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When it comes to Property Management, Kellie and Ashley Alford want to make it as smooth a process as possible for Home Owners Associations! These ladies are serious about HOA’s through Legacies Management of Louisiana. It shows as they sit down to discuss all the ins and outs of property management with Local Leaders: The Podcast host, Jim Chapman. Legacies Management brings a unique skill set to this industry as combined; they have a high level of experience in both property management and business ownership working directly with HOA’s. Episode 136 does not disappoint!

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denham springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast it’s episode 136 of local leaders of the podcast and joining us today we have miss kelly and ashley alford of legacies management so welcome both of you to local leaders the podcast thank you today we’re going to cover all the amazing things that legacy management can do with you with regard to your hoas your poa management but first we want to get a little background on you good folks so kelly uh y’all got to be sisters right we get that yeah so you this is your daughter-in-law actually you are no stranger to business and that’s what uh the interesting thing about what y’all do at legacy’s management is y’all both bring different kind of talents um you have been a business person a long time of course your husband scott and you own a very famous landscaping company called alford’s landscape right here in livingston parish and shout out to y’all y’all were the 2019 small business of the year i believe that’s correct same year i actually won large business of the year with with farrell calhoun so i remember that i remember that yeah i do remember that yeah i’ve got a bunch of the magazines out there because when you win something you actually buy like 6 000 copies the livingston parish news that was their best-selling uh magazine ever because i bought like half of them can never get rid of it they’ll never get rid of i was bringing them to trade shows forever it was hilarious but anyway i digress so ashley legacy’s management is a property management company located right here in livingston paris right that’s correct and for those that may be unfamiliar they may say what is legacy’s management of louisiana what do they do what does a what does a property management company do kind of break that down give me kind of the the short step gnosis of what y’all do the best way to understand it for somebody who is completely clueless it’s the day-to-day operations the financials the compliance aspect the vendor management meetings and communications of everything that goes into a homeowner’s association making it a community excellent so basically all the headache yes you take all of that away we take the headaches hopefully they can be good neighbors that’s right now um experience would obviously be a huge thing and as we discussed y’all both kind of complement each other relative to your experience kelly let me ask you how valuable has it been being a successful business owner for many years coming up on 12 years now i believe to starting this new venture with legacy’s management well i think it just gives a confidence to being able to handle the back side of it you know the financial side the backing of it you know whatever it takes to get it up off its feet and rolling so you know basically i’m walking her through the aspect of you know financials you know running the company from the financial perspective um just dealing with the advertising just all those little things that as somebody who goes into the neighborhoods as the property manager they necessarily wouldn’t have to deal with she’s getting both sides of that 100 and you bring up a good point i mean that’s the the part of business that sometimes you don’t learn until you’re into it it’s like the taxes part and the financial part and how much should you have set aside so that is a huge asset i will mention that you are no stranger to property management companies yourself correct so you bring kind of the experience of being directly related to that field right and so tell me a little bit about your your experience prior to opening uh legacy’s management so prior to legacies i dealt with several hoas and several boards um diverse communities anywhere from single-family homes to town homes um opher also got to oversee employees so i got the experience of kind of seeing all sides of it except for what my mother-in-law has been teaching me lately which has been an awesome compliment not to just me but to also the communities because things that help me also help them yeah so i got to deal with homeowners and you know all those items that without the experience the education couldn’t give you so combining those together it’s been great to have both of those to bring to the plate to my homeowners it’s a huge thing so together you all kind of make the complete package of business uh you have the experience side on on the financial end and the advertising end and all those sorts of things and then someone that’s been directly related to that industry for a good long time and so it’s hard not to succeed when you have those puzzle pieces put together now um let me ask you and this is what intrigues me a lot when i get business owners that sit down and and that is ms ashley what led them to kind of say okay you know working for someone else is fun but i want to work for myself i want to i want to kind of jump and do my own thing what led to that for you oh i was a no no no no no i’m not i’m not doing my own thing no one thing for me yeah i’m good with working for somebody and going home and it’s over um but they had my mother-in-law father-in-law kellyanne’s got offered had for a while you know kind of made indirect some direct comments that they you know could see me doing well and also they have the experience of being able to do that and the lawn side of it you know so they have seen property management also and you know they just it literally came down to the timing was perfect and all the doors opened and i knew a hundred percent beyond a shadow of a doubt in my heart that it was time to make that move and everything fell into place like you really wouldn’t believe i i it went from a week of saying i’m never owning my own business until the next week i had one so it was crazy and it was definitely a blessing yeah the american dream as they say is to own your own business and i can relate to you because i was in a similar situation i had a you know career and it was it was not a failing career you know did very well for myself but uh there’s something different about owning your own business and it’s it’s funny that some folks in in life they’ve never known what it really is like to work for someone else they’ve always kind of owned their own thing and uh they’re not jumping on anybody’s door to go work for somebody else ever oh and we saw i mean ashley was the type person of course you know scott opened the door where she was before and she got in there with with little to no experience other than just a beautiful smile and a great personality yeah i didn’t know what an hoa was right and she literally got in there and and took ownership of that and we just saw her blossom in that and then like she said the doors just opened up and it was just a no-brainer for us because you know to build something around her when she was actively operating in it in such a capacity that you know we just saw just success wow you know and literally everything that we’ve put before her everything that’s been thrown at her from a new perspective she’s grabbed it and she’s locked you know horns with it so to speak yeah she’s doing very well yeah because and with your other business you dealt with hoas i would imagine quite often um so in that respect that was a nice thing to kind of have that experience behind it but what is it like to have you know this is your mother-in-law we all know the proverbial mother-in-law jacks right she’s not one of those not one of those i mean these these people really behind you supporting you uh uh in any decision you make must be a beautiful thing for you it is it really is when i’m when i’m having a hard day she’s there to make me giggle and when i’m having a two bit of a good day she’s there to bring me back to real life

you’re way too happy this morning very good well it is it’s a it’s an awesome thing and uh i do see you know i’m on your facebooks and stuff and i see you’re very proud of her and everything she has done uh so let’s cover your key points um one thing i do here at local leaders podcast is i do research and and i researched legacy’s management pretty good and i found out that you have kind of six key points of service that you offer at legacy so i want to unpack those and i want to take those one by one and the first one i want to talk about is you offer financial administration services such as audits for hoa boards tell us a little bit about that

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so the average hoa you have your monthly financials so you’ll have your income expense your balance sheet you know all the reconciliation that goes behind that that’s that’s your average monthly financials that you’ll see any management company that’s what they’re going to offer and so we wanted you know we sat down and we started this we wanted to say okay what can we set aside to bring more to our hoas to make more sense to them not to where they’re reading a sheet and they’re as lost as the beginning of not knowing financials where i was at one point to really understanding it the way that i do now and so the audits that is just making sure that everybody involved at the end of each year has done everything ethically correct yeah that you know there’s nothing going in there it gives that assurance to the board that what we’re doing is right and you can have comfort in that and then we also offer reserves um the reserves not just the accounting part of it but actually getting a reserves audit lets them know how much money they need to put aside in the for coming years and things that might happen in their community and that’s actually done only by two people a reserve specialist or by an engineer that specializes in that so it definitely brings the community and the homeowners a sense of where their money’s going is the right place yeah that’s a huge service and you know from an hoa standpoint uh these folks don’t want to deal with that i mean that you know unless you love that you don’t love that well they want to know where their money’s going yeah but they don’t want to have to find it they don’t want to have to map that system right they just want someone like you to sit down and tell them right you know so that’s great well on a board you know they’re volunteers yeah you know those those are homeowners themselves and they’re wanting to protect their investment as well as overseeing the entire neighborhood so having something like that is a great confidence to them absolutely and what about like with um one of the things i notice is that you assist with collections and so if someone’s say late on their home interviews um it probably puts you in an awkward situation if you’re a neighbor oh yeah you have to go knock on the door and say man yo 600 bucks or whatever it is that’s a big advantage y’all do do that yes we do we also speak not just sending letters we speak to the homeowners and we try to put in a policies and procedures so most governing documents that an hoa abides by tells them how they collect and what they can charge but what it doesn’t tell them is how they can do it in the best way to recover their money that’s owed to them so we try to what we try to implement with each hoa is a policy and procedures for collections and that way it just lines out exactly what’s going to happen on which day and makes it a breeze for the board excellent excellent beautiful service there that many people you’re crazy if you don’t take advantage of that now miss kelly uh i want to turn to you and i want to say y’all also offer property compliance services which pretty much includes maintenance of the property something you’re no stranger to right this is kind of your wheelhouse i would imagine with your many years of experience um with that i kind of see that as a huge separator for y’all um a lot of companies uh that maybe manage hoas and things like that they don’t have someone involved in their company that you know that’s kind of like your wheelhouse right so would you say that’s a huge advantage when it comes to that property compliance service that you offer oh absolutely we uh we offer in all of our contracts that they are our sister company because it comes as no surprise that it’s advantage to the hoa and to us that they are our sister company and that together we can work together and make it easier for the management company and the board because it can all be found in one place well and we’re on site you know most of the time whereas the property manager you know they only are required to go and do drive-throughs you know one to two times right so we’re on site more and so we’re the eyes and the ears and that’s one of the things from that perspective of property compliance is that we’re trying to bring to the uh the board members and the hoa is that you know we’re going to show the property manager those things hey look there’s a leak here or you know there’s something going on there and that way they get ahead of it and that’s also a comfort to them as well very good point very good point yeah and you’re not going to find that a whole lot with a whole lot of of companies so that’s a that’s a separator as well now uh you also offer meeting management services for hoa boards tell me all about that so we offer 18 hours a year if you break that down it can be in an hour and a half a month or you can lump those hours together so a lot of hoa boards will meet monthly to go over their financials so the reason why we offered it in hours is so that if they need somebody to help break down those financials they have the professional there that can help break that down and also answer any questions that there may be going on in the neighborhood and then if they only want to meet quarterly well then we’ll be there to describe you know to have more hours of time with them to break down everything over those three months that come together and also homeowners meetings wow so there’s always there’s typically in the governing documents an annual meeting and a lot that goes into that in preparation so we prepare for all those things all those letters that go out and we help run the meeting if the board wants that or we can always hire a separate professional yeah and there’s a lot of you’re right there’s a lot of work involved in any of that i mean you got to prepare agendas right right you’ve got to have someone keep in minutes you’ve got meeting packets that you you folks put together proxies and ballots yes absolutely yeah a lot of record keeping to say to say the least see y’all handle all of that we do wow i’m about i don’t even have an hoa and i’m about to sign up just do that at my house can you do it for one person yeah that’s fantastic now what about monthly inspections tell me about that so depending on the size of the community we do monthly or bi-monthly um in my past i always was against the bi-monthly i’m like this doesn’t make sense why would you go in twice a month it doesn’t even give people time to come into compliance but what i’ve found now is that going in bi-monthly not only helps the owner communicate with you if they need more time but it helps the items come into compliance a little bit sooner so the software we use is a portal and a homeowner can see absolutely everything in their portal so they can see when i’m in the neighborhood if they have a violation and they can write a note to me on that violation so i see what the bi-monthly drivers are doing are helping them log in and be more active in their homeowners association and communicate when there’s a problem and they’re more prone to fixing it yeah so and an example of that i would imagine would be like if you can’t have a camper trailer in your driveway and you do and so you would send something out and say hey i don’t know if you knew this but you got a camper trailer and you drive away yeah we make sure our friendly reminder is actually really friendly because if it’s not then what’s the point of the friendly reminder right then it’s just a reminder yeah yeah i get it i get it so um also you offer communications management so tell me about your communications management so the communications management is both for the board and the community you hire a third-party vendor and what you don’t want to do is get the communication loss somewhere in the middle you want to make sure the board knows what’s going on and that the management you know communicates back to the homeowners there’s a lot of things like just for example if a homeowner calls and says like i had one on the way here and she said you know we’re both recovering from this awful virus that’s going around the world right now and we’re having some issues and we need some extra time before we can clean at the back of our home can you just give us extra time so we can get better so what i do is i go into her violation and i put it on pending and i put a note in there of our conversation in this communication the board can see also so all of our communications go into one place and everybody that is a board member has access to see it so we’re making sure that everyone’s on the same page all the time man she’s sharp

very much yeah yeah

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now let me give you a kind of a hypothetical one you tell me if y’all handle this situation so let’s say you are in a neighborhood and it was just built it’s brand new they got i don’t know 25 houses in it and there it’s a 50 house lot 50 house subdivision okay and they’re like we need to get an hoa started up from the beginning now they have no idea how to do this they’re not really sure would they would this be a service you would offer like the planning stage of an yeah so i actually have two currently um we’re working with a builder actually we have more than one builder that we’re working developer that we’re working together with of course under developers sometimes it’s one builder sometimes it’s multiple and what you do is you start i mean developers write it different all the time so it could be that the builder doesn’t have to pay dues and it could be that the builder does have to pay dues and has to be in compliance all the time with the restrictions so we start from scratch or we start with something that’s been in development for 10 years and never really had a management company but wants to have one so there’s nothing that we can’t offer for somebody who has articles to have in homeowners association wow fantastic so because i can assure you that this is something that would blow somebody’s mind if they’re not directly involved like you are i mean how do you start an hoa right yeah it’s a lot that goes into it the articles are actually what establishes a homeowner’s association so if you don’t have articles of incorporation filed then you’re not an hoa you can’t be one so that’s the very first step and we do offer that service so it’s not as simple as going to your neighbors and saying hey how about we all pay 50 bucks unfortunately not there you go so that would not be considered legal right there are ways to get it started like that if it was already established but it would have to be i mean really you need if not majority all of the homeowners to agree with that got you now and this leads me to my next question and this directly involves me uh and where i live so i’m i’m curious um i would like to see our neighborhood i live in like one street subdivision with a cul-de-sac in the back we’ve got maybe i don’t know 50 60 houses down the street cul-de-sac comes out um we don’t have an hoa of any sort but i would like to see one because i think it would improve some things in the neighborhood um and i don’t know who listens to show and not in my neighborhood so i’m not calling anybody out but i think it would improve some things in my neighborhood is that something that’s possible with existing neighborhoods that have been around a while you know yeah absolutely it’s kind of like a developer developers over you know the whole building stages and gets that set up for the homeowners when they buy yes like i said you would need there are legalities to it but you would need every homeowner to sign that they’re willing to do that and agree every single one yes so not one person can say i ain’t doing that depending on if when your neighborhood was developed it ever had any governing documents i do know it did so beginning all everything every every aspect of the question you’re asking would default back to if and anything was ever filed and what it says now excellent so would this be something i would come to you for and kind of hire you to do yeah absolutely okay get the research out of your hair yes it’s all gone i have no research left um yeah exactly and and that’s something that i know nothing about obviously and one thing that stands out separates legacy management and you kind of touched on it earlier was the software that you use i want to spend some time talking about that software i did go on your um site and obviously i don’t have passwords and all that so it kind of stopped me but i thought it was interesting all the things you could do with that software so tell me about that yes i absolutely love our software um it took 90 days of implementation it was not a quick process to learn because kelly said she loved learning that software is her favorite part of the whole thing i told ashley i digress so glad she didn’t have to do it i peaked every now and then yeah yeah i mean it was always live learning so i mean they could see everything that was going on you know with me and her in the office but it is a software where everything’s all in one place so for me i can do everything from my phone or from the computer so if a homeowner calls and i’m on the road or i’m in a neighborhood i can still see everything where i’m at i don’t have to say oh i need to call you back because i’m busy i can still help you where i’m at it just takes a second to pause and to help them yeah um so i love that my software has that capability but i also love the capability of that everyone has a sign in the sign in is super easy you only have to know your address if you don’t know your address well go to the mailbox i promise it’s going to be there yeah at least it should be somewhere if you don’t know your address you might have somebody we’re going to need to find that that’s the main thing um your last name and your address if it doesn’t match in my system like say a new homeowner moved in and we just don’t have it in the system yet it’s going to give me an alert like hey they’re trying to create a login can they oh and i do my research and i can either approve them and match them to the right home or i can deny it and when i deny it i can give them a reason why like hey you’re not a homeowner yet but any documentation you need i can email it to you so it does only let homeowners that actively live in the neighborhood get the information and that is because there’s confidence confidential information in there yeah so you have your meeting minutes your budget your financials all the things that are amazing for you to have access to but you may not want your neighbor that’s not a part of your community down the road to have that information you know so it keeps it very confidential and within the neighborhood and it gives the board a special access once i star their name where they can do everything through the portal so you know they need to approve their financial they have an invoice if so it takes two board members to approve an invoice before i’m even allowed to get that check cut okay so they can approve invoices in there they can see any acc request and the homeowner puts the acc request in the portal so if they need to do an update on their home or change something on their home all they have to do is log in and it’s right there for them to create if they want to see their balance and why is their balance this amount it gives them a full breakdown of their balance and a way to pay by credit card or to call me with their credit card so we offer multiple ways to pay through the portal or by phone call and even with all those features there’s a place to just send me an email from there so if you don’t want to have to go to your email and find my email and type it in you can click contact your manager and it’s going to send your manager an email directly through the portal and i’m going to get an update same time real time so and it has a lot of features that just you don’t know how bad you need them until you get them yeah a hundred percent and you know you think back to uh it wasn’t too long ago kelly that we didn’t have all this uh stuff and i can only imagine how people like you you know were able to function during that time

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well and then when we you know first started we went to the cai conference in vegas and you know part of that as you know you know from the networking perspective or you know try to find vendors for what you need at that time for your business when we met the people of our software i mean it was a no-brainer they were the family-minded you know rolling out the red carpet but not from just a sales perspective from the homeowner i’m a i’m a homeowner to perspective so everything that they did in creating this software was with that in mind right and even the you know for you know her going through the training process it’s just been whatever you need yeah you know there’s not a stopping point there’s not a um okay you’re done you know good luck kind of thing it is whatever you need they’re always there and that was a big thing for us in picking that software yeah it sounds like we still text my i mean my sales rep was phenomenal and we still text in a house wedding just saying that’s awesome and when uh and when we when i go so we went live in november with the software and i have somebody who like has a meeting with me for an hour every day if i need it just to say hey do you have any questions you need any help we’re here for you and will literally walk me through everything if i have anything that i need wow that’s service right right and that makes all the difference in the world so you know software kind of separates in your world and it sounds like your software is just top-notch you put it a great way and that this person this company that developed this were homeowners and so they looked at it they stepped outside that box and they said what would we want right what capability would we want and they in boom there it is it just all together wrapped up make sure that a ball never gets dropped yeah there’s no middle feature where somebody can miss something you literally have to respond and if you don’t it’ll give you a ding you haven’t responded it’s been 10 days so you have to it makes it hold you accountable for everything you’re supposed to be doing yeah 100 love it now kelly we mentioned earlier uh your just your experience with business and how advantageous that is to this company but also you have a lot of experience in your community right um you’re very you’re active in the chamber you everybody knows you um y’all are ultra popular people um but you give back a lot you do all those sorts of things how how important is the networking aspect of what you do it’s vital it’s vital um you know that’s one thing that i’ve preached to really both my girls um my daughter and ashley is networking is vital yeah you know even if you don’t have that personality to walk up to a stranger and introduce yourself and shake their hand and you know talk about what you do and you know inquire what they do kind of thing it is vital yes you know because i mean you know yeah we met bni yeah you know years and years and years ago yeah so and that that that was huge you know you got to get out there you have to engage with your community you have to you know not be afraid to you know talk to people that you’ve never really talked to before yeah um and then and part of that really honestly is they understand your genuineness yes if you have it yes and you know people pick up on that and that’s kind of one of our things is that you know they know that we’re we’re not giving them a bunch of just falsities and things that aren’t true we’re genuine in our conversation and you know and what we’re talking about so people pick up on that that matters and that helps you in growing because people can trust because that’s the biggest thing and today with business you know owning a business is are you are you giving me what i’m asking for and can i trust you that you know your word is going to stand oh that’s so true and you just hit the nail on the head with that whole segment because trust is really the key and i’ll tell you from from an old sales guy it’s been around a long time um i didn’t discover networking until i had been going a little while and i figured out you know i was a pretty good salesperson before networking but it was hard it was really hard um when i started networking all of a sudden it became other people saying you need to call jim you need to call jim and i figured out this is great it’s like having 100 sales reps on the road at all times um so yeah they i could not even put a monetary value on the value of just networking with your community your church you know make sure everybody knows who you are what you do um and if you believe in it like you do i mean you talk about it you light up you know that software is the prim creme da la crim or whatever they say of software um and you can see it when you when you talk about it i used to have people tell me jim i don’t know if that paints any good or not but i know you think it is i’ve never seen nobody believe in painting like that i mean people used to tell me they’d almost laugh at me because i would get chills talking about it that’s how how much i believed in it so well and kind of like you i have always done sales you know since i was old enough to do sales i took after my daddy i’ll absolutely love it but i also love people but i didn’t know what networking was until july of this year when we started legacies because i had i just had never had the opportunity to do that or to even know what it was and when we went to cai which is community associations institute that’s all it was and i got to meet some of the most incredible people there which i now consider friends and family and we talk weekly and they have been really you know a big staple to what i do in helping me with things that i may not have known without them 100 and you have such an advantage of having someone here that’s got what i would consider a master network or just someone who who uh is is genuine and and uh and really enjoys people and so that’s a great mentor to have for something like that as i’m sure you know um now speaking of that and speaking of networking everybody kind of you know in business has segments of that business that are great referral partners for them people that they love to work with um usually it it it leads to directly whatever it is that they’re marketing selling or own um who would you consider some good referral partners for you people that you really like to meet because you know it’s going to lead to something would realtors fall into that list or yes you have a little bit of everybody so you know knowing realtors they’re always normally the key turning point for developers you know you need them to sell the whole the houses that you’re building yeah so realtors play a great part in that but also my homeowners do so you know when when they like their service i mean either you love an hoa or you hate it yeah you either buy into one because you know exactly what you’re getting into or you move in your home and you didn’t even realize there was one and you’re not too thrilled about it but those homeowners that aren’t too thrilled about it when they realize the things that you’re doing to help them you’re not just sending them letters it’s a it’s definitely a turning point for them and i feel like a lot of times it’s those people who may not have liked it but their mind has changed due to the service that they’ve gotten that will refer to other people that live in other neighborhoods and then you know those people live in there and tell their boards huge well and then two i mean from our perspective because we are in the neighborhoods and we do deal with developers and builders that’s that was the first thing we did was started reaching out to our contacts letting them know that hey we’re starting this company and we would love the opportunity yeah you know we work with two of the the largest developers in our area yeah and you know have established relationships in amongst that company and so we reached out to our person and you know had lunch sat down shared our heart what we were doing what we were starting and you know the doors started opening yeah yeah and you know so i would imagine developers are really good to to know and and meet and mingle with or whatever uh as far as that goes builders also but homeowners is really what it all comes back to because as you said um you know word of mouth is probably the best advertising you could ever do right and she hit the nail ahead also i mean your vendors not everybody is pleasant to deal with in this realm of work we try to always make it positive you know where anything can be negative we try to turn that around and show the light on the things that are positive in it but vendors also have to deal with you know management companies that’s how they get paid that’s how they get referred so you know your vendors also are you want to make sure that you have a good relationship with all of them also yeah 100 and i’m sure you have no problems uh they’re building relationships y’all have great personalities and all of that now you have mentioned community associations institute cai for those in the in the in the field um tell me about that tell me tell me all about this is a institute that is you know all over the united states and in the world um they give education to people who either have been in this industry for a while and may have parts of it that they never learn or for somebody who is never done this before and has decided this might be something for me and it’s something that we will give all of our employees so um it’s something that i didn’t have before we started you know had the experience of managing these associations but i had no education behind it i had no certificates behind it that gave me the knowledge to understand exactly what i was doing until july and having that gave just a whole new level of confidence to bring to people because you’re not just doing it out of this is what i’ve always done you’re doing it out of this is what’s right this is what i’m supposed to do this is the way it’s supposed to look and even though that might be hard to say sometimes we have to do what’s right for the community yeah and so cai gives that to anybody who wants to be a manager it gives them all the education they need in order to get their certification through kmicb yeah and you know it’s interesting in what you just said that it’s one thing to know what needs to be done it’s another thing to know why it needs to be done because then you can break it down to people and explain it to them so it sounds like that’s what they give you stephanie bertholot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

kelly in your questionnaire i asked you to define a leader and i really liked what you wrote you stated someone who does not ask others to do something they would not do themselves basically leading by example i call that finding your broom um you know i remember many years ago when i was managing stores um i would always tell people you don’t have to do anything but keep up with me you do that we’ll be fine that was no easy i was a buck when i was younger i was i’m telling you i could go and uh and all of that but i would never ask anybody to do something i wouldn’t do and i agree a hundred percent with that that you know leaders do that they uh they’re not scared to pick up a broom and sweep a floor and i would imagine you’re not either oh absolutely not totally sweep them floors literally but literally i hear you so uh shout out that that is i agree with that 100 great quote there now ashley how much of a role would you say social media has played on your business thus far oh really large i was um never a real big social media person i’m i’m still learning from mentors but it’s a really big key because a lot of times when somebody’s looking for something the first place they go is to facebook and type in a keyword like management or association financials and those keywords are how people find you on social media and even if you may not be the perfect fit for them you’re going to be the perfect fit for somebody so it’s very important to use that platform for us to show what we offer to not hide and hold anything back so that when people find us they can see everything right there 100 you agree with that 100 yeah it’s it’s amazing to me the tool that social media has become for business uh especially facebook i mean um you know it doesn’t matter how small you are versus those big guys and gals of the world corporation wise you can appear that way on social media if you do it right and that allows you to compete at a low expense which which us as business owners we you know expenses are important and we need to keep those as low as possible so uh social media has just really been the way to do that and you’re right people turn to that for all kinds of information um so i’m glad you realized that early on because that’s something again i had to learn a little later in my career now i can’t get enough of it as you know if you’re on my facebook you know i like to post that’s good i like that there’s a share button yes and that’s and that’s huge i’m glad you brought that up because like much like this podcast when you hear this if you like what you hear share it because it does legacies management of louisiana a ton of good it does this podcast a ton of good and if nobody sees it it doesn’t matter how good the content is and we want everybody within livingston parish and 10 million miles out to know about your company you’re going to get calls from china oh i love it it’s so much easier to listen than to read too so i love that yes 100 books on you know when you listen to books now instead of reading love doing that yeah it took me a while to get used to it but yeah so kelly we mentioned earlier we’ve known each other a while and one thing i know about your family is that y’all are very strong in your faith uh how strong a role does faith play not only in your business but in your life it’s it’s our essence it’s our foundation um without that then you know we just exist yeah and uh you know that’s one thing that we are appreciative of is that we you know because we live in a day and age where that can be a challenge you know as a business owner you know you don’t want to cause a fence or you don’t want to um make somebody feel uncomfortable or anything like that that’s just the you know the day and age we’re in but at the same time because how we are with people you know from a relational perspective even that is not challenged because they pick up on that genuineness like you know when i have a conversation with somebody they don’t feel like i’m judging them or you know looking down on them they they know that i love them yes and so it opens a door that we can be authentic in our faith and how we you know live and walk and operate yes and we can express it even as much you know from the perspective of you know not overkill you get me but from the idea of just being genuine you know like when we say have a blessed day or something that’s that’s just genuine we want you to have a blessed day you really do want that you’re not just saying it right yeah it’s not just a phrase it’s not just a expression it is the truth we want you to have a blessed day and so it’s just wonderful to be able to be that you know and not and not shy away from it just because oh i might lose a customer or this person you know might get upset or whatever it’s honestly we’ve had people would maybe attempt to do that but then they simmer down so to speak because they realize it’s not it’s not me trying to push anything on anybody it’s just me being me yeah hey can’t go wrong being you i mean without even saying anything at all to people regarding the way we believe yeah i think that that shines through your attitude and your character and even when people don’t know exactly what it is like why it’s just why she’s so shiny without saying something shiny it’s just because that’s so sparkly that light just just shines through her all the us just time she is yes yes that’ll make me cry

so miss ashley someone hearing this they’re gonna want information on you know we need to start at hoa or we need uh that company because maybe the company they’re using just doesn’t have the great software that you have all those sorts of things um how do they do that what do they do it is easy as in an email or a text or even a phone call so our phone number the 225-791-1644

we can receive text message and phone calls so if you can’t get through when you leave a message you can text that number and i’ll shoot you an email to make it easier on you and we just chat from there y’all are all about service there’s no doesn’t have to be too hard it can be as easy as possible that’s right that’s right and and probably the number one thing in your business service oh absolutely people don’t want to deal with with that when you take that over and they don’t have to think about it you have made a lot of friends i would imagine because those things you know unless you love it you know it’s like peyton you either love it or you hate it there’s no in between i never heard of anybody say i kind of like painting no they love it or they hate it so great service you’re offering you’re local you’re right here in livingston parish and i could not hope for anything but a ton of people to be knocking down your doors and ringing your bells and all those sorts of things to take advantage of your services because i think y’all y’all are offering an amazing service here make a great team by the way i appreciate it now the funny thing is on this show we like to fun facts we like to to talk a little bit about about uh you know give people another side of the business person as it were and um so y’all were no exception i sent you all some questions and you answered them back so my first one was if you purchased a yacht what would you name it kelly said abigail’s rest now there’s got to be a story to that i don’t know what it is how long do we have

it’s a beautiful name for sure answer is always david yeah just leave it there all right it’s gonna be elaborate

you you said the black pearl yeah mine is real simple mine’s i love disney and you must come straight from disney so um that’s why mine’s prior to the caribbean of course with the black pearl i love it i’d name it the black pearl too i like that hopefully it’d be black i mean you know it makes sense what job did you want when you were 12 years old kelly a lawyer really i think you’d make a good lawyer you could probably argue some people down if you had to oh she brings a good fight yeah yeah indeed and a makeup artist which fun fact i am you are a makeup artist i am i still suddenly do it on the side i used to do it a lot more than i do now just with two young babies in a business i do still take clients sometimes but i am you know interesting thing is uh yesterday i had someone on the podcast and somehow we got on that subject because i’m like man i’m gonna you know i got a bald head i don’t know if you know i don’t know if you noticed but i don’t have any hair and uh so i was uh i was commenting that sometimes that might toss a little bit of a glare and um and i did a commercial one time many years ago and they actually had a makeup artist that would like put makeup on you i guess to block that right and um so who knows maybe one day i’ll need a makeup artist here i’ll have to look you up what superpower you will want if you could have one miss kelly said teleporting that’s a great superpower and i haven’t heard that go to italy and you’re there yeah i like it or even just disney world for that matter

this one

ashley i ain’t sure what you wrote i tried to decipher it but you said turn something invisible turn invisible okay oh yeah that’s a great one that was mine i’m a nosy person so it would just light up my world to be invisible sometimes and listen to people’s conversations yeah that would be pretty cool um if you can travel anywhere in the world kelly you said amalfi coast and let me tell you i looked it up and that is absolutely i’ve never heard of it wow so beautiful i have friends that went there actually recently and i’m like i need all the details of your trip oh my gosh because it looks wonderful come on scott i know how you can win some points give me a call so yeah and use of fiji which is also an absolutely beautiful place and i’ve never really you know you some people just don’t think of fiji right off the bat but that is an amazing place i do love the beach i want one of those little tiki huts that are on the water by itself that’s the dream yeah yes hey maybe come on one day come on ashley’s husband tighten up yeah she wants to go to fiji so hey ladies it’s pete with ida lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skincare hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon uh another thing i want to mention is your tagline i love your tagline that’s all ashley yeah well look great great minds think alike because i loved it i think that came to me like in the middle of the night and i just woke up with it and i knew that’s what it was going to be and so you know be in the middle of the night the next morning i did not want to forget so i typed it in my notes and i texted her mr scott the next morning and i was like this is what it’s going to be well i’m going to tell you uh interesting thing on that so for those that don’t know their tagline is where impact today inspires value tomorrow so my t-shirts if you look on the back of them they have three words they have impact inspire and freedom so those are my three words and two of those three you used in that tagline i found that very interesting i love those impact and inspire are probably two of the most life-changing terms you could ever do so you’re changing the lives of hoas every day it’s a goal that’s the goal y’all have fun today we did yeah believe it or not it’s been almost an hour and it doesn’t seem like it does it well i’ll tell you what i want everyone to after you listen to this and i’m going to link their facebook their website all that stuff to this video and they’ll have some pictures pop up like when we’re talking about the software i’m gonna make a little picture pop up that kind of shows them it’ll be like you’re watching the news it’s amazing you’ll be like how does jim do all that right that’s why you’re so good yes can i have some social media classes please absolutely i do do that so uh so we’re gonna make it really nice and i want everybody all the listeners out there go give them a like on facebook it really helps bump them up the facebook feed it helps with google figure out who they are and what they do and uh and we’re all about supporting local around here so congratulations for this new business or somewhat new that you have right here in livingston parish i think you’re providing a great service i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to the local leaders podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share us on all your social media platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on all local businesses thanks to our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor william waldrop of twfg insurance b.j pawn fit blends of denim springs black sheep creative sr enterprise painting a adelaine spawn boutique fit body boot camp we could do none of this without all of those folks i assure you of that if you’d like information on sponsoring or appearing on the show preach please reach out to me at jim local until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like legacy’s management and keep leading thank you very much

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225 205 36 40 or visit i trade exchange dot biz

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