The Business of Problem Solving W/ Go Pages CEO Michael Joyce

Go Pages’ Michael Joyce Joins Local Leaders: The Podcast

In this episode of Local leaders: The podcast, Jim Chapman sits down with Go Pages Livingston Parish Owner Michael Joyce to discuss all the options go Pages can offer you with regard to promoting your business via Advertising.

This Leadership Livingston graduate discusses not only his early start in sales but how it became the catalyst for his purchase of a Go Pages franchise here in Livingston Parish. A must-watch episode you won’t want to miss!

Transcript (Beta)

hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with ladder and bloom with your real estate tip of the week today i’m talking about how to make moving day less stressful for your pets if you’re moving locally have them stay with a family member friend or in a kennel to keep them away from the activity if you’re moving long distance take them in the vehicle with you and bring their bed blanket kennel cage harness whatever you need to have to keep them safe and comfortable on the drive when you get to your new home set up their space right away with their bed blanket toys food and water dish all the things they’re familiar with so that the new place won’t be so scary also make sure you keep them away from the commotion at the new house so people are carrying in furniture and boxes keep them in a quieter area away from all of that also make sure that you notify your vet so if you’re moving locally just give them your new address if you’re moving long distance you’ll want to take their pet records with you to give to their new vet and if your pet is microchipped make sure you notify the microchip company right away if you have a new address new phone number because in an unfamiliar area it’s a highly likely that your pet if they get lost will not be able to find their way home so the microchip company needs to be able to know how to get in touch with you if you have any questions at all about this or anything else real estate i’ll be happy to help you just give me a call i’m trisha johnston with latter and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you if many of you are like me the daily task of checking the mail can always get to the point of aggravating you reach in the mailbox pull out a stack of mail as thick as a phone book and as you sift through the endless flyers and ads you find two pieces of mail that may actually be useful there is one exception to this for me and probably for you and if you’ve lived in livingston parish since 2013 you may recognize this so this is go pages magazine go pages is my exception to your average junk mail it contains valuable coupons to some of the best local businesses in the livingston parish area and owner michael joyce is here to tell us all about that and a whole lot more so with that welcome michael the local leaders of the podcast good morning i’m happy to be here i’m happy to have you here i’m a big fan of your your uh circular i guess you’d call it a magazine direct mail magazine there you go so before we jump into your direct mail magazine i want to give everyone a little history on you you’re a father of two high school daughters yes i have uh two beautiful daughters that go to live oak sophomore and senior that’s coming to people live oh live the eagles the eagles the eagles i’m not going to say go jackets that’s all right episode so as far as hobbies you’re an outdoor guy right pretty much if it involves being outside i’m there uh started a long time ago when i was a kid wandered off in the woods my parents like where is he they point over there you know fishing hunting golf landscape it’s kind of grew up in that um i like to cook yeah you know i read uh continue to learn that kind of stuff but if it involves outside i want to be there awesome so yeah you’re a louisiana guy it sounds like he don’t bother you you want to get out there and fish i don’t know about the heat this week’s been pretty rough oh it has man it’s been extremely hot this week uh so i’m an outdoors guy too love to be in the outdoors and and uh golfing is is my thing i love to golf but i don’t have any time for it hoping to get cranked back up in that soon i’ll tell you a little hiatus from that yeah yeah so uh sales people know sales people michael yes um from the time i met you several years ago i knew you were sales guy you got a very early start on your sales career actually at the age of 10 at the age of 10. so you were a young buck tell me about all that man it was uh my father and he was one of the co-creators of um there was a pro there was if you go to the coin-op car washes which by the way are beginning to go away but you go to coin-op car washes uh there used to be a big yellow box and it was called car fresh and this is where you go you put your coins in there and you spray cherry or vanilla leather or whatever scent into your car right well it used to be a big box and um they like i said my father was one of the co-founders and they were promoting this product at the conventions around the country and at the time um i was small enough where i could get inside and actually work on the pumps the pneumatics part of the pumps yeah so their stick was look here’s a 10 year old kid that can fix this that’s how simple the process how the motoring and all the valves and everything work this 10 year old kid could do it so they would take me to these shows in vegas chicago atlanta wherever dallas houston and i’d be part of their show i guess i was the i was so i’d crawl up in there and show them how easy it was to fix the stuff so yeah you know that’s when it really started for me yeah and you learned i’m sure valuable lessons in sales at that age that you didn’t even realize you were learning i didn’t even know i was doing it you know i was just showing them you know it was a matter of uh just being there and learning from the people i mean obviously the gentleman that were there with my father and the other people you pick up things so yeah yeah no doubt about it so eventually you know way beyond that it led you to the world of pharmaceutical sales right i started i guess um around 85 yeah and um was uh was in that mark was in that field for quite some time actually moved to new orleans in 91 to help resurrect the company that was pretty much going by the wayside yeah we stayed in that market for a while and learned a learned an interesting lesson in that uh what was happening in the pharmaceutical industry around the early 2000s and uh and left that field in the yellow pages yeah yeah well before we leave your field of pharmaceutical competitive market right very much uh pharmaceutical sales is is but you know you got to be on the top of your game to be a pharmaceutical sales right you got to be a pretty sharp person male or female correct and uh and certainly competitive so i would imagine you know that further honed your sales skills and some of that’s just natural i i get asked all the time you know are salesmen born or they made i i think that you can train anybody to be a salesperson but to be at the at the top of the sales profession there’s something there that i don’t think you can kind of teach i think people are kind of born with it you know it’s it’s i guess it’s the development of your surroundings as you’re growing up you know you uh i don’t believe you’re born with uh back in the day a briefcase you know yeah uh just like michael jordan wasn’t born with a basketball in his hands that’s right you it helps if you’re an extrovert yeah um you know there’s a confidence if you typically if you’re playing sports and and you’re involved in team type of endeavors it helps and it kind of builds a a mentality for you sure the key to it to me though is helping people yeah you you need to have that in your heart and in your 100 that’s a good point man that’s a good point and and uh you know i i know some pretty successful sales people that they don’t like the term sales person they like the term problem solver and and uh i like it too and that is the way i look at it and it’s what you do i mean you’re you know you’re working with small businesses now and even uh you know bigger than small businesses and uh and you’re solving some sort of problem they have maybe maybe they’re trying to get more people in their door and you’re bringing them an option to do that so uh i fully believe that we all as salespeople are problem solvers in the end

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um now in 2002 you did work for the yellow pages as you mentioned another highly competitive field very very very much so uh how valuable was your pharmaceutical sales experience you know when you took that job with yellow um interestingly enough when i i had taken a period of time off after the pharmaceutical industry you know field i was looking for the right the next position in that in that room in that field and uh it just uh you know after about six months i was like i need to do something to stay sharp and so i just interviewed with uh with uh it’s actually sunshine pages an e-tail company yeah i remember that and um they actually after you know after i found this out after a little while um they were concerned about hiring me because the they didn’t see pharmaceutical sales it’s more marketing right they didn’t see pharmaceutical sales as being what they were looking for in the day-to-day sales of yellow pages because it’s a different i mean it’s it’s different the training is is entirely different um it’s probably some of the best training that uh any sales person really ever get absolutely absolutely it’s very very intense as a matter of fact later in my career with them one of the tasks that i was asked to do was to revamp the entire training process because our training process was about two to three weeks and then field work and then come back in and so we had to uh that was one of the things that took that that took a while yeah for sure i can imagine and you know and that’s a feather in your cap that when they task somebody with that i’m sure it’s somebody they believe in it’s somebody they know can can uh come up with a process that may be better for uh their business and uh so that was a feather in your cap there especially when they you know originally they were struggling as to whether to hire you yeah they started me as a i remember they started me as just an associate level rep um and then um after about three months they promoted me to a senior level rep yeah and um and then started talking to me after after about a year they started talking to me about other things other positions right right and um we had katrina which we didn’t want to go into that but yeah um you know they transferred me from i was working in the beat of springs at the time and they transferred me over here to work in the baton rouge market as a master level sales rep and then um i guess about six months later they asked me if i wanted to manage the office like okay we can do that and then about a year later they asked me if i want to be a regional and cover everything from lafayette to hammond to houma and uh so it was a the ascendant i could call it the ascension i guess is is was pretty quick pretty rapid company and then i guess a couple years after that it was uh director of sales operations and marketing so wow so you you really just went up the ladder and how long were you at yellow pages um 11 years 11 years that’s a good stent yeah i’ve worked in pharmaceuticals i was there in that industry for 17 and then 11 so i’m not the guy that uh you know i’m not the two year and out guy yeah at all you know if i’m going to do it i’m going to give it 100 absolutely well and that kind of leads me to my next little topic and that is at some point you look you were successful where you were at it at yellow pages you know i’m sure you were doing well monetarily and all of those sorts of things and uh even through all of that at some point you decided to go out on your own right and open your own business i did um i had been you know as we all know yellow pages isn’t the industry that it is that it was by any means and you know i had started looking for options you know i guess probably around 2007 2008 i’d really started looking at okay this isn’t going to last forever you know we could see the writing was on the wall and um you know i started looking and toying with you know what would be my next steps you know what would i want to do and interesting that one of the the last positions that i had there my responsibility was to find or create products that we could transition print revenue into digital revenue yeah and i actually uncovered this company in uh texas and uh they were a small independent directory company and they had started uh closing down their print directories i mean if you remember well the the yellow pages in baton rouge used to be about that thing oh yeah and the winning denim was about that thick well the one we just got yeah that they’re required to do by the fcc yeah it’s about like that so yeah you know it’s kind of the revenue is going away but anyway that’s that’s amazing you know when you think about it before you get before you move on it you started in 2002 so in 2002 the the internet was around but it was in its infancy compared to where it is today correct and so uh obviously as time progresses uh you know people just don’t use the phone book like they used to um you you want a phone number what do you do you google it that’s what we all do um and uh for those folks out there that are younger that might be listening uh phone books is how me and michael used to find things i mean that’s how you know we used road maps we didn’t have navigation phones uh and so that from that aspect um you kind of saw that coming is what you say you can kind of see the writing on the wall with that that hey this stuff’s all going online and while yellow pages can go online it’s an extra step somebody has to take versus just giggling it exactly so yeah so uh so you found go pages i did i found uh i found the company that had uh created go pages okay and actually did a lot of research on them and for from for months actually and i was actually prepared to make a presentation to recommend that product and my career came to an abrupt end with the yellow pages so you know i’m sitting there

wondering okay because i’ve been thinking all along i need to do something i want to do something i’m standing on the edge of the cliff right right and i actually got a foot in the rear so it’s time to fly and i had this book of research and picked the phone called them and said hey look you know let’s talk about this and i actually had a idea of recreating it myself over here and as i met with them and we talked in detail actually came to baton rouge we spent all day yeah you know and talking about things it just made sense because the they had at that point in time they already had almost 10 years of experience with you know fine-tuning the the secret sauce of this of how the magazine works sure why recreate the wheels not always necessary to recreate the wheel so you know we we sat and we talked and we came to an agreement we you know we came to an agreement actually an arrangement and um you know i actually went to uh went to flower mound which is just outside of dallas where they’re located and met with them and signed on don’t mind made in heaven at that point pretty much though you you do do it right you get you go you you’re sold on the product uh rather than reinvent the wheel as you said you say hey i’ve got some support already here they’ve already done all this and i can just bring it to my community you do that and boom now now you’ve got a magazine with no advertisers yeah you know actually the the the um once we decided on everything got the territory defined and whatnot they handed me a stack of the magazines that they had been publishing in texas and um i remember the fair i remember the very first day i went up 16 the north part of north of watson and i just started walking down the street walking down the street knocking on doors introducing the idea the concept yeah of what was going to happen and um you know i think that first day i probably saw 30 35 people that first day that’s a good day and i set up that was on a monday and and i i set up i think 12 appointments to present more in more detail yeah because usually when i first go in there all i’m doing is introducing the products yeah you’re giving information yeah setting up what you do we’re not that’s not a sales call at all and my first appointment uh was on a wednesday morning that wednesday and uh actually it was tutti frutti in watson and rick patel and uh we uh we wrote it up there you go first customer first customer you’re like man this is easy i don’t know about easy but it was fun you know because that’s the cool thing about what about the one of the cool things about this is you get to meet so many different people in the community yeah and you get to learn about so many different kinds of businesses i mean i may meet a yogurt shop owner and then and then i may meet an automobile repair guy and then i may spend some time with the dentist and let me talk to a podcast person yeah and then i’m gonna talk to a florist then i’m gonna talk to a dry cleaner so you get to learn all different kinds of businesses and the businesses themselves but you also get to learn those people and how they how they handle situations yeah yeah and it sounds like you have a genuine interest in people in their business and so it’s not i just want to tell you something you know you’re forming relationships right absolutely and uh and we’ll get into that a little later in how some of these relationships you’ve had for a long long time which to me longevity always equals something’s working you know right so uh so tutti frutti uh went ahead and rolled the dice and went with with go pages and and i’m sure we’re very happy with that now what is your territory what what territory do you cover um the magazine is actually mailed to denham springs watch and walker zip codes the 707 2606 and 85 zip codes it spills a little into livingston the you know the the 5’4 yeah but that’s pretty much the territory so if it’s a business if it’s a if it’s a locally owned business or franchise it’s in those market areas you know they’re obviously a potential client and somebody that i want to work with or if they’re serving that community yeah so i mean there’s something i mean over the last number of years we have you know become more and more self-sufficient you know we don’t need to go other places to get services or things that we need yeah and that’s continuing to develop and continue to grow which is great yeah it’s phenomenal for us here but uh you know if it’s if if it’s a locally owned business and they’re in those three zip codes or someone that’s serving the populace in that market area you know that’s those are definitely people you want to talk definitely definitely now uh how many how many residences i guess you could say in businesses does this magazine roughly okay um the magazine is mailed to 40 000 homes and businesses so in those three zip codes there’s approximately 1850 premise businesses well they have a front door right so they all get it and then there’s also approximately 22 to 2400 home-based businesses yeah right so they’re getting as well the remainder so if you look at it this way so there’s 18 1850 businesses and then the rest of it goes to residences gotcha so the home-based businesses are getting it yeah as well as you know as well as in their business yeah yeah no doubt about it and that’s a and that’s a good number of people seeing you know your ad whatever that may be and and uh and you getting your name out there with go pages now go pages has their hands on a lot of things y’all do web design digital marketing but i think it’s fair to say what they’re known for most is their magazine that’s joe page’s magazine now what stands out to me most uh is as we discussed earlier the good bit of folks in here that you could have picked up this magazine in 2013 and looked through it and probably 50 of the people in here were in here in 2013. you know that when i look at success uh in advertising what i look for is what we would call re-ups they’re people who continue to advertise over and over again with the same business

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with go pages and whether it works let michael show you he can actually pull those magazines out now another thing i’ll say is coupon advertising in my opinion is probably the best advertising you could ever do why because it’s the easiest way to prove if it’s working something comes back to you it i you know you know that somebody saw it and wanted to use it with your establishment and you’re getting it back so you can track it i guess would be another word better than any other way there’s some other ways to track other forms of advertising uh you know online with clicks and things like that but uh when you get a coupon back that person spent money right they came in and they spent money that’s correct and so that’s that’s more valuable than a click to me um so so now another thing i’ll say with your market uh being what it is this is livingston parish has grown since 2013. has it not most definitely actually um the livingston parish and a few other areas in the state have been on the radar for the fastest developing fastest growth fastest growing areas of louisiana for a very long time and actually they rank nationally as well so it’s uh it’s continuing it it was on a fast pace we had a little set back in 16 which we don’t want to talk about that too much but you know it’s continuing to it’s roaring back yeah and i mean look just if you just look at the number of new rooftops that will tell you what time that’s right and look retail sales i talked to the mayor of denham springs just the other day and uh you know tax dolla tax sales tax dollars are way up right now 20 something percent uh over last year which which i know we’re all thinking well they had covered last year but oh no sales taxes were up even last year during coveted so um that’s kind of an example there of the growth of this parish so man you made you made kind of the right moves at the right time you came in in 2013 when when uh livingston parish was really kind of taken off and so those businesses were coming here which i would imagine is a life blood of your business you’ve got to have businesses coming in all the time right and and growth very important absolutely i mean you know obviously a new business coming into the market area they need to create awareness they need to create a bus for their you know their message which whatever type of business it may be so um you know they’re obviously someone that i’m interested in in helping but at the same time um their business has been here for a very very long time yeah and they’re actually i can remember in the very in the first edition that i did uh there were some clients that uh obviously had been here for quite some time and i remember having the conversation with him after the fact of customers coming in saying man i forgot y’all were here yeah you know and being in the magazine just kind of opened their eyes and gave them like a little shot to hey look we haven’t gone anywhere we’re still here you might not remember us but we’re here and so it’s not just new businesses but yes they’re definitely a lifeblood yeah and and you and i have uh have talked about uh in the past the you know from a business owner’s perspective obviously business owners want to cut costs where they can and and some of these folks were in a tight budget to and some of them are just tight in general and uh and so uh you know advertising sometimes plays on on the wrong side of that equation they they think that’s where they should cut or or whatever because it’s kind of a controllable expense versus like labor which is you can control somewhat but not a whole lot you gotta have people working um but all of that being said uh you said something to me that really stuck out in that and that was with regard to when business is good you need to advertise when business is bad you need to advertise kind of expand on that yeah um the thing is that when when business is good advertising is a good idea but when business is bad advertising is a must yeah the the the point of advertising the point of effective advertising let’s use that word right the point of effective advertising is you want to reach as many people as you can with your message you want to reach them regularly and you also want to reach them at the appropriate time which is part of our secret sauce to the magazine you if you’re if your business is struggling and that’s because of we’ll say the majority of time that’s because of reduced revenues right that makes sense absolutely where does revenue come from revenue comes from sales and that comes from consumers and customers whether they be existing clientele or whether that be new clientele and again it depends on your particular product if you’re selling appliances obviously the the buying cycle of a consumer is going to be a little bit longer or it’s going to be an emergency need as opposed to a restaurant right we’re agreed yeah restaurant the most common ask question in any household is where are we going to eat you know so um it it it everything is independent of you know the of each business but the point of that is it’s a matter of continuing to deliver your message to the masses to the consumer and the cool thing about this magazine is um it comes about out of about every five and a half to six weeks so you can change your message but unlike other magazines it’s not editorial in nature therefore it’s a shopping guide and i’ve had advertisers tell me that you know their clients a lady will walk in and she’ll pull the whole magazine out of her purse and and so it’s not something that’s that’s looked at and read and set to the side and something that’s that’s continuing to be utilized and continue to be referenced until the new magazine comes out it has a new fresh look with new advertisers and you know the things that we do to it yes i agree

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release it every six weeks so if you want to revamp it at some point change your artwork a little bit we can do that the advantage to that folks is is if you do two or three issues and and it’s just not hitting maybe there’s something with that artwork that you can change or maybe another off a different offer something like that those are important that’s an important key that you can change that once you commit you know it doesn’t mean you have to commit to the buy one get one free concept or whatever you can go to a percentage off or michael will work with you on all those things and i can tell you we’ve sat down in here i run an ad in here for my podcast rental side in this go pages so i’m not talking out the other side of my mouth or anything um but i believe in the magazine that’s why i invested in it and all of that is an investment from your business and um and i’ll tell you that uh you know i asked that question what what what are my options if if i want to you know make a change of some sort the great thing about michael is he’ll sit down and talk to you and he’s got the experience behind him he knows you know he can’t obviously nobody can guarantee something’s going to work 100 of the time but what he can do is he can use experience his experience to walk you through that process and tell you you know what he feels and his many years of experience will be the best way to go and the best way to start true i mean the other thing that i try that i try to a lot of the delivery of this is based around holidays so seasonality of different businesses changes different things are needing to be promoted and we try and sit down and i’ll try and sit down with you and have a road map so that it’s not on you i want to know okay this is what we need to be focusing on so when i come to see you i’m bringing the idea to you i’m not just walking in the door going what do you think we ought to do yeah right so no i want to you know what you know you run a podcast studio right right so that’s what you do and that’s what you’re that’s what you excel at yeah and let me i’ll bring you the ideas and i might be i’m not saying i’m right all the time by any stretch the imagination so i mean we’ll throw things against the wall see what sticks if you like it great you know let’s try it but at the same time we’ll find you know we’ll find you know in it we’ll find things that work the best and and they’ll be your anchor promotion but then you also use your other promotions to introduce new ideas and other products that you have that you want to sell more of so you know depending on again depending on the business and the custom needs of each business we’ll we kind of lay that kind of lay that out for you and you know i take a consultive consultative approach to where i’m bringing ideas to you i’m not just sitting there letting you you know you we take everything and i disappear right and then i come back and see you when it’s time to re-up no yeah no and you own the company so you’re from from my standpoint i’m dealing with the owner and in his mind or in my mind i know that all he wants to do is see this work you know what i mean it he’s not someone that’s punching out at five o’clock going home and oh no those days are long gone yeah so so uh that’s that’s a distinct advantage as well especially to working with maybe larger companies that sell advertising that it’s not the owner sitting in front of you you know it’s one of four thousand reps that are going around to you and they don’t really have any skin in the game uh my thing is i mean and just to add on to that i live here right and uh um i’m invested in this community kids go to school here kids go to school here i like to support you know the various and sundry things that are going on and i i like this community um i picked it for a number of reasons but you know the the the fact that it’s it just feels good to be here so i want to see the people that are doing business here to develop and continue to grow and this thing continue to get bigger and bigger and um you know the magazine growth and the success of that is a byproduct technically you know yeah it really is and and how does it make you feel michael because i’m sure you’ve been in the position where someone’s just starting out their brand new business they don’t have you know they were where you were when you started go pages and you have literally help them grow to the point that maybe they’re a staple now and they’re just rocking and rolling in their business and you played a part in that and and uh i mean i’m sure that makes you feel like wow man i really help these people it does i mean uh try and be as generous as possible and try to try to help as many people as can i’ll never take credit for it no absolutely not but it’s all them they they did it all yeah i was just i was just basically a medium for their delivery yeah but an important one and and i appreciate it in my opinion um now who would you consider your best prospects the ones you say would you would think would benefit the most from go pages are there are there any that are you know you see that that business announced through the chamber or something and it’s it’s a company and it’s like oh they do so good with coupon advertising you know having been in marketing for as long as i have i i’m driving down the road i’m seeing yard signs i’m seeing a truck i’m seeing and my brain is constantly functioning you know so i’m taking down leads and doing so but as far as um if you’re you’re asking for the the best referrals i guess well that that but also the businesses that you know like uh i would think standing on the outside looking in that restaurants are always great for a magazine like this restaurants are your dr are the driving force of this magazine yeah i mean if you every time that what i want to do when i lay this magazine out and create it is i want every time you turn the page i want you to see a food source yeah you know a food source a restaurant or an eatery of some fashion so because i want to take that i want to take the consumer from the front page to the back page or from the back page to front pages it’s about a flip of a coin whether people start in the back or people start in the front but sure but so every time you turn the page you’re going to see an eatery of some fashion yeah yeah and that’s there you go that’s another way that you plan and uh and you know but anybody out there that doesn’t have an eatery doesn’t mean uh you you don’t see tons of success in go pages i mean i’m i’m flipping through here right now and we got b.j pawn on here long time advertiser with you absolutely uh jeremy and those folks are great over there they also uh sponsor our podcast and we very much appreciate it uh but b.j pawn is a good example i mean it’s a pawn shop uh they i’m sure they get coupons back uh you know daily from from go pages magazine you got tire companies in here you’ve got coin shops in here chuck marchefava shout out to you brother uh we’ve got uh garage dorm repair places of furniture places so i’m just flipping through here folks just to give you an idea we’ve even got lawn care companies in here total total lawn care and landscaping shout out to them uh so there’s tons tons of uh dentist office dentist office in here orthodontist orthodontist ac companies yeah florist i mean yeah it’s it’s not limited to um you know any particular group no so to speak i mean if it’s a there’s some that it’s less of a fit than others sure and and honestly i will be the first one to tell you when i sit down with you i sit down with you and it’s just not a fit for your needs desires or what you’re trying to work with your company if it can’t if it’s not a fit for you i’m going to be the one to tell you well and you know what that’s that’s integrity because uh some people would just jump on hey that’s another sale right and if it works it works it don’t know well uh but my michael is gonna be honest with you and tell you i just don’t see you fitting in there and sometimes you just try it and and uh you know one way or the other you’re going to find out stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

and well the thing again too the thing is even if you quote just try it you’re creating awareness for your company so it’s still working whether whether they’re whether you have a stack of coupon redemptions or offer redemptions or whether you don’t it’s it’s still being effective because you’re still delivering your message and putting your company in front of potential customers that’s exactly right and there’s something to be said just for name recognition and when you see something over and over again you know eight times uh as the as the literature all says uh eight times then it kind of sticks in your mind so if nothing else uh you know you see that ad eight times you’re gonna remember that company so uh i agree with you there now branding to me is one of the most most important aspects of business branding’s important your branding is really nice go pages uh the company colors or or the purple uh you know lsu and and hey denim i just like purple let’s just say and michael likes purple but you got to float nice florida lee up there uh which is obviously louisiana screams louisiana but you also assist your clients with branding y’all handle all the artwork and stuff like that for these clients that maybe don’t have that or they do they need assistance we do um we’re we we have uh full service marketing capabilities so we can do we’ve actually done logo work for product launches for people we have designed billboards for other people i don’t place them yeah but we’ve done the artwork for them sure um we’ve done artwork pieces for direct mail i mean outside of this we have a card that we that we mail with the magazine there are people that don’t want to do the volume of that so you know we have resources otherwise sure we do the we’ll do that artwork as well but you know in the magazine the majority of what you see in there is our creations based on discovery meetings and conversations that we have that i have with clients there are a few that do their own artwork and that’s great we welcome that sure sure very good though that’s uh you know a vast array of services is the point uh it doesn’t just stop at okay you want a magazine we’ll put you in the magazine and and uh send us all the you know they’re gonna they’re gonna hold your hand through all of that and uh make sure you get all your needs met in your questionnaire i asked you what the most difficult thing was to overcome when you started go pages and you stated getting out of my own way stop researching and planning and start implementing i can’t agree any more than you on that and and this is what i’ll say on that subject you can plan yourself out of business no doubt right no doubt i’ve worked around some people in my lifetime that have spent that were the best planers in the world every day they would sit down and they would plan their day all day long and that’s all they would do michael exactly and uh and at some point you’ve got to stop and say okay i need to implement what i’m doing and because you you feel like you’re busy you’re doing busy work i’m gonna go see this person and this person i’m gonna make these calls and then the next day i’m gonna make these calls and things call and you never actually get out there and do it right so i agree with you 100 on that uh we can get in our own way and we can get stuck in that planning stage to the point that it affects us actually implementing anything that we’re planning yeah i mean you’re putting your heart and soul into something and you want to you want it to work so naturally in to me i’m going to say okay i’m going to plan out scenario a b c d e f g h i j k l it’s not gonna stop with a b and c right right you know if this happens yeah or or if this happens or if this happens not to me i mean the the the the product launch implementation and and getting the the ideas together and getting things established but then you always have the what ifs yes and i hate playing what-ifs yeah but you know as they say you know you you you prepare for the worst and plan for the best so you wanna i guess that’s a problem that i have is i want to what am i going to do yeah if this or this and i found out that you know what you can’t plan for everything it’s not always you know you know what is it the best laid plans of mine so to speak you know you you can’t prepare for everything and and you know having spent the time that i did in the business that i did and and you know for lack of a better word the successes that i had i thought i knew really you know i thought i knew hey i got this right i learn every day every day every single day whether it be a scenario that occurs directly impacting me or one of the my customers that i’m going to see and they’re encountering a situation that is foreign to me entirely i’m like okay well how are you handling that you know just in case you know you put that in the put that in your backpack just in case it comes so i totally get that 100 i do you know i sit down and do this podcast and i always tell people i must feel selfish because i want to sit down and do it because i want to learn from these people and i’m look every single day and every single podcast that i do a business owner will say something and i’m like wow that’s genius and i’ll put that back there and i’m just i just i’m an information seeker i always have been and i genuinely am interested in these people and and uh i like to call it lifelong learning yes yeah man you never stop learning and you’re never so good that you can’t learn and and if you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room that’s right or you’re by yourself one of the two exactly so obviously referrals and word of mouth would be your best form of advertising even for the advertising guy as well as networking you’re a member of the chamber of commerce you’re a fellow graduate of graduate of leadership livingston what class was that second class so wow you go back a little way yeah it was 14 i guess it was i guess the first one had all had the mayors and i think jason hart was in that one yeah a few other people you know to re to launch it and then i got a second one and i will tell you that was impressive yeah and and the people that i met that were in that class with me still yeah to this day i mean there’s a connection there absolutely absolutely and i was the 2020 the covid class as we call it we got messed over in our class with going to a lot of the fun things y’all went did but uh we were virtual a lot of the time but i’ll tell you what i wouldn’t change it for anything in the world the relationships i made i would have made no other way exactly and i learned at the end that leading is all about giving back and that was something i did not know and surprised me and made me a better person coming out of it than i was going into it it gives you the reality of why we think the thing that i picked up a lot of is why we think what’s best for someone else until you talk to them and find out what they want yeah what they think is best for them you can’t make that assumption and that was something that really came out of that especially with some of the the scenarios that we went through i can’t we can’t really we can’t really expand on what those are right right yeah but i agree 100 with you and now how important would you say networking has been to your business overall just uh forming relationships with business owners then go out and say hey you need to go see my michael at uh go pages let me let me hook you up networking um is regardless of what you do is important um you know i was always taught that the minute you step out your door in the morning you’re selling yeah so you’re not you need to be networking you need to be in and i mean in reality what’s wrong with meeting as many people as you can meet and and getting to know them because while you may not need and i hate to say this is a need perspective but you may i mean they’re good people and they’re part of the community and they’re part of the fabric of this community and what makes it good yeah and so you know you you meet people and and you know you may be able to directly help them mm-hmm but if you can’t directly help them you may know something that’s exactly right so yes you know it’s not always a self-centered situation at all you know i mean i have clients to this day i try again take a consultant consultative approach to this and i have clients that will call me and say hey look i need swag yeah yeah you’re not a swag guy but you know a guy but i know a guy you know hey you know i want to do i’m thinking about doing this digital stuff this podcast stuff i know a guy you know so and i’m not trying to say i know everything about any stretch imagination but if i can’t provide something for you through my networking and through the people that i’ve met over the over the years i can say hey look i know somebody that i trust that i’ve gotten to know well that will take care of you that’s right and you know that’s a two-way street obviously i get it but i like again go into the assist and helping other people develop things 100 now let me ask you this what would you consider to be the biggest advantages of using go pages versus some other forms of advertising other than podcasting of course how much time do we have um well i covered the first with with just the fact that you’re getting those coupons back i mean you’re the thing most advertising mediums have their distinct advantage not all of them but most of them um you know i’m not going to sit here and and and say it’s better than this because they’re better than this because it’s because because it’s each individual opportunity that you’re presented with is has a benefit but does that benefit fit you right yeah does the person that you’re talking to are they listening to what you’re having to say um is the medium going to reach the maximum amount of people that it can reach yeah is it going to be something that there’s a relative amount of frequency in other words are they seeing it regularly right now the thing about go pages is because people keep coming back to it for the restaurants yeah okay they may not be looking for a prosthetic leg but there’s an ad in there just under an ad just a restaurant so they’re getting the visibility because of the shelf life of that of the magazine

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podcast um the timing you know you want to deliver your message to people when they’re in a certain frame of mind you know if you want to if you’re delivering it to them in an entertain when they’re thinking about an entertainment situation it’s different than if you’re delivering it to them when they’re thinking about shopping they’re great so all of that is part of the secret sauce to what we do um you know having spent the time in in yellow pages in the other marketing and marketing fields out there you know

you i try and and we tweaked to make this the best it can be it can be a standalone advertising program all on its own and be effective for you it can be an addition to what you’re currently doing so um again i’m not going to say bad things about anybody or any other form there are a multitude of advantages and i would love the opportunity to sit down and talk to people about that because it’s a one-on-one conversation it’s a private conversation absolutely and it’s not a you know if i’m going to say anything that i wouldn’t say in front of everybody else right but i’m just saying it’s it’s a one-on-one thing there you go so uh let michael sit down with you kind of cover cover a little bit more of that with you but i will say that i like uh trackable advertising and and uh you can track it there’s no doubt you can track it much better or aspects of it so um anyway that’s just yeah you’ve got i mean you’ll have people that are going to bring in the offers and that’s great and that’s a measurable medium for you you’re going to have people that are going to come in and they meant to bring it right and they forgot it you’re going to have people have seen the ad a couple of times and they didn’t need it at that point in time but then

the washing machine breaks yeah right so you know but they and they remember because because of the impressions that you’ve made upon them in in your exposures the average the the analogy that i use a lot of times is uh um you know you’re sitting down you’re watching super bowl right budweiser spends how many millions 30 million ish more per half on on their ads right you know so you know you see the clydesdale ad or the puppy ad or whichever one they happen to be doing at the time are you going to get up right then and go run to the grocery store and get you a case of budweiser 12 pack or whatever no you’re not going to do that but you’re going to remember it because it left an impression upon you yes right so that’s how this works too it’s not always just about the volume of redemptions that you’re getting or people are bringing coupons in so i just want to know that’s a great point great point uh now in your questionnaire i love this and your questionnaire i asked you to define a leader and you said a leader inspires others through his or her own actions and as if that wasn’t enough her

that’s right and if as if that was not enough you got fancy and quoted sun tzu and you said a leader leads by example not force hard to argue with the author of the art of war absolutely it is actually a great uh quote i got tickled because i i know that quote there’s actually i think it’s a chapter or section in there and the book about leadership and it’s uh it’s amazing how something was written so long ago yeah still still apply oh it’s great i’m not saying what we’re doing is war right but it’s psychology that boom you hit the nail on the head that’s exactly right and uh and it’s a great book i recommend it to anyone in business for sure um how important a role does social media play in your business

i wish they quit changing the algorithms yeah they’re about to change it again they are i think i’m in august i think they’re talking about um social media is i was never going to have facebook personally ever yeah i was just going to be that guy right yeah and i mean if i wanted to talk somebody’s going to pick up the phone and call them i was going to go see him knock on the door and that kind of thing um and then you know with the magazine it has its own facebook page so i had to have an anchor account which was mine and i remember the it was august 13th 2013 was the first day the magazine started being delivered and you know all of a sudden my phone just started ping ping ping ping ping ping i have no idea what it was yeah i started looking it was likes and i remember sitting there until way too late that night just watching them just watching them come and and uh you know it’s i’m so impressed at the local following that has occurred um i’ve got one guy in europe i don’t know where or how he got it maybe he was traveling through and saw it like that’s great but you know the the it’s a local following which fits directly in with the magazine and you know which is huge which is huge in the interactions that i see um i posted something yesterday and it’s been picked up and shared i think it was 44 times as of this morning wow so that’s amazing it doesn’t always work that way yeah but it’s nice when it does and the more that the consumers can be engaged in it the better off it is for the business owners and the ads are all under photos and you can present them you know just download the ad on your phone absolutely and present it to you know your restaurant or whatever and it’s it’s it’s good that way too so but it’s um you know social media is here to stay no doubt about that no no doubt about that um although we’ve seen over the last couple of years um especially last year uh people got tired of it kind of backed off yeah a little bit but um election years election years and you know they either love it or hate it during that time you know it’s interesting depending on who you’re voting for it’s interesting election years are typically a challenge when it comes to advertising yeah yeah because really people don’t have an answer there’s a there’s an unknown there staring them in the face right come november right or it’s typically for those for the presidential elections and you can look at the consumer confidence numbers and and so forth and you can see a pullback just ever so slightly that’s interesting but what’s really cool about that is once the answer is given whether you are pro or for the answer yeah it’s like there’s this pent-up need to spend yeah and it and it’s coming yeah so you know it’s it’s like okay we know it’s coming and it’s coming and the same thing is happening with kobe interesting yeah very yeah i mean i i agree with you 100 on that now you got a promo going on right now we want to talk about so tell us about your back to school special okay well um they did push back to school back a week this year which is great for everybody but uh what we’re going to do for between now and the end of july my magazine for july 7th which is the next drop is full um but i’m looking at an expansion for the next one for the one that’s going to be in late august so yeah between you know now and um july 31st between now and july 31st if we you know when we sit down if i have an opportunity to sit down with you and we come to an arrangement on your advertising um i’ll do a you know if you agree to appear in six editions i will give you the seventh one free now that’s going to carry you

through who that’s going to carry you through the month of april into may on advertising there you go through through this medium perfect perfect so look for that that’s a great deal uh indeed and us as business owners appreciate that absolutely uh it gets you through the holidays you know christmas and it’s already set you have to worry about it it’s it’s it’s done for you excellent excellent so i can’t uh impress enough to to folks the to check out go pages i am uh of course our envision podcast studio rental side of what we do at local leaders the podcast uh we’re in that magazine so check that out and then come in here and and uh start a podcast absolutely give me that coupon back uh we’d love to do that we got some good deals in that magazine for you um fun facts we did some fun facts this is my favorite part of the show because you kind of learn a little bit about somebody on on the other side away from their business so i asked you a few questions and i’m going to cover your answers to those i asked you if you ever purchased a yacht what would you name it and this was a great name you said seize the day but it was spelled s-e-a-s correct love that that’s awesome uh your dream job when you were 12. major league baseball player absolutely what happened um couldn’t have enough on mri no that wasn’t the issue at all actually i was i played

you know into high school um was looking at a number of options after high school and uh ended up having uh two scopes and a lateral release and that pretty much pretty much toasted that so yeah i always tell people mine was a football player uh and i never grew after the age of like 17 as far as height i need to be about 6’3 for my position so there went that uh if you could have any super power what would it be you said clone yourself you might could do that now michael they got some pretty pretty interesting science going on these days yeah be two go pages running around that was i think that’s everybody’s wish yeah to be able to do that that would be cool uh if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go you said the holy land absolutely jerusalem yep and i pronounced it right i used to say jerusalemism you know jerusalem yeah my mom went a couple times and uh and told me you know what she experienced when she was there and um it would be given my faith it would be i think that would be the ultimate trip i think it would be too i wish i could say as a partner gift we have a trip to jerusalem that would be fantastic but we do not so um thanks for coming on today man i appreciate it i love talking to you about business and especially your business uh for all those people that’ll watch this and want more information uh shout out your facebook page um it is go pages denim springs watson and walker there you go so give them a like on there and do you have a website absolutely i tried to make it as long as possible but you can actually on the website um it talks about there’s actually a digital version of the magazine in the event you lose one you can go in there and see it and flip through page by page awesome a lot of other information on there as well well and what i’ll do is i’ll link all of that to the description of this video absolutely and so that’ll make it easy for folks saying gotta type all that out and i’ll also put a uh i’ll put your ad up that you’re running right now and it’ll just pop up while we’re talking like magic i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share it on all our social media platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on all local businesses non-profits and business leaders all over the livingston parish and surrounding areas uh i want to mention mighty mom speaking of non-profits michael uh they they’re doing a business sponsorship for 21 2021 and 2022 they’re getting ready ready for the full tummy project for a thousand bucks a week your business will get social media recognition for your week and you will have your business logo and link to the website under the tab uh for business sponsors on the mighty mom’s website if if you can commit before august 1st they’re even going to put your business’s logo on some t-shirts that teachers all wear throughout the livingston parish community during the week of september 6. mighty moms has given over one million dollars to of food to children of livingston parish these are hungry children right so uh since they started in 2010 and they’re 100 private funded they don’t they don’t have public funds so if you’re interested in doing that i’ll put their link also in the description of this video you can click uh and shoot them a message on their facebook and they’ll get back with you and give you further information but we like to mention mighty miles when we cam what a great charity no one no child should ever be hungry hungry come to my house i’ll feed you there’s no doubt about it make extra pot right we got it support these mighty moms they’re good people so i want to shout that out and definitely mention that and finally if i can get to my other paper here i want to thank all our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor b.j pond big mike sports born grill sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrop of twfg insurance we could not do any of this without all of you and until next time i am jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business like go pages and keep leaving thanks michael i appreciate you my pleasure

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