Legacy, & Finding Her Smile – Local Leaders Leading Lady Tiffany Sicard

Tiffany Sicard of HomeKey Mortgage sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast Host Jim Chapman in Season 4 Episode 18

Tiffany Sicard of HomeKey Mortgage sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast Host Jim Chapman in Season 4 Episode 18 to discuss her AMAZING year in mortgage lending, her innate ability to turn negatives into positives, what she credits to her success thus far and tells some inspiring stories of people that have assisted her along the way.

With a resume including;

  • 2019 Graduate of the Famed Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce “Leadership Livingston Program
  • 2020 Small Business of the Year in Livingston Parish
  • Recipient of the 2020 Women’s Leadership award (Also issued by the LP Chamber of Commerce

it was no shock that on Local Leaders: The Podcast she was awarded the 2021 Leading Lady award from Local Leaders: The Podcast.

If you’re looking for an inspiring episode then you found it, so sit back and grab a pen and paper and take notes as Local Leaders: The Podcast Presents Tiffany Sicard of HomeKey Mortgage!

Connect with Tiffany and HomeKey Mortgage:

Visit HomeKey in person at

1113 S Range Ave Suite 140
Denham Springs, LA 70726

(225) 590-5473

Video Transcript (Beta)

hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours

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hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with ladder and bloom with your real estate tip of the week i get asked by buyers and sellers what the difference is between an inspection and an appraisal they’re two very different things the inspection focuses on the condition of the property a home inspector will inspect the structure and all the major systems of the home such as an air conditioner heater water heater plumbing electrical and the roof if the home inspector sees something that needs a more in-depth inspection then they’re able to do they may recommend that a licensed contractor come out and take a better look even though it’s not required by a lender i always recommend that buyers have a professional home inspection done to make sure they know what they’re buying a home is such a big investment that a home inspection is money well spent next week i’ll talk about appraisals if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out to me i’m trisha johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you

it’s high energy does it stay here yeah i’ll take it all right miss tiffany c card how are you i’m fine how are you so let me first say welcome this is your second appearance on local leaders the podcast now your first time out we covered you know a lot with regard to your history in the mortgage lending world uh your first appearance was a little less than a year ago but my my my how things have changed for you in that amount of time so we’re going to discuss all of those changes with homekey mortgage uh some of the honors you’ve been bestowed with over the past year and get your thoughts on where we’re headed in the housing market in 2021 sound good sounds good all right so first i want to talk a little bit about you you’ve been in the mortgage industry 23 years and you have worked pretty much every position you can work in the mortgage industry correct pretty much started from the bottom worked all the way through every pretty much every channel yeah so that’s a huge advantage especially you know i would imagine when you’re dealing with a mortgage broker so how important would you say experience is when dealing with a mortgage brokerage um i think it’s very important just to where you can know everybody’s position and understand it a little bit no matter where you are in it’s important to understand everybody’s positions and how they work um that way if something’s not working properly you know how you can adjust to accommodate to make maybe help it move more smoothly yeah yeah absolutely and it’s you know it’s one of those things in life that’s your biggest purchase you know is your house typically and so you want someone that has a lot of experience to kind of over oversee that loan process because it can be daunting i mean most people buy you know a house or get a mortgage a few times in a lifetime so it’s i’m sure daunting into that experience it really plays a big role in that now leadership has also been kind of a key focus in your personal growth 2019 you participated in leadership livingston the famed program right here in uh in livingston parish and i wanted to know kind of some key takeaways that you had from leadership it was very eye-opening um just for the simple fact you see people in your everyday life and you see you know them at work and because everybody pretty much these days don’t get to get out and see people in in their jobs and what they’re actually doing they just kind of know what they do kind of know the person in passing unless they’re you know a little closer in their circles i guess so just being there with all the people that attended my class was just a real eye-opener because some people uh may take someone and see them a certain way and then when you actually have that conversation with them and you get to know them as a person it’s a whole lot different than seeing them from a distance and it was a lot of folks in there that shared a similar story such as mine and it was just just an honor to actually be able to go through that program and learn those things about those people just about our community in general like i lived here my whole life and there were things that i learned that were here and i was like how is that here like um there was one thing that like just kind of was close to home and kind of touched my heart and it was the uh literacy center and everybody’s like oh it’s just a literary literacy center um to me it’s a little more than that because the liters if you know the actual history behind it and what actually brought it here and why um it actually affected a lot of people um what actually contributed to a large amount of that literacy center actually getting here where the funds came from construction plant that caused a lot of people hardship and some folks lost some people and i was upset at them and then when i went through leadership and found out that actually that company had to do something good back to the community for the bad that it did and the literacy center was part of that it was kind of like wow you know i was upset at this but look what we got out of it look what livingston parish got out of it look what we’re doing for these kids and so it was just a real eye-opener yeah i agree and you were in the 2019 class yes yeah i was in 2020 and and i ca i agree with you 100 i mean the relationships were were huge just getting to know people that uh you know were well known in the community but you only knew them from maybe a business side and uh so many lessons to be learned from leadership livingston and one of the interesting things about that program is the projects that everybody uh participates in what project did y’all do we actually um did the dave ramsey course we helped incorporate it into walker high school fantastic since then they’ve actually incorporated it into a few others um another thing that’s been so awesome about that i have an another child graduating this year and he’s actually uh this semester taking that course so that’s kind of a proud accomplishment to look back at that my youngest son is actually learning and he comes home every night just so excited right now they’re learning about ways to invest their money and so they were all given like this fake money to put on the stock market so like every night he’s like hey mom this stock’s doing this this stock’s doing that that’s awesome so it’s just awesome to you know see that and just know that i was a part of that yeah and it’s a huge um it’s a huge thing you you know it’s when you go into college uh the first thing they do is push credit on you you know you’ve got visa and mastercard at these well when we could have you know fairs for college and they would set up these booths you would have all these credit companies just pushing it down these 18 year old kids throats you know get this car get that card so it’s good to learn those lessons early on how important it is to control your credit or uh you know pay off debt not accrue debt and when you’re when you’re young and you’re in high school you haven’t started accruing it yet so it’d be a good time to learn not to uh and in your field um it’s the perfect project in my opinion because later on in life you deal with that you deal with people who maybe are a little bit too high on debt compared to their income and you you know you probably i’m sure you’re an expert at telling people this is what you need to do you know to qualify uh in those sorts of things so that’s an awesome project congratulations to your entire group for that

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and you were also awarded with above and beyond award which is for people that aren’t familiar it’s basically your peers vote for uh who they feel went above and beyond on their project you were a recipient of that how did it feel how special was it to be recognized for your work specifically from your peers in that group i was very honored i was i didn’t expect it it’s just who i am i love helping others i love seeing other people succeeding and so i was just doing what i do on a normal basis and whenever i actually got the call about it i was just like overwhelmed with joy just that people actually looked up to me you know for what i was you know trying to contribute to our class yeah well well well earned and uh you are are such a giving person especially when it comes to giving back to your community and uh your nate you should have a nature with that and so uh well-earned great project uh you know you’re giving back nature kind of continued after after leadership living to livingston in 2019 and if it wasn’t enough you also formed a uh uh another kind of giving back uh project and that was the cajun ladies crisis team you helped form this tell us about this program actually one of my um agents that i deal with on a day to day actually met her about a year ago and we just kind of connected um something i really wasn’t even going to go to the closing because they had just announced you know the whole covet thing and the governor was given his speech and everything and i was like you know what this might be my last closing so let me just go and i went and i met her and we just kind of shared our story and our passion and what we do and we just kind of connected on that level and then all of the booms and bangs of everything that was happening last year started happening with this hurricane after hurricane and this and she was like hey i’ve got some people that you know want to put some stuff together and you know put some boots on the ground and let’s go do some you know some good and i was like you know that’s an awesome idea i think we can do this we put together this um organization and we’ve been putting boots on the ground ever since whether it just be the hurricanes and devastations from that whether it just be um a bad storm come through like our ice storm that we had um and just really anybody who’s in need if we have the sources there that’s been donated and contributed to us we go wherever it’s needed we um a lot of people forgot about leesville after one of the um storms last year and we actually drove down there on a sunday with um a few boxes of uh gumbo and about 300 hot dogs and some pans and burners and we went out there and we delivered supplies to some of the folks down there and we fed them don seafood actually donated the gumbo to us and um a couple other places donated some stuff and me and sandra got it in her truck we loaded everything up we got down there had a few other ladies that went with us and put our boots on our rubber boots on and we got out there in the mud and we had a lady down there that actually lent us a spot it was probably the cleanest spot down there she had a little seafood shop and we set up shop and fed some people and gave them some cleaning supplies because they had no water no electricity i think oftentimes some of the smaller communities are forgotten when it comes to things like this i think that kind of happened livingston a little bit in 2016. so it’s all about helping those little folks you know get their spot on the map too and making sure that they know that they’re not forgotten and that’s what we did that’s awesome tiffany and and what a um a worthwhile thing to do and we you know you mentioned 2016 here and the flood that we all experienced and and so we’ve kind of been there and uh let me tell you an organization like the cajun ladies crisis team is something that is so needed um and sometimes you don’t realize that until you’re in the position where you need something like that so shout out to all of you um for all the listeners out there they do have a facebook go go give it a like and uh and that way you can keep up with if you know they love volunteers and uh and if they’re looking for that they’ll they’ll give you a shout out on facebook and uh and maybe we can all help

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just again what an honor like

see um i lost my mom very young and that was the first time that i actually met mizzou and she was actually one of the other recipients of the women’s leadership award and i’m really glad that i didn’t see her until after i gave my speech because i probably would have lost it worse than i lost it uh there because i’m a big crybaby um but

i went to her for some legal advice in regards to my mom when i was younger and that was probably the first time i met her and she i was just a lot of people always used to tell me growing up you know smile and i was like i’m smiling you know and i was thinking you know just everything i was doing 100 miles an hour to help everybody you know putting smiles on their face i wasn’t realizing i wasn’t smiling myself and so she saw that in me and she every time she seen me and um she was hey remember to smile today breathe and so um she’s probably a huge factor into where i am today because she was somebody that recognized that in me and actually you know went that extra step she didn’t have to um you know but she knew what i was going through and she kind of mentored me there and so just seeing her there and knowing that i was given such an honor the same time she was and then um just michelle serves on the leadership um alumni board with me and she or committee and she got it and just listening to some of the other ladies stories and what led them there and i just encourage everybody take five minutes listen to someone’s story because no matter what vision you may have of someone it’s really not what you think there’s really something that’s led them to be that great and i love your podcast and everything that it’s about and just the fact that you dig in and you let others know people’s story and it’s not just about oh i’m a leader in my community it’s the story and the all the adversities that they went through that got them where they are it’s their story and i have another girlfriend that says it all the time in some of the lives that we do and she’s like you know people need people and it’s true they do and just i encourage everybody just listen to someone’s story don’t just be so quick to judge and be like oh you know yeah this person got this award this person got that award to me it’s not about the awards you can give me a reward in the world if i’m not making somebody smile today that award doesn’t mean anything to me because what’s important to me is that i put that smile on someone’s face because that may just be what they need to make it through because you never know what someone’s going through i agree 100 and you do make people smile every day and uh and that’s awesome so

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so i was there and i saw and um you know you you did get a little emotional there and and it was a very touching thing because you could see what that meant to you and um and i was very happy for you personally and glad i was there um it’s also worth mentioning you’re you’re extremely active in other areas of the community as well right you’re a chamber ambassador you serve on the leadership livingston alumni committee or active in the chamber’s letter program uh you know you’re a past member of rotary um and your most important role is you’re a mother to five kids right and so the obvious question is why tiffany why do you commit so much of your time to your community outside of your business it all goes back to what i was just saying um there was a few people in my upbringing and all the adversities and all the cracks and my foundation growing up that they were my mortar i talked about that yes we have um and it’s all about showing somebody that no matter where you come from or what you’ve gone through that there’s somebody out there that’s willing to go that extra step mile 10 miles to help you no matter what you go through you can rise above it we all have cracks in our foundation if we think about it and it’s just finding those people that help you feel it and that way you can have your foundation that you need to move on and and you know it’s interesting that sometimes the crack in that foundation is the most beautiful things about somebody it is because regardless of how strong somebody may appear on the outside sometimes those cracks are the appeal because uh you see that they’ve overcome something major sometimes those cracks are the most beautiful thing and people people avoid mentioning that they might have cracks in their mortar and they don’t want anybody to know about that but i say be proud of those cracks because when you come out on the other side you know uh other people can see that and relate that maybe they can get there one day that’s just my two cents on that absolutely but uh i will say that um in your questionnaire i asked you to provide a why statement and it resonated so much with me that i wanted to quote it and basically you said i set out to do everything i was told i couldn’t uh my whole life could not be done to be the change and to lead by example um that resonates with me a lot and i wanted to ask you would you say that attributes to your drive you haven’t you have a very uh unique drive with you and would you say that’s a big contributor of that absolutely yeah yeah i had a lot of people look at my situation and tell me oh you know um you lost your mom very young you don’t have a dad um you don’t have this like we do you don’t have that like we do i’m like that’s okay i don’t have it right now but i’m gonna get it and i’m gonna be something and i’m gonna make sure that every adversity that i went through in life i’m going to take that and make myself stronger and i’m going to either be my own mortar or find those who want to be part of my mortar and help me get my foundation back straight to where i can become somebody that my kids can respect my kids can see and know my story and want to be part of it and they’re my biggest cheerleaders i mean anytime i ask them to do anything um they’re like my number one fans they help me so much and um just looking at them now as young adults i mean i have three that um are basically going into the world right now you know and just seeing them and reflecting and i’m like hey you know what they turned out pretty good yeah did an okay job there you know yeah and it’s and it’s just awesome just and they’re the same way as i am you know as far as wanting to give back to their community and lend a helping hand and i’ve always taught them that that’s what it’s really about you know it’s not what you can get it’s what you can give because you know that just may be what someone needs yeah i agree and you know uh doubt by other people can sometimes be the best motivation absolutely and um uh you know especially when you’re growing up and and maybe you’re not in the best of circumstances and maybe people you know just don’t take you serious and and uh you know turn that into a motivator young people and use that as something nobody determines your worth except you absolutely and um and so that’s a great lesson to learn you are um absolutely a poster child for that and uh and so we’ll get into that a little bit i i also asked you about your ability to overcome obstacles and what you did to overcome them now in your personal life you grew up without either one of your parents uh financially you classify yourself as poor um in your business life you have been passed over for promotions even though you had the qualifications because you were female and you were overlooked for promotions based solely on maybe educational requirements where experience and real world knowledge weren’t even taken into consideration yet through all of that you’ve overcome it how did you do that tiffany just the drive of trying to prove that i was going to do something somebody said i couldn’t do and just to set out to show not only my children but other other people out there that may be watching those that may be paying attention that you don’t have to let your circumstances define you i see time and time again

kids that go through same situations as i did and they use it as an excuse of why they’re not where they want to be and i’m all about results like don’t tell me why you can’t do it tell me how you’re going to do it or how can i help you do it there’s always someone out there i promise you that is willing if they just know your story and they know

that you need something to succeed they really do want to help you there really are genuine people that have no alterior motive for lending a helping hand and wanting to help you um that just really truly want to see you succeed yeah yeah no doubt about it and um you know i mean it’s an amazing thing what uh what drive what uh not listening to maybe what other people say and just kind of putting your head down and and hitting it you know getting after it it’s amazing what that will do for your success because you said it yourself you know we determine our worth nobody else does and uh and so young people take note of


william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast as well um lastly on you personally and then we’re gonna dive deep deep deep into into home key mortgage but i asked you what characteristics you feel a leadership possess and you stated in order to lead you must first learn to water the seeds of your community so true

how important is it to give back you know we talked about that earlier but just from a perspective of your own i guess well your own well-being your own uh you know giving back just feels good right it does and the benefit you actually see that in your community right yeah because you i guess in my statement there it’s just a lot of people come here they have businesses they have jobs and there’s things going on in their community and those people within that community are the people that is it’s your bread and butter to your business and if you’re just taking in that business taking them and you’re not giving back and you’re not offering um to show them that hey you’re willing to put back in the investment that they’ve put into you i think it just helps people get to know you it gives more of the personalization to it and just gives that that that kind of the final touches of your mark that you’re trying to make and what you’re doing i agree and you know uh it’s it’s my belief and i learned this through leadership livingston that uh you’re not really a leader unless you give back i mean that’s kind of what leadership is all about in the end when we’re young tiffany and we’re chasing it uh it’s all about being first right it’s i don’t care what industry you’re in um whether you’re competitive not competitive i mean you want to kind of be first and so that contributes to the drive but then you get older more mature and you realize wow that’s not what it’s about because i learned to give back and through giving back there’s nothing like that feeling to me and um leadership livingston taught me that uh and i’m very very thankful for it yeah it’s uh it’s an amazing thing so if you you know if you’re in a position to give back or it doesn’t have to be monetarily it could be you know just your physical you know going out there and just helping build a fence for somebody that’s in the need of a fence uh do it do it it’s it’s uh it’s really a big sign of a leader um so let’s talk about home key mortgage a little bit uh first and foremost homekey mortgage made some pretty big moves in 2020 a pandemic you opened your second location which is in denim springs in addition to the current location you have in hammond uh and when many businesses in livingston parish were like furloughing employees things like that you folks were actually adding to staff you increased to eight employees at one point uh what do you think was the key to the growth of home key mortgage during 2020 when so many businesses were struggling at that time i think just the the drop in rates um just people trying to figure out a way to save money because they weren’t making a whole lot of money or they were

getting cash out refinances to you know kind of set up a savings fund um trying to prepare for things that they thought may um happen in the future things that were coming just preparation you know sometimes it’s it’s just good to be in a business that’s that’s flourishing during that time when covet hit we were never ever busier in the paint business it was absolutely on fire because when people are at home and they can’t go to work they look around and realize their walls are ugly yeah so i can relate yeah getting getting uh refinance to uh get the cash out to do that and absolutely good point the fact that rates were so low some were able to do so and keep their note either where it was or lower and still be able to do the things they could do because they had the time on their hands because they were working from home they were seeing the things that they um wanted to do they just didn’t have the time to do and when you’re stuck at home and sometimes you’re able to find that time yeah that’s right that and that’s a very good point yeah those refi for just home improvement stuff because guess what now i can build that shed that i’ve been wanting to build for two years i have the time so now all these combined all these things combined with homekey mortgage’s support of the community led to some very large personal recognition that was capped off with you and your partner kyle tallow’s business as the livingston parish chamber small business of the year uh for for homekey mortgage an award that i was honored to present to you personally uh you know your success in 2020 is is an amazing thing um you just continue to grow tiffany and homekee mortgage is is uh you know it’s worth mentioning that you went from a smaller office to a larger office now tell us tell us where you’re currently located in denham springs we’re currently located at 113 south range suite 140. um some may know where it’s at we’re by the game stop and the pizza hut and seafood yeah so everybody’s eating crawfish right now so get your crawfish and come on over and talk to us about a mortgage yes absolutely and this space enables you to offer many amenities to those that are entering the housing market you have room there to where you can hold seminars you know these home buyer seminars and yeah we have a huge room where we can allow for social distancing and do first-time homebuyer seminars me and one of our office managers for the other business within our suites gotten together and she’s began a mortgage 101 to where we could start educating some of the agents in our community of just the general knowledge of being able to have the understanding when they are talking with a buyer of what programs that might be available and who might be best suited to help them because a lot of people go in thinking that they know what type of mortgage they want or what they want to do and they don’t realize that there are other options that are out there and available to them yeah absolutely and you know it’s great for these these realtors to be educated on that too because you know everybody has their expertise and i’ve i’ve i’ve known realtors that i’ve asked questions to related to financing the financing side of mortgages and i’ve had realtors tell me that’s not my field yeah yeah and that’s a pretty good realtor when they say that um if you’re realtors jumping all over you acting like they know everything about home financing you know i’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing maybe they do but talk to an expert talk to someone that does it every day because there is a different side to that absolutely same thing goes for like if somebody asked me about paint yeah go see jim because um yes i don’t know the colors i don’t know what happens that’s not that’s not my lane um you want to know anything about a mortgage i don’t yeah i’m not talking to them about mortgages i don’t say i know it all but if i don’t know it i’ll find out the answer um but yeah leave it to the experts but it’s still you know good and handy for them to at least have some general knowledge to where they know how they can guide their client to make sure that they are getting um the best deal as well as the best program that’s for them yes i agree 100 and and uh so keep an eye you know for all of you that follow me on facebook because as they do these seminars i’m going to be you know uh promoting those on on my social media as well so that we can really get the word out

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uh you also have a room in there that y’all are going to use as a media room kind of uh do a lot of um but you know promoting as far as market trends and news in the in the real estate market and those sorts of things so it’s a great upgrading facility there you had a nice facility before but this is just more space and stuff right yeah more space and again with the whole social distancing you know you had us extroverts that were working from home and we weren’t we weren’t doing well we need to we can’t relate to that at all we need to be out we need to be amongst people we need to see human life and so this um gave us that availability and it gave us um i think it’s going to be a big part of us making our mark here in livingston parish and being able to have that space and be able to meet with clients and have them come in you know here in our hometown and just have that one-on-one personability actually had one of

the my classmates from my class called me yesterday and she’s coming to meet with me tomorrow it was just so exciting you know because she was telling me how happy she was for me and i was like i’m just so excited for you you’re gonna buy your first house and you know she’s not a young chicken but you know she’s she’s gonna do it and she wants to do it and she called me up and it was just again an honor you know that she thought of me and i’m gonna get to reconnect with her and you know help her through that process and um just goes back to i guess why i’ve been so successful in this is that i really do care i really um to me it’s not just about having another loan underneath my belt i want to make sure that that experience is the best experience to where you’re going to tell your friends you’re going to tell your family because when when you’re referring back to me you’re referring back to that agent that may have referred you to me and so they’re going to get that business i’m going to get that business and we’re all going to be growing together and so um it’s just a great opportunity that we have there with the space that we have and able to build my team and um yeah that’s that’s awesome awesome and you do you you really do care and and we’re going to get a little into that uh but i want to get into homekey mortgages role in the mortgage industry now not everybody you know is knee deep into into mortgages and like we discussed earlier some people it’s a once twice a year a lifetime process um so give us a little rundown on what a mortgage broker does mortgage broker is different than your average mortgage company because we actually have a lineup of different lenders that we can actually

look at for you and your situation so basically i look at every mortgage like a puzzle and it’s something that we put together me and my team and the homeowner or the um by the potential uh first time home buyer or re home buyer um and i just taking all taking all of their situation and being able to not just have it all in one box of this is the only programs that we have available for you we have a whole slew that we can because we have several lenders so whatever this one don’t have this one may have and we’re able to better structure around the client’s needs versus just what may just be there with some red tape on it so um because everybody every loan is different and i mean in my 23 years i haven’t seen one loan that was the same all of them are different everybody’s situation is different absolutely so being a broker it just allows us to be able to open up that box of okay you don’t fit in this box so we can’t do your loan we have several different lenders that we deal with that if you don’t fit in this box we’re gonna find one that best suits you and we’re gonna make sure that you’re getting the best deal while you’re while we’re doing it for you yeah and um it just opens it up for more options and instead of just having this um line of rates for this program here we can actually shop it across several different lenders that we deal with to make sure that you’re getting the best deal and the best rate that’s suitable for your situation so that’s interesting so you can you actually take uh you used great term which was it’s like a puzzle and you’re laying it out and every person you’re viewing as an individual and their search circumstance is an individual circumstance and you’re laying it out and saying here are all your options based off of your situation because you’re right everybody everybody is different uh you can have the same credit score work at the same place make the same amount of money but there’s something different about every individual and that may affect you know what their rate or their uh their note or whatever is going to be so that mortgage broker can break all that down and really show you you know i’d imagine you conference with these people and you and you you kind of show them on paper that here’s here’s one option here’s option number two and you know all those sorts of things so your slogan at home key mortgage is we are the key that opens the door to your dreams and in the past you and i have discussed the importance of building relationships with clients right uh you’re extremely passionate about that um tell me how important it is to you to build a relationship with your clients where they understand you genuinely care about making sure that you’re with them through the entire home buying process and even beyond that just making sure that they understand and just educating them through the process and understanding um how it works and what you may need a lot of people in my industry just kind of give the short form of what people may need to purchase a home or refinance i believe in giving them the whole list of this is what you need if applicable this is what else you may need um just to where they know because you can have a conversation with someone and again when you’re taking someone’s application you are just checking a box and asking questions but what me and my team strive to do is we try and actually connect with the borrowers and kind of learn their story a little bit because there may be some things that isn’t a box that needs to be checked that can change their whole puzzle and how their loan or their situation needs to be structured and that’s a great point and if you’re not having that conversation with your your buyer or your borrower um i hear a lot of horror stories people saying they get a week two weeks from their closing date or sometimes even just a couple days for their closing date and they find out i’m not closing because something came up that the lender found out that they didn’t know and if they would have just asked a few more questions or maybe provided a little bit of a longer list that may have sparked a question of that ball or just having that conversation with that potential buyer or homeowner

that question may not have came up or or it could have came up and it could have prevented that because there’s a lot of people banking on that deal especially on a purchase um closing and making sure that you close on time because that seller may be wanting to close on their new home and if you if you go through three weeks or even four weeks a month and you’re ready for this closing in there all they need is their funds from their sale and then all of a sudden they find out that the buyer is not able to close on their home that can put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths and so you want to try and have all of those conversations up front and just tell i tell my clients i’m like this is the time that you tell all like you know let’s let’s let’s get it all worked out now and that way we know how we need to structure it we know how we need to address it and then just having that conversation with um if i have any agents that are involved in the transaction and letting them know hey you know what um john and mary here you know right now i think we i think we have this worked out but i just want to kind of let you know that we have this situation we’ve addressed it i think we’ve got it all worked out but it may cause something down the road just and just communicating that with all parties to where they at least know that you’ve acknowledged it and that you um are communicating with all parties to where you’re not just holding something back and then you know like i said you get a week or two weeks sometimes even a couple days before closing and then you find out you can’t that way everybody at least knows that hey they took the initiative to find out that we may have this problem they’re already working on a resolution and everybody is aware and that way you don’t have things that come up last minute that you know could cause a big stink on the whole on the whole transaction and kind of put a bad taste in people’s mouths you want it to be a happy experience and again it goes i think i said this earlier it goes back to the experience it’s not just about the loan it’s actually about the experience and you’re not doing justice to the agent that may have referred you that that buyer um or the per or the friend or the family member that may have referred you that client you want to be able to continue that relationship and continue those referrals for not only yourself but for that agent that realtor that friend that family member um and you want to do good by them because they they thought highly enough to you for you to refer them to you you want to make sure that you make good on their word for sending you that referral yes i agree and um two things two takeaways from that that i just took away number one um bad things happen to good people right right and if you know those circumstances you can help them you know too often people become numbers so they become ones and zeros so your credit report that’s what you are your credit report but nobody knows what happened um that’s where a good mortgage broker will rehash that with these companies and say hey man you need to know about this this person’s daughter had cancer or something you know pick a pick a tragedy or something but there are extenuating circumstances sometimes that if you don’t make your broker in this case aware of that they can’t help but if you do they can and so this is a really good reason why not to buy from like a rocket mortgage or go on rocket mortgage and because you’re a number you are um they’re seeing your credit report and they’re saying oh here here’s your one minute appro pre-approval and and all those sorts of things um knowing absolutely nothing about you except for what your credit report says but at tiffany c card she’s going to find out she’s going to sit down you’re going to talk and that girl is gonna she’s gonna really grind the uh the pavement to get you uh financed and and taken care of and and get your dream home or whatever it is you’re after um if it’s an easy process great if it’s a hard process no problem right tiff right yeah and when we were selecting our team and and building us um in our growth we wanted people that shared that same value as us so everybody in our team we have a motto we don’t we don’t believe in turning anyone down we turn them into a solution on okay you may not be able to buy right now you may not be able to get the loan program that you want right now but this is what we got to do to to get you there and if you’re willing to work with us we’re going to help you get there and so we make sure and send them with a plan at least to where they know because a lot of times people just they’re like oh i applied somewhere and i just haven’t heard back from them and they so they go and apply for somewhere else and then they go apply somewhere else and they just i keep getting denied but i don’t know why and so we find that why for them and because you don’t know what you don’t know and so if you have someone that’s willing to sit there and go over with them and help explain to them you know what they need to do or why they may not be getting approved

i think that goes a long way with people and i think that’s something that’s really made us successful in the agents that we do work with we have long-standing relationships with because they saw that in us and they know that we’re going to take care of their buyers and we’re going to educate them on what they need to do to get where they want to be jim we’re swamped with these podcasts and i’m in the mood for some local barbecue for lunch barbecue casey the problem with barbecue is the speed that would take forever not at buddy’s barbecue with the drive-through line they can get us fed fast in that sauce yum it is right in the heart of denim springs do they have specials yes they have plate lunch specials every day jim and i bet you didn’t know they offer some of the best catfish plates you’ve ever tasted on fridays and on saturdays they have smoked rib eyes they are as flavorful as you can find anywhere okay i’m hungry what’s the number i’ll call it in no just go online and place your order by the time you’re finished i can head that way that is convenient and really smart yep just like me a local business and you know what i always say oh yes jim chapman loves local correct and that makes me smart oh please if you’re in the mood for barbecue go see buddies barbecue at 105 florida avenue southeast right in the heart of denim springs they’re a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

tiffany so i’m going to take you back a little bit and take you back to 1992 i believe it was and i was playing in a football game way back then and uh there was a really popular guy from catholic high that was a quarterback by the name of warren dunn and we were pretty good there at broadmoor high school and uh so we were scrimmaging them and my claim to fame throughout all my high school years was i caught that sucker from behind and he was a little water bug and an all-american and back then he played quarterback he ended up playing running back for florida state after that and then went on to the nfl ward dunn is a is a guy known in this community very well having come right out of catholic high school in baton rouge louisiana but you have a really good story i want you to share with us about uh travis mothers who is this brother um so let’s share it tell it um well back in 2015 16. somewhere up in there i met travis um he came to me for a loan and this guy was just so full of light so full of joy and just so much energy and i was like wow this guy’s contagious he’s just so awesome and when he first came to me i was like your name is so familiar to me i was like i don’t i haven’t put it together yet you know but your last name something about it um i feel like i know your story and so we sat in my office for a little while and we talked and um matter of fact i did know his story a little bit

travis’s mother and if anybody knows anything about work travis is one of his younger brothers that he had to take care of after a huge adversity that he had to go through in his life sitting there talking to him and just hearing

the things that he had gone through and just you know why he chose to be happy and not allow it to overcome him and and all that dark um he just chose to kind of like me we shared similarities to just share the light and just smile and just be happy for another day and um he lost his mother at a very young age as well betty smothers yes miss betty’s mothers she was a police officer for baton rouge city

you can read a little bit about it if you um work done’s got a book running for my life it’s awesome it is so awesome done a couple loans for a few of the other siblings as well and they’re all just if you meet any of them

their energy and just their their will for life i mean it’s just it’s so amazing just to know that someone i mean was a little different story than mine i lost my mother to cancer they lost their mother because someone decided to rob a bank and she was serving her community she was doing what she loved and she was supporting her children as a single mom working yeah over time yeah working overtime yeah and she paid the ultimate sacrifice and her kids could have chose to you know a lot like a lot of people do that go through tragedies and adversities in life and say you know well i’m not gonna i wasn’t able to be like this person and have this and have that because i lost my mother it’s at such a young age to such a tragedy or have a bad taste on um in their mouths about law enforcement and just people in general but they didn’t do that you know they they chose to take the good from it and make a legacy for their mother and what a legacy um work’s done what a legacies travis has done um and just all of them together um it’s just amazing um i share social media with them and all of their stories are just so amazing and if you meet any of them they’re just so full of energy so full of light and it’s just it’s just amazing um that they even though some of them were relatively young when it when it occurred that they all just share that that that joy and that light um and they choose to um just spread that joy and that energy to others and and share their story because he didn’t have to open up to me he didn’t have to tell me that story and it was just so awesome to be a part of that and be able to help him he was looking to purchase a house he was about to be a dad and so he’s um shared uh his stories and we’ve communicated and talked since um then and we’ve stayed in communication and it’s just amazing that he’s still open to share his story with me even after his house and it again it’s just it’s just so awesome when you meet someone like that that just has so much energy and light um and just and you really want to make a difference yeah and i was able to help him and little did he know he was helping me too you know because it was it just to be able to connect and know that you know there are other people out there like me that you know have found their mortar yeah have found their reason to build up others instead of tear them down yeah and you know you said the kind of the perfect statement there is which is what a legacy he left uh you know to his mother uh in his mother’s memory and and i would go as far as to say you qualify for that as well what a legacy you’ve left and uh you’re not done yet right no um if you don’t if you’re unfamiliar with there’s not a whole lot of people around here that are unfamiliar with warg dunn but he’s an amazing individual who contributes a huge amount to this community um through different charities and things like that you know we raise them right in louisiana when it comes to giving back and and we’re so thankful for warwick

tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

talk a little bit more about stated income or uh income stated asset mortgages or what what they call cisa um

nina’s incessa’s which name is there no asset no income no asset loans that led you know a lot of these led to the 2008 mortgage crash you were around during that time in the industry what did you learn from all that if something sounds too good probably probably is there’s no doubt about it there were a lot of those um nina’s insistence it was no income no assets stated income stated assets um it was basically you had a credit score you were able to get a loan and you didn’t have to provide anything i know that’s what a lot of people um the biggest stress probably in purchasing or refinancing a home they’re like just don’t have time to get all those docs together well most of your stuff’s online now so you can just save it to your desktop and send it or upload it into our secure portals and things like that so it’s really not that big it’s just sometimes it can be a little time consuming but we’re helping to stabilize the mortgage industry and keep that from occurring again and regulation has really increased since that time absolutely yeah i mean there were programs out there that would lend 125 of your house’s value and i mean we were honestly um who am i you know but uh i mean you could you could see what was going to happen eventually you want to be able to set people up for success success not failure and this goes back to what we’re talking about earlier if you’re not properly educating a borrower or a homeowner about their loan and the reason why you’re not doing something versus why someone else is they’re like oh yeah abc company can do this why can’t you and i’m like well you know um they can do that but however this is this is why these regulations are put in place and we want to make sure that things that happened in the past don’t happen again and that you’re able to qualify for something and in the event that some hardship does happen that you’re not at your max and you you you’re not going to lose your home yeah um we want to make sure that you’re able to and that’s a that’s a big investment and you’re going to be paying monthly for it and that’s something that you’re gonna hopefully eventually own one day and if not then it’s gonna be something that you can sell and you know purchase the home of your dreams your forever home um this is something that you are potentially leaving for your children later um so this is this is a like a family investment um so you want to make sure that it’s your hard-earned money yeah you don’t want to we don’t want to set you up to lose it absolutely and uh and so you can you can rest easy knowing that that homekey is going to really uh take care of you in that process and make sure that you know they set you up for success and not failure now we touched on this earlier but i want to i want you to discuss your team a little bit and uh how vital that entire team is to the success of your business it’s very vital and it’s it’s making sure that um i guess okay this goes back to leadership is making sure that my team feels like a team and that’s what we are so anyone that comes to work for us we um make them take the disk because we want to kind of know where everybody’s everyone’s strengths are because again you don’t know what you don’t know and so we want to find out you know just kind of where everyone’s strengths are make sure that they’re fit and they have the same goal as we do um and that’s helping and educating um the borrower we don’t want someone that just wants to come in there and say oh yeah you can make really good money doing mortgages and coming there just for a paycheck that’s not what we’re about we want we wanted to set out for a team that shared the same values like i said before as we as we did and so the team that we have now we’re always we’re not going to the table with i thought of this or this person thought of that it’s we thought of that because we we we want everybody sitting at the table yeah and i believe in round tables because we’re all there together it’s not just um i have a couple employees they’re like oh no she’s the boss and i’m like no i’m your teammate we’re a team because without you guys i can’t do what i do and joe burrow is not joe burrow without everybody else on lsu’s team right absolutely absolutely and so um whenever like i said we were setting out to uh build our team we wanted everybody that kind of shared that same value and pretty much we just looked for the hustle and heart and everybody i love it and you have a great team there yeah we do three months ago now um i hired a young lady that started with us um ally and she’s awesome oh boy is she awesome she is my mortar and actually i did her mortgage about five years ago that’s how we first met that’s that’s neat yeah and her and her husband were a first time home buyer and we kind of became friends and stayed connected and about a year or so ago she got in contact with me and told me that she might be looking for a change she worked for another mortgage mortgage industry type and she was looking to get into mortgages and i sent her some information and she took the classes and you know she passed her test and so she was like i can’t think of anybody better to mentor me than you and what i didn’t know is that she was really going to be mentoring me because i’ve learned so much from her and she’s so amazing and she’s so vital to our team as well and um yeah so she is she’s an amazing individual and and actually an awesome words with friends player as well she told me she has quite the vocabulary she told me that she uh thought she’d be a little bit more impressed he thought you were going to be a lot better my words are bad this game my words are bad but anyway yeah that’s that’s my story and i’m sticking to it but yes you have a lovely team over there and uh everybody’s so knowledgeable so you know rust rust easy knowing that everybody at home came home key mortgage can take care of you now the assumption from folks outside of the mortgage lending industry is that if you want the best possible deal on a mortgage you go to your bank right you go to your your regular bank and that’s where you’re going to find the best deal is that true or false i would say false i would say false um because again every loan is different and a lot of your um banks and other companies out there not knocking any of them they don’t have all of the programs that a broker or another mortgage lender out there may have and so you want to be able to make sure that you have all your options on the table all your puzzle pieces out there and that’s really the key right because a bank you know they they have their programs and that’s what you’re going to see where a mortgage broker is going to show you several kind of like several banks programs for example i mean they’re going to show you you know it’s kind of like they’re shopping for the best deal for you instead of just committing to that one deal and not only this the best deal but the best rate as well yeah right so um so you know don’t shortchange yourself would be my advice and and uh check out the mortgage brokers before just assuming i mean check out your bank if that’s what you feel comfortable with check out your bank but i would also encourage you as soon as you get that loan estimate you know to check with a couple other people just to make sure that you are getting the best deal sometimes you are um sometimes you’re not but it doesn’t hurt to find out and it and doesn’t have to uh take a a credit pull or anything just to see if you’ve got your loan estimate that’s been issued to you um by your by your bank or who you’re going through or even if you’re another broker another another uh lender um i just encourage everyone just to do your due diligence yeah and just doesn’t cost you anything to just check um and make sure that you’re getting the best deal and um it’s a big it’s a big commitment so you want to make sure that you have someone that is knowledgeable and that’s actually going to be there for those questions after the closing as well yeah and again that goes back to my quote earlier is that no matter who’s servicing your loan i know a lot of people they’re like oh yeah i closed my loan what such and such and they sold me to this person they’re not really selling you we don’t sell people yeah um you’re giving you the information they’re servicing the loan who is servicing your loan um it’s just like if if i kept every loan that i’ve ever closed and i tried to service it myself that would be next to impossible because i would not be able to give them the

all everything that they need to keep their keep it flowing like all the back end stuff there still needs to be a team there and so i don’t want to take that away from what i said that we’re there for any questions that um everyone has because i still want to be able to service my clients but there’s a certain level of service i may not be able to post your payment or do this or do all the back-end stuff as far as sending out your statements and things like that on your loan but if you have a general question or you need assistance with um why something might be adjusting or why something might be changing we can help you with that um and so that’s what i’m that’s what i’m meaning as far as you know we’re there to help service them even after the closing with any questions that they may have or things that may come up that they may not understand yeah and and you kind of pride yourself in that that you are you know you don’t just uh service the loan and bye bye see you later bye felicia call me next time you have a yeah you know your need you you kind of um you know you take great pride and and after that loan’s closed if they need anything you know you’re there for them and and uh i think you should i think that’s a great thing uh in a separator with homekey mortgage over maybe some of your competitors absolutely um now you know you mentioned this a little bit but how much does it cost to get pre-approved nothing nothing you’re kidding me nothing you can’t beat nothing folks i mean zero it don’t get no better how about tiffany let’s say i don’t want my credit pool but i want to come and i want to just kind of talk about um talk about mortgages and options that may be available do you have to pull my credit right there at the beginning or can you just sit me down and just say okay here’s what we want to do now i can’t quote you obvious obviously i can’t quote you right or tell you you know what what type but i can certainly tell you what the process is going to be i’m kind of explaining you the steps how much is that nothing nothing again folks did you hear that zero so and and uh if you’re not gonna you know if you are in the market if you um are looking to get in the market to purchase a home uh in the next six months to a year even uh it may be a good idea to to contact the folks at homekeeper mortgage and and just try to set something up where you can discuss your options the steps maybe they’re they need to start kind of watching some credit things and they don’t know what they need to watch and certainly you know so guess what miss c card over here can tell you everything you need to know about that um now hi this is crystal hardison from southeastern livingston center i’m the director and you are listening to local leaders the podcast one thing that’s on the rise especially due to kova 19 is the amount of bankruptcies like nationwide uh you know many folks through no fault of their own maybe they lost their job and due to bankruptcy or maybe their their job got shut down uh whatever does bankruptcy automatically disqualify you from getting approved for mortgage just depends if you’ve declared bankruptcy and you’ve began reestablishing your credit and so that’s always important um good point is to begin how soon after your hardship your adversity whatever you went through that may have caused your bankruptcy that you started re-establishing yourself if you went through a bankruptcy and then you opened a whole lot of credit cards or a whole lot of counts and you just stop paying them again um that’s not good but if you are generally trying to reestablish yourself and overcome what you may have went through that caused your bankruptcy they take all that into consideration um as far as some of the red tape that they’re able to peel back when you’re looking at programs and purchasing after a bankruptcy and things like that okay and that’s and that’s some great advice so it doesn’t necessarily automatically disqualify you it’s something where tiffany would have to sit down with you and kind of look at the circumstances and and things like that and even if you don’t qualify necessarily at that time guess what she can do she can kind of tell you the steps you need to take to absolutely qualify and and uh so don’t give up if you you know there’s some people out there than restaurants they i mean it got shut down for three four months some of these people could not weather that storm no matter how hard they tried and those things are taken into consideration and even though maybe today you can’t uh uh you know qualify for a mortgage it doesn’t mean that tiffany can’t tell you when you can yeah or at least give you a plan yes exactly which is important um so you know i’m kind of a homebody tiffany and i don’t wanna i don’t wanna have to go apply at home key mortgage and make an appointment and all these things because i get these ideas late at night right so i’m sitting at the computer all the time can i apply online you can apply online oh really we have a we have a link um each one of our loan officers depending on who you’re working with has their own individual website and you can go to that website and fill out a application and it sends you an email once you’ve completed it and nine times out of ten sometimes it gets hung up in email world but it sends us a notification to let us know that you’ve applied and we go and pull that information and we give you a call let you know that we received it and a good loan officer is going to go through that application with you before actually pulling credit to make sure that all the names are spelled correctly because one of the things that we see a lot is with our juniors and seniors and our our trays our threes and things like that i always try and encourage um the online application over the uh one that folks liked it because i still have folks that just want to give their information over the phone and i get it and i’m all for that however if for some reason um a b sounds like a p or t sounds like a p and uh because they got some last names out there i mean oh yeah look we went close to cajun country around here right half the right you know it’s a little pronunciation something’s not spelled correctly that could uh cause another hard inquiry on your credit when we have to fix it so you want to make sure that all your t’s are crossed and all your eyes are dotted and that you know no numbers were transposed and the name spelled correctly and date of birth was entered correctly and so it’s important that once we get that application to go over it with that potential homeowner buyer and make sure that everything is in there correctly and it’s being pulled correctly to where we don’t have to put that other inquiry on their credit yeah so excellent there you go you got an option see yeah you don’t even have to go in there initially you can just do it online and some people are you know they just that’s how they want to do it and so they can call us and we’ll take it over the phone yeah there you go um now some may assume tiffany you can only broker mortgages where a client is purchasing a new home so do you do refi of existing homes we do awesome that’s good to know so don’t feel like if you’re not buying a new home you still uh can’t go through a broker you absolutely can and that would be homekin mortgage and uh so they will offer refinancing of your existing home um which is huge right now because the rates are still look have rates creeped up a little bit a little bit they’re still historically low still historically low so um that’s not going to be that way forever you know eventually you know it’s a cycle like anything else nobody knows you know when this is going to happen uh it may be years and years away it may be tomorrow so if if your rate is higher than it is right now you can get with these folks and they can kind of tell you what you can save you know they’ll show you the options and and uh so definitely get with them on that now true or false a conviction a conventional loan can be used for a primary home purchase a secondary home or a re-fi correct it can be used for all three true perfect so and if you’re curious why i asked that there’s fha loans which can only be used to purchase a primary home right correct okay so um so there are some differences there we’re not going to get too much into that because last time she was making fun of me because i didn’t know that i didn’t know a whole lot and i was trying i was trying to flex is what i was trying to do like i knew and i was like yeah she got me on that one but she did she educated me and i learned and now i know not to talk finance with tiffany like i know because i did not do you offer appraisal waivers there are loan programs out there that will allow for an appraisal waiver if you have someone who is trying to refinance conventional and they have really good credit and they’re putting a they have a considerable amount of equity and they’re not self-employed times out of ten they will probably get an appraisal waiver um you have um streamlined free files that are available out there for your governmental loans such as fha and va and rural development and in some of these streamlines they don’t require if you choose that option of loan that you don’t even need an appraisal you don’t even need all the docs that you needed whenever you purchased it’s very streamlined so if you want less paperwork and you have a governmental loan it may be something you want to look into because it’s going to be no out of out of pocket money um most of the times um and i think what’s the reason why i make that statement is because a lot of people did some forbearances and things like that last year and so their balance may have creeped up a little bit and on the stream lines there’s a formula in doing that but most times you don’t have to come out of pocket with any money and you can roll those costs back into the loan and you still come out ahead and you’re able to get a much cheaper note and payment and rate without having to

pay a whole lot of money to do it or upfront expenses or things like that that’s a great point and if you hear thunder in the background it’s like tidally storming outside and it reminds me of garth brooks at the beginning with the thunder rolls you hear that little part yeah i can hear it in my headphones it must be really

that’s right we planned that around the storms would you say that now is it and i know it’s gonna sound cliche when i say it but now is the best time kind of to get refinanced with interest rates still being so low i mean is it a good time right now absolutely it’s it’s always a good time if you can save money um anytime in my professional opinion it’s it’s a good time um you’d be amazed um some of the rates that we had last year and you would think that you know everybody was just driving and all the all the refi’s but in all honesty it’s not until those rates start going up that we actually see that chart go up it’s because people start panicking oh rates are going up i’m like i told you they’re like oh well you know i heard that uh interest rates dropped to zero well there’s still a price in doing um business and those lenders that are out there lending money they still have to make money they have employees they have to pay it’s zero to the banks not zero to the consumer um so um there’s still that you know price of doing business um so just yeah be aware be aware of that and then just know once the public has known what rates are going to do or that rates are going to drop our markets have already adjusted so when we’re telling you hey this 2.5 is the lowest it’s going to go prob we’re probably right yeah so yeah great might want to do it great point and great advice black sheep creative understands the importance of digital marketing and your return on your investment it’s varying to provide professional web and graphic design services at a price point that smaller businesses and startups can afford get in touch with them on the web at

blacksheepcreative.com um now we do fun facts on this show tiffany yeah so they’re so fun this is uh casey’s favorite part see she’s dancing over there she loves fun facts but for you we did fun facts on you usually i do it on the subject but i found you so interesting that i did fun facts on tiffany c card so people can know her even better than they already do after this episode so number one you were once a reserve police officer yes i was very interesting awesome what where where at i was in denim for a little while and then i was in walker for a little while again we all have cracks and we all have adversities we go through and my children would visit with their dad on the weekend and i need something to occupy my time and i said what better way than to give back to my community and get involved so um i had actually got a blowout on the interstate one night and mr leroy goldman awesome awesome man uh first time ever met him and

he he was like we started talking and trying to get the interstate cleared up they had dropped some logs or something so there was like five or six cars along with mine that had a blowout and he was like you know you’d probably make a really good reserve officer because i was talking to him about you know just some of the things that i had gone through and what my passion was and what i wanted to do as far as a change and you know if i felt like if i can change one child and i’m making a difference you know to show them that someone cares and he’s like you’d be a great fit for this and i was like you know what i’m gonna try and do it and so um i went out there to denim and applied and got accepted and started going through their little academy there and met some great guys a lot of friendships and really as a family when you become part of that organization and it just kind of stuck with me and then a really good friend of mine was ed walker and uh so i transferred over there and worked there for a little while and then uh

was about to get remarried and kind of made the decision to step away from that a little bit because i was going to be having another child and i might need to be at home and so uh kind of gave it up to my spouse who turned his career that uh that way and yeah i just stuck to mortgages and given to my community in other ways i think you’re right where you need to be on that um you have a passion for sports cars i do what’s your favorite um i love the audi yeah i’m not quite that level yet um but uh that’s probably my favorite car um it’s always been a goal um ever since i was a little girl something about those four rings i don’t know if it’s an olympic thing you know trying to get that gold that golden car i don’t know audi’s are nice kind of hard to trump the one i have now i’ve you know i agree i love harley quinn yeah that’s my baby i agree you are secretly a huge philadelphia eagles fan where did that come from a very funny story you see they used to have coaches back in my day where whenever football season would come out and pe everybody all the nfl teams would go into a hat and you had to draw out what your team was for that year and it’s i guess it’s kind of how guys play fantasy football now but it’s kind of how we played fantasy football back then right and then at the end of the year whatever two teams won you know you went to the super bowl you got like this little um award at the end and coach burge um actually he was our coach um but uh he started it and me and my sister were actually i caught up with her in the sixth grade she got held back and we ended up in the same grade and so she had a team and i had a team and mine was the philadelphia eagles and i just always followed them ever since i don’t know what it was but i guess that was just our thing that we had uh together because we were always in competition with each other um i guess now i look at myself as i’m only competition but um when she was here

that was our thing and so uh yeah i picked the philadelphials and still watch them to this day yeah donovan mcnabb i used to love him as quarterback yeah um you have a black lab named smoke that flunked out of canine school oh yeah that’s pretty awesome yeah he’s a pretty awesome pup yeah he’s kind of been our saving grace for our little abigail um she struggles with some things and he’s kind of been he’s kind of been her medicine her mortar yeah he’s been her mortar and awesome saturdays and sundays you’ll find that child outside literally um we’ve got a little igloo house outside for him um when he’s out there and you’ll catch him in there her with a pillow up and looking out all through the yard can’t find abigail anywhere and you can find her in in the little igloo with smoke awesome playing it up cute yep he’s awesome now march is woman’s history month as we know and in honor of this local leaders of the podcast has selected five of the top female leaders in our community to recognize for their community leadership both inside and outside of business now it’s our honor to present you with this plaque recognizing you as a 2021 local leaders leading lady thank you for all you do for the livingston parish community tiffany you truly are a leader i am honored to do this podcast with you i’m even more honored to call you my friend and i mean every bit of that did you have fun today i did have fun today i’m not only your friend i’m your mortar you’re my mortar girl that’s right that’s right about that all the time we talk about it all the time it’s a huge thing um tiffany where are you located in denham springs again 1113 south range suite 140. okay and you have a facebook i do have a facebook all right shout that out is it homekey mortgage on facebook is just it’s it’s mortgage um llc for our denim one and homekey mortgage for our human um but you can google home key or google my name and you’ll pull all of that there’s several pages you’ll find the website and on that website you get like we talked about if you want to fill out a uh an application there you can um all you listeners give them a like on facebook i know they would appreciate it i want to thank casey mcmurray who is in the background here for all she does as a role of executive producer of local leaders of the podcast she is invaluable to our success i want to thank everyone out there for viewing listening to local leaders of podcast please continue to like comment and subscribe to our page as we strive to spotlight small businesses in our community thank you to all our sponsors including premier credit corporation tricia johnston realtor big mike sports bar and grill william waldrop of twfg insurance sport center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting elise of barrette interiors and custom workroom giotts plumbing tiffany c card of homekey mortgage buddies barbecue denim springs and i trade exchange we could not do any of this without all of you until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading

thank you very much for coming home

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225 205 36 40 or visit i trade exchange dot biz

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