Assessing the Life of Jeff Taylor – Local Leaders:The Podcast S4E10 – Video

Local Leaders: The Podcast Season 4 Episode 10

Jeff Taylor has served in public life for 2 decades.

As the Livingston Parish Assessor he has instituted several programs for the betterment of the parish such as the Assess the Need program to assist children in need with school supplies.

He has also instituted discounts on assessments related to the great flood of 2016 and has been very public in announcing help for those who have been affected financially by COVID-19 and , along with many other programs you may or may not be familiar with.

When I sat down with Jeff Taylor for Local Leaders: The Podcast, I was familiar with the programs and his non-profit but I was unfamiliar with the man away from the Assessors office.

I was honored to learn more about his early life, his family, his faith, and his future.

Jeff has PASSION and one thing I can assure you of is that in this informative, sometimes emotional, and sometimes comical episode of Local Leaders: The Podcast is worth the watch and you’re sure to enjoy it!

Jeff Taylor Livingston Parish Assessor on the web.

Video Transcript (Beta)

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podcast one of my favorite parts when hosting local leaders the podcast is the research that i perform before each show now in an effort to do the best job i can to get my guest message out there i want to really dive deep into who they are outside of what they do jeff taylor you’re no exception to that rule really you are the assessor for livingston parish and you have an interesting life outside of just assessing so we’re going to talk about all of that but i want to welcome you to the local leaders of the podcast mr jeff taylor thank you jim thanks for having me on i appreciate it it’s an honor now you stay really busy with all the things you do in livingston parish we’re definitely going to cover all of that but i want to get kind of an idea of who you are you know outside of that tell me tell me about where you were born and raised and where you went to high school i i was uh born in a little community called cole yale coliel is right outside livingston and anytime that you can use livingston and french settlement to describe where somewhere is at you know it’s a small there but i wouldn’t change nothing in the world i grew up around my best friends um we have stayed in touch even all this time even though i moved to dental springs which is not that far sure but when you get uh in life uh things change and i grew up i went to frost elementary school and i went there for the first six years of my schooling and great memories in fact i went to north dakota to go to see um mount rushmore yeah and i wore my frost uh oh yeah jersey i think it was south dakota actually we went to my i was representing frost in that deal then i went to doyle i went to junior high at doyle and then i also went to doyle high school okay and i graduated in 1982. okay um that’s that was my schooling awesome and and uh at some point you got married and had kids and all this i got married in 1986 uh to delia adams who was my high school sweetheart awesome and uh we married right after i got out i was actually in my last semester at college when we got married yeah and then we’ve had two children zachary is 26 and carolina’s 22 zach graduated from lsu a couple years ago in journalism and caroline is currently she’ll graduate this may and she is a basketball player up at rhodes and uh i enjoy that’s my favorite teams college college memphis tennessee look she’s a smart one she’s she’s uh no doubt she got that from her mom i can assure you i know that feeling firsthand yeah rhodes uh as a matter of fact one of their alumni is our supreme court justice amy coney barrett that’s exactly right and my daughter uh believe it or not was in neuroscience and she was going to go into medical school and all of a sudden things happened over the last year or so and she is going to law school really yes oh that’s fantastic who knows one day we may have our second one from that would be awesome yeah very smart very smart you got to be you got to be sharp to get in rows yeah that’s a great college uh so she’s basketball player there basketball player she’s a four-year letterman she’s the last two years she started they’ve won a conference uh championship and her sophomore year they actually played in ncaa tournament which is rare yeah you’ve got to win everything in your conference to be able to get there so they won it and she actually scored in the ncaa tournament and i tell her all the time i said you don’t understand that’s pretty big you actually scored in a tournament so absolutely she’s doing very well wow good for her so in a one-on-one basketball game who wins dad or daughter uh well i don’t know how to play basketball i play more of a foot basketball yeah so i’m bigger than her so every time she goes to shoot i just throw her down there you go yeah but as far as horse and everything like that no match no matter no not even close shoot the lights out huh yeah yeah it’s not fair yeah i hear you now in addition to all that you’re the son of a preacher ma’am right so aretha franklin sang the song so well and you are a son of a preacher man and uh not just any run-of-the-mill preacher man so your father who was delmis taylor was actually the longest serving active pastor in livingston parish prior to his passing in 2016. that’s right growing up and now how much of a role did faith play in your life faith is everything yeah you know my mom and dad they were raised i mean they raised us and unlike a lot of times you see on tv ministers uh a lot of money and things like that and that wasn’t the case my dad uh served a church he started a church out in uh livingston in the coel area and he served it for over 58 years yeah and his salary never was much more than about 12 or 13 000 a year wow and so he worked outside the home outside the ministry so there was many times that my dad would work eight hours and then he would come home take a shower and go to the hospital to visit or he’d be two or three o’clock in the morning we didn’t get to spend a lot of christmas eves with my dad yeah because a lot of things happened on christmas eve sure and people always were coming to the house um i wouldn’t trade it for nothing yeah i wouldn’t trade if anything he he he grounded us and my mom also they grounded us in the scripture they grounded us um in in the word in in prayer yeah and the thing jim um i don’t live up to the things that he does but if i could be half as respected as he was and he passed away when i passed i can be half that yeah and i was a success yeah i wouldn’t trade it for nothing there’s nothing about being a son of a preacher man that i would change yeah um i had somebody tell me the other day and they went on facebook to say it and they said well he hides behind his religion and the truth of the matter is jim i don’t know where else to hide yeah because it’s a strong status you know when you’re sitting there and you know that you’ve made errors and you made mistakes and you mess up in your office or whatever you do sure he puts you in his quiver it says you’re an arrow and he put he hides you in the cleft so when they say i hide behind my religion thank you that’s the only place i know where to hide yeah that’s a pretty good compliment actually yeah and you know we’re all imperfect as people absolutely and uh and so i i can see how much it means to you your faith and i think that’s a obviously a great thing now you s you uh you are the assessor for livingston parish but you weren’t always the assessor you were actually in the insurance industry for 13 years prior to uh prior to that and i would imagine that kind of served as a good springboard into what you would make your life’s work later on which was uh assessing well you know when you’re an insurance at first i started off i was in life insurance but i never just wanted to do life insurance i wanted to do property and casualty yeah and the more you get into property and casual if you’re selling property cash you’ve got to know bricks and sticks and everything how it takes to finish the home how much it costs to replace it and so i was looking at it and i said you know what i think i can do this i know i can do this job i’ve been trained to do this job as an assassin because what you’re doing is assessing value yeah and you do it a little bit different you do it on a mass appraiser instead of an individual but it’s basically the same concept yeah and so i decided i was gonna run and uh fortunately in 1999 i won yeah you know how about that yeah and so it was my first time off into political um life i was 36 years old and i had no idea what i was asking for when i took it i didn’t know until august of the next year how bad it was yeah but we’ve been able to do a lot of stuff in that office yeah you really have and we’re going to get into some of the great things that y’all have done since you’ve since you’ve been in the assessing office

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and uh and the first thing i want to do is kind of get uh the misconceptions out of the way with what assess what you do actually because some people i’ve had people think that it’s you know exactly like when you get an appraisal so if you if you go assess a house and in a home appraisal they’re the exact same thing they probably differ a little bit um but what you definitely do not do is you’re not the tax man you’re not the guy that that taxes people and collects those taxes and and things like that as a matter of fact i just wrote mine out recently and and i didn’t write it to you that’s for sure so obviously you don’t have that responsibility but kind of break it down into exactly what an assessor does for a parish okay assessor is the name says it all yeah i assess value yeah that is it yeah i do it on a mass appraisal so there’s a lot of times people will come in and say well my neighbor right across the street from me and we have the same house but my taxes are higher than his okay first of all i don’t do anything with your taxes let’s look at the assessment so your house is the same if it’s the same exact house built on the same time everything is equal then they should be assessed the same right oh well he’s got another room in his he’s got another hundred square feet then they’re not the same footage yeah so at 100 100 square feet if you’re looking at 100 square feet that’s ten thousand dollars more sure okay so we do it on a mass appraisal though i go into a subdivision we grade it out we see how many different classifications they have and then we come to a square footage per classification in doing that everybody is assessed equally sure now it just took us a long time to get it to where everybody is assessed equally there are still people that we know we don’t know who they are but we know there’s some fraud and everything in here because the way when i first walked into office gym we did a spot check on florida boulevard from dental springs to livingston 30 of the property was not listed not under assessed it was not listed not listed and so i’ve went from 101 million dollars of a total value of taxable value in our parish when i walked in the door first thing i did is i purged the records of all the stuff that wasn’t good anymore it went down to 94 million we’re at 580 million dollars in a taxable value now yeah so we have increased 400 something percent we’ve only increased 50 of people right so that starts to tell you that we’ve been out there working my guys we’re down to like 400 structures in this parish that have not had a tape measure on them out of everything that’s unbelievable we have we’re down to like 400 we’re going to finish that this year so what does the assessor do he goes out there and he makes sure that their measurements are right yeah i was amazed when i come in at how many houses were assessed at 74 900 yeah you know why why homestead 75 000. yeah so if you show your friends and everything in there yeah all of a sudden you make them 749 yeah they don’t have to pay taxes so we’re going to pass a tax on the people that are over 75 000 and how did we used to pass all the taxes in the uh parish and you’re not going to pay anything for that it’s just going to be the rich people parent so you vote for it you vote for the school middle you vote for the sheriff’s military vote for drainage this because you’re not going to have to pay for it right well a funny thing happened values have now exceeded over 74 75 000 and everybody’s having to pay right so we got to go out there and make sure that people are getting their fair assessment because if i go out there and i put a wrong square footage if i add your carport or garage if you uh you know if i put that under roof then all of a sudden you’re gonna be paying a lot more so we have to make sure our numbers are accurate we just went through a legislative audit last year they went 11 months they stayed in our office yeah and they found out that our procedures are perfect our finances are perfect the way we did our measurements were perfect and all of our assessments we’re at 99 accuracy of the ones that we know now we’d still know we’ve now got this flyover that’s catching more and more people sure but there’s people that told us that they had 1200 square feet when they really had 1800 yeah sometimes it was an error sometimes it was because they didn’t want to tell the truth there are some people that are building homes on shed permits you know what that is a shed permit means that you we don’t pick it up yeah so all of a sudden we found out that the permit director was allowing people to get these shed permits building houses and we found them yeah and now all of a sudden wow you know seven eight hundred nine hundred thousand dollar homes right that wasn’t on the rolls because they were a shed per minute right you know it’s a situation jeff where uh when you started out and i’m sure back in 99 technology was not what it is today i mean i bet you had a job when i walked in the door had it not been for the clerk or court uh coming over tom sullivan yeah we didn’t have the stuff necessary to run the office because the way it works is you’ve got a 14-month waiting period after you win the election i won in october of 99 i wasn’t supposed to take office until january of two of 2001 that’s 14 months yeah my predecessor had to resign in august so i took over a little bit early had i not took over we’d have been completely out of money yeah the computer screens and everything that those computers were basically just shells yeah we had no information but we had a backup over somewhere so we was able to put everything back in to the computer yeah but if he wouldn’t had it we had nothing we’d have to start all over wow and so we went to do all of that and the um the clerk loaned us pens they loaned us paper they gave us all these things tom sullivan was the man he really come through for us and he said i’m here he said we’re coming into this together let’s get it going so we went through all this stuff and it was amazing how much was wrong in that office yeah and so we just started you know just started you we’re going to do this technology we were still taking the cards out of the file and writing them and then we updated to where we could do it all on computer and print that out and that was pretty cool sure and you went from all of that now uh i’ll tell you a story this is a true story the reason we’re with the software company that we are now we’re researching for a while but we were fixing to put our uh assessment role out and we had two gentlemen that worked on them they they’re the only two that knew this software service when i first walked in sure one of them quit moved out of state the other one had a stroke right before we was going to do it literally me my chief deputy and my chief office administrator chief deputy he didn’t do anything but my chief office administrator we were sitting there looking at and the guy was blinking for us to get it this is a true story he had to blink for we for us to know what categories to fill out so we could send out the tax notice true story and so i figured at that time i said yeah we need to do something different we need to have a bigger system in here so we went and bought this software and services it’s worked out real well for us we’re going to be updating that also but it’s those things the technology the flyovers now the mapping system that we have we tommy and i started a mapping system uh that we did then we found another company that would upgrade it even more and when you go on there our mapping system is oh it’s unbelievable yes it’s a fantastic deal so when you talk about going from if i go to your house and nobody knows who you are and i’m you’re not on the roll and i can’t research it through the clerk’s office i may have to go back to that house five six seven times i may have to go at seven eight o’clock at night to find out that jim lives there yeah whereas now when my map and the way the clerk and everything’s figured things up we just go through and put the description in and it’s coming up and it’s showing up on our maps with a picture of the house so when people come in and say my house is not worth that much you need to lower it okay well here’s your neighbors they’re all on for this price per square foot why should i put you on less yeah so it’s made me very unpopular in the last four years since we started doing that and um it’s led to you know a lot of a lot of just unpopularity but well work has to be done yeah bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your own wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast and you’re in a job where it’s no matter what no matter how good your job is it’s it’s hard you know people still look at it as well you’re in my pocket yeah and you’re really not as important if you’re not under uh homestead exempt yeah then i’m the bad guy yes yeah exactly and and it’s just your job you’re hired to do a job and this is what you’re hired to do but i prefer to think about it uh like this you’re making sure i’m not over assessed that’s right you know what i mean instead of looking at it negatively and saying well he’s he’s trying to uh charge me more than maybe i should have to pay which you would you’re not gonna do uh i look at it as you’re making sure that i’m not paying more than i should have to well a lot of people think that i personally get the money i’m sitting here going it does mean no good yeah if you just put it on a basic level of thinking yeah why would i over assess you i’ve got to come back and ask you to support me and that’s right so why would i over assess you that’s right so i don’t get the money some of it comes to my office to run my office sure but these other districts get the money yeah so why would i oversess you there’s two different rules uh two different schools of thought one is that you have people pay the maximum amount of taxes they can pay the other one is you pay the least amount my deal is i want you to pay the least amount of property taxes that you have to because i want to make it right for everybody else to get yeah and the way we do that we’ll talk about a few minutes about lower millages yeah and you said a key word earlier which was fair you just want to be fair with everybody i want to be fair i don’t mind paying my fair share you know and and uh if everybody has that because some of these taxes i know we all you know we all hate paying taxes but some of this money that you’re paying in goes to some very good things and uh and you know as much as i don’t like to pay this tax and that tax whatever it is i wouldn’t have roads to drive on if i didn’t pay them they wouldn’t have schools yeah you couldn’t call the fire department and get them there right they wouldn’t have a road to go down uh you wouldn’t have the equipment that they have the sheriff’s office i like going to bed at night knowing that my streets are safe i like going to bed at night knowing that my schools are being taught by good teachers and my good principals and my superintendent they’re taking care of our needs yeah i like that i like fire departments i like when my son and daughter played ball at pards i like to be able to go to a facility that was clean absolutely and everybody wants to throw a fit about it and everything but the truth of the matter is it takes money to do these things yep and my job is to make sure my only job is to make sure that you don’t pay more than what you’re supposed to that’s right that’s right and that’s true everybody’s unfair that’s right and and we talked about you know kind of the start of what you had to deal with when you got into the assessor’s office and where we’re at now and and i do want to mention that you have done a lot of of things uh that i i consider giving of yourself when it comes to uh supporting the the assessor job and i’ll give you an example so you’ve served on the board of directors for 12 years for the assessors association you also served as treasurer you served twice as vice president once as interim president and once as president and in addition to that in 2021 you were named louisiana’s assessor for the entire state of louisiana now there’s a lot to be proud of there uh jeff so but what really struck me is that’s your peers right these are people that that uh these aren’t people that don’t know who they’re voting for or what they’re voting for these are people that know everything about what you do and they honored you with that and you’ve you’ve kind of given of yourself in all these other positions that you’ve served with the state of louisiana assessors association did that feel to get kind of get that recognition well um as far as board of directors um i was asked to serve and i i wanted to do that yeah then after a while they asked me to serve as treasurer and i’d become a treasure the treasurer for about three months when the president resigned and the president resigned that meant the vice president moved up and then i moved up to vice president one week later the president resigned and i became interim president yeah so in a matter of about two weeks i went from treasurer vice president to president how about that and so we have guidelines that we have to follow so i was in the presidency for uh you know a few months and then we filled it with someone else sure and i moved back to my position of vice president yeah so it’s pretty cool that they felt good enough that they kept moving me to these positions because they knew uh that i was gonna i’m one of those that if i see something needs to be done i want to get it done yeah i don’t want a lolly gag with it i don’t want to put it out to the side if it needs to be done let’s go get it done yes and then i became president and we went through all kind of changes and everything that but uh one of the things that i wanted in that is because in the assessor field it’s a male dominated field sure okay and we’ve got a lot of offices now being taken over by women and but our our committees and everything were not represented by women very much it was like an eight percent of the women that were assessors were uh lead uh committee uh chairmans sure and so i got it up to 25 because that’s the number of successor women that we had so my year i became president i said i know you’ve served as a committee chair i’m going to put you as vice chair because i need a lady in that position because we need to make sure that they understand that they’re part of this association yeah i moved it up to the 25 percent and i made that a i made that a goal that was one of my goals i wanted it to be because i have a wife and a daughter yeah i want people to know that what they do is important to me right and so i moved them up to that uh but then to get assessor of the year this is from people that know what i do exactly this is not people that are voting on popularity this is not people this is people that know what i do yep and i was standing in the back of the room when they got up to announce it and i was actually talking to the assessor from washington parish and they said my name and i actually thought they could hear what i was saying and that i needed to quiet down i said i’m sorry like that and everybody was looking at me and like that never said and they looked i said what and i started laughing they said say it again so she said my assessor of the year is jeff taylor wow and i was literally so not expecting to get it yeah that i wasn’t even really paying attention because he and i were talking about something to do with legislation sure and all of a sudden i forgot what legislation was talking about and i was the assessor of the year i mean you know the bible says not to be proud prideful and all that stuff i don’t think i’m prideful but man i was awfully proud of that absolutely because you know you kind of go through some things here in the parish that happened over the last couple years and everything and all of a sudden you go okay yeah all right god you’ve got it in control yeah you know i was sitting here fretting about this or threatening about whether this legislation is going to pass you got it yeah yeah and and it’s such an honor that it was people that like you say they know what you do every day and they’re honoring you with this award and and we all like a little recognition for for our hard work and and i mentioned all those other things that you did as you you know serving as the treasurer and the vice president the president and the short length of time because the key word there is serve and uh and you know you got a family too right and and all these things and you’re dedicating yourself to going further than just uh being you know the assessor for livingston paris you’re you’re putting yourself in other roles that you know it’s not like you’re getting a million dollars for being treasurer of the of the assessors association you’re doing nothing you get nothing it’s a it’s a serve role and it’s uh it’s just you giving more of yourself and so that’s a fantastic thing but i was taught that jim from the time you asked about my mom and dad yeah they taught us to serve yes that’s what you do absolutely you walk into a room and you find out what you can do you don’t walk into a room loud you don’t walk into a room trying to make everybody see you you walk into a room and see what can i do yeah how can i help you how can i help because i saw it so many times when someone lost a loved one my dad and mom would walk in how can i help you how can i help you when we lost my sister we were all sitting on the couch and i looked at my mom and said i don’t know what to do because usually at this time i’m helping serve drinks or food or anything i don’t know how to take it yeah and she said well you have to i said i understand but it’s it’s harder because because it really is one of those things where when you have somebody that wants to serve people let them serve i tell my friends all the time if somebody’s trying to help you let them help you yeah because they’ve been through it that’s right that’s great advice great advice now

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currently we discussed this a little bit about the mapping system but i want you to tell us about that because it’s an amazing feature in usa today four times you know and you’ve you’ve really assisted with this mapping system so tell us tell us all about that i was doing some studying on on mapping in different areas that we was going through and uh so i contacted this company and i told him i said here’s what i’m trying to do we have a little bit of an ownership map yeah but it’s not a great ownership map i said i want it to be to where my realtors and my uh people that are doing abstractors can come out there and they can look at this and they know when they leave there that they’ve got the information sure and i don’t want bad information put on there so if you don’t have the right information put question marks on it that means that we don’t know who owns that so if anybody sees that question mark you can call and say oh jim owns that piece of property yeah okay so we can go research so we got with the company it took us five years to pay for it wow five years yeah because i didn’t have the money yeah just simple ascension started their program with us the ascension assessor that’s in there right now he actually came to my office and trained he saw what we was trying to do yeah and so ascension has a lot more money than livingston yeah because of all the districts baton rouge has more west baton rouge so we had to piecemeal ours together so i worked it out with a computer company i’ll pay for it over five years because we couldn’t go live until it we paid for it right and so by the time i started mine until i got it online it was five years yeah ascension bought theirs in our third year and the fourth year they were online so it looked like they were the first ones we had to wait another year to get ours online okay because we had to pay for it yeah but uh we we come out here and they started being able to break things out for us our realtors and our abstracts they’ll call me all the time say man this is great can you do this yeah because i didn’t buy it for the assessor’s office matter of fact when i put it out we had a big deal casey may remember this we had a big deal at the forest grove over here and i told you i told him i said i want to introduce y’all to the new mapping system and a guy said he says this the assessor’s mapping says i said no this is the livingston parish mapping system right this is i’m giving you you’re not going to pay for it because taxpayers already paying for it so why am i going to charge other people for it sure so realtors you get it for free if you want to get on it you can you can’t change anything yeah because then all of a sudden we’d have everybody change oh yeah but you can get on there and look at it but i gave it to them for free so it’s a livingston mapping system and so yeah you know you’re just delivering these others they’re charging people for it no yeah i want to give this to you excellent and because uh i was able to get it then greg and them came in and they’ve tweaked it we’ve now can lay over all of our districts we can lay our senate districts our sewer districts our our recreation districts everything can be laid out and you know exactly who’s supposed to be in those taxing districts right it’s off the chart yeah yeah and i encourage anyone you can research some of that stuff online with the livingston uh parish mapping system and uh and i encourage you to check it out and get more information on that i encourage them to go in there and look at any of them if you see the question marks there’s three question marks yeah they’re they’re side by side if you see one of those and you know who owns that property let us know because there’s a chance there could be a house on there that’s not assessed sure that usually gets people’s attention or your labor may not be paying could be but the truth of the matter is we’re not doing it to catch people we want to get it to where the information is correct we’re going to see who owns the land want to be able to uh because a lot of times that goes into revenue sharing from the state on how much you’ve got done correctly how much is not on the tax rolls so it affects our districts absolutely it does and uh so that’s a great thing and and who would have thought in livingston parish right here we’d have you know all this high-tech equipment well i would tell you that uh eagleview came in on this mapping and they did a flyover yeah they were gonna do a flyover okay and the flyover we first did was like a two to three inch pixel yeah and so they come back in and said look we got this new thing out it’s a one inch pixel and i said i have no idea what you’re talking about yeah it’s going to be so good that you can see a golf ball on the green that’s how good that’s how low we’re going to be at fly you can see a doorknob on the door yeah well that means that you can assess the property from that map now you don’t have to send guys out there and get eat up by dogs and sure stoned by wasps and so when they told me that they said you’re going to be one of the first in the nation to have this i’m thinking okay this dude’s trying to sell me yeah but i like the idea and every time i go well i go to a conference in portland a couple years ago and while i’m there washington oregon california and idaho are there they never heard of it really so as i’m there the guy says do you mind giving a little update on what it’s like to have one inch pixel so when the dude said the guy sold it to me he was telling the truth we were some of the first in the country in livingston parish us and lafayette were two of the first ones to have the one inch pixel flyover how about that yeah yeah when you start looking at these things when i used to go to um and i’m not bragging on jeff i’m bragging on the office because these people that work for me they work hard yeah you know they take a lot of abuse but they work hard but when i first become assessor i’d go to international conferences and they had it one time on ways not that they had some fraud things that was happening and livingston was up there yeah and i’m sitting in there and i just introduced myself as livingston assessor yeah and all of a sudden you look up on that screen and there it is uh ways not to do things yeah and now all of a sudden ways to do things exactly livingston’s up there so now you set up a little bit higher whereas before you slide down oh yeah yeah yeah you didn’t want nobody’s i didn’t say livingston i said mimingston yeah well y’all done a great job with that and you know of course lp we’ve had our share bad luck the past four years first a great flood i mean uh we were all in that one together and then in 2020 coveted reared its ugly head and kind of hit us again um now as as the assessor you you have been very understanding and your office has been understanding you’ve even implemented some programs to kind of help people uh who maybe can’t get back on their feet even since the flood believe it or not there’s still people out there folks but also with some coveted discounts and some pilot programs and things like that so let’s cover the flood and and the covid uh thing programs that yeah when we we did the flood the flood hit okay the assessment role was opening for inspection the monday after the flood hit yeah we had already done all of our work for the year yeah and all of a sudden the flood hit and so we were supposed to open on the 15th i think the 16th it was the monday yeah and so i called the tax commission i said look this is not gonna work i said first of all nobody can get here right second of all nobody’s coming in and because all their stuff flowed down the river yeah and they said oh no you’ve got to be open the law says you’ve got to be open and let people come and inspect the rules so by about wednesday they called me back and they said well you can shut down so no kidding you know these people thank you thank you very much we had to come up with a way to to have some kind of fairness about it you’re hearing on the in on the news that baton rouge is given a 50 to 60 percent reduction for people that flooded ascension’s given a 70-75 reduction to people that flooded yeah i knew i couldn’t do that right i knew there was no way if i gave a 75 reduction in one year we were not going to have a sheriff’s department we’re not going to have schools we’re not going to have fire departments right so i had to be the person that stood with my districts and stood with my people and i had to come up with something in the middle right so what i worked out with a group of uh districts and with people i did i didn’t just do this on my own i asked questions yeah what if we do this since they’re giving 70 over an ascension what if i give 20 a year yeah for four years because ascension gave it for one year right so i said that still equals out to 80 for my people it’s just you’ve got to have it over four years yeah now it wasn’t fun because people were sitting there going but my house is not worth i understand yeah but the truth of the matter is the assessment’s on january the first so you really owe the higher amount now january 1st is next year you’ve got an argument but not this year right so we worked it out and we did it we gave one 20 25 20 and a 20. so they actually worked out to be an 85 reduction in their assessments over four years and you know jeff it it had to be a tough decision as to where you know what i you want to do the right thing by everybody and at the same time it’s not so clear as well we’ll just give you because you’ve got to see the backside of that and the programs that are going to suffer because that money is not being funneled into it how many people were going to come up in uh may and say why are we not playing ball yes how why why can’t we play ball yeah well we don’t have any money because we gave you a 70 reduction it shut down the park well why why did it take the sheriff’s office three hours away he had to lay off deputies yeah because he didn’t have the money to get there yeah fire department may not be responding so i had to make sure that the districts had the money that they needed to operate not excess and i told them i said you will not have access yeah excess but i also had to make it fair for the homeowners right now there are some homeowners that have held me responsible for the fact that i didn’t just give it to them i said okay i got you but you got 85 instead of 70. and i understand it wasn’t optimal but it was the best that we could come up with yeah and so we did that for you and we gave it to you jim we’re swamped with these podcasts and i’m in the mood for some local barbecue for lunch barbecue casey the problem with barbecue is the speed that would take forever not at buddy’s barbecue with the drive-through line they can get us fed fast in that sauce yum it is right in the heart 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and you know for the most part you you always got something that’s gonna just oh yeah you can’t please use them all the time but when they saw it but i went to the tax commission i told them i said this is what i’m going to do i said this is i’m the duly elected assessor in livingston parish i’m going to make this decision so i did it and just was fortunate the tax mission went along with it and then they told us this past year you got to take it off yeah and i said okay no problem i said what about my people that are still working they said there’s not many people that’s still working i said there’s still people working on the houses yeah i said i’ve got neighbors that are still working on their houses they still got concrete floors and they’ve got their walls are not finished so we put out a little deal billboards you may have saw some of the billboards that said look if you’ve suffered any loss and if you’re still working on your home please call us we did a lot of people called and said they would send us pictures and everything so we had a lot of that and then businesses that were affected by the flood still you know they were back up and running yeah some of them were still doing things to the building sure so we took all that when they just bring in proof to us we’ll go out and verify it because we found out that a few people were willing to bring us proof of the houses in mississippi yeah we don’t have my houses in mississippi we’ve got them here yeah so i don’t need the pictures of the house in mississippi i need them here and so um we did that and then covey came along yeah well the flood discount falls off it’s another reassessment year so we fixing to get this big jump in assessments yeah and covet hits and everybody’s sitting here going man what now right you know i’ve gotta i’ve gotta come up with this money to pay for this my business is shut down i’m getting laid off and everything so as far as we know i’m the only uh assessor in the state that gave a ten percent coveted uh discount yeah uh everybody talked about it they kept going back and forth and then well we don’t know what to do giving a 10 coving because i don’t know what’s gonna happen with uh home sales i don’t know what’s going to happen now home sales are up right now but if this thing keeps going jim what’s going to happen when people start losing their jobs yeah and all of a sudden they can’t pay the house notes that’s right then you’re in the deal so i lowered at 10 i’m keeping that 10 percent on for this year for 2021 and i’m going to look at it again and see if it doesn’t need to be more and if it needs to be more and we’ll give it to them but our businesses i told them i said you bring in what you lost from uh the last from march the 1st to july the 31st you bring in what you lost in revenue yeah and we’re going to put that into another we put it into a formula and we were giving people reductions for that so it was it was deserved absolutely big mike deserves a a a break he sure because he’s sitting there and he’s trying to keep us he supports everything in his uh parish every time somebody comes up to him he does it so when it came time for him to get some kind of reduction i felt it was well deserved i agree i felt it was well deserved i agree 100 and and you know it’s surprising you’re the only one that’s really offered that or or at least pushed it through and and it has implemented it uh in the state but i can assure you that they put billboards up to let everybody know yeah some other people may have said to the businesses if you have a loss come in and see us yeah but if me and you is talking about that and i haven’t told the world right i went on the dental springs news podcast i put billboards up we sent letters out if you’ve had a reduction please let us know yeah yeah you did it was out there yeah we’ve done our due diligence on that there’s no doubt about it now you you know you you also sponsors us the need and have done that for a long time one of my favorite programs amazing parish wide school supply drive uh that helps it obviously helps needy families and take it from a guy who’s got three kids school supplies ain’t cheap they’re not cheaper not cheap and uh i want to tell you all you listeners out there i want to discuss it a little bit because you’re in your 20th year with uh assess the needs so tell us about assess the need how the how you originally got into it and and you know all the great things that you’re doing for this 20th year of assessment okay well first of all 20th year we just celebrated we’ve raised right at a million dollars we may be a little bit over a million dollars in that time period which is huge huge for the kids of this parish fantastic um it started because we had a office manager from one of the schools secretary clinton to say you know everybody gets something for christmas and everything but we’ve got kids that are coming to school that have no notebooks no is there anything you could possibly do to help me and my school well me and my wife are sitting there talking i said well we can possibly do this and everything and then she said you know we could do a program and she said the program could be called assess the need a play off the assessor’s office yeah assess that’s a great yeah so she came up with the name she and i sat down and we started putting this plan together yeah and we got input from teachers and everyone like that called my mom and dad and told them i said this is what we’re going to try to do and so when i went to the school board i asked you know i was thinking it was going to be about two three thousand dollars honest to god yeah so the first year when i went to the school board i said this is what we’re going to try to do because i was from frost yeah you know we had a hundred students so i have three percent of the people so that’s three and so each school’s gonna have three so we’re gonna have to help you know a hundred kids yeah and we’re gonna put thirty dollars in each one of them so it’s gonna be three thousand dollars had it in my mind yeah book sack and everything sure went to the school board and i said how many students you got they said we got fourteen i said okay about how many students do you think are in need they said probably about 10 to 12 percent so i’m like okay we i said excuse me i said how many do you have and so it’s going to be 1400 students yeah so i called my mom i said mom i’ve already told these people what we were going to do yeah and um my mom is a faithful person sure and so she said god owns the cattle of a thousand heels she said he’s never left you short yeah never left you short i said but mom you’re not understanding fourteen hundred kids at twenty dollars a piece is twenty eight thousand dollars i said i was expecting she said do you believe and i said i don’t know but i know you do yeah and so i called my wife and told her what it was going to be and so we prayed yeah and jim the first year we raised 32 000 amazing to help all the kids in 20 years 20 years we have never come up short not one time yeah every year i’ve read about it i’m the one owe you a little faith i i go man there’s no way we can raise five thousand dollars yeah there’s no way we’re going to raise that kind of money yeah and i get to the end and i asked chris i said how’d we do we got a little bit left over for surplus for next year for the advertising yeah every year he owns a cattle of a thousand hills he’s not going to leave you short that’s right you know he is going to be there to answer the question but we have been able to do this over and over and over 20 years yeah and not only we help livingston parish but when the storms came through we went to texas when it hit over in lake charles and all the airs we went to lake charles we took school supplies to lake charles truckloads and we went to texas we went to plaquemines parish we have been to orleans parish taking all these supplies to mississippi texas different places when the big hurricane hit with uh katrina and rita back-to-back somehow somebody found out about it on facebook and the next thing you know i’m contacted with somebody from illinois and from pennsylvania we want to help i said great we could use anything you did money or supplies just send them we will help distribute them well all of a sudden my pastor at the church called and he said you’re gonna need to get over here and i said what’s the matter he said they got a little moving truck over here that’s full of supplies and so i can’t undo them can you bring some guys to help i said yeah well a moving truck is a little rider truck yeah oh yeah okay now when i got to the church there was an 18-wheeler parked at the church with supplies from front to back top to bottom with nothing but school supplies everything that everybody was going to need so we were able to completely take care of lake charles it was amazing how he took just a little grain and he multiplied it yeah and all because somebody saw it on facebook who sees assess the need on facebook yeah and all of a sudden we got a 18-wheeler so we had to call other people yeah we can’t get this done we don’t even have anywhere to put it in the church we filled up everything we filled up the choir room we filled up every room that we could possibly do and then church people started showing up yeah and they were saying we can take this one i know some people over at this school in lake charleston they’d go they’d just drive they’d pull the trailer and all of a sudden before you knew it in two or three weeks we had all those supplies gone and we had met all the needs of the people wow amazing it really is jeff you can see your passion for it and and that’s uh you know it’s we were all young once and and when you’re young you don’t realize the importance of giving back like you do when you get a little bit older and uh all you listeners out there that you support uh these non-profits and especially our homegrown ones like yours because it matters it’s a direct just a direct impact on your community and uh wow you know when you sit back and you think about what that means to a kid who didn’t have a pencil or didn’t have you know uh a notebook and and how blessed we are that we don’t we don’t our children didn’t know that didn’t know that things

william waldrop of twfg insurance cares he cares about his customers their customers their families and the livingston parish community call william waldrop today for all your insurance needs at 225-667-2040 twfg insurance and william waldron their policy is caring and they’re a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast but you know jim it’s not a deal to where when that child walks into the class that they say one time i don’t have a pencil they say it six times that day it’s amazing i don’t have a pencil i don’t have paper i don’t have i don’t have i don’t have and before you know they become the have-nots i don’t have in life i don’t have i don’t have but all of a sudden somebody just reaches down and gives you a hand and pulls you up yeah pacious roller sweet pasha over at um southside elementary she called me one day there was a child that was being disrupted terribly disruptive in class her mom was either in jail or non-existent her dad was either in jail non-existent this child was in bad shape living with grandparents so pasha went down to get her she was sitting back classroom disruptive patchy goes down gets her brings her to the office and tells her to pick up some school supplies and the little girl says i don’t have any money to get she said you don’t have to she said because the people of livingston parish have supplied you with these supplies yeah it’s huge and gave it to the little girl finished the year all days had moved up to the front of the class and fascia said she became a model student wow you never know that one person that you help that’s right will become the best housewife minister doctor lawyer she may become the next assessor and she may be the best one we ever had yeah that’s right that’s great that’s a great point man and and you just never know who you touch you never know who you touch i love it um so you may have noticed if you hadn’t seen jeff taylor for a little while his hair’s a little bit longer than normal but let’s discuss why you’re growing your hair out because some people may be saying what is he going hippie on us i’ve had that i’ve had the uh the boy’s lost his mind um he’s growing his hair back out he’s trying to relive his boy’s loss i love it uh he’s trying to relive his glory days of the 18 to 22 when he had the longer hair and and all these things but truthfully it happened quite on a whim because of covet yeah and i saw dirk and hooty lockhart at greystone and one day and my hair was getting longer because i couldn’t get a haircut sure and my hair was always so so short and all of a sudden it was getting where i couldn’t comb it i couldn’t do anything with it and uh hootie said man you ought to grow your hair out i said for what he said for saint jude he said you know i put on that golf tournament every year i said i’m in yeah didn’t even think about it yeah i didn’t think about discussing it with my wife who i should have but i just said i’m in well i started then and a lot of people didn’t they would hear about it and then all of a sudden they started seeing my hair get longer and longer and then i went through the stage where i had to slick it back because i couldn’t do anything with it sure and then i run into hootie and he said you’re really going to do this i said i’m absolutely going to do it and so i i thought i was just doing it for hooting them but then i met people that have lost their hair to cancer and i met women that told me you have no idea what it means when you get a wig yeah and you’ve had cancer yeah and all of a sudden it didn’t become a deal of what this would be fun to do it became something i wanted to do yeah and it’s going to look ridiculous it’s going to get worse than this it’s going to be a ponytail i need to tell the people at church but i am getting prepared be prepared i’m going to be wearing a ponytail before alone because i can’t really do anything with it my wife complains because all the hairspray and all the jail are gone from the house but it’s going to get to a point to where i’m going to do that it’s going to take me about another year and two or three months jim to get to where i’m at

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and you see how long it is now yeah again it’s going to look ridiculous but man how good is it going to feel to know when they cut this hair that somebody is going to be able to go to walmart or they’re going to be able to go to church and not be self-conscious yeah yeah it’s all about that it’s all about just sometimes just being nice it just does not hurt to be it don’t cost you a penny to be nice that’s right you just don’t it don’t it makes you grow your hair out sometimes those of us that can actually yeah uh yes and and what a great they said this is through saint jude i’m gonna raise money i am actually raising money so if anybody wants to give they can contact me yeah we’re raising money for the hair yeah is what it’s called the money we raise will go to saint jude the hair when it’s cut will go to uh cancer services or um locks of love or someone like that so but the money and we’re actually doing okay on the raising of the money i didn’t think people would give money for me to raise my hair yeah but they are okay and so uh i want to raise money and we was hoping to do it for this april for the golf tournament obviously it’s not going to be there yeah so it’s going to be through next april so we’re going to start a gofundme for the hair pretty soon if people just want to give it’s no pressure if you don’t give don’t give yeah but if you want to everything not one penny is going to go to any administration anything it’s all gonna go to saint jude it’s gonna go to the saint jude golf tournament next april so if you want to give something to it please give me a call i’ll tell you how to do it yeah and and uh i’ll definitely link all those things to my social media whenever you get them ready and set up to go uh i do want to mention st jude is is such a great national charity and i’ve actually toured st jude’s uh children’s hospital in memphis oh wow man it is uh you know it’s one of those charities that i never hesitate to give to because i see exactly where that money’s going yeah and and uh what a fantastic national charity that saint jude well uh you’ve got the the golf tournament then you’ve got trevor van prant that uh is just so dear to me his mom and i grew up together and everything and they’ve been through so many things we’ve i went up to sent you to cook for the runners and everything they took my smoker up there we could but trevor has got team trevor so i’m doing all of this to make sure that saint jude is honored through monroe lockhart and through trevor van i i just it just means something it just means something yes yeah so get get all the information you can on that and and uh and jeff will make sure it goes to a good cause absolutely to donate 100 100 now you support your community in a lot of ways you’re affiliated with a lot of community uh organizations including your chamber member uh chamber of commerce livingston parish of course i’m an active member of the chamber as well we love our chambers around here uh you remember kiwanis rotary uh golly jeff coach sports teams you even serve as a volunteer in the school system yeah yeah so you may think there’s no way jeff taylor has time for hobbies no way but you know rumor on the street is she’s taking up flying lessons yes tell me about that well dee is a pilot okay and she went a few years ago for christmas i gave her some uh pilot less uh i bought her some pilot lessons just to see if she wanted to do it and so she did and she pursued it and so uh seems like everything she thinks about she goes and does it completely she she’s living life to the fullest yeah and i’m so happy for her because she is living it to the fullest yeah but a few years ago we found out that a plane we could buy this little 172 yeah and so we bought this plane yeah and so we bought it with the understanding that it was going to take me this much money to do lessons my daughter this much money so if we bought the plane we could pay for it in the amount of lessons and everything and then we could sell it if we wanted to so i decided to go start flying found out that i liked it a whole lot yeah so i’m now getting back into covets knocked all that out but i’m getting back into it gotta do my ground and all this stuff so i’m excited about becoming a pilot because the truth of the matter is she already knows how to fly so if both of us up in the air we can fly at different places yeah if we want to go to watch my daughter play ball we can fly to memphis if i want to go to houston uh austin to see my nephew i can fly over there and all of a sudden it’s fun because when you get that time there when you’re uh six thousand feet up there on a saturday morning and the sun’s just coming up and it’s beautiful there’s nothing like it yeah and so all of a sudden i decided i’m i’m gonna do that fantastic fantastic yeah it seems like a lot of fun and maybe one day i’ll take some flying lessons get out there well you need to go up with my wife you need to just take you up because she’s already a pilot she can take you up and fly you awesome you know it’s just fun yeah yeah uh so you have uh jt okay he just won him a little election there uh mayor of uh livingston livingston yeah so uh how proud are you that he won that race and you know jonathan was um jonathan is what we all called him his mom wanted it to be jonathan she didn’t want to be john she don’t want to be nathan and then all of a sudden i told her i said how you feel about it now he’s j.t yeah there you go but jonathan was our first baby you know uh his dad um lived with us for years he his dad is my dad’s brother okay but he lived with us from the time i was five six years old so he’s my brother yeah so it’s the weirdest little thing so we introduced each other as our brother nephew and things like that sure so but jonathan was our first baby yeah and so there’s just a special place for jonathan taylor but other than him just being ours he is such a good guy yeah this this guy really gives of himself he um he loves his family he loves his community even before he was going to run for office you’d see him out there cleaning the streets picking up the garbage and everything what a wonderful testament of a guy yeah and of course i’m biased because i just absolutely love him i mean he’s my baby uh i just love him to death and i know he’s going to love the fact that i’m calling the mayor of livingston my baby but you know what son you’re my baby that’s it and he is he’s a great guy and did a great job with tourism office absolutely uh and now he’s moving on to bigger and better things and very happy for that

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so one thing we do on this show is we do fun facts every every uh every week when i interview people i like to come up with some fun facts on kind of what they do and and we both have a little fun with that it’s casey’s favorite part of the program i think all right he loves fun facts so uh today i i came up with someone assessing okay and um you’ll find these interesting be glad you don’t live in new jersey because if you lived in new jersey you would be the highest property tax rate of anywhere in the country that’s right i’m convinced bon jovi caused that absolutely it had to be they’re actually somewhere close to two percent on their uh on their assessments that they do in contrast louisiana actually has a reasonably low rate compared to nationally so be glad that you live in louisiana uh we compared the national average we’re actually lower uh towards the bottom in the entire nation um so interestingly also is that if you live in livingston parish you’re not paying the highest property tax rate you got to go to saint tammany parish to get that that’s right and the parish with the lowest tax tax rate is uh property tax rate is st landry parish so they have the lowest but but not much further livingston parish kind of in the middle there uh which is which is right right where you need to be i guess uh so uh some interesting things there because if you live here sometimes you think people think they pay more taxes than anywhere in the world and they don’t no they’re not even close i mean we’re one of the lowest states absolutely in the in the entire country and believe me mass appraisal helps you pay even less some of these states have to do an appraisal we do a mass mass means average yes okay so you could be paying a lot more but i guarantee you’re not gonna be paying more than you’re supposed to because we study it and we make sure that you’re you’re right so you’re right living livingston’s really doing it yeah you’re supposed to be done doing well love living here and man i cannot tell you how much i appreciate you coming on i enjoyed this this was fun i got to know more about you like i said at the beginning i love researching people ahead of time and and i learned some things about you man you’re doing a great job over there well one of the things that the assessors will tell you they’re not surprised when they get an email from me at three o’clock in the morning four o’clock in the morning yeah because the word on the street over there with this says he don’t sleep when did you sleep but you know i may wake up at two o’clock in the morning and start doing some work on my computer you know yeah and then i send all my emails out and then all of a sudden they’ll get another email at six and they’ll get one at eight they get one at 10 o’clock they’re like when do you sleep whenever i sleep yeah it’s just i’ve always been a person that didn’t need a lot of sleep yeah and you know you give me a ten minute cat nap and i’m i’m off and running for another three or four or five hours yeah it’s just um that i enjoy what i do yeah it’s just that simple you know it’s not a deal to where you you have a job right my job is being the assessor i have other activities and hobbies and everything that i do but i do love being an assessor of livingston parish because i feel like where we’ve come from in 1999 to where we are today light years and the technology in the last two or three years is so fast jim is it’s just moving at us as fast you can as soon as you buy something it’s almost obsolete yeah and it’s a good thing because we can just keep on adding things it really is it really is and you’ve done a great job over there there’s no doubt about it um tell everyone where they can find you online if they want to look up more information on the assessor’s office livingston is where you want to go to and that’s going to give us our website and you’re going to be able to go in there and visit and see anything that you want to about us um the uh we’re thinking thinking about updating the pictures yeah as i go along yeah um that one has not garnered widespread support yet from my office nor my wife but we we try to stay current with everything that’s happening some of the laws you know changes in homestead exemption uh one of the things that just changed this past year is the freeze form that you can actually if you’re over 65 you can come in and freeze your assessment not your taxes because again i don’t do taxes i have an assessment but you can freeze your assessment well before the limit was like 74 000 that a couple could make if you made over that you couldn’t freeze your assessment sure in session this last time we raised that to a hundred thousand wow so that helps a few more people because look if you’ve been paying taxes all your life at 65 years old you deserve some kind of a break and the only way we come up with a break is to keep your assessment the same now if somebody goes in and passes another tax if school board sheriff fire district anybody passes a tax your taxes will go up yeah and as i told you a while ago a good case in point for people to understand i can assess your property at one million dollars and if there’s no taxes passed if there’s no millages your tax rate is zero zero i don’t pass those taxes every time you go and you vote on one understand that when you come in people come in and tell me say well i agree with my assessment my taxes are too high different ball game yeah all you and i can do is agree on your assessment if your assessment is wrong and you can show me i’ll fix it if your assessment is right i’ll prove it to you well the people pass the time people pass the taxes you know it’s the majority absolutely i mean if you don’t vote if you don’t like taxes and you don’t vote then shame on you yeah i mean that’s that’s the you got no right to complain at that that’s right for sure uh so i do want to thank miss kate oh before i go before i go i didn’t want to mention this so um we talked about your wife a little bit but you’ve been with her a long time yeah y’all are high school you’ve been in love since you was in high school that’s right 34 years i’ve been married and i would i dated her for four years before that i started dating her actually almost five years i started dating in 81 when i was a senior at um doyle high school yeah and she and i have been through all kinds of things a lot of adventures children uh fun times love her to death she’s june the 20th this year at six o’clock yeah it will be 35 years right that we’ve been together so uh very proud of that accomplishment i’m very proud of her i’m very proud of the things that she has accomplished in her career she has been strong stands right there beside me yeah and they say behind every strong man is a strong woman and they surprise mother-in-law so that’s a true step that’s a true statement no doubt about it yeah she has been a rock she’s been right there with me um we started off with nothing yeah and we’ve been able to build a life together that has been just joyous well that’s a beautiful thing sir i’m not going to climb a mountain with her but no we’ll have to get her on here to talk about that she is an amazing woman in her own right absolutely one day we’ll get her on the show i do want to thank miss casey mcmurray who’s in the shadows behind me for her assistance and everything we do she is absolutely invaluable uh my guest for today livingston parish assessor jeff taylor and all you viewers and listeners for your support follow me on social media and spread the word because we’re all about local business over here and uh and we sure appreciate it thank you to all my local business sponsors including premier credit tricia johnston realtor pj pawn sr enterprise painting tiffany c cart of homekey mortgage buddies barbecue black sheep creative media gillian’s plumbing i trade exchange big mike sports bar and grill alyssa verret interiors and 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