A Gift Basket for ANY Occasion – The Story of The Occasional Basket!

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When Kelsey Brown started her company, “The Occasional Basket,” she needed a unique gift basket for an occasion. After a vast internet search, she realized that no one in the area produced them. She then searched nationally and found that even on Etsy, the baskets, though in existence, were not available anytime soon. Little did she know that a little over a year later, she would not only be ROCKING in the gift basket world but also make an appearance on Local Leaders the Podcast hosted by Jim Chapman. If you are a person with a great idea and are unsure how to turn it into reality, this is the episode for you!

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hi this is crystal hardison from southeastern livingston center i’m the director and you are listening to local leaders the podcast hi i’m tricia johnston residential realtor with ladder and bloom with your real estate tip of the week the holidays are approaching and the question that i get asked most often this time of the year is from sellers who are wondering if the holidays are a good time to put their house on the market the answer is yes because inventory tends to be much lower during the holidays than it will be after the first of the year and buyers who are out looking during the holidays tend to be much more serious they’re ready to buy as soon as the right house comes on the market that could be your house a few things to keep in mind are to wait until after the professional photos are taken before you put out any decorations and then when you do put out decorations don’t make them too large don’t put a huge tree out that’s going to make your living room feel small you also shouldn’t put out a lot of gifts for showings and open houses other than that if you’re ready to sell go for it take advantage of these holiday home buyers who are out looking and ready to buy i’m tricia johnston with ladder and bloom and i’ll be back here next week with another real estate tip for you hi folks i want to tell you about denim springs fit body boot camp in their 28 day 77 dollar jump start program there’s no strings attached and really no reason not to try you can be in and out in just 30 minutes and best of all these 30-minute sessions are scheduled throughout the mornings and evenings to fit your busy schedule these 30-minute sessions are fun positive encouraging and you can even sign up online just visit getfitdenhamsprings.com

denham springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast all right welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and we have a very special guest today miss kelsey brown hey hey and you own the occasional basket i do baskets for all occasions any and every yes yes now i want to give everybody who’s listening and watching a little background on you you graduated from french settlement high school go lions go lions and if the lions weren’t enough in high school you even went to college and go lions again right the same colors all over again same mascot yeah yeah graduate of southeastern louisiana university the college lines and i can relate to the colors not changing because i am a denim guy and an lsu guy isn’t that funny and the colors never change yeah kind of crazy so it’s like you can you can uh coordinate for either you just purple and gold in my case for wherever i’m going i mean i could just pretty smart kept the cap and gown and called it a day that’s right you absolutely could so you are in fact a graduate of southeastern you uh you graduate in kinesiology and health studies correct yep um i went back and got my minor in health studies and finally graduated in 2018 after a little break why did you choose kinesiology and health studies i just kind of always wanted to be in a field where i was helping others at first i thought i’d be a nurse and then you know like the childhood i want to do this yeah um and then i went i really wanted to be a physical therapist i couldn’t pass any of my the big boy test to get in so i was like all right let’s level down right um but i really i was really interested in in the curriculum so actually i just kept going in kinesiology graduated in it didn’t plan on going to master school anymore yeah and i figured i’d just do what i could with that right and uh it worked out pretty good it did um because after college you eventually landed in the job you’re doing now tell us about that so um currently i’m in medical device sales they moved me from sales to business development recently so now i am like pretty much uh finding qualified leads all over the country for this company and uh brainsway is pretty cool i mean it helps treat depression ocd smoking addiction wow so it’s a really awesome daytime job i’m still helping people yes um and it’s really gratifying at the end of the day yeah and that’s really all i wanted when i went to school to pick this so such a good person you’re all about helping people and we love that over here now uh people that have known you a while know one fact about you and that is you love animals and dogs in particular dogs mine drive me nuts to be honest kind of like everyone’s kids they just don’t say it but i absolutely love them they’re all rescues and me and my best friend live together and she recently got a dog his name’s prince so we have another puppy in the house and he’s wild but he’s a good time too and loves my babies yeah do you have a particular breed that you like pit bulls pits yeah so actually they get a bad rap don’t they oh yeah but um anyone that has one knows that you know they’re babies big i call them big baby seals yeah and their ears tucked back they’re just so cute and they look like little baby naked seals you know mine they don’t have no hair on them and then she won’t wear a sweater so this winter’s been fun already yeah she likes to be outside but she’s out there shaking yeah put your sweater on she’s doing back flips trying to get the sweater off i’m like okay oh it drives them nuts and we’re all like oh look how cute i got a little uh dachshund that uh we have like a sweater for it’s like a christmas sweater or whatever and my kids like to put the sweater on that on our on our datsun named happy by the way and happy will like roll around and it drives her nuts and it’s too tight and she’s gained too much weight and get the picture yeah get me out of this yeah aria i can’t even get a sweater on she’s like whoa yeah yeah out yeah so you uh you are definitely a dog lover and a pitbull supporter and um and i do see you on facebook and boy you’ll get cutthroat if if if you see some mistreatment animals oh man i lost i lost a couple of neighbors already i love it i love it it speaks to kind of how you where your heart is on on a lot of subjects so you have and what what you’re here for today you have an extremely unique business where you support local businesses which is something i can relate to through the creation of gift baskets now the first thing i want to know is where did you first get the idea for this okay so when i was on my vacation visiting friends in hawaii i had three weeks to kind of just like go find myself i went by myself on purpose um i wanted to kind of like time to just think yeah decompress figure out i wanted to open an llc been saying i wanted to i want to start my own business just to really see if i could even just do it just the next level type of thing and um i was like man i got three weeks in paradise i mean where else could i figure this out at right so i just took the time and really took some time for myself and i went pretty much i was laying down in bed one night and i was like oh my gosh i had this wedding as soon as i get back and i was like i don’t have time to get a gift i don’t have to but i have three weeks in hawaii to figure out what to do to get to get the gift so i’m like what am i gonna do so i’m on etsy and i’m like looking at gift baskets on there to like just get delivered to them like to them personally or like their house or my house whatever i can do etsy everything was like you know really small with little to no product like maybe like two to three four ounce products in there you’re not getting much bang for your buck and most of them are sold out hey ladies it’s paint with idaho lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon we’re all so busy nowadays it’s like i’ll do delivery you can pick up because i’m local if you’re local but if anyone’s in denim i do like i like to just personally drop it off to your house then i get to meet you face to face um right then and there like i always said a picture too before like hey do you like this is this everything that you wanted to be be honest because i have like 16 bags from hobby lobby in the closet i can start digging through and make it exactly what you want you know so and um as far as christmas baskets right you know the christmas baskets are on the go right now oh sure i mean hobby lobby people are everything’s sold out people are going crazy so anyone that knows somebody that makes pillows or blankets help yeah yeah leave a leave the contact information in the description of this video definitely need some help on that because i don’t think they’ll be having them for much longer yeah so you you came up with this idea and it was essentially i want to offer these just cute and when you when i say cute i mean like overly cute like um i really do the most baskets yeah it’s so extra it is so extra but um but really it’s unique in that it and the name says it all it’s the occasional basket so it doesn’t just have to be christmas it ju it doesn’t just have to be thanksgiving or it could be anything really and one thing that uh i’m really intrigued with kelsey is she has a good um imagination for making these baskets they’re really unique they’re not they’re not something uh you would ever find already pre-made in any store it is kind of like your vision and it becomes reality would you agree yeah um i would say like uh i just really love i really so i really love to shop and it’s kind of a sick addiction so i like to you know this he lets me shop yeah but for other people right then and there i’m like grabbing my favorite pillows okay what blankets are gonna go great with this like what decor is gonna go great with this and i just kind of go with it but um i would really say my favorite part about the baskets is is meeting all the local people around here yes and um you know and and bringing their product to life too so i like to get with either new businesses or you know people that are trying to get started too because so am i so let’s support each other they’ll usually do wholesale with me and i’m able to put you know their dream in my basket too so 100 it’s really cool it is and and of course that’s coming from an another business that loves to support local and one thing interesting about your baskets and i do want to say these are high-end baskets they’re not um they’re not full of like cheap stuff or stuff that’s not gonna last a long time um and as we talk during this video these pictures will pop up and those pictures are gonna be obviously your business is all about visual it’s all about seeing what you’re getting so i’m going to make sure these pictures pop up so people can see as we’re talking but these are high-end baskets they’re they’re good stuff um and the beautiful thing about it is kelsey seeks out um business owners specifically small business owners to add items to her baskets um one thing i like about it is it’s not just a a woman thing you know what i mean she actually makes a lot of baskets that are catered towards men because you know let’s face it a woman a woman is not necessarily used to giving a man a basket as a gift and it’s so unique but when the basket’s full of stuff they can use it’s a great thing usually like household items so i mean we’re all you know everyone’s usually getting like their first home or you know won’t even make their room homey for christmas so even if you don’t have your own place like it’s got a cool little christmas pillow and like a blanket in there yeah stuff yeah you know and then like or like the ornaments i put on the on there too they can hang in their tree yeah so there’s all stuff that you can use 100 and i’ve actually gotten one of those baskets and one of the things i really liked was they had a shaving cream in it and it was um it wasn’t like uh shaving cream that you get it uh you know walmart or something where it’s uh the edge cream it this is like uh it’s harder this is almost like a creamy like oatmeal base because it’s all organic yeah it’s like just um i don’t even i don’t even know how to describe it yeah it’s got like a texture to it that is really pleasing and it was really good on my face it was smooth it didn’t irritate it um so shout out to that person whoever that is that is soaring phoenix there you go shout out to them uh for making that product and i’ve actually reached out to uh kelsey and some other folks that i know and said everybody order it because i want more of it it’s a great product herman’s her men’s line is is awesome i’ve heard nothing but good things coming back from everyone that’s ordered baskets with them yeah and let’s face it us as man we get left out a lot of times in the beauty category

a lot of y’all could use a beard kiss i’m not lying like i’m walking around i’m like oh you know i used to not judge the beard so harshly until some got into this i’m like oh oh you could really use some beard oil maybe a beard comb and i’m like okay snap this up yes well i mean it’s true and and uh and you know i’m a guy i don’t grow a beard but uh but i can imagine there’s a lack of care with a lot of oh yeah gentlemen and they’ll say that as a gentleman and they don’t even know you know until you know yeah that’s right they’re like you know everyone i’ve given it to their they they start using it like oh my gosh what is this stuff yeah you know and they’re like hold the phone we need more yes so that’s i agree 100 and so that’s something that kelsey really places an emphasis on is she thinks about the females and the males and in whatever basket she’s making so the great thing i find about your baskets is as we talked about earlier there’s not really a limitation with regard to holidays what are some examples of of good gift gift buying times outside of like christmas fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

yeah so um weddings are super fun for me i go really you know out there for the weddings um make it very individual and personalized so i work with a couple of different people where they’ll do like engraving or wood burning stuff like that um to where i can actually personalize the crates i’ll buy like a much nicer crate usually yeah it’s huge yeah with like you know metal handles just like the really nice ones yeah and then you get their like last name and grade with the date and so and you know and then i’ll personalize there’s a girl um who does these wine bottles she does these personalized wine bottles and champagne bottles where she paints sceneries like maybe your engagement spot or something sentimental to the both of you and then i’ll put you know if they want to get one made for this cost from this girl who does it for me for wholesale price which is awesome um you know they can have that which is really cool and so there’s different items then like you know you put like the champagne flutes in there with it with engraved mr and miss and oh yeah you get really cute and personal with it so weddings are really fun i even like doing like the bridesmaids you know will you be my bridesmaid box and groomsman boxes those are really fun great ideas um baby showers i make the baby showers uh baskets really like big deep baskets and they’re really cute and fun filled with all the good stuff yeah um other than that i would just say birth oh i did a really cute birthday wine yeah balloons the whole nine yeah you know um it was it was super fun and i would imagine like father’s day would be a fun one for you mother’s day yeah were the actually the two other times that i sold baskets this year besides easter and mother’s day was a hit i mean i did like live flowers like you know real life they are alive alive i guess real flowers in the basket um people loved that yeah and it took you know not much you know not much time or effort to do and people really really enjoyed it um mother’s day was a huge hit that was my first big let me see if i can do this moment and i think i sold 64 baskets wow and we want to get to that so you get this idea and um when you told me about this idea uh way back then i was thinking in my mind wow that’s a great idea why did i not think of that but it really is and it takes a special mind to come up with these creations so you told me about it i thought it was a great idea and then you had kind of a test i guess you could say a test holiday where you wanted to try it out and see what kind of response tell me about that so uh i had been wanting to do this so i put money aside to where i could buy a bunch of product in bulk from different vendors um so i did that and i had a big old product shelf that i went and bought too and i had it all sitting there and i was like okay now what yeah and um i went and i was like let me go find some baskets and let’s start there and found some really cute like gold baskets and different shapes and i was like okay i love these so then i was like so now what and you know i found some filler and then i was like oh you know fake flowers and i was like oh but real flowers and then all my and then i just started setting and then i just started setting it all up in there and wrapping it and bowing it i never even knew how to do a bow um tara lee over in french settlement she is my woman who does i get all my dried flowers from because if you’ve ever gotten like a really cute basket for me i do dried flowers too yeah and that’s really it’s it’s kind of different yeah and um so she dries them out for me and she gives me live ones too so i’m like okay awesome yeah so she taught me how to do all the bows because i used to go to her i’d be i’d bring her my baskets and i’m like can you wrap this i’ll pay you five dollars and she’s like we are teaching you how to do a bow like you need to take she’s like you don’t get too busy to be driving a french settlement from denim to do this and i was like right i was like ah well you’re right but i don’t know i’m i’ve honestly have never been a very creative person until this so i don’t even know like that lived in here yeah honestly well it was a hidden talent i mean because you have to be creative to come up with these ideas and you know walk around these stores and just kind of know who i could get this and this and put it together and someone would absolutely love that um and as we discussed your business is very visual and uh and so it’s that finished product that you can actually look at and see that i would imagine gives you some satisfaction that oh i made this look how cute it is oh and there’s been somewhere i’m like oh hold the phone what is this i already do yeah so i mean it doesn’t always come out you know sometimes it doesn’t come out how i thought it would and then i’m going back to you know all right gotta do this gotta do this and i figure it out though well you bring up you bring up a really good point and that is um you know you have to try things out and kind of see how they work how important would you say research is to what you do as far as staying up on trends and stuff like that i need to be better about the staying up on the trends um you know i lacked i could have did like a whole teacher appreciation thing yeah like a couple months ago when you know when the kids went back to school in august and you kind of like dropped the ball on that oh you know i just hear the carpool line start up again i’m like oh man yeah that would have been good you know and so i need to get definitely better about different ideas where i could pull you know my business in and yeah and yeah well then you know there’s some things that are are kind of timeless i mean the chunky blanket you know that’s something that is kind of a timeless thing and the good thing about christmas is uh it is a a a lot of timeless items you know pine cones and things like that that you could always dress up baskets and stuff my i would say like my favorite decor on the basket which if i could find more local artists that did kind of stuff like this to where i could kind of get away from the you know as much as i can get away from hobby lobby and all the big stores i would love to do that so like i said the more businesses that i can incorporate the better but like miss lynette um at the she does uh the cajun art over in mar paul yeah she um her little ornaments for christmas are absolutely adorable so that’s probably my favorite piece like finishing it off on the basket yeah it like once i put that bad boy on there i’m like done doesn’t even need a bow yeah can’t add more fuel to that fire no yeah i mean it’s just her stuff we were talking about timeless are just very individual timeless pieces that anyone would just absolutely enjoy love it when you’re in your questionnaire i asked you a why statement you said why the occasional basket who wouldn’t want the perfect gift for any occasion while supporting local business and in that it is the fact that supporting local business sticks out and i i think you’ve always been a person that wants to do as much locally as you can absolutely and uh and your basket is full of people who rely on other people getting their product in their hand right you’re not going to find them on every shelf at at every chain of retail shop in the world or even in the area or even in the city you’re probably going to find them at craft fairs and at farmer’s markets and things like that so when you stick those in that basket that’s a huge thing not only for you but for them

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that’s what i try to get at too you know they absolutely love when i’m you know they’re like really you want me in your baskets your baskets are so cute and i’m like well yeah your product all is awesome you know usually i go to these little fairs and that’s where i try them out they just don’t let them know what i’m doing right now i’m just kind of testing the waters and then you know if i really like them i get their card and i shoot them a text when i leave i’m like hey i just came and checked your stuff out it was absolutely wonderful like do you want to meet up and have some coffee and you know talk about maybe a wholesale option with me yeah and usually that’s it’s you know forms of friendship right there and then 100 from there yeah it’s it’s local supporting local which is a great thing so you you started off with this business kelsey and and right out the gate you took off right you uh it was so scary yeah like you were what have i gotten into so i think i was texting you actually and i was like okay i’ve just started this and i don’t know what the heck i’m going to do i was like i have like 20 and like i was so unorganized i was using my notes in my phone to keep up with everything she worked out fine nothing nothing bad happened yeah but i have a way better system now i just i really wasn’t ready for the pop and i was like i have 20 orders 15 more trying to order that i haven’t even gotten back to yet i mean they all you know and we’re all great procrastinators in this world sure me myself personally yeah so um you know everyone was like the week before i got like 20 so i was out of product so i was like freaking out i called um all my girls and i’m like do you have more because you know they’re they were going you know that’s all mother’s day stuff too that they were doing so they were like uh yeah i’m pretty limited on product you know people are buying up the holiday blah blah i was like okay so hopefully i can get some more they were awesome i had some of my girls that worked all night one night just to make sure i had what i needed for my baskets and it was she was awesome yeah so i thankfully got all my orders out but this was like me yeah oh yeah yeah no doubt about it and and it was uh you know it was right out of the gate so you knew right off the bat man i got something here and then it’s like how do you scale something like that with just you know it’s really just you and and a bunch of baskets and just me and a bunch of baskets thankfully for valerie my best friend because um usually i know what i what i want it to look like and she just she knows me so well and i’ll just i’ll give her what i want you know i’ll tell her a little bit of how i want it and she’s like all right girl i got this so like as i’m like piecing together and putting together she’s making it perfect yeah and that that’s really helpful to have her too with doing all this because she she kind of helps keep me level-headed i know that i know the feeling yeah we all need our go-to yes i that’s right and and um and i think that’s a struggle with business in particular when you have a small business and it’s it’s not you know something with a staff of 20 people is realizing that you cannot do it all by yourself not at all you know at the end you’re really hurting your business more than anything else because at some point you just can’t grow uh without more people definitely not telling anyone no when i first i’m not telling anyone now the interesting thing with your baskets and some of the more um off offs i guess title holiday what everybody would think of times or you’re you mentioned realtors and welcome welcome home baskets that you can do for realtors i actually started that’s what i started doing realtors i always say realtors you know i don’t i just say it really quick so no one knows i say relatives and i’m like it’s realtors too many syllables in there they’re the only ones right now that are like hating on us you know i don’t know i don’t think anyone else trust me no but yeah um you know welcome home baskets actually what i started doing before i got vendors so i first started the baskets this easter and just made like cute little easter baskets for kids yeah and um my friend kelly was doing all the liners and sewing the liners for me with like their names on it made it super cute after you know after april i was like what do i do now because mother’s day was still like you know yeah i was just i just wanted to keep going yeah so i started doing um welcome home baskets and i posted a couple of them and a couple of realtors that were my friends actually like oh i didn’t get anybody for somebody i just sold a home to can you bring that to me so i actually sold a couple of those that and there was just stuff from like you know walmart you know dollar general hobby lobby and i just kind of pieced them together but welcome home baskets are really cool usually people already have their product that they that they have which i i pretty much understand like they usually have somebody that does like their hats and their t-shirts and like you keep your product person i can just wrap them and make them look cute like i can put it all in there stuff it how it needs to be put everything wrap it bow it up put your business card whatever for a five dollar fee and just like for each basket five dollars or something like that i haven’t really thought it through but yeah something like that yeah it’s too cheap i know but like if you’re doing a bunch i could just come there for like an hour bounce them out for you and then roll out yeah because i have my girlfriends now that are just bringing their baskets to my house can you help yeah oh yeah i’m like yeah i got you look i i get it and you know you can also do it for and one thing that i think there’s a big need for is like special giveaways like if you’re in a bni and you have to give away uh you know it you’re doing your 10 minute presentation and you have a door prize at the end those are great things to put together to give as a as a door prize definitely really in any any uh any area whether it’s uh livings bears chamber commerce you know they do a lot of things with that so those special giveaways realtor welcome home baskets are huge right now any any um closing gifts of any sort for the the uh realty world yeah official my spa baskets go pretty quickly too like usually people are wanting like you know like something for their girl or like their anniversary or something so you know usually like the spa baskets that i put together where it’s just really girly nothing but bath stuff in there you know those go pretty quick too because they’re super cute and you i’ve seen you make some men’s baskets where you have like different beers in them and and yeah the beer buckets yeah do you use your beer buckets yes yeah you better i do i totally use that beer bucket yes um so actually twyla over at um chris’s specialty meets is a really good friend of mine and she i was like i don’t know what to do for the men i don’t want to just put it in random like buckets it’s kind of weird i didn’t know so and she was like girl beer buckets and i was like beer buckets how did i think of that and she was like i got a guy i’ll call him real quick so she called them and she was like how many you need i was like oh man just load me up 24. like let’s go yeah and uh father’s day didn’t you know father’s day did well not as well as mother’s day but i also because of my full-time job i was out of town yeah after i ordered everything lovely oh yeah it was that worked out really great more anxiety for you yeah right i was like oh great i just bought all this stuff who’s going to sell it cool yes it’s all right it happens that’s it it’s all a part of business business world you definitely you definitely learn as you go yeah no doubt about it and and sometimes that’s the best way to learn is trial by fire as i call it well you definitely won’t do it again

no doubt about that now your slogan is handcrafted and locally sourced gift baskets for all occasions and one thing i love about your business is the name the occasional basket so you have a story to that tell us that story

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so um one of my favorite movies is wunderlust and um it has jennifer aniston in it which i also absolutely love and she just can’t seem to figure out what she wants to do in life yeah that was me for so long yeah um and her husband is kind of like the guy who wears pants he goes to work every day and he’s like god can you pick a major like figure it out and they’re having an argument and he was like well what the occasional cafe what is the occasional cafe i mean he’s like losing his mind on her and she’s like it’s the occasional cafe so um i just that was like probably my favorite part of the movie and i don’t know why it’s just like whenever i was going to name it i was like the occasional basket because it’s for occasions yes and it really is the perfect name and it just stuck it was either that or basket case so i mean that would have been a good one i gotta say you come up with some good names i was like dang it which one because anyone that knows me that one would definitely also fit yes both of those fit you like a t yeah um really it’s a it’s a great name it speaks you can tell just what your business does just from the name which is important that’s what you want in in the name for your business but i love the story behind it yeah because that’s just part of your personality now i asked you in your questionnaire how you would define a leader you said a leader is someone who can make decisions and take a leap it’s about standing out not following the crowd stepping out of your comfort zone which you’re doing today and it’s about winning and not it’s not about winning and losing it’s about experiencing if you never try how can you succeed 100 so even the you know top leaders in the world these people at one point in time kind of took a chance and there was no guarantee you know they’re going to be ordinary or you’re going to stand out that’s right i’ve always stood out yeah definitely always stood out i will agree with that 100 percent and always in a good way yeah just keep going pushing it that’s right that’s right and um i’ll say this recently i went and visited you you were at a farmer’s market locally was you surprised yeah i think you were gonna show up i was like oh my gosh what are you doing here i enjoyed it it was at the watson uh farmers market and you’re gonna be there for you know are you gonna be back this saturday you’ll be there yeah awesome and so if for people that may be unfamiliar we can shout out the watson uh farmers market it’s right there uh if you’re going the back way to central through watson you make a left right there on magnolia bridge road it would be on the right hand side uh and you’ll see it as you’re going down it’s it’s right by frogs um and a lot of vendors there that i know yeah some really good local vendors i just actually met two of my local vendors that i’m now using in my baskets there yay yeah brown butter she was right next to me in my booth and i mean hit it we hit it off she was awesome yeah that’s networking that’s um definitely two people getting together and saying hey how can i help you and how can you help me and how can we help each other and how can we help local business and you’re really good at that you’re you’re a good networker anyway but how much of an emphasis would you put on word of mouth it’s been all of my business um you know and then and then facebook of course which i would still consider word of mouth that’s yeah you’re that’s your personal friends that are resharing you and shouting you out and supporting you yeah definitely so i would say word of mouth is all my business i don’t have um a website my i’m not very good with my instagram yet so like my instagram isn’t popping um i’m i’m kind of i’ll help you that’s pretty popular i know we need to get we need it we definitely um but you know so i’m for my age i’m still like not like you said all with all the trends like i should be um so she is she’s being modest i try it’s just yeah i’m not all involved so like you know and everybody’s like you don’t hashtag your stuff like why that’s why it doesn’t go anywhere i’m like y’all look at hashtags on instagram there are people that do that believe it or not so like i just it’s me not knowing everything you can do with it and i’m not you know maybe i just don’t even use it like yeah i thought i’ve been i thought i’ve been knowing how to use instagram for years with hashtags the you don’t a lot of people think that you would have to go to instagram and like do hashtag denim springs and search for all things denim springs what you do is you save the search so you save hashtag denim spring so whenever anybody posts hashtag denim springs or they mention denim springs it will pop up someone posted something about denim springs so that way you don’t have to search it every time you go just sitting there my basket would just be sitting there if i had like hashtags yes okay yes um i hashtag you know podcast and local leaders podcasts because some people may have i’d like to think save those so whether they did or not i don’t know maybe i’m a legend in my own mind on that or something fooling myself

all right so we talked about your slogan how awesome that is and and uh how it really fits your business we talked about how you would define a leader and all those things speak to who you are as a person kelsey uh we talked about social media and how that in word of mouth which is pretty much the same thing how they are the cornerstone of your business i tell people all the time share when you see something you like it’s great to like it and you want those likes but share that puppy nobody else sees it if you don’t um now we mentioned you’re going to be at the farmer’s market uh upcoming and you’re going to be doing christmas crates yes tell me about that all the christmas crates so um like i said i need to find someone who can locally make me some crates um that would be great looking around ten dollars a crate you know that would be awesome uh it’s you know right now it’s hard to find either like you know thirteen fourteen is usually what i’m paying so i definitely don’t you know if i can cut costs then i can cut costs for everyone else too so like right anyone that can help me out with crates would be great but yeah i like to do a fun christmas pillow i want all of them to look different no going to be the same if you like a certain pillow or a certain blanket let me know and i can kind of go off that theme but you know i don’t do anything you know twice it’s just it’s whatever is up here and i’m throwing it in there yeah so um but i’ll do you know i like to do theme so that’s why i kind of did you saw all my different themes at the farmers market i wanted each one of them to look completely different from each other because i mean that’s eye-catching in general so you’re you know one person’s eye is going to go to one while another goes to another so yeah you know and the farmer’s market was great i ended up selling i think six baskets that day one went home five went home like two days later wow gave out 75 business cards and got six future orders and my ever since that one farmer’s market and then like your shout out here i am i’m i’m busy i’m like oh man i love that here comes christmas yeah i’m stoked i am too i think it’s uh i think you’re someone that you know your personality is just amazing but you’re someone that really loves what you’re doing and it gives you a lot of satisfaction from from just a feel-good standpoint yeah i’m just not good with idle hands either so i keep myself busy to where i don’t fall in like that lazy funk of um let me just netflix all day you know and and i i’m so people that are on the go so much i feel like it’s really easy to like get slow down and get in that funk and then just be like do we want to start this all over again here we go yeah it’s just it’s just good to just keep going um so i try to i try to keep my stride for sure and stay busy so you know like i said i have a full-time job my job knows that i also do this because i need stuff to do on the weekends and after work too right um and they’re cool with it because they just know i’m like go go go go go yes so yes and and uh i do want to say um it’s interesting that you had mentioned earlier sometimes you’ll think of you know it might be too late but you’ll think of oh that would have been a good thing to make baskets for definitely um and i do the same thing in podcasting i’ll do a whole podcast with somebody that’ll leave and i’m like i should have asked him this or i should have asked him that and so i’m doing like little teacher like christmas appreciation gifts since i missed in august just to see if anybody wants to get their teachers like gifts yeah you know but like my gifts are different they’re not the usually like you know like the best teacher and like the cup with the pencils the whole nine you know i mine’s kind of like something for your teacher to take home yeah and enjoy yeah so um i’m you know like a couple of spa products usually like a candle or a scrub um you know a little piece of you know ornament i’m gonna do probably one of miss lynette’s ornaments around it with a bow really make it pop um but yeah you know for a little 25 to 40 30 you know 50 gifts i’ll do for the teachers yeah um but yeah i had a girl who asked me yesterday she was like and she’s like send me what she got and you know it wasn’t for her she’s like oh i was looking thinking like more traditional teacher so i’m just letting everybody know this is not like the traditional gift that she you know you can bring it to the classroom but she’s just not gonna use it there yeah but she’ll probably love it a lot more because guess what that those that coffee cup and pencils and all that that you’re giving her she’s got 49 other ones that are coming that same day exactly and um so it’s unique it’s it’s something that she ain’t gonna probably get from anybody else and definitely not exactly like what and they love it and then you’re opening you know the everybody you give us to your open their eyes to new people they’re like oh and i put their business cards in there with it you know yeah so i can call her right here yeah you know and i can get more awesome so absolutely cool yeah it really is so so uh those kind of ideas it’s really just unlimited uh what you can do

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225-205-3640

or visit itradeexchange.biz

now another question for you would be you’re doing the farmer’s markets you you’re looking into all that and you’ve had success with it um is it something where it’s this thing is growing and you’re like whoa it’s kind of growing faster than i thought or yeah but you know i think i can handle it just because it’s mostly seasonal yes um you know you have wedding seasons too so i would even say weddings are seasonal as well um so i feel like since it’s not all at once or i guess it kind of hits all at once and then but then it dies down for a little bit so i’m able to catch my breath prepare and get ready for the next orders for the next you know big occasion or holiday yeah so really you know i’m sitting here like this but i know i know i’m gonna be okay and i can handle it yeah so yeah but you know i’m like if i need some help i have valid but she’s super busy too so if i end up needing to hire out help you know i’ll do that as well she can custom and you know her and i had a conversation a little while back and and i said kelsey you you can’t customize too much because what happens is you just run out of time she wants kelsey wants everybody to have exactly what and you you want that but the problem becomes when you give so many options uh you will literally lose all of your time you overwhelm them too because then if you i know i don’t like that many options either it’s kind of like oh my gosh it’s like going to the paint store and picking out a paint color yeah there’s three thousand one hundred of them that’s why there’s you yeah indeed there was a time

folks when i tell you these are high-end gift baskets and when i say high-end don’t freak out and think they’re 500 apiece but they’re high-end stuff from the aspect of they’re not just cheap baskets they’re really nice you’re gonna see the pictures pop up and uh and they are done with a lot of love and it’s all local folks all natural stuff right yeah all natural um and organic ingredients is is what most of my vendors use yeah and i actually recently had the cajun ninja on my show and um i did not realize that his spice that he uses um is um he he said i can’t say all natural on the can because there’s like a point one percent of that product that wouldn’t be considered all natural so they make it illegal at that point if it’s not a hundred percent on that most of it but it’s 99.9 percent there’s like a granule yeah yeah and and i found that interesting it has no msgs whatever that means but it says it on the can it’s not tony yeah basically she said that i did not but um but yeah it it is very much all natural uh in just about every way that’s what you promote as well you love that stuff and it’s all about your heart right here and what you’re doing and and we love that so i asked you some fun facts oh my gosh my fun fact loved your fun facts so we do this on every show and it helps people to get to know you a little bit outside of your business and i said hey kelsey if you purchased a yacht what would you name it and let me tell you um it is no surprise to me that you picked esmeralda favorite disney princess also means emerald which is your birth time yes that’s exactly what it would be your dream job when you were 12. i wanted to be a nurse to help people doesn’t surprise me a bit you’re still helping people you don’t have to be a nurse to help people right still helping people yeah every day if you could have any superpower what would it be that this would be awesome teleporting so you could be anywhere anytime you love to travel i do kelsey loves a beach joe i’m obsessed with the beach it’s almost embarrassing how much i’m there she is she’s she tans like really good which is you know i go to the beach and it’s like i’m red really red like a lobster it’s like the greek in me i’m definitely supposed to be like in santorini somewhere okay no doubt so i’m dreaming big um but yeah definitely uh the native american and the greek help with my tan so i’m sorry yeah it’s all right i’m sorry i’ve gotten over it um if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go you just brought up greece and yeah you’re greek and have you ever been to greece i haven’t um that’s where i want my eventual maybe honeymoon spot yeah can’t find one of those

how can people check you out if they want to check you out on facebook you know all that sort of thing okay um the occasional basket llc you can find me on there also i have an email the occasional basket llc gmail.com you can also text me 225-250-6561 there you go and you can you know if you have suggestions of some baskets maybe you’re looking to get made i’m sure you’ll help them with that if they got any questions uh to get price quotes whatever just reach out you can reach out all those ways and did you have fun today i did kelsey was a little bit nervous y’all and i told her i said i got you don’t worry i have severe uh stage fright you could not tell at all no one even believes me when i say that because i’m so outspoken with people just around i think it’s just like having a crowd and like all eyes i don’t like the attention of all that so yeah it freaks me right out get in my head yeah so but this is this is super fun yes yes so we appreciate you coming on and uh and you come on anytime you want and i’ll talk to you all right i want to thank everyone for listening to local leaders of podcasts or watching it if you’re watching on youtube please like comment subscribe continue all those things we really appreciate it i want to thank all of our sponsors for sponsoring this episode we cannot do any of this without all of you and i appreciate it uh very very much love all y’all until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like the occasional basket and keep leading thank you very much

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