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Dr. Celeste DiCarlo sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast Host Jim Chapman. She discusses her upbringing in the “Eye” business and her decision to continue with her mother’s legacy of Eye Care.

From Louisiana Eye Care’s Website:

Our mission is to provide patients of all ages with the highest quality of eye care. We strive for each patient to feel right at home in our office, and our friendly, specially trained team members make this possible. We take pride in this profession, which shines through in every aspect of our office – from scheduling your appointment to your time with our doctors, you are our top priority. Our promise to our patients is that we will continuously strive to exceed every expectation. At Louisiana Eye Care, quality is a state of mind.

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hi this is lori johnson with hancock whitney bank and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast visit for previous episodes or for information on appearing on the show welcome back to another episode of local leaders of podcast and joining us today we have dr celeste dicarlo of louisiana eye care so first welcome to local leaders and podcasts thank you thanks for having me now today i want to cover all the amazing things that louisiana eye care does for their patients but first we want to learn a little bit about you and how you came to own the business and and uh your history in the business you have a long history there uh and we’ll start with where you were born and raised so where were you born and raised so i’m born and raised in baton rouge yes yep and i went to st michael’s high school so i spent all of my time there and even went to lsu for undergrad yes and you met your husband actually at lsu he did and your husband is also a doctor he’s an endodontist he’s a dentist that specializes in root canals at some point you ended up going to optometry school i did in memphis tennessee memphis awesome uh blue’s capital of the world i think or some good barbecue yeah oh yummy barbecue over there yes indeed so how was that tell me about that experience after college it was good so my i was dating my husband at the time or my husband now at the time but he was in dental school in new orleans and i was in memphis so i would travel back a good bit but when he would come visit we would have some barbecue yeah but the optometry school there was great so i enjoyed my time there yeah and y’all were working hard i mean uh you’re in you’re in uh upper level school he’s in an upper level school as far as education is concerned and yeah and uh yet you made it work studying and driving up and down i-55 yes indeed that is such a wonderful drive too down so let’s just see yep so um you know you had a the last time i saw you i mean i don’t know how to say this any better than you were pregnant and now you are not yeah so yes we had our first baby he’s the third so it’s vincent dominic de carlo the third and he’s 11 weeks old 11. yeah we took him to his first football game two weekends ago he did great for the arkansas game so that would be nine weeks old yeah yeah or so mm-hmm wow i’ve been tailgating a few times but he does great that’s that’s pretty awesome i starting that early i can remember when i was young young young but not that young that’s uh he’s going to have purple and gold in his it’s a he hopes we hope so yeah he’s definitely going to have him in his veins for sure now uh as we mentioned um you attended optometry school and you actually did two externships uh while you were there prior to graduating yes so the last year you do two externships away so i did both of mine in new orleans one at a large odmd clinic so optometrists and ophthalmologists together in metairie and the other at ochsner gotcha and i would imagine those were extremely beneficial to what you’re doing now yes it’s good to get like a range of experience in different clinical settings so it was definitely very um educational for sure yeah 100 and you finally graduate at some point and you move back to baton rouge with your husband after he finishes a residency in new orleans right yes okay so uh you started working you kind of went out in the working world and you you worked for your mother uh and you also worked for another lady and i’m gonna say her name so ava layman dolan dole yes and gonzalo she’s in dallas and i’ve learned a ton from her um i guess personally and professionally as a just as a business and as an optometrist she’s she was great to learn from yeah and and it goes without mentioning okay so your mother is dr cynthia baker who has a a long reputation here in livingston parish i think since 85 yeah yeah that’s 35 years uh i believe before she uh eventually sold the business to you that uh that she was in business here in livingston parish she’s still seeing patients i don’t know that she’ll ever stop she loves it yeah so let me ask you this uh and it’s interesting to point out that dr lamondola actually was another eye care clinic so um accent i care was it okay so you’ve got you’re working for your mother and you’re working for dr lamindola yeah and they both have eye clinics two things intrigue me about that number one apparently y’all all get along kinda honestly optometry is great it’s such a small world and everybody is very like happy to help everyone i don’t really know

it’s so fun we even have you know what our society meetings are usually pretty entertaining everybody really enjoys getting together very good and also something that intrigued me about that was your um your mother had you work for somebody else right so a lot of you’ll find this interesting but a lot of people that i’ve sat in this chair that own businesses that had children that went into the business some of them made their kids work for somebody else first and the reason they did that was they wanted them to know what it’s like to work for someone other than mom and dad yes and when i lived in new orleans i actually worked at the lasik vision institute and i worked for a company that goes around and does eye exams at nursing homes so i feel like i got a little bit of the corporate experience at both of those places as well so it’s just been nice to have the range of of what all you can do as an optometrist 100 and you worked for a retirement or you worked with older people and that probably gave you a lot of experience of working with older people right because it’s different than than maybe working with the younger generation yes so so another uh i would say huge beneficial thing to do business with you guys is the fact that you have experience doing that working with those older folks thank you yeah we enjoy the range of range of ages that we see six months till till forever 100 another thing i wanted to point out with that is these are both business women that you worked for um as a businesswoman now that owns her own business how beneficial was it to learn from those two ladies i i think it’s been great so growing up you know people will ask me you know about my mom when she was in optometry school i think she was just one of maybe like 10 women in the school and she’ll tell you that she wasn’t welcome it was mostly males yeah but growing up i’ve just never thought anything of it it’s just kind of normal to me um and so that’s been great but definitely they’re both very influential and i would say my mom you know kind of like a trailblazer oh yeah um and starting her own owning her own practice so it has been great to have them as examples yeah people often forget that it would you know as bizarre as it is it wasn’t uh too long ago that women didn’t even have the right to vote i mean you know it didn’t it blows my you know when i think about it but uh it wasn’t that long ago and it’s absolutely insane and now they’re owning business successful businesses and and it was people like your mother that that kind of uh trailblazed a lot of that not that she’s that old i’m not saying that but she uh definitely was ahead of her time as far as things like that absolutely um so as we mentioned um you’re the daughter of cynthia baker who had a thriving business here as you mentioned since 1985 as a matter of fact it wasn’t in the location it is now in 1985 where was it at um in the shopping center next to the office depot yeah so that’s that’s uh i’m not sure when it moved from there i do kind of remember it there right i know she graduated in 83 and i think she’s always always been in denim always on rank always on range yeah from your perspective having grown up in this um you saw it every day right you you wake up you see optometry you get to sleep you see optometry um did you always want to be an optometrist i didn’t so i grew up going to the office mostly when i was sick when you couldn’t go to school sure so i’d have like a little little cot in the back office and so i wouldn’t say that those are the best memories um but it’s pretty funny to have those memories now and honestly optometry has changed so much over the years that it has changed from you know what she started doing in 85 until what it is now but she’s always been very involved in advocacy so it’s been nice to see her like advance the profession yeah and so as it’s changed i guess i have realized that optometry is you know pretty neat and it’s a wide scope of things that we do so i started in college i was pre-pharmacy always liked science and math and i guess that might be a genetics thing yeah but i didn’t think i wanted to do the same thing as my mom and then as i was working with with her in high school and in college i realized you know this is actually a great career and i like being able to spend time with patients and not just in an operating room um so i really liked those relationships and that’s what really drew me into optometry yeah very good and and you love it going through your questionnaire i mean it’s one of the things you continually mention is uh it’s kind of all about the patience with you and the relationships that you build with those patients very important to what you do there now it also in your questionnaire i asked you to name someone who had been a large influence on you you of course said your mom uh you know i was blown away by how you answered it so i wanna i’m gonna try to quote you without jacking this up too much but uh you basically said my mom has had the biggest influence on me not just as an optometrist but as a person she has poured into me in my education all my life and has worked hard to give me opportunities to get me where i am today her loving dedication to this profession was always something i admired and her love and compassion for her patience the people of livingston parish was something i desired to have in my career too i desired to have a profession that i loved a profession where i never dreaded a day of coming to work and she inspired me in more ways than one i’m so thankful she has given me the opportunity to carry on our family legacy and the practice she built from the ground up she really created her legacy in the optometry world and now i have an amazing legacy to follow but she has also given me the opportunity to create my own period that was amazing and very well said and you use the word legacy in there a lot it really is what it is and and uh just a great tribute from a daughter to her mother right yes very thankful all of like our education lives i feel like she has just made every step of the way possible but it is very nice to also follow in her footsteps with with optometry 100 now at some point you started you know you’re working there you’re rocking and rolling and you’re thinking you know i’d love to buy this this nice established uh eye care clinic and uh you talked to your mother about that at some point i would imagine kind of tell me how that transpired how yeah i always said that like um her office growing up like it just meant so much to her it was kind of like almost like you know her baby she just like loved the business and loved the practice so i never really imagined her being ready to to sell at any time soon if you know my mom you know she’s like very young and enthusiastic and she doesn’t seem anywhere near ready to retire which she’s definitely and she looks like 35. she don’t look nowhere near 40 or whatever she is exactly but when i um approached her about buying the practice she was open to it and really what she loves most to see in her patients and so she’s still there a couple days a week seeing patients and and she was happy to do that so it has been a transition i say it was a good time of transition for her because right when i bought the practice kovit hit so she got to to step away with that a little bit she had been through the flood so i feel like that’s enough you don’t want to have to go through the flood and rebuilding and then deal with coven um yeah but yeah so so she’s still there seeing patients and and it’s really nice to be able to work together yeah and she’s there if you have questions and and uh even though you grew up in it i’m sure things come up that you’re like hey mom uh yes what did you do in this situation so you mentioned covid and uh i would imagine that was quite the adjustment for an industry like yours tell tell me kind of um you know didn’t you just purchase it when coveted so i bought the practice january 1st of 2020. so i think i had you know two and a half months under my belt before yeah and we thought we were preparing for you know a two-week shutdown yeah which obviously it was a lot longer yeah two weeks to flatten the curve i remember that um so that was a lot to learn as far as just how do we adjust from here how can we still see our patients and serve our patients and we still wanted to be there so you know people could pick up glasses and contacts or if you had an eye emergency or something in your eye we didn’t you know what you’d have to go to an urgent care so we were still open for those things and then also having to adjust for employees of you know how can we keep everyone safe how can we keep everybody with a job so all that was was very stressful just trying to keep up with the news every day and the new mandates that came out you know for healthcare providers and and all those things that we should follow yeah so it was useful your husband was also in a field where they got kind of thrown through the ringer a little bit exactly yet neither of us imagine a time that we’d both be at home being like we can’t go to work today we didn’t expect that thankfully you know we’re a little bit on the other side of it better than it was and and that’s a good thing so hopefully it’ll just continue to improve now let’s get into all the great services y’all offer at louisiana eye care and the first thing i want to talk about is a program y’all call infancy tell me about it so it’s anywhere from six months to one year old that we do free eye exams for babies it’s really great because we can evaluate things like making sure they weren’t born with cataracts making sure the health of the eye is good sometimes you will find a little bit of a glasses prescription at that point but dr baker has even found she has she has a video on it but a retinoblastoma which is cancer in the eye and an infant wow so that was life and vision saving for them so it’s really just to check on the health of everything also sometimes too you want to check on itunes and glasses prescriptions but making sure you can rule out congenital cataracts is really great it’s just a great program to be able to provide i would say so and how important is it that children of that age start to get these eye exams very important and if not at that point i would definitely say around two to three years old before you start preschool some of the eye conditions or eye prescriptions we want to catch at an early age while the eye is still developing so that if we get them in glasses even if they still have to wear glasses later but at least i can develop to see 2020. yeah so yeah so yeah having an eye examiner young ages is very helpful yeah i bet yours is going to get one even earlier man i actually haven’t checked them yet and i keep i keep meaning to i need to yes you do so you also offer diabetic eye exams and um for those like maybe i’m familiar with what that is kind of tell me about that so in diabetics it’s really the only place the retina is the only place that we can check the health of the blood vessels without obviously having to you know do too much of an in-depth procedure so it’s nice that we can actually see the blood vessels and checking the health of the blood vessels in the eye will give you a picture of how the blood vessels are doing throughout the body like in the kidneys and other places in the body so we want to look at the blood vessels and make sure that there’s no leaky blood vessels that there’s no blood or fluid leaking from them and that’ll kind of give us an idea of how how the rest of the body is doing so that’s really what we’re checking for awesome and you treat uh a variety of eye conditions kind of less cover those some of the eye conditions yes something common here would be taking metal out of the eye so we call that form body so yeah remove anything that gets in the eye metal that rusts really quickly so taking the rust out of course we treat eye infections glaucoma we’ll monitor cataracts and send out for that whenever it’s time for cataract surgery yeah macular degeneration a lot of a lot of eye things and it is important when you get debris i would imagine you could scratch your retina pretty easily trying to clean it yourself exactly and there’s a certain layer in the corner you don’t want to go past her it’ll leave a scar until you you want to be gentle when you remove things so yes coming to see us is definitely best especially in the case that it’s metal or something like that yeah and and uh i mean it’s your eyes it’s uh there’s it’s just a major aspect of your body that you really don’t want to play around with um so although you don’t perform like lasik and cataract surgery you do do post-op things with lasik and cataract correct correct so the way we see our patients is um typically you start developing cataracts in your 50s it just kind of comes along with age but we’ll watch those cataracts and when they start affecting your vision and you can’t see well even with your corrective glasses or your contact lenses at that point we’ll refer out for cataract surgery and then we do all your post-op visits for you so you’re there’s like a one-day post-op one week and a one month um post-op gotcha we’ll follow up very good very good now eye infections um let’s talk about those real quick uh great subject and when i think of iron eye infections i’m i think of like pink eye stuff like that would that be concerning there’s a whole range so i guess you could kind of refer to them as red eye but with pink eye it can be bacterial it can be viral um and then it can also be kind of like inflammation in the eye so it kind of depends on what part of the eye is either infected or inflamed the bacterial like the pink eye you think of with kids where it’s kind of like goopy that’s more bacterial viral is a little bit more tricky sometimes it takes time to run its course but we can actually do a betadine treatment in office that decreases the viral load to try and help shorten the course of the virus yeah um so that’s helpful as well but there’s a whole range of things that i would say fall under like a red eye yeah yeah what about light dry eyes syndrome no dry eyes what is that about oh so you can have dry eyes for a multitude of reasons and honestly we’ve been seeing it more even now since cova because everybody’s spending so much time staring at a computer or a screen and blinking less didn’t think about it so we’re seeing dry eye a lot more but it can be hormone related there are glands that line your lids and lashes and they put the oil in your tear film sometimes it can be those glands not functioning as well or it can be the liquid part of your tears where you’re not just producing as much of the aqueous portion of the tear film so there’s a lot that we can do unfortunately a lot of times it’s managing dry eye but we do have treatment for dry eye whether it’s getting those glands functioning better or having you on a prescription drop for dry eye interesting she knows her stuff when it comes to eyes that one’s a frustrating one because it affects your quality of life and then it even affects your vision where you have to kind of like keep blinking to clear things up or you wonder why at the end of the day your vision’s so blurry or your eyes are just tired it’s it kind of affects affects everything yeah so okay here’s here’s kind of the meat and potatoes of this for people out there that um i want to get to some of the signs that maybe you may need an eye exam or something like that and obviously okay i totally need one i’m going to tell y’all now because what i do now is i pull papers away from me so they’re not blurry anymore look i’m 47. i’ve made it this long without contacts without any sort of eyeglasses and literally i almost brag about my fishing day you know i used to because i crave vision um yeah but i noticed lately i’m doing this um that’s an obvious sign that maybe i need an eye exam right yes i it’s so tough because there are certain things like glaucoma um if you have glaucoma you’re not going to have any signs and symptoms of that until very late and really stage so there’s just no way to know so it’s always it’s always good to at least get the health of your eye checked um but that is something we call presbyopia where you just kind of start to lose the ability to focus as well up close and it might start out like fine print you’re looking at a medicine bottle or just things up close and you can kind of make do for a while you can hold things further away but you might start to notice like eye strain eye fatigue a dull headache at the end of the day having to hold things further away and at least there’s an easy solution for that we could do glasses or contact lenses yeah so yeah that is that is a good example of one and would that be in a situation like that would that be like you’re probably looking at reading glasses i guess you’d call them or so it kind of depends on your lifestyle for what what you’d like to do typically for that we’d say progressive lenses so that you just have something that you can leave on and that’s where the lens progressively changes to where you have your distance vision at the top and then as the lens as you go towards the middle of the lens you have like your arms length um distance of prescription maybe it’s a like a computer that you’re looking at and then as you go to the bottom of the lens it gets stronger so if you’re holding something closer up like a piece of paper it’s more in focus there so that’s that’s easier you can have a pair of near vision only glasses with your prescription in it most people don’t have most people have a little bit of prescription in the distance even if you could still see 20 20 but that factors into your up close prescription so if you have your up close prescription and a pair of glasses you could still use them like you do readers but that way you’d be seeing more clearly and you’d be looking through the correct prescription up close so you could do that where you just take them on and off yeah i think i need to quit being hard-headed or for some people that hate glasses we have multi-focal contact lenses and that’s something you can just put in your eye and it helps you see distance and up close and that’s a really nice option to have too i think yeah i’d have to like try on glasses too maybe glasses i mean i’m not against glasses it’s just like i’m giving in at that point i think you look good glasses i’m accepting it so you but you made it this far that’s pretty impressive yeah i mean that’s that’s right that’s right so um let’s talk um routine eye exams which is something obviously y’all do how first of all how often should people do those should it be when they’re only having a problem or no we recommend dilated eye exams or at least where we check the health of the inside your eyes yearly mostly because like we said it’s hard to know you know if you have glaucoma there would be no signs a lot of times you can find things inside the eye we call them a nevis it’s kind of like a freckle on the inside of your eye and you want to watch that just like you watch a freckle on the skin you want to watch and make sure that it doesn’t change in size and shape and elevation because it could possibly be a melanoma so those are just examples of things that you just would never know were there unless it was affecting a part of your eye that affected your vision so so definitely having dilated eye exam is very helpful diabetic eye exams you can check the health of the blood vessels we’ll tell you a lot there but also in things like high blood pressure um that we also see signs of high blood pressure inside the eye really yes wow see i’m learning all kinds of stuff and hopefully y’all are too and look this is something that people don’t put a lot of thought into unless they have a problem right i mean your eyes you see everything you’re good right and uh and what i’m hearing here is sometimes you can catch things before they become a major issue exactly and uh and so annual eye exams will be what you recommend there yes excellent so uh let’s talk insurance for a second okay insurance is a is a big topic for us because even even when people have insurance for eyes it’s it’s typically not like medical insurance where you know you pay a 30 deductible and everything’s covered um it’s a little more of a cost to that um let’s cover that real quick as far as the i guess do y’all take pretty much all insurances or it is so tough when it comes to eye care and insurance because i think we’re one of the only professions that has a vision we really it’s a vision discount plan separate from your health insurance the good news is a lot of people don’t realize that they can get eye exams under their health insurance especially if there’s something like medical that we find which typically you know there’s at least you know some dry eye maybe cataracts any of those things would fall under under medical condition for you to be able to use your medical insurance for your eye exam a vision insurance is really more like a vision discount plan we can only use that on routine eye exams and typically somebody doesn’t just have myopia or just have just need glasses typically there’s like we talked about a lot more things to the eye health yeah but vision insurance is in that in that routine case where it’s just a glass is prescription and we don’t find anything else wrong with the eye and then they do give you a discount towards glasses and contacts yeah um but yeah a lot of times you can use your medical insurance for any testing that we need to do or any eye exams that have something medical related interesting interesting and i want to back up for a second because i wanted to ask this earlier but with say premature babies do they typically have eye do you see more eye problems with those than full term babies yes and typically premature babies will have an eye exam in the hospital there’s something called retinopathy or prematuria and they may even see a retina specialist it’s somebody who specializes in just the retina i gotcha okay so there’s that answer i actually had someone message me on facebook when they saw you were coming on and said would you ask her this i don’t know if she was trying to settle an argument or whatever would you ask her this question yes i will so i did um and there’s your answer on that now it is worth noting uh in the realm of insurance that if you let’s say and you’re in business you don’t you know have insurance um you do offer pay packages yes we do tell me about those and we will offer a 15 private pay discount on any glasses or contact lenses but we also do have a private pay option for our eye exams which includes our optos which is a retinal imaging system that we can use to see the inside the health of your eyes without your eyes being dilated so that’s nice as well wow yeah that is excellent now um you’ll probably laugh at me for asking this but let’s say somebody comes in and they say i’m going to do an eye exam is it still the typical cover when i read the chart or is it should we do that yes we do we’ll check your eye pressure um we’ll check your vision for sure check the health of the inside your eyes we’ll check like your peripheral vision check your eye movements but yes there is still the cover the eye and read the chart when i started working with my mom dr baker we had the projector screen so you didn’t have a whole lot of letters to choose from you could kind of memorize them but good news is now they’re they’re like little tvs we can change up the letters for you yeah people memorize elections

that’s hilarious and you know it’s similar to i guess a hearing exam remember the old headphones and he put them on and indeed yeah yeah that was fun um now an another service you provide is that you offer many varieties of like frames and things like that for sale and some some well-known brands like oakley um you offer frames and uh my question would be let’s say i mean frames are like style right um you want some good stylish frames and let’s say you’ve had the same glasses for 10 years and that leopard print ain’t in style no more or whatever um and you want to just change your lenses into a new frame that you go to buy from you do you all do that there yeah absolutely yeah you can put um your prescription lenses in a lot of different frames it’s funny it’s like glasses or almost like a piece of jewelry jewelry but it’s like the one thing that you wear every day so some people have them just for different like you said to change up different styles prescription sunglasses especially our coasters maui gyms oakley those will give you really great optics and prescription sunglasses but yeah we do all of that yeah excellent and i’ll tell you speaking from someone i don’t wear glasses yet but my whole family does and um and i can’t tell you how many frames get broken in my house every six months i mean just from you know kids yeah we need to get you some of the little spring hinges that are yeah that are flexible yes absolutely because it’s like uh not much time goes by before i hear the wife say where’s the little screwdriver and i’m like i know what that means yeah always come in we can work there you go so um tell us a little bit about the staff that you have at louisiana eye care how valuable is your status our staff is everything um so i know you said earlier that it’s important to us how we treat our patients and what our patients mean to us but that’s kind of what we want everybody to experience or to feel is that when you come in we really care about you and take good care of you and hopefully provide good service that’s what we’re always striving for our staff a lot of them have been with us for a very long time but they just it’s really great how much they care about our patients and how much we try and go above and beyond to care for them so we have our opticians that have been there for a very long time um one of our petitions has been there for over 10 years my office manager has been there for over 10 years um and another office manager that’s been there for i think 18 years wow yep but that’s a lot of good a lot of good experiences and they’ve come you know a long way to see our our profession and our office grow over over that course of time yeah wonderful ladies over there and most of them are all you know from denim or from livingston but they’re all just so sweet and so thankful for them yeah i went to your ribbon cutting met many of them and just awesome awesome ladies over there and uh and you have one of the best ribbon cuttings i’ve ever been to i mean it was great and they were giving away some legit stuff y’all threw them drawings my staff they did great um our staff put the whole thing together and haley she’s our practice support specialist they reached out to different people like you you saw we had cookies things yeah we had um just different people from livingston come out yeah it was really nice i enjoy i enjoyed every minute of that now um you’re active on social media which is one of the ways you can kind of learn the personality of your office yes um whoever does your social media does a great job yeah a very very uh cute uh social media site where she does a lot of different things they’re standing on boxes and they’re doing all these but um but something that really catches your eye and you can kind of see the personality it seems like a fun environment which i mean it’s eyes so you gotta make it fun right you gotta you gotta make that a fun environment for everybody so they uh check them out and the reason i bring that up is they do a lot of giveaways on their facebook some good giveaways and uh so go give them a like and uh and follow them and take advantage of these giveaways facebook instagram and they even have me doing some tick tock these days and i say you just tell me what to do i’ll do it

you know i fought tick tock for so long and i’m like man i i was wrong i always looked at it as something like kids do and then it got to the point i’m like this is kind of a legit platform as much as i hate to admit it but it makes it fun when we have to film some tic tacs yes yes i’ve seen some of y’alls are great um it’s also too important and important to mention that you’re a member of the lp chamber commerce yes uh which i i was i’m an ambassador with the chamber and uh which is what led me to ribbon cutting um but you’re also a part of livingston young professionals which is a kind of like a division of the chamber of commerce how do you like that they always have fun things going on lately i haven’t been able to go with the baby but i always see like they do a tacky christmas sweater party and they do just meet ups and happy hours and lunch and i really feel like the chamber does such a great job providing opportunities and community for young professionals in livingston they really do they really do i agree 100 on that and i’ve always told uh april she needs to have a livingston old professionals and i would join because of young professionals y’all having so much fun i love it um in your questionnaire i also asked you obviously our namesake at leader and i asked you to define what you thought was a leader have to read this verbatim too um so you said i’d define a leader as someone who’s willing to do hard things and make hard decisions someone who cares for their team and is willing to work with them and alongside them to make things successful a leader is open to suggestions and criticism and is comfortable with things being uncomfortable a leader is someone looking forward or a leader is someone who is looking forward wondering how we can do things better and how we can implement those things the later recognizes and cheers on the success of others around them a leader develops other leaders that’s probably the best definition of a leader that i’ve ever had on this show so i don’t know what you win but you win something my bottle of water you want a bottle of water but i’m telling you that is exactly how i would say a leader was um at the end of the day that’s what they do they develop other leaders um so i just wanted to shout that out very well said um so someone that is hearing us talk today uh hopefully they’re gonna say i want to go do some business with louisiana i care they seem like awesome people um i know you have a website so we want to mention that what’s your website it’s and you also have a facebook and an insta and a tick tock in there they’re all the same yep and if you go to just louisiana i care on facebook or instagram it’ll link to our website awesome so uh folks go check that out um and also we need to mention where you’re located on range avenues for the one or two people that may not know i’m sure everybody’s pass there a million dollars yes right next door to sherwin-williams across the street from the sonic there you go so right pretty much in the center of range avenue right there and and uh conveniently located they got plenty of parking uh just uh amazing business over there at louisiana eye care um did you have fun today i did thank you for having me it was great well i’ll tell you what i learned a lot i’m about to make an appointment folks that’s how my job learned so um so anytime you want to come back you want to talk eyes we’re willing to have you here and uh and i think it’s an important subject and i think people don’t take enough time out really to learn like we discussed earlier eyes are something that if you don’t really have a problem you don’t think about them exactly but obviously you can catch some problems early and and maybe avoid some issues absolutely yeah i do want to read some fun facts that i had you uh i had you do and the first one was hilarious so uh i asked you if you purchased the yacht what would you name it you said i don’t know about that but my husband says if i were ever to get a tattoo it would be a jar of almond butter you’re an almond butter fan i am an almond butter fan and he always he always laughs i mean he walks by and i’m just eating out the jar of almond butter it’s a problem it’s an issue well uh i love it so what job would you want did you want when you were 12 years old you said a pharmacist you want to be a pharmacist when you were awesome uh if you could have any superpower what would it be you said teleporting because you love to travel that would be an awesome superpower for sure and you’re not the first one to say that one and if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go i could have couldn’t agree more with this switzerland and you do some hiking out there you like to hike i do and mountains and that that sounds great yeah yeah i did actually me and my wife did some hiking in alaska yeah i can’t imagine yeah it was awesome was it cold though yeah um yes it we went in the summertime on a cruise and it was still cold um especially as you increased in elevation and when you don’t know really where it ends you keep walking and i’m like i think we’re at the top um yeah and then you got to hurry back down before the boat leaves but um but yeah that was really fun go to alaska one day it’s beautiful oh it’s beautiful over there um so i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share local leaders on all your social media please remember to go see louisiana i care on facebook give them a like and they post so much great information on just eye care in general it is definitely worth the visit and worth the like i do want to thank all our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor william waldrop of twfg insurance b.j pawn fit blind’s denim springs black sheep creative sr enterprise painting ideal lane spawn boutique fit body boot camp we could do none of this without all of those folks and if you want some information on sponsoring or appearing on the show reach out to me at gym local leaders of podcast dot com until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like louisiana i care and keep leading thank you very much thank you

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