Talking Google, Small Business and Web Design with BlakSheep Creative of Denham Springs!

Local Leaders: The Podcast Season 4 Episode 2

Clint Sanchez has worn tons of hats! Fire Fighter, Guitar Player, Web Designer and Military man. What you will discover in this episode of Local Leaders:  The Podcast is that there is more to Clint Sanchez then just the motorcycle riding…Jet Flying….Wheeling and Dealing…Girlfriend stealing….OK, I digress!

What I can tell you is that if you are a small business owner trying to compete with large public companies then you better have a web presence and you need to watch this episode!

BlakSheep Creative’s head man offers some invaluable tips and explains so great ways to place your small business on it’s way to WORLD DOMINATION!

A must watch episode!

hi it’s tricia johnston residential

realtor with ladder and bloom with your

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first declutter remove any extra

furniture and clean

out closets your pantry and garage

minimizing your belongings will help

your home

look and feel larger second

clean you want your kitchen and

bathrooms to sparkle and shine

you’ll also want to clean your ceiling


light fixtures baseboards and air return


third neutralize colors if you have any

walls that are painted brighter bold

colors you may want to consider painting


a lighter color you want your home to

feel light and bright throughout

fourth go outside and replace any rotten


put on a fresh coat of paint where it’s

needed and spruce up the garden and

fifth freshen up the home put out a new

welcome mat

replace any dingy looking shower

curtains and towels

and walk through your house and replace

any burned out light bulbs

nothing appeals to a buyer more than a


bright and clean home you do these

things it’ll help your home sell

faster for top dollar i’m trisha

johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll

be back here next week with another real


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the podcast


one of the most important aspects of new


is your business presence if your


your customers if they don’t know who

you are if they don’t know your hours

your locations your specials or your

upcoming events

it can literally stop your business

before it even gets off the ground

my guest for today is all about building

your presence on the web

and in his words help you achieve world


we’re gonna learn a little about how he

got started

what his local Denham Springs business is

all about

and get some valuable information and

tips for those of you who may struggle

against these large public companies to

gain google’s attention

so with that welcome clint sanchez a

black sheep creative to local leaders

the podcast

well hello jim thanks for having me so

we’re going to dive right into it

because you have a very

interesting life my friend first i want

to hear a little about

how you got started in web design and

how you got started in google domination

uh oh it’s a domination book uh dude i’m

a musician like a 20-something year

musician and i was going to church here

at the way

and uh kind of helping with the sound

and stuff

and uh then my friend that was handling

all their media and website and all that

kind of stuff he

he quit he had some illness in the

family or whatever so it’s kind of

thrust into it i mean i’ve always been a

computer nerd i remember in

the 90s check this out i uh way in the

90s huh dude i went to

uh i took a computer science class and

they taught us about this thing

where you were going to type in your

computer and talk to someone across the

world right and we were like

whatever well look at us now yeah

so anyway so i i’ve been a computer nerd


and then so i thrust into that website

man and

my wife will tell you i’m wide open

about everything

you know if i’m into it dude i’m into it

so what i did was

kind of got forced to learn so i started

learning web design

and html and coding and all that and

just you know each project

i want to i want to up the last one you

know it’s a it’s a it’s almost like a

pride thing or whatever so

there you go that’s how it’s evolved and

um and here you are and you’re on the

best podcast you could possibly be on


so any other podcast people don’t um

don’t judge me for that

yeah there you go there you go yeah

don’t don’t judge them don’t

don’t cancel your contract

what do you expect so

you know all of that’s interesting and i

can kind of relate um

man i can remember when netscape


yes first came out and and my friend had

a computer and this is dollops now this

is the old eight


welcome to aol and all that kind of

stuff and

and he called me over to his house and

he and he was just like check this out

so he you know it dialed up it took 20


it finally were online and and this was

yahoo this was back when yahoo was


and he said you know type in a question

and i i don’t remember what i typed in

but it gave me the answer

and i’m like this is awesome this is

great i can ask anything he’s like

anything and it just kind of spurred

from there but it’s amazing

you know when you think about it clint

that wasn’t too long ago man that was

20 what 25 years ago and here we are

now and it’s two seconds and if you’re

not on the internet you’re calling the

computer service guy i want to know

what’s wrong yeah

uh but back then it was it was all about

patience um

and it didn’t seem like a long time i

can even remember before that

on on the very first apple computer a

buddy of mine had

i actually wrote code and was able to

make an american flag pop up and play


and i thought i was i’m a genius of it

that was it i was done i was going to be

a computer guy growing up

uh so i’m i like you have always kind of

been into that sort of thing

now we talked about you you’re an

interesting cat

and we’re going to kind of get into that

a little bit first and foremost your

former military

but your whole team is former military

yeah uh

it’s just who we are you know me and um

well i guess i’ll talk about alec right


alex the partner he’s the he’s the the

pretty face

behind behind the scenes um man he was

going to be here today but he’s

uh got the covet uh oh yeah so

when we do keep him home yeah when we

zoom i wear my mask and everything

just in case even when you zoom that’s


our heart is kind of for veterans and

stuff yes yeah um

he was in 101st in afghanistan he was a

sniper so he’s

he’s all about precision he keeps me

grounded you know because i’ll uh

i’ll veer off and he’s like hey you know

so that’s good so there’s him there’s

you know he’s a bit

i’m a vet and uh you know we’ve done

we do a lot for vets man because uh we

got this one group

that where they support oh we do a few

websites that support

you know battalions and whatnot like


and we’re gonna get into that cool i’ll

show you that

i don’t want you to spill things just


so yeah we you know we our hardest for

veterans and you know small businesses


you know man and we’ll probably touch on

it but it’s tough out there to compete

against the the amazons and the google

you know what i’m saying

yes i know exactly what you’re saying so

far away we’ve had conversations about


absolutely um and you know

so your former military guy uh we all

respect that

we love the military around here you

also play the guitar do you not

pretty good i mean i used to i used to

i haven’t touched it in a year but uh it

was another one and things man when i

was into it i was into it and

i’ve played the churches around and uh


guys that are really good never admit it

i find that interesting a buddy of mine

named james adam mccants won the best

guitarist i’ve ever

uh heard live and if you ask him if he’s

any good

his answer is i’m better than the

average bear

he’s way better than the other he’s

better than the average guitarist

right man they’ve got some talent here

in this area yeah he’s

he’s very good i’m sure you’re very good

as well y’all get together and do a jam

session in my office

i could sing you know absolutely you

sound like elvis

so if if that wasn’t enough clint

if that’s not you know what i’m already

interested you’re already an interesting


you also are a fire inspector for the

baton rouge

fire department been there 23 years and

you inspect arsons and things like that


no in some municipalities the the


are inspectors so i’ll tell you what an

inspector does we are

let me give you some background for

about a dozen years 10-12 years i was

riding the truck right and it was uh

you know you call 9-1-1 here we’d come

in the city of baton rouge if the

ambulance is coming you’re coming in i’m

pretty sure that’s like that everywhere


so we would show up and it would be

great they’re here they’re here

well they got promoted to being an

inspector which is it’s illegal

for me to say this in a for real way

but we essentially do the same job

duties as the state fire marshal

um we are now so now when we show up

we’re that guy that’s gonna make you

spend money to do this that and others


so now it’s oh goodness here they are

you know so i went from people being

happy to show up to

running and locking the door but it’s

fun man you know they give me a car

a card and an area and they

they a card is in a fuel man cart and

they say go run your mouth man go

talk to people and that’s great you know

i do it and

vaguely familiar yeah that’s right i do

a lot of that

that’s right um so i get to see small

businesses on the onset you know and i

get yeah and that’s kind of what

me and i talked about is you see you

know when i show up

wearing that hat i show up and they’re

you know man they’re they’re

oh they can see the light at the end of

the tunnel they’re fixing to get open

and then i show up and it’s like hey i’m

gonna need you to spend another you know

1200 bucks or whatever i don’t say money

because money you can’t put a price tag

on safety but anyways

so i see the struggles man i see what

they go through i see them going through

you know jumping through the

bureaucratic hoops and i got a permit

for this and you gotta get a permit to

take another permit out and all kind of

stuff so it’s kind of why our heart

became for

uh for the small guy you know the


right and and you know no no time more

than now

uh is the small business struggling so

obviously that’s a focus of us on local

leaders of podcast as well

now you provide kind of a special focus

on non-profits i do my research client

really you know i research you up down

sideways and

and uh and you you really do a lot for

non-profits you started to talk about

one earlier before i really cut you off

so now we can talk about it one of them

in particular really sparked my interest

and we talked about this on the phone

the other day i was like wow man that’s

a great thing you had sent me a little

link of

of it so tell me about that tell me

about that one

like this was the one uh with the

it was the military guys that it was

like a fund though oh no slack


okay so forgive me alex um

i think it’s the 2 327th they’re they’re

a battalion out of or

whatever it is out of 101st airborne

right and uh

so they they’re they’re the bee’s knees

you know

and uh that a guy set up

a foundation to support those guys to

support their families you know to send

their kids to school if

god forbid they don’t make it back um

so we built that site to help them out

and it’s working great for them and that

association is

is awesome which by the way if if you’ve

they put me in this funny funny story uh

so i started watching this

netflix documentary it’s called the

hornet’s nest there’s two of them based

on this outfit it’s hornet’s nest

and my brother’s keeper right so i think

in the hornet’s nest it’s

it’s live footage you know there’s a

there’s a reporter that’s embedded with

them and anyways a long story short

so they’re like pinned down for a seven

day fire fight and they took a bunch of

casualties and

so i’m telling alec i’m like bro you

need to see this thing man bro

these dudes were and he’s like yeah i

know um i lived it i was there like you

you saw me in it so uh you know that

kind of opened my eyes bro them guys

wow you know i’ve got a brother-in-law

that’s got ptsd and all that and

and you don’t come home the way you left

man so that kind of struck to my heart

i’m not gonna lie i was freaking

tearing up when i was doing the website

just because some of those guys ain’t

here no more so anyway so that’s uh

that’s one non-profit and we’ve got a

few like that that we’re doing

um you’re definitely very passionate

about it and we’ve

we’ve talked about those sort of things

and and you should be and it and it’s a

great thing to put attention

on those those types of of uh

of uh you don’t even want to say

businesses but charities and

for sure and entity organizations


um they they really need attention

you know so you do a great job with that

i really enjoyed checking out that

website in particular and i’m going to


that to this video so that people can

check it out and they can

not only see your work but see you know

a great great

organization there that’s doing a lot of

good for

uh are real heroes i’m not you talk

about lo i’m not i’d be remiss if i

didn’t mention my different

um i’m not gonna take over and give

shout outs but

i do another one man it’s it’s br

soldier outreach did you check that one

out i did

these ladies man it started years ago

and and what they do they’re local

um whereas no slack association is in

tennessee i believe yeah

yeah these ladies man they get together

and it christmas coming up they send

they send out shipments

like hey if you’re deployed in

afghanistan and you need you know we

want to remind you

that we love you here you know and and

you might not have tabasco

well tabasco is in those mres but you

might not have

whatever you know and they’ll send

problems yeah dude you want some

twizzlers when you’re when you’re

deployed overseas finish business man

and those ladies are really killing them

because they’re local absolutely they’re


they uh they always need help man they

need people

man i want to say those shipments cost

you know a couple grand

yeah a piece and they do them quarterly

man so that that

our hearts with them too not in a bad

way you know what i’m saying i’m

glad you mentioned them like that’s

freaking awesome yeah definitely


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the podcast

um now you’re also the web designer for

real life real crime a podcast by woody


uh as well as local leaders of the

podcast you are my web designer

and considering both woody and me are

rated in the top 50 worldwide clint

i would say you’re a pretty good podcast

web design guru

it seems like you found a niche though

that’s that’s a pretty

you know um uh limited group there with


for sure and uh you obviously do a great

job with them

i know you and i talk very frequently at

night we’re texting back and forth half

the night talking about

uh ideas and and things that we think

would improve

you know writing on google and and all

those sorts of things and we’ll get into


so another uh website web design

site that you do that’s pretty local is

pinnacle search and rescue

which for those of you that may not know

is the cajun navy

formerly the original the original cajun

navy so they’re now called pinnacle

search and rescue

right and you are their web designer and


done some some great work on there i

went and toured

toured that we’ll link that also that’s

another non-profit that they do the work

i just make it look pretty man

look man i was in the middle of six feet

of water and saw those guys flying

around everywhere

and so we’re a lot of people in this

town so uh

we love them


tiffany c card with homekey mortgage

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a proud sponsor of local leaders the


i want to revert back and we’re going to

talk about real life real crime a little

bit more here

because um and the reason the reason i

want to do that

is that’s kind of the way i found you

absolutely yeah i remember

you know uh it’s funny how life kind of

comes full circle you did some work for


and when people don’t believe that logos

on somebody else’s website work or not

i am a good example of that because you

know i

i like everybody else i’m a fan of that


went on their website and was

you know blown away by the design

thought it was really good

scrolled down to the bottom and it says

you know created by

black sheep media and that is by the way

black sheep b-l-a-k

there is no c and we’ll get to why not

media he always messes it up yeah

creative sorry black sheep creative

we should change that to them like

so um so i scrolled down to the bottom

saw that

and that’s how i initially got in touch

with clint

uh you know and i even contacted woody

and said you know what do you think of

this guy and he had nothing but nice

things to say about you

um and so uh here we are today

but that kind of you know i would

imagine for

you that that was a a great help

you know as as far as getting your name

out there because

real life real crime is a extremely

popular podcast

not only locally but worldwide yeah so

you know the way i got turned on to them

is my wife you know they act like they

know what they’re talking about

she was listening to the podcast right

he is and uh

man i don’t whatever you know uh and

she’s like man you gotta check this out

so i listened to it and i was like oh

yeah so i did

what’s my guilty uh you know this is a

bad habit of mine but it just

like is what it is so i went checked out

his website

and i think cindy made it and i was like


yeah so i reached out to and i was like

hey here’s some ideas of how we can

you know kind of improve or i’d love to

improve so they brought me on board

and uh man it’s been fun ever since

that’s a

that’s a straw in the hat feather

feather that’s whatever it is

there’s none of those there’s no doubt

about it and and uh

they’ve they’ve made a lot of the right

moves at the right time

and i’ll link real life real crime

podcast to this episode as well

and let people check out that web design

that you’ve done there they’re great

friends of ours uh

a lot of people think us podcasters

compete against each other we don’t

uh we’re like a little community and uh

and it’s so there is no competition

there plus i can’t tell a story like

woody there’s no way

um so keep it g-rated

yeah and look he hasn’t for those of you

that have not

you know the one or two that may not

have seen it it it’s not for everybody

but it’s for most people and there’s a

warning at the beginning that

uh you know turn the podcast off if you

think it’s trademarked too

yeah oh it is it is and he has a great


that i’m extremely jealous of that toby

tom play did for him

and uh it is just awesome and i hum it

all the time

it is an addictive intro and and just

like i say all the right moves we’re

gonna quit bragging about him uh and

we’re gonna get on

you and more important things and uh one

of the things that you did that i found

interesting was you did the infographic

so you do infographics

you do web design and poster design and

all those sorts of things

so you did the infographic for uh the

city of baton rouge for coven 19

the actual official infographic so

uh you know if you’re if if you’re a


government entity or state government

entity and you’re looking to get

uh artwork for anything

not you know including covid um this guy

can do it for you i wanted to bring that

up it’s a nice looking infographic you

got on there

all graphics are important absolutely

i’ll get to that later for you that’s

that’s a little that’s a tip yeah yeah

that well i agree with you 100

but you don’t just do infographics and

web design man you get into a little bit

of everything well i had to

you know um yeah well

and you’re good at and and that’s the

that’s the part that’s tough to master

so you do logo design

yeah you want to mention that um uh

we’ll we’ll go on a three dollar

cadillac then that’s my

second favorite you really like that’s i

love three dollar cadillac’s logo

they’re not around anymore either that’s

you talk about guitar players that’s a

guy named mike mansill

okay fun he’s in walker phenomenal

guitar player

uh and that was one of his bands he’s

just a one dollar cadillac man

yeah he’s a a band of one

as they say well his white guy was sweet

that was easy because he was one of

those good client slash friends or

whatever that

like knew what he wanted he was like i

want this this this and this and i just


put the pieces together right well you

did a great job with that so

you know one of one of my things when it

comes to logo

is um i think a good logo

this is my vision here but i think a

good logo

will tell you almost everything you need

to know about that business without

knowing anything about that

business and so uh

you know mine has a microphone on it it

has the state of louisiana with the red

uh livingston parish you know in the


and of course the name and the lightning

bolt but what it

what that logo says to me you know it

kind of tells you what i do

without me ever saying a word although i

still say

words look i’ve got

yeah that purple yeah you know yeah the

purple and gold which is the

denim springs high school colors which i

i felt uh

very passionate about using for my lego

and it don’t hurt that the

you know lsu tigers are also purple and

gold so i can appeal to both fans

but um but it’s a it’s the local high

school for

where i live right and uh so it all fit

but there that’s the thought process

right going into logo design

yeah some people have that creativity

and some people don’t

explains you man that’s your logo and

that’s that’s you

that’s right that’s right and it’s it

clint it it can make or break you

absolutely you know because logos will

also um

give somebody an impression of the

legitimacy of a company whether that’s

you know true or not yeah it is a first

impression that someone makes

and uh and so it’s great that they can

turn to black sheep media for that

and uh creative you’re doggone it

black sheep creative i cannot get that i

don’t know why i do that

it wouldn’t be fun so uh black sheep

creative they can turn to

and you can get them fixed up uh so in

the past and we’re gonna get in

now it’s time to get into google let’s

get my best friend google

right yeah so we’re about to geek out

here so in the past it was person to

person word of mouth that sold small

business client

back in the day if uh i

i thought that feral calhoun made a good

paint i would go tell my friend by feral

calhoun they make a good pay

right and that’s how people knew right

their best friend told them their mama

told them their grandma told them

well nowadays nowadays that’s not

changed they’re still word of mouth but

it’s different in the way that it gets

articulated now it’s google reviews

right yeah so how important do you feel

google reviews order business

how how much do they play a role in


and they’re critical but let’s let’s

step it back in space so

to have google reviews guess what you’ve

got to have somewhere for them to be you

and i are dealing we’re we’re

that’s google my business right g rb is

what we call it us nerds

we’re fighting with them right now about

yours about this like

like you’ve got to set one up and

they’re being difficult to set up

only it’s on them but anyways so you’ve

got to have a gmb if you’re a local

brick and mortar right you just have to

the benefits are so

it’s free first off look i’m gonna look

at my notes because i’ve got a bunch of

stuff like

google my business is you know if you’re

searching the internet people can’t see

this but you see

you’re it’s called serps search engine

result pages right so if you look up

local leaders the podcast well let’s

back up let’s look up

uh four wheelers for sale

there’ll be a probably about three adds


then that fourth position will be the

actual number one position

well people pay a lot of money depending

on the niche for one two and three

yeah four is actually your first free if

you will

well now as google evolves they’re

showing what we call it

uh rich snippets so that’s your position

zero that’s your knowledge panel on the

side that’s gonna say you know hey local

leaders the podcast

uh to facebook and link to all kind of


uh that’s gonna be on the right and then

up top is your maps

we call it the snack pack or the three

pack there’s your maps

there’s your um it just all depends on

what you’re searching for that’s right

and so just uh before you move on from


you know and here’s here’s the way i

think about this

if someone gets on google and they

google local leaders the podcast

there’s all kinds of things that pop up

for me as a matter of fact it all pops

up for me

that’s not when i’m looking for it to

pop up when i’m looking for it to pop

up is when people google podcast in

louisiana exactly right

podcast in livingston parish podcast in

denham springs

they don’t know my name they just want

to hear a podcast in louisiana right

local business podcast that’s when i

want to see

local leaders of the podcast that’s the

hard part clint

that’s the part you got to hire are you


because as much as i look i’m versed

with this stuff

okay i know nothing about that compared

to what you know

and so that is i just want people to

grasp the importance

of of uh you know

getting someone that this is what they

do sure you understand

because the problem is people will try

well i can set up a website for free i

can do my such and such for free

you absolutely can and no one will know

where you are

unless they’re specifically searching

for you

99 of the time unless you were just a

savant and

you know how to do all of this without

any help

that is not 99 of small business owners

nor do most of them want to fool with it

it you know it’s a headache

for most people because it takes time

and money yeah and but i wanted to

hammer down that point because it’s an

important it’s critical man

people will go and they’ll say oh i show

up on google i rank first because i


local leaders of the podcast and there i

am and

yeah if someone’s already searching for

exactly you you’re gonna pop up

and that’s a branded term like if you


if you don’t show up for your own self

yeah he really

helped i’m not salty but i’ve seen

i i know companies will say in the state

that do what i do that don’t show up for

their own name


william waldrop of twfg

insurance in denham springs can service

all of your insurance needs

offering auto life health and commercial


william waldrop of twfg insurance

is a proud supporter of local leaders

the podcast

enbs are essential uh i can tell you

that uh depends on what survey you go by

um about 49 to 62 and a half percent of

local small businesses

haven’t claimed their gmb it’s free what

is gmb

it’s google my business business so man

claim that it’s free i can’t stand up

don’t just claim it

set it up set it up right like if i tell

people if there’s a blank

what does it do though what do you do

when you set that up what does that do

for you google

okay google’s mission statement is to

organize the i got to read it so i don’t

mess it up get sued organize the world’s

information and make it accessible and

useful right

that’s their goal that’s what they spend

you know money to do

that’s what they do okay so what you do

when you set up a gmb

is you’re saying hey google here i am

right so here’s my business here’s my


here’s where i’m at this is who i am

what i do

what i do here’s some pictures of what i

do here’s just that another

set it up all the way and for a number

of purposes that’s where google gets


you know if you’ve been driving down the

road and you said hey siri not really

if you say hey siri

i want chinese food guess where siri’s

going to look

or that’s the yeah well that’s the

that’s where she’s going to get her data

so she’s going to know

oh well here’s where where jim is

here’s where the chinese food place is

next to him that’s going to come from

your gnb

so like i said it’s free so let’s get it

let’s leverage that and then

let me back up when i say when we talk

about google

we’re talking about all search engines

right sure however google

has 95 of the market share uh

matter of fact there’s 3.5 billion

google searches per day what about bing

bing don’t count being out because bing

is like five percent a lot of time

that’s a mistake i see from

because google and google will look at

bing and kind of be like

okay livingston parish news is on bing

but they’re not on

us but we’ll use their information you

know what i’m saying so

uh don’t count being out no i don’t i

don’t know

but but when we talk seo and stuff it’s

all about the g monster you know

um there’s no doubt so small business


set up your gnb please there you go


tip number one right there set up your


let it people know who you are all those

sorts of things

and and that’ll start you on your but

don’t just set it and forget it

like set it up man when google ranks

um where they habit we we’re getting

into that we’re going to get no no i’m

saying when they rank

in so far as with the map pack you know


when they look at the map and at the

local businesses right

they’re going to look at your gmb and

they’re going to they’re going to rank


in that not even we’re not talking

organic search although this is a part

of it we’re talking about up top

that map pack right they’re gonna look

at relevance so how do you match the

search intent you’re not gonna see

um you know an auto parts store if

you’re looking for chinese food

that’s what they trying to figure out uh

the distance obviously they want to show

you the chinese food place

that’s closest to you and then the


that’s how often it’s updated and how

often it’s

it’s it’s a breathing you know

entity if you will so if you set one up

and then just walk away from it

yeah you’ll be you’ll be prominent at


but then you’ll start you know what i’m

saying get it

and it’s so very important and we want

those people to suffer

so that’s critical and and tip number

one there for you

now let’s let’s talk a little bit about


so this is where the men get separated

from the boys in your world

or the ladies or the ladies yes


seo is one of the hardest

things in the world to grasp even when

you’re pretty good

at you know even when you’re pretty

knowledgeable and well-versed in


good luck with dealing with seo which is

search in

engine optimization for those of you out

there that aren’t

up on the on that term but

in my opinion seo is one of the most

critical things yeah

small business and especially startups


absolutely seo i’m sorry go ahead so

it’s also the hardest

part to grasp as we just discussed

what’s the biggest struggle with regard

to seo that you see what is the biggest

mistakes that people make

oh i can go on and on uh

seo is essentially fixing your website’s


to where google knows what it is because

remember they want to

share the world’s information whatever

that mission statement was right

so they want to let me back up i’m not a

conspiracy theorist but

google makes money selling ads right

what so what they want to do

is they want to they want to put those

ads in front of the eyes

where it’s gonna where they’ll yield

results right so

so what google does is they have what’s

called i’m going to give you seo 101

we’re going to take it

from the ground floor uh they have

what’s called bots

spiders crawlers it’s

it’s basically

and they crawl the web right so that’s

and then they feed it back to this

massive database btw by the way i

learned today man

one google search uses expand or use

enough energy

to power a 60 watt light for 17 seconds

wow 3.5 billion searches

per day so that should tell you yeah

that should tell you

how how massive it is and how much

they’re spending so anyways

so they crawl the website and they know

what’s there right so our job is

seos or as a web owner you want to

you want to help those bots man because

it’s expensive we’ve established that

so we want to help them understand what

our page content is

so that they can then run that through

their algorithm

and match you know

answer people’s questions because

essentially that’s all a web search is

is a question well if you think all


chinese food and denim and we go back to

your question you know

back in the 90s when you typed in a

question that hasn’t changed no

google has google has and it’s the way

in which you let

you let the world wide web know it’s

exactly right your information now

you just said a word here and and that

was algorithm

oh so algorithms dominate the

worldwide web space more than anything

else facebook has an algorithm

instagram has an algorithm google has an


and these are protected secrets okay so

for the people out there that don’t know

algorithms are basically just kind of

like programs

they’re they are designed to

put out content based off of

certain behaviors that that us as

creators uh perform so

um you know i’ve i’ve done classes

actually on

algorithms for instagram and algorithm


tips for facebook and things like that

and you know

people would be surprised it’s even down

to here’s one for instagram for you

people out there

used to be you comment on someone’s post

on instagram

and you’d say oh awesome you know maybe

on their post

and that would count as as an

interaction and the algorithm would

recognize that

and they would push you up that news

feed well what happened was

people started creating bots and these

bots would basically comment

for you so that you would get pushed up

on the feed even though you were

actually weren’t doing it yourself

but it was uh you would pay for these

bots you would install them on your

computer it would do this for you

now over time google figured this out

and they said hmm

we’ve got to figure out a way to kind of


this so they changed their algorithm

they changed it where you had to do

five word comments in order for it to

push you up that feature kind of a smart

thing on google’s part

and if you added an emoji it would push

you up even quicker

this algorithm is always changing

because the people that cheat the


are always changing and it is a constant

battle you know it’s interesting clint

and that they have

people that will go rogue on like uh

instagram they’ll

you know uh and they’ll kind of release

some of these secrets now

even people that work at instagram

facebook google

99.9 of them have no idea of the


there’s one or two guys in there that

are engineers that are way

high up the scale and they know and and

that’s it

it’s heavily guarded man um you talk

about changes it changed

let me look at my dates where i get them

right in 2010 google’s algorithm changed

350 to 400 times no

they’re top you know they’re

tight-lipped about everything right so

that’s that’s

once a day absolutely well in 2019

there was 3 200 algorithm changes not

all of them major

um just by the way december 3rd they

rolled out a core of a core change for

their algorithm

and we’re kind of sitting back to see we

don’t know what it is we don’t know what

they’ve changed so we’re kind of

we’re kind of analyzing our data yeah

and trying to watch for

for the the downfall if you will or the

fallout uh

but they’re forever changing they’re

forever changing trying to

make it a better experience for the user

right right and to combat

that the people that have figured out

the system and

are trying to hack it or not hack it but

you know what i’m saying trying to

manipulate the system

years ago man we’ve all seen the web

pages you know

that were packed full of keywords man if

you were local leaders of podcast it

would just read unnatural it would be


hey i’m jim with local leaders the

podcast i talk about local leaders of

podcast and

local and it would just not be natural

and what that would do

is back then before google wisened up if

you will

they uh it would be more relevancy you

know they’d be like well

this is obviously about local leaders

the podcast so and the same could be

true for that chinese food and denim you


if you did the same thing it would read

unnatural so google started to

yeah you know so they adjusted what they


and and you know i have there’s two

sides to that one

part of me says they make it too hard

for the business person

to uh to even rank and then part of me


well they’re combating bots that are

fake businesses or or businesses that

want a

much larger web presence than they


earn if for lack of a better class and

that’s and that’s

a lot of there’s we were talking about

how their algorithm works and whatnot

remember nobody knows now we as seos


there’s about 200 factors that they use

okay how do we know

because talk about people going rogue

it’s two guys that we follow google or

occasionally let the cat out the bag or

they’ll they’re real cryptic but yet

they’ll tweet something in it and it

kind of lets you know

which way what their slant is

stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr

enterprise can handle it all

from sheetrock to texture to paint

give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the


and you spread the word

this guy named matt cutts he was the

head of google uh from the onset

not the head of google head of google

search quality so that tells you hey man

this guy knows something

he left in 2016 now he’s over this some

government data agency thing

kind of same business business yeah so

he’ll tell us every now and then you


back in around 1514 i’ve got it here

he said hey this is what we use

this is we factor this in and we factor

this in so we kind of

he showed his hand right so then there’s

a guy named john mueller

he’s at google his technical term is our

technical title

is a senior webmaster trends analyst

in other words he knows what he’s

talking about right

so he’ll say stuff otherwise too let’s

talk about those

200 ranking factors okay

https that’s a secure site ssl secure

cycle i’m i can speak in acronyms all

day but

for the for the layperson you go to a

website and it says

hey you’re not secure um chances are

you’re gonna you’re gonna we call it

bouncing you’re gonna roll out well

fortunately for mr

business owner if your site isn’t secure

they’re not even gonna get

past the front door to see what you have


and and you you beat me to punch on my

i’m sorry that’s all right

we’re getting to it what it is is we’re

on the same wavelength

so it’s the haircut indeed it is clint

so um but before we get to ssl which i

we’re definitely going to talk about um

you know and kind of bringing you back

to to the algorithms and things like


these algorithms essentially allow you

to rank what

you know and we want to keep in mind

that right now we’re talking to people

that are not computer nurses like us

so in in layman’s terms

what does it mean to rank in google what

does that

mean so when you type in your question

google has you know millions hundreds of

millions of databases i mean

i would give you a statistic but it just

changed yeah and it just changed again

so there’s all these websites so they’re

trying to match they’re trying to answer

your question right

so they’re gonna say uh

what is what is jim asking okay let me

try to answer his question

that’s those factors that they’re gonna

they’re gonna weigh in some of those 200


and then they’re going to try to answer

your question best they can right

right so so when you’re ranking in


if you’re number one if you’re number

one you’re the most relevant right so

they’re gonna pop up first

you’re gonna pop up first um if you’re

if they’re

kinda you know or whatever two and then

one through ten right the first page

tends to be about ten um ten listings

ten results and then page two and three

and four and there’s statistics that


between um and i wish i knew them but


first ranked page and third ranked page


it’s not uh you get all the traffic you

get just a little less a little less

little less

it’s an exponential drop between just

one and two

yes that but but for these people that

that are watching this

what what the advantage is to them is

and i’ll use this analogy

your real estate agent okay someone goes

on google and they type in real estate

agent in livingston parish because they

live in new york city and they’re moving

to livingston

parish the person that ranks the best is

going to pop

up first they’re the most likely to get

the call

uh from the person in new york that’s

looking to move to livingston parish

because her husband got transferred to a

plant right

and that is basically why

it’s so important to rank in google

because some people will say well i mean

if i show up second or third who cares

right me but are you gonna get that

click maybe not you

probably not right probably not because

studies show that over 80 percent of the

time people click on the first thing

that pops up exactly right

it’s the most prominent it’s the first

thing their eyes read because people

read what from the top down not from the

bottom up right so it’s not that they’re

saying well i want the number one person

it’s the first thing they read right so

if you’re a real estate agent and you

have a website you’re probably doing

yourself a pretty good service

by getting a professional web designer

who focuses on seo

to do your stuff for you even if you’re

pretty good at it right

because if you’re not showing up first

when you google real estate agents in

livingston parish

um you know maybe you’re missing out on

that person that’s

the husband got transferred to you know


exxon in baton rouge and they’re moving

from new york city

that’s that’s the advantage to the

people that

the you know the the people that are in

that type of field you can say the same

thing with painters

paint you know painters in livingston

parish someone doesn’t know any painters

and maybe they don’t want to play the

what i call the facebook game

i need a painter in livingston parish

who you got

and there’s 900 different

yeah i mean it’s it’s insane it’s insane


everybody’s got their own it you know

it doesn’t matter what the business is i

need to buy a house who you got

how many real estate agents you think

are gonna show up in the comments for


i mean there’ll be a hundred how is that

person supposed to differentiate on who

they want

so the easiest way to do it is just go

to google and just google

and uh and if you have a best friend

maybe call them and ask them who they


short of that you’re gonna get 90

different answers right

um in most cases so um

so that to me is the importance of

ranking and what ranking will do for you

right uh especially in in fields like


real estate agents where people do

legitimately google that stuff

and and see especially if they’re from

somewhere else and they’re coming here

real estate agents


dane arnold with i trade exchange has

been enabling small business

in the livingston parish area to save

cash through his network

of over 300 participating livingston


businesses saving cash by trading

services with

other exchange members is what i trade


is all about for more information

contact dane arnold

at 225 205

36 40 or visit i trade exchange

dot biz

um why you know and let’s talk about

keywords real quick

you kind of touched on that but but when

you’re building sites

and you use keywords it used to be

um you know you could put a thousand


you could put a thousand we’ll take my

podcast for example i can put podcasts

in livingston parish

podcasting denim springs podcast on

business the list

goes on and on but can you have too many

keywords you can’t i tend to tell people

to optimize

for one keyword or keyword phrase

per piece of content you know it used to

be per page but you know

you’re a podcaster so you’re gonna have

text to go with your content right sure


so you kind of what it all it is is if

you’re a writer let’s just let’s just

think back to high school right

so your teacher tells you to write a

paper write a paper on

um chevy trucks okay

so you’re gonna write your paper based

upon chevy trucks that’s gonna in this

instance that would be

your keyword however let’s say you’re

writing a post about

chevy trucks right you want to rank for

chevy trucks well

it’s going to be hard it’s going to be

competitive because

chevy right so

if you’re a chevy dealer let’s say and

you are trying to rank for chevy trucks

what i would suggest is to to to broaden

that thing right we tell people to look

for keywords

that have a high it’s an offset you got

to say

do i what search volume do i want so how

many people are searching for that

a month versus how competitive it is so


enters long tail keywords we call them

so you would wanna

you would have a better chance of

ranking for

purple chevy truck for sale let’s say

or something like that yeah so i’ll get

you so

and then you can rank for all the

keywords in the world man

sure but are they going to do you any


and you’ll rank for them and then you’ll

fall off because somebody will come to

your website they’ll come to you know


let’s say jim’s ranking for i i don’t


you know rocket ships well people come

to your website and they don’t find

rocket ships

rocket ships tesla who’s that

yeah so i love tesla yeah

it’s not the band that’s a that’s an

interesting vehicle

so so you can have i mean you can have

all the keywords in the world you want

you can rank for all of them you can

rank number one for all of them but

what’s what good is it yeah you know no

i agree 100

and and you know since you diverted my

attention from all of this and you

brought up tesla i do want to say one

thing that’s interesting you know my son

came to me and told me for graduation he

wants a tesla

and i’m like do it big

do it big you better tell carter’s to


give all them folks over there a call to

them you need some ot

because uh yeah daddy’s getting a tesla

first sorry guys

but i did tell him look you work hard in


and uh and i got no doubt you can be

driving a tesla but i just don’t know if

that would be a great uh

first vehicle it would be a great first


responsibility i charge that thing you

know yeah

but you know he’s a good kid but anyway

you brought up tesla and it reminded me

of that because i

i was like you got your daddy’s taste


this could be a good or bad thing so

keywords right

yeah i’m going to tell you about

mistakes and keywords and all that like

you talk about stuff

give me give me one more time uh

you you your keyword you also want to

that’s how search optimize ultimately

seo is is letting google know what’s on

that page that’s right i can’t say it


so you’ve got to put that keyword in


like you’ve got to use um

use it in your title using your meta but

anyways i’ll go on and

you uh you basically uh

you know it’s probably blowing people’s

mind out there right now when

keywords and algorithm and seo where

that goes

oh my and and all those sorts of things

and uh

that’s why you hire this guy because i’m

pretty burst of this and that

that’s like um mind-blowing

to me because i can think of a million

key words i would want to use for me

and then as i’m doing it i want to put

them down because i don’t want to

shortchange myself and make a mistake

right so but guess what you don’t have

to just use that keyword there’s called

what’s called latent semantic indexing

oh lord

just follow me here say that three times


we call it there you go so you’re


an article on paint right right um

you did one on the other top ten paints

or whatever uh

google knows that if you know if you’re

writing about paint

and you know what you’re talking about

so in other words you’ll be relevant to

a searcher

there’s going to be other words in there

that they’re going to look for they look

for brush they’re going to look for

roller they’re gonna look for

they’re not gonna look for it but those

words naturally would be in there so

that’s just more stuff to think about

the end of the day man

write good content exactly when at the

end of the day

how are you because they are somebody

that way because believe me this stuff

it you will go down what i call the the

rabbit’s hole

with this stuff and you will never pull

yourself out

you’ll go home at six o’clock after work

and you’ll say i’m to study a little bit


seo because jim did that podcast and i

liked it so much and

and that guy seemed really nice but i

think i can do that myself and you’ll go

home and you will

it will be 12 o’clock at night you will

have a headache

and uh you will still not have any

idea of what you are doing and this time

it’s tough it’s time consuming you gotta

really love it man

that’s something when you get down deep

with what you do

you got to love that stuff but when you


it’s nothing it’s you know it’s it’s not


it’s work but it’s it’s it’s a challenge

you know the unfortunate thing is you


you know search engine optimization

isn’t a sprint

so don’t expect results don’t don’t

think hey you know

listen to this guy talk to jim and i

learned some tips and let me do it and

then look for results tomorrow

you know it’s a marathon it’s not a

sprint there’s no doubt so

many factors um that’s the part that

bums me out because i like a challenge

man i like to go in there i’m gonna go

in jim’s website i did it the other

night i didn’t tell you

and i’m gonna tweak this and let’s see

so so

the whole game if you will is analyze

because i use data if you don’t use data

then you’re just kind of spitballing

so i look at what you got see how it’s

performing see what people are doing

tweak and then watch and analyze again

so the unfortunate thing is that takes

time so don’t get discouraged if you do

try to take on seo yourself and

and don’t see results i still recommend

they they use a professional owner

um and but yeah you could try look some

people they’re just starting out they

just don’t have the extra money although

you would be surprised it’s not

you know depending on the company you

use but i know black sheep’s very

reasonable and it’s

it’s uh it’s not as expensive as you may


but i’ll tell you um i’ll tell you

you know and clint you’re very patient


um you know when he’s working with me

and i’ve got in my mind what i want and

um and it’s not exactly

you know it’s hard to pull out of my

brain what i’m thinking trust me

and so you know we would come up with

things and i’d be like no

that’s that’s not right change it the

font doesn’t look right i drove him nuts

with that stuff

but you know one day he says look on

your website

and i did

and it was like how did you know that’s

exactly what i wanted that’s

that was the logo i was looking for for

that page or whatever

so um so he’s very patient as well which


uh when you’re working with jim chapman

that’s a that’s a good thing because i


i can uh i can get very ocd i guess you

could say on that sort of thing so thank

you very much for that

um now you know there’s some other

things that are important to ranking

page speed being

one um google

especially they they like those page

fees to load in about two seconds

and if it takes any longer than that it

can literally knock you down the feed

now i don’t know all the ins and outs

like you do of of what would slow you

down i would imagine pictures

um are probably something long


probably something just bloated code

which you don’t i mean the average user

doesn’t have to worry about right but

you know pictures there’s a lot of your

server like where you host it whether

you have it on

just just nerdy stuff you know what i

mean are you looking at my notes

no i’m looking at my notes okay

but you know the reason google will

knock you down for a slow website

is because people will bounce off of a

slow website if your website doesn’t

load in about two to three seconds

you know people are gone people want i

mean obviously you’re just impressed

that i knew that aren’t you because i

did not look at your notes

black sheep creative understands the

importance of

digital marketing and your return on

your investment

it’s their varying to provide

professional web and graphic design


at a price point that smaller businesses

and startups can afford

get in touch with them on the web at

you’re cheating on a test teacher

but yeah i mean you’re right that’s

absolutely important and and

there’s more of a push for faster faster

faster and it becomes a trade-off man

you know people people will approach us

and want

these fancy that was the biggest yeah

you’re talking about me

videos and you know look

here’s the thing when you’re a business

and you’re on this side of it

you’re so scared you’re going to leave

something out and that’s

that’s the the battle because what you

know that

i don’t know right or or you know

pick a person is the more you add

the slower that page is going to load

and the worse off you’re going to be

um i have you know the constant fight

for me clint

is to quit trying to fit so much


in such a small space i’ll give you a

quick example

i did um i sponsored livingston parish

high school’s uh

football team did a billboard on the

scoreboard area

and um

i had too many let’s just say instead of

just having

local leaders of the podcast in the

state i had all kinds of things

it was like reading it was like reading

the constitution you know how it gets

smaller and smaller

you go down that was like we the people

and then the rest of it’s like you can

barely face

where it’s getting smaller yeah exactly

but in my mind

i want everybody to know all their

options right there on that scoreboard

sign what’s the first thing my wife says

to me when she sees it

i think you put too much wording on it

happens all the time

and i’m like you know what you’re right

we’ll get ironic you ready

um it’s called above the fold guess

where it came from these guys

you know um newspaper so you want to put

your most relevant information on that

top of your website man and you’re right

you want to put that in a call to action

there’s an awesome book that i read


don’t make them think or don’t basically

it’s saying if your

website’s visitor has to think at any

point you lost them here’s an

interesting fact

what the average attention span

10 years ago on a website was 12 seconds

you had 12 seconds to get that yeah to

get that person’s attention guess what

it is today

eight seconds now you like them apples

yeah you got eight seconds to get that

person’s attention

right so um you better have something

that’s appealing

but at the same time not so maybe not

you know war and peace on there

where that person’s gonna sit there and

read like me

that person’s got to read 400 sentences

to get to

jim dusk podcast in olympics to paris

well it’s yours

you know it’s whatever you want yeah it


but but what you gave give me and

educated me on

was um the the trade-off

just what you just said jim we can put

whatever you want on there we can put

your whole

life history on there but if we do

in all likelihood you’re going to have a


you’re going to have a problem with that

page loading and you you made several

comments in a nice way that you were


just not happy with the latest here’s a

here’s a you don’t think about this

um not everybody comes through your web

page through your front page through

your front door let’s call it like

everybody didn’t hit your home page to

come in so that’s why it’s critical to

have lots of content a lot of people

will say

i got a website and they’ll have home

about contact

services and then just call it a day

right well

now you’ve painted yourself into a box

you’re the leader

you’re the the knowledgeable guy about

what you do you’re the expert about what

you do

so you wouldn’t be doing your


as a paint guy if you just said here’s

what i do

here’s how i do it here’s how to get a

hold of me and

um whatever you wanna you wanna educate


knowledge is is key right so you wanna

say hey

as a business owner you wanna you wanna


eat google calls it right expertise

authority and trust you wanna build

authority with them

and and so you’re gonna you’re gonna

talk about your topics you know hey how

to clean a paintbrush

whatever or i mean you do a great job at

it latex paint versus oil based or

whatever so you want to you want to blog

you know it used to be blog was i used

to think blog was a soccer mom

you know when she wasn’t alone

um so and you just brought that up


the reason i want to stop you on that

there’s trends now that there weren’t

with web design

five years ago it’s no different than

houses you know there’s

there’s color trends every five years

color trends change

every 10 years fan decks change so you

know and

and us as people in the uh paint

manufacturing world hate that

because that is trust me it’s a job and


so but it changes the same way with

regard to

web and technology and those sorts of

things and

what i think about is landing pages

landing pages are huge right now

absolutely okay when you go to a website

and some people call them pop-ups it’s

almost like

hey send your name and email and i’m

gonna send you a free

local leader’s a podcast t-shirt you

know uh just for doing that

and um and that’s called a landing page

and probably

most people are very smart to have one

i’m not dogging

or not that’s called a lead in my game

it’s a lead magnet

and yeah that’s right and and really

everybody in my opinion should have

a landing page um what are some other

trends you’ve seen

but with blogs count up there absolutely

man when they

when they when okay

i can do a website and my guys can do a

website or

anything whatever whatever technology

and platform you want however ever

this is probably i’m probably stepping

on your next point uh

wordpress is where it’s at man and i’m

gonna tell you why

is that your next thing no it is not but

you know how much i hate wordpress

yeah and the only reason i hate it is

because i don’t know how to do it

and it drives me crazy when i don’t know

how to do it you don’t like that

sentence wait for the next one

uh wordpress a lot of people

wordpress is programming for this yeah a

lot well a lot of people will say

i’m going to use wix does that keep us

from getting sued

to build my website and uh

why i like wordpress better is because

wordpress was

originally set up as a blogging platform

it still

is however um

wix is proprietary wi action

yeah well yeah wix you don’t own your

content right

so if you build a website on wix and you

hey i’m not fooling with them no more

that’s what you don’t have

your website right wordpress is on my

nobody it’s open source right so

it’s supported by a huge community of

nerds kind of like me

um and what i also like is the


uh you can there’s a if you want to do

it and it’s been done there’s a plugin

to do it right now plugins

slow your site down so we’ll often hard

code our own stuff but

wordpress wordpress wordpress you can

learn it you can learn it too

uh it’s my mom but that’s a trend man

that that’s really

cool and right and the wi axes of the

world those

are for um i wouldn’t say

i wouldn’t say average i you probably

gotta still be a little bit above

average to deal with wix even

but it’s a heck of a lot easier than

wordpress wordpress to me

you need to be someone that really knows

something about what you’re doing

um that’s not to say that yeah someone


is not in that world can’t do it you can

certainly learn

but it’s a little more you can do a in


more you know what i’m saying yeah so so

the trade-off there is you’ve kind of

got to know a little bit more to do

and i think personally google ranks


websites higher than non-work this is my

fault you know

that may be a byproduct because wix


there’s a million and one blog posts and

articles and

you know is wix seo friendly as wix not

seo friendly

well i find wordpress is seo friendlier

that’s what i’m getting

um and and i agree now we talked about


um how important is it to have an ssl

certificate just in

in a few sentences it’s a must uh

what happens if you don’t clint if you

don’t google

you don’t exist to google if you don’t

for all practical purposes not only that

is chrome firefox

aka used to be netscape uh i took this

full circle you saw that yeah i like


welcome you’ve got man a warning will

pop up we’ve all

seen it man a warning will pop up and

say hey yo you know you’re trying to

visit an

unsecured safe well you know what i

unsecure slight rather you know what i

do hit the back button

so i’m not going to that side yeah and

people that don’t know anybody will

think they’re getting a virus and

totally hit

that button and hit the back button

twice you know uh

and i know some pretty big websites that

don’t have ssl

certificates and um i

i plan on having conversations with them

we are fixing

themselves a lot of money we’re fixing

to redo a

like next week an e-commerce site there

in another state

um that doesn’t have an ssl certificate


so as it me knowing what an ssl

certificate is it’s all about security

right that’s all that thing is

yeah so you’re telling google you’re

telling your visitors hey my site is

secure your data is important to me

oh if you’re storing someone’s data and

you don’t have an ssl certificate that’s

do you see what i like okay so now

you’re storing my credit card

information yeah

it’s really important so and i think

that’s google’s google

google yeah i think that’s we’ll start

that google yeah

we got to get paid

they uh i love it that’s why they do it

you know

yeah and but clint they also take a lot

of liability

for sure because guaranteed um if you’re

storing someone’s information

and you get hacked you can get hacked

with an ssl certificate there’s no doubt

about that’s right nobody’s saying you


but if you get hacked and you didn’t

have an ssl certificate

a good attorney’s gonna say you didn’t

even care enough about yourself that’s

exactly what

you were storing their information and

wouldn’t pay whatever it is

60 70 bucks a year to secure it

and so we feel like you’re even more


than and so um to all those people out

there maybe check and make sure you have


um because if you don’t you’ve got a

major liability going on especially

these days

i mean hacking’s a big deal website

lawsuits are on the rise i don’t know if

you’re gonna

if you even well hackers are on well not

just that

um yeah absolutely hackers are on the

rise and then the whole russia

you know thing yeah

peop website owners are now getting sued


and a lot of the stuff is excessive did

you you gonna talk about accessibility

i’m about to get you no no you know your

website has to be ada compliant also

um it’s called the i did not know that

yeah dude haha you didn’t research

let me tell you this uh that’s kind of a

new thing you talk about trends and

things now that’s

not a trend it’s here to stay but uh

your website

people should be able to view your


irrespective of whether they’re looking

at it whether they’re hearing it whether

they’re using a screen reader

i’m going to go back to seo with that

yeah so if they’re blind

yeah 1.3 million people

in the us let me back that up i don’t

know i can’t read my handwriting

7.3 million people have some sort of

visual disability right

so in the u.s in the united states

but it doesn’t matter yeah me too uh

but that’s 645 billion dollars of

disposable income

business owner you want your you yeah i

mean you want to access all people so

uh so don’t tell yourself sure so you’ve

got the

wcag i just took a boring class on it

not that the topic is boring the class

was because it was even

nerdier than i am so there’s been some

some major companies get sued let’s take

one for example domino’s a blind guy

couldn’t navigate domino’s website


use their app suit him because he’s not

afforded the same

opportunity yeah wow uh that’s something


look that’s a good tip folks netflix


in the day didn’t provide uh ample

services to death

to deaf people sued lost um

when dixie got sued for an inaccessible


so that’s a that’s a thing okay well

let’s talk let’s

just real quickly what do you do about

that how do you make your website

accessible to someone that’s deaf for


okay or hearing impaired let’s go

screen readers okay let’s say someone’s

using a screen reader

to visit your website that screen reader


here’s one that chaps me about seo right


matt cuts in them have come out and say

i’m gonna have to sum up everything here

oh there’s what’s called headings on

your page right obviously they’re how

your pages broke up

well there’s one that’s called a h1 it’s

the biggest one it’s your title of your

page right

so if your home page it’s local leaders

the podcast

that’s what google and screen readers

that’s what the screen reader is going

to read out to the visitor local leader

is the podcast

and it knows hey like this is the title

so so your your

your person that can’t see knows that’s

where they’re at right

often times i’ll see websites with

two three 12 h1s on the page

so you just confuse the box you just

confuse the guy or the female with the

with the screen reader so you just made

a mess

right yeah that’s the kind of so so

that’s something you

if you’re a diy website kind of person

can can hey just put 1-1

finish business now google said that

that doesn’t

factor but it does i’m not saying google

so so what clint’s essentially saying to

all you out there is

if you want to find out if you’re

compliant contact class

there’s a bunch of tools oh man i’ll

look at it i know y’all right now we’re

going home

yeah i’m talking my wife told me that

okay then also

if you’re doing your own website name

your images right okay there’s what’s

called alt text

you’ve seen it yeah you just don’t know

you’ve seen it you’ve seen where

somebody deleted a page or an image from

a page

and you get the little square box it

looks like a picture and there’s some

words that’s what the words is but guess


that’s what the screen reader is going

to read so it’s going to come to an

image and it’s going to say picture of


and his son’s new tesla um and it’s

going to read that

well you know clint and let’s move on

our next thing here so

facebook um you know a lot of people


web they got a website mccue they have a

website it’s on facebook

your website’s on facebook clint is that


no a lot of people no no it’s not a lot

of people are satisfied

with oh facebook’s my web page

google’s not gonna recognize your

facebook as your web page

you’ll rank in your facebook will rank

however look at current times right

i think they give preferential treatment


or the out of the that’s a bad word the


favors people that have actual websites

over a website and a facebook page

facebook is your business page

absolutely that’s not a web page to me

and then so i want people to just you

know it’s for

a facebook page isn’t it it’s free yeah

but it’s it’s not enough

right facebook is the point and i want

people to understand that look at this

that’s an add-on to your website look at

this election

to serve as your website facebook

just this week google started censoring

youtube ads

that like hey if you put an ad that says

there was collusion and

uh then it’s gone so facebook i mean you

remember you saw

once the election was over i’m leaving

facebook i’m going to parlor

you know which we’ve got awesome my wife

did an awesome post about parlor yeah i

saw that

and it’s not the grass isn’t green on

the other side but anyway so your

background controller was never

meant as a facebook alternative it was

medicine yeah you’re the social media


but no your facebook isn’t your website

like and you know what it might work

great for you but

it should be you know this will be

second there hey we’re

we’re an opinion show so to speak so i i

want to say that

you know this is my opinion okay that it

should be an

add-on to your to your website

it’s another like you close the deal on

your website

this is just another means to get people

to your site that’s the way i look at it

it’s part of a holistic thing like

all your social media properties and

everything else your gmb if you haven’t

set one up yet go do it

uh should funnel people to that website

because that’s where

that’s where you have control man that’s

why that’s where your content is yours

that’s where you can push that user not

push in

in a bully way but push them into the

action you want them to take because

the action isn’t always by now you know

the action could be

sign up for a webinar or no doubt

no doubt about it no doubt about it so

you know there’s

i wish we had time to cover everything

clint but

mccue turned the lights off eventually

and and you know we’d be in the dark

we’ll just go there nobody wants to see

us in the dark

so we’re gonna have we’re gonna have you

back every so often because this is a

this is a topic you can’t cover in 10


but we’ll have you back every so often

you kind of update us on how the world

the wonderful world of the web is going

now i did some fun facts i do fun facts

for every episode

but but and and we’re gonna have to rely

on my brain because i wrote all these


guys and i could not i did not put them

in my bag

so but that’s okay because i have a

photographic memory client

not really but we’re gonna we’re gonna

play off some of the ones that i do


so one of them we already talked about

and that was

the loading speed needs to be two


i’m i’m sorry two seconds in order for

it to be

uh something that people people uh

basically click off because they think

their internet’s slow that’s probably a

good way

to put that so two seconds so when you

go to your website it needs to load

within two seconds

or you’ll lose interest uh period so um

keep that in mind maybe you have

pictures or something

slowing it down and you you know get

you’ll do i’m sure you’ll go to if

somebody contacts you

check it out like it’s check it out 99

of the time it’s

it’s a pretty simple fix man you know it


probably images that are too big uh some

some database you know it might be too

big like it’s a

lot of things easily easily you can look

at it and find out what it is

period next thing okay so and this was


78 of people

now today in 2020 get

their product information and their


from two sources blogs

in youtube i.e podcasts

that’s right so advertisers that


on a podcast or if someone is doing

something on a blog and maybe they’re

talking about your company

in that blog those are where people are

going for their information

that is a huge flip from 10 years ago

they were not that was not how they were

getting their information it was

you know blogs were in their infancy as

well as

uh as obviously um you know podcasting

so um these are great sources now for

information and that that’s where people

are going and a lot of people don’t know

guess who owns youtube not me google

i did not know yes so who will google

trust better

than themselves right so you’re killing


by and i see the numbers but you’re

killing it by doing youtube by putting

this on youtube because in the show

notes google’s going to say hey wait


this local leaders is this local leaders

they’re the same person

so now you know now you’ve doubled down


your authority if you will to to make it

even more i put some code in the and

anybody can put it’s called schema i

could have talked on it but um it’s

it’s it’s a thing it’s a thing so google


looks at your website sees the video

i talk about hands a lot sees the video

because there’s code written in there

that says hey see this video this is jim


this youtube podcast it correlates the


yeah so you’re doubling down on that so


and and look we talked about a lot today


um the this is one of the most important

podcasts you could ever watch from a

business owner’s standpoint

because most business owners are so

in their business but they don’t grasp

this they don’t want to grasp this

that’s what this guy is for i can’t say

that enough he’s

local he’s in denim springs clint tell

everybody how they can get in touch with


uh how do they find you my brother

call me you can go to our uh well how do

they call it 225

505-3834 i’m probably not going to


or i’m going to answer crazy like the

past few times i’m answering

i get in the zone when i’m designing or

developing or

podcasting or podcasting and and i’ll

have the music loud

uh but anyways you can man you can go to

our website we’ve got a little instant

uh facebook messenger thing right there blake if you go

to black you’re going to buy some kind

of wooden widgets

or whatever yeah i made that mistake but

you can also google it uh and google us

black sheep creative we’re actually

ranking for

we’re outranking we’re outranking the

other guy the ck

guy which figure that out yeah somebody

knows what they’re doing

or you can look home man we got a

facebook black sheep creative you talk

about us all the time

yeah google it we got a goo we got our


if you google it and you’re like you’ll

find him just google it for sure

set up a smoke screen i’ll find it yeah

scream outside whatever

um but what you know i can’t

say enough how much of a good job you do

and i’m really

you know you’ve already taken off you

already do so many things for so many

people we’re going to link the

non-profits on the

on this thing i know that you’re very

passionate about that we’re going to

link your website obviously and all your

great stuff that you do

uh i do want to thank mr mchugh david

for engineering this awesome episode

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