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When it comes to deep roots and a love for Livingston Parish, you would be hard pressed to find someone who is the epitome of this more then Kayla Lockhart Johnson! This Realtor of 34 years has spent her life not only giving back to Livingston Parish but working in it. through development skills learned from her father, himself a staple of Livingston Parish, Kayla has risen to the absolute top of the Real Estate field. Kayla credits her amazing team known affectionately as “Kayla and Krewe” and her broker Lawson Covington of Covington and Associates for much of her amazing rise in Real Estate. What an amazing podcast this is!

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hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and i have well i just call her rockstar across from me right now miss kayla lockhart johnson you know her as kayla and crew from covington and associates so first of all welcome to local leaders thank you i’m excited to have you on today there’s a little history with you and i and i’m going to tell people this right off the bat so in 1998 i was a young guy i was i think i was 23 at the time and me and my wife were looking for our first house and this lady across me sold it to us and believe it or not 25 years as a outside sales rep she made an impression on me even at that time so i tell people all the time i’m like a sponge i soak off of people things that i think would benefit me in life in other words mannerisms they may do i’ve always been very observant um one of the things that i got from miss kayla and she’ll be the first to tell you i don’t know how you got that from me but she was very patient with us we were young buyers had never had a house before probably barely qualified and and uh she was ultra patient with us worked with us very well and i was amazed well not amazed not even really surprised but her career since then has just been amazing um you have really accomplished uh you know i don’t want to say everything you can accomplish in real estate because you would probably say no there’s still things i want to do but there’s so many things i want to do you’ve had a career that’s hard to beat ma’am i have been very blessed yes and that’s that’s what i say it you know

not everybody gets this opportunity however i have put the hours in the time in and i i love what i do and i think that’s where it all starts yeah it really does and you know it’s all about impressions and and one impression you made on me and you’re gonna laugh when i pull this out but i brought something today and uh and this made a huge impression on me of course i was 23 and just about anything impressed me at that point in life but um when we closed on our house you gave me this i’m gonna grab it oh surprises you recognize that lady oh my god looky there she has a lot of hair yes she has a lot of hair in it so these this is actually i would love to be able to get these books again because i think they were the one of the best things i’ve ever given out to anyone hundred percent okay and you blew my mind yes i still i kept it all those years later so we have so gotten techy not because i’m techy because i’m not but my team is and so we now put everything on a jump drive yeah uh i was doing books well not books like this i’m gonna have to cop take this and copy it um but so we um we do still do something similar but it’s it’s now it’s tacky but i’m so excited isn’t that something yeah look yes it is great i’m so glad i cut my hair yeah i so i had gone to a national convention um and they were selling these books and i’m like that’s awesome like i wonder if people would like it and i did them for years and then the company went out of business so i couldn’t get them i couldn’t find anybody so i i need i need brooke to get back on this and try to find it because i really had forgotten about these and each one had the little the little stuff yeah they’ve got a little envelopes in them you can put your receipts in that’s cute yes so here’s the here’s the point i’m getting at with this and i’m gonna kind of hold it up for the camera so people can see that and miss miss kayla way back in the day y’all don’t judge the hat i love the hair so um i can still remember when you handed me that and of course it was our first home and uh so i didn’t even know about closing gifts right so i buy the you know the house was the gift to me i mean that was like yes i got my first house um that i looked at that and i’m like wow this had to cost a ton of money i remember thinking that and i’m like but it it was a great gift because back then tech was not what it is now and it was the perfect place to keep all my stuff you know all my receipts and and i have um you know i when i do give them and the last what we were doing and brooks actually had been working to try to find them were folders and it had our information on the outside but it’s just a place that you can keep everything at once that has to do with the house and like for new construction it has all their paint colors it has a sub list and so it’s just a reference to go back yes and for us because those subs do change you know one from builder to builder from job to job so we it tells us who was on the job so they are it is great information but i mean long time from that book so i’m happy to see that yes and and look proof that here’s here’s the interesting part of all this from an old salesperson here myself her business card’s still on the front right and that 30 years from now or then if i wanted to find a house and i was like i need that realtor what was her name i could always pull this out and there it be yes so um yeah we didn’t even have email then right so we couldn’t put you in a database right yeah yeah crazy crazy but just an awesome gift oh i’m so glad you have it yeah uh it you know made it through the flood we had six feet in there and it made it through yeah i put i grabbed it and put it up in my attic and whatever you kept it this long yes yeah so uh well thank you for that gift it’s taken me 24 years to tell you that not just saying it no problem at all so um how long have you been in lp earth

i earth the raspberry side and the lockhart side so both sides go very deep very deep my dad was um born and raised here in dental springs and my mom was also denim springs but the family was her mom was from watson my grandfather was from jennings area but i moved here because of my grandmother’s yeah yep and i always say if you have a if you have a last name that has a street involved in it uh you have deep roots here right very deep roots because my grandma lockhart was an ellis so both lockhart and ellis were both lpp yes yes but hey that’s what makes me proud that’s right you love lp right i do love lp yeah yeah me too and you have uh we’re going to talk about your personal life a little bit and then we’ll get into your business you have two children brooke and blake you list blake is your favorite just kidding oh that’s really a challenge that’s a competition that goes on daily yes yeah it can change daily right i know that feeling daily i don’t understand 100 100 and you also describe them as having incredible spouses which is impressive when you say that about son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws right so uh incredible spouses you have three grandchildren i have three beautiful grandbabies apples of your eye they are um this is where i get emotional but they had told my son after his injury he would never have children and and so i have three blessings from god yeah wow amazing and you know it’s i’m not a grand uh grandfather yet but um i always hear that you think you love your kids wait till you have your grandkids you don’t get mad at the grandkids yeah and you and you’ve done it you’ve learned it by then right yes yeah so uh that’s awesome um you love to travel i love to travel yeah so some may say i worked so that i could travel right you know one it’s my my way of kind of just unwinding being able to detox from the crazy world because my days are very long they really start at 7am and or 7 30. um and they go till i fall asleep at night so the phone never turns off and so when i do go out of town i take a travel phone my team can always reach me the office can reach me and i i unwind you know you got to do that you really do and you know miss kayla it’s interesting with real estate agents especially uh the hours you people you got to keep in mind that um it it has to be convenient for the buyer that’s correct or the person wanting to view the house well they have jobs so their jobs are typically nine to fives so they have to do it on their time off which means that’s your time to work right that’s right yeah well and it’s and everybody’s different yes you have people that you know work odd hours on nights or weekends or so so yeah your times are always if you’re doing multiple clients at a time you’ve got multiple times that you’re working which is typically all day long um but at the same time their questions have to be answered it’s typically their largest purchase at that time in their life and so they need that attention yeah a hundred percent and um you also list yourself as a huge alabama crimson tide fan

we’re just kidding she’s a she’s a tiger three and three purple and gold baby i normally say curse words about that bama uh famine yeah she’s a huge lsu fan and and world renowned at tiger stadium for the crew tailgate right i have a great uh crew tailgate probably my best marketing um idea and i kind of sold it to myself right oh i can this couldn’t be used as marketing but really it was used just because i loved the tailgating and they made life so easy for it yeah yeah and just a fantastic idea you have clients family friends pop by open to to all yeah so um we we really have had a lot of great people and people i’ve reconnected with through the years that i had worked with so it’s it’s a it’s a lot of fun yeah yeah and and a great idea and look we love our tigers and nobody tailgates like lsu tiger fans right body tailgates like lsu that’s right uh so your love for travel you lit you list the british virgin islands as you know you’ve traveled to a lot of places you got some trips that brooke was telling me about coming up ireland in italy bucket less for me yeah i’m so excited about the italy trip it’s actually for a wedding so um and it’s it’s for a great client of mine’s daughter and i’m just you know watched this child grow up so i’m excited about the wedding but i’m really excited about being on the amalfi coast oh yeah yeah wow beautiful now what about the british islands to you is so is it just picturesque uh it is yeah it’s just the the water the islands and just the people there um and and you’re basically i call it um disney world on water because it is you’re just in heaven it is friendly you know i i don’t i don’t have to think at all i have to think about what i want to eat for the day what bathing suit i’m going to wear and what cover-up and hat and that’s my thoughts for the day so a cell service is terrible there which is not a bad thing for a realtor to take a trip and then we just get on the sailboat and we pop from island island and each island offers something unique to it yeah and the food’s fantastic and the best part is i come back losing weight every time because i’m eating lobster at every stop yeah and that’s great it’s diet and so i’d normally drop seven to ten pounds so there you go yeah it’s like it’s a diet plan and it’s a great trip there you go your first diet tip ladies and gentlemen uh go to the british virgin home yeah it’s nothing like it you’re you know you’re no high rises i mean everything’s just nature and it’s just and again each one offers something unique yeah yeah you’re a beach gal obviously you like the sand and the sun too i do i’m an aquarius i love the water yeah hey when it comes to podcasting local business i want perfection and when it comes to banking i want personal service and that’s why i bank with hancock whitney hancock whitney bank not only provides me with a local business banker but also the experience and knowledge only a bank with a history of over 100 years can provide with over 230 branches in the gulf south hancock whitney can service all of your banking needs including commercial lending small and large business accounts personal bank accounts and much more for more information visit hancockwhitney.com hancock whitney bank your dream their mission very good very good so we’re going to get into your business a little bit as we mentioned earlier your real estate agent your team is kayla and crew very very nice ring to that and your broker took that credit yeah yeah follow up the cruise so it was kayla and co and the board made us as agents stop looking like we were a brokerage so it could not have the word company in it got it certain other things besides company yeah and so brooke and i are riding and she’s got that knack for coming up with she does creativeness which is my marketing yes and um she’s like what about crew like the mardi gras crew let’s spell it so it’s k and k and i said i love it that’s genius and so there we go it was just as simple as a car ride awesome well it’s a it it really is great and uh and we were talking off camera her daughter is like a genius at coming up with names for things and just creatively uh she’s really really good at what at what she does so uh shout out to her off she’s off camera right now so i’m you know being nice but she does a fantastic job um so your broker is covington and associates another deep-rooted company here right yes and actually through uh marriage lawson is related his dad’s brother married my mother’s first cousin you know if you’re livingston parish there’s a weave somewhere yeah so i watched lawson grow up and a little tidbit there is lawson babysit and he hates for me to say that so i’ll probably get in trouble but anyway um he just was like one of my kids growing up but now there i have to say there were a group of girls beautiful girls that also babysat for me so i think that’s why he really hung around he was using the camera to get to them closer but anyway yeah i’d say so lawson i felt like was one of my kids for many years until he became my boss he still questions if he’s my balls but i can’t i tell him he is i kind of question that too yeah yeah you just make him think that i give him that that’s it so uh you know you filled out a questionnaire and to me i already knew this because you sold me my house but experience is where you really stand out you got your real estate license in 1988. i know it’s a long time ago very old no you don’t no you’re not no you’re seasoned you’ve seen it like that some 34 years ago is when you started in this uh in this industry and i’ll tell you what um you have a very interesting story into how you got into real estate through your cousins yeah tell us tell us about that well one of them is is actually lawson’s aunt okay so that’s jackie and claudia they are sisters they’re my mom’s first cousins um i you know grew i mean our family was very close-knit my mom had her mother had five sisters all had multiple children i think juju was the only one that maybe had two children and so um i was very close with them and i don’t my dad developed when i was young so i always kind of had that interest and that love whether i wanted it or not i would it just was embedded in it was in your blood and it was in my blood and i loved he would ride us around on sunday and say i bought this property i’m going to develop this here i’m going to cut this up i’m going to do this and i just i enjoyed it you know it just was fascinating to me so fast forward to adulthood and and i had a business and dental man um that was an exercise salon and so um you know i met a lot of people made a lot of friends through that and and they would talk about wanting to buy a house and i’m like oh i’ve got cousins that are agents and then i wanted to do the riding around and looking and so i would ride them around we’d find the house i’d call jackie and claudia and say okay i’ve got this friend they want this house we basically had done the deal and they would write it up they would work it through and i’d get a weekend at the condo and i thought this is great yeah this is an awesome trade-off i get it the whole thing i get to go to the beach for the weekend yeah so um they quickly probably a year or two into it said you have too many friends you need to get your own license and leave us alone so that’s how i actually and i thought okay i’ll just do it part-time well part-time led to 80 hours a week so it wasn’t quite part-time and it’s still here funny how how life works like that huh i know yeah just amazing and and that kind of leads me to my first question and that is you have longevity longevity in any business speaks volumes number one it it tells you that that person probably knows what they’re doing they’ve they’ve went through a lot to get to where they are in all likelihood because none of us none of us have these long careers where it’s always like this right and and look people forget that when you’re a business person you have a personal life that can go haywire you have we were talking about that off camera how you know some sometimes you have to put on a face because that’s part of your job but behind the scenes people have no idea what might be going on in your life right so um how what do you attribute to your longevity how how you’ve lasted i mean the real estate market you know it’s kind of like this um what would you say has been kind of your key to sticking in it for so long and um i think there’s a couple of different keys i mean one my referral base is tremendous and without that you know no agent or can make it in this business i i as as as a top level right and to be able to remain in the top you know one or two percent in this parish from the time that i started because i originally was the rookie of the year my first year is is very much unheard of and i’m very proud by it but i think that it is my the loyalty that i have of customers i mean i have one client actually it’s his daughter’s wedding and that relationship’s a 30-year relationship wow so um and he was a realtor and and gave up his real estate license over time it started off as i gave referrals and and then he brought me and then said okay let’s just have the client and then it was oh actually it started off as i have and then it went to the referral i just gave him a referral for each thing because he still had his license and he was a builder and developer at that point yeah and then he’s like never mind i don’t want a referral just take the whole thing it’s yours you know and we still work together today wow so it’s clients like that and there are many people that fall of course harold is is the one that um i feel like he’s more my brother than he is my client um he has definitely been a voice of reason in my head i used to accuse him of my dad of having conversations um because they’d each tell me the same thing when i went to them for advice and it’s like did you talk did you talk to daddy so you know well of course not and it’s like y’all say the same thing but and when my dad passed he really um you know not not that he’s that age but he fell into that role of that is the person i go to for my guidance so it’s it’s definitely a um his wife was my sunday school teacher so there’s a friendship there’s it’s just a a great strong base i think that’s my number one um longevity yeah uh the other is you know i say we try to do our very best job we don’t get everything right i mean nobody gets everything right but but what i do know that people do know about us is we give it our all yeah and that’s that’s what people kind of see i’ve tried to stay active in the community to to keep that face out there i think that’s part of it i just think it’s so many different things i don’t know that there’s actually one thing other than you know i guess the top thing would be the loyalty and the referrals yeah yeah great stuff there and you know what what it what impresses me a lot about you is consistency um you can be number one at something once or twice and you know it be luck when you are at the top of your game for as long as you have been uh that’s just straight up consistency and that comes with a ton of hard work there’s nothing easy no you’re not out there roofing a house you know and i’m not i’m i’m neither am i you know but hard work is not just physical and and one thing about what you do is is mentally it can be it can wear on you right which is why you need those trips to the british virgin islands it’s also the people you surround yourself with on your team and i think that um i’ve been very blessed i had um shelley simmons started with me and she now manages at cj brown shelley started with me um after i sold her her house yeah and uh then matt hughes started with me and matt literally uh when blake was injured when he was in the marines um i had to you know i went to germany immediately to be with him and that was four and a half long months and i gave matt my 17 year old daughter which is brook and you know that was a test on its own and um and i gave him my business and i gave him my house and said it’s here and this all happened in a matter of you know 24 hours um so you have to trust the people you work with and then i have brook and and meg now on the team and and you know they everybody has their own role and i am not a micro manager i try to stay out of their lane i can’t i am not good at marketing what i am good is vision and implementing and so that’s what i do so i stay out of my own way oh great lesson you know yes it is true i think that i think too many people get in their own way 150 and probably some of the best advice i’ve ever heard on this show is figure out what you’re good at do that figure out what you’re not good at and hire someone to do it that’s right yes yes and and uh a huge key to your success bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your wanted gold jewelry gold coins 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now i want to back up for a second um your son you you mentioned he was shot yes uh was he in the military he was a marine okay i’m sorry he’s still a marine because once a marine that’s right i’m sorry i i get that wrong all the time yes i tried to tell the government he was my son they let me know whose he was but anyway um yes he was he was severely injured we did not know if he would uh pull through and they said he’d never walk again or have children so proving them wrong daily totally totally blessed and um yes it’s been 15 years and he’s had 46 surgeries and he looks amazing if he walked in you would not know now he has a lot of internal issues but he um superintendent for one of the large building companies here wow and um just does great coaches a tournament team softball for my granddaughter and it’s just such um such a blessing and it’s such a god gift yeah probably toughest time in your life still is you see 15 years later still can’t handle it yeah yeah well um he’s a hero and he doesn’t like that word uh actually the channel 9 came to interview him after he came home and they said hero and he said i’m not a hero i was doing my job so uh that’s how a true marine and military not just not just mourinho so sorry but no no don’t apologize um that’s how they feel you know they were doing their job and and uh one of our cousins was one of the missionaries that was um captured in afghanistan and blake was in college and he was doing a paper because his goal was to be fbi or cia and i read it i was proof in his paper and i’m like he’s going in to service and um lo and behold that is exactly what he did uh let us know uh right after christmas so he chose it uh because he said you know i don’t want you and brooke to to one day be sitting here and people are here fighting us and that’s what’s gonna happen if we don’t go and take care of it ourselves and so that was his whole reason for for for going over you know or for joining and so anyway you raised him right mama great job i guess you know i still would like to um not have the complications he goes through but sure yes he makes me very proud yeah very good very good okay so we’re gonna we’re gonna go back to more positive stuff yes okay so you have served over 3 000 y’all wrap your mind around that 3 000 families managed and closed over 70 residential and commercial developments in livingston parish and you are one of the top 10 agents in the greater baton rouge area and to wrap your mind around that 3 500 agents just in the greater baton rouge area my first question are there too many agents um you know i don’t think the the question should really be are there too many agents i think there are too many agents that do not take the job serious i think that you know would you want to go to a doctor that does it part time and just really just does it for extra money no no no way and so that’s where i think we lack in the industry and i think there are agents that give the ones of us that it is a career it is our job we live this we breed this and we get up every morning and we give a thousand percent every day and then you have you know i can’t tell you how many calls that i have had through my years that says look i don’t trust this person so i need you to give me the advice of how to buy and what i need to do and who i need to go through but they’re my cousin’s cousin or my friend’s friend and and but they really don’t know what they’re doing and i can’t ever reach them because they’re at their other job that’s where it gets really a challenge because then we’re given information that can be could make us liable on something but yet you know you follow where i’m trying i’m trying to really be guarded not be so i understand no and look it’s it’s uh you know you do you’re doing serious business here you see you’re someone’s biggest investment in a lot of cases in most cases yeah in most cases and with the laws that have changed and the financing that has changed it is important to know for an agent to know this stuff in and out and not every lender is for every buyer and you need to know what company you should send them what program you should send them to what’s their best because everybody has a different story yes and so you you know we need if you’re part-time and some are less than part-time that’s where the bad name comes in that we get yeah and i i will tell you i won’t say who but someone used to accuse me of uh what’d you do just ride around and eat bon bons all day and look at houses well that’s far from what we do so they all think that that’s far from what i do yeah and i have a many of friends i’d put on that list with me so um unfortunately i think some it is about going to lunch and i think yesterday i ate lunch and in about two minutes and it was at three o’clock in the afternoon yeah but we we don’t stop and so there’s there’s that balance i’m not going to tell you that sometimes i don’t go to lunch um you know we get calls from people all the time wanting to take us to lunch and of course it’s just not that’s just not for me i want to work i want to service my clients and um we’re blessed to have a lot of clients and i need to make sure that we get all of them serviced yes yes indeed and and uh you have sure serviced a lot over your time um i’m going to cover some of the things that you’ve done service-wise in your industry in some of your accolades you were named rookie of the year as you mentioned in 1988 you served four terms as president of the livingston parish board of realtors you’ve served on several planning boards and advisory boards which are not exactly the funnest things in the world and that’s that’s giving of yourself giving of your time you were founding chair of the real estate and economic uh forecast in lp uh you are guild luxury home specialist certified and your 2015 graduate of leadership livingston wow ma’am that’s that’s a lot of good stuff right there and look um i graduated 2020 class i think uh miss brooke yeah what class were you two and tiffany what class were you there you go so we got a lot of representation for our chamber in here every i you know born and raised i i’m with brooke i was born and raised here i literally did not know some of what i learned yes i thought it was i it was such a great honor to be in that i really wish every livingston parish person could go through that class because it it was just incredible it was it was a life changer for me and the the people you meet in it so yeah they could have a lot of great relations networking’s a huge thing and relationships and all of those things and and you know just what you learn about the parish that you didn’t realize existed even growing up here absolutely crazy i mean and i thought i had seen every little corner but i had not yes yeah so um all of those experiences and you wrap all that up and all these things that you’ve done uh i would imagine has have been a huge contributor to your success as well because you’re learning from others that’s right as well right we all right we all that’s that’s how we all learn yes a hundred percent and let me tell you this lady has dedicated her life really to this parish in particular and of course she can sell houses in in other areas and i’m sure it does i do sell and and uh last year was actually a big year in baton rouge which central in the baton rouge market you know my my base is here yes and my love of what i do is looking at a piece of property and having a vision for what that property needs to look like yes and um and i’m blessed to have a developer that is you know that supports me in that vision and follows through with it and and so i i it’s something bringing something positive to the parish so it’s my way to give back yeah that’s the way i look at it and a legacy to leave for my grandchildren legacy a huge thing a huge thing and you don’t realize that to your to your older i think i did when i was young because my parents were always both very involved yeah politically and just in growth my dad loved like i said earlier to develop so i think that i kind of had a taste for that when i was young well that’s a beautiful thing and i wish i could say the same but you know when i was young it was i i was very competitive and um in the sales business you know number one is an important thing and i i always pushed myself i wanted to be in that number one spot knew i was capable of it and knew what it took to get there and and that was my mindset as i as i got older it matured i started looking at what am i what am i really doing for my community you know i’m doing a lot for myself and my family and you know i paid taxes i tithed at my church i did all those things but outside of that what am i giving of myself because one day you know when i’m 150 or whatever and i’m laying on a bed and maybe taking my last breaths i don’t want to be sitting there you know i i figured out that what was important in life wasn’t necessarily always hitting the top of that rung the funny thing i discovered was giving more of myself to my community i still hit the top of that room right you know i realized that there’s a connection enough yeah yeah he’s always looking to do something better yeah so uh i i agree with you a hundred percent hey y’all there’s nothing worse than paying more for your mortgage than you have to when i needed a mortgage loan i called the local mortgage experts at homekee mortgage not only did i receive the best interest rate possible but the service was impeccable making the entire process quick and easy already have a mortgage no problem the experts at homekee mortgage offer refinance options to fit any budget located in both hammond and denham springs homekey mortgage is convenient to my area and local and i love that for more information visit them on the web at homekeemtg.com that’s h o m e k e y m t g dot com um now you talked about relationships a little bit and relationships with clients is something that you’re known for um trust how important is trust in your business a thousand percent yeah i would say of my steady regular clients um you know they ultimately have the the decision yes but they really lean on me to make that decision for them oh yeah and and so you have to have that relationship and i’m i’m really lucky that i become friends with the majority of my clients now it also means that i’m going to a lot of dinners and a lot of different things but i enjoy it and i meet more people from it that’s right but at the end of the day if you don’t have trust you really don’t have anything and i’ve never looked at it as a one-time sale i look at it as this is a relationship starting and where do we take this relationship from here yes yes a hundred percent um you have a crew we talked about them kayla and crew um how you know there was a time miss kayla where there wasn’t necessarily teams i guess you could call them it was you know agents were just selling houses and then i i would imagine somewhere along the line said you know i need some help and they brought someone in and now teams are a lot more common than they used to be right especially when you were early they are and my team is not exactly like most teams so most teams it’s more about building and getting agents to work underneath them i’ve tried it i’ll be honest i don’t love it yeah i i’m doing good to manage me right so on our team while everyone is licensed mega is licensed brooke is licensed and of course i’m licensed they are not focusing on the sales side now meg’s in college um i’m hoping she will focus more on the sales once she finishes college next year i’m counting the days down probably quicker than her mom and daddy um she is about keeping my paperwork my contracts in shape making sure that i’m legal yes brooke handles all my marketing i don’t i don’t want to know about that i know that look i’m not techy i’m a salesperson i am not a techie person right that’s her side and i said it earlier i stay in my lane yeah i do the sales i am the person to find the leads they do get um or and when i say leads i mean the listings the you know the buyers they do get the calls and especially when i’m out of town they’re fixing have to step up their game when i’m out of the country um and and really handle clients more but they know how to do everything that’s just not their primary focus that’s my primary focus most teams have i mean i i have one friend that has i don’t know 15 20 people on their team i just see that as a large corporation yeah yeah so that that’s it that intimidates me believe it or not something will intimidate me but i i don’t i don’t know that i have the time to actually dedicate to what it takes i did back in the day with shelly and with matt but my my training is by get in the car ride with me and listen to me talk on the phone right that’s where you’re going to learn yeah 100 and you know so you really have to have if you have those big teams somebody that can sit down and train those agents and unfortunately i just haven’t found that way of of doing it wow they’re too busy on the sales side that’s right you’re look you’re you’re right yeah yeah and and uh it’s working for you obviously everybody’s got to do what works for them that’s right and uh so you’re doing a great job there your team is just rocking and rolling you give a lot of credit to them as well which is awesome uh so let’s talk about your broker for for just a second the this can get good the worldwide loss in covington uh of course his dad covington who was a uh very well known here had a lot of roots where you started um how how awesome is it to work for lawson it’s great you know i i think i you know said earlier he was like my one of my kids growing up and and just a part of our life and we have such a great relationship as far as you know again trust i know that he’s got my back and sometimes in my um career he is you know things have happened and maybe lost somebody that was you know an assistant and and they went on to do something else or whatever and he makes sure that you know whatever you need the office needs to do to keep me flowing and honest study it’s here i’m here and but he’s not like that just for me he’s like that with every one of us he’s one of the few brokers that you’re going to see in the office every day yeah and he is hands-on he knows what’s going on there’s there’s no i’ve talked to him even about you know what if we do a council we get you know our top agents and we just he said no i’m making the decision i got shut down that i don’t get shut down too much but i didn’t get shut down on that when i get shot down on that and a covered parking lot because on those rainy days i just like look at my hair now yeah appointments yeah um but he is he’s truly and again he’s local you know and i’m so proud of us where we are because we’re not a franchise company that’s right and so for an independent company to have the stats that we do and what be one of the top be in the top um 10 and really we’re in the top five i think that we probably came out number one in the baton rouge area i believe is where we were last year if not it was number two but it’s right there for independent companies which is yeah which is great it’s something to be proud of people still look at livingston parish a small town yeah we’re just not no no we got some big brains here we have some big brothers that’s for sure very impressive people in this parish uh for sure um and and i’ll say something about the the covington uh family and and that is they you know they they are lp folks and uh and just good people good people so uh so and he’s very much in supporting this parish and that’s why you see our signs everywhere that’s right because we uh contribute to just about everything that’s going on yeah this parish 100 um was there ever a time and i got to imagine that over 34 years where you had the thought i’m going to be a broker i want to you know i’m going to look into being a broker every time in your i never had that thought yeah i’ve had clients have that thought for me i’ve had three different clients say if it’s the money we’ll back you just do your own thing if i did that i cannot contribute the time to the clients that i think i need to contribute because being a broker is one thing i would never want to wear that hat yeah um you know you’re responsible for every word that comes out of an agent’s mouth yeah that’s scary yeah um

and everything that’s done and and that’s not the side i love what i love is finding that land being a part of the developing of the land finding the buyers and getting them in their their favorite house you know yeah that’s where i get fed it’s not it’s just not about growing a company that has my name i love it i love it and and uh you’re right i mean there there there are a lot of people who are high performing in their industry that you know a promotion will come along or something like and they’re like i don’t want that i’m doing good doing what i’m doing and this is where i feel like i fit and uh i don’t think people i don’t know of many people that can wear multiple hats and especially at the level of production i mean my team and i come wood we’re blessed but you know we do a lot more volume individually than a lot of small companies do yeah and so um we have our company within covington and yes and i have no reason to ever want to leave because um i know where my bread is butter as as the old saying goes one of my favorite sayings so i asked you about large influences in your life and you mention your late father john ellis lockhart um i want to read this and then i’m going to make a point on it he you said he is the one that introduced me to development at a very young age he developed land as a hobby and every sunday after lunch we rode around and looked at properties to see if he could find a piece of land he wanted to play with so i got the love of it from him uh obviously a very important person in your life of course your father um but what he gave you from a guy standing outside looking in is he gave you a love that first love for what you would make your life’s work right wow that’s an impression yeah i mean when you stop and think about that your entire life uh in in what a good living you have made was based off of an impression from your father so that’s that’s a heck of a testament yeah i was just recently riding with my mom or she was riding with me and um someone had called in and i don’t i don’t even remember what we were talking about but it was a real estate deal and um i hung up and she said your dad would be so proud and i have to tell you that’s probably the

and i know that he would be so proud yes but it could never have happened without him yeah so anyway oh i get emotional it’s a it’s a huge i’m sorry but it to me it’s it’s very heartwarming because uh especially as a father yes you know uh when i read that i i distinctly looked up and i said man i hope i hope my kids my daughters my son one day maybe say that about me well that’s a huge i think parents and are such um you know they don’t realize just what an influence they are and i was blessed with two great parents beautiful story they started liking each other at 12 years old um my mom um was sitting watching when she went to the ball field and sees this boy playing and she says to one of her friends oh he’s cute and the friend said he lives next door to my grandma well guess what they started visiting grandma a lot yeah and so uh there we have it that’s that’s how they ended up and um he passed away uh 49 years they would have made 50 years that that year and so he’s definitely a loss in our family he um was successful in his own career which really wasn’t development the development was just his life yeah it was a hobby yeah and he also liked to travel and he grew up dad died when he was six he had two great uncles that are not great but they were great in person uh jw ellis that was a businessman here and his son george edward still has the business uncle owen lockhart also businessman large family and here had seven daughters and all of them have been very successful names in which you would definitely know throughout and those two men guided him to be the person that he was and vernon ray miller was another person that really helped him to become a successful individual wow and that’s how we have to be for these children and unfortunately i think that that that has been lost somewhere that link has yes and i just it’s so sad so i want to be that for my grandkids i want them to see that you work hard and then you reap the benefits from that work so you get what you put into it you know it doesn’t just fall from the tree and you’ve got to work hard at it and i am blessed that my mom was a hard worker i mean there are days that dad’s company might be doing bad mom would work overtime you know she worked she retired from bel um l south and um or south central bell south central and so she which is now a t um she also was a leader because she had the balance now she also was the mom that would call all of us and say okay what do you want and this one wanted one food and this one at the other and she might go through four drive-throughs to get it you know she wasn’t gonna cook every day but she gave us what we needed in the love and the nurturing and um dad was a very um not a talker i got my talking from my mother thank god one of them because dad didn’t talk much but when he talked which is so much my son when he talks you listen yes because what’s coming out of his mouth is knowledge yeah and so he gave he gave me that ability to listen to what people um are saying and that i think attributes too to myself because i’m hearing what they want yes um so i did get take away a whole lot and zig ziglar um seminar went two years ago he loves it i do too i’m a zig it from way back this probably i would say is 25 years 28 years that i had gone to this seminar and he said

that the best gift a dad and i say parent is to love their mother which in refers to would be to love the husband yes and i truly think i was given that gift that is the gift because i saw so much love between them and i saw what they did and knowing my mom came from a family that i’m not going to say they were wealthy but they they were very secure my dad didn’t come from that and he he started working a job you know when he was just a little boy i mean i think he was seven years old when he started being paper boy and so um he started it at a young age but then became extremely successful and his funeral was a hundred percent a testament to that because in two hours over 700 people went through the building and we know that because we had the pamphlets and not everybody got through and so that’s where i knew and and the stories that you know i heard were just amazing i want to be that person he had sent six of my friends to college and i didn’t know it until the day of the funeral and they told me i knew of one wow wow and i want to i want to give back because you cannot receive if you do not give and that is you know what everyone needs to take and especially in the world we live in today i think that’s some of the best advice ever and and it’s absolutely accurate you know leaders um leaders really leading it’s about giving back it’s it’s giving and you do such a great job of that you’re obviously your father’s daughter um you have i cannot tell you how blessed i feel to sit across from you and just just listen to this uh you know all the things that you’re saying and and you’re so deeply rooted in this community and have been in your family and you’re you’re obviously proud of your family name and you should be um but it’s it’s really no surprise to me that you’re as successful as you have you had some great people to look up to and watch on the way up right and and your father was one of those people fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

um let me ask you for someone that has been in this community forever um the growth you know livingston parish sure has grown right yeah and uh and to me growth is a beautiful thing it is positive growth positive growth you have to be that’s right smart growth i call it um but also growth is good for business right that’s right you know businesses yes rooftops look you can’t pay for roads without people coming into a community exactly right uh you know we all wish that we had 100 acres and our net that was our closest neighbor and we could visit what we want to but um there’s so many things you cannot do you will kill a community quick if if you don’t have anybody coming into it at all and so it’s just being smart about that and balancing that i think and uh and some but you have seen it i mean you’ve seen it from you know rock roads to paved roads to to uh bass pro shops and everything in between right i mean highway 16 was two lane when i grew up now look at it yeah yeah just amazing and and uh livingston parish is is certainly i would say on its way up but we’ve been up for a while i mean i i’m proud to live here uh you know and and it’s a testament to our leaders we have in this community as well right um you know you’re you’re very good friends with parish president and uh and so how how has that been that relationship you know through the years and with um well you know the good thing about friendship and jeff taylor is also another great friend of mine he and dalia and susan and leighton and and um you know we don’t always agree and i don’t mind telling him when we don’t agree that sounds like some of my friends you know it’s what friends are far shouldn’t we be honest with each other that’s right he has also been helpful when i i need i don’t call unless i really need um i think that this this group has done they’ve done a great job i think there’s more to do and um you know but yeah leighton and i have a people say all the time or our group we don’t know what’s ever coming out of your mouth you know that’s okay you don’t love or hate it i don’t know that’s it that’s it uh so let me ask you you know obviously you got things going on right now in the in the real estate world and you’re a mover and a shaker and and we want to talk about some of those things so so let’s do that i know one of the communities that uh tell me about riverbank so riverbank is new and that one actually kind of moved a little quicker for me because it was under it was being developed by mickey mcknighton and aaron goolsbee which i work with and have a great working relationship with um aaron had it and he had kind of made mention that they might would sell and i said if you sell let me know i have a builder that i think will buy it out so we did so i was not involved in the actual development of that property but the history back goes to the underwood’s which is my grandmother’s family so it still has some branches still has some of my roots and yeah it’s beautiful they’re um the lot size is 0.4 and and up to about a half acre um 114 foot wide lot which is unheard of this day and time 100 here’s one of the best it did not flood did not come near water in 16 that’s fantastic not in a flood zone and it has a lot of hundred-year-old oak trees on the property so one entire side of it every lot has a hundred year old oak tree and that if i would have had that to develop you know if i had would have been in the beginning of it i would have done it exactly like they did it so they saved those trees wow fact speaking of of leighton and i’ll give him the kudos for this he helped us uh get around having to cut some down because there was a servitude that they were going to have to cut a whole line down and i caught him i said this isn’t a phone call i need you to come meet us and that was we were under contract to buy the lots but mickey was still developing and he said we are not cutting these oak trees down and we were able to kind of change some things up um and have the parish you know work with us on it in order to get it drainage to all be correct but not have to take these trees down very good yeah very good yeah because that that would that would have been a horrible um yeah brook just um reminded me uh this one also one thing that i hear a lot is people do not like front drive-in garages so this um this subdivision there will be none they will all be rear garages so that’s that’s a great part we can do it because of the the size of the lot and the depth of the lot very good very good so we’re gonna hopefully we’ll have some things that are popping up as you and i are talking on that and and uh also any other developments that we do so um that one also i’ll add slc will be the builder in in that development um we have john mcdowell has bought out the last lots of magnolia forms the price ranges in riverbank are going to start at 400. in magnolia farms we will start in that 270 range we have seven houses coming up there i was involved with that subdivision also in the beginning and these are some leftover lots yeah um that the builder um that bottom just never built on them so we’re gonna take those and finish that little project out um and then probably my my hardest and and lengthiest project is also where i will i call it my final resting place because it’s where i’m building my personal home um but it’s the ivy and it’s here in the city limits of dental springs it is a definite um different trend to what we’ve seen in the parish and i’m so excited about that we have a dog park yeah i mean no subdivision in the parish has a dog park no and so this one does we have 2500 square feet of walking um well 2 500 feet i see i’m so used to talking about houses but 2500 feet of walking nature walking trails so oh wow there are 45 different types of camellia bushes on this property now some did have to be moved off property in order for the roads but we tried to keep everything on property just a couple were moved off property um it’s beautiful it is not a gated subdivision and people do ask me that because we have beautiful gates up at the front which uh part of the history of that subdivision it was the cochrane family so it’s all for cochran road and uh great location great location did not flood again water did not touch it so again flood zone x and 16 no water so that property um the front of it was wooded when we when i got the call about it it was from an attorney and it was heirs that we’re in conflict with each other that’s a nice way of putting it and so we actually worked on this property to get it two and a half three years it was lengthy yes so it was a challenge but when we when we went to it i only had ended up with a half acre of wetlands which is a water trail that’s running through it just kind of nature trail and um and so it was just prime and the back of it was all farmland before yeah and it’s right here in the city limits you know right by between the willows and meadowwood park it has done wonderful we have 58 lots and i’m just i’m actually grady hornsby’s daughter is coming back to town and she’s building there and i just left my cables on on her plans so you know bringing back some old history and and people have just kind of watched it grow go up every house in the subdivision has a front porch has a lake in the on the property it actually has two uh lakes with fountains in them um i’m trying to think of what else it can be gated down the way if the subdivision and the hoa decides they want to make a gated the gates are there i know where i was headed with the cockroams we tore the old house down um i did salvage some of the old very um detailed wood pieces that i will incorporate into my own house and then we took the iron that has an ivy trellis we took that and it is incorporated at the bottom of the gates oh that’s awesome we kept that from the original and then the developer which is harold davidson he is married to pat ivy and the year in which her parents passed um is the year that we were kind of kicking off and getting started right yeah and so the name ivy came from her parents and that is where but we kept coming up with ivy things like plants and then that the trellis and so it just all fell together and and we keep that heritage of again old old denim springs it’s our history right i mean even in this studio right here i have i have some old i have the old denim springs uh golf uh denim springs country club sign hanging right out there um saved it from a dumpster i love it can you believe that i don’t see i don’t want to get rid of any of that i want to keep yeah i love i love being able to do something and make it better and harold’s brother is a city inspector and he sends us a picture one day and what we didn’t know is the old man cochran that was a mayor here in the city his name was ivy cochran oh i didn’t even i never knew that and so it was like wow and you know he was part of this original property so just so much history and i really am very proud of that subdivision but i’ve been you know i was able to be a part of graystone from the beginning and we still we have new filings five new filings coming up and graced all yeah so be on the lookout for that i wish i had them now because i think i’d sell every lot in 24 hours we get calls daily just about it for graystone lots i’m excited about those five new files oh so am i yeah very good um so and we want to tell people if if they want to look at uh you know obviously have other listings besides those absolutely if they want to see you know i’m sure a lot of people are watching this and we want her as our agent if they want to see what you have for sale um how would they do that um so they can go on our website um and a covington website they can go to realtor.com i mean there’s so many sources now being um technology you can you can get it i mean our feed goes out to everywhere and look if they are working with an agent have their agent call me if they have any questions regarding the property we just listed a beautiful property in greystone subdivision 945 000 dollars for it it’s got course views it’s on a lot and a half just a fantastic place the true southern uh look to it so there’s southern charm yeah and so anyway there’s you know there’s multiple ways of getting to either us or their agent i don’t try to steal from anybody you know if you want to use us come uses and we are thankful and happy to have you but if you have an agent i respect that loyalty and have the agent call me and we’ll be glad to help them any way we can very good so what i’m going to do is i’m just going to link your website and uh in your facebook to the to the description of this video that way if you’re listening to this or hopefully you’re not watching it while you’re driving but you might be listening to it uh you can just scroll down click on that that’ll bring you to all the listings and uh and people can see all the amazing homes you have and for sale and all of that good stuff uh did you have fun i did i i wasn’t quite as nervous as i thought well i tried to put you at ease you started it off right with the book yes that definitely gave me some me well i loved it i loved it um and we do fun facts on this show so i want to cover those before you get out of here yeah i loved these um i asked you if you purchased a yacht what would you name it you said floating free i actually love that so yeah and i did i came up with that one come on she’s got good jeans yeah she that’s where you get it from that’s where you get it from um your dream job this one tripped me out dream job when you were 12. hairdresser it was how about that it worked for my uncle yes yeah so uh well there’s always time after you maybe retire from this which will probably never happen you can you can do that here i will tell you it has changed it’s now to be the weather person so i tell my kids i’m coming back as the weather person i wanted to be a weather person well you know why why you never have to be right and everybody still loves you that’s right it’s gonna be said at my funeral yeah i’m never i’m never mad at jake grimes we’re just we just know it’s probably not gonna be right because the weather changes you know it’s almost the opposite of whatever they say typically yeah so uh if you could have any superpower what would it be and i actually loved this you said to fix the world we’re living in and give our children the life i was raised in and bring christ back to the forefront and bring families back together absolutely yeah that’s missing isn’t it it is in a lot of ways it’s missing in too many ways yeah i touched on it earlier and it is something that really um pulls on my strings a lot yeah yeah so uh that’s a good superpower i said be invisible so i felt horrible i’m a horrible person i don’t i’m not saying that there aren’t times i want to be invisible right uh if i could fix anything that’s that would definitely be it very good and if you could travel anywhere in the world no surprise british virgin islands again you say again because you love that place i am excited about my coming trip but yes absolutely and um uh one more question before i let you get out of here what states can you currently transact business in just louisiana is that where you’re licensed we are licensed in louisiana and mississippi okay so um i am working on now what’s interesting about mississippi we are licensed in the hunting land section of mississippi so your northern not your gulf coast yeah it’s a great place i am kind of looking at some opportunities on the golf part but i want to get our team intact so i would say in a year or two look for kayla and crew to have some other hats awesome very good caitlin crew gulf coast i can see it now yes indeed yeah we are looking at something um pretty hard awesome well i very much enjoyed this it was fun thank you for sharing some of your life with us and and uh a little bit of your history that you’re obviously very proud of and it’s been an honor you’re a leader there’s no doubt about it and uh 34 years of just you know dominating the real estate market is uh impressive so thank you for coming on thank you for having me i want to thank all the viewers and listeners for liking commenting subscribing and sharing local leaders podcast if you would like to appear on local leaders please reach out to me at jim at local leaders of podcast.com and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and local real estate agents and keep leading thank you very much thank you thank you

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