Le’ Chein Brewing Co. Talks Family, Beer and Hand Pies

Le’ Chein Brewing Co. Talks Family, Beer and Hand Pies

Le’ Chein Brewing Company in Denham Springs, Louisiana sits down to talk about the PASSION that goes with having the first and only Beer Brewing company in Livingston Parish, LA.

Brett and Ryan Dunham open up on WHY they do what they do and through this. Host Jim Chapman discovers this family’s story is way more than just another BEER Story!

You really do not want to miss this episode of Local Leaders: The Podcast featuring Le’ Chein Brewing Company!

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live bands eat handpies and even play life-size games of connect four today we’re going to talk about this and a whole lot more so welcome brett and ryan dunham to local leaders the podcast i’m glad to have y’all here today now before we jump into all things lachen i want to give everyone a little history on youtube so ryan let’s start with you now you run the pie-eyed side of lachen correct yes sir so there’s a whole other side to you even before that you worked for some pretty popular restaurants at one point in time uh and you also have a pretty deep knowledge of computers all things computers really i find it very interesting to talk to you uh kind of take us through all that but you know just a little something else is what you did before you were in the beer business and hand pie business all right when i was younger i worked in a lot of restaurants kind of cut my teeth there on food more recently i became a apple specific consultant i worked for different places anywhere from orthodontist to criminal defense lawyers and movie studios uh it was a lot of fun it was also a very challenging job and i wanted to do something fun that was also challenging so it brought me here you seem like the kind of guy likes to be challenged i do every day is a challenge for sure yeah there’s no doubt about especially in your business that you’re doing now but i mean it seems like your whole life you’ve just kind of been one of those people that uh you like to figure things out yeah there’s there’s no fun and complacency i always like to to challenge myself come up with new things come up with fixes yeah there is no fun and complacency i like that and this guy who is this guy to your right in relation to you this is my best and only brother brett your favorite brother by default by default and brett you are kind of the beer guy behind le chen and uh and you actually have some interesting training in that so that you didn’t just kind of decide to open a beer brewery and and jump into it you you had some stuff behind that kind of take us through a little bit of your experience in brewing all right so um basically started at gnarly barley um help zach over there great some family friends at this point um we helped finish putting the brew system together and stuff and then we brewed over there for about nine months and gnarly barley to help get them going and stuff like that so learned a bunch of good lessons yeah over there and um what what to do what not to do and and um kind of move once i graduated from southeastern the commute to hammond was was pretty long so yeah i ended up um going up and going our separate ways and then eventually i brewed it tin roof awesome yeah and then uh through that it you know obviously at some point that led to le shin but that was kind of like your sea legs if you were in the navy that’s where you kind of learned and really got an interest in what uh and what you wanted to do here with lachen um and you on the other hand you were the food guy and so um i don’t know if any listeners out there have had them hand pies yet but i’m going to tell you the breakfast hand pies are amazing they’re just everything from the service that you get when you pull up to the handpies themselves or what you would expect from almost like a high you know ultra high class restaurant you can tell that these things were made and tested uh with love if you will and this guy right here ryan he uh takes a lot of pride in those recipes and everything right so you and i have talked about how you’ve tried this and tried that that’s kind of the fun part you try things out see what works um you so i wanted to mention that that food truck everybody sees out there when they’re going through the antique district on the way to work it takes about five minutes from the time you stop to the time you’re gone no time at all maybe even less maybe even less yeah and uh you don’t even leave your car which is great so if you want to catch up on that morning email and just tell them what you need by the time you’re done with that email they’re going to have your food in your car and you can continue on down the road i was very impressed with that when i went by and uh bought some for some businesses local businesses here in denham springs so i wanted to mention that thank you jim um i also wanted to ask you ryan uh with the handpies you have an interesting and ultra delicious menu there at night when people are kind of chilling with their beer and you offer several different things so you have onion rings that are yum you have boudin balls boudin balls made with our own beer batter made from the beer that uh brett brews there you go so you got brett’s fabulous beer and those battered around those boudin balls and i’ve had uh i’m almost ashamed to say i’ve had one of everything there and the boudin is really good unbeatable the secret sauce that comes with it it’s there’s nothing like it yes yes very good uh what is your best seller out of that food truck at night what’s your biggest requested item probably the boudin balls yeah um we sell a lot of hand pies but we have a variety of those so the numbers add up to probably be our most popular item but beyond the boudin balls the singular most bestseller is probably the uh the oreo stuffed beignets yum i have not had those yet i missed out on those so i’ll have those i think my wife ate all of those they’re deadly she hid them from me yeah so i’ll have to try those you’re doing your thing with computers and with restaurants you’re doing your thing uh related field for sure you’re you’re at 10 roof at this time at some point there’s a discussion of i think we want to kind of open a brewery now to me that would blow my mind right but i was talking to someone about this the other day and it’s worth mentioning you know the difference between success and failure to me a lot of times is not the brain power someone has it’s the ability to act on that brain power so we almost all of us can have genius ideas right and we’ll tell people we’ll brag about it oh this is a genius idea and then it kind of dies right there the difference is people that see it through don’t get psyched out you strike me as someone that loves a challenge absolutely and um that is what it took right that’s what it takes that this is this is not i’m opening up you know a paint store uh that’s common that i mean this thing’s got some red tape with it uh so at some point you decide i’m gonna do this i’d imagine you talk to daddy’s very involved in your business right he’s there every day great guy ron dunham uh kind of take me through that that that first thought so kind of it all started with home brewing as many breweries kind of start with yeah william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast

ryan and my mom we bought dad a home brewing kit one day for father’s day yeah and um i think it sat in the shop until the next father’s day and we’re like oh man we need to we forgot all about that when we’re sitting there barbecuing drinking different beers and stuff that ryan probably brought to us and yeah um you know we that was kind of our thing we like to sit around and drink different things different beers and stuff so we ended up pulling it out that day and brewing the beer and um and the ingredients were you know way expired the yeast is supposed to be kept refrigerated it’s been sitting in the hot shop for a year you know yeah so it was um the beer was a little lackluster and we didn’t have we didn’t have the finesse then either so tart it was got some bite i’ll say that it had alcohol present but there wasn’t much else that was good about it but um you know we’ve learned a lot since then and um it’s been a real fun journey and and um basically me and dad and ryan have put together recipes for the last 10 12 years yeah and just brewed repetition and developed better recipes tweaked recipes and been just kind of honing the craft and yeah kind of learning about the brewing industry and that’s the fun part is i would imagine is is you know playing around with these recipes and and having that glass and you’ve you’ve you know you pour that drink from that recipe and you take swig of that beer and you’re like oh this is good and then you replicate it you know exactly and it becomes part of lachen’s menu and and all of those sorts of things so you you come to this decision ryan you’re kind of you’re doing other things and and uh you saw an opportunity here to to line up with your family and and work with this guy right here every day and you you took it right how could you pass that up yeah yeah it’s a blessing really yeah and and uh you know it’s it’s some people were like oh gosh i couldn’t imagine working with my family all day but when you love when you love your family it and uh and you’re very tight i would imagine it doesn’t get any better than that absolutely and everybody’s got the same goal and y’all bounce off of each other extremely well you know ryan your your logic and his his need to just you know basically dominate what he’s doing and and all of those sorts of things figure it out those bounce off very well and that’s an important aspect in business is is you want people to have different talents we definitely have a yin yang type of situation yeah and it’s i mean anybody else that’s in a family business knows that it’s never always easy no but um you know some days we want to kill each other but other you know other days it’s it’s great and you know it’s it’s a very enjoyable thing waking up in the morning and loving going to work yeah yeah and and i mentioned dad who’s who’s involved in this and their everyday helping was he very supportive at the beginning oh yeah he’s he’s been he’s been a large part of this yeah i mean we’re you know we’re we’re equals yeah we’re not he he’s pretty much helped every step of the way so that’s a beautiful thing he’s been a part of it every step of the way you know yeah it took us six years to find a building you know with the flood in between that and um kind of postponed us for a year yeah but um it was people always say that finding a location is the hardest thing that you’re going to do and it turned out to be correct hardest and most stressful because once you’re committed you’re committed and there’s kind of no going back and especially in your business because it wasn’t like you were opening and you you just were putting tables in there and you were ready to roll i mean you had a lot to do um you mentioned it six years uh but kind of between the time you started looking in the time you were settled on a building um nobody gave up on that dream during that time and that’s impressive you know most people it we’re in a society now where it’s it’s got to happen fast you know uh and if it dies within six eight months or you get a flood or things like that guess what it wasn’t meant to be we’re gonna go do something else that’s impressive you did decide eventually and find a building in livingston parish in denham springs in my opinion you couldn’t pick the better location folks i’ve been out there um there is nothing better to to me with my passion for local business in my community to sit in a chair and i’m looking and i’m looking right at that denim springs water tower i’ve got the best beer i’ve ever tasted in my hand i’ve got the greatest boudin balls over here that i’m eating and i’m just sitting down chatting with these guys who are awesome um the location to me was perfect for what you’re doing you’re a local brewery and you’re right in the heart of local business and i love that um now they’re you know you’re selling alcohol and um and so there’s a little red tape there relative to if you were selling uh you know tools um how how hard was it at the beginning kind of just to get open you know and jump over that hump a lot of it was education you know there’s there was a lot of preconception um that hey we wanted to make our own beer and serve our own beer there was a lot of a lot of people that were very hesitant about the idea yeah and it was through education and showing them pictures of other breweries and and kind of um telling them the vibe that we want yeah and that it’s just going to be a family-friendly restaurant that you can come hang out with your kids and feel safe sure you know we have a lot of single females that will just bring their dog and come hang out and drink a beer yeah you know and that that kind of that means a lot to me that they feel safe there enough to come by themselves yeah and um i love that and it’s it’s been a definitely a journey to become dental springs first and only in livingston parishes first and only uh brewery yeah ever yeah so it’s um it’s been a journey and um we’re glad that we’re here yeah we’re glad you’re here and ryan you know he he just kind of talked about some interesting concepts and you’re a concept guy um hand pies aren’t common uh as a matter of fact yours might have been the first one i had you know what i thought they were i thought they were um meat pies right i hear meat pies empanadas they’re all similar they’re all a crust that you can stuff stuff in inside of mine is made out of a buttery flaky european style cow butter it’s all handmade when you see the little waviness around the hand pies that’s because it’s hand crimped yeah everything in the hand pie is made from scratch yeah yeah and and your concept there was you wanted to offer something that people just couldn’t get anywhere exactly we want to be a destination if i did pizza or barbecue sure it could be great but you could get that around the corner too so i want to do something slightly different and the genius thing about the hand pie is it’s just the casing and you can put anything inside of it so if i want to do pepperoni pizza everybody’s very familiar with pepperoni pizza they know what they’re getting into but they’re also getting something that’s different yeah yeah and do you do pepperoni i do do pepperoni pizza yum uh got cheeseburger chicken pot pie cheeseburger is the best is it sounds good too and we do sweet pies too which instead of being baked those are deep fried um we do blueberry uh we have a cherries jubilee now yeah so i had the blueberry the other day and um just unbelievable amazing taste and i have a picture of it that i took so as we’re talking these pictures are gonna pop up of things we’re talking about one thing that is also interesting is your food truck it’s really nice it’s you know great job on the wrap i don’t know who designed it but they did a beautiful job on it catches your eye great color i’ll go ahead and give a shout out to mandy at eye roll creative she’s the one that did all my design work there you go she also did our uh crowler labels yeah design she’s fantastic awesome shout out mandy great job i love the color uh that blue is just a pretty blue i don’t know what they call that blue yeah it’s it’s a little retro looking it kind of looks like a modern station wagon yeah yes yeah it kind of does but it fits with what y’all are doing stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504 two nine two eight four sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

yeah and that’s you know continuing on with concept one of the other things with lachen is that you allow pets you welcome pets you love pets uh do you have like uh is it primarily dogs or is it can you bring anything we’ve had a goat yeah a goat okay we’ve had a cat on a leash yeah yeah on a leash and a stroller that was those oh that’s cute um what about a bearded dragon yes yes yes good my son has one one of our good friends um daughter carries uh carries a bearded dragon all the time yeah awesome those are amazing animals yeah uh my son has one and uh and they are you know they’re very aware you would never think that but when i walk in the room and and i say hello to the bearded dragon it turns around and looks at me it’s kind of crazy um so i may bring it one day bring them on interesting little conversation piece and y’all are dog lovers yourselves and pet lovers yourselves um and you do a lot to support uh specifically the denim springs is it animal uh okay yeah um i want to talk about that a little bit because uh obviously when it comes to tax dollars you only have so much to give out and you’re putting some here and you’re putting some there but animal shelters probably in general get kind of the low end of the priority let’s just say that um so they always need help right these guys right here are very giving to that animal shelter they do a lot of things for it they’ll do promotions where they you know aspect of that is giving back to the animal shelter and so we want to shout out those people in the work they’re doing but how much does that mean to y’all to be able to help that organization so basically i mean we we fully support them we got um our last dog pierre he’s kind of the brewery dog if you’ve been there during the week he’s always there with us and just running around the yard and chasing birds off the patio and such um he came from the animal shelter um they they showed up for work one day and somebody taught them to the the front fence and just abandoned them oh man so um and he was a very small puppy at that time and we got him and he’s a beautiful grown big puppy now i guess he’s a little over a year old and um but we we fully support those guys and we want to anything that they need we told them to reach out to us and we’ll we’ll find a way kind of thing to help them and um so we we haven’t contributed as much as we want thus far but you know we’re moving forward we’re trying to do as much as we can um you know we have an event this saturday coming up and yeah we have the dunking booth and um hot dog eating contest all the entry fees and and money from the dunkin booth is going straight to the animal shelter there you go so and we’re going to talk about that uh in this in this hour i guess and and uh discuss this awesome event coming up we got some people speaking of that just to bring this up we have some great guests yeah yeah i saw you’ve got the uh this denim city police chief uh himself yeah in that booth mr shannon womack yes sir we also have um rick foster yeah city building official yeah i can’t wait to throw them just kidding don’t come fail me i’m playing um yeah so some well-known folks in this community and they’re and look they’re doing something good for charity too they’re probably hoping they don’t get dunked uh but always fun to throw to throw those out there um now i want to talk a little bit about uh lachen from the aspect of what goes into brewing that beer the time wise like the interesting thing about lachen is it’s it’s different in its hours so um we’re going to cover that in this podcast pretty heavily so everybody realizes when you’re open when you’re closed and all those sorts of things and there’s a reason for that you have to brew the beer right you’re not uh absolutely this stuff is all brewed on site you brought me on a tour it’s amazing folks this used to be an oil change place right right so the interesting thing is all these tanks are are where they used to change the oil below the cars perfect spot it’s all lighted up in there and it’s it’s really cool it’s like walking in a spaceship one of two basements in denim springs that we know of really yeah that’s an interesting fact wow that’s awesome so uh so this you know there’s a lot that goes into that kind of take me through that process what so so the basic pro brewing process and we have um barley and oats and wheat and stuff that goes into the mash tun and um at a specific temperature and ph we’re um converting our starches to sugars for a certain amount of time and basically our our byproduct of that is spent grain which goes to local farmers to feed cattle yeah and um so they’re they’re very grateful to get free feed for their cattle and it keeps keeps the weight on them all winter so um they’re very grateful for that and then um so from there we transfer it to the boil kettle add our hops and other some other ingredients and stuff like we make our hibiscus beer the hibiscus goes in like the last five minutes of the boil yeah to give you that that pink kind of color and extract those floral notes out of it yeah um from there we cool it down through a heat exchanger we run it downstairs we pitch whatever yeast goes with that beer on onto it and the yeast ferments the sugars into alcohol and co2 yeah i tell people kind of a crude way to say it is it it pees alcohol and it farts co2 that’s a good one because it’s a living organism yeah so it’s um you know you have to give it all the things that it needs to live and thrive so we put oxygen in it before we pitch the the yeast in it and um it has all the nutrients from the grain and stuff like that that it needs yeah so once it’s done fermenting we drop the temperature on it the yeast gets sleepy and drops out of suspension and then um we can harvest that yeast and use it for the next batch awesome of that type of beer you know there’s different yeast strains that give you different flavors but that’s that’s the basics of it and then um we transfer it into if you’ve seen the um the tanks underneath the bar when you’re standing at the bar you look down and there’s tanks underneath you yeah um we transfer into one of those tanks and then we carbonate it there we force co2 into it yeah and then it gives you the nice bubbles on it and then um we from there we we tap it directly to a trunk line and it goes up to the taps yeah so we’re not having a keg or any clean kegs or anything like that yeah it’s like perfect man it was like the perfect spot for what you’re doing and and i want to go back to that a little bit and just were there ever any other considerations on like where you would put the brewery or was it always kind of livingston parish yeah we kind of looked in in multiple areas we kind of looked at mandeville north shore yeah stuff like that that was kind of our first kind of thing and then we uh kind of pulled back to baton rouge looked a bunch of different places there and um around prairieville prairieville we looked in livingston we looked in central i mean we kind of kept we we always said that we always kept our options open sure and kind of look for the building that fits us yeah and um it’s kind of kind of like when you find your your significant other you’re you know the one that really sticks yeah it’s everybody says oh you’re gonna know when you find the right one everybody kept telling us that for the property and then um we had a meeting with the dylan springs mayor mr gerard yeah uh landry and he’s he’s been fantastic for us and um he’s a great guy he’s um he’s a businessman and he’s kind of we we went and pitched him the idea and he was kind of you know skeptical like everybody else sure and um once we kind of showed him pictures and kind of told him what we were all about and kind of our concept he was like man that sounds great for the city let’s do it yeah so um and you’re right across from city hall exactly it just happened to work out that way so like within like a week of having that meeting i was just driving around dumb springs and writing down addresses and stalking you know through the tax assessor’s website and who owns all these properties and found this building and it was abandoned there was nobody there and um they were in the process of listing it and so we got to it before they it got listed yeah and we started negotiations and ended up buying the property awesome and it’s it’s kind of one of those there’s things that you know everybody’s always said you when you know you know and we knew at that point that’s interesting yeah it was a perfect location for us um and during the whole our entire experience of looking for a location there was such a wealth of knowledge gained and by the end we knew this is going to work and this isn’t going to work yeah yeah so you just it was just that you just know this is the right spot and it’s important uh listeners that we we remember that any business that opens in in uh livingston parish but especially a business like this they have an investment you know they they’re they’ve invested in us as a community and i try to keep that in mind when it you know when i shop i shop local for many reasons one of them i’m just hyper hyper local you know i’m just uh probably overboard with my love of local um although i don’t believe anybody can be overboard with that but um that’s one of the reasons but the other reason is i try to keep in mind that these people have an investment here and and they’ve kind of invested in us and it’s our responsibility to then invest in them um and sometimes you’ll go into business and you might say wow i don’t know you know this this ain’t my type of food or whatever it is let me tell you there is nothing not to like about your brewery um every every aspect of that brewery i want to keep hammering this down but it’s just well thought out uh there’s a lot of love in everything you do from the food to the beer uh everybody there is just kind of chilling and having a good time you’re listening to live music um one thing that i want to impress please understand this is not a bar by any stretch of the imagination i’ve been in bars this ain’t a part this is uh this is i you know more of a hangout is the way i would kind of describe it it’s somewhere where you want to go after work and just have a couple of beers and hey you want to bring your notebook and go out there and plan your next day that’s fine they want you to right i mean it’s encouraged we have quite a few people that will come on like friday evenings and like they’ll hammer out their last two hours of work and sit and drink a beer and grab some food and shut their laptop and they’re off for the rest of the day that’s it and it’s so it’s common i ran into some people last time i i went by there and and i said i didn’t think i’d see y’all here and they said oh we’re here every thursday this is kind of like our deal it was three friends and and they meet on thursdays at four at lachen and uh and you know just have a couple of beers and catch up for the week or whatever uh so i do want to stress that that is not a bar it is a it is a hangout bring the kids you have plenty of things to do for the kids there uh from the the tic-tac-toe or whatever it is connect for that yeah the live si life-size version of that the bowling pins and everything so they encourage that

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yeah we have a couple sets of cornhole we have uh you know the big jinga yeah connect four we do um we just bought a bunch of board games and stuff so we’ll put them out on the table and people can come grab some board games and decks of cards and stuff like that love that love that it’s really fun to see all the different people out on the patio because people are like who are you who’s your demographic i don’t believe that we really have a demographic if you look out there on the patio there’s kids running around the train comes by they all run to the fence and see the train everybody’s got their dogs i mean not many people label dogs as their demographic but it is one of our demographics absolutely families anybody anybody last time i was in there there was the 18 to 25 crowd there were several people in there that age uh you know on up to 60. i mean you put it the best way you could there is no real demographic there it’s just whoever likes to chill have a good time yeah um and you have more than beer there you have wine there for those those non-beer drinking uh folks um yeah we make our own we make our own root beer and cream soda there you go that’s the sodas that we offer we have a cold brew coffee on tap we have two reds two whites and champagne so we can make mimosas and stuff as well there you go so it’s not just for for the the beer drinking men out there and look i know a lot of beer drinking women personally y’all know who y’all are but but it’s not just for that it’s you’ve got a little bit of something for everybody even from the food yeah and food too let’s just throw that in yes yeah i mean you got a onion rings you got boudin balls you got the best hand pies uh you can get anywhere in the world in my opinion um and you’ve got a lot of great people surrounding you so you never know who you’ll run into whether it’s a podcaster or whether it’s the mayor or whether it’s you know uh just a conglomerate of professionals and and athletes and whatever at your uh your playing man people really enjoy being out there you never know who you’re going to meet you know you’re sitting at a table next to someone else you strike up a conversation there you go you got a new friend yeah that’s that’s great to see it happen yeah you know and you’re right there in the thick of it yeah and that must be a great feeling that you know every day to go to work and and you never know who’s going to show up and he’s you know just a new friend during the winter during the winter time we uh we have some you know wood-burning fire pits we put out there and put all the adirondack chairs around it oh yeah and um i mean there’s like is that what you call them adirondack chairs i might be no you might be right that is it i would in the reason i say that is i’ve been trying to describe those chairs to people i’m like you know the kind you lounge back in you kind of said so you just taught me something adirondack chairs folks that’s what i was trying to think of so but what i’m saying is um like everybody sits around these adirondack chairs around the fire and we had two and sometimes three fire pits yeah and people would just sit down with random people yeah and i mean through the middle of covet everybody’s kind of spaced out still but like you start chatting with everybody around and and you know there would be many times we walk up to the fire pits and be like oh yeah i know your sister i worked with your sister at blah blah blah and it’s like everybody kind of realizes how they’re connected yeah and it’s um and they make new friends and you see them exchanging phone numbers and and it’s it’s really it’s really cool thing to see to see any age group just mingling together and good clean fun absolutely and i’m glad y’all brought that up and that is uh coveted and it’s interesting y’all opened in october of 2020. that’s a heck of a time david you know right in the middle of the madness there um and y’all you opened the halloween night actually yeah now the good thing is you opened when coving was kind of uh beyond the major scare that it was in march of 2020 when nobody knew we thought if we breathed on each other we’re gonna kill each other you know at that point in time and so everybody kind of did their due diligence and okay two weeks to you know flatten the curve or whatever they were saying and then that extended and extended and we found out new things about this this illness and and uh so that was fortunately kind of uh we knew enough about it to know that maybe we were going a little overboard on some of them um so you opened in halloween of 2020 finally after all this time how was the response it was great i mean we opened halloween night with 24 hours of notice wow we found out that we had our insurance on friday at noon yeah and we were we were our goal was to open on halloween but we didn’t we couldn’t announce anything because we didn’t know if we were going to have insurance yeah and conveniently there was a hurricane in the gulf that prevented them from issuing insurance yeah at that point from the underwriters or however all that stuff works yeah and um we found out at noon that we um we’re going to be able to open on saturday 24 hours later and we made our we already had a post ready for it and um we posted it and um it was it was probably about 250 people showed up that’s amazing so it was um and it kind of scared the hell out of us yeah we were like who are these people that are gonna come do they exist yeah you know how would they know because all we did was social media yeah and uh we had a good amount of followers on facebook and we didn’t even have a sign in front of our place yeah and that’s who we were yeah they just came that’s awesome man yeah and um it was you know everybody has opening day we have you know you have a little rough time with some things oh yes but every business yeah yeah everything went pretty smoothly we were literally just figuring out the pos system as we opened yeah people were showing up early and you know it was just it was overwhelming but it was a fantastic night yeah everything everybody got beers everybody got food you know we had a little bit of a wait time on some things but people understood and i mean they know that it’s opening night and we had 24 hours to prep yeah so and there’s kinks yeah exactly there’s things you don’t you’re not going to see coming you can’t really prepare for uh and uh so it sounds like y’all went through it like a champ though i mean uh a little stressful maybe but uh you know you probably figured out systems and ways of doing things especially since that time that have made you run even smoother and smoother absolutely oh yeah that that next week after halloween we did so many improvements just that week from what we learned and yeah it’s it’s it’s every single week honestly but that was a that was a major learning curve right there yeah yeah sometimes getting through them right in the fire is almost the best thing for you absolutely because you’ll never have a day like that wild like that again and you learn so many lessons and we had one pos system at the time like the next day we’re like uh we need to order in another video you know it’s nothing funny and that that particular issue plagues a lot of they never have enough pos systems and uh most people they get that first one and look they’re not cheap and uh and so you certainly don’t want to have two if you don’t need them right but that is where the backlog that is where the backup happens you have four uh waitresses or something and they’re standing there waiting to ring up orders right you could cut that time in half i haven’t but nobody ever figures that out till they open you know because you’re like yeah i’m gonna get two and i’m gonna have one person at a time and yeah and 250 people show up we’re really proud now how many people we can get through the line without waiting so yeah if there’s a line amazing there could be a line back to the brew system and in less than five minutes around around five minutes you have a beer in your hand a drink you got food ordered and you can go sit down and it’s it’s a little intimidating to some people like standing in line but yeah we get through it really fast yeah you really do the simplicity behind the bar is is just it leads to that you know all of our wine is on tap yeah so you get the best product um you know from the beginning of that keg to the end of the keg instead of opening a bottle and that last glass is not necessarily going to be as good right if it’s the next day or whatever so very good yeah and it’s um we just strive on simplicity behind the bar so we can get through those orders as fast as possible yeah and how about on the food side of things if you order food at the bar now we have a text messaging system to where you can order food at the bar um you get a text message to your or the truck and you get a text message to your phone you can come and pick it up when it’s ready come on yeah that’s i like that idea there you go so listeners uh check that out hi this is lori johnson with hancock whitney bank and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast visit localleadersthepodcast.com for previous episodes or for information on appearing on the show two and that food truck is parked in the in the back back there uh i don’t know if you caught the courtyard i guess or the patio patio and and uh it’s in there at night when they’re open and they’re they’re loving throwing handpies at you you know we’re not at you but let me also say in in the morning monday through friday we park the truck out on range road right on the other side of the railroad tracks and we do breakfast uh so that’s monday through friday 6 30 to 9 30 6 30 to 9 30 monday through friday and almost no wait and let me tell you you’ll just want to go by there the the lady that maddie maddie yeah you’ll just want to go by there to say hello to her and and uh well you definitely want to get hand pies while you’re there but um she’s so pleasant it’s like you want to go out of your way just even if you’re on the other side of town and half of that reason is just say hello to maddie yeah and get your handpies she’s our morning superstar yeah she’s on and also if you just pass by and honk she’ll wave to you so yeah there you go i’m gonna do that every day now but we prefer you to stop yeah that’s right yeah yeah definitely stop um now tell me with your breakfast let’s let’s talk about the food you serve as far as the hand pies and i know at one point you were doing kalashes but you got kind of away from that that kind of take me through that yeah so we started with kalashes that that was kind of an easier route to get started um and it turned out it wasn’t the right strategy we’re always contemplating our strategies you can get good collages everywhere even though my collages were great it didn’t make me a destination yeah i realized that i needed a destination type food so i’m already doing the hand pies that’s on brand yeah i should do that yeah so we have fantastic boudin so i made a boudin pepper jack and egg uh hand pie so i’ve got that right now but very soon we’re gonna be rolling out some new items i guess i’ll go ahead and talk about them we’re gonna do some fried grits they’re going to be like a rectangle like a hash brown i’m going to start with a butter cheddar and bacon fried grits so it eats it it is similar to a hash brown yeah like you can grab it and eat it yeah it’s grits on the inside and it’s it’s fantastic i mean it kind of sounds like an appetizer but i think that’s almost a meal in itself yeah it’s really good though and then i’ve got another hand pie that’s going to come out where i’m going to do cheesy hash browns and ham pieces oh wow yeah yeah this guy i’m telling y’all he has like this he’s like a food smart he sits there and he thinks of this with this would be really good and the great thing about handpies is you can stuff them and you can try different things if you’re have you ever made something and you were like that’s not really good i can’t imagine i don’t think so yeah i mean it seems like anything would be good in a handpie we’ve been pretty fortunate so far like um you know we’ve we’ve thawed all this stuff out pretty well and and we haven’t had to dump any beers yet yeah well i dumped five gallons of beer but i mean this i haven’t dumped any batches he hasn’t thrown out any food like so far so good so these things are good it’s going to come eventually yeah you know it food you know that happens but yeah but there’s a lot of thought going into the forefront of these decisions sure kind of like if i’m going to wing a recipe i’m thinking about what am i going to do and what process so i can do it responsibly kind of way i i wing in a responsible manner so that way i’m like you can always add more but you can’t take away love love it now i want to mention something here and uh so i asked y’all to provide like a y statement and i’m going to read both of y’alls because both of them resonated with me and i thought people needed to hear this so we’ll go ahead and we’ll start with brett’s and brett said my why is because i’ve always wanted to enjoy what i do i want to spring up out of bed and love going to work type career when i get when getting into the craft beer industry a lot of people don’t know much about it it’s a community in itself we help each other it’s all about growing craft beer and helping the community grow number one um unlike a lot of industries other craft beer companies y’all get along y’all don’t absolutely you know hate each other and want to shut each other down and they’re cutthroat with each other right uh it’s something that we discussed i mean it is like a little community right absolutely um last last week i bought some kegs from the guys over at gila yeah in ascension parish um when we were first opened i didn’t have a grain delivery yeah and i’m kind of went missing for a day or two and then i went borrowed some grain from cypress coast in mid-city yeah you know and um just anything that we need we just reach out to each other and we can help each other that’s pretty awesome it’s unique to any other industry i’ve ever seen and that’s that’s one of the main factors that i really wanted to be in this industry i love it and it’s important to know that there are people all over the country you know we were talking about this and and let’s say they’re going to the beach in florida and let’s say they live in texas well they’ll actually google on their phone like breweries near me and they’ll make stops along that route yeah you know so it is like a community and especially the hobbyists that love to uh visit these places do you get a lot of that with people stopping by a lot we um one thing we kind of been noticing lately is um we’ll see rvs and stuff pull up yeah they’ll park in the parking lot across the street or whatever and they’ll they’ll come in and they’ll they’ll have a beer they’ll get a can to go when they’re they head out and go find their campsite that’s awesome you know so it’s um people are are googling and and we’re bringing people into dental springs downtown bingo that’s what i was getting at yes you are so there’s there’s uh that’s almost a side benefit to this great brewery that we have here is that they’re bringing it people into our community that are not familiar with our community they’re not familiar with denim springs and guess what they’re bringing them right there to the antique district so maybe after they have a beer or two they’re gonna go you know shopping exactly and uh all of that right yeah and that that area is very unique i feel like the authenticity just resonates there you can’t get that anywhere else uh it’s it’s just it’s really real yeah it’s it’s such a great location y’all and i just want to point out too that it’s it’s very mutualistic you know um there’s a lot of people that come to the shops yeah in the shop send them down to us yes and it so it’s it works both ways yes yeah and we’re very grateful for that absolutely and one of the things i love about livingston parish in this community is uh we do support each other and and we do have kind of that you know we we’re not such a small town like we used to be but we still have that small town attitude i want to read your why statement yours was also very oh man

uh this is uh this is this is a good one he said i do this because i love being creative methodical strategic and love to figure out problems every day is a challenge doing what we are doing and there’s always a new problem to be tackled i also love interacting with people and sharing what i’m passionate about with them and there’s that word i get this every episode and that is passion um leaders are passionate about what they’re doing this is not a job to them this is a life right this is a livelihood ryan you’re the interesting thing about you is is when i had you write your questionnaire you’re very articulate um you were very explanatory and um you use the right verbiage for instance creative methodical strategic um you love to figure out problems that’s that’s your computer side of you sure and all of those things but uh how much you love lachen i mean this is this is like heart to you right sure i mean i would i wouldn’t want to be doing anything else yeah yeah and and uh it shows and it is so important uh for me to get that across in this episode that the these guys right here are they’re hard to beat as people their their business is top-notch their location is perfect and if you have not been there please please please check it out go by there say hello tell them jim sent you by all of those things uh and they will take care of you uh there’s no doubt about it i also want to read something else and this this spoke to me this was um this was uh you know i miss emotional for me so i’m gonna read this but i asked you one individual has had a large influence on you and why and he said my brother he’s hard working and has always had a drive to do this he approaches anything whether he knows about it or not figures it out and gets it done he’s the most tenacious person i know that’s pretty freaking awesome see you all i’m gonna tear up that’s all right i’ve been dying sawyer before

but you know it’s it’s um that’s a heck of a thing to say about your brother man and and uh and so but that shows you how much these two guys love each other and they love their business and you are tenacious and i dig that about you you gonna make me cry so uh all right so this show’s about leaders and i also asked you how you would define a leader and i want to cover uh i want to cover brett’s here first i asked you how to define a leader and you said i’d define a leader by someone that leads from the front of the team one who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and teaches people the way they prefer to learn a true leader leads by example i couldn’t have said that any better and it’s absolutely a fact um the biggest part to what you said was teach people the way they prefer to learn absolutely you know you’ve got to kind of know you can’t you can’t uh manage people all the same way one guy might respond to hey man you need to be you need to be better you’re doing another one might cower away and you might lose that person but but a leader can kind of differentiate between those type of people and they know exactly how to uh how to manage that so you were you were dead on in that and i wanted to mention that well that one kind of speaks to me a little bit too because i learn a lot differently than a lot of other people yeah so you know having managers and working under people in the past and they’re just you know barking orders at you and it’s like dude i don’t i don’t really learn this way can you can you show me how to do it i’m a hands-on person yeah or tell me how to do it while i do it yeah and and so um that that’s always helped me a lot yeah absolutely and you’re not afraid to get down there and get dirty and learn it right exactly and another part of that too is um i worked at disney world how did you and the way they trained yeah it was great i worked at an animal kingdom restaurant and um the way they kind of trained their managers is that they would go through training in every single position in the restaurant as a regular employee nobody knew they were going to be a manager yeah and then they would learn the ins and outs they would learn the people they would they would learn every position as an employee and then they’d say hey this is your new manager yeah and they knew the entire restaurant that’s cool instead of throwing somebody in and saying hey this is your new boss they don’t know anything about the restaurant so you learn to respect that person as a person and then hey this is your new leader well they’ve been there they’ve done it at that exactly and uh you’re right that is a that is you know it’s hard to beat disney when it comes to things like that and they can lead as an example that’s right you know that’s exactly right um i want to cover next thing we’re going to cover we talked about the hours a little bit and how it’s it’s different hours than you would you would uh find it at just any place um so the we mentioned the breakfast 6 30 and 9 30 monday through friday that’s the pie hand pies uh food truck that you’ll see parked out front there right there on range uh and they will take care of you there go see maddie you know obviously their main place their brewery what are the hours there thursday five to nine thirty nine thirty yeah yeah friday four to eleven saturday twelve to eleven and uh and the rest of the time you’re back there brewing right you’re getting things ready for those days thursday friday saturdays a lot of during the week we’re you know making beer making pies um just kind of getting everything ready for the weekend you have some space back there on the patio where uh you know you can uh handle parties and and uh you have one the other night it was like an engagement party or uh and all of those sorts of things so there’s a lot of space back there to to do that so just reach out to lachen if you have an event coming up a private event of some sort uh reach out to them and and they can accommodate it absolutely just go to our website lachen.beer yeah and there’s a form there that you can fill out and it’ll get with our bar manager who takes care of all of our events yeah there you go so make sure you do that and i’m going to tag that in this episode so it makes it easy you just click on that link and and uh and you can you can get all that fixed up now

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225 205 36 40 or visit i trade exchange dot biz

uh i want to talk about a few of the events that you have coming up these are exciting these are exciting things um the first one is coming up july 3rd and i’m actually dropping this particular podcast early uh instead of friday i’m gonna i’m gonna get this out there tomorrow at some point because we have a major event coming up i will be there so if you see me there come say hello to me i might buy you a beer as a matter of fact i will buy you hey jim i think we need one more person in the dunkin booth i wouldn’t have to worry about my hair would i have no worries there uh so i might get in that dunkin booth who knows uh but july 3rd they have a big uh shindig happening right there at lachen they’re going to celebrate independence day uh they’re opening at 11 a.m so it’s going to be a little earlier than normal to get the fun and shenanigans started early right um pie pies has prepared some special menu items tell me about that uh we’re going to do apple pie hand pies i think that’s what everybody wants for a good july fourth weekend yes yes that sounds lovely and you get uh we talked about the duncan booth uh police chief womack will be in the dunkin booth you can dunk him and you can dunk the building inspector would that would be fun uh you’re having a hot dog eating contest we are it’s going to be against the denim it’s going to be between the denim springs police department and the denim springs fire department awesome and it’s it’s 20 i think you’re doing are you doing a one that you can just enter if you’re not with those two there is a a regular participant one that we’re gonna do yeah we’re gonna do an open um where anybody can be awesome can join and it’s gonna be uh twenty dollars a person to enter and that all that goes to the animal shelter as well that’s right and and the dunking booth dollar throw i’ll spend a dollar any day today well the winner of the open um open entry hot dog contest is going to get a 50 bar tab sweet and then in the duncan booth also we have father matthew graham oh immaculate yes yes very familiar father matthew he’ll be there at 12 30 in the duncan booth awesome awesome so you can even dunk father matthew and he don’t mind a bit uh live music at 6 p.m right live music um we do live music every friday and saturday yes at 6 p.m to 10 p.m yes and in beautiful music some really talented local folks there that are uh that are there for your enjoyment and entertainment um so you’re serving some brats and hot dogs that day yeah the brats are gonna be amazing they’re gonna be all beef brats we’re gonna steam them in beer oh man yeah this this lady that i know she was talking about this place that used to exist here and they do beer steamed brats we’ve done it before caramelized the outside of the brats kind of makes them kind of sweet they’re wonderful and we’ll be serving those hot dogs and brats with chili and a homemade beer cheese if you want to get either one of those on it that just makes me hungry talking about that and we do want to mention the running club real quick so they they show up on thursdays i believe it is and uh and kind of go through that real fast so running club we do at every every thursday at um 6 15 we run a 5k we run back through the um go towards the water tower yep and we run back through the neighborhoods behind the stadium the high school and um it’s there’s a lot of routes that you can do a little bit more miles we have um all skills of runners we have people that are running really really fast miles and we have moms that show up with wagons with the kids and they pull them around the block and they come right back yeah so it’s um it’s a very supportive group you know like i said there’s all skill levels if um if there’s anybody listening that wants to branch out into running and um wants a little social interaction it’s a great place to go and and kind of jump off and don’t feel intimidated because everybody is going to give you a high five whenever you run by absolutely you know you’re struggling or not yeah everybody’s very supportive then there’s a reward also so if you get done running you can come by and have a beer yeah uh and then we start off trivia on thursdays yes trivia night yeah which is very popular yeah i was there last thursday and as i was leaving it started to get packed in there and i’m like man they got a lot of people coming in here so we start trivia at seven o’clock yeah and we do uh we’re doing two rounds right now and um it’s a 25 bar tap first place and koozie’s for the second place teams want to do that i’m going to do that um what what is so how if you want a team if you have a team how many people makes up a team i think it’s up to six people yeah okay one to six people and um if it’s more than that we just ask y’all to split up into separate teams yeah and um justin wax uh dylan springs local yeah um he he’s he’s a host okay he’s so great he’s very charismatic yeah everybody has a lot of fun oh yeah and andy mcconnell i know justin he actually reached out to me last week he has a fireworks stand i think or something like that yeah and they were gonna uh talk about it so justin call me uh so shout out to the cracker shack [ __ ] there you go

i like it uh i do want to mention some of the names of these beers because they’re pretty awesome in there the branding is you know fits right in with you guys uh the tail wagger my favorite um all bark some bite illusional unleashed which is my second favorite um russian imperial snout how about that one uh and puppy love those are some of the beers uh that you can get there they got guest taps including huckleberry uh riverboat razz and trail dog which is a tangerine wheat uh you can ask about their wines root beer cream soda cold bird coffee and of course the food is phenomenal if you have not tried hand pies i’m telling you be careful because you’re gonna get hooked quick uh so i i appreciate y’all coming on today um anything else as far as events that you that you can think of oh i do want to mention real life for a crime uh we’ll be doing a uh meet and greet uh our friends at real life real crime podcast by woody everton we’ll be uh doing a meet and greet right there at lachen on the 25th of july it’s sunday it’s special event um i guarantee you it it you know the the house is gonna be packed uh woody’s a special individual he’s a very good friend of this show and uh he’ll be there i’ll be there uh so just bring yourselves and and uh let’s all drink some beer together and and you can meet the master of storytelling as i like to call woody and um free admission for that um everybody just come hang out we’re gonna have buddies barbecue for food mickey over there buddy’s gonna be there and and uh the best beer i know anywhere in the world so go by to see that anything else you think of um yeah one thing on the third of july party uh for independence day celebration um our final round of the hot dog competition is gonna be our fire department versus police department so wait so we have um five of each of those guys and um they’ve been talking smack for weeks now

let’s go get competitive yeah so they’re very excited about it and we’re we’re hoping that this this is going to be an annual thing yes and um we’re going to have always have police department versus fire department it’d be something some friendly competition it’s a match made in heaven yeah pretty sure they’re training right now yeah i love it and that’s gonna be at three o’clock three o’clock so uh and and i’ll be there also uh july 3rd and and uh just hanging out come say hello to me if you see me there so thank you again for coming on y’all thank you i i enjoy this i enjoy you all i i feel blessed that i’ve now been introduced to uh to a place that i can just go and hang out and i’m surrounded by friends that’s always a good thing um i do want to mention at the end of this podcast that uh there is the podcast annual awards going on right now this is the people’s choice awards uh and i am on that balance so um i need your vote this is a shameless plug i’m gonna uh i’m gonna be promoting some things on facebook but please go and uh and there’s a section there for best business podcast i would love uh you to put down local leaders podcast hosted by jim chapman uh there’s also some categories there that woody overton uh will be in and i think he’s in three categories so uh vote for woody overton on those with real life real crime the podcast and let’s see if we can get two livingston parish podcasters in the people’s choice awards though you got our vote i love it i love it oh and jim man you’re you’re i’ll take all i can get what you’re doing is so great for the community i’ve never seen somebody so passionate about livson parish and wanting to do good things here so thank you i appreciate it and it’s really my pleasure and it’s a it’s a selfish joy because i get to meet folks like you i get to frequent your establishments and uh and i’m really blessed every day to do that i mean that um from all of us at local leaders including me jim chapman i want to thank you for watching the show thank you to all my sponsors we cannot do any of this without all of you i say it every week and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business like lachen and keep leading thank you very much

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