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March is our favorite time of year here at Local Leaders the Podcast. March is National Women in History Month and each year we select five ladies from Livingston Parish Louisiana to represent Local Leaders: The Podcast as “Leading Ladies”. Our fourth of five (no particular order) is Mrs. Lori Steele. Mrs. Steele wears many hats including her work with LOPA (Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency) as well as her work in media with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office. Her passion for the community shines through in this podcast and you won’t want to miss it! We are excited and honored to present our 4th of 5 Leading Ladies for 2022!

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hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders of the podcast and today is an honor for me on many fronts i’m sitting down with an absolute leader and we share common ground in a lot of areas first we share love for media of many types and both are podcasters lori with the popular the gifted life podcast which is centered around hero stories and her work with lopa second we share a love for community and are both very active in it and third we share a love and respect for our law enforcement professionals now most of you are going to notice one distinct thing throughout this podcast i am nowhere near as polished just the leader sitting across from me lori still would be the last one to focus on those accolades herself in fact miss steele spent the majority of her life doing just the opposite and providing a focus on others it is in my opinion the purest form of leadership and that is servant leadership so with that welcome miss laurie thank you that was so nice thank you very much it’s an honor every word of it uh and just what a great concept um that you have come up with to highlight uh women in the community so kudos to you thank you very much there’s no one more deserving than women and we as men know that well good taking notes y’all do all the hard work so uh yes indeed i want to jump kind of right in and get into your professional career uh your former news reporter you uh reported the news for a long time and that eventually led you to lopa and you have an interesting story on how that happened so share that with us yes um well i grew up and i was painfully shy painfully shy i couldn’t breathe hives i would turn red i couldn’t do a presentation and call it like it was just bad but my mom was sick we had talked about the future she wanted me to go to college i had tops when it was new starting and i said i think i want to be on tv and so being the kind mother she you know i think you can do it if you work hard enough i think you can do it everybody else my brothers and sisters you can’t even you can’t even talk to anybody you can’t stand up and do it you can’t do that no whatever and um but i told her you know that i would so after high school graduation she passed away and um but i remember i told her that’s what i wanted to do and in my heart and my brain like i had to make that happen right so i just kind of worked towards that and worked towards being on tv as painful as that is i have a whole blooper reel i have multiple of them somewhere somewhere i’d love to see them and go back but i remember how painful that was to grow so always try to help others because that was a growth process for me it was hard and uh you know you still work through it you’re learning every day is how it goes um so i made it i started working on tv my family was just as surprised as i was that i actually got a paying job in tv and um so you go out and you know you’re trying to be this reporter so you you’re you’re not supposed to be part of the story um you’re not supposed to get emotionally involved you’re supposed to deliver the facts right and so i get an assignment and it’s a celebration of life and i said okay well let me let me go out there and figure out what this is and it was a mom who had just lost her son they were releasing balloons with little messages in them and she just wanted people to remember her kid she said i just want people to forget about him because he died so young and i just connected with that mom had just lost my mom and i was crying and i said this is so beautiful why would why wouldn’t uh no one come here to do this like why um is it a thing that somebody would say no to right and so she said are you a registered donor and i said well i’m not and she goes well why not and i said well i don’t know so we had the paper out i had a lot of makeup then mascara running i uh signed up to be a donor that day on that page and i thought what a great mission what a great cause and um she would come into the studio we had a three hour morning show which i loved i just talked to visited with my friends and she would come in and she goes if you have a minute if you have 30 seconds i’d like to talk about donation and so some days we’d fit her in some days we didn’t but she would always show up and i was like man she just loves her baby she just wants people to hear the story of her son and i just thought that was so powerful and so um i just fell in love with lope and i said if i ever ever got out of news which i loved if i ever transitioned out like that’s some place where i’d love to land and the universe heard and here we are yeah yeah it’s amazing how life has you know those turns that you never see coming right and you did you eventually moved away from your days as a news reporter and went on to work directly for lopa i want to read something and and i sent out a questionnaire to you and asked you about overcoming challenges i think what you responded with is both important as it directly relates to the struggles that women in particular kind of go through in the working world and uh so i’m gonna read that verbatim you said for me i struggled in the news world when i became a mother trying to be the mom i envisioned i’d always be versus the work what the work world demanded i remember crying when i had to work on christmas morning following the birth of my daughter it just didn’t feel right so i prayed for something that would allow me to be the mom i wanted to be and the working woman i wanted to be a tough transition for this gal but one that was necessary and the key for me at least was aligning myself with powerful leaders who were confident enough to provide for my whole self and my whole family that work with me that support me and they root for me that’s huge and i kind of want to share a piece of my heart there that’s true that was from the heart you know reading it i could tell and i want to unpack it and just ask you how important you would say surrounding yourself with positive people leaders people who pour into you and not not drain you is for not only women but anyone who wants to climb the ladder of life oh and then especially in a newsroom especially i would think these days but when i was in there there was so much competition especially women you know it was almost like you were pitted against the other one who would cover your same uh your same topics or things of that nature and um it was just unnatural to me and then i saw it with my friends who would become enemies just because that’s the way the system was set up that’s the way society had set them up and um these popular things on social media these days who had the most likes or who would watch that story and it just didn’t feel right and so i said maybe god was transitioning me like that’s not where you need to be it was so uncomfortable for me and i just wanted to be with my babies and i just wanted to be at home with them but i don’t think i was built to be a stay-at-home mom i think i would go crazy bless those who do yes i just don’t think you know like you’re built for something and i just didn’t think not working i needed to find a different way to do that and so that’s where i landed yeah you did you you know to me it sounds like you found a happy medium there you could do both and feel satisfied in both and and you know that is a struggle that a lot of women go through um it’s hard to find that balance and then um you know as you get older your priorities change sure male female doesn’t matter um but especially when you have children and you have to start making those decisions and then they start getting involved in activities and you just want to be there to do that trifold poster of the science project like you just want to help them and be part of that because that’s what i remember of my mom having lost my mom so early like those are the things that i want to be a part of that was important to me and i just had to find a place that would allow me to do both yes very good and so you off you go you know new adventures in life for miss laurie and let’s take a lopa first for those that may not be for me here kind of give me the 30 second elevator speech on what lopa does in the world of nonprofits and how you play a role yeah so lopa is the louisiana organ procurement agency so basically we’re the organ and tissue recovery agency for the state we’re the only one of our kind um and we make life happen so we work with those families who have lost someone very close to them sometimes it’s traumatic sometimes it’s a shocking unexpected death but through death they can give life through donation and so we walk them through that transition we work with the recipients who are celebrating that they got a second chance at life that mom gets to see her kids longer that dad gets to walk his daughter down the aisle all because a hero a selfless someone said yes to donation so it’s very wonderful lopa.org for information i never pressure people into a decision but learn the facts that’s the most important part right yeah and and the information like you say it is important and no you don’t pressure people i actually became a donor yeah um and you didn’t trust me at all

you were so enthusiastic about that and i’ll tell you what it it there’s nothing that feels better yeah just making an unselfish decision uh to make life happen for others and and it can be life-changing yeah and i work with so many families and families who have lost someone so close to them even lost their child but they understood about donation and they wanted that child to be a hero and the way to do that was through donation and it’s just amazing some of these families go on vacation together they have thanksgiving together they break bread together it’s just an amazing uh inspirational journey like if you need uh to be uplifted in some way you need to sit down with these families just have a real conversation they’re so honest and open but it really just helps you to see the world in a different way 100 hey y’all after hurricane ida i called one company to look at my patio cover and that was dreamscape construction dreamscape construction makes home improvements easy so you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying your outdoor space avoid the mistakes of hiring inexperienced and uninsured contractors to work on your home dreamscape construction stands by all products and installation and upon completion every job is personally inspected by the owner and i like that dreamscape construction’s cleanup guarantee means no scrap or mess will be left behind that includes any removal of existing structures to be repaired all material remnants will be hauled away upon completion at no expense to the homeowner gutters on your home help prevent land erosion and foundation issues insulated patio covers can even reduce patio heat by more than 20 degrees and screen enclosures can help keep your unwanted pest out of your relaxation areas dreamscape construction specializes in six-inch seamless gutters insulated patio covers and screen enclosures they are licensed and insured with 20 years of gutter and patio installation experience call 225-445-2744

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and you know we mentioned the gifted life podcast earlier and incidentally listeners go check out the most recent episode featuring american idol season eight scott mcintyre yeah very good talk about overcoming adversity yeah yeah i’m telling y’all you will love that particular episode but lori on this on that subject let’s discuss the gifted life podcast and how this podcast brings even more awareness to the mission of lobo yeah so lopez really grassroots so we go into schools um like kelly jennings and dennis springs freshman high when she was at lpltc we went there as well but it’s just getting the word out we’re not looking for money or anything like that we just want folks to understand because when you go to get your driver’s license or you’re going to change your address or you’re going to renew your driver’s license they’re going to ask you about donation that’s required by law we just want you to make an educated decision so um we were trying to get the word out and how do you do that we wanted some new tools and so podcasting was a thing and so we said maybe we could give it a go so i had some news background never podcast so that is that’s your your area i just come to the bike and have a seat um and then we teamed with our clinical uh officer our chief clinical officer we brought in a mental health professional and we said let’s just try to connect with these folks across the country who are doing the same thing that we do in louisiana and talk to them like best practices what can we learn from each other to help each other so the gifted life podcast has gone on to be a tool that’s used in nursing classes when we have to talk about donation or teach them or if they’re going to be part of a local journey they use this as a tool which is really neat to do and then we get to meet you know american idol folks we interviewed robin roberts just incredible folks who are doing incredible things 100 i will link uh the link to the gifted life podcast in the description in this video so if you’re listening if you’re watching just scroll down to the bottom you’ll see a link click on it give them a subscribe uh just an awesome podcast so many stories there with so many people oh you’re good at that thank you you’re very welcome and thank you for that compliment i appreciate that so as as i discussed i’m an organ donor became one right after that so this podcast your first appearance and what also is great is that you got other people talking about it that probably never would have talked about it or thought about it so sincere things look my pleasure and and uh it changed me as a person it may you know every day we we as humans you know i hope that everybody strives to be better and give more of themselves every day and that for me was was something that uh i really needed to do and always wanted to do but never quite took that step and uh so thank you for for uh just being yourself and and and boom off i went yeah yeah we told everybody we knew yes yes 100 now not only was was that uh a big life-changing thing for me but my familiarity with it came through a podcast called real life or a crime right a guy named woody how crazy is that that’s nuts and uh and so that was a big springboard for planting the seed in my mind of what is lopa what do they do all those sorts of things so let’s discuss woody for a second and the amazing things that he does for lopa gives out of his heart uh through his podcast and raising awareness we’re gonna need more than a second yeah we definitely would he overton the man the myth the legend right um so he has this podcast and people across the world are just drawn in by him and we were talking about this it’s you know his smooth voice his storytelling but just a good human and him and cindy make a great team him and his wife like so great um and so in addition to putting on this podcast and and you know engaging all of these people he wanted to do more who does that like you’re so busy but let’s do more something good what can good can come out of this um so we had some folks in common one of them being kelly jennings and then she had a student whose kid went on to be a donor and so we asked him to join us on the gifted life he heard that story and he had heard kelly talking about it when he did one of his first live podcasts at the livingston parish literacy and technology center so we just talked about donation and he said that’s it he said i’ve been searching for something but he said that story and then my own experience with donation what can we do so just him talking about it um people who have never heard about donation never thought about donation people aren’t even from our state are calling us to find out about donation they’re signing up it’s increasing the donor registry and we’re saving more lives because one person decided let me talk about that a little bit more how cool is that and then not only just talk about it when he does his crew bash he goes a little bit further he teams with folks like you and tiffany and others and then they raise money that goes back to the lopa foundation so that we can do more of that across the state so pretty neat and it’s just one person like you like i just want to do something different i want to do something cool it’s extra work for them so i don’t know how they do it or why they do it i’m just grateful that they do right like amazing yes it speaks to who they are and and so many people out there that that are just generous and giving of themselves i’ve always believed that giving of your time is your most valuable asset and so um yeah thank you woody everton shout out to you buddy i know you’re listening great job so uh lastly on the subject of lopa there are those hero stories and and let’s talk about one of those and share the story of the gentleman who was cycling across country to honor honor his deceased daughter yeah so that’s my friend bill connor who’s in wisconsin and i got a call out of the blue and it was a couple of summers back and he said i sold everything that i own and he said um i bought a bike and i’m going to be bicycle riding bicycle riding to your state and i said what get out the map and i said you’re coming from where now and he says um my daughter’s heart recipient is in louisiana and i’d like you to help me meet him that’s that was a heavy burden right um it’s just a dad who sold everything just to do this and i thought whoa you know how can we help so i got my husband involved like our friends involved they just thought that was the greatest thing and how can we help this dad so he didn’t want anything he didn’t want any money he just needed some help to get to his daughter’s heart donor so his daughter was on vacation with her mom they were in mexico there’s still an investigation going on but she became a donor and she became a hero and so her heart went to a man in louisiana who’s about to get married and um so dad is invited to that which is pretty neat um so he started his journey and we started planning in louisiana just calling on our friends you know people who who want to do good things we found a lady who had a camp on false river who opened the doors fed us brought us in just because she thought it was an incredible story so he rode his bicycle and on father’s day he got there and we talked to the heart recipient him and his family came and he said happy father’s day which was so great so we had a camera it was a couple of summers ago and so it was just like a facebook live because we thought oh more people need to see this and so many people like that it went viral and so it tripled the louisiana donor registry uh people from different languages were talking to us we had to use google translate uh we were doing interviews in north korea which you wouldn’t think north korea would be in on something you know so good you know here are the stories um but it was just a great experience and and all he wanted was for people to know about his daughter and that’s what happened and so we still talk about her today and every father’s day we we check in with him he checks in with us um but he had just reached out and he said that the recipient was getting married and he plans on being there and i thought how cool is that that’s cool yeah so that was the summer of donation and that was just a wild and fun ride wow and what a great story and the amazing thing about about that is there’s a million stories like that oh yeah yeah uh miss jessica who was on this show with you last time he came on shared a hero story we’ll link that episode also to uh yeah oh yeah yeah she’s she’s awesome and and uh has a great story with her brother uh regarding her brother allen yeah so we love her she came to the crew bash she was on stage as well and she just thought how amazing that all these people are hearing about a topic that she was screaming from the rooftops for so long and how neat that um you know people are listening and people are taking action and saying yes to donations beautiful thing it really is it really is so if you want to hear any you know any more of those hero stories really get involved with lopa check out the podcast go to the website and all those sorts of things and and there’s so much information on there it’s it’s easy to follow and and be an organizer right yeah and you can also request a free speaker so if you have a class or a lunch and learn or kiwanis club you can request a speaker no matter where you are in louisiana and then we’ll get to you we just want to spread the word so we appreciate that yes yes no problem at all

william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast so if your work with lopa weren’t enough you were also what i would call the media guru for the livingston parish sheriff jason oars yes one thing i have always hammered down on this show is that social media specifically can be a powerful tool not only for the law enforcement world but even the political world and sheriff are recognized us early upon his election he implemented changes to how his office communicates which is where you come in uh tell us about your role within the lpl at pso yes well it’s kind of funny because when i transitioned out of um news um and trying to figure out this non-profit world uh we crossed paths in church and uh he had just gotten elected and he says hey we we need to talk and i was like oh my gosh this is the new sheriff like what are we going to talk about what happened and so he was trying to figure out a way to put his office together who he was going to put in place and i said you know do this work with lopa and i said it’s you know life-changing for me so you know i need to continue to do that and he says well i wouldn’t have it any other way and when i talked to lopa they said we want you involved in your community you need to do these things um and so i thought this is where i’m supposed to be like how perfect is this i would have never seen it uh when i was you know struggling in the news world of where you know i would be so yeah um you go to work for the livingston parish sheriff’s office is where we live it’s where he works where our kids go to school and um these folks that we work with are just awesome like they’re people that we go to church with people that we’d shop at the grocery store with and i thought oh my gosh if we could tell their stories of just them of who they are and and why they choose to do this work like in in this day and age why would you choose to wear the badge right um because it is tough like i pray for them all the time but i just thought if we could highlight that a little bit more that would be something great for our community to see not only our community but other folks across the state um and then social media you know has taken off and you want to be part of that and and get on that journey with them and so the sheriff said you know if we can all work together and we can do this safely especially during natural disasters especially during hurricanes we can keep folks off the roadway and keep them safe and then we keep our first responders doing what we need them to be doing clearing off the roadways helping the power companies clear those lines and if we can show that safely during the flood of 2016 a lot of us lost our phones because of the flood waters and you’ve been highlighting those stories right um but anyway we were able to to tell a pretty good tale of what goes on uh during disasters especially during the flood of 2016 especially during those hurricanes not only for their own families but for the families throughout the community for your family yeah and that was pretty powerful and so sometimes you can’t say everything you you want to say with a case um and in good time that comes out sure but you’re trying to put out what you can and you share and um social media is a good way to do that sometimes and a bad way to do that sometimes you know how that goes oh yeah oh yeah you’re popular one day and maybe not the next i’ve deleted more than my share of posts first amendment baby it’s okay

so talking about that and i just want to give the listeners some numbers 72 312 facebook followers on the lpso page and over 25 000 on sheriff ord’s public page yes pretty good and then you know he he is in the position that he’s in for a reason and he’s forward thinking and is a big thinker so that’s where we are now and there are new things on the horizon that hopefully we can come back and chat with you about um that i think it’s going to be new ways to communicate with our public that i think everyone will uh really like and embrace um and that’s to come so watch out you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow i want the main scoop i like it a lot now i’m gonna and you probably know some of these guys but i’m gonna name i’m gonna talk about two particular law enforcement professionals that stand out in my mind as those who use social media specifically or through social media specifically were able to do a lot of good relative to solving crimes and also they kind of become became sensations of sorts using social media the first is clay again right yeah uh through his work with crime stoppers i remember that very first well the not the very first but the one that got people looking at him was when he says i’m gonna take you down like i remember that like it was yesterday and i thought whoo is that a good thing or a bad thing i mean clay higgins was uh you know and now he’s moved on to politics yeah and and wow crazy things hey what a ride that’s been but you know what he really did with that was he brought a personality to crime stoppers where so many people were intrigued and it had so many shares almost every crime stoppers case that he did got solved yeah well i think he was putting his own little little twist to it too and then using some colorful language that not everybody uses and then his delivery was so on point uh it was hard to miss it was hard to miss and the second there and i don’t know if you’re familiar with this gentleman but he’s the sheriff of polk county oh yes brady judd look a lot of my friends screenshot it and send it send it like this is what they’re doing today yeah he is a youtube phenomenon through that fox the fox affiliate there films his press conferences but he’s extremely transparent yeah i mean he’s got pictures up and you know he’s comical with it um and of course it’s serious business but but he has figured out a way to just get the information out where it not only appeals to polk county residents yeah he’s all over the world louisiana yes louisiana yeah i’m sitting here talking about it here so uh just a is something that that uh you’ve done a great job of is kind of raising that social media awareness it’s important because uh it highlights the importance not only of what you do but the importance that social media is continuing to play in getting information out right yeah and one of the things that we we try to do and this is from the sheriff um on down uh protecting the victims so maybe you want to say something but what if that was your wife or your daughter that was involved in something they have a right to privacy as well and so that’s his number one main thing i can take a lick if i have to take one yeah um but we’re protecting them that’s right and we’re keeping them and so with social media it’s hard because a third cousin will will say this is what i know and it’s not fact yeah but some will run with it as fact and so how do you know we just ask them to stay off of social media and we work with them um and then just look at that case from different perspectives and um how do we protect that family and still get justice at the end of the day because you have to hand over a solid case right so that it can go through the process so those are some of the things that we have to to look at and sometimes um at the end of the day some people may not like the decisions that were made um but we have to sleep at night and we have to protect those victims but i always say like what if that was my my girl my abby that was involved in something or my husband um not necessarily everyone needs to know that’s right does that make sense and where the advantage comes in more than anything else is when you have like a natural disaster like a hurricane ida where all people are looking for is an update on road closures or or maybe an update on what the sheriff they did so many things look y’all lit up that facebook during hurricane ida i mean it was there was some activity and that was a beautiful thing and that was um around the clock and that was from those shifts that were out there so um starts with the sheriff and and then he puts out like if you see something and it’s safe to do so send it in and that really works um the other thing that we have to to look at and you saw this we had a carjacking stabbing story that was big in the news and um you have somebody who worked at our detention center who stopped on the side of the road to help that person i don’t know if you saw that i did see and so we wanted to highlight them but then that opens her privacy too and then does she want to say her name or not she’s wonderful and then she said laura you wouldn’t have done the same thing and i said i don’t know if i would i don’t know if i would have we had different training but she was the perfect person to be there at that time so tori like shout out to you um but then um they’re so humble and they don’t want to always tell those stories and so for her it was just the right thing to do yes and you asked like why did you do that well wouldn’t you have done it it’s the right thing to do and i just thought ah so cool you know that you have that and so we were able to use social media to push that out and that became some of the new coverage um and then her name was finally able to be out there when she gave you know permission to do that so yes pretty neat yeah good human good human yeah and you know when when you’re on maybe her side of things you don’t realize not everybody’s like that some people just yeah it’s not that they’re not caring people they’re just not very brave or whatever i mean they’re like yeah i’ll go call somebody that’s braver than me well then the sheriff said you know let us check it out if you know if you see somebody and you think you may want to stop on the side of the road or something yeah maybe don’t because i’m don’t call me an emergency i’m probably not the best person but i know who to call yes and that’s our shares or our local law enforcement partners all great hunters all doing a great job and you as well with that social media

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one thing i believe is an absolute fact is that leaders never stop learning from other leaders you list uh sheriff hard’s wife erica someone you learn from especially with her work with the christmas crusade tell me about that oh yeah uh well she has a the more difficult role if you ask me because um you know sometimes people say things and it’s okay behind a keyboard right um but then these are real people who go home they have a mom and a dad and children and i know that’s a tough role because if somebody was talking about my hubby i don’t know how calm i’d be but um she handles it uh you know in stride and and she’s so wonderful and then she pours her whole heart i’ll get it out her whole heart into the christmas crusade and she starts in october they have to rearrange their holidays so that she can do this she goes shopping she has to raise money just to fundraise she has to speak in public which she prefer not to do but she does it for this to happen and i don’t know if you’ve compared the numbers from different areas but she takes care of some kids and some families more than anyone that i’ve seen and she does it again and again and again and so i don’t know how she does it grateful that she does um but she gets up every day it’s a well-run machine she has folks who go shopping and it’s like a north pole i know if you ever saw the pictures that we would post on there but it’s a baby section and then the next the toddlers and all that and it’s just amazing that it happens and it always gets done and then behind the scenes people don’t see but if they’re making deliveries and they don’t have like a meal they don’t have like a tree then they go out and bring a tree or a meal with all the fixins yeah out of their pocket yeah like the sheriff and his wife um and some of the deputies and i just thought so great right like so great to be in this community where people look out for one another and a lot of the deputies if they make calls you know when when we go it’s usually not for a good thing right if we’re called out um but then they go back to those homes and they request to go back to those homes and then they just want help so they bring food or they bring presents or they bring a tree and i thought how special so maybe we need to share more of those stories i don’t think they’ll let me but i got it there you go and you know she really is she’s a classy lady and and does a lot of work with that i love absolutely love that non-profit as well my two favorites lopa and christmas i love it i do that too and then uh you know i volunteer with my children but that’s their their fun time like we go out there for a couple hours and we collect toys they like going shop for toys more to donate christmas crusade but it’s always fun we sing christmas carols and it’s our way of helping um and giving back to our community and then erica takes care of the rest like how easy is that yeah exactly like you do a donation and then you know it’s it’s going uh to a good cause it’s staying in our community and that it’s gonna reach the people that it’s intended to reach so pretty neat love it yeah love it and i’ll tell you what i was at the livingston parish chamber gala last week oh that looked so much fun let me tell you um sheriff hard and his wife can cut a rug when the time calls for it that dude can dance does he know you caught him i don’t think he does

yeah i got to learn that dance my wife’s like you you don’t flip me around all like that

you know these people are people right at the end of the day there he is the sheriff he’s an awesome guy but he’s also a person and you know just like i am and you know we’ll i dance too just not as good as jason does yeah me and i’m gonna go find that yeah yeah but i’ve really enjoyed uh spending a little time with them at that and of course he supports a lot of uh you know it seems like he sponsors just about everything so he supports everything i like when they can go out together and i like that uh you’re telling me they were having a good time because you know a lot of things they they sit and they listen they sent through these meetings but that they cut a rug that’s exciting go ahead so uh so it’s apparent you work very hard right and some people may ask why why why invest so much of your time your mother your wife you have really two awesome full-time jobs and uh and i asked you that in your question here and i want to read that verbatim because that was really good i think everybody needs to hear this she said i asked you why and you said i love my children i want them to be proud of their mother i want them to achieve things i never thought possible i want them to be good humans who are leaders in the communities i pray every morning they make good choices in order to do that i need to be a good role model my children already know that having a heart on your license is the sincerest form of kindness they know sheriff ordna’s deputies are good and will help them and have helped them they know in times of struggle to search for the helpers strive to be a helper strive to be a good human period i can’t say it any better than that yeah they’re watching yeah but we just prayed for our community helpers today because of the tornadoes and folks that are going out to help and so um we we try to let them know what’s going on in the world and how blessed we are to live in the community that we’re in and so they see us react to certain things so um life’s not always going to be fair yeah not everything’s going to go your way and how we react is how they’re going to react and so not always not perfect and i’m still working i’m still working on it but i know that i have um eyes on these future leaders here in livingston and so um i just want them to see that i land on my feet and then i try yes yes huge uh so let’s talk about the nick two yeah service above self award this is uh a new award that uh is in conjunction with uh it’s not rotary club um it’s the denim springs co-op yes i’m a part of the kiwanis club uh great service organization they’re always doing great things they work with the crusade uh to help because the crusade is from zero to 12 and then they kind of pick up some of those teenagers and they help them have a merry christmas so just wonderful folks and um every year in may they have a law enforcement luncheon and so they work with the sheriff’s office denmark springs police department denim springs marshall’s office and state police and those that that work in livingston and uh they wanted to push it a little bit further they wanted to honor nick in some way shape or form and how do you do that because nick lived in our community he’s our friend yeah his family that you know they’re our friends and so um we said what about an award the two year family agreed and this year they will be giving the first nick toulier service above self award on may 12th for that annual peace officer of the year luncheon so it’s someone who goes above and beyond someone tied to law enforcement in some way shape or form and it’s open to any person who works with law enforcement across the parish so it’s pretty neat and um mr mike juno he kind of leads the the way on that i’m a secretary with that and love to help him um with that but i just thought how neat um that this family is still uh surviving and nick is still a miracle and that they’re still willing to work with us to um you know honor nick and our community in some way shape or form and then find out who else is going above and beyond and we’d love to hear those stories so there’s still time to nominate you can do that throughout the month of april and go to the denim springs kiwanis facebook page it’s where they have all the information yes and i will link that facebook page to the description of this podcast and thanks for fitting that in that’s pretty neat yeah well it’s a it’s a beautiful thing and uh you’re just full of beautiful things miss laurie you know i can’t cover them i just know some great people some great people who are doing great things 100 percent

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i love it i love it yeah thank you for including me i know that there were a lot of ladies like i was reading and and becoming inspired and so many different walks of life um and and um everyone deserves different occupations and just amazing people so yeah i love it well thank you for what you do for the community and one one last thing i do want to bring up is is mentorship and uh i find this to be very important especially for our younger folks um when you often in in law enforcement can probably speak to this directly but often when kids become adults and they have problems it’s because of lack of mentors somewhere along the line um it’s a very important thing but you mentor uh females in particular that if they’re seeking your help you you listed a couple examples in your questionnaire where one of them was debating going into a field that you had been in and you told them the pros and the cons and all those sorts of things and another one maybe wanted your mentorship in the media world and kind of to know about that so how important do you think mentors are too oh that they’re the bee’s knees yeah they’re it um and just from the newsroom perspective so i was the younger one coming in and then you had older ones which is where i am now but just how to how to turn a phrase or how to ask a question or how to work a source um i would have never figured that out on my own i don’t think or it would take me longer to figure it out had someone not been kind enough and let their guard down enough and put their ego aside to help right yeah and so they would always come back and check on me and i knew i could go to them like i know this is a stupid question right but they said there’s no stupid questions we’re here together um and so from a very young age it was these women who would lead me in the right how to dress how what makeup to wear like you know you don’t think to ask those types of things um and then you went to hd tv and then you know how do you dress for that and what do you do on on someone who has no money right just starting out and um and then you know growing up it was just all these people who helped like i would never be where i am without people lending a helping hand in some way shape or form so uh now i am where i am so i try to help and and pull you forward and i hope that when my children are of age that that happens as well so i always give time i’ll go to lunch with you we’ll talk um we’ll do a zoom call but if there’s something that i can help or i know someone who can like somebody ask me about a podcast maybe i’ll send them your way um but connecting all of these folks in our very own community who are doing these same things who just want to help each other out because together we are better together we are stronger and so let’s work towards that i love it yeah yeah i love it so you’re 100 correct and listen let’s all do that whether you’re female male 1 what a great place to be yeah we’re solving the world’s problems we are right here in this booth i knew it could be done yes thank you so much for coming on no thank you i don’t know how my name got in the in the list but man i’m so glad and then when i saw um everyone that that you were talking about i was like man that’s pretty that’s just pretty cool for for livingston parish as a whole and for our state as a whole like pretty neat yes and we’ve got some pretty awesome ladies here in this parish some pretty awesome female leaders and and uh that’s for sure so i want to thank all the viewers and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share our posts from all your social media the sponsors of the show i couldn’t do any of this without all of them miss laurie and and another lady tiffany yes they missed that i’m so sorry yes miss tiffany for sure i could not do anything with look i can’t even function without tiffany let’s be honest the woman behind the podcast that’s right that’s right so if you want to uh sponsor or be featured on the show please reach out to me at jim localasapodcast.com and we’ll get you information until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and non-profits just like lopa and keep leaving thank you very much thank you

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