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March is our favorite time of year here at Local Leaders the Podcast. March is National Women in History Month and each year we select five ladies from Livingston Parish Louisiana to represent Local Leaders: The Podcast as “Leading Ladies”. Our fifth of five (no particular order) is Mrs. Heather Dugas. Mrs. Dugas has accomplished so much already in her life including being a veteran of the Navy a coach for those seeking life change in the way of health and juggling this with life as a full-time student! Her passion for the community shines through in this podcast and you won’t want to miss it! We are excited and honored to present our 5th of 5 Leading Ladies for 2022!

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hi this is lori johnson with hancock whitney bank and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast visit localleadersthepodcast.com for previous episodes or for information on appearing on the show

hey everyone it’s jim chapman with local leaders the podcast and i want to make you aware of a fantastic deal they have going on right now at fit body boot camp in denham springs louisiana if you go to the link get fit denim springs dot com slash local leaders you can get thirty dollars off of the regular price of 129 for 30 days of classes go to the link click it sign up 30 day classes for only 99 through that link it’s a special deal offered to all of our listeners at local leaders the podcast hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and we are here with our fifth and final recipient of the leading ladies award for 2022 and that is miss heather dugas how are you i am good how are you i’m excited i we talked before this and i thought i had such an inter well you had such an interesting perspective that you could bring to the table and that is that you have some military service behind you very intriguing of course you were in the navy go navy beat army yes i love the navy got a long family history myself in the navy so this one really appealed to me so i want to jump kind of right into that and i guess my first question would be did you go into the navy straight out of high school i did not so um after high school i really didn’t know what i wanted to do and i didn’t have a whole lot of confidence one thing i knew was that i could cook yes you know specifically i could bake and so i went to louisiana culinary institute and i graduated there i applied at some different restaurants and one restaurant in particular was like we don’t think she can handle this because i was very shy you know that’s something i’m still kind of working on um and i just kind of kicked me in the butt and i was like oh yeah i can’t handle it you don’t like being told that dude and so i joined the navy i always kind of had that thought my brother was marines infantry marine and um that kind of sparked it but i was just gonna well you know yeah pushed it behind but then after that i was like so you just contacted a recruiter and said i’d be interested in joining and did you have a discussion with family or was it something that you just kind of had your mind made up on i uh talked about it uh to them of course yeah and then um for i think it was my dad’s birthday or something i wrapped up a navy flag and um i had him open it and that’s how i told him that i officially signed the papers oh that’s a great idea i love it so off you go you’re in the navy right you you show up and i did a little research before this episode uh because i was curious to know how many women versus men were in the navy it was from a couple years ago but i’m sure this is still you know somewhat accurate believe it or not five to one men versus women in the navy um so 200 enlisted only 40 000 are female that’s uh that that is a wide margin but not really surprising um it really isn’t yeah um so i guess my first question for you on that front would be how how was your experience as a female going into the navy being surrounded by you know a bunch of guys for the most part and having to i would imagine you would have kind of a i have to prove myself attitude you know in a in a way to kind of show that you could do what the men could do you know i really didn’t honestly and i think that’s surprising because a lot of women do go through that i was always raised around guys you know i have two older brothers their friends were always you know at the house um you know i didn’t have that many friends so i had a few girlfriends but that was it so i was always around guys and then i worked in a kitchen and the restaurant industry is mostly guys yeah so i was card kind of already in that environment so when i went in it wasn’t a huge shock to me um and my guys ended up being you know some of them were like my little brothers that i never wanted but you know i just kind of eventually by the end i was like mama bear to them because my division it was me and one other female for the most part of it and then one more joined before i left so it was all guys gotcha but um i i really enjoyed it though because like i said it was i was very mama bearish you know with them yeah and that’s and that’s very good and i’m glad people can hear that because there may be someone uh you know out there right now listening that is considering joining the service and maybe it’s a female and maybe they’re nervous about it because they’re a female and they feel like they won’t fit in so you say you’ll fit in go for yeah they don’t um i don’t think they need to be afraid at all it might be a little nerve-wracking or stuff like that but not only um was i able to kind of form that bond with my guys my you know guy cooks um the women are so you know tight most most of the time of course yeah you got you got uh opposite sides going on but different personalities but um like you said the ratio is so different and you can see that if you ever go on a naval ship how many guys there are and how many girls there are yeah so everybody knows everybody i think there was 350 people on my ship wow and there wasn’t that many uh females so you kind of have that bond as well so if you’re somebody who maybe is like a little nervous with the with the guy how many guys there are you’re going to form tight bonds with these females 100 and you know like you mentioned you grew up with brothers so you were used to slapping guys in the back of the head when you had to that kind of thing so that’s always an advantage for sure now so not only did you enlist through your four-year commitment you kind of rose through the range you went from an e1 to an e5 uh what mos did you have i was a culinary specialist excellent yeah so i took my cooking degree and i put it to use in the name very good and that made a lot of naval people happy because they had an expert up in there cooking and baking for them and all those sorts of things very good um now as we discussed earlier there are a a you know there’s a wide gap between the uh men and women in the military and you obviously had a good experience and and like you say that might be surprising because i was expecting honestly i was expecting the other way around um so we do want to impress that women don’t hesitate to join the service if that’s where you feel like you want to go and look there’s a lot of advantages to it you can get your college paid for right that’s huge that’s huge yeah i mean college you know you leave college with no debt that’s a good thing uh so there’s some people that unless they love it so much they end up retiring in it and and when you retire in the in the service it’s uh you know you’re young and you can still you can actually end up with two retirements i know a lot of guys that are close to that so uh so look into that would you highly recommend the service for someone that feels like that’s where they need to be i would i mean i’ve kind of started living with i don’t want to look back and say what if yeah you know um my mother wanted to join the navy she’s a she’s a nurse and stuff like that but she just couldn’t you know it was you know that was a different time i think my mama would have had a stroke if she would have but i know that’s something that she kind of looks back and like i wonder you know what if what happened and so finally i was just like i don’t want to look back and say well what if i would have joined the navy what would happen you know yeah if you feel like that’s your you know your way then go i mean it’s four years yeah you know you can get out after that that’s it that’s it very good and you know there’s there’s other things in the service that that you get as kind of a side benefit to just being in the service and one of those is you build leadership skills you learn to work with others you you learn to complete tasks some people have a problem they they have great ideas they start tasks but they don’t seem through well any any branch of service that’s one of the things that they really highlight and push is hey you know this is our mission and we’re going to do it and so then the navy or any branch of service would help you with that but how would you how beneficial would you say you’re building your leadership skills has been from being in the service oh man i mean it’s just i’m a totally different person honestly before i joined the navy i was shy had no confidence at all um i went in the navy still that shy person and stuff like that and then i got into kind of little leadership roles like i was in charge of the galley making sure the meals were put out and and things like that and making sure the guys stayed on task and i felt like whenever i first got that position you know i had to prove my i did have to prove myself because you know they knew me as you know cs you know three dugout or something like that that was their friend and very quiet and they didn’t really have to listen to and then i 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dot com to schedule a free quote today dreamscape construction a proud sponsor of local leaders um and your confidence as you mentioned helps you build your confidence anytime that you can you can work with others to accomplish a task and then it gets accomplished that’s a confidence builder you know and then you you do things in the service that uh that you never thought you could do sometimes and it’s like wow i don’t really have the limits i thought i had uh that’s pretty awesome um as we mentioned earlier you also excelled in your ranking during your service years you served four years uh at one point you received a naval achievement medal even go you so tell us about that so yeah i made my way through the ranks you know you have to take a test and if you do good on that test and if they have some spots for you then maybe you’ll rank up maybe you won’t so i did make my way to petty officer second class and i got to do a lot of cool things which i think helped me get the numb um you know i got to bake cakes for we were in india i got to bake cakes for they invited some important people onto the ship and i made i baked the cake with for that and then we had a change of command ceremony and they got to cut it with the savor which was so cool oh that is cool i was like i never want to cut a cake with a knife again yeah so all that kind of stuff and uh when we had inspectors come on board they were like dude you need to start baking some stuff i’m like all right i don’t blame them i’m hungry already that sounds fantastic so congratulations for that now in 2021 you also had kind of a big thing happen you were crowned miss veteran america second runner-up um i want you to take us kind of through the process of being chosen and then what the mission of miss veteran america is well so um my mom’s friend actually tagged me and i never heard of miss vetter in america before this so she tagged me in it and getting out you know i kind of missed the connection with veterans and stuff like that you know all my military friends they’re you know somewhere else they’re not here and so i was looking to make some friends you know feel that void again um and i also was at the point where i was like i want to do so i want to give back so it kind of two birds will once don’t do with that so i applied they accepted me and then um from there up until the semi-finals we had to raise money and advocate for homeless women veterans because all of this is all for final salute which is a organization that helps our homeless women veterans get transitional housing and child care even if i love this part financial education you know so they teach them how to stay within budgets and things like that so um i was raising money for that and you know if you do well enough you get to the finals and then that’s that’s the fun part you know you get to put on the pretty dress and see all these beautiful military women yeah and um then you get to do the lip singing and all that stuff so that’s fun and uh yeah after that second runner up wow wow not too shabby at all and and um you know you mentioned it really speaks to me that you mentioned what miss veteran america does outside of just you know honoring someone with the with the title and that is there’s a lot of community service behind that particular crown and and that particular organization you know for me personally i think ptsd is a is a huge problem in the military in general um for people that have never experienced that it’s a it’s a real thing think about this folks and i know there’s a lot of people out there that experience the flood of 2016 here um you got ptsd from that a lot of people did i’m one of them uh every time it rains i get nervous you know uh uh imagine being in a in a war zone being shot at seeing people get killed this is real stuff it happens all the time and those folks really need help and uh and some of them seek it out some of them you know one of the problems not problems with our military but a lot of our military are very proud and they don’t want to admit they have an issue like that and before they discover it sometimes it’s too late uh suicide is a big problem uh with mental health in the military and a lot of it is what they experienced what they saw right so it’s it’s organizations like miss veteran america that really bring awareness to all kinds of issues homeless female veterans it’s you know uh it makes me want to throw up i mean it’s not something you think about i mean right as a female veteran i kind of felt bad because i i didn’t whenever i thought of homeless veterans you know you close your eyes you kind of think of an older man yeah that’s that’s where my mind went at least yeah so i didn’t even think of like the fact that these women some of them are moms well some of the housing for veterans they don’t take children they don’t have the finances you know so what are these moms supposed to do with these kids these kids who have just you know also went through four years or however many years of service of their mom leaving for a while you know they’ve been through enough yes they should at least have a resource whenever times are hard they can go to 100 and you are a fantastic uh role model for miss veteran america because i can see your passion in it you believe in it it’s not just a a public service announcement to you right right you got a heart for it that’s huge um and you know your heart extends even beyond that through your role with miss veteran america you’ve been involved in numerous community programs um one of them being working working uh working excuse me such as working to raise funding for homeless female vets as we discussed but also pick up please tell me about that um that’s just a little organization um we clean out uh we don’t but you can clean out your house you know we all have a bunch of stuff a bunch of people were cleaning out their house during lockdown and all that yeah good point you put it on the porch you you look them up pick up please whatever you schedule an appointment they come they pick it you don’t even know that they’re there they come they pick it up and uh what they do is they uh for vet vietnam veterans yeah so they take the stuff and they sell it or donate it or whatever and those funds go to help those vietnam veterans beautiful so i’m always pushing them if you got you know stuff in your house you need to get rid of don’t just you know throw it away or whatever let the get an appointment with them have them come pick it up take it off your hands and then you’re also helping people so that’s huge and you know a big issue with a lot of people they have nice stuff they don’t want anymore but they don’t really feel like they’re not gonna throw it away because nobody wants to throw away something that’s still good so they always have that plan that i’m gonna give it to somebody who wants it uh hey here’s a program you can stack that stuff by the door and somebody that wants it will get it or the funding from that will go to a beautiful uh beautiful organization there so very good hey y’all there’s nothing worse than paying more for your mortgage than you have to when i needed a mortgage loan i called the local mortgage experts at homekee mortgage not only did i receive the best interest rate possible but the service was impeccable making the entire process quick and easy already have a mortgage no problem the experts at homekee mortgage offer refinance options to fit any budget located in both hammond and denham springs homekey mortgage is convenient to my area and local and i love that for more information visit them on the web at homekeemtg.com that’s h o m e k e y m t g dot com uh you also did a lot of you know numerous projects after hurricane ida to help uh people rebuild and things of that nature so you really have a service heart and um and you know it’s evidenced by just your navy experience alone would have been enough right your your commitment there that’s four years of commitment to the service and you know nobody’s a millionaire in the service right so you’re not doing it for the money you’re doing it for uh for the love of serving your country and so i do want to thank you for that uh it’s it’s really a huge thing now you also have done some public speaking we we spoke earlier and you had said hey before i was in the navy i was shy i’m still kind of working on some things with that um but yet you’re out there and you’re speaking in front of kiwanis clubs and i’m trying yeah yeah i mean that’s an impressive thing my wife uh very similar to you in in in uh now if you know wendy and you’re a friend of wendy’s you ain’t got a shy bone in her body right yeah but i’ll tell you what she uh hates speaking in front of people one of the things she did to overcome that was at church she would get up and she would be a reader and definitely afraid of that i mean you got 2 000 people now staring at you and you’re reading and you’re like if i say something wrong everybody’s gonna you know all those yeah all those paranoid things but it helped her overcome that so she basically forced herself into an uncomfortable position to overcome that fear and it worked for her she still hates it but but she’ll do it and that’s really the key um you you spoke at the kiwanis club you uh spoke at the watson cook-off big you know that’s a big deal every year here so uh and you also served as grand marshal for the denim springs christmas parade that was really fun yeah yeah enjoyed that experience i did i’ve never been in a parade so yeah that was really cool and you were the focal point you know so uh it’s a little bit easier you know everybody just wants beats so you’re just throwing it right and you keep going you don’t have to sit there and stare yeah so congratulations for all that very well earned and i wanted to ask you um in your opinion how important is it to serve in your community i think i think it’s so important um you know it just makes things better right i mean why wouldn’t you want to make your home where you live better and i’m i’m a person you know everybody’s like oh you’re you’re so giving or whatever and i’m like i’m just kind of like a fixer i don’t like seeing people sad and i’m just kind of like i want to fix it like stop being sad you know you know so um definitely do that and you meet amazing people yes and that’s awesome too because it’s so good to have you know when you’re running into issues you’ll be able to call this person or whatever and it’s just like it makes you feel more connected to your home yeah before i did all this you know i was like oh i live in denmark springs you know whatever didn’t really have a thought of it but now it’s really cool you know i’m seeing all the events i go to them the stem expo they just had you know i went there i was there just cool to watch it grow because they didn’t have all that kind of stuff whenever i was younger so being a part of making denim springs and livingston grow is is a really cool thing it really is and and uh we’re we’re lucky to have you um i will tell you you know for me and and i’m a little bit older than you um probably a lot older than you but for me for me i didn’t learn that lesson till much later than you um i was always uh you know gave it my church i did all the things you’re expected to do as a as just a person in society i wasn’t a bad person but um the extra was where i wasn’t doing as much you know i’ll never forget um there’s a the guy that invented apple steve jobs so he passed away and um i read an article where on his deathbed he he made a statement and he said you know he knew he was dying within like an hour or whatever and he basically said you know i’m laying here and i’m the richest man on earth and he was um and none of it matters he and he said it he said if there’s one thing i can tell people out there is spend your time with your family spend your time uh giving back and all those sorts of things and it it was you know i must have i’m not trying to depress anybody out there but it was i missed a depressing article um but at the same time it kind of changed my perspective and and us i started thinking if that were me am i doing enough outside of myself and i i felt like i wasn’t and that’s what really jumpstarted me into my community and i said you know what i’m gonna i’m going to do everything i can outside of myself because it’s important and through that the love comes and the love for your community comes and the next thing you know it’s it’s kind of like you know don’t talk about denim springs or you know and all those sorts of things and and this heart just develops and so i’m i’m very happy that you figured that out much earlier than me that’s what i mean miss veteran america kind of pushed me into that because you know that was right kind of after lockdown and you know we were still kind of recuperating businesses were recuperating and part of my fundraising stuff i said it from the beginning i’m like if i’m going to have fundraiser events i want to do things through local small businesses yes and so i’m like that way i’m kind of helping two things at once you know i’m helping my community and i’m also helping homeless women veterans and i think that kind of jump started everything 100 and i love them local businesses right here you know that so uh yes you’re you’re 100 right on that and so just when you thought it couldn’t be any better um you do even more you are uh an employee at fit body boot camp denim springs and uh i guess my my first thing here is describe what type of fitness fit body boot camp is what do you what is it versus like a regular gym well it’s amazing because it’s one it’s a 30 minute workout yeah so it kind of cuts that excuse that we have oh i don’t have time to go to the gym you don’t have 30 minutes i know i i give that excuse all the time and it’s a it’s a group setting it’s a group class um and it’s just it’s the awesome workout it’s always changing so that’s another excuse that boredom excuse you’re never going to be bored walking in to fit body at all and um to me it also takes some of that you know how you’re kind of nervous going into a gym and people are nervous like their first class or so but it doesn’t take long at all for you to feel comfortable and realize hey i can do this because we change we modify everything to you we know our clients we know hey this person has a shoulder injury before you even walk in most of the time we’ll already have some modifications made for you yes so it’s not like you’re in the middle of class and say oh i can’t do this you know we try to have it set up for you already to where you don’t feel like oh i’m not keeping up with so and so that’s right in in every class they do it fit body they they actually show you two ways to do it so they show you like i guess the the primary way and then they’ll say hey here’s the modification so if you’re doing you know push-ups and you can do those push-ups just regular great but let’s say you have a shoulder or let’s say you’re just not in that shape yet well you know they show you another way of doing that push-up that’s maybe a 50 easier or something like that and and uh so they don’t even single you out which is a good thing i mean we don’t want to make anybody feel bad why should you feel bad when you go to the gym you’re already doing better than most because you’re at the gym so why should you feel bad because you can’t do something one way that’s right you’re doing something that’s all that matters that’s right every exercise has a modification you brought up a good point there um so don’t hesitate to try that out now what what is your role at fit body i am one of the coaches mostly in the evenings yeah so that that is my big role there very good fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

then what’s your favorite part of working at fit body oh my goodness i love the environment because it’s not you know they have a bunch of gyms that have the class format now and but what i what i think makes ours special is because we call everybody like our fit family yes it is it’s a very family family you know the first day my first day at work lamar powell the owner one of the owners came up to me he was like i really want to help you with your miss veteran america stuff he said this month you know we’re going to push that we’re going to raise money for uh for homeless women veterans and the clients didn’t really know me then you know lamar didn’t know me then but i mean however they raised a couple thousand for me wow you know just in that month just them you know doing the hashtags or you know buying shirts and things like that and it’s just it’s such a a warm environment and you really feel like that is your family because you can say things are hard in your life and whatever and they’re going to be there for you yeah no matter what and that’s something i don’t think you get at i can’t even think of a gym that you get that at yeah no you you really don’t and and look i grew up in gyms and and you know typical meathead move weights that kind of thing and clanging and and all of that and uh and you’re in and out i mean you’re not really talking to people uh if you don’t have a workout buddy you go in there you you move your weights and you leave that’s a big difference between what you get at fit body boot camp because it is it’s like a matter of fact we say family in there a lot um and so i obviously again i highly recommend people at least give it a shot try it out

cost you nothing if nothing else you’ll learn some exercises that you can you know take take home with you but uh you’re doing a great job there uh my my wife is much more dedicated than i am at this point i’ve noticed yeah yeah she goes a lot and uh and loves it absolutely loves it over there but i do want to impress on the guys out there guys are more than welcome and look you will be breathing heavy i don’t care what kind of shape you’re in it’s going to work you out trust me we are getting cartier is important more guys you know when we have strength days yeah cardio days you know just because you’re not lifting you know like the 80 pound dumbbells or anything like that it’s a totally different thing because i used to go to the gym and just lift weights but it’s at my own pace so i could take that you know i could lift heavy and then take a minute break right you don’t get that you don’t get that fit body and i felt so out of shape going to work out at fit body after that i was like man maybe i wasn’t working out good i don’t know i’m out of breath here yeah it’s just it’s just a different workout that um you know you can still move your weights if if you want to but but a lot of guys that do that like cardio um so that that is a good option for them and hey they got heavy weights over there too you can go over there and move them kettlebells you ain’t going to want to but you can yeah you can try so what is the biggest challenge you see with ladies in particular in fitness that you kind of help them overcome i think biggest thing is confidence you know and i know guys deal with it too um just always talking down about yourself there’s so many times people come to the gym and and then they leaving like oh man i’m weak or you know i’m i’m like you’re weak you just did a 30-minute workout what are you talking about you know they’re just so very hard on themselves and then you know they also worry about well i don’t want to get too bulky i don’t want to get it you know certain things like that so there’s a lot on their mind that you know they just need to come in and we will we will educate them we will show them there’s nothing to be scared about you’re not going to be walking out looking like the hulk i promise you know they just need to come in and i promise them we will make you comfortable and i think that’s a big thing just coming and feeling comfortable being there i think that’s half the battle once they realize hey these people are like family and i am comfortable i think that’s half the battle right there because that to me would be a big hesitation even for guys i mean we don’t like walking in uncomfortable situations where we don’t know anybody y’all are masters of making people feel comfortable i mean you really are so well that’s because we’ve all been there yes exactly um now how long have you been involved in fitness like are you someone that at 13 you were running marathons and all those sorts of things or definitely not um you know i did swim team in high school i wasn’t very good but i did it um and then i didn’t get into working out of course i worked out a little bit before the navy because i had to be a certain way yeah but i had gotten up to like 173 which may not sound a lot to some people but it was enough weight to where i was starting to feel it in my knees i was starting to feel it in my back and i was like in my 20s and on deployment actually i had went from working in the galley to doing computer work i was doing the inventory stuff they they moved me up to that and so i had a little bit more free time of the office job i didn’t have to cook dinner and stuff like that so me and the other female cs my cs1 cruise she was like come work out with me so it was the end of deployment we were running around the ship doing laps and things like that and that kind of kick-started it all for me fantastic and and here you sit now and you’re you’re a trainer to the stars just doing a great job um now what advice would you give to someone just starting out at fit body or in fitness in general someone that you know there’s a lot of people out there i’m sure you experienced this have never worked out in their life or or maybe very little right well first off whenever it comes to starting your fitness journey you don’t need to wait for like a big aha moment like some people ask me like what what happened in your life that made you want to get healthy nothing like i was i was looking at myself in the mirror and i was like i don’t really like this and i’m tired of whining about it i’m tired of being like oh i hate the way i look there’s something i can do about it so i need to quit with the wine and i need to go and do something about it yeah and then start off simple you know i was going i was that person of course i was going to the gym on base you know and that could be a totally different intimidation factor so i would go in you know blinders on the side go straight to that treadmill walk and then walk straight out thankfully i had some of my shipmates that noticed that i was at the gym all the time they were like you want to lift with us i was like i’ve never lifted before so my advice is one just start off simple go to the gym with a plan if you go to fit body you don’t have to go with a plan right they’ll have one yeah um so get a little plant they’ve got youtube videos now that’s so convenient you know i used them i would get a little youtube video and i’ll be like i’m doing exactly what they’re doing yes and that’s how i would start lifting but just start simple you don’t have to get you don’t have to start you know all or nothing i don’t like that motto that all or nothing with fitness if you start if you don’t do anything and you start walking two times a week guess what your fitness journey has started so you know just start yeah great great advice and you know you hear people and they’ll they’ll say uh it might be say christmas time and they’re like oh on january 1st i’m i’m going gonna go ahead and start exercising and well why are you waiting you know just do it there’s there’s there doesn’t have to be a significant date in mind you know you don’t have to start with five days a week you know some people think that oh well i can’t commit five six days a week well can you commit two yeah and do two yeah and then once you really start doing it and you start seeing changes that’ll increase yeah that’s right so tell us you know another thing that’s a big problem is with older folks and um because for them fitness is important but even more than fitness just moving is important hey you get you know you get 60 65 70 but even a little bit younger than that um you can if you don’t move the muscles you can have atrophy problems you can you know everything just deteriorates faster bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy urum on a gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast so um the great thing is fit body has a program just for people who are of those older ages where it’s not as you know it’s not the typical hit programs where it’s very high impact and you know it really gets that fat burning i guess you could say um it’s more for movement and it’s called fit body forever so kind of kind of give us the elevator pitch on that and what that program is i love that program i love the clients they are amazing they are hilarious they are troublemakers too but i love it it’s 55 and plus and i think whenever people are like oh 55 and plus i’m not old i’m not going to do it you know you’re probably just sitting on chairs doing exercises it’s not that they do um a lot of the stuff our boot campers do just at a slower pace maybe a little lighter weights we actually yesterday put one of our fit body forever exercises in our boot camp class come on yeah little reversal going on there so um and and then the it’s 45 minutes so and of course they come early because they love to talk with us and we love to talk to them and it’s just really fun and we have fun music and they dance you know in between sets they’re dancing and they love it but i do love it the progress they’ve made in such a short time and it hasn’t been you know we haven’t had that program for that long their their improvements are just absolutely phenomenal what coach chase you know he’s he’s the one that’s the head of that yeah i think a lot of their improvements are you know their hard work but it also kind of reflects coach chase’s passion and his dedication to them i mean he gives all he can to them and i think they feel that all right so it reflects in all their progress they’ve made yeah 100 just a beautiful program and and look uh people of those older ages you know they need to keep moving for obvious health reasons but it could extend their life in a lot of cases and quality of life too quality yes which is a huge thing they these people are looking forward to this all the time travel i mean you you have to wait so long to travel till you retire and then when you retire it’s like oh now your body’s not going to let you yeah don’t don’t don’t accept that that’s right that’s right i love it so if you want more information about the fit body forever program i’m gonna link it to the description of this video and you can just click that link and it’ll bring you to that website i’m also gonna gonna link the fit body uh website to this for those uh maybe in a younger age bracket that are looking to just kind of like get moving again and and all those sorts of things so i want to read your why statement i’d ask you um i ask every guest you know why why why do you do what you do and and have had the experiences you’ve had and this is what you said i wrote it down kind of verbatim you said i believe the world is still a good place it is this thought that drives me media and social media are quick to share the bad and it overshadows the good in people i want to do my part to show the bad is not bigger or stronger i want to be the person that lifts others up i really can’t say it any better than that girl that is that is uh a great goal it’s just a pure thing and and you’re right i mean when all the negative in the world people need to bring a little more positive to to life and and you’re doing a great job of that at a relatively young age so great job there now through all of this all of this you got to school you’re full-time student in addition so how do you juggle all of that coffee yeah yes lots of coffee um honestly i have my planner i write i’m old school i got my written planner i don’t use my phone planner because it’s just it’s better for me to write it down and then i look at it so there’s a bunch of things but it’s just the people i have in my life that help me you know yeah at fit body my coworkers if i ever need to take off like like today i i took off for my fit body forever clients um and just stepped in we have a group chat you can always type you know like text them i need this day off and two minutes later somebody’s like oh i got you don’t worry yeah that’s a big help and then you know my friends my family they’re all there when i have my breakdowns you know they just kind of let me have it right there you know and and you know just keep me pushing on and remembering why i’m doing what i’m doing i love it i love 100 and we do want to shout out let’s shout out the other coaches at fit body real quick and like coach chase and we have coach annie and grace maurice and amanda diane and miranda yeah and and they are they are spark plugs every one of them all have their they all have their own thing that makes them stand out and i think that’s something else cool about our classes because depending on who you have coaching you have a different experience with with all of them so 100 so uh love that fit body family and like i said we’ll link all of that to the description of this video so people can check it out uh so march is women’s history month and so here at local leaders of the podcast every march we try to honor five ladies and and uh for their contributions you’ve you know we covered all yours today which are vast for your young age i can’t wait to see you at 60. you know who knows you’ll be on the moon or you don’t flew to the moon or something something moon for you i hear you but we do uh hear local leaders honor five ladies in march as local leaders leading ladies so miss heather dugas on behalf of all of us at local leaders the podcast we would like to present you with this plaque in honor of all the contributions you make to this community every day thank you so much oh my gosh this was a shock to me for sure yeah you look you deserve every bit of that and i can’t tell you how much we not only appreciate your service but who you are that’s a huge thing um i want to thank all the viewers and listeners to listening to the local leaders of podcast thank you for your likes comments and shares please continue to do so the sponsors for your continued support i cannot do any of this without all of these awesome sponsors and if you want to sponsor be featured on local leaders and podcasts reach out to me at jim localeadersthepodcast.com until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading thank you very much sandra richard has been in the business of selling homes for over 20 years this award-winning realtor brings the perfect blend of professionalism integrity and client satisfaction to every buying and selling transaction a passion for both her clients and her community makes sandra the perfect choice when buying or selling your home so if you’re in need call the cajun lady sandra richard at 225-955-5484

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