Making Eye Appeal, Buy Appeal! The Story of Mr. Milkshake

Colin Odinet AKA Mr. Milkshake Joins Local Leaders: The Podcast

Colin’s story as Mr. Milkshake has led to his opening a new location at 240 Range 12 Blvd #107 here in Denham Springs – but it didn’t start there!

Jim Chapman of Local Leaders: The Podcast goes in-depth with Colin and learns so much more about what lead Colin to become the ultra-popular Mr. Milkshake with 30K followers on Facebook! A must-watch episode that you won’t want to miss out on listening to!!

Video Transcript (Beta)

hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with latter and bloom with your real estate tip of the week when you’re selling your house it seems like everyone has an opinion be careful who you listen to though while everyone who’s giving you advice and opinions may have very good intentions they may not have the knowledge and expertise necessary to be advising you on the sale of your biggest financial investment they may not be aware of certain important factors that go into determining the true value of your property even online sites try to give you an estimate of what your property’s worth the fact is they’ve never been anywhere near your home that’s a computer generated number that compares your home to properties within a certain radius of yours so they might be comparing your house to a condo or a mobile home or a foreclosure they don’t give any consideration to updates and improvements condition lot size property type whether or not you have a great view these are things that really can affect the value of your property so the best thing for you to do is to step away from the opinions and guesses the facts and the truth may be very different better or worse to get a true valuation of your property contact a knowledgeable and experienced realtor or an appraiser or both if you have any questions at all just give me a call i’m trisha johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you

thing i love it is when a new business opens in livingston parish couple that with some of the most interesting ice cream cones and milkshakes you could ever want to see with a taste of match and i am 150 in my guest for today is opening a brick and mortar right here in denham springs where i appeal alone will have you busting through the door i guarantee it just wait until you hear this story so with that welcome colin odenae commonly known as mr milkshake to local leaders of the podcast alrighty how are you doing i’m good man and you i love that last name oh danae that’s it that’s a good little cajun name right there that’s it so where are you from originally originally from uh saint bernard parish down in chalmette yeah you know lived down there so i was about 25 katrina yeah changed everything for us uh moved it out to the hammond way and been out this way since yeah chalmette’s always you know storms and chalmettes seem to go hand in hand when they come up the mouth of that mississippi it’ll mess you know y’all had your share over the history of that city absolutely uh you know it’s always a scare and then you wind up oh well let’s take a little trip while this one comes and yeah you get used to going and packing a couple of pair of pants and shorts and coming back in the next couple of days yeah did the same thing with katrina and lost everything i think i had like three pairs of shorts three pairs of shirts a couple pair underwear and that was that was a wrap and uh you didn’t have nothing to come back to right that was the thing with that storm you know it it and it was definitely the mama of them all or whatever they say and that was just an awful storm for that area um even here it was pretty bad so we’re far inland from where charmed is you know yeah it was it was a definite awakening uh and a lot of people would sad about it a lot of old people just lost everything and it was so hard for them they had nothing else to do right so it’s interesting you say that you know and even here of course it wasn’t the wind that got us it was the water but even here uh for young younger guys like me um i could rebuild and i kind of had i was very very worried but you know i looked at these older people during that flood and i’m like man these people are retired you know it’s not like they can or they have the desire really to go out there and get a job they were they didn’t expect this and so i can relate you know your heart goes out to the especially the older uh more seasoned generation absolutely uh colin we’re going to talk all about your business today uh but before we go into that i want to give everyone a little history on you first you have seven children sir what is that like just just a few um it’s a wild ride let’s just say that because we’re always in different directions um people all the time ask me man how do you do it with everything just i don’t know just do it you just make it happen right yeah so um yeah we have my kids range from 21 to 4. oh wow so that’s a range it’s a range and uh you know a lot of attention has to go between all of them it’s hard sure when you have that many kids but uh five girls two boys yeah so i i definitely have a couple of guns at home and uh you know i know the feeling

yeah it’s uh you know it’s you’re right i i have three in its work you know so i could only imagine seven um but you love them and and uh oh yeah you know just from a little bit i know of you you’re you’re definitely a uh someone that really cares for children and and all of that sort of thing so um what a blessing you know absolutely and you have employees for a long time as they grow up right that’s it they get rid of somebody get some new ones you know that’s uh that’s uh so you have a big love with the sport of basketball right you coached aau teams to this day uh absolutely uh this year i kind of took a break for a couple reasons um one shoulder surgery so that kind of set me back a little bit and then the new business was also uh you know we knew we were going in the direction of getting the brick and mortar it was our first really full year of of opening up during the spring so a lot of unknowns and we wanted to concentrate a little bit more knowing that i had to show the surgery and then knowing this we just wanted to make sure we we were concentrating on a business absolutely yeah and especially when you’re uh you know you’re no stranger to business you’ve been kind of running a business for a while just not a brick and mortar but when you couple that into the mix i would imagine you know it’s a whole kind of different world there oh yeah it’s it’s different um everything has its own challenges but you grow from it you learn from it it’s definitely been a learning experience yeah um you know going we wanted to do a brick-and-mortar to start however um you know when you don’t have them funds available right away the trailer kind of allowed me to uh make make a few dollars sure um allowed me to know markets yeah and that was a big thing uh it allows me to kind of get in an area see where i have a good following because it’s about success right everybody always says hey open here open here i would love to open one in every city but you know financially business-wise you have to do what makes sense and what’s going to make you successful so that’s right and you can you know you have to be careful that you don’t grow yourself out of business which people can’t will do they’ll get uh they’ll get into a position where they may have a successful business but they kind of expand way too quick and what happens is you have so much money going out and it’s not coming back at the same rate and then the next thing you know you’re in a bind you’re doing it the right way and uh you know one thing when we sat down for this kind of like a pre-interview uh i was very impressed with the thought you put into it some people just kind of jump into things they’re a little bit crazy with it especially podcasters but but you really put a lot of thought into it and uh you know i can’t uh find any flaws with the moves that you’ve made to kind of make sure and at least do everything you can to see success in what you’re doing obviously you’re a hard worker i think your branding is phenomenal you know and at the end of the day your product is freaking awesome forget all the other stuff the product comes first you know that’s got to be right it’s got to be good it’s got to be appealing so i want to kind of tell people my first experience with you because that um that’s going to kind of set up everything else so

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you know you support i always tell people make sure you support the community that you work in and that you spend your time in and you do that and um colin before he had before he started on his brick and mortar had a very successful food i guess you call it food truck business it goes to festivals and all these neighborhoods all these sorts of things well he went to this denham springs festival we just had here i guess it’s about a month and a half ago and uh me and my uh wife were there and we’re walking around and of course you know look boy i’m i’m i know everybody there so i’m going up messing with people at the booths and i see a kid walk by and he’s got an ice cream cone that has a giant donut on it and it looks amazing i stopped mid sentence talking to somebody and i turned around and i said where did he get that so me and my wife meandering down and we come across you know your up there and you are rocking over there and for for people that don’t know the spring uh i guess it’d be the spring festival was just on fire there were had to be a million people there i’m exaggerating a little bit but a lot of people um and i think some of that was due to everybody was ready to get out covet had just kind of you know uh finally we can get out and do things and so that was part of it but it was interesting that of all the booths and they all were packed yours was the most packed um and there was four or five different uh concoctions that you had and every one of them were unbelievable so of course i jumped in line i said i want that you know donut giant beautiful thing right there uh colin and his staff over there made it in record time i couldn’t believe how fast they were moving and uh and it was delicious and the first thing i told him was you got to come on my podcast i didn’t even know he was having you know setting up a brick and mortar and we talked for a minute and he mentioned that he was putting a location in denim and i’m like this is this is a match made in heaven right here but i’m telling you if you know and i know all you listeners and stuff y’all are on my facebook and you’ve seen me put this these pictures up there of kyle’s concoctions at mr milkshake so uh you’re going to love it so i wanted to mention that story so people kind of know that you’re not new to this you have that food truck side of it we’re going to go way back beyond that you actually have culinary school training absolutely um so getting out of high school uh never really planned for what i wanted to do i know i love food so um i signed up for uh nunez community college yeah i went there um and then i kind of got into an internship at the ross and nasdar begays yes which was an awesome learning experience yeah and it was definitely a different side of food because you know fine dining you’re really making it fancy and nice and learned a lot about you know the prep work and what goes into it so um i worked in the food industry probably about two three years uh moved to the w hotel um worked there for a little while uh magnolia on magazine we’re in there for a little while so i i had some some good experience serious experience some good chefs yeah chef charlie bartel uh kind of was my mentor um coming in as his apprentice and you know he’s phenomenal uh i don’t even think he’s a chef no more but uh really yeah he was he’s he’s um he was really good to me and uh taught me a lot so wow interesting and and it’s funny how life you know leads you into the into this field of just unbelievable ice cream uh and milkshakes but i do want to mention that that’s probably also where you honed your presentation right in food presentation is almost as important as taste absolutely eye appeal is by appeal i love it you know you hear i hear that and use it for multiple things but if it looks good people want it right yeah that’s the first thing the first thing you you see you see what you want yeah um so that definitely is is the high appeal factor not alone it tastes great too sure but the eye appeal is important well that gets them like you say that’s by appeal that gets them to want it if it if it looks you know unappetizing they’re not going to spend the money to even try it i mean it’s first absolutely and that’s also the power of social media is is it’s more visual right because you’re seeing it so social media has been phenomenal for me and um that that’s really the spark of my business and i would even um i can’t even think of the adjective for your social media because you have this guy right here folks has 30 000 plus followers on facebook which is not easy take it from a guy that uh i consider myself a media expert it’s not easy kyle i mean that’s tough stuff 30 000 people and he’ll be the first to tell you you don’t know a whole lot about social media right no no look i have to relate to my kids when it comes to this stuff like hey they like no that’s pretty good and i’m like okay i’m pretty new to it i mean look i know how to make a post uh i know how to say hey this is where we’re gonna be um but ultimately uh i don’t know much about it i’m not a big tech guy well take a minute follow them right now on on social media and trust me you’ll be salivating at the at the concoctions they have i’m telling you so you’ve been at this a little while but you know it wasn’t with a brick and mortar initially um you had a food truck so i want to kind of start with what led you into the milkshake business in general and then uh take me through how you decided on that food truck all righty um so about three years ago um on facebook obviously yeah i i’ve seen some of these concoctions i’m like told my wife hey when this opens up we’re gonna have to go check this out yeah you know just like you when you’ve seen me it’s like hey um so about a year later it opened finally and we went and checked it out coming from a basketball tournament and uh we uh we loved it it was good good stuff and i wound up talking to the uh the owners of that location and um you know we uh we talked a little while they met me in covington maybe talk about a franchising yeah it didn’t quite work out yeah um so i was like well i have a culinary background i think this is something that i could kind of uh rub off of and uh maybe perfect and and change up a little bit so um maybe even make better yeah which i think you might have done absolutely um so so we went forward with it we were like okay let’s let’s start working with this and see what we could do so for that whole summer it was about two years ago uh we met with south asians business departments and big businessmen in the area met with her ice cream reps and then started playing with it bacon cookies brownies just doing everything we could do to kind of perfect what we wanted to do to see and it was awful hanging a lot in the beginning it was it was really bad so we were like okay this ain’t gonna work ditch it and then but the good thing was we were eating ice cream all the time yeah that’s always good the kids loved it because they were the guinea pigs absolutely um we would kind of probably gain a little bit of weight at that point so for that whole summer we really worked hard yeah and then it just kind of like put it to the wayside yeah um and then uh covet hit we really didn’t think about it then oh yeah yeah that’s a bad time to you know then it’s amazing you and a lot of other businesses it was like ideas stopped you know the whole world stopped kind of for a while absolutely you know you just kind of got stuck at home i was doing projects just building this building i was going crazy like you know yeah me and four walls don’t get along too well i’m i have to be moving and doing something yes um so right when they started to release people i think we could go to the gym so meet my wife hey we ain’t worked out in a while let’s go to the gym yeah go to the gym on the way home flipping through social media yeah and uh i’m a bunny bread man but now but one of my receiving managers made a post that hey i want a dessert vendor to come in to my neighborhood and so i’m like hmm i could do this yeah so i’ll call them like hey i think i could come do these milkshakes for you and she’s like you think you could do it i’m like yeah i could do it she’s like okay well get it together get back with me i hung up my phone and i’m like uh babe we’re gonna be doing this milkshake thing she’s like what i’m like uh yeah we’re gonna be doing it in a few weeks what did you just do and i’m like uh i don’t know what i just did but uh we got to order blenders we got to get cups we got to give it to her you have nothing i had nothing okay i had this little cheap little blender we practiced with and i’m like that would definitely not work so uh i think the next day i was on the firm with hershey’s um i was getting cups ordering cups from multiple places yeah um just getting everything together so it was like a whirlwind yeah it was legitimately a bullet out of a gun i never would have imagined it kind of would have fell out the way it did

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um so you know i guess they could say it’s all in god’s timing and it’s so true because the year before when we were really working on it working on it i guess it just wasn’t our time yeah and then all of a sudden just bang that quick it was his timing put us right where he needed to be and it was on indeed yeah and so you i would imagine you had some success that first time out with that neighborhood uh right we uh we operated out of a garage the first weekend i think we did like 92 shakes oh wow and it was uh it was crazy yeah we didn’t know what i didn’t know what i had at that point nobody did we just oh we did 92 that’s awesome yeah yeah we were excited um and we did it for a long time that day so it was a long span again just not knowing what we had we were you know just the first time sure trial by fire absolutely early so the next weekend um we had a uh the event yeah that we planned and uh i have a big old 28-foot gooseneck trailer we were just gonna pitch tents and be like all right we’ll set up um so i wound up cleaning my trailer really good empty gooseneck trailer painted it got it all together put some sinks in there yeah got our ice cream got the generator ready to go and we we did it out of a gooseneck bread trailer that uh event we did like 80 in like three hours and i mean we were slammed we had to wait nothing i ever expected but once we left there we were like really excited we’re like oh man this is going to be great yeah yeah and and then once it got there we got into the public and then it really just um once we hit social media and really pushed it i i don’t even think it was nothing i did i think it was pretty much the pictures in the product it sold itself at that point and it was just on yeah there was nothing holding it back and i’m grateful for it oh yeah and you know it’s amazing as i said before your your pictures kind of say the whole story with how good that stuff is because it tastes as good as it looks i mean i can tell y’all from experience um and yes you can eat the whole thing trust me i did it and you get milkshake wasted that’s absolutely one of the best uh you know phrases you could ever have in slogans for a business and i’ve been saying that uh i have people on facebook now laughing because i’ve been putting up we’re getting milkshake wasted on this show uh so at some point obviously uh that that food truck business took off you’re rocking and rolling every weekend and what’s interesting about that is it sounds like you didn’t even have time to think from the time that you did your first trial by fire uh event uh to the next week you’re already cleaning out your trailer and you’re just you’re on that wave you’re i’m gonna ride this thing and see where it takes me um but you know one thing that you did that it’s important that i hammer down is is mr milkshake they all tested for a long time different concoctions and flavors and i guess presentations and you know at some point you had to come up with an ice cream company that so tell me how you ended up with hershey’s as your uh as you’re kind of your go-to i guess for ice cream right well hershey’s has a uh i really didn’t know much about hershey’s um once i met with them rep the the other company that did the milkshakes they kind of told me what ice cream they were using so i was like okay but once i got in touch with them and they were giving me samples and taste and i’m like okay for somebody who was a bluebell guy all my life yeah i was like okay i’m this is a different monster you know ice cream is a little bit different um and look i love bluebell nothing knock and bluebell at all yeah but hershey’s is just a different level ice cream it is indeed it’s it’s a phenomenal product it tastes great um so long long history yeah long history and uh you know it speaks it speaks for itself really speaking of your creations and you you know your concoctions who comes up with all that now you talked about you play i would imagine your family plays a huge role in in uh in all of your concoctions and as we’re talking there’s going to be pictures flashing up on the screen of these different concoctions you make so because you’re visual right everything you have is visual and then it becomes the taste buds but you know did the whole family have a lot of input yeah i mean everybody kind of chimes in hey maybe you should do this and yeah you ever thought about putting cheesecake on top of it i mean that sounds lovely to me anything sounds good with cheesecake all the time right hey um but absolutely and you know there’s things we change you know we we see where we can do it better or it looks a little more eye appealing so we’ll try to change it and for something that’ll work better yes um we’re always wanting to learn and grow and and still we want to perfect things yeah we’re still a baby company so like we’re we’re still in the beginning stages so sure you know as we go the consistency part is starting to come in now you know we’ve been out of the year consistency is key uh especially as we want to grow big bigger and we want to make sure that we keep that consistency the the quality uh you know you see a lot of businesses now that want to go quantity over quality and i i just i want to go quality i like that you know if people are going to spend their money with me i want them to have a quality product and i want it to be a consistent quality uh you know you don’t want somebody coming in one time and it looking phenomenal the next time they come in and like what is this on my plate you know that’s right and and that goes back to my culinary days and and dealing with my shelves you know in in that industry especially when you’re dealing with fine dining you need that consistency and that quality i agree 100 when i was young i worked at first uh smoothie place they made smoothies and um you know one of the things that they pushed was you want this smoothie to taste the same every time someone gets it you don’t want it chunky one time and smooth the next time and icy the next time so it was very important that consistency and so you’re 100 percent uh right on that so you self-describe the services you offer is extravagant milkshakes with exceptional customer service extravagant milkshakes is the perfect adjective perfect adjective for what you have in which to describe it so that was a good call but secondly i want to ask you how much of an emphasis you personally place on customer service and you know your company um at a premium yeah you know in a day and age everything’s fast you’re dealing with a lot of fast foods and just you know people are always in a rush

and when you go to a lot of these places you don’t feel homely or or wanted or welcomed yes um you know what do you want like what yeah how how can you roll up and and run a business and and i just i guess i’m a little bit different in that aspect i want you to feel when you come in i want you to feel like you’re part of my family yeah in a trailer it’s hard but we do our best yeah i think once we open this brick and mortar a lot of people are going to be

very excited and enjoy the atmosphere the customer service is is very big to me because

if i’m going to go to a business and i’m going to spend money i want to know that i’m welcomed and it feels warm and i’m comfortable um and everything else kind of goes away yeah you know it kind of helps them problems you have kind of go away when somebody’s really catering to you and making you feel um good right everybody wants to feel great 100 and you know i’ve done a lot of research with customer service i it wasn’t just the milkshakes it wasn’t just you know ice cream i did research for customer service as well so um bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your own wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

i’m a bunny bread man and i have a chick-fil-a that i service yeah so it was very big to me like hey chick-fil-a’s number one customer service right you you think when you think of customer service the first thing you probably think over one of the first is chick-fil-a absolutely and when you walk in there everybody’s very nice they’re you know happy to work happily there yeah absolutely they make you feel welcome so i talked to the owner of the store cody really nice guy and we sat down and talked for i don’t know about 30 40 minutes and just hey what do you do and and how do you maintain your customer service because that’s a big part of what i want to do and we talked for a while um talked about a lot of his procedures and stuff and it gave me a chance to kind of go home and think and refine and stuff like that as well so um that’s huge yeah absolutely i just i want people to feel welcome yeah yeah and and i want to say two points on that number one it’s uh for listeners out there um that’s a huge point that colin just made and not you know it just comes from the heart you can tell but when he was planning on you know his brick and mortar and the customer service aspect he wasn’t too proud to go to somebody else and ask hey man what are you doing to to uh make your customer service so good and uh the problem with some business owners is they they think they can do it best and you know they know better right than anybody else and and this dude right here he is uh he is just open to as many tips as much information as he can get and someone like that it’s important to them that they uh that they’re doing everything the right way but the best thing that you’re doing in my opinion is you’re putting yourself in the place of your customer and you you said it right there you said you know if i was that person this is how i would want to feel that to me is the key to business put yourself in the place of your customer and uh and then treat your customer as you would want to be treated sounds cliche but it’s totally legit absolutely it really is so um no worries there on customer service when it comes to mr milkshake in denim springs that’s for sure now branding to me is one of the most important aspects of business your branding is stellar we talked about this uh you know the first time we talked from the hat you wear to the simple but eye-catching t-shirts i mean look at the color on that thing it’s just mr milkshake but you use the milkshake for the eye and you got the little hat on there that is you know that’s an ice cream hat or a scoop hat as my as my father-in-law used to call it uh but everything about you kind of screams i sell milkshakes and i make them really good so brandon’s huge my personal favorite is your slogan which we mentioned earlier let’s get milkshake wasted so tell me the story of how you came up with that slogan when i um we were looking and everything was kind of coming together uh something went back in my head where i watched the it was a tv show was it uh maybe grownups and it was like let’s get chocolate wasted a little kid and he’s like i want to get chocolate wasted so i was like you know what i think this would kind of slide in and fit right where we want it to be yeah and uh it’s catchy and so that’s what we went with we went with it let’s get it okay wasted and it really took it took on it took on a little bit better when i i projected it to so yeah it went well yeah it really did and it you know when i put it on facebook the past week people are all constantly caught a girl send me a chop let’s get chocolate wasted one of my good friends lori johnson uh so we are indeed getting chocolate wasted but it’s gonna be with milkshakes really soon absolutely uh now uh as we said earlier you have 30 000 followers on facebook and we talked about how you kind of built that following which you’re not really sure how except for you make really fancy you know milkshakes and ice creams so um i did want to ask you though how important has social media been on your success so far it’s really been everything uh you know without that platform i i wouldn’t be here um i i took no other avenue i didn’t you know all all of the old school advertisement you know i guess i guess when i was growing up tv yeah billboards a lot of that’s so commercial now it isn’t for the small business they didn’t none of that is built for small business attorneys and yeah attorneys they dominate billboards right um so it really gave me the power to to move my business forward and i didn’t even know what i had in in social media yeah um until it started taking the life of its own and started my kids were like hey uh what are you doing i’m like i don’t know i think i need to hire your kids right sounds like they know where they’re going right so you know they showed me a few little tricks but still i don’t have a clue i’m like the other day i just learned i could merge instagram and facebook together

yeah it’s uh and it makes it a lot easier you post and it goes on both oh yeah so you don’t have to do them separate but it is something and it says a lot about uh about what you’re doing relative to the eye appeal of your product which i would expect no less from someone with some culinary training i mean you you know you you have a lot of love going in those concoctions that you make it’s definitely a passion you know i i love to cook um i don’t have time to cook much no more i’m sun up the sun down it’s go go go yeah um but it is definitely a passion of mine uh just creating being creative um it’s not like when i’m in there and we’re concocting and we’re going it isn’t like a job i guess you could say now i do worry about things about my customers like you know i know there’s a wait time a lot of the times and that bothers me bothers me more than anything especially in the trailer um but when i’m there just you kind of lose yourself it’s just kind of something that i love and enjoy yeah you know you always hear that do something you love and enjoy well most people at work they don’t love and enjoy anything right i don’t want to get up at two o’clock in the morning go deliver bread that isn’t enjoyful to me right with this is look i look forward to getting it all together get there and start concocting and putting these things out and it’s so uh what’s the right word i want to use when you hand these things out and you hand it to a child even i’m of all ages i’m talking elderly children middle age and you can’t and you see their reaction it’s so like i guess a self-fulfilling kind of yeah just like man to see the joy on other people’s face that something so i i i’m not going to say significant as a milkshake but um because they are significant right but um for me anyway but absolutely um it’s just something that brings a little bit more to me like a little more meaning i guess you could say because it’s passion right yeah and a lot of this world now you know there isn’t it’s a lot of doom gloom right and and when you get to see that excitement and i just feel that yeah man i feel it look one thing about what you do someone can be having just a horrible day and you turn around and you hand them one things like you handed me at the spring festival and it it can literally change their whole day i mean it just it brightens it up it you know and you can tell that you care about it and you’re not just handing them something that you could really care less about and there’s no feeling in that product and and uh i’m happy for you that you know it’s a passion of yours and i believe that god leads us to things throughout our life and and uh whether it’s someone that switches a career in mid you know uh midlife or something like that but they go to from something they had to do to something they want to do absolutely and the whole outlook changes you’re not working anymore you’re just kind of living your life and what you want to do so man i love that and that’s one of the things i wanted to get across on here because i want everybody to see that this is not just a job for you this is not uh this is all about it’s almost a part of who you are man that’s awesome i love that stuff so stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

absolutely um obviously referrals and word of mouth would be your best forms of advertising i would imagine with your food truck business you had kind of specific market segments that work well for you such as clothing boutiques probably a big thing for you uh spring festivals and fall festivals stuff like that were big for you but what are some industries that seem to kind of fit well with your food truck business side because you’re not giving up that side right you’re still going to be operating that still going to operate the food truck yeah it’s you know look it still allows me to go and check different markets um and you know markets change so i mean i could always go back in and something could change and be like hey this could be a potential spot for for every location yeah but no we’re not going to let that go it’s a good source of income as well yeah i don’t want to let that go um it also gets me to expand my brand yes right so um like i’m right now i’m small business and who knows what will happen in the future but i want to grow mr milkchuck in every city in the world i predict hey you never know i mean look i’m yes i want to grow who knows i never would have thought it’d be as big as it is now yeah and um so yes that food truck is very important it’s the start of where we come from uh we don’t ever want to lose sight of that that’s right um you know so it’s just going to be a different feel in a brick and mortar for sure it’s definitely going to be a way different experience yeah yeah definitely two different sides of that industry but both both good in their own rights and absolutely and i wanted to ask you so if someone was having like a birthday party for example would they call mr milkshake and say hey i’m having a huge party uh graduation birthday you name it um and you’ll go out there and and kind of help them out or have a little yeah absolutely um i think it was about a week and a half two weeks ago i did my first wedding and uh that was that was a pretty good experience i saw that yeah yeah it was pretty neat um we did them in different cups we did them in like fluteless wine glasses oh that’s cool so we trying to change it up we try to go to the occasion the idea and yeah it came out really well and i thank them for giving me the opportunity for that and um as well as birthday parties um we’ll we’ll do any time we’ve done business functions as well yeah um grand openings grand openings i think uh just got somebody from central uh wants me to go do one of their grand openings yeah coming up soon so um so yeah so you know contact me through my messenger and then um i’ll send you my pricing whatever and then we can go from there but absolutely yeah i’m thinking grand openings would be are always a great thing for who doesn’t like ice cream you know what i mean and look i was thinking about this last night i’m like you know colin is in the perfect state for this because the hotter it gets the more we want ice cream i want it all year round a lot it’s pretty much an all year round thing but when you’re at a festival or one of these things and it’s 99 degrees outside you’re skipping the jumbo line going straight straight to the ice cream in a lot of cases absolutely and you know just a quick story you know it is hot and a lot of my customers they’re in the element right i’m in a trailer and there’s an element there even even though i have air conditioning it is a no air conditioning yeah right it’s still hot trust me i’ll bring two ac units in there sometimes and we have seven people running around a 20 foot trailer oh yeah uh but i do i you know that’s what’s personal to me with my customers i know they’re waiting yeah i know they’re out there that trailer and they’re in the element and uh i wanna i wanna make them shakes as quick as possible because you know they’re taking a beating by the sun absolutely june july september august uh those months are brutal yeah and the quick story i wanted to tell you last year um one of the jobs we went to it was in paulina yeah and uh i mean it was brutally brutally hot i was running late um i had one generator with me that day and we go out there and we pull up and there’s cars everywhere and i didn’t know they were for me i mean i’m talking there was a parking lot full of cars it was a it was like a recreation baseball park wow and uh so i pull up i mean we’re all running into this trailer like just trying to get it set up because we’re a little bit behind yeah and uh so we get it going i open a window and it’s about 200 people deep and i’m like oh my goodness so here we go i turned my back i’m starting to decorate i looked back out the window and i told my daughter i said alexis grab your phone and take a picture of this it was over a football field long there’s no exaggeration there’s pictures on my facebook if you go back to last year it was a football field and i was just like oh my goodness about five minutes later my generator failed

my heart like dropped and you know like it’s i don’t know if it’s a hundred degrees outside yeah only imagine what it is inside yes but now we’re the dilemma is i have no refrigeration for my ice cream nothing on my my refrigeration milk and stuff and blenders don’t work oh lord so now i’m there everybody all my employees are like okay now what’s next and i’m like now we mix by hand oh wow so so look now we’re they’re mixing cups with spoons and we’re just trying our best yeah uh i’m making phone calls to my wife we’re about an hour and a half away from my wife i’m like look you’re gonna have to go get a generator yeah and get it out here yeah about five minutes later i hear a knock on the door and uh some guy he’s like hey man i think i could fix your generator i said you fixed my generator i’ll give you whole family shakes so so sure enough about 45 minutes later he had me up and running meantime i think i disconnected my truck sent my son home depot to go get a generator and uh by that time i was up and running but i mean we were drink i mean it was so hot yeah i think it was a three-hour wait that night oh wow and most people stayed which was crazy because i couldn’t imagine standing out in that heat i mean it was brutal and uh i mean no telling how many left but we did like i think it was like 250 shakes um that night which was that’s that’s a phenomenal night for us sure it was just wild i got you know my buddy austin he works with me he uh we just we wouldn’t have it any other way mr milkshake that’s how we do it that’s it that’s how you roll that’s how you roll with mr bishop i love it and you know those those experiences though when they happen of course you don’t want them to happen but when they do it’s like it couldn’t get any worse than that i mean look the helpless feeling i had over me i’m like what are we gonna do yeah everybody’s looking at me and i’m like we keep going you face adversity and it builds you um it prepares you for the future uh so just like this brick and mortar i’m not gonna lie it’s been a challenge and um you know i think god tests you in ways to what you can handle yeah why would he let me get anything bigger if i can’t handle my moment now right that’s right so if i can handle my moment now and everything that’s thrown my way i have bigger things that i could accomplish indeed yeah he was just saying hey hey colin what you going to do with this if i if i cut your generator off how are you going to handle that he knew you could handle it yeah so yeah and then he sent somebody there to fix it for you he had somebody on standby just in case that’s it got you back

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uh so wow that’s a good story and i did want to mention uh uh earlier we were talking about the spring f uh festival and and uh when i met with you the first time you brought up an interesting point that i had never thought of and i’ve told like 10 people this since because i’m like man i never considered that you were actually so busy at that festival and having to open your freezer so many times that you were struggling to keep the ice cream cold right i mean it just it was a struggle it was a struggle you know part of the problem was i had two jobs that day i double booked yeah and i did it on purpose um my wife she came off a knee surgery that thursday and she ran a crew and hammond and um so she took the trailer because i was already booked there and i’m like i bought a tent um like i bought a big ten and i’m like we’re gonna i wanted to come to denim knowing that we were gonna be opening here yeah the brick and mortar i wanted to introduce people that didn’t know me yeah um so i was like look do you think this would be a good marketing moment for us say hey we’re coming in it was i will say it was and um not only that but i had to change things up a little bit too um we did waffle cones for uh yeah for the festival um i think it was the logistics weren’t quite right for me to do the shakes blenders blenders require a lot of mess as well you spin ice cream so more wash tubs and stuff we just it just wasn’t gonna fit and then i was like you know we’re gonna do waffle cones and we’re gonna jack these things up just like our shakes so we’re not going to do anything small we’re going to go big right go home that’s right so uh so yeah we we did waffle cones decorate them just like our shakes and you know i try to think of everything ahead i try to plan i’m a planter like i want to make sure that i have everything covered right um i just didn’t think that the heat was going to be i knew it was going to be a factor but i didn’t know it was going to be as much yeah so by the end the last hour that stuff really started turning soupy you know yeah we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to shut this one down it’s this is not what i want i don’t want to portray this product yeah and and that that is exactly why i brought that up because rather than put something that is not up to your standards out there you shut it down you probably could have sold another 100 uh you know ice creams that just shut it down that was yeah uh it was wild i had people still coming up after we were breaking down i’m just like i’m sorry yeah you know but it’s amazing it you know that for me to think about um because i never considered the more you open those freezers the you know it doesn’t have it’s common sense it doesn’t have the it just don’t have to freeze that heat goes in and the problem was we couldn’t close it because we got so like i mean we had we’re so busy that legitimately it was just scooping scooping scooping scooping and it was amazing the speed was fine people weren’t having to wait that long it was uh it was amazing how y’all were keeping up i mean i was there and part took again it was a learning experience for me i’m used to shakes you know yeah you know shaky scoop then you got to blend and it’s got to go to decorating station this was a little easier so it allows speed as well so it worked out that fashion worked well because it was just scoop put it in waffle cone i could throw the toppings on i decorated and i decorated every single one of them that day yeah nobody else decorate i was the only decorator since we were shorthanded i had a whole bunch of new employees so we just hired some really good ones and they were me so i had all the new employees with me wow wow so awesome awesome work there and i do want to mention um well we already did mention but it really hammered down the point that both businesses he’s still going to have his food truck business so reach out to them if you have party special events anything uh weddings and uh and they’ll definitely get you taken care of there so now let’s talk a little bit about the brick and mortar um what are you planning to open would be the first question oh man you know it’s one of them things where it’s hard to lock down a definite date you know so many variables involved oh of course yeah but you know we’re we’re hoping that second weekend and june the 12th i think it is um if if that doesn’t fall in and we’re hoping 18th and that presents a problem because most of my staff is going to be out of town that week i’m sending them to houma morgan city for an overnight trip yeah i booked months and months ago to go out there so that’s going to present me with some problems so um we’ll figure it out but if not we’ll we’ll try to go that weekend yeah and um and speaking of staff are you uh are you staffed up and ready to go or are you still hiring looking to hire always looking to hire what age do you have to be oh man uh worker’s permit i’ll take 15 and then on up i’ll take anybody really i got one right now ready for you look my daughter braylon last night was like are you talking to mr milkshake tomorrow i said indeed i am she said i want to work there she’s 15. i tried to tell her you had to be but she’s great she’s she’s awesome yes um so i’ll send her back i’ll make her work for free if we got to anything they get you a milkshake but yeah we we have some really good ones we’ve hired some really good ones and i’m grateful for it um they do a really good job um you know really even though some of them are young they’re actually a little bit beyond their years um yeah you know they’ve really been doing well but yes if you could contact my facebook page yeah um we’d love to get you in for an interview yeah my interview process is a little different we do three interviews um but uh but absolutely man we would really love to get y’all in there and and come enjoy what we’re about to do because i don’t want this to be like a job job where you walk in like oh man i need to go to work yeah i want this to be like man i cannot wait to go to work this is awesome it’s fun uh i want it to be enjoyable for my employees i think if i could do that i could keep a lot of my good employees around i want it to be light and fun yeah so yeah and let me tell you something young people out there that are hopefully listening um learn from a guy like this this is like a mentor right here when i was was 17 16 17 i worked with a gentleman that was military guy and uh had a you know by the time he was done with me i think he shaped me in a lot of ways and i had so much respect for that guy and the last thing i wanted to do was let him down and he he wasn’t even hard on me it was just i had so much respect for him and uh and i learned so much about leadership from that guy at a young age so i i recommend send your kids to mr milkshake he’ll he’ll definitely give him some some good life lessons um now you were nice enough last night i asked you for a menu and uh and of course it was selfish in some ways because i wanted to see what’s coming up on this thing and i’m gonna just talk about a couple of these because i’ve seen a few of them on facebook like magical unicorn is one of them that really sticks out it’s colorful it looks you know delicious um and cake batter ice cream y’all with cotton candy sprinkle rim topped with rock candy cotton candy unicorn cookie dough and whipped cream oh my gosh that sounds so good but he’s got a ton of these splits of banana for you banana split lovers uh it’s got strawberry and banana strawberry ice cream banana chocolate rim dipped in pecan y’all pecans so uh salted caramel cheesecake which is probably going to be my favorite but there’s a ton of them white chocolate blueberry cheesecake chocolate chip cookie delicious and it sounds delicious and you know they got you can create your own that’s the interesting thing about what you’re going to be doing is you’re not limited to just this menu although it’d be hard to pull your eyes off of it um he you can create your own you start with like a bass and you’ve got sauces spotlights toppers plain jeans cute names for these and the classics you know cookie dough cookies and cream chocolate chip you name it so um i can’t tell y’all how exciting this is gonna be uh when this guy gets rocking and rolling and believe me he wants it he wants it as fast as we do he’s ready he was ready yesterday absolutely absolutely i do i do want to mention that um also i did want to mention that i saw on your facebook you were uh you were promoting um kind of like a pre-grand opening or something if you if you have i think it was a t-shirt or something and you take a picture tell tell us about that absolutely so i have some really die-hard fans that follow us right and i look i love all the people that come out but i really have some really uh great people that follow me and consistently come and i’m telling they’ll travel an hour and a half two hours to come see me which hey i’m very grateful thank you um but they buy t-shirts so they wear their t-shirts yeah you buy a t-shirt from me you get a dollar off your order yeah and every time you come back if you’re wearing your shirt you get a dollar off the next order awesome so um just a little hey you know get the shirt paid for yeah free marketing advertising for me if you wear it yeah um and uh so i wanted to reward all the people that come to me um and come consistently and drive and make that you know for a milkshake yeah stand out in that heat yeah consistently yeah for me so i’m like you know what this is what we’re gonna do um we’re gonna go ahead and uh anybody that i know uh that is a vip of mine that comes consistently i put them on a list if you have a shirt you’re on a list yeah just last night at one of my events i said if anybody my 50th uh customer get a shirt and an opening a entrance yeah to my uh vip opening so i might do that a little more often just to kind of i think it’s a great idea and i i need a media pass you might have that one yeah there you go um so i wanted to quote i was intrigued by what you said when i asked you what defines a leader so you said leads by example willing to get their hands dirty and try things beyond their comfort level i really can’t add anything to that um and really the third thing you said try things beyond their comfort level is key um when you when you don’t step out of your comfort zone you don’t really learn you know there’s no growth yeah there’s no growth and just like when that generator breaks i mean that was a growth moment for you that was a learning moment for you and and you got two choices you can embrace that or you can run from it right you embrace yes you know life is tough and uh life’s gonna throw things and it’s easy to quit you know a lot of that that separates a lot of successful people you know um successful people won’t quit they’re just going to find a way to make it happen yes um and and that might be through failure you you learn a lot failure is a big life lesson absolutely what can you take from that so now i carry two generations yeah that’s right that’s what you took from that that’s it but um so you know you have to adapt and you have to be willing to learn you know i agree so being a leader um is not just being a boss that’s that that’s just a person you know if i work hand in hand with my employees and i show them how to do it you know and uh anybody yeah it’s you know you got to be willing to do the dirty work or who’s going to follow you yeah right so like last night perfect example is like hey i’m going to show you how to wash these dishes yeah so i got there and we this is how i want it done i wash them dishes and she watched me and i was like this is how my expectations and you know you do it if your hands are dirty people will follow you um you know so it’s it’s important get out of your comfort zone don’t don’t just stay there right if you stay in your your comfort zone you’re stuck you know you got to get out there and grow and if it didn’t work hey if you got out your conversation didn’t work you know what let’s try something different let’s grow it even bigger um so yeah absolutely you know in just a quick example of that my my wife uh wasn’t the biggest fan of speaking in front of people just just shy when it comes to that um and the way that she overcame that in her life was at church she became the kind of the reader um and uh that was her way of stepping out and saying i don’t like the fact that i’m uncomfortable when i do this and so i’m gonna put myself in an uncomfortable position and it helped so much you know made all the difference in the world uh but she intentionally put herself there and sometimes you have to do that to grow and and uh so kudos to my wife on that oh absolutely absolutely me and colin are like good job um so i do want to want to say uh that one of my favorite parts of this show is fun facts so i’m gonna i’m gonna quite a little from you but before i do when i started promoting the fact you were coming on the show i had a few folks reach out regarding the passion of you giving back um you give back a lot and you’re not public with it necessarily but i want to tell you that there are people out there i can’t remember it was four or five different people sent me messages and they were like one thing we love about colin is he gives a lot back and uh that is also the sign of a leader um i didn’t learn that until late in life but uh i say late in life i’m not that old but later on in my maturity did i learn that uh being a leader is giving of yourself and not expecting a lot in return or anything in return and so i just wanted to shout that out and say that um you know you have a big reputation for that so look um that means a lot because um you know i do want to give back um it’s important to me um i believe i truly believe if you do good good will come back yeah i think that’s a big reason of my success not that it’s always been easy because you know anytime you you you go through success this hardships but um i do believe you know i i i want to help out as much as possible so if i see that there’s there’s things or or people i could give back to i want to do that and i do that not just with my business i did it with my au basketball team um for holidays we gave four or five families their whole christmas yeah we we’ve raised the money we took it out of um you know our funds and and i truly believe god sees that stuff because uh we were even more successful we found a way to get more money to come in and share with that stuff so there’s blessings that come back to you when you do that stuff so definitely very big you know i do it because i want to i do it because you know i generally care about people yeah you know a lot of people they just you know go about my life yeah they don’t matter but um you know it’s something especially like cancer is very big to me because i’m scared to death of it sure my grandfather i lost my grandfather to cancer and so when i see these things um i try to jump on it and get involved yeah help raise money um and give it back to the families and stuff like that and whatever we can do to help that’s awesome man and and i i i also believe that gratitude reciprocates and we do those things because we want to but um gratitude and and giving of yourself definitely goes full circle and uh and so shout out to you on that uh fun facts if you purchased the yacht you would name it folks you’re never going to believe this mr milkshake i i could have picked that one out now dream job when you were 12 professional athlete i’m assuming basketball uh i was i just loved to play sports yeah but yeah basketball would have been my number one but uh you know i wasn’t quite that talented to get that far right i hear you at least i’m better at making milkshakes well it’s worked out for you uh if you could have any superpower you said in this speaks look when i read this i texted one of my best friends and i said you know what this tells me a lot about this guy you said the power of healing absolutely um man that that that impresses me that says a lot about who you are and also i would pick invisibility so i’m like i am definitely falling short of calling on this one absolutely so uh so that’s awesome if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go disney world absolutely it’s the most magical place on earth it is it is and my wife and son are there right now on his senior trip and i’m living vicariously through her pictures but we we go there yeah me too and it’s totally changed i mean we went like four years ago and she said it’s totally changed yeah it always seems yeah so uh so yeah they’re having a great time now everyone let’s show our support for colin and mr milkshake i want to thank you for coming on today man this was an awesome episode for all these people that have watched this and and want more information let’s shout out your website and facebook and i also want to shout out the location of your brick and mortar where is it going to be we know it’s in denim springs but we’re exactly in denim all righty my website is under construction so that should be coming soon okay facebook you can catch me at mr milkshake there you go um go ahead hit follow like and you can see where we’re going to be right now moving around in the trailer also um it has going to have our future location home in there which is 240 range 12 boulevard suite 107. yes the old beef jerky outlet right next to cafe phoenicia that’s it right i think i’m sandwiched between uh el rancho and the babe shop yeah uh directly behind hooters by bash shop very bad there you go so uh so convenient obviously for everybody in denham springs and i’m gonna be linking everything that he just discussed with his facebook and when his website gets up i’ll i’ll link that also uh but you can just click on those links and check it out i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share our social media on all your platforms as we strive to shine a spotlight on all local businesses we’re honored uh calling to have surpassed 7 100 subscribers on on youtube alone so that was a big milestone for us um so you know it has nothing to do with us it really has everything to do with folks like you on our show and the interests that people have in in your stories i do want to mention lopa speaking of giving back the louisiana organ procurement agency local leaders the podcast has partnered with real-life real crime a podcast by woody everton as well as captain duvall of duvall’s cajun charters to offer a fishing trip for two with woody everton this inshore trip will come complete with a booked room in delacroix louisiana a fishing charter the next morning with devos cajun charters and you’ll be fishing with woody overton himself as well as 225 quart yeti ice chests courtesy of local leaders of podcast and another donated that our friends at homekey mortgage in denham springs folks this is a this package is valued at several thousand dollars and what we’re doing is rifling off tickets we’re going to draw the winner live at crew bash 2 in june and you don’t have to be present to win all the proceeds go to lopa and i’m linking the link where you can purchase rifle tickets online or you can pick them up at beauty born nutrition on in denim sprint right here in denham springs in florida uh they they’re only fifteen dollars each or a book of tim for a hundred dollars so check that out i do want to thank my sponsors tricia johnston realtor bj pawn big mike sports bar and grill sport and center black sheep creative sr enterprise painting and william waldrop of twfg insurance i couldn’t do any of this without them i can tell you that lastly we want to wish everyone a safe and happy memorial day weekend you’ll probably hear this after memorial day but we uh we we are on the on the cusp of memorial day weekend and please take a few moments in between all those barbecues to remember those who sacrifice everything so that we can continue to enjoy freedom every day amen and uh until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business check out mr milkshake when he opens and keep leading thank you thank you

sport center in denham springs is your one stop shop for team sports equipment school uniforms and promotional goods conveniently located next to the antique village since 1977. sporting center your business means everything to them because your name rides on everything they do you

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