty uh last year and sure and turning it into a subdivision that’s right but totally opposite of what you guys are doing i mean yeah you’re still gonna have your naysayers they’re sure there’s always gonna be the people that are that aren’t happy about it whether it’s four nice homes or 150 they’re still not happy he gets bought but those if you ain’t got haters you ain’t doing something right that’s right chase i asked you what you would say is has been the key to your business and you stated communication and in-depth research and development on what to bring to the market kind of expand on that we talked a little bit earlier about it’s a lot more than just buying a p a square piece of grass you know there’s a lot behind that kind of the market analysis of what’s being bought in that area and it changes every parish is is different if you go to mid city in baton rouge comparative to what you do here in livingston totally different the landscape is different the the structure of what they buy there is different so doing that um you know we don’t own just land development either we we have we have condo bio shoe like we look and we make sure that we’re diving into all the particulars is this on our condo is this rentable is it in the right area is it safe is it gated does it have security cameras we dove into all those when we purchased a condo yeah in land development infrastructure do we have to clear it how are the roads how are we going to do the drainage all those things go into everything that we do and to make sure that it makes sense for us because we are doing it at a different profit margin than it would be done for a larger development right so yeah we have to make sure that that makes sense for us too because we have to make money to stay in operations absolutely yeah there’s nothing wrong with making money yeah we have to make sure that we can do that yeah and it makes sense for us we have a guideline and things that we follow and in the structure of being able to do our cost analysis and whether we move on a property for profit margin and it sounds like you got a system you know that that works for you he’s the system there you go yeah i mean that’s a that’s a huge thing and he’s my spreadsheet

very much

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greenleaf charcuterie boards is a proud local sponsor of local leaders the podcast so now um one thing we do on this show is we like to do fun facts and that and what we believe is these kind of uh these kind of human eyes you know our wonderful business centers a little bit let people learn a little bit more about them i got a kick out of y’alls i ain’t gonna lie y’all y’all had some good ones so we’ll start with chase’s uh chase i asked you if you purchased a yacht what would you name it you said almost there and i thought that was a great name for a yacht almost there uh what was your dream job when you were 12 years old baseball player typical uh for for us guys of course mom was football player back in those days i was never that good at baseball i played but i wasn’t that good had a good swing on me yeah you can knock it out the park huh very good uh if you could have any super power what would it be self flight i love it yeah flying would be be an awesome thing and if you could travel anywhere where would you go my is it mound out and mildoffs maldives i was close i’m a beach guy yeah and i’ve seen pictures i just never pronounced it before

yeah you’re a beach guy very good uh justin asked you the same questions if you purchase you got what would you name it i like this front porch princess yeah we joked about that a couple of weeks ago i don’t know if

well if i see that in about 20 years i’ll be like i know them dudes you can come yeah there you go i’ll bring the wine man in the in the champagne there ain’t no doubt now what dream job when you what was your dream job when you’re 12 years old tell me about nacho mama yeah so that was a misprint nacho mama’s is a restaurant somewhere around here i don’t know where it’s at but i remember when i was in like sixth grade we had to do a project and it was like if you could start a business what would it be and i made this this like mexican restaurant called it was nacho taco like it was not it wasn’t nacho mamas it was nacho taco and it was like i kind of like it it was a taco with like the little circle like the no smoking sign circle that was my sixth grade design but yeah i put this uh i wanted to be a mexican restaurant on sixth grade look they got plenty of them nowadays yeah and i love me some mexican food it’s very good i like the vision yeah yes um if you could have any superpower what would it be teleporting yeah i don’t want to fly man that still wastes time yeah snap and be there be like star trek with that yeah yeah i like that if you can travel anywhere in the world you’ve always wanted to take a train around europe germany switzerland england et cetera i would not recommend right now yeah yeah not right now maybe next year maybe next year hopefully next year so very good very good now i want y’all to shout out your website your facebook all those sort we’ve talked about some great things that y’all do today and so hopefully these listeners are they want more right they they got people out there right now and they’re like i need three acres of property today so where do they go to get that information yeah the so the best the best way to like get the most current information is to follow us on facebook front porch properties i don’t know i don’t remember

um i mean we have an instagram you can follow us on instagram we got we have a twitter i don’t i don’t tweet you do not only we have a twitter and then we have our website front porch front porch property group just front porch pg very good and i’m going to link just incidentally i’m going to link all of that to the description this video so don’t you know wreck your car we’re trying to find a pen right now don’t even write it down it’s going to be links all you got to do is click that link in the description it’ll bring you right to the facebook page and instagram the website i’m going to link all that to it so very good look y’all have fun today we’ve been talking for 54 minutes believe it or not and uh and i bet y’all could talk about property all day long uh but i’m not gonna keep you here all day because y’all probably worked all last night or did you work last night yeah we both worked last night oh wow

out the door at nine oh lord y’all working hard boys well very good uh i appreciate y’all coming on man i enjoyed this thank you jim this was just fun i do want to thank all my sponsors uh for supporting what we do here at local leaders uh fit body boot camp sandra richard realtor bj pawn twf g william waldrop sr enterprise painting fit blends denim springs and green leaf charcuterie boards we couldn’t do any of this without all those folks who support us here our sister company envision podcast studios we are executive producers of real life for a crime the podcast and dropping april 5th woody everton is starting his brand new podcast hashtag justice 4 so look for that he’s going to be going in depth on cold cases and trying to solve them uh majority of those will be from this area so really look for that to drop april 5th we’re very excited to be affiliated with that and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business just like porch property group and keep leading thank you very much guys for coming on thanks jim stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word you

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