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March is our favorite time of year here at Local Leaders the Podcast. March is National Women in History Month and each year we select five ladies from Livingston Parish Louisiana to represent Local Leaders: the Podcast as “Leading Ladies”. Our second of five (no particular order) is Mrs. Payton Courtney. Mrs. Courtney is the owner of Aydell Lane Spa and Boutique and spends her time running her business and uplifting women! We are excited and honored to present our 2nd of 5 Leading Ladies for 2022!

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hey y’all and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and sitting across from me is a lady who needs no introduction at all she is the top podcast i have ever had in the history of my podcast miss peyton courtney from idell lane spawn boutique how are you good i’m so honored and happy to be here honestly look we’re we’re honored you are just an amazing person you have an amazing business we’re going to talk a little bit about that today for the two or three people that didn’t see your first episode if those even exist so you own idel lane spawn boutique m walker today i want to discuss the challenges of not only being a female-owned business but also at a young age you open this business at what age 22 22 years old yes i was trying to remember wow yes i definitely was not opening businesses at 22. that’s for sure that’s a challenge in and of itself in addition to that you’re you’re a female owned business and look females have come a long ways you know in the last say 50 years but uh there’s still challenges with uh i i don’t know if you’d say with people taking you seriously at that age regardless of male or female but a female at that age some people are still caught in the past did you did you run into any challenges when you opened your business absolutely because i was having so much fun at 18 19 and then 20 hit well 1920 hit me and i was like it’s time to grow up you know it’s time to hustle it’s time to get on it and like i said my husband was a big part of that journey um so that was hard because i was 22 and you know i miss out on my childhood i just kind of skipped it or you know my i should have been partying at 22 but i was like no it’s time to get with it yeah and so that was kind of difficult because i would see my friends still in sororities and partying and then i was but me i was already i was married at 21 opening business 22 and i was ready to get with it and being a woman is definitely tough because i feel like we have more pressure on us it’s kind of like being a christian you know you got to hold yourself to a whole different standard because women not only have to show up to work but they have to show up we have to i feel like society makes you feel pressured on the way we look and the way we carry ourself you know and that can get hard because as being a woman i’m in the beauty industry we’re so much more hormonal too that’s another thing and i know what hormonal is because i’m over here with it but it is hard b it is harder i feel being a woman now i’m not going to discredit men because y’all get it too y’all have y’all owning a business is owning a business and i don’t think anyone should be discredited but it is tough it’s tough for anyone and but sometimes it could be a little tougher for women because women can you know they can be catty or they can you know and some women are not happy for other women to succeed and that sucks too because you’re stuck in that position where you’re just like you know i worked hard to get here and you didn’t see you might see all the positive out there that we’re putting in yes owning a business but you don’t see the hours and the time and the dedication and sacrifice that we made to be in this business and to be where we’re at so that can be tough too for anybody you know yeah i agree 100 but i think being a woman i think it’s more you have to provide i’m old school so of course i provide for my husband you know i’m married i make sure i take care of the house the cooking the kid like i’m now have the kid the dogs and and my business and i’m a nurturer you know i have to make sure i’m nurturing my husband and nurturing my family and nurturing my clients too i want to be that emotional support for them and then you got to be like back to business like you know straightforward just how it is you know so it’s a balance and that’s really what it is it really is and it’s amazing what you’ve done with your business at such a young age and kind of goes to say to show how deserving you are of everything you’re getting it comes with a lot a lot of hard work right uh be owning a business whether you’re male or female is a lot hours it’s a lot you know it can be stressful you have to deal with employees and in moods and attitudes and all these all these different things right and uh and you’ve made done an amazing job of balancing that um especially with all you have going on now i want to want to let the listeners and viewers know for those that may not be aware you are much more than just a boutique you’re a spa and boutique and let’s kind of cover the services that you offer just overall for somebody that’s never been there when they go to idell lane spawn boutique what are they going to see what are they going to be able to get and that’s what’s so fun i love when people come in and i tell them all they’re like oh wow like it’s like a pack of steel yeah i can do that i can do that it’s just i’m that kind of person i’m an entrepreneur so i’m like we’re just gonna do everything you know and i get everything done so between you know our lash extensions i have my lash queens um so my lash extensions my facials and it’s not you don’t just come in here like i always say and i push you’re not just getting massage we do micro needling we do microderm we do more medical too um so besides the whole facial field we do spray tans and that is my favorite summer is coming up get on that we do even spray tan memberships besides spray tans we do um teeth whitening i mean people know we do teeth fighting i got the machines i was like i was a dental assistant before so i was like you know what i’m gonna get that machine because i loved it yeah so we do teeth whitening as well we also do once a month botox with christine palmer she’s my aunt she’s also part of the i don’t elaine is a family name and she’s part of that name and that family we bring her in once a month um we do massages by brianna she has six years of experience i only have one massage therapist and she’s killing it she um she’s been doing it for a while and she is phenomenal she has those healing hands and that healing soul you’re on her table you’re probably going to leave crying and feeling good you’re going to be crying that you feel good and you probably got touched by her soul she’s just a beautiful soul um but yeah lashes facials birthday parties birthday party oh yeah my birthday every sunday girl we had that birthday party the birthday party is crazy i know every kid in in libby’s parish i mean they’re my my queen now um we do birthday parties as well that’s super fun it’s for little for our little queens they get their facials and hair done and their toes and their diamonds and they just make them feel like a queen kind of like libby lou’s um birthday parties and then yeah and i’ll tell you with birthday parties that’s something that i see on facebook a lot yes uh is are the mothers in in most cases reaching out and saying hey anybody got ideas for a birthday party for a teenager wouldn’t that be a great thing to go to idell lane spawn boutique yes yes make them feel like a queen and they just come and just make them feel and we treat them like adults and i think the kids love that like we treat them like come on girl like we don’t like baby fi them or we make them feel just as important as in self-care as the mothers should feel and self-care you know yes it’s important to train them young very good fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

and you’re also a person who’s strong in your faith right oh absolutely yes indeed how much of a role has that played in your business and and well in your life in general it plays a lot i didn’t go to church these past two weeks y’all because i was having an issue with what to wear because i am you know 38 weeks pregnant but anyway and i thought i had a mental breakdown i do help at my church i’m the hospitality host at revival temple i love my my church i’m very involved and and i and i i play a huge role i have a sign when you walk through my door that says as you walk in and walk out you shall be blessed and that’s something i really pray about and when i first opened my business being 22 scared to death i will never forget my this lady that lives behind the street behind me came in there she’s i call her my mother sherry but she’s not i just call her my mom sherry yeah you know you adopted that mama um she came in there and i prayed i said can we just i over here with these pallets like can we just pray can we just pray over this place i said i want to pray that this place brings more than just services it brings light to people it brings happiness it brings joy and it just you know and it just brings women together and connect and you know living some perish any parish i get gonzales and i get i get whatever parish i want to bring in there but especially livingston parish and and and sometimes it’s hard because when you are faithful they you get judged even harder you know it’s like i said being a christian or being a woman sometimes in society you get judged a little bit more harder than most people but yes you have to always lean on that faith and if you don’t then you’re going to fail and i feel that way now some people who i don’t know what other people believe in that’s on their business their soul sure but for me it’s always i always go back to my faith and you know my savior and i wouldn’t be where i’m at without faith i truly believe that because i look back at the i’m working on three years of the business so i look back at the years at the time i put in and all and all all the craziness and i’m just like wow it’s faith you know it was me trusted in faith in myself not just in him but also in myself and and the faith into my peers around me you know positive peers and my the positive things in my life yes and that and that kind of leads me to my next uh question and that is how important would you say it is for business owners to surround themselves with positive people and influences um i think that’s everything because i mean if if you’re my grandmother always said birds of feather flock together you know yeah and so if you’re around if you’re rolling in the dirt you’re going to get dirty baby so you don’t want to be rolling in the dirt you want to stay successful and you want to if you’re trying to be successful you can’t hang out with somebody who’s still stuck in the past maybe are still stuck in things or that happened to me actually a couple times i’ve had some old friends of mine you know come back in my life and they’re like whoa you know because i have fun it’s 18 19 20 and all those you know don’t get me wrong haven’t we all and yeah when they come back in my life they see me now as a 25 year old business owner build my dream home conquer my goals married to a very great like successful encouraging positive man and i have all these things going for me and they’re like whoa whoa whoa whoa the switch up you know and it’s like i’m not that same i’m not that same girl i’m a woman now yes and you know god forgives and he forgave me and and he’s you know he watched me at my sins and he pushed me for it but i had to put myself around people and i think my husband was one of the first people that i put myself around that had that that saw me in that light and he really pushed me because it’s easy to get kindness in the negative and get kind of like oh you know right and be hard on yourself or maybe past mistakes or past things or but me i was just i’m just moving forward you know that’s it but it is important like you said to be around positive people because they’re gonna uplift you you know if you do something good you want that friend to say yes queen let’s go like okay you got a new car

you know not like oh well you know that’s just haters and haters are haters and there are motivators yeah that’s right and and positivity breeds positivity absolutely um negativity same thing and it’s the energy you’re around too like if you’re positive and you’re around uplifting you’re going to feel that yes and i can feel when i’m around someone that’s kind of negative or down because i start feeling i’ll because i’ll start feeling that you ever feel like that yeah just energy in the right yes and you’re just like oh lord yeah i agree 100 and and uh you’ve done a great job of surrounding yourselves with those people obviously you miss mentioned jordan courtney that is your husband and uh and the end of your yang i guess you could say my best friend your best friend but i have my friends too my other friend you know yeah you’re calling up don’t worry i got you too don’t worry tim i’ll be calling you so um you know you came in today and you were glowing and that’s because you have an addition coming soon two weeks or so two weeks and a half so yes yes how excited are you about that i am super excited i’m not letting it get me down i’ve been my husband’s like shouldn’t you be like staying at home or something he don’t understand like pregnancy i’m super excited you know we tried a long time we struggled so it’s definitely a miracle for me and it’s just a beautiful miracle and it’s it’s something that i cherish and i’m enjoying every moment and i’m not i’m still going and i’m not stopping but yes i’m going in labor in two and a half weeks could go right now i could go right we don’t know yeah that would make for the biggest episode i’ve ever gotten

that would be phenomenal and uh and so i want to ask you a question here and this is something that directly relates to our female viewers and listeners and that is you’ve had to manage both a pregnancy and a business at the same time how was that finding that balance i’m sure there was kind of like uh you know i would imagine of course only females can answer this one and guys don’t get pregnant but i would imagine there’s ups and downs and like you say your hormones are going crazy and how did you manage all of that

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this is hard yeah i’m not going to sugarcoat it i’m not i’m just going to rip it off like a band-aid it was very hard um because part of you is like i need to nurture my body i need to stay calm and i need to do this for myself because you are carrying something so fragile and perfect and it’s a miracle from god but then the other part of me like well i can’t and i have a lot of queens that work with me you know i have i have a lot of girls at work and i don’t know the exact number now but it’s i don’t look at them as a number i look at them as a family so i have a big family at work and it’s like i don’t want to let them down i don’t i don’t want to leave my girls because when i stepped out i stepped out at 20 weeks because i wanted to really enjoy my pregnancy and i also wanted my clients to start kind of get going to my other girls mother queens you know like i was like yeah go to skyler go dash and go to claire you know and it was only because i was really i didn’t want to hit like 30 weeks and then like they’re like oh wait you forgot you’re having a baby and then freak out i wanted them to go ahead and start getting ready for me to be gone so anyway i stepped out at 20 weeks and i went strictly mom mode at my house like me and my husband are building right now i had to get a mom car drove a big lifted jeep like i mean we we didn’t think we were having kids it was our miracles so we kind of gave up on the kid thing right having a baby and then when it happened we’re like whoa and it was a lot preparing it was a lot of it’s kind of like i had to re-learn my whole life because i put it on back burner for two i’m gonna be honest with you i put it on back burner for about two and a half years since i ran my business like i feel like my marriage kind of got weak i felt like my whole life got weak because i was so into work and so driven into trying to build my business that i kind of put this on a back burner and so i think whenever god gave me this miracle it was almost like a wake-up call and he gave me a second reason of life and was like there’s so much more to life than you know being self-employed because you it’s easy to get called it when you get in it you’re just like go go go go go go go you know it’s just it’s a non-stop thing yeah it is you carry it very pridefully you carry your success pridefully and you carry your image and your repute it’s a lot to keep up with you know and you worry about those things and you’re trying to please everybody and then it was like i got pregnant and i was like now it’s time for god’s given me it’s the biggest when you bust your butt like we do yeah it’s one of the biggest blessings that god can give you is a cherish a child and i only get emotional here because i am 38 weeks pregnant i might start crying i might start crying i ain’t pregnant it’s god’s gift to me to let me know like you worked hard and here is your blessing and something in my heart it’s like me and my husband we’re just like a whole new it’s like a whole new marriage it’s beautiful for those of you that that haven’t seen them miss payton had some beautiful just absolutely beautiful pictures done um celebrating her pregnancy and and that and you know i looked at that and i said here’s a woman who’s not shying away from you know the self-conscious things that women have when they’re when they’re pregnant and and uh you’re glorifying that and you’re you’re embracing it and you’re making it a beautiful thing and those are just some gorgeous pictures um do you want to shout out the photographer maybe that did yes lily ann photography she’s actually from new york and she has a studio here in new orleans and she just has that artistic different point of view and eye on things and um she we followed each other on instagram she followed me and she kind of saw my story and stuff and then long story short we got in touch with one another and i was i told my treat it was on valentine’s day we went or two days or two days after and when we went um it was my gift to my husband to kind of because he got to come to and the babies and it was just a beautiful day in new orleans and we just took those empowering photos and she cracked me up because she takes a lot of photos from new york in here and she said you’re such a southern woman like she was so intrigued by me because a lot of women she’s like you just give me such southern woman vibe so she put this big red dress on me and it was just it was one of the best days of my life and it was just embracing the pregnancy and i’m not gonna lie i used to hate pregnancy i used to look at pregnant women like because i was so hurt and i you know when you feel like everybody grieves differently and i grieve like i didn’t want to look at yeah it was hard for me to deal with i was happy for everyone who got pregnant but at the bottom of my soul i was still kind of grieving yes so when it finally happened for me and i actually you know after losing seven um you know this be my miracle and her name is caroline stands for strong woman because that’s what she’s gonna be but having my miracle i was like i’m going to embrace it and i’m going to let women know that pregnancy is not something to be hate no matter your body or what size you are or who you are you know a lot of women are harder on their stuff with pregnancy and i’m like why just i’m brain i’m over here with a blazer in my pocket

i just wanted to embrace the pregnancy and just be happy i love it and and it’s a it’s a that’s a great role i know you weren’t doing it for a role model aspect but that’s something that a lot of women can take strength from and that’s what you’re you know you’re such a powerful personality it does get hard being possible time because people don’t know how to take our personalities because we are so strong energy and people like they don’t understand and we’re just out here living life this is just us every day just trying to move forward in life and keep going and it’s it’s just an awesome thing yeah it’s an awesome thing to feel it really is and of course this is women’s history month yes and uh so one of the things we do here at local leaders the podcast is we like to celebrate women uh in the month of march because of of obvi the obvious which it is women’s history month but also because we uh we think it’s important to spotlight livingston parish ladies that uh have kind of went above and beyond and stood out and not only in their business but in their community work and all those sorts of things so with that miss tiffany has something she would like to present you from us and uh we are just thrilled to announce you as a 2022 local leader so beautiful leading lady and thank you very much you got to work on this this is nice this is beautiful thank you very much and and that is for uh for all of your hard work and contributions to the livingston parish community every day i’m honored to call you a friend and uh and i appreciate you so i appreciate you and i thank you for always believing in me and you and tiffany both and i am so honored especially coming from the local leaders the podcast capital t and i’m just honored to be on the same platform as the most beautiful awesome strong women i mean i was just amazed you know i’m very and being younger like we said i mean i was like these women have put tom and years in and they are just amazing so being on the same platform it’s just honoring and it’s very humbling and i’m very grateful thank you very much and you’re right uh i’m blessed just to sit across from you five ladies this year and and present you with these uh awards it is really our honor so i want to thank you for coming on the show today i do want to encourage all of you out there go check out miss peyton courtney’s podcast our number one podcast of all time and you can check that out on youtube and we’ll even link it to this video so that you can just scroll down and click it i promise you you will be inspired i want to thank all my advertisers for doing everything you do to support local leaders of podcast we couldn’t do any of this without all of you and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and local ladies and keep leading thank you very much

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