Lori Johnson of Hancock Whitney Bank talks Bank Fraud and Bull Riding

Lori Johnson of Hancock Whitney Bank talks Bank Fraud and Bull Riding! Local Leaders: The Podcast sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast Host Jim Chapman in Season 4 Episode 20

Lori Johnson is a leader in every way possible. This 25 year veteran in the world of banking sits down with Jim Chapman of Local Leaders: The Podcast and discusses her unique interest in preventing fraud especially with regard to the elderly. We learn a little about her personally as well (Think Bull riding). It’s a look at this impressive lady from all sides as only Local Leaders: The Podcast can bring you. Lori Johnson is a 2021 Local Leaders: The Podcast leading lady recipient!

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Podcast Transcript (Beta)

hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours

hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with latter and bloom with your real estate tip of the week last week i talked about what a home inspection is this week i’ll talk about a totally different type of inspection and appraisal for most financed purchases the lender will require that an appraisal gets done the appraiser will prepare a detailed report that includes their opinion of the property’s value that valuation will take into consideration the lot size the size and condition of the house if there is one and the price of comparable properties that have recently sold in the area the appraiser will make note of any signs of neglect such as chipping paint missing flooring a damaged roof broken windows and missing or inoperable appliances or systems the appraisal provides valuable information for the buyer but the primary purpose is to protect the lender the lender is going to want to make sure that the property is worth the purchase price before they give final loan approval i hope this has answered some questions you may have had about the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal if not i’m always just a phone call away i’m trisha johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you

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lori johnson how are you i’m doing good today jim how are you i’m doing pretty good today glad to see you in the studio this is your second appearance yes on the local leaders of podcast you had so much fun the first time you came back i did it was a blast and i appreciate the invite back for sure well believe it or not your first appearance was way back in season one episode four was the fourth one that i did that was 98 episodes ago oh wow doesn’t seem like that long i know today i want to refresh everyone on who you are both inside your business and in the community discuss some rather serious subjects and really get your thoughts on a hot topic these days that is banking fraud so does that sound good to you absolutely all right so first a little about you for those that may not know the one or two you know that might exist in the parish anymore you’ve lived in lp since the first grade correct you’re surrounded by athletes throughout your whole family right correct so your husband josh is pretty much the resident ringer for any golf team pretty much and he loves to play which is good your daughter callie is pretty much the female version of mark maguire that’s what i thought that would be bailey the one yes the older one is the softball player yeah correct yes and uh man has she had a year yeah let’s talk about her for a second she has been just knocking home runs and and all these sorts of things she’s a senior she is a senior and we only have literally a few weeks left ever of softball and to think that i mean it just breaks my heart but it’s just been such a wonderful ride we’ve had a great time and i’m really proud of the things that she’s done so she’s played since she was a kid just uh we’ve played pretty much year round since she was nine years old wow adjustment time i know i know yeah because you get into kind of a habit after that long of looking forward to softball seasons and and stuff like that of course your younger daughter callie right okay so she’s coming along and doing her thing how old is she she will be 12 in june and we are just entering aau basketball with her oh okay so um i guess we’re going to go that route now yeah just go around so mama’s going to stay busy no matter what with them with the children there uh very good now my question is lori are you an athlete were you an athlete in high school well no no i played softball when i was younger but then when i got to junior high i just kind of wasn’t interested anymore but we didn’t have the things like they have now for our children right there really wasn’t that much tournament ball i mean you can go anywhere and find a tournament softball team now i mean it’s just huge oh yeah and they didn’t really have all that and so i kind of fizzled out of that yeah well that’s all right that’s all right you’re uh uh very active in the community uh you’ve served on the board of directors for both the central and the livingston parish chambers at one point or another uh you’re a chamber ambassador you’re a graduate of leadership livingston what class were you um 2000 when was that 17 17 okay and what was y’all’s project we actually paired up with the litter initiative excellent so we were able to do that and that was a lot of fun and then we were supposed to continue that on and then when covet happened our litter day last year got canceled so i’m hoping john blunt was really the head of this whole project so i’m hoping that now that kova’s restrictions are a little bit lighter we’ll be able to do it in the fall and you should come it’s a lot of fun yeah you wouldn’t think picking up trash on the side of the road could be fun but it really was oh i’m thinking if i’m picking up trash next to you on the road we can make it fun we had a good time no doubt about it so the very good

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back very true and i agree 100 and i think the example is what you’re setting you know like you say for that younger younger generation coming up because uh if you don’t have an example there you don’t realize how important that is so so you’ve been involved in the banking industry since 1995 some 25 years ago lori that is a quarter of a century it’s a while so at one point or another you’ve worked pretty much every position in the banking industry uh what makes you unique is that you’ve seen a lot of the technology changes during that particular time you know uh uh i can still remember when debit cards were kind of the new thing right so it wasn’t that long ago it seems like it was but the technology has really just sprang forward you know ultra fast so um the good thing is it really simplified banking in a lot of ways both for the consumer and for the banker um but uh you know one of the maybe the the bad things about technology is it opens up you know opportunities for fraud no matter what type of technology it is right um so i think things like online bill pay um online check deposits even apple pay technology all those things are great and they’ve they’ve really uh they’ve really brought everything into the i guess the 21st century but the fraud uh becomes a little bit easier because hackers they they love to hack right they love to get in there and do their thing so my first question is how bad would you say the issue of banking fraud is compared to 25 years ago well like you just said because of the technology it obviously makes it so much easier now for them to hack into a computer system and you know get people’s information but just because it makes it easy doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself you know there are so many things that you can do number one i tell all my clients monitor your account you know put the app on your phone look at it daily yeah you know that’s a that’s your first line of defense right there is monitoring your own account um you can put visa fraud alerts on your account so every time you swipe your debit card you get a text message yeah or an email you can put low balance notifications there’s so many things that the client can do to notify them so they can catch it early and then come to us and we can shut down the account or the debit card or online banking whatever is necessary because we certainly want to make sure they’re protected you know i mean that’s that’s your money you know that’s your livelihood that’s right and then top priority for the folks in hancock whitney bank there’s no doubt about it so the federal trade commission actually ranks the top fraud trends and the number one method of defrauding folks with a heavy concentration on the elderly is imposter scams this is when a dishonest person lies and tricks you into sending money to them they might call you on the phone and and trick into sending them money or send an email or text imposters might try to get you to pay them by saying uh you know you want a gift card or they need to get wired money to send you certain things they might say yo money to the irs or to a government agency that you that you know and these are impostors these are people that obviously they’re lying now you’ve actually witnessed this kind of first hand over at hancock whitney bank go through that story with me so what they will do is exactly what you just said they will call like a for instance we have one client they call and they pretend that they have a medical need you know and they play on your sympathy and emotions through that you know help fund this and so the lady kept going into it and really believing that she was helping this person and we would tell her you know this this isn’t what you’re sending the money to i mean this money is going overseas they’re asking you to send crazy amounts and we were able to get our security department involved and get that stopped and retain her money for her you know once we figured out what was going on which ultimately is the most important that we were able to save her yeah um will we ever find out where that went i mean you don’t know there’s so many different things and i mean the police that are trying to the detectives that are trying to sort this out i mean it’s just it’s mind-boggling because you think you’re sending money here but it’s going you know overseas or once it’s going overseas and they’re funneling back and it’s just it’s just a big old circus ring really and people are getting caught up in it and it’s they’re being victimized and it’s just really sad and especially these elderly folks that um you know they’re not as used to the technology or the scams i mean they’re you know and so they’re kind of preyed upon right in that way and and you know thank goodness that the folks at hancock whitney bank they kind of pay attention to that so there’s i’m sure there’s key things that you look for that uh maybe maybe you would speak to that person and say we just want to make sure that everything is legit and and that’s what you want out of a bank absolutely so when you come into the financial center you know if you’re making a transaction the tellers or the platform whoever is that is helping that client we’re going to ask some questions to try to uncover what are you really doing with this money we know it’s your money but we want to help you protect your money right then back office you know and sometimes that’s why i tell clients monitor your own account as well because i mean there’s so many transactions we may not catch everything but back office will alert us if they see a red flag on an account and we’ll reach out to the client just to make sure everything is legit and they’re not being scammed very good jim we’re swamped with these podcasts and i’m in the mood for some local barbecue for lunch barbecue casey the problem with barbecue is the speed that would take forever not at buddy’s barbecue with the drive-through line they can get us fed 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that is so insane so um folks out there listen and be be wary of that and kind of watch you know who you give your information to things like that we’re from the irs and uh and you owe us a ton of money and you need to pay it right now v we need your credit card information or debit card information you can pay it and we’ll leave you alone it’s important to know that the irs would never reach out to you and do that if it was really the irs exactly uh it’s a scare tactic and that’s what they do because i mean if you think the irs is coming after you what’s the first thing you do you panic yeah and that’s what they do they panic and they even though they think oh well i filed my taxes correctly or i did everything correctly but i’ll just pay the thousand dollars you know just to make sure and it’s not legit and it’s just again it’s just sad to see and it makes me angry yeah me too it’s it’s really an awful thing and that scam had over 52 000 reports filed with the federal drug committee i got a text the other day from the irs you know yeah they’re not going to they’re going to follow up via mail u.s mail so you know and and you can call them i was just gonna say that yeah if there’s ever anything in question you can go to irs.gov there’s um a bunch of information on their website there’s phone numbers that you could call make sure you reach out to someone before you give out your information absolutely now lori if someone calls and tells you hey i wanna you want a prize and all you need to do is confirm your credit card info what should you do absolutely do not give that credit card information yeah don’t say hold on let me get that for you i can’t believe i’ve never won anything yeah don’t give them that credit card information now what if someone calls them and they say you’re behind on your taxes and if you don’t pay over the phone you’ll be arrested see that’s that’s another one of those it’s a scare tactic and and people are scared of getting arrested so they’ll think oh well i’ll just pay the thousand dollars you know but absolutely do not do it again i would definitely refer them back to the irs um if it’s anything to do with your bank account call us at hancock whitney bank and we’ll help you with it absolutely now say you’re reviewing your bank statement and you notice charges on your account you did not make and i dealt with this personally so it it happens to everybody you know um but if you have charges on there you did not make how did how should they handle that so if uh you see like your debit card has been used and you didn’t make that purchase you definitely want to contact the bank talk to your banker and we can dispute that charge for you at that point um your card has been compromised so we’re going to need to order you a whole new one okay but we can close that out get you a new card and get you a temporary card to use until that new one comes in but most importantly get it shut down so they can’t use it going forward yeah report it as soon as you notice it um and don’t think because your debit card is in your possession it’s not being used or can’t be used they actually have uh on the internet there’s kind of like what they call the dark web and this is um where people you know somehow get up get a hold to your uh your debit card information and they will sell it online and it’s funny that these folks that scam you that it won’t be charges that are just huge because they’re smart in that it’ll be little ten dollar charges but it might be 14 of them over like a month period and they’ll keep doing it until you start to dispute it and and get that debit card shut down and and all those steps you just said we’ll see that a lot um we’ll have people that’ll call hey i can’t use my debit card and i’ll look at their account and you’ll see little you know 99 cent charge dollar charge and i said well it looks like it’s been compromised so back office has shut it down to prevent any further fraud and they didn’t even know and that’s again when i like to introduce the uh vija visa purchase alerts so you can get that text message every time that card’s being used yeah which is huge it’s huge and that was actually my next question was does hancock whitney offer text message alerts when charges are put on your debit card and obviously you just cover correct yeah you just have to sign up for it but yes it can be done and again that’s just the best way for you to protect yourself yeah from anything so the moment you get that charge that you don’t know what that is you can go and actually now they can just pause their card and then if it comes out um they check into it and it is valid maybe you know sometimes we forget oh yeah swipe my card here then you can turn your card back on they have that on their uh own control over that yeah yes very good so they’re on the you know in hancock whitney y’all are on the front end of doing everything you can possibly do to avoid this issue and you know you can do everything and it still um happen and and uh of course that has nothing to do with your bank but uh your bank will then take steps to uh shut your account down you know you dispute the charges just like you said and uh it’s not the end of the world these folks deal with this uh more than you would think stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

right i mean you you see fraud every day but the most important thing like you just said is once we realize something’s been compromised we need to stop it yeah you know shut it down shut down the card give you a whole new checking account number which if you have all your auto debits and direct deposits coming out sounds like it could be a pain but that’s where our bankers go in with this client and we tell you know we go through a list what do you have directly coming out what do you have directly going in and we’re able to help them do that swap so we try to make it as easy for that client as possible because they’re already going through enough they’re devastated that they’ve been you know compromised or you know a victim of fraud so we just want to make that easy for them absolutely and you definitely do now another popular scam is known as fishing and that’s with a p and not enough uh that’s where you receive an email say from hancock whitney and it looks official right and it says uh maybe something like click here to reset your password where we’ve had a you know some sort of issue and we need you to do that but there are a few ways to check to see if this is legit first of all the easiest way to do it is you can get take your cursor go to the top there and where it says hancock whitney bank highlight it and look at what the email address is almost 100 of the time it’s going to be some kind of crazy looking email with a bunch of letters at you know yahoo.com or something well you know that’s not from hancock whitney um so that’d be the easiest way the second way is maybe i would assume they could contact you folks at hancock whitney and you could say you know whatever it is it says in that email never click on that and put in your password unless you’re directed by your banker specifically absolutely and you’re more than welcome to call you know your banker at any time what i do love that we do is if we notice that or it’s been brought to our attention that we have a an email going out or not we there’s an email going out that it looks like it’s coming from hancock whitney they will alert all of us so we’re able to alert our clients when they call in um you can follow our social media websites we will post that information hey there’s something out there don’t click on it it’s not from us so the bank does a lot to make sure they’re protecting clients as well yeah y’all are very proactive and it’s always better to be proactive than reactive in any situation so that’s that’s another feather in the cap of of hancock whitney and if you do get an email like that report it to hancock definitely give us a call let us know email it to us so we can forward it on to our security department because we want to get it shut down and stopped absolutely now we discussed a little bit about what you do personally to give back to the community and you are obviously very active with giving back um not only in your business but out of it i mean we discussed how hancock whitney really pays attention for these for these scams and things like that that that uh unfortunate people get tied up in and those are all great things but there’s another another subject i wanted to talk about and that’s in regard to lines of credit so um first does hancock whitney offer lines of credit and if so what are the benefits so yes we offer different lines of credit we have just the regular personal line of credit we have a business operating line of credit we have our home equity lines of credit that you can use for business are personal um they’re they’re so beneficial yeah um let’s go back to covid you know your business gets shut down before ppp came into effect people were having to use these lines of credit to stay afloat until they were able to get that ppp loan yeah um let’s go back to hurricanes how many hurricanes did we see last year oh yeah you know um until you are able to get that money from your insurance company you’re able to start funding your own repairs and get your home back livable so there’s so many benefits to having a line of credit you know you can use them for anything that you want for sure but i love to have them there for those emergencies you know because you just never know and this is a great way to use it go ahead and start your repairs or keep your business afloat until you can pay it back with the other funds no doubt about it and you know things happen in life and and uh sometimes it’s major disasters like a hurricane or or a pandemic like covid but you know sometimes it might just be you it might not be an entire community it might be your you know your house your pipes busted in your house or pick a pick a disaster but uh those are when those lines of credit can really be the difference between you having to delay things and not delay things correct because you can fund that immediately you know you can have it tied to your checking account you can call the bank and i mean we will get those funds to you in your account where you can use them right then and there to go buy your materials or whatever the case is or what if it’s the last minute you just want to go on a vacation right you know yeah i get a lot of those it could be fun stuff no doubt about it yeah so you don’t have to use it for a disaster but it’s there if you need it anyway um now hancock whitney speaking of disasters hancock whitney one thing that i’m impressed with uh and of course is my personal and my business bank personally um but your community involvement as a as a bank as a as a corporation is is very good um especially when it comes to disasters it’s it it almost seems like every major disaster the ice storm the hurricanes you know uh coveted in some ways uh hancock whitney has a it does a great job on facebook of of you know posting uh that they’re feeding people that you know on the coast that may have may have uh had some hurricane damage those sorts of things so that’s a that’s something i’m sure as an employee you’re very proud of

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it’s important for me to get back for you to give back but also hancock whitney as a corporation gives back and that’s a that’s a great thing uh and worth mentioning that you really do uh you must go into the face of these disasters and how can i help right correct um we have our set of core values at hancock whitney bank and that is one of them and and community involvement is a huge core value that our company has and um during the um hurricane in late charles i mean our ceo was down there sweating and a t-shirt serving hamburgers i mean it just doesn’t get much better than that to see that type of leadership come down and serve the community absolutely and that was real big and i love when we share those posts and i always try to share them because i mean i have a big social media outlet as well and i want everyone to know just what the company does outside of just banking absolutely i think it’s important and it’s uh you know when you’re when your bank’s there and the in everybody can be there for you in the good times but when your bank’s there in the hard times that’s that’s uh that speaks volumes for your core values that you have there so uh perfect and i i definitely wanted to mention that now on the questionnaire i also asked you to fill out a why statement especially in your case having worked for the same bank for over 25 years or a quarter century i was really interested in particular to discover your why now you stated i’m able to help families with their finances my family is my why so this is why i love helping other families and business owners through the banking industry so essentially what that says to me is you can relate right you um one thing and i i deal with lori on all my business things and in my personal pretty much when it comes to banking but um lori is something that’s special about her is she always kind of puts herself in your place and so it it it helps her to be uh to be someone that’s very genuine when she’s dealing with you whether it’s uh i got a bunch of charges on my account from a pool place and i don’t have a pool i remember that call you you relate it because you have a family and and so you know what it’s like right no matter what the situation is yeah so i mean my family is very very important to me and i know we have to have money to feed our family and to live in our home and for my kids to you know do what they do so i know other families are the same way yeah you know and if there’s a chance that i can look at you know some of the debt that they have and help them restructure that debt and help them put that money back in their pocket each month then that’s a win for that family and it’s fun to do that it’s fun to be able to help people with that absolutely and it’s it’s very needed and you know i’ve said it several times to you but your knowledge uh in the banking industry and your time that you have in the banking industry that’s that’s hard to beat you know that’s something that uh you but your banking is probably you know one of your most important aspects of your life and you want to make sure that you’re dealing with people with experience no one more experience than lori that i can think of from a local level especially so good job for that um i also had another key quote that i wanted to mention uh in your questionnaire i found pretty awesome and i asked what you look for in a leader and you stated a leader needs to lead by example a team is made up of people with different strengths and weaknesses a leader can differentiate and combine everyone’s strength and be successful there is no i in team pretty good pretty true yes i loved it i loved it i can’t even add to it lori and i love to add to people’s quotes i cannot add to that one you’re only as strong as as the team behind you right you know and um again i think i’ve been i’ve been blessed to have been brought up through great leadership with this company and so i believe that and i believe in the team that works with me they don’t work for me they work with me yes you know i can’t do anything without them they’re they’re running things right now well i’m doing this podcast which is so much fun by the way but but i can leave and do these things and know that things are taken care of yeah because it is a strong team and i’m proud of that absolutely shout out to your team over in hancock whitney bank

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now i do fun facts on this show and i wanted to do some on you uh specifically let people get to know you a little better and i i found this first one interesting so you and a friend went to a rodeo when you were 17 and you wrote an actual bull yes wow how was that scary so um that’s shout out to my friend jamie which today is her birthday so happy birthday jamie um we went up to her dad lived in bastrop and we got up to north louisiana and um we go to our rodeo and jamie says you want to ride the bull and i was like okay i don’t know what we were thinking yeah but i did not stay on for eight seconds maybe an eighth of a second and i popped you right off of there i knew the bull went one way and i went the other and i never did it again i will never do it again but you did it that’s pretty awesome that’s like a bucket list thing for me so good job hey even an eighth of a second is pretty impressive most people don’t get on them so were you scared i was nervous for sure it was a big big bull you’re sitting on there lori so had you not become everyone’s favorite banker you would have been a teacher um really any particular subject no because i think i wanted to do elementary yeah i love little kids yeah and uh for a while i thought i wanted to be like a kindergarten teacher yeah i don’t know obviously i pursued a different career path but um there was a lot of things that enticed me about being a teacher number one they give so much to the community yes you know they give to our children right um i wanted at the time i thought oh i want to you know be a teacher and have the summers off with my family you know and of course i i definitely chose a different career path and i’ve been very blessed so i’m i’m grateful but that was my mindset years ago why i wanted to be a teacher awesome you know what we actually do is um we partner up with junior achievement and so we go into the classroom and teach financial literacy and that’s a lot of fun i i sign up for that just about every time i can because it lets me get in there and teach the kids awesome we also asked uh what your favorite movie was and you kind of have a tie between christmas vacation and forest gump and i’m surprised coming to america is not on that one well there was so many i was like do i giving ten do i yeah i love coming to america as well there’s so many that i love but that was a hard question jim you you stumped me on that one and then we talked about it when i touched you back and you were like shawshank redemption i’m like that’s a great one too yeah that’s a good one there’s so many that i watch forest gump is great too one of the few movies that i actually saw in the movie theater three times oh wow that’s how much i like it yeah it’s a good one yeah great soundtrack to it christmas vacation of course a classic uh and everybody can quote just about every line from that maybe see you got some good taste there i i concur with those uh so your favorite quote is and and listen up for this because i really like this you said your talent is god’s gift to you what you do with that talent is your gift to god so i came across that quote years ago and i actually shared it with my daughter because you know she’s obviously pretty talented with her athleticism but that talent doesn’t have to just be athleticism it’s anything it’s what you’re doing right now your podcast talent you know you have that and you’re giving back to your community and i believe you’re honoring god by doing that so i feel like that can go for any situation any career any aspect of life i feel like that quote can fit i agree 100 and i think everyone no matter who you are everybody has a talent and that was bestowed by god and and uh and you know it’s kind of your responsibility to uh to hone that talent and to use that talent um god gives it to you but you’ve got to use it you know um so very good love that quote now march was woman’s history month and uh in honor of in honor of that local leaders the podcast selected five of the top business leaders that are female in this community uh to recognize for their community leadership both inside and outside of their business so it’s our honor me and casey’s and she’s going to come in from off screen to present you with this plaque recognizing you as a 2021 local leader’s leading lady thank you for all you do in livingston parish community and we appreciate you your very good friend and i was honored to have you on to present you with that i i just can’t even say how much i appreciate this and how much that means to me i i definitely thank you from the bottom of my heart you’ve always been real supportive of me in my career and you’ve been very vocal to help me you know get out in our community and learn more about different things and i appreciate this from you so much thank you you earned it i just gave it to you and and uh and you’re you’re about everything a community would want and so you totally deserve that um lori as we discussed you’re at the florida avenue location which everyone thinks is florida boulevard right i didn’t even know it wasn’t florida boulevard until i started working there yeah yeah florida boulevard my whole life so if you’re thinking florida boulevard same location but she’s all florida located in denham springs but we also want to shout out let’s shout out hancock whitney’s website is it what hancockwhitney.com correct okay so you can go there uh she discussed earlier about uh you know checking for updates on on any type of scams for example but you can go there to learn more about checking accounts savings accounts all those sorts of things the awesome things that hancock whitney does if it’s in banking they do it yeah i wanted to to point that out um i’m glad you said that because we’re not just checking in savings like you said we’re a relationship bank we want to help you from your mortgage your investments we have treasury services business banking so many different things so we definitely want to be that relationship bank for you absolutely now is the time more than ever to support local business alisa barrett verret interiors and custom workroom is working hard to use made in the usa products for all their clients window coverings schedule your appointment today for a consultation on roman shades drapes shutters outdoor sun shades and even woven woods need a virtual appointment no problem call alisa at area code

225-955-1135 verratt interiors in custom workroom a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

the podcast hosted by woody everton of course another livingston parish podcast will be holding the second annual crew bash at texas club on june 19th and we’re giving away some tickets laura johnson oh wow yeah and this thing’s almost sold out but i have secured several several sets of tickets so look for an announcement upcoming on how you can win these tickets courtesy of local leaders the podcast should be a great time chase tyler band band’s gonna also be playing it’s uh it’s gonna be off the hook as they say as the kids say or maybe it’s the adults that say that we think we sound young i’m not sure yet but yeah to be a lot of fun uh woody’s gonna do a live uh podcast like he does with his true crime and then and then there’ll be some music from chase tyler brand these are both local lp folks so we definitely want to check that out i want to thank casey mcmurray for all she does as her role as executive producer of local leaders podcast she is invaluable to our success and i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders please continue to like comment share subscribe to local leaders as we strive to put a spotlight on everyone lori that contributes to our community in all kinds of different ways i do want to thank our sponsors including premier credit corporation trisha johnston realtor big mike sports bar and grill william waldrop of twfg insurance sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting alisa barrett interiors and custom workroom geats plumbing tiffany c card of homekey mortgage buddies bbq denim springs and i trade exchange we could not do any of this without all of you until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and just like lori johnson keep leading thank you

local leaders the podcast is proud to support mighty moms mighty moms is a community of ordinary people on an extraordinary mission to end childhood hunger in livingston parish you can find out more information by visiting mightymomsgo.org

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