The Link Up Livingston Committee Needs Your Help! GUMBO Funds in LA!

About Link Up Livingston

It is estimated that 40 percent of Livingston Parish Residents are either unserved or underserved with regard to high speed internet access.

The Link Up Livingston Committee was formed by LA State Representative Buddy Mincey and features individuals with the unique skill set required to tackle this problem.

Please view this public service announcement and if you are a resident of Livingston Parish, Louisiana please run the speed test via the website below.

Run the speed test on the Link Up Livingston website.

Thanks to the following participants in this video:

Buddy Mincey Jr: State Rep District 71

Jason Ard: Livingston Parish Sheriff

Tiffany Sicard: 2020 Livingston Parish Chamber Women’s Award

Jeff Ard:Livingston Parish Councilman

Tracy Girlinghouse: Livingston Parish Councilman

JT Taylor: Mayor, Town of Livingston

Thanks also to BlakSheep Creative for the website design and development and Envision Podcast Studio for the engineering and Production of this PSA.

A must watch episode!

Transcript (Beta)

appointed through the passion and vision of state representative buddy mincy jr the link-up livingston committee has been tasked with tackling the digital divide in livingston parish and bringing broadband access to all parish citizens this committee features representatives from from several parish government entities and private organizations with a unique skill set to bring this vision to reality but we need your help it is estimated that 40 of livingston parish residents are either unserved or underserved with regard to high-speed internet the link-up livingston committee has set up a website complete with an internet speed test at linkup completing this test and entering your results takes no longer than three minutes and necessary in order to qualify for grant funding needed results of this test are required to determine the areas of livingston parish with the greatest need broadband access for all parish residents is a necessary step will not only address the needs of at-home students and those who use telehealth services but also those who are working from home for pandemic related reasons it is important to speed test be performed only from a computer device within the home and connected to wi-fi if wi-fi is not available at your home simply check the box stating that no wi-fi is available it is important a cellular device not be used to perform this test but there is not much time the data must be collected by november 1st 2021 in order to be counted towards the grant once you’ve completed run of the speed test and enter the results please visit the facebook page and link up livingston to stay informed of the progress with the help of all of our citizens in liberty parish we can ensure high-speed broadband access for everyone parish-wide thank you

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