Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge is Making Outside Fun Again!

Marla Mullins and Jake Carruth of Mosquito Joe Join Local Leaders: The Podcast

Mosquito Joe of Baton Rouge sits down with Jim Chapman to discuss all the services Mosquito Joe can offer you, from mosquito abatement in your yard and at events, to helping keep mosquitoes out of your business.

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Video Transcript (Beta)

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all right louisiana is known for a lot of things crawfish boils saturday night lsu game get togethers on the back patio and let’s face it we’re an outdoor culture around here right unfortunately due to our damp climate we’re also known for mosquitoes big mosquitoes my guest for today can help you prepare for your outdoor events and make the outdoors fun again we have miss marla mullins and her son mr jake carruth here to tell us all about mosquito joe and the services they offer so welcome to both of you to local leaders of the podcast thank you so before we jump into your business and all the great things mosquito joe offers in the way of treatments for outdoor spaces both residential and commercial we want to get a little history on it on you good folks miss marla we’ll start with you you’re from arkansas originally i am originally from arkansas i’ve been here since 2003. since 2003 and we love our arkansas razorbacks uh as long as they’re not playing lsu they’re playing lsu we’re like what but we do uh you know pretty country up there i tell people all the time i’ve traveled to little rock many many times so uh beautiful country up there and how did you end up in the deep south well we moved here in 2003 when um jake’s dad transferred here and and we just fell in love with it and been here ever since yeah yeah not too much different than than arkansas from a people’s standpoint i mean right you know it’s still the south and people are friendly in the south not that they’re not friendly in the north but uh definitely friendly down here in the south so not not a huge culture shock for you i’m sure um some interesting facts on you you were a music teacher i was i taught music for about 20 years was it like band or was it singing singing is is my thing so i but i taught elementary music for about 20 years perfect ought to make you sing on the pocket i might get even more viewers uh and interesting that you are all you also sing for the batman symphony orchestra right why you must have a beautiful voice well i love to do it jake do you sing uh i do not me neither no worries i wish i could but i think it’s better that i don’t i hear you now you’re you’re soon to be college graduate and you you’re going into business right obviously uh especially with what you got going on right now but you’re also a golfer uh a little bit yeah i played in high school yeah and i wanted to in college but i ended up just kind of getting a little burnt out on it yeah so yeah but yeah it’s something that i love to do in my off time as of now awesome awesome now there’s a story with uh with your involvement in the business uh earlier maybe than you expected so miss marla tell us tell us how jake came to kind of get involved with mosquito joe well my husband actually bought the franchise for me and jake to run and the goal was for him to graduate from college and then help me with the business maybe take over he got involved a little bit earlier when my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017. so jake had to take off some time from school and help me with that so that i could care for my husband and and he helped me run the business wow no burner right right yeah uh you know you help mom and and uh that comes first and i’m sure you had no hesitation there so that’s an impressive young man right there though to do that and when i was looking over your your story um that was something that stood out so way to step up yeah bj pawn and gun and denim springs wants to buy your am wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area bj palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

now before we go any further jake at one point you worked at caddyshack driving ring i did yeah i took golfing lessons there like three years ago yes i did i’ll tell you a quick story you’ll like this um i was having a problem pulling my head out when i would uh when i would drive right so i was slicing all over the all over the place and whoever taught me i want to say it was the owner back then he said i got a tip for you bite your collar of your shirt and swing like a hundred times it’s muscle memory right so you won’t pull your head up and so i did that and sure enough straight down fair way uh so when i would golf for about a year after that every time i would drive i would bite my shirt and people were like what are you doing and i said just trust me yeah you got to trust the process oh yeah yeah i mean i had a horrible slice and i you know it was it was bad but he was a pretty good teacher that guy but i remember caddyshack man yeah that was a fun place yeah i was working there uh throughout high school and a little bit into college and stuff and was basically running the whole place kind of that you know at a few different points and everything so yeah i couldn’t imagine that had to be fun i mean yeah yeah especially whenever it was slow and there was no customers be able to go out and just hit balls and stuff if everything else was taken care of at that point so yeah so he’s used to working outside right exactly yeah you know you wouldn’t know what to do if you had air conditioning problems no doubt about it um so we’re going to jump right into your business because this this business intrigues me in a lot of ways i know when we first met i talked about the branding that’s what caught my eye initially it’s just great branding i mean it’s the colors you know people business owners um some do and some don’t realize the importance of branding and and eye appeal and um you know right now in today’s climate there’s a you know these wraps on cars um what a great thing 20 years ago we didn’t really have that i don’t i don’t know if the technology wasn’t there somebody just didn’t think of it but now car wraps are big it’s a mobile billboard right i mean everywhere you go your billboard is you know people are seeing that and so kudos to mosquito joe you all have great branding your colors you can’t miss them you know that green and that that yellow just pop and so i really enjoyed that why statements are huge and yours had had a good impact on me um so you said ry is all about family home is a haven and a refuge for family helping customers take back their yards just extends that haven having a refuge has never been more important as it has been this past year no doubt about that we just wanted to make outside fun again so well said and there was a lot of passion in that statement i wanted to kind of quote that um it is important to make outside fun again it sounds simple right but you know we were talking earlier and in south louisiana we got a mosquito problem everybody knows that so uh so this company mosquito joe is here to help all of us listeners uh have fun again in the outdoors and in our backyards and where that haven is because we’re party people around here you know saturday night football games we’re barbecuing we’re having nine people at our house who wants who wants uh problems with swatting mosquitoes and you know all of that sort of thing so mosquito joe is a franchise with a stellar reputation and one of the top franchises in the country right um tell us how you came to actually choose mosquito joe my cousin actually was one of the first franchisees in 2012 with mosquito joe and he bought he owns all of the state of arkansas except for one territory so he runs all of that so he had talked to us about it for several years and just one day my husband listened and he next thing i know we’re on the way to virginia to sign the papers and get it started sounds like me so what do you think about killing mosquitoes yeah i mean that’s uh and you couldn’t have picked a better company with a better reputation than mosquito joe i did a lot of research on them and uh they’re like we said one of the top franchises in the country and there’s a reason for that it’s because their products work and i’m sure they have a lot of support behind the scenes for their franchisees such as you folks who are legitimate business owners you know uh just like all of us um now for those that may be unfamiliar with what i’m talking about mosquito joe’s under the umbrella of the parent company neighborly for those that don’t know who neighborly is it’s a company that specializes and is well known for franchise subsidiaries these franchises include not only mosquito service they have uh pressure washing they have window cleaning franchises dryer vent cleaning franchises i think i bought four of them while i was researching yeah i don’t know i was like wow that would be a good idea um including even gutter cleaning now this was interesting to me men and kittens

loved it loved it i don’t know if they have that here but um but i really was uh their branding is impressive and it’s really funny right just uh just their whole concept but the important thing is the backing not only your company but your customers receive from neighborly in the way of quality products and customer service right right yeah so it’s it’s not you know from a franchise standpoint it’s important that you’re you stand with a company like a neighborly that um is there to kind of support their franchise owners and thus it supports the end customer so very very good now mosquito joe is not just about mosquitoes and actually offers several services other than mosquitoes miss miss marla tell me about the other services she offer well we offer here in louisiana we treat for mosquitoes ticks and fleas it does help with several other outdoor pests so we have a synthetic product that we use and we also have a botanical so for our more all-natural type customers we do have that offer available as well

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and it’s interesting that here in livingston parish we don’t have mosquito abatement at all um you’re basically left on your own uh if you want to kill mosquitoes in your backyard so your services are extremely important here um not only to mosquitoes but also flies and ticks and fleas and all those sorts of things jake let’s discuss kind of the dangers of these pests outside of just aggravation because the first thing is the aggravation but these you know mosquitoes can be a health hazard right yeah absolutely um we’re part of several programs actually that help uh other countries and stuff that deal with malaria and west nile and you know all the big names uh disease zika as well yeah and we um we have one program that we’re part of called nothing but nets where we send that’s out to uh foreign third world third world countries and that helps them provide you know some protection from the mosquitoes that they have there love that love that and that’s a great name for that nothing but nets it’s not basketball right a little bit different yeah and you know that’s something that i definitely want to impress here because the health side of it’s you know just as important as the aggravation side um you know ticks ticks ticks are a dangerous thing they carry a lot of diseases most notably lyme disease which is i’ve never had it but and i don’t think there’s a cure for it but i do know a couple of people that got ticks and uh and contracted lyme disease and that is no joke i mean that’s like the rest of your life we’ve actually had a uh a couple customers that have had certain reactions with mosquitoes or allergic reactions or you know certain type of medical conditions and literally you know needs to stay inside so that they you know don’t get stung or anything because then they end up getting to a hospital wow because you know due to whatever the medical conditions are you know it could be something inside uh their brain or their heart and stuff and if they get bit by a mosquito at that point you know they’ll just be sent to their emergency room yeah we’ve had several customers that have said they’ve had west nile or that some of their family members have had west nile and they said you know it’s just nothing to sniff at no i can’t and i don’t want it that’s for sure they never want to have to have to deal with that we even had a former employee whose mother had it and so he was very passionate about you know mosquito control yeah yeah and it’s it’s ultra important so i that’s something i didn’t want to hammer down you know it’s uh it’s aggravating we don’t like it and of course you have a get-together you don’t want mosquitoes flying around everywhere but um aside from that it’s just healthy i mean it’s it’s just good to stay away from those diseases obviously of course pets are are susceptible to like fleas right um not just humans uh as well as ticks so um if you have a pet that’d probably be a good good idea to call you call you folks yeah absolutely come out there and take care of the the yard and all of those sorts of things because you can’t you can’t control that unless you have like a mosquito job to to control it yeah we’ve had several people that have come to us and said you know we’ve tried this we’ve tried that but nothing’s really working and so they ultimately end up coming to us yeah we do recommend that they they keep their pets on a flea and tick uh preventative yes and to make sure that if you have any gaps in your fence or that sort of thing where wildlife can get through there that will oftentimes carry fleas into your yard so to you know make sure that your fences as much as can be or are blocked up enough to prevent that that’s a great point and uh so there’s a tip for you homeowners out there and pet owners you know make sure you have them holes blocked up now miss marla what are some things other than that that homeowners could do to kind of help control mosquitoes before they call mosquito joe or in between treatments well mosquitoes have to have water to breed and in louisiana there’s water everywhere we can’t control it all so we treat what we can but for your own backyard tip and toss if you have toys back there if you have buckets back there you need to dump those out after rainfall your dog’s bowls you want to make sure always have clean water in them because mosquitoes can lay about 300 eggs in just a teaspoon of water so that’s just a bottle cap yeah and and and multiply that by 300 other mosquitoes yeah you know and there’s many more than that um in your yard yeah ready look i know several people including my wife who uh think it’s fancy to have rainwater buckets that they actually you know for flowers and stuff like that so we may need to not do that anymore because that’s probably a major breeding ground we do run into that a lot but we can treat that as well and you can still use your water really but it does need to be does need to be treated interesting and uh so there you go uh jake tell us about the chemical side of what you do so y’all mentioned the botanical and all that sort of stuff um are these chemicals harmful by any means no what we do we have two different types of services really uh both of which are made up of very high quality chemicals that help you know get rid of mosquitoes ticks and fleas any type of really you know outside nuisance our synthetic barrier spray is the main one that’s what will adhere to the leaves and the foliage in your yard or you know your property and that’s whenever a mosquito tick flea whatever it may be we’ll land on it and it’ll just be killed off right then and there our other one is the botanical spray which is more so a uh what we used to call an all-natural spray but it’s more so a barrier rather than something that will kill off any mosquitoes or you know nuisances outside okay so a lot of people with uh gardens and flowers and you know potted stuff like that that’s what they prefer is the botanical treatment just to make sure that none of their crops or none of their plants you know gardens anything like that could possibly get you know sprayed with anything so yeah and and that is absolutely true as a matter of fact i was speaking to my neighbor yesterday about you good folks and the first thing she asked me was is it going to kill my plants or my grass and i’m like i don’t think so but i’ll ask it’s actually plant-based both of our products synthetic and and the botanical the botanicals more of an essential oil but they are plant-based so they’re not going to harm your plants we do we do have a pollinator protection program so we avoid flowers we don’t spray any flowering plants because we want to protect the beneficial insects absolutely very good point yeah so no worries there folks uh plants grass it’s all safe and and these are people are experts so they’re going to know what to spray wire and all that sort of thing and they’ll cover all of that with you so 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let me ask uh let me ask you another question why why not do this myself right why not go to home depot and buy uh uh you know fogger or whatever they call it um what what would be the difference between those chemicals a fogger i have a lot of people that have called me and said we we keep fogging in our yard and it only lasts you know a few hours and that’s just it it’s going to last a few hours where our products will actually adhere to the leaves for about three weeks yeah so during that time any mosquitoes that land on what we’ve sprayed they will be eliminated and we’re also treating all the breeding areas you can’t forget about the breeding areas because if you can conquer that you don’t even need to spray or at least that would be hopeful yeah exactly and um i’ll tell you this being from i’ll give everybody a good example of what you just said i of course grew up in the paint business and so i sold paint and one of my distributors was someone you could get their products at home depot and you could get them at my company and um the way i would explain the difference to people is there’s consumer brands and there’s professional brands right they’re different their chemical makeup is different um with this particular distributor the name was the same everything almost was identical except for mine was just stronger mine just worked a little better it covered better and you know all those sorts of things because it’s a more professional environment we deal with professional painters in your case likely the same thing i mean they have consumer brands that are going to work for a day or two or you know maybe a weekend but they’re not going to last beyond that and that’s a big difference i mean what is the length of time typically and i know you can’t put an exact number because then you get someone calling you know 13.5 days out saying i got a mosquito i saw today but what is a typical uh for synthetic barrier spray the chemicals that we use typically break down after about three weeks so what we recommend yeah it’s a lot longer than you know what the state does whenever you call them they come out for free and spray and everything that only lasts for 12 to 24 hours really yeah ours sticks to the leaves for about three weeks and we recommend going through three treatments and once you do that that’s at the point where we’ve broken the breeding cycle of all the larva and the mosquito eggs and stuff that may be laying in your yard so with all of that we also tailor the chemicals specifically to your house and your property so that it’s very specific towards everything that you have okay good and so what i like about that is you guys are going out there and i would imagine when you go and make a house call i guess you would call it an initial meeting you would kind of look at the environment and make recommendations and things like that good deal good deal we always sing a door tag and if there’s anything that needs to be addressed you know the technicians will we’ll write it on the door tag or sometimes we have people that contact us and say is there anything that needs to be addressed you know in my yard and i like to hear that because that’s people that really want to you know help you do a lot yourself just by making sure you don’t have water in your backyard that that can easily be emptied no doubt about it no doubt about that um so a few things i noticed regarding your services that you don’t require a contract uh basically you’re available for a one-time treatment which i think is beneficial for large events such as like an outdoor wedding right um or a concert or something like that that’s going to be outside i know livingston parish fairgrounds does those a lot and especially now that we’re open back up and you also offer year-round services you know um i guess my first question probably a question people would be wondering is how often you know should they do this if if the product kind of starts breaking down is it like a once a month thing or is it like pest control where it’s once every three months what what we recommend every three weeks because the product does break down in the sun and everything we i try to explain people it’s like fingernail polish when it goes on wet we want it to give it 30 minutes to dry after it’s on it has to wear off it’s not going to just wipe off or anything but it will wear off after about 21 days and like he said after the third treatment will have broken that breeding cycle the mosquito and then your situation’s just going to get better and stay better and in that three weeks if you do have an issue if you let us know within two weeks we’ll come back and retreat free of charge if you’re sticking to that three week rotation oh there you go so that’s a great that’s a great uh thing to know so there uh all you folks out there three weeks or so that’s when it starts breaking down you may want to get a respray after that or go under you know i don’t know if you call in an agreement but discuss with mosquito joe how often you would like to do this and and of course they could quote you on those things now a few situations i thought of when preparing this podcast i would imagine anyone with a pool for example probably great use uh could take great use of this service absolutely like i said we we treat year round for those people that do have those outdoor kitchen those pool areas that they use year-round the main season is march through november that’s where we see the most activity but some people just want us during the summer that’s perfectly fine too sure yeah and i mean no contract if you just want a one-time thing if you’re having a big major event it’s kind of a no-brainer to give you we recommend two treatments if possible before an event but you will definitely see a notice even after you know a difference even after one yeah and even with the uh you know the one time sprays a lot of the times those people that end up having those events afterwards it’s so much of a success they end up staying on the program and they end up going all year round yeah so yeah fantastic and you know it’s a maintenance thing it’s i tell people all the time you can always do something once but no matter what you’re doing as far as a service you want it you want to maintain it because once you come out there and you do it for a little while if you stop then you’re kind of starting at ground zero again at some point right that’s why i recommend the three weeks because if some people it only fits their budget once a month that’s fine we you know we’ll do that but you will see that uptick between you know in mosquito activity between the third and fourth week and um people that say oh skip this time skip this time well we’re starting over every time

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so yeah and you know moisture like you said mosquitoes need water to breed and so people with sprinkler systems going around their house for their flowers and everything of course you need that for your flowers to grow right but the downside to that is your your environment’s getting moist once again and so breeding grounds start to happen so if you have sprinkler systems for you know your yards and things like that mosquito job good idea i would say yeah definitely um it’s very important to mention that you also service commercial large commercial businesses um real world scenario we discussed this earlier but i want all the listeners to hear this just this past week i ate at one of my favorite restaurants okay here locally they have an amazing patio and as i’m eating i was swatting away a few flies um i got bit on my bald head one time and with you know with covid a lot of restaurants have built outdoor seating and out these outdoor patios jake i would imagine they could really take advantage of what you guys do yeah absolutely especially after the pandemic had hit and a lot of people started you know sitting outside and social distancing that way yeah um that’s whenever we started seeing a lot of people dealing with you know mosquitoes and stuff or flies out on patios of you know any restaurant really um so we’ve been reaching out to some restaurants here and there and seeing you know if they were interested in the service and a lot of them you know are interested absolutely yeah just trying to still open back up though is the main thing so if you have an outdoor patio and you’re a restaurant you might as well look at that as a cost of doing business and if there is nothing that will run a customer off quicker or a like yeah a customer then if flies are flying around their feet everywhere no matter how beautiful the place is and because the issue becomes uh you know the perception and so that’s where you really folks uh if you own outdoor seating in a restaurant you just put that in the budget i mean uh you gotta have it um and so with all these restaurants in baton rouge you know here in livingston parish that are opening uh you got an option right here where these folks would make it as easy as possible for you of course you know you i’m sure every now and then you might have some one fly but there’s a big difference between that and a million um but you know it brings up a good point and i wanted to kind of kind of segue into that and that is some people have a perception you can’t control you can’t control uh mosquitoes i mean we’re in louisiana and it’s just the opposite from what i’m hearing you can control them right we can’t get rid of them totally 100 but we can control them yeah i mean if you have 600 mosquitoes in your yard pick a number and you can knock that down to 40 i’m in 100 i’m so i asked you questionnaire who played a large influence in your business ms morla and you stated your husband howard yeah um i wanted to read this because i thought it was sweet you said he is my go-to guy he is the numbers guy the negotiator the calm in the storm and the maintenance man he stands in the gap for all of us uh how important has that been to your success very important because like i say you know i was a teacher i don’t have a business background he has that so he’s he’s the one that i go to just for everything and i mean just last night he was repairing something yeah and so you know and good to have that around exactly and you know he he is the go-to he is the stand in the gap for all of us whether it’s personal or business he’s always there he’ll you know he still works his job full-time so he makes time for us when we when we need it um with mosquito joe or you know just at home yeah fantastic sounds like a awesome guy he is awesome so um and and it’s it is very important and you need both you need that that teacher mentality and that business mentality because um that is kind of like two sides of the spectrum and it’s two great uh personalities to bounce off of each other right i find um so very good um now digital marketing let’s talk about that for a minute so digital marketing um has been something in business that has really propelled you know it’s enabled small business to kind of compete with big business in a lot of ways um because everybody on say facebook has an even platform it’s all about how many people you can attract for what you’re trying to say um now one thing that people struggle with is kind of like the sharing aspect of social media for example this episode you know um we want people to share that we want people to know the services you offer because it’s a huge value here in louisiana we live in a swamp i tell people that all the time we’re in a swamp down here if you don’t have mosquito control um you’re in trouble you know you’re not going to be able to enjoy the outside you’re not going to be able to uh do a lot of things for an extended period of time especially once it gets to be you know the sun setting and sun’s going down and all of us have been there um i would imagine that uh that social media has really helped y’all it really has it really has um you know we’re on facebook we’re on instagram um you can find our commercials on youtube you can find all kinds of things um and it certainly helps you know get our name out there get our what we do out there a lot more effective than than just paper mailers which we do as well but we’re trying to do much more digital marketing this year yeah i want to provide a quote on leaders here um when i asked you to define a leader you said a leader puts others first while working towards a common goal if your employee knows you care about them they’re going to do anything for you i agree with that 100 customer satisfaction and making things right is very important and that is very well said and i did want to ask you how important are the employees to the success of mosquito joe they are the face of the company without them i’m just a person behind the phone nobody ever sees me they talk to me on the phone customer service i’m very big on customer service but my employees they’re the ones the technicians are the ones that are out there that are the face of the company they’re the ones dealing with the the customers on you know a daily basis so they see them um they’re they’re having to be troubleshooters and and that sort of thing and so you know for them to care about what they’re doing is very important because that’s what the customer’s going to get that’s going to be their satisfaction 100 you agree with that absolutely yeah um i think our customer satisfaction is one of the biggest things that play a role for our success honestly um with all the reviews that we get and everything each one that doesn’t really satisfy what we’re looking for you know a 10 out of 10 service or something like that yeah we’re going to reach out to you and ask you know what exactly is it that went wrong with it or what you know what exactly what prevented the you know the two points from getting a 10 out of 10 instead of an 8 out of 10. yeah because we want to try and fix that for you and make it you know the best for service as possible and i’m glad you brought that up because reviews are important um you know 20 years ago you didn’t have to worry about reviews it wasn’t the internet was kind of just coming up and and i’m old enough to remember that unfortunately but um but reviews now people really put a lot of stock into it i can remember a time when i was thinking nobody reads that pays attention to that and someone told me do you look at reviews when you go to amazon to buy something and i’m like indeed i do so um although i don’t buy from amazon that much but when i did it’s very important i tell people a lot when someone has a bad experience they can’t wait to get on social media or google reviews and say something about it but when they have a good experience people aren’t necessarily as in a hurry maybe because they expect it and they expect the good service so but please if you have a good if you have a good experience put it on that review because it builds the back side of that company google um it’s very important that google knows who you are and what you do and your reputation and the more good reviews you get the more you bump up that feed right google rewards you yes exactly um so very important that when you have a good experience you put those reviews if you had a bad experience and and uh i know mosquito joe has never had customers with that but if any company if you have a bad experience reach out to the company first give them a chance to fix it before you do things like that we send out a survey to all of our customers after their first or second treatment and if that if it’s not a 10 we reach out to them just as jake said and we say how can we improve it what can we do but i personally read every one of those every one of those come to me and i do see them and i send a thank you you know to anybody that’s filled one out and if if there’s something that needs to be improved upon then then we make sure that’s taken care of as well absolutely you can tell y’all y’all really care about that um and also on the employees i agree with both of you and you know they can make or break you a lot you know your employees are probably the most important aspect of your business other than what you’re offering absolutely so shout out on that now

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now like any great leaders giving back is huge that’s a big thing um marla uh but i also want to talk about you have some local partnerships with friends of the animals we do the animals um we we take care of their all their treatments for friends of the animals and um um that’s a great organization yes yes and i mean they’re a rescue they they take animals and uh find homes for them find foster homes so we treat all of their area complimentary and and they send things home with adopted pets about our service and all awesome and what is owed to the warriors owed to the warriors it’s a program for veterans that are in transition maybe they’ve just come home from um right and are having trouble getting established back home because i mean we put our vets through so many things over there and then come expect them to come home and just be okay so we support them we we make donations to them we help them out we actually have a couple of veterans that have worked for us um they’re hard workers we treat their area you know complimentary as well and and encourage people to make donations as much as they can to that program that’s awesome and let me tell you uh you hit the nail on the head it’s difficult to come back from war and adjust and uh and so i have a huge love for veterans a very very long military history so thank you for doing that um i’m sure those those guys and guys love it so oh to the warriors uh to our warriors check that out online uh so mosquito joe you service area right that’s important so tell me about that you service baton rouge area livingston parish ascension paris west baton rouge parish we go as far as uh saint francisville up in that area um we’ve gone down to p.r party way down there yeah that’s uh so so don’t think if you you know i have listeners that they’ll expand out quite a bit so if you’re in pierre park you can still take advantage of mosquito joe no problem and you can always go to the website and type in your zip code and it’ll tell you you know whether we cover your area or not or someone will contact you and let you know fantastic and i know y’all do uh y’all do home shows and things like that trade shows right any coming up we just had one this past weekend okay how was that it was great um we also did the denim springs um spring fest yes you did so we saw you there yeah um and i did wanna in you know folks when i bring up things like that and i’m glad you brought up the festival um obviously you support the community you’re working in right and absolutely you know um they were there at the festival that’s where i found them and uh and of course that logo caught my eye right away and and uh my wife’s like you’re going to talk to him about a podcast and i’m like absolutely i’m going to talk to him about a podcast this is awesome because i had senior signs you know about town i guess you could say and and uh it’s funny that since i’ve announced your podcast i’ve had at least 10 people reach out to me and they’re like i’ve seen those signs so y’all signs are working is the point i’m getting at there um the festival several of them mentioned that they had seen you at the festival so um all those things are working for you right and uh and it’s a good thing especially for this parish but any parish you know you want to get your mosquito control and all that sort of stuff um restaurants i want to hammer that again outdoor patios very important what about like a parks you know like i would imagine that would be a good place like uh absolutely yeah we’ve had some special events uh at some parks and stuff before that i’ve been put on for you know the summer programs for kids and everything and we’ve been able to spray those you know parks and areas and you know and it helps out with the kids and you know the faculty there too so and both wall park um in baton rouge uh we spray it and they’re an outdoor music venue so we we take care of them fantastic and you know churches that have uh the little playgrounds and stuff like that there’s a lot of them around here uh another good idea to get someone to control that we do some daycares as well daycare is very important what about apartment complexes things like that i have had some that that have asked to spray around certain apartments that were having an issue and then i’ve had some that have duplexes and that sort of thing that we do their little patio areas out back so no area is too small no areas too large there you go they’ll take care of it all basically uh for sure mosquito joe with regard to basically your your first initial meeting with a customer would they just reach out and uh and request a a consultation i guess you would call it is there any cost for that no we give free quotes so just call the office or you can go to baton and fill out some information on there that comes directly to me i’ll contact you i can measure your of course the prices based on the size of the area that we treat so i can measure that online and in instances where i can’t then i send somebody like jake out to do a personal quote for them fantastic and and how long you know obviously when you’re you know that all depends on the area you’re doing but how long of a process is it to get a quote can you typically i usually can do it right on the spot or i’ll send somebody out within a day we try to get new customers treated within a day or two very good so if you’re patient like me they can get it to you pretty quick uh so that’s good to know now interesting that i i love this part of the show and that’s the fun facts that uh uh that i ask people um so i did i asked y’all some fun fact questions and uh the first one i asked was if you purchased a yacht what would you name it miss marla you responded miss julia after your daughter loved that name by the way julie’s beautiful name and jake wade’s wave after your dad yeah right awesome awesome and i love the wave part behind that now i also asked you dream job when you were 12. uh a lawyer i don’t know why i can but you don’t seem like you like to argue with people well i guess my husband might say differently you’re right i get that and jake and athlete i can relate to that of course all those guys we wanted to be athletes when we were 12. if you had any any superpower what would it be miss marley you wanted super strength yes awesome that’s a good one i wouldn’t mind some super strength and yours was hilarious you said flight or make food appear whenever i want it i yeah and that was actually a little bit of an inspiration from a friend of mine so yeah yeah again i can relate but yeah i think that would be an amazing amazing yeah um if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go love your answer on this you said see more of my own country yellowstone the northeast in the fall or napa valley right very good right very good and and um i i’ll tell you what alaska is beautiful i don’t know if you’ve been there i have not oh it’s like living in a painting oh that’s what i’ve heard i have a friend that that is from there and he he posts some beautiful pictures it would be a great place to visit yeah it would be um jake europe and ireland yeah that’s good choices ireland i couldn’t imagine yeah i’ve never been you know over into europe or overseas or anything so i would love to visit and yeah see some of our uh ancestors history i have irish roots and i would love to go there one day right and uh and try to talk like the irish or however they do it that was horrible but um so i agree with all those now everyone out there all my listeners let’s support this amazing business i i have a i’m very lucky and fortunate and blessed that i have a lot of contacts and a lot specifically that could use your services from event planners which uh which i have a pretty big uh sphere of event people that i i deal with just from life um but also uh some landscape companies and things like that that i deal with pretty heavy so i’ll definitely refer you but anybody out there listening um if you notice your friends slapping their neck one day when you’re at their house and y’all are outside and you’re like man these mosquitoes are horrible tell them to call mosquito joe to mention it send them the link to this podcast because i can’t tell you how valuable this service is and how good these people are that’s something on this show that we try to put out there is we want you to know who these people are behind these companies these are good people and we want to support them this is your fifth year i believe uh right we started in 2016. hi this is lori johnson with hancock whitney bank and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast visit for previous episodes or for information on appearing on the show so um so the point of this show is to look out and and get to know these people behind the scenes and i hope that everyone out there sees what i see and it’s good people they work hard they uh they love what they do and they’re gonna take care of you so uh so reach out to them uh marla jake i do wanna thank you for coming on today i’ve really enjoyed uh telling your story for all those people that watch this if you want more information let’s shout out your website and your facebook baton rouge at mosquito baton okay facebook just mosquito joe at baton rouge and instagram mosquito joe br and i’m gonna tag all of that to this video as well so make it easy for people that just click on it and go straight to uh to your website and your facebook and and uh get whatever service they want to get uh i would recommend that every three weeks personally um but if you’re doing a big event and you just want to do it once hey they’re they’re all about it they’ll go out there and and make sure uh you know you get taken care of i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share local media uh local leaders on all social media platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on all of our local businesses we are honored to have surpassed 7 100 subscribers on youtube y’all that’s that’s a milestone for us and congratulations well it’s all about you guys really um i’m just the guy that kind of pulls it out but we’re blessed to feature all local businesses like you good folks um every week on our show so thank you for letting me tell your story i really enjoyed it yeah i appreciate it i do want to mention lopa the louisiana organ procurement agency local leaders of podcast is partnering with real life real crime a podcast by woody overton as well as captain duvall of duvall’s cajun charters to offer a fishing trip for two with woody everton this inshore trip will come complete with a booked room in delacroix louisiana a fishing charter the next morning with duvall’s cajun charters and you will be fishing with woody everton himself as well as 225 quart yeti ice chests courtesy of local leaders of podcasts and another donated by our friends at home key mortgage of denham springs folks this package is valued at several thousand dollars and what we’re doing is we’re raffling off tickets so they’re fifteen dollars or if you buy a book of ten tickets it’s ten dollars you can get them at beauty born nutrition in denim springs or this show so thanks to those folks check that out and uh you know save a life donate an organ uh and say you know the i’ll tell y’all this story duvall’s cajun charters who is involved in this his mother lived for five years longer than he expected because of organ donation so uh just a beautiful thing to support thank you to all our sponsors tricia johnston realtor b.j pawn big mike sports bar and grill sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting william waldrop of twfg insurance we could not do any of this without all of you and all of you need to get mosquito control so call mosquito joe uh lastly we want to wish everyone a happy and safe memorial day weekend memorial day is this weekend take a few moments in between all of those barbecues to remember those who sacrificed everything so we can continue to enjoy our freedoms every day in this country until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like mosquito joe and keep leading thank you

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