The #1 Rule in Business is Honesty: Kennedy Mechanical

John Kennedy – Kennedy Mechanical Services

Kennedy Mechanical Services located in Walker, LA is a full-service residential and commercial Heating and A/C company. They specialize in service, replacement, and preventive maintenance agreements.

John Kennedy sits down with Local Leaders the Podcast Host Jim Chapman to discuss many things including tips on maintaining your A/C and Heating systems, the challenges with running a company, and most importantly what separates Kennedy Mechanical from the many options for the service of Air Conditioning systems. A must-watch episode.

Transcript (Beta)

hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with latter and bloom with your real estate tip of the week last week i spoke about the new flood insurance risk rating system that’s changing our flood insurance premiums two of the factors that they’ll be using to determine what your new flood insurance premium are distance from a body of water and flood history of the property a flood elevation certificate will not be required but if you have one it could reduce your premium they’re eliminating the preferred risk policy which is what you used to be able to get a low flat annual rate for a property located in a flood zone x they’re eliminating grandfathering which used to allow you to use old flood maps or the old flood rating system they’re keeping in place the 250 dollar surcharge for investment property so if it’s a residence that you have flood insurance on that you do not use as your primary residence it’s considered an investment property and they’ll add a 250 surcharge to what the normal premium would be they’re no longer going to use flood zones a e and x when determining your flood insurance premium those will still exist but they’ll primarily be used by mortgage companies to decide whether or not they’ll require you to have flood insurance on the property or not there’s so many changes involved in this new risk rating system i really advise you to call your insurance agent and have a conversation to see how this impacts what your annual flood insurance premium will be you have any real estate questions at all i’ll be happy to help just give me a call i’m trisha johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you hi folks i want to tell you about denim springs fit body boot camp in their 28 day 77 dollar jump start program there’s no strings attached and really no reason not to try you can be in and out in just 30 minutes and best of all these 30-minute sessions are scheduled throughout the mornings and evenings to fit your busy schedule these 30-minute sessions are fun positive encouraging and you can even sign up online just visit denim springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast today we have john kennedy of kennedy mechanical joining us and welcome john the local leaders of the podcast thank you jim now uh you have a famous name sir always expected every time somebody asked for my driver’s license i bet not only a former president but actually a current uh senator uh i have your name and and uh john kennedy i just love that guy he’s so funny when he’s in the in the chamber there making his comments and super smart well today we’re going to go into depth regarding kennedy mechanical which is interesting because when i was telling my wife that i was podcasting kennedy mechanical she did not realize it was an ac company she thought it was a you know a mechanical company of some sort that worked on vehicles and i’m like no they do ac well why do they call it mechanical a natural mechanical company is the commercial operation that does plumbing heating air conditioning

about electrical they do any other no don’t do any electrical yeah and i i when i chose the name i thought it was a little bit more professional than kennedy heaton and air i like it i like kennedy mchandle so there’s your answer wendy chapman in case you were wondering it is uh it is a a large conglomerate of things basically uh all wrapped into one now you have a rather large family is one thing i learned about you when i when you sent your questionnaire in pretty large so tell uh tell how many kids you got seven seven kids you got some employees for the future possibly you know i i sold uh i sold paint obviously for many years and one of my dealers had nine kids and all of them worked in that store and i told them one time i said um figured it out every time you need an employee you just have another kid you know it definitely kind of helps out yeah no doubt about it now your significant other is miss kim who has a business of her own uh manufacturing on natural products of course and you describe her as completing you in every way pretty much that’s a pretty awesome thing to say very nice of you sir and she’s actually off camera and probably blushing right now we can’t see for the lights but i’m sure she’s back there smiling now you joined the marine corps right out of high school 17 days or so out of high school i was in san diego marine corps boot camp wow that uh well first off thank you for your service to the to the country and and tell me about your experience with the marine corps what was that like for you oh that was the best time ever highly recommend it to anybody coming out of high school yeah um yeah you ever everybody needs to experience it absolutely grew you up quick huh pretty much yeah yeah that’s what they’ll break you down and break you down real quickly yes indeed in 12 weeks they will transform you into a killing machine absolutely will absolutely will and you know the leadership things that that you take away from the marine corps are kind of second to none or really any any armed forces branch

you can’t say enough about the uh the ability to lead that you gain out of that later on in life and looking back at it uh pretty much every job i had since then i was in a leadership role yeah yeah so what did you do in the marine corps the technical term was logistics embarkation say we were to deploy to a certain area yeah the attachment that i would be with i would get them from point a to b of men material tanks planes whatever i was attached to we would move from a to b and that’s pretty much a lifelong skill really once you learn it there and the interesting thing is in your business now logistics are important pretty important i would imagine with with ac work and when you’re running crews right you got all the you got maybe four or five jobs and four or five different areas the ability to logistically line that up saves you a lot of money yes it does yeah it didn’t come with it didn’t really realize then that i would use it the rest of my life but yeah yeah it’s helped out a good bit yeah yeah it’s amazing and you hear that a lot with with kids really coming out of high school and stuff i don’t ever use that yeah i used to say it all the time about like uh like for example i figured out square footage a lot in my business that was a that was an important thing you had a good measure of these houses give the square footage to figure out the paint and that sort of math i really never saw myself using my entire life there was a many maths i never thought i’d use again and i’m using them daily that’s right huh so there you go learn from old people as we say here local leaders and and me and john are some older cats that could teach young guys some stuff so uh as we mentioned um you are owner of uh kennedy mechanical services and you’ve been in the hvac field for 26 years uh did you you know get out of the military john and how long did you serve first of all four years four years so you get out of there and what what did you kind of do after that did you try to find a path somewhere else that led you to this or was it this all the time to be honest with you i was a couple of months out of the military i was didn’t have a clue what i wanted to do i had gotten a few interviews put in a few applications and again just lost with what i wanted to do the guy behind my ex-wife’s uh my ex-in-laws needed a helper he had a few broke ribs and needed somebody to fetch tools and asked me if i wanted to help him he’d pay me so many dollars an hour cash and yeah that’s great let’s do it started from there well i saw what saw what we were doing catching on to it and uh i just really enjoyed doing it and here i am now 26 years later and we never think back then we would you know when you start something and you’ve been in it your entire life you never realize when you’re starting that that you’re going to do that right it’s usually a job to get you on to another job yeah i didn’t think i would be uh 26 years later in it wow that’s fantastic man that’s that’s you know a lot of people struggle their whole lives to find the job they fit with and so you it seems like you did that pretty early on oh yeah i i love doing this it’s really not a job to me i don’t mind doing it whatever it takes to get it done i don’t mind doing it two years ago workload was just crazy busy from april to the weekend before thanksgiving i had a total of seven days off total wow i mean that was a day here and a day there a day a sunday a saturday just very it was a very busy summer and it didn’t bother me at all i don’t mind doing it yeah i like helping people out and fixing acs and i i just love doing it hey ladies it’s pete with idaho lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon beautiful thing yeah so in 2006 you kind of officially became a business owner you opened kennedy mechanical which you know my question would be um you were obviously working for somebody else up until that point what kind of what was your feeling like taking that jump was it a nerve-wracking thing that uh you were very nervous about or was it something you just kind of knew i’m gonna be fine i knew i would do pretty good at it i didn’t really have a clue what how it was going to happen i was a service manager at a heavy mechanical company here in town i ran the whole service department for them doing a pretty good bit of sideline work after hours they didn’t mind us doing any residential at all so i would do a ton of it katrina hit in august i believe a 2015 and uh that just set set set it up for me to go off into it yeah yeah and full time you went full time went forward and uh and how was it that first you know say that first six months was it more business than you can handle or was it kind of slow going um it was pretty steady yeah um i had recently bought a suburban at the time i traded it in to buy my work truck and go from there didn’t think i could afford both notes didn’t want any more bills than i needed yeah looking back at it now of course i took a real big loss on trading in a fairly new suburban sure for a work truck and that added more to the cost of the truck uh looking back now i could have easily kept the suburban with no problem yeah but you just you know you don’t know you never know yeah and why you know that’s one less stress yeah one less stress already running the business

and that’s the biggest thing you just never know you can plan plan plan but how things turn out is who knows that’s right that’s right so longevity in my opinion is kind of uh it’s probably the largest indicator of satisfied customers because the longer you’re around you’re obviously taking care of people you know for the most part uh good service goes a long way especially in your industry and and you’ve been in business a long time you started out doing sideline work that kind of kept you rocking and rolling and actually to the point that you at some point in your life said uh i can do this full-time and you obviously had a passion for it uh you talked to you for five seconds uh we talked before this this podcast and i could see you’re very passionate about what you do and um and and all of that where it’s interesting with with business and what we do for a living uh i know i was like that with paint people i would bore people to death talking about paint and i loved it and thought everybody just loved it and couldn’t imagine but they loved listening to me talk about it because i was so passionate i had a passion for it same thing with you you love what you do and and uh ac is your thing and and uh probably right where you need to be and you’ve been doing it a long time now in the beginning when you when you were rocking and rolling full time with kennedy mechanical you were you were staying pretty busy but at some point i would imagine you said you know i need to get more employees the things all business owners face more employees more trucks um sometimes in business you can almost stalemate yourself because you don’t have enough trucks or enough employees so you get to a point where there’s only 24 hours in a day and uh and all of that do you remember kind of going through that i would imagine in ac work that’s kind of a a deal definitely ac work is summertime you just can’t work enough you can employ tons of people and you just can’t get it all done yeah winter time comes and it just dries up yeah we fool a lot in the service replacement maintenance side of it service in the winter just falls off to zero yeah very very little yeah people people running now y’all do heaters too or just air conditioning we’d full with heaters too you don’t have uh near the amount of work on heaters as you do air conditioning gotcha gotcha yeah it’s it’s crazy too when you first cut on that heater in the in december or november or whatever whenever you do um you get that smell right it hadn’t been rotten around for a year or so good dust burn smell yeah and that’s you know it’s working yeah yeah totally normal thing i would imagine no need to panic and think your house is on fire or anything like that it’s it’s uh now if you continue to smell it might be an issue it might be an issue there might have a piece of paper or something called on it that’s right that’s right now what would you say if i had if i asked you what you would credit as your biggest key to your success thus far what would you say that is just being loyal and honest to your customers uh honesty is is huge you’re you’re nobody without uh integrity of a person that’s right um i would i would agree with that and we talked about that before the show how important honesty is in trades specifically because they’re typically something if you’re not in the business you don’t understand it most people don’t have a clue how air conditioning works yeah it’s so easy for companies to take advantage of yeah i’m one of them i mean it gets completely under my skin to hear something a company taking advantage of somebody that’s one thing i’ve always said i would never do is put money over doing the right thing just so i can make a few bucks off of somebody to me it’s just not worth it 100 i sleep really really good at night knowing that i haven’t purposely taken advantage of somebody’s situation yeah yeah that’s right and and uh we as we discussed before the show you know it’s it’s a little bit easier in the in the trade industry because look i’m a guy i turn on the air conditioner it’s supposed to come on if it doesn’t there’s a few little checkpoints i can do just because they’ve happened to me before beyond that i don’t know nothing about it i mean i’m calling kennedy i’m saying help i’m sweating in here

in the last two weeks week and a half i’ve saved two people from having a spend tons of money on replacements very very under 300 repairs to where two companies wanted to charge the two jobs together was just over sixteen thousand dollars yeah wow that’s uh huge yeah and then people probably wanted to hug you yeah one guy was like man i was gonna have to go to the bank and get a loan to pay for this and he didn’t trust me that it was fixed and he was like you sure it’s fixed i’m like mr johnny it’s uh if if you want keep your check for a week and once you feel that it’s fixed and working right mail it to me but i can guarantee you that you know you had a bad thermostat you didn’t have a your whole unit in the attic didn’t need to be replaced yeah wow that’s a beautiful thing yeah and very important and and something i want to impress on this show uh about kennedy mechanical and look i use them personally they are my ac folks i guess you could say and uh and so you can you can trust me when i tell you that i use them personally i know their work i know their service and the passion that they have for what they do and they’ll take care of you they uh they know what they’re doing and they’re extremely trustworthy as far as that go as that story just indicated now i want to talk to you uh this is something i’ve been on a soapbox with anybody that would listen the last probably six months on bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your own wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area bj palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer bj pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast but i want to talk about trades in general and the reason i want to talk about that is um you know since covet hit and obviously when that hit and you know life became what it was for so long it backed a lot of things up um in shipping in um uh manufacturing especially you know even i’m sure for y’all ordering acs that used to take a month to came come in or two weeks to come in take them off those sorts of things yeah we’re starting uh shipping on some parts and access to pieces and parts are yeah definitely a slowdown before normally if you were taking more than a few days to get something that was long now it’s you you’re hoping that it’s only a few days to get it yeah it’s really changed a lot of things in relation to that and when you dig deep and you dig deep um you know there’s a lack of truck drivers for one thing like the parts might be there they might be at a port somewhere but there’s no truck drivers to bring them from there to here um but there is a shortage of trade help in general everywhere everywhere from plumbers to painters to ac guys to electricians and i personally you know i i blame some of this on and and i want to preface this with i got nothing against college i think college is great for a lot of people um but i do think there’s people out there that just don’t dig college and college is just not their thing they’re great with their hands they’re expert uh craftsmen and what they do and uh and i don’t think that trades get pushed like they used to um let me tell you a plumber a painter an electrician an ac guy the advantage is to those trades number one you make a ton of money um in a lot of cases you make a ton of money you can make it great let’s say yes and let’s say a great living if you do very very comfortable living and the other advantage to that is you can own your own business right easily on your own business yes and um some trades are a little bit harder than others to get into it right but any trade you can easily own that business and look they’ve got some trade schools now that are that are fantastic that focus directly in on the trade they have one in walker that is uh you know not only do they have that southeastern livingston which is a technology center that has some great classes there but they also have one behind it and i’m struggling to remember the name i want to say something around they just built it off of burgess beautiful both of those are within two minutes of my house yeah um and that’s a trade specific school yeah um they teach all kinds of things there i saw this problem happening five years ago how easy if not uh before then yeah and a lot of your best training uh in the trade is actually in the trade you’ll get on the job i went to the school there in baton rouge to learn air conditioning and it taught me what a system’s doing inside the system that nobody in the field would have ever been able to tell me very very very few that i ran across so it did help me understand what’s going on in the system um did i need to know that to work in the field not at all yeah you could easily you know learn on the job training and figure out but it did help me understand the principle of what’s happening and why it’s happening so it was some advantage to it was it worth what i paid for it maybe not but definitely on the job training is some of the best yeah if you get in with a good company that wants to invest some money into you as well absolutely and and you know apprenticeships used to be a big thing you would be a plumber’s apprentice or an air conditioners apprentice and and you know all these apprenticeships that were basically on the job training you were kind of like the the helper for these geniuses of what they do and and uh and you could learn from them uh and i think some of that’s kind of gone by the wayside i would like to see some of that come back the only the only you know one of the things i had kicked around and still i’m kicking around is is um i would like to maybe do a class where uh the business side of owning a business comes out for trade specifically uh things like like the importance of you know tracking payroll the importance of knowing where every dollar is going in your business because you can look up and um just knowing what i’m doing air conditioning wise is is a huge help sure but on the business side of it and that’s where most companies uh end up falling they really know what they’re doing but the business side of it is yeah the other half of it that they don’t know yes um and i’ve had my growing pains in that sure as well every company does if somebody tells you they didn’t know

yeah it’s well you’re right and and uh you know half the battle is known what you’re doing the second half is is knowing the business side of what you’re doing i guess yeah that’s very a lot of that is a school of hard knocks you just kind of learn as you make mistakes very costly mistake indeed it is you’ll just have to go do more work to pay for it that’s real that’s right now let’s get back to kennedy mechanical and and i want to talk about the services you offer so uh give me give me kind of a rundown of all the different things that you all are able to do with regard to air conditioning pretty much anything air conditioning related uh service any makes models um so you’re not limited as far not limited to one particular brand normally a company will generally install one particular brand just because it’s kind of impossible to install everybody’s unit so you’ll get off into one unit and deal with that large majority of the time so you do full replacements full replacements

preventative maintenance new construction um

just anything hvac related gotcha and on your full system replacements do those typically come with warranties and most of uh all the equipment i’m pretty positive all of the equipment standard comes with a five-year warranty you have to go online and register it to get the 10-year warranty gotcha it’s why they they push 10-year warranty but if you don’t go online and register it you only get five years yeah so if you’re buying a new house you’d better go online and register that piece of equipment or you’re only getting five years gotcha okay that’s good most builders don’t tell people that uh they just tell them to call whoever put it in for them uh if you have any ac problems but just a side note to you know good tip yes and register that puppy a lot of times if it’s a new construction home and we’ve been to it fairly af new after they moved into it i’ll check the registration form uh with if it’s within a certain time range you can go ahead and register it if not kind of sorry you missed out on yeah yeah so make sure you register i mean you’re talking five years difference that’s a big deal huge difference yeah um what about duck replacements y’all do that huge huge duck replacement uh duck work air flow i guarantee you is 85 of our problems really yeah it’s huge huge it’s interesting um most people just change out the equipment and put it up to what was installed 35 years ago and expect it to work correctly the new equipment moves way more airflow your returns have to be bigger

the supply duct needs to be measured out each one of them i’m not a huge fan of the 16 inch round flex ducts tied to them a 16 inch round flex is only good for about 700 and i think 30 cfms of airflow on the return side that doesn’t even fit a two ton unit we run across it on three fours so you like that all day long the the rigid sheet metal uh depending on what size it is we try to put a five inch filter at the unit to allow more airflow through the grill um we just try to do it as the manufacturer requires it to be done interesting and you would say that’s about 85 percent oh it’ll cause a problem at least yeah you can go there and find them and if you look up in yatic and you see a big round flexible duct ran from the ceiling to the back of the unit i would almost bet you a hundred bucks that it’s undersized wow interesting interesting so there you go there’s there’s another great tip for you homeowners so go up in your area and check that out give us a call i’ll be glad to come out and i’ll i’m i’ll show you on paper exactly what i’m telling you i’m not trying to just take my word for it every everything i show you i’ll be able to prove to you on paper there you go and another question would be fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

do y’all add ducks so uh especially houses that were maybe built in say the 70s um they might have a bedroom for example where really it needs two ducks and it only has one they only carried one to it definitely uh sometimes squaring up the room to you know to where they’re evenly spaced gets a little challenged yeah a lot of old bathrooms don’t have uh little drops in them we i love putting a drop in a bathroom you get out the shower and it’s steamy and hot and you’re sweating you’re trying to draw but you’re sweating on top of drying off it’s defeats the purpose you open the door and it feels way better yeah i’d run a little six inch to it and that you’ll be yeah definitely worth the money of what it costs to do it interesting you know and in my my personal situation uh my laundry room does not have a vent so um an air duct meant not really sure why my house was built in mid 70s i don’t know if maybe they added that part after or what but it doesn’t and it and it gets hot up in there i mean that dryer steadily putting out heat yeah yeah all of those rooms even some um big walk-in closets you’ll find where some people won’t put them into it it doesn’t need to be a real big one but you can definitely put a drop into a walk-in closet with no problem interesting interesting so you do all that and that’s good to know we try to look at each individual house every house is completely different you just got to look at what you got and draw it out and size it out and make sure you’re if you’re if you have a 5 ton unit you need 2 000 cfms of air going to it to get 2 000 out of it you put a 16 inch round on it you’re only getting six 730 cfm’s air to it and you’re not getting nowhere near 2 000 out of it yeah interesting i got you we see it we see it all day long and it just aggravates me to knowing yeah i need to get you out to my house actually to look at some stuff like something i’m probably gonna be like yeah jim you need something like ducks some of the companies that do it i just i want to call them and ask them what are you thinking yeah help me understand your process of what you’re doing so i can quit ripping out everything you do and putting it in the way i see it needs to be done right yeah yeah that’s there’s probably no good explanation and most of it it all boils down to uh to money uh it’s cheaper to do it this way uh is it correct not always yeah uh it you to get a certain builder’s job you need to be at a certain price and the guy before you is doing it this way and you got to beat his price and right to do you ain’t getting in that battle no i don’t i don’t compete with those guys i don’t do a whole lot of residential new construction uh just because one i don’t cut corners and what we do yeah if we’re going to do it we’re going to do it correctly or i’m not i don’t want to fool with it i love it i love it one of the reasons i use you is for that reason right there um what would you uh in your expert obvious opinion what would you say some there are some things a homeowner can do themselves just to kind of extend the life of their system make sure their filters are stay on top of your filter uh keeping it clean if you use a pleated filter if you can see good daylight through it it’s still good keep using it when you can’t see anything through it you let it go a little too long yeah um is it a 30-day filter again every house is different some people’s got 10 kids running around 18 dogs and filters need to be changed about once a week some people you know just man and his wife living in the house house is spotless uh filter can go five months before it needs changing yeah just have to look at your individual house and see what you got and then go from there cleaning the outside unit huge huge you can clean it every day if you had time yeah it’s made to get wet the only advice i would tell you on cleaning the outside unit do not use a pressure washer yeah water hose pressure is good yeah and you want to make sure you go up and down at about a 45 degree angle you don’t want to go left to right very good too you’ll bend the fins over and smash it and you bend too many of them over the unit can’t condense and cool the refrigerant down so just great tip you can clean it as often as you want yeah we’ll do it uh that’s why i was gonna be my next question what if you don’t want don’t just give us a call oh yeah definitely we uh try to schedule as many preventative maintenance calls as people will sign up for yeah and i know that most people uh well i say most people i’m i’m like this typically every spring you know it closed me to do two things pressure wash my house and and uh and you know get my ac clean and uh i don’t know if i’m going too long or too short i just figured

good spring cleaning generally lasts as far as the cleaning as long when you cut the grass and blow it away from the unit don’t blow it all up into the unit another endpoint generally once a year is good for their uh drain lines having them blown out which is all done in our preventative maintenance okay now do y’all uh is it just kind of call as you need it or is this something y’all have a contract we can set up uh agreements i don’t like calling them contracts yeah people feel they’re locked into something yeah it’s just an agreement we have a computer program that we set people up in and yeah it reminds us who we got due in march april may um you try to do all your spring cleanings i try to do them before may yeah after that it’s too busy in the service calls and things like that and most preventative maintenances uh eliminates a lot of the service calls if you get there and catch things every now and then you’ll still have something that breaks down on you but you eliminate a bunch of them and we even offer on a preventative maintenance if you have a drain line that stops up later on that summer for whatever reason we generally don’t charge for that because it was done in the spring and i i personally feel that it shouldn’t stop up again yeah so if we have another stop-up drain uh for whatever reason we generally don’t charge uh to go out and open that up for you interesting okay great great and and i tell people all the time you know you’re you’re and i’m by far not an expert but your air conditioner i would imagine is like anything else it’s you know you have to maintain it you have to maintain it people people uh you know my world of paint back in my former life that people would would not pressure wash their house for 10 years and then wonder why it had you know mildew on it yeah and i would say well when’s the last time you pressure wash your house oh i haven’t done it since i painted it when did you paint you know seven years ago i’m like yeah pressure wash it it’ll go away it’s normal i try to have mine done twice a year yeah yeah i name it white vinyl um oh yeah almost ready to replace the vinyl but i try to have it done twice a year absolutely any any any type of machine you have you know you want to maintain in your your air conditioner can be if you’re not maintaining it more than average as far as cost replacement so it’s it’s not something if it totally breaks you’re only out of pocket 100 bucks i mean these these systems are expensive and and they’re only getting more expensive federal governments requiring them to use more efficient motors these motors are not cheap by any means old typical motor yeah you could get that for under 100 bucks yeah these here our cost on them well over 400 bucks for most of them yeah yeah so you want to definitely make sure you got that 10-year warranty set up on them are you pregnant or do you know someone that’s pregnant well we have the perfect place for you look at me 4d imaging has you covered right here in livingston parish to get your next ultrasound or find out the gender of your baby look at me 4d imaging offers a newborn baby boutique gender reveal supplies keepsake heartbeat animals same day in next day appointments and they are conveniently located right in the heart of the town of livingston they are here to help capture your memories that will last a lifetime for expecting moms and their families miss anna would love to introduce you to your baby check them out on facebook or visit their website at look at me to see what they have to offer or give them a call at area code

225-435-9749 look at me 4d imaging a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast you’ll be amazed we several customers will call us out there and we’ll get out there and ask them you know hey jim what you got going on well i think i messed up i told my son to get over there and clean the unit with the pressure washer and like yeah you most probably did yeah that’s right now let me ask you i had this come up for me recently and that was my pain in my attic it’s full of water and uh and so what would you say you know the most typical cause of that is uh typical cause would be lack of maintenance uh having it cleared out that line will just fill up over time with algae slime yeah it just needs to be cleared um if you have it put in correctly some people don’t mind doing maintenance on their house ac unit have an access port to where they can pour bleach down through the drain line that’s really really helps um really yes definitely it helps kill all the algae and stuff in the line you don’t need a whole lot i had one customer that really really believes in bleach i think i think he has stock in the bleach company um he would pour like a half a gallon at a time oh my it backed all up into his unit rusted all the chlorine from the bleach rusted out all the metal of his unit his safety pan wasn’t even there anymore it was just a bunch of brittle pieces i asked him how much bleach do you use when you i said oh man i i use about a half a gallon i love bleach i can tell oh it’ll kill everything and clean the metal it opens everything up it opens the metal completely up that’s awesome yeah so a couple shot glasses maybe something like that yeah maybe a cup at the most just pour it down once twice a year get you a little funnel pour it in there just be careful not to spill it over all the metal yeah so um take the empty drums down with you when you’re finished don’t leave four or five gallons of bleach up there yeah don’t do that yeah one of my pet peeves is people leave all the trash in the attic yeah they do oh yeah i’ll go get a box or a bucket depending on how much is up there and i’ll just pick it all up and take it out with me yeah there you go absolutely now speaking of that i mean to me when i think of ac work the number one thing i think of as far as difficulty is you live in louisiana it’s hot in the summertime and you’re going up in an attic which uh folks when you know all of us here pull down our attic door and get that that just air hits you that’s 9 000 degrees um how do you how do you acclimate to that uh you can ask him uh first few weeks of summer i’m kind of grumpy um it takes a little bit to adapt to it yeah you learn how to be pretty quick at what you’re looking at and get up there and look at what you’re looking at and get down do you have a limit that you kind of stay up there at any one given time do you i know sometimes people do shifts where it’s kind of yeah generally we’re not up there that much for for that long of a time yeah just whatever the technician feels comfortable with on you know what they have to do yeah and then go from there yeah because it can be a serious change i have a serious problem yeah doing changeouts uh middle of summer if we have to we’ll start three four o’clock in the morning get everything tore out set it up in there measure what we need to have made sheet metal wise either be at the guy’s shop for seven or blowing his phone up at seven when he opens to have it built for us yeah so we can get back as quick as possible wow interesting yeah that to me is is tough serious work when it’s uh the older i’m getting uh not as fun as it is as it used to be i understand well now we’re coming around with some cooler weather which you probably welcome you’re ready for a little bit of cool weather and of course this means that heaters as we discussed earlier are going to be cut on for the first time um you know is there any advice with regard to heating systems that you would give homeowners how would a heating system turn it on if it works it works yeah the new ones have so many safeties in them uh the gas ones especially uh there’s so many safety devices on them it’s either gonna work or it won’t um and like i say we oh man our service industry uh as far as heating work uh 10 15 percent of what we do air conditioning wise yeah i mean it drops off drastically a lot of people don’t mind their house being 65 degrees uh or even colder uh they can put on a sweatshirt yeah they can wear socks wrap up in a blanket so they don’t mind it being as cold yeah until you get down into you know 30 low 40s 30s 20s something like that then now they got an issue with it but generally our typical winters um it ain’t too big of a demand for heater work for us no it can be we can be 30 on monday and 80 on friday it fluctuates pretty uh bit pretty good bit so and the interesting thing where we you know where we live well in people in general is uh in the summertime if the air conditioner goes out look hey drop everything it’s hot right get the ac guy over here nobody’s sleeping people will do whatever we need done so that they can get their air fixed whatever time take off of work and i got a lot of customers that uh trust us enough to just leave me a key and yeah you know or or i have codes to get into their houses um through their alarm system the key code on the door whatever uh and you know they just trust us enough to go in and fix what needs to be done and go from there yeah so i don’t like people missing work either i don’t like you know you already got to pay to have your unit fixed or replaced or whatever i don’t want you missing a day’s work a half a day’s work you know most people’s needs their job to to pay for what they need and 100 percent yeah i try to make it as easy as possible on people um whatever we can do to make it easier for you we’ll definitely do it well you certainly yeah and i can vouch i’ve had uh i used john uh and kennedy mechanical for both my business and my home and uh uh you know had a couple times where uh something happened and and uh i called and i needed it kind of done quick and they were there quick i mean next day uh john was able to fit me in and get me taken care of on both occasions with with the two issues i had um and very appreciative of that but it also speaks to to them going above and beyond on on their service and that’s kind of what separates you know there’s any business whether it’s painting plumbing mechanical services whatever there’s tons of people that do it so what’s the separator the knowledge the service the the honesty you know all of those things that that go along with it and so uh so that’s something that makes a difference to me and why i use you and uh and we’ll continue to use your company and and really push y’all um i asked you to define a leader in in your uh in your questionnaire and you stated someone who is willing to do something themselves that they would ask their employees to do and to take time to train your people to build a better business which i thought was very well said um two things there stuck out to me number one um being willing to do something you’d ask somebody else to do and that’s important you got to be able to uh whatever i ask of anybody else to do if i’m not willing to do it i can’t really ask them to do it that’s right and that’s true leadership john and if they don’t understand what i’m asking them to do i don’t have a problem going over there and showing them and teaching them and you know whatever it is so that they’ll understand what needs to be done yes i used to call that finding your broom as a business owner you know uh sometimes business centers struggle to lead people because you have to have those people’s respect and one thing uh that will garner you respect is if you’re willing to get up in that attic with everybody else here you are you own the company and you’re up there and you’re scooping out water out of a drain pan or whatever i i was taking a shower i think it was that summer that i had seven days off i was just got undressed had the shower going my foot was literally stepping into the shower and the phone rang and kim answered the phone can any mechanical services how can we help you lady needed us to come out there right then and there and i just killed the shower turned around put on my same dirty clothes and yeah went over there fixed it and come back and then took a shower and i that was nine a little after nine that night that she had called um went out and took care of it for her wow if if i can’t do it or think i’m too good to do it i definitely can’t ask you to do it oh man that’s a great that’s a great leadership quote right there so get what you can from that listeners

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now john if people want to get in touch with you to change out their air ducts or or get their system serviced just a regular service whatever it may be anything to do with hvac an opinion of what you have now uh what could be done better with it yeah definitely we can always be reached at our office number is 225 three five one three zero i’ll even go a little bit further and give you my personal sale number there you go two two five five eight eight five eight nine five uh call text i work really good with texting some days i talk to so many people and and i forget who i’ve even talked to and where where where i promised we would be so texting works really really good for me yes i say that i do that same thing and a lot of people are like what you don’t want to talk to me i said no when we text i have a record of what we said so when i’m laying in my bed that night and i’m looking through my text i can say oh yeah i got to do that yep i love text messaging emails i get lost in them they they tend to i personally hate emails some people only operate off of that and that’s fine yeah but um text messaging works great for me yes yes now i want to mention your tagline it’s awesome i don’t know who come up with that okay well she did great and that is with kennedy mechanical you will never lose your cool that’s a that’s pretty awesome great play off of air conditioning well one of the be the bni group we in you got to have a tagline for your business and we were sitting there going back and forth what to do and i’m i’m not too good with coming up with stuff like that yeah she came up with her on her own and we’ve kind of stuck with it well awesome well we’ve been going almost an hour and uh probably could go another hour but it doesn’t take long once you start done man it’s it’s uh but i hope some people learned a lot more about kennedy mechanical today and they are a local company they do great work here uh if if it has to do with air conditionings or heating of any sort uh they do it let’s just say that and and uh the first step would be to give them a call and have them come out there and look at what you got diagnose your problem and then fix it right yes definitely we can get out there and look at it and see what you got give you an evaluation of what you got now what we see could do better i i give a guy a doctor down off of 4h club road wanted he was dead set he needed two five ton units for his house went out there what does he have 16 inch flex duck

draw a model of it that’s going to be our logo on the back of our on the vans 14 16 inch flex ran to a four ton unit 16 inch flex ran to a uh three-ton unit soon as soon as i stepped in the attic i asked him i said who put this job in and i mentioned the company um he didn’t know right off top his head he said hold on let me go look he’d come back a few minutes later sure enough you called it right on he said how did you know that and i said because it looks just like one of the jobs they would do yeah this it looks just like it well there you go you know it’s no way possible and i’ve recommended to him on his bedroom side to replace the unit actually they had it undersized do the duct work and save the money on the living room side and just put a rework to return and go with it if he wanted to replace it he could but yeah i didn’t see where he needed to right right but if he wanted a uh you know a more sophisticated unit a two stage a variable speed uh something along those lines which are excellent pieces of equipment they cost a little bit more but they uh you know excellent piece of equipment excellent excellent so there you go just another example of what you’re going to get with you good folks now do y’all have a website uh we do have a website i’m going to be uh not a great business owner and know what that is that’s all right and look over there at kim yeah that answer yeah uh kim shout out your website

kennedy mechanical services yes i should have calm that’s all right you know uh believe it or not most times when i ask people that they look at me like a deer in headlines yeah you’ll be surprised you know business owners got all kinds of things going on they they can’t remember the website but the great thing is i’m going to link it to the description of this video so you don’t even have to write it down all you got to do is scroll down click on it bring it right to the website and give you more information we got a facebook page as well we can be contacted through there you can probably just search kennedy mechanical no i’m sure can you do that kim there you go

there you go so uh so you’ll hear uh kim’s sweet voice every time you call uh kennedy mechanical services and she will get you fixed up uh you know with whatever you got going on so you don’t lose your cool how you like that uh we appreciate you coming on man appreciate the work the opportunity to come here and uh yeah love it love it love local and uh and really appreciate the work you do you’re great at what you do and uh and hopefully you won’t have to borrow the doors after this thing you know releases you might need more vans

we are talking to a few uh potential uh technicians coming on board and uh hoping to bring them to on in the spring excellent look forward to it so we’re going to tag all that information we just talked about with regard to the facebook the website and stuff to the description of this video as well as the phone numbers where you can contact candy mechanical and get whatever you want whatever you need as far as hvac work taken care of i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders of podcast please continue to like comment subscribe to our podcast as we strive a spotlight to feature all local businesses in and around livingston parish i want to thank all my sponsors i couldn’t do any of this without all of them and just a short note for those that have reached out we were up for a people’s choice podcast award uh uh on september 30th uh and we did not win that award uh really we were just blessed to be in the running that is a worldwide thing and uh we’re very hyper local here at local leaders and and uh for us to be we were already winners just being up for that and in the in the top ten uh not of the nominees was an honor and really a blessing for us and the best thing about it was it was all of you that went out and voted for us and so we were winners the day our name was announced uh as far as that goes but our friends at real life real crime uh woody everton he did win best male hosted podcast in the world which is pretty impressive right and he’s from right out here in livingston parish you know lives in mar paul uh very famous i think went to school with him yeah yeah his family is from uh from clinton and uh and i believe uh you know everybody out in clinton goes to what is it uh kim what is it sillaman yes silliman so uh yes he is a salmon graduate as well as miss kim over here uh so shout out to woody everton very proud of him he’s a great friend of ours if you want information on sponsoring or appearing on the show reach out to jim at local leaders of podcast dot com and i’ll give you all that information until next time i am jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business just like kennedy mechanical and keep leading thank you very much for coming on sir

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