Sheriff Jason Ard and Christmas Crusade 2021

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Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard Joins Local Leaders the Podcast to discuss the 2021 Christmas Crusade. Since its inception, this program has raised millions of dollars to purchase toys for needy children in Livingston Parish. Sheriff Ard also discusses the positive influence the program has on his deputies and the community as a whole. This non-profit is amazing, and a great episode awaits! Check out Local Leaders: The Podcast Episode #137 hosted by Jim Chapman.

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hey y’all it’s woody overton host of real life real crime the podcast and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast

hey and welcome back to another edition of local leaders of the podcast this is episode 141 and the guy sitting across from me pretty well-known guy in this area sheriff jason arden and today we’re going to talk christmas crusade first of all welcome to the show thank you for having me it’s good to be here you have been active in the uh christmas crusade for quite a while um and it existed even before you were sheriff it has uh tell us a little bit about the history so it started back in the 87 actually under sheriff odom graves uh his son willa graves who became sheriff actually continued the program it’s all always been known as a christmas crusade and then when i took over in 2012 i continued the program as well as a young deputy i learned about the program it was great you you know you used to going to these homes and you’re not bringing good news obviously right i’m not knocking on the door saying hey you’re the next one in the public schoolhouse a bunch of balloons it’s uh it’s just unfortunately different we have a job to do and it’s not always fun but it’s our job and then learning about this christmas crusade as i come up and like you know this is an opportunity to you know that kid see me take his dad to jail yeah i don’t want to be that guy yeah because you know i have a job dude but i really am a good guy yeah and so to be able to go back and deliver the toys to that same house yeah and then you see those those eyes light up a little bit and how you doing high five and so that’s that’s what i can remember coming up and then i was moved to the training facility the people at the training facility is where the north pole is located so that actually becomes uh north pole so that’s where a lot of the toys and stuff goes on well my wife erica who was brought on back 15 years i think she’s been there almost 20 years but willie brought her on and she worked in detectives office as secretary and immediately brought her into running this program with his wife elaine and so she’s been doing it for years yeah and so i was the guy that actually went to all the walmart locations which is funny because then it was only two yeah denim and walker and you had to open up every morning set the tents up make sure it was ready for the deputies when they got there make sure deputy was there volunteering and then we would close it up every night and then you had toy pickups everywhere so it was just always busy and so fast forward 2012 i sworn in as sheriff absolutely i’m going to keep this program right yes uh the only thing we did to change it a little bit was make it a non-profit yeah uh because i had a lot of businesses that started calling me saying hey man i got this big check i’m trying to uh just get it right off whatever the case may be yeah hey okay well they need to be non-profit so we do what we need to do to make that happen and it’s actually been a blessing since then 100 100 and and so uh and this program has grown the numbers have grown we can get into that it’s just i remember when it started i knew it was something needed to be carried on and hopefully one day it will always be here there’s no doubt it’ll always be here because it’s such a great opportunity to give back to the community yeah it really is and and i say it a lot on this show but leaders lead and they give back that’s really what it’s all about in the internet a while to figure that out sheriff or i was uh i was about 40 years old when i figured out that it’s not all about being number one sometimes sometimes it’s about making someone else number one and well number 10 always works as long as the one the nine in front of you know what they’re doing yes ooh i like that there’s another quote for the chalkboard love it very good point um now you’ve lived in lp a while wouldn’t you say i grew up here i’ve been here my whole life uh i played ball at walker yeah i graduated from walker high school my wife’s from live oak that’s where she graduated from so that’s a big you know rival with me and her with malcolm oh i can imagine live oak play but uh yeah my kids went to school here and uh my parents have always been from here and so yeah lifelong resident olympics in paris well for those of us that have lived here you know pretty much lifelong we’ve seen a massive population growth during that time we have now not only have you lived in lp your entire life but you’ve also had an entire lifetime of law enforcement experience i’m talking back to the explorer days yes at denham uh denham springs police department right you did your research oh man i love the research 15 years old i was introduced to law enforcement at dental springs police department uh i’m not i hate to even say this but i’m gonna go on and give them a shout out because the two deputies there was actually three of them city officers i can remember yeah um was shannon walmack who’s now the chief yes let’s tell age i was only you know 16 17 years old shannon was a reserve deputy at the time i believe patrick nab yeah who just recently retired he’s actually came to work for me those guys were people i kind of looked up to and and they drew me into law enforcement and there was a couple other names i remember joe mac being there um i was just a little peon they didn’t know who i was but i was just so attracted to law enforcement and to fast forward 1993 buddy of mine called and he said hey man uh the detention center well paris jail is hiring you should go out put an application in so i did i walked down and knocked on the door and opened up the door and mr oldham graves was sitting there and told him who i was and i wanted a wanted a job and so he said well we’re looking for somebody he put me to work and i remember my dad coming to see me that night because mr odom had called him and said son why did you tell me he was going to see the sheriff i said well i mean i didn’t know i just wasn’t seeing him i wanted a job and so that kind of started my career uh started into jail and worked my way up through ranks uh my entire career so that was in 1993 and so i’ve been here for a long time like i said worked in detention center and worked on the streets uh was a supervisor at age 25 and went from there to detectives for a little while then he moved me to the training center and there in between the supervision and the detectives when we created our swat team for the first time and that actually if you remember back then they had a lot of shootings going on in baton rouge with some of the narcotic officers brpd actually lost somebody and so we started revamping here because we are a bedroom community we do sit on side of baton rouge yeah but we have problems here too yeah sure and so that’s where that kind of started so i was a detention center for up until right after katrina katrina was a big deal for all of us that’s the first time law enforcement guys realized that we are first responders we can do what firefighters do firefighters can’t do what we do if we have to have them and what i mean by that uh chainsaws yeah shovels yeah whatever it takes because when you in a time of need like that it don’t matter who you are pick the pick the chainsaw up and let’s get this road cleared let’s do whatever we can and katrina i can remember was when we started getting to be a little closer to our firefighters yeah and uh and then grew from there and gustaf was a i remember gustav it was the first time i actually was able to be in an administration spot and help uh that was in 2006 i got promoted the chief operations gustav hit and 08 and i remember that very well we actually had 600 first responders from across the united states living in our new detention center that had not yet housed inmates we were just fixing to move them in when gustav hit so we were able to house them and uh so fast forward again you know sheriff graves and i met and he had told me he was retiring and thought i’d be a great job a great guy to lead the office which uh it was kind of funny because when he told me that i was like me yeah i don’t know if i’m that guy but here i am it was uh the greatest opportunity that was ever presented to me all these these uh the times that i promoted was not a something you go after it’s an opportunity you’re given and you take that opportunity to run with it yeah and i’ve always said you don’t know what kind of leader you are until you get that opportunity to lead yeah and it’s so true yeah and so all my flaws all my nervousness and people don’t know this about me a lot of well some of them may but the only reason the sheriff really wanted me to go to the training center i was very shy and they won’t speak in front of nobody yeah and i know he did that to help me yeah and it really did help me it helped me to learn how to speak in public get up in front of people and i mean this guy used to get like nervous nervous like upset go to the bathroom it was it was bad a lot of people don’t know that i was just a very shy kid i couldn’t imagine it yeah that’s a shy kid and but but you overcome that and because you’re given opportunities and you either can take that opportunity and run with it although it might not be in your plan yeah my plan was just be a detective let me put bad guys in jail let me let me do my investigations and um and my pan my plan was varied a little bit because an opportunity presented and you kind of start looking at it so you know what what do i have to lose yeah yeah i’m so glad i took that route and um here i am today i’m glad you took that route too well thank you but i’ll tell you this um what’s intriguing about you on that subject is and one of the reasons i think you do lead so well is you’ve done every job from the bottom up so any subordinates you have guys underneath you they look at that and they know that you’ve been there and done that no matter what job it is i mean you started off it’s amazing your life and how young you were when you started you knew your whole life this is what you wanted i’ve always heard you you’re young you’re young matter of fact for the first two terms i was a younger sitting sheriff in louisiana wow so i actually had lunch with the sheriff sonja over in terrebonne yesterday and we were talking about our age he’s a first year sheriff i said well you’re older than me you know i’ve been sheriff i’m going my third term and he says i’m 55. i was like oh 149 i guess i’m still young so i do forget about my age i don’t really pay attention to that i just you got to stay in shape stay focused and just do your job well you’re doing a great job there and uh and i you know it’s it’s hard to beat experience uh in any job but especially in that job it’s really hard to beat my opinion you have seen a massive increase in population over that time what what maybe one year would have been a great donation uh total now probably wouldn’t scratch the surface right correct hurricane katrina i remember the population we feel like it went from uh went up on like 30 to 50 000 people if you ever remember because we had a lot of people from saint bernard move in here yes and all these homes that were for sale just were bought overnight because they lost everything in katrina yeah so that was a big turning point for us with the crusade i remember that yeah yeah i mean it it just it’s amazing what it does to your numbers because the more population you have the more need period those percentages probably don’t change a whole lot of how many uh as a percentage of population are in need it just when it grows both both of those numbers grow so what how many children or families do you service now with these toys on average so to go back to 2016 so 2016 we uh we averaged around 1200 kids right before 2016. and um just just just over 400 families yeah so 2016 we thought was going to be a huge year right big flood what we found out was 2016 was not a huge year a lot of us because people moved away from here while they were rebuilding their homes right so they took residency somewhere else and that’s the only thing we can figure out because it just went down but since then we’ve seen an increase each year up till now in 2020 last year we had just over 700 families right under 700 families and over 1500 kids wow and that uh so it was you know 12 over 1200 or 1300 little 1400 and we had 15. yeah so we we know that this year is going to be 16 1800 is what we feel like because the population is growing we’re back on our feet from 2016. although we had a huge disaster people didn’t move away right um we were very lucky as much the destruction that was done in the south east southeast side of our parish really all over the parish yeah um it’s uh it’s still growing and the population’s still growing so yeah sure as it grows the need grows yeah a hundred percent and another benefit of this program in my opinion and i look i get that way outside the box of my thinking sometimes but i look at the direct effect it may have even in lowering the crime rate a little bit uh maybe it’ll lower some thefts or something like that because when people get under pressure that’s when they typically commit crimes and if someone feels some pressure i gotta get gifts from my kids or whatever maybe they’re more apt to go to a walmart or something and try to slide something in their pocket i i think you know a desperate a desperate man trying to do for his family i’m sure that you know we see that yeah um we also know that criminals just look for opportunities um we do we i look at it as this these deputies we have to be involved in our community and this is goes back to when i very first started law enforcement i’ve heard this phrase on and on and on and you’re going to continue to hear it we’re only as good as the information we receive and you don’t receive information unless your community trusts you and you have to maintain that trust these programs do so much for these deputies a they let them know that the community does trust him because you’re you’re not only giving back but they see the need the deputies do yeah and and though they may have been seen in a bad light the night before the next day they see in a good way and they’re filling a need and these these moms and dads and these grandmas and grandpas they like you know and even these kids like this this guy’s not a bad guy you know he’s just doing his job right and look we may not agree on things and we may disagree but we always have to do our job yeah and so this this program does reach out to those and it does uh maybe keep a man from going and creating him more problems by stealing something he needs to be able to provide his family for christmas yeah we can do that let us work with you we’ll help your family that’s what this program is about so we were able to do that we provide that and so what you’re saying i i do believe yes it does play a role in it yeah yeah every year it just seems like this program gets bigger so y’all y’all really can’t step on the brakes it seems like every year you’re doing a little more promoting on it than the year before and and uh so important right what you’re doing so to let everybody know this this program is not a program that starts right after thanksgiving this is a year-round program my wife erica actually she um she has to be up to date on everything i don’t have my both of my kids are in college so i don’t know what a little seven-year-old girl wants for christmas yeah i don’t know what a ten-year-old boy wants for christmas i i just don’t know but we have to know we have to know that that kid that we’re bringing toys to has the exact same action figure that his neighbor’s kid has we want to make sure they have a very merry christmas so that go that has research has to be done we have to know our deputies hey what do you what’s your kid want this year like what’s what’s popular so that’s that goes into it she starts ordering tour toys like and usually she starts doing it in september october but because of what’s going on in our country uh i mean we just don’t even get that’s a whole nother subject that’s a podcast or another day and you can’t find anything so she got a little nervous and doing her due diligence make sure that hey let’s let’s go back and maybe start in august yes to make sure we’re going to have our toys to have the things we need so that uh all moves up to the actual dates which is going to be the saturday after thanksgiving yeah that is the day that we you’ll start seeing the deputies at all three walmart locations and bass pro yeah and then the monday following that and um is actually uh which i got to wrote down here which is november 29th is when we actually start taking applications yeah which is a huge huge progress progress as well that’s that actually starts and that’s a two-week progress a two-week deal that you have to ask they have to bring in proof of residency because remember we only take care of livingston paris kids right that’s what this program is designed for uh i would love to take care of the whole country oh sure but you know this is what it’s designed for this is where we focus uh but so we start then we have the deputies collecting toys we have the the people coming in to sign up they gotta prove their residency they approve their income they got to prove that these kids are there by showing social security for each person in the house income for each person in the house so it’s a lot of stuff that goes into this program bring up a good point with the work that your wife erica does um i can tell you i’ve got a son at lsu i got two twin girls that are juniors at denham high school and i could not tell you what these kids are playing with these days how important how important is this to your wife you know this program it’s important to her it’s something that we’ve done uh every year for years together one of the things that we’ve been blessed with is since we turn to non-profit one of the things you really stress about every year is the thing that you have to have in order to make this work yeah and that’s money yeah you have to have the monetary donations coming in if you don’t and you can’t collect enough money you’re not gonna be able to provide that christmas so it’s very important that we work as a team and my my job is to make sure i go and visit mr jim chapman and get out on the news and whoever else i can get on with is to say hey we need these monetary donations we need these toys and these businesses just jump on board with this uh again uh maybe it’s because of nonprofit maybe because they just want to give uh i’ll get to the point where you know what whatever it is is what it is we need this to make this program work and uh so they they i’ve and i don’t want to miss anybody so i’m careful who i say but we have a lot of local restaurants that are due hey bring a toy and drop it off we’ll give you a discount or 10 percent of my profits uh on this day we’re going to give before a christmas crusade yeah so all these denim springs restaurants walker restaurants all over the parish do that for us and it’s very important and you collect a thousand dollars here one hundred dollars here um maybe you get lucky and getting a couple thousand dollars here that adds up it really does it adds up a lot and every year we’ve been able to do that and my point i’m getting to is because of the non-profit we’ve been able to actually get even bigger monetary donations which has allowed us to even to provide that even better christmas for these kids oh absolutely and that’s the goal and be able to give beyond that we have organizations i always like to you know to mention mighty moms yes we work close with them we have a lot of local churches that try to give to people as well and we want to stay connected and communicate because if you and your church is taking care of a couple families our program don’t allow you to get taken care of taken care of by us yes that’s double dipping yes so let them take care of you they’re going to provide you with a merry christmas let us put our efforts toward other people yes so it’s very important that your money goes and you know that it’s it’s watched and it’s uh it’s cared for and it’s actually accounted far yeah and you need to know that when you write those checks and so that’s why this program has the backbone that it has because we do that every single year it’s the integrity of the program you got to have it yeah you got to have it and and look people out there that are that are doing their own little things with hey we you know uh bring me some toys and we’ll give them away or whatever that’s a great that’s a great thing but when you’re a non-profit you know where that money’s going you need to be real careful of who you give things to sometimes because whether they’re legit or not and i’m not a sheriff by any means but i’m sure you got to watch out for that people or you know some people are just bad people and and they look for opportunity and and so uh you know when you give to uh a 501 3c like your organization that uh it’s going where it should be going and guess what we love to save tax money and so it’s deductible right you know shout out to turbo tax or whatever uh now we talked about the process a little bit so if someone does say wow i may qualify for this program would you go pick up a physical form form is there an application online so yes go to online and they’ll have the information you can fill it out and then you’ll have to go to the location which i’ll i’ll actually tell you the locations at woodside drive location which is our training center which is a 29225 woodside drive in walker right next to the huge landfill you can’t miss it so we actually our applications will start accepting those november 29th through december 3rd and then we’ll start again december 6th through december the 10th of the times that runs is between 8 30 a.m to 2 to 12 p.m and then again at 1 p.m to 3 30 p.m each day they can get all this information they fill it out and don’t actually show and it says here like you have to have proof that you are livingston parish resident we said this earlier but i’ll repeat it you also will need to provide birth certificates for each child you also need a proof of income for everyone living in your home and that’s just so important to have that and again the locations that we’ll be collecting monetary donation or toys at all three walmart locations which you have walker denim and we have watson and then we also have bass pro location at bass pro so you’ll see them starting the saturday after thanksgiving we there every thursday friday saturday and sunday and those times uh you are 9 00 a.m to 7 30 p.m

and i know i don’t know if we talked about this or not but this one is really important to me when you see these deputies out there sitting yeah they’re off yeah they’re off duty they’re doing this on their own yeah one of the things that i felt like that this program to help this program grow although we’ve always felt attached me as a deputy as a sheriff i know that i have ownership over this program but i wanted my deputies to feel like they have ownership over this program yeah and so you see what they do they do so much for this program i couldn’t do it without them you couldn’t do it with that that’s right physically not possible yeah so tell them thank you yeah they love that pat on the back they love to hear thank you and uh but they’re doing this on their own time and this is something they look forward to every year so i just like to make sure people realize that they’re not sitting there on your dime they’re sitting there on their own time yeah just they’re volunteering that’s just like anybody else law enforcement in general does so much for a community and and just what y’all do every day is is not like podcasting you know you go out there and and um and you really do heroes work and and so that in and of itself deserves a pat on the back but then to volunteer your time do those things for your community that’s that’s a huge thing and uh and yeah definitely shake their hand tell them thank you if you uh sign up for this program you can’t double dip i guess would be a word for it and and be on another program and the reason for that is i would imagine you you’ve got to be able to spread this to as many people as possible and so um when you have a program you know you take care of these kids yeah and you know that you’re providing them with a merry christmas there’s no need for another organization to have to spend their money on these kids yeah and it is called double dipping i mean look we’re going to provide the christmas for your kids we don’t allow our program does not allow you to go to three other places and get get toys too um it’s not what it’s about it’s about getting these kids a merry christmas and we try to focus on that but we also have to do our due diligence to make sure the program maintains the integrity absolutely and watch this very carefully and we don’t have many problems at all but we’ve had had we have had problems in the past and we’ve dealt with those problems and so with that you know just just stay focused on doing the right thing that’s right that’s what we need to do very good and we do want to shout out the bread of life ministries way up in indiana yes man i saw that on facebook look palettes of toys tell us about that oh it was just great with john snyder’s great friend of mine uh he he hadn’t lived in her parish long and i introduced him to the to the uh our christmas crusade program and he actually came out one morning got up at i think 4am and did a a morning show or on channel two channel nine and one of the news stations came out and and i actually did a live morning show with our christmas crusade and and i think the way i got them there was i told hey you know john snyder’s gonna be here yeah there you go so they came out he interviewed and then he actually said you know what i got some time i would like to go out and deliver toys so he did and uh so he went out delivered to it he loves it i love the program and every year you know he tries to do what he can to help us out and this year he reached out to some people and he’s brought just a truckload 18-wheeler truckload full of toys and even had some clothes and some other things that we can actually donate to other organizations to get to these kids in our area yeah so it’s great to have people like john it has connections all over i don’t know that i’ve ever had toys come from that far away but it was uh it was very humbling feeling to know that we had this ministry that would send that down here that’s beautiful for john and him to take time out of the day because he and his wife went up there and received this and that whole trip and and drove it back down here so that was uh also very much appreciated yeah a hundred percent and my wife had seen that on facebook and she said man those are good toys too she said them lego sets are like 100 bucks a piece or something man there was a huge lego sets man it was from star wars yeah you build your own cabin and it was crazy yeah so just a beautiful thing thank you to john schneider for uh for your part in that and hey dukes of hazzard was my favorite show back in the day that’s all you did that’s it that’s it so fast forward to toy distribution day so this is uh this is a big deal for the families receiving it but probably just a big a deal for the deputies themselves right it is this is the day we look forward to um leading up to that day me on a personal level we have uh those two weeks that we’re actually taking donations and we start bagging i have dare graduations going on usually two a day yeah so nine o’clock one o’clock we have to be at all these day low uh graduations we also have parades going on so this is like the day it ends yeah you know and then and and don’t take that the wrong way it’s just that day it’s a relief so the deputies see it too like you’ve got all this stuff going on they are at these parades they’re some of them are at these dare graduations and they have regular work going on so it’s a lot of overtime going on on their own time and we get to the december the 17th which is a friday we’ll be delivering toys and it’s just a sight to see you know looking at the pictures and lori stealing them they do a great job my pio crew and and getting some videos and to show how big it is with these deputies i mean it would be almost a mile down the road these deputies are lined up yes can’t wait they have their kids with them sometimes they have their spouses with them and we welcome that on that day because we want it to be a family event yeah and they’ll line up and they get vans some of them ask can i just bring my truck and put a sticker and i’m the sheriff’s office i can bring more toys and so it goes on it starts that morning and about 7 00 a.m and we just start loading these vehicles up and they just come through assembly line and we load them up and load them up and they hit these uh these locations and when a lot of people ask about the families that’s why i like to say the number of families so if it’s over 700 families yeah that’s over 700 locations we have to go to yeah now there’s probably a five percent of those are going to be at the same home we may have like you know two families living in one home or neighbors but 700 locations yeah throughout our parish did they have to do and they get that done and usually back for lunch yeah that’s wrapping your mind around that vote that’s how many people help yeah so i’ll provide lunch and they’re usually there by by noon we have lunch and then of course we have some cleaning up to do and it continues on a little bit after that because they’re just it just doesn’t end that day but that is the big day that we try to get get done and and then you just kind of have a little relief what a yeah i mean it’s it’s a crescendo there of really all this build up and then boom the day hits and and i’m sure these deputies just absolutely love to go to a door knock on the door and say hey i just got something for you yeah and look i i know i may have touched on it earlier but the the best ones for me is the deputies that show up during the time we’re actually taking applications and they will actually bring us a name and address of a family and say look i was there there’s family there in need these kids are in need they need clothes they need food whatever yeah and that same deputy will push through the line to make sure that he has that family yeah he will go write his name on it i want to be the one to bring these toys yes and so that just means the world to me to know that that deputy not only did he make sure he recognized but he finished it yeah he recognized a problem he brought the problem he he got a plan and then he basically puts it in place and he finishes it and so i know that’s that’s a build up for them as well but some of them have no clue what it actually does for me right right well uh i’ll tell you and i’ve talked to several deputies i’m good friends with a lot of them and and one in particular woody everton i told him i said man look you need to do like a holiday episode where you talk about some kind of experience with christmas crusade i think it’d be a great thing of course he’s all for it yeah i mean what he’s been there and done that and delivered toys so he knows a lot about the program yeah absolutely uh folks i can’t vouch for this program enough um and i appreciate you coming on the show is there anything else you wanted to mention no thank you for having me look you said earlier look we do a lot as law enforcement community but we have to have different people helping us in our community yes your job is important as anybody else is because without you yeah i couldn’t put this out oh man thank you so you got to have these these uh different we work well with our news outlets or podcast folks because we have to work together to spread whatever the word is to get things out and i mean i rely on walmart to help us to make sure we order these toys and other businesses to get these monetary donations so it’s a group effort yeah i have never been one to take credit for anything because i cannot do what i do each and every day without my people and uh they my my deputies they they just they work so hard i can’t do things without the community and i can’t do things without people like yourself yeah we got to work together as a team to make sure in the end that our community wins that’s what we’re going to do that’s right and we are we’re all a team around here and we love lp and uh and everything about it and so uh positive things only uh for sure um and i can’t vouch for the program enough i’ve been aware of it a long time i’ve given to it uh and it is it is just a beautiful thing that all of you are doing for the community out there with the sheriff’s department we appreciate that so much uh on a personal note keep up the great work you’re doing thank you rocking it over there i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders podcast please like comment subscribe do all those things so we can shine a spotlight on small businesses and non-profits all over uh livingston parish i want to thank our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor william waldrop of twfg insurance b.j pawn fit blends denim springs black sheep creative sr enterprise painting a dale lane spawn boutique fit body boot camp we could not do any of this none of this without all of you and i want to thank everyone everyone out there that has been pushing uh our last few episodes we’ve we had lopa on recently and that episode is really taking off ten thousand something downloads already i believe and it just keeps on coming so thank all y’all for doing that if you want information on getting on the show sponsoring the show reach out to me at jim until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local non-profits just like sheriff’s arts christmas crusade and keep leading thank you very much

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