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Premier Exterior Cleaning joins Local Leaders the Podcast Host Jim Chapman to discuss their business and the many services they offer in the realm of soft washing your home, your concrete, cleaning your gutters, or washing your roof!

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hey everyone and welcome to another edition of local leaders the podcast i am jim chapman and the two guys sitting across from me i’m gonna introduce to you right now there from premiere exterior cleaning it is mr tim flynn and mr alan saltas so how are you guys doing today doing pretty well doing great it is friday and that means absolutely nothing to the business owner right

it just means saturday’s coming that’s all uh so we’re glad to have you here today and i want to kind of jump into some of the history that you guys have and first we’re going to start with mr flynn over here uh he’s the i guess what you would say is the original owner of this company and uh so i want to learn a little bit more about you just personally uh i found your story interesting you’re you’re from ohio correct there’s a pretty good story to how you ended up in kind of the pressure wash business a lot of people would be surprised to know you were a history teacher one time i taught history uh i’ve done a lot of things yeah you know i’ve got a i’ve got a background my master’s degree is urban transportation planning yes i worked with the federal government for a few years and i uh i ended up being a director of transportation in a school system in virginia and my wife is you know she was working there i followed her around the country sure and during the summer time we don’t work a whole lot you know we work about half the time yeah and to make you know just to stay not bored and some guy asked me you know want to come and help me learn how to wash houses right and we’re in virginia on the chesapeake bay lots of moisture lots of algae lots of mildew and i said sure i said well let’s go try this so uh i started and that was uh 27 years ago yeah and i just did it on the side and i just kind of maintained it as i was going along and helping people out and cleaning their houses and uh it was great yeah you know and just you know satisfaction right customer and their eyes lighten up when they say wow i can’t believe you can do that and it’s that clean it’s incredible yeah uh then i actually ended up being a sales rep for a chemical company and they sent me in for training at abc compounding in atlanta georgia and so i got to learn more about chemicals and what cleans what and what cleans what how and how to use chemicals safely yeah you know in techniques so that’s kind of the direction that i went and eventually i just said you know what i’m not going to be a transportation director anymore at 70 to 80 hours a week i want to try this which i didn’t know was going to be 80 to 90 hours yeah i know the feeling never sleep yeah it’s it’s funny you know the life of the business owner is is interesting in that um you’re doing what you love and and what you know all of those sorts of things you’re you’re your own boss all of that but uh you definitely work a lot and that’s something people don’t uh realize unless they’re in the business owning business i guess you could say when i when i started doing this full-time i had a friend tell me he said uh you’re gonna work harder and longer than you’ve ever worked in your life but you’re gonna love every single minute of it and he’s right so off you go and at some point we’re gonna fast forward a little bit you end up in louisiana how did you end up here deep south my wife took a job yeah she’s a bridge engineer oh civil engineer so she builds bridges and abutments and things of that sort all over the all over the this area louisiana alabama texas

so i had to follow her yeah sure you know and uh i got a really good job as a transportation director it just it got to a point like 70 hours a week 80 hours a week and 130 drivers i love the job yeah but it just it was taking a toll on the family sure and i was i was looking around like you know what do i know how to do i took a two-week vacation yeah i went on a horseback ride in colorado yeah and as i’m leaving i’m like that was really hurting me so i went you know what everything’s dirty here everything there’s so much mold and mildew and algae yeah and i can really help these people i could do it at a cost that isn’t going to hurt them yeah but i can give them a product it’s going to last a lot longer because i have a great background in it yeah and that’s when i called my old boss said you know what i’m not going to come back we’re going to consider this my two week notice and he was like dude go for half do what you need to do have fun yeah because if you if you can make it work absolutely yeah and that’s one of the great things about having my direct report was uh he was the owner you know so we were really tight yeah and i still do work with them today yeah but it’s on the cleaning side right yeah yeah so we’re still friends uh but and he understood and uh you know actually we’re better friends now than we were when i worked for him wow very good so it is wonderful very good glad to hear that and was it culture shock for you when you got to louisiana a little different you know it it wasn’t believe it or not because i lived here before oh okay um i when i was a history teacher yeah my wife was here for she was working on james p ottoman bridge up in saint francisville yeah and beautiful yeah and and uh so i just took a job for a year and a half at that particular point we’ve been now we’ve been here for 12 years now right so we’re not moving our daughter is going to graduate from high school in two years yeah we’re here until then right yeah but no we just uh we’re trying to figure out we’re living in florida at the time and i was doing some pressure washing down there and soft washing and i said hey if she was getting moved around and we didn’t want to go to washington state right so where do we look well we’ve lived in virginia we’ve lived in alabama we lived in louisiana we lived in ohio we lived in wisconsin where do we want to be i’m like the food’s the best louisiana 100 and the weather is better in virginia the food was really excellent too lived on chesapeake bay yeah the food was excellent but louisiana had hands down the best food and um the nicest people yeah you know so i hear that a lot from people from other areas of the country that move here um they always comment that the the people here it’s it are just super nice you know and not the people anywhere else are rude but right it’s just it’s different they say we don’t all have web feed that’s right what i found is uh people here like to get together a lot yes you know lots of neighboring yes you know cookouts things like even they don’t know you you know new person in the neighborhood come on let’s come over and have a cookout right you know and i know everybody in my neighborhood yeah you know yeah that’s a good point that’s a good way to put it and you look tailgating all those sorts of things somebody comes up that they don’t even know and it’s not like who is that person eating our food you know right we want it over here and so very good now uh i’m gonna turn to mr allen saltes the fourth that’s right the fourth that means there’s three other people named alan saltas and his family it’s it’s it’s havoc on the mail system i hear you hey when it comes to podcasting local business i want perfection and when it comes to banking i want personal service and that’s why i bank with hancock whitney hancock whitney bank not only provides me with a local business banker but also the experience and knowledge only a bank with a history of over 100 years can provide with over 230 branches in the gulf south hancock whitney can service all of your banking needs including commercial lending small and large business accounts personal bank accounts and much more for more information visit hancock whitney bank your dream their mission uh now you’re from the baton rouge area you’re louisiana guy and uh you know get this y’all an accounting major at slu so you’ve got a history teacher and an accounting major business owners right that’s right so uh but i found that interesting i’m like you probably you’re probably the only duo of that around for sure uh and not something you typically see obviously uh so somewhere along the line y’all crossed paths right uh you had to and so i want to hear that story alan tell us a little bit how you met this guy and and how you got into business with him well um what ended up happening was i was actually helping my dad out on a couple of his landscaping jobs he does a little bit of landscaping and lawn mowing so while i wasn’t doing one of my power washing jobs i stopped by one of his clients house and um saw a gentleman walk around the corner holding a rolling wheel in one hand and an ipad and the other i looked at my father and i was like uh yeah he’s doing a power washing quote he looked at me like no what do you mean he’s doing power watching how do you know that i was like trust me i know i’ve done enough research what i thought yeah and um i ended up going to talk to tim which should have been a five-minute conversation of hey how you doing this is what i do nice to meet you was a whole hour-long conversation about power washing and i had a goal for that year which was i really want to meet a power washer in the industry that way i can make sure i’m valuing my customers properly and valuing the industry properly because i don’t want to be the 99 guy of course you’re going to worry about that on yeah any type of youtube that you’re going to find with power washing yeah but um i had asked him uh you know hey would that be okay for me to go ahead and come with you on a couple of jobs that you possibly had and uh just learn i just want to learn like i had no intention of like actually going into business with somebody i was just i wanted to make sure i was doing the right thing sure so as soon as i had talked to him about that he was like hey i got a job this um saturday i think it was we met on a wednesday and he was like hey we got a job this saturday with a terry school of dance wasn’t that right yeah so we ended up uh he told me all right go ahead and bring out some of the equipment you’re working with right now and let me see what you got and i’m going to show you what i got i had a peanut compared to an elephant yeah as as far as that goes and it was just crazy i mean i got out there that day brought my equipment and i mean i was running with the same run-of-the-mill stuff that he was rolling in with whenever he first got into power washing so it’s like i mean we all start somewhere that’s right and tim will always tell me that all the time it’s just like you know we all start somewhere we all started somewhere look when i started this podcast i was filming with a cell phone camera yeah it was called chapman’s paint place and so i mean i went from that to now i have a booth and and you know in my opinion the best mics you can have anywhere in the world uh so yeah you got to start somewhere and certainly and uh and then you reinvest in your business as you start making money you buy better equipment that’s right those sorts of things but very interesting story there so at some point i mean y’all start working together yeah we started uh well i came in on that one job and um learned a lot he kind of really liked my work ethic and then uh asked me hey why that job that we were quoting that day hey would you like to come out on that one we’re doing it on monday i was like oh okay tim’s thinking that man i finally found someone with a brain so yeah we joined that day and i mean it’s just been like that ever since yeah yeah very good and and uh of course the company is premier exterior cleaning llc and i was telling these guys yesterday we had a little pre-meeting and their logo is just phenomenal and you’ll see that on this episode but uh but you know from jump street you can tell that it’s a company that has a lot of thought into what they’re doing even down to the logo which uh to me kind of speaks for how someone cares about their company if you just you know it you got a plain jane logo i mean uh you might be doing plain jane work because you you’re not putting a whole lot of thought into stuff like that in my opinion uh so uh we’re going to continue on and i want to get into obviously your business a little bit um some things that maybe separate you guys from typical soft watch companies and the first thing is that term so there’s there’s pressure washing uh you know when people say pressure washing everybody knows what they’re talking about and then they’re soft washing which people may or may not understand so tell us whoever wants to take that one all right well i’ll take that one um soft washing is basically you’re using a chemical application with a surfactant a soap and it suspends the chemical so that it works for and it stays wet and it works for a longer period of time and then you know we leave it for a dwell time and then we rinse it off we’re use basically using instead of using 3 500 psi of a pressure washer and blasting stuff off where we can do damage yeah uh we’re using a soft watch which is basically the pressure that comes out of your garden hose yeah on a fan setting yeah you know so we’re not causing any damage at all that’s phenomenal to the and still cleaning the surface just as if you had six trillion pounds of water coming out of there absolutely and it’s using the correct chemical for the correct application and the correct amount yeah because you know our ideas in is the less you use the better it is yeah you know you want to use just enough to to take care of it um but you don’t want to go overboard because there is a such a thing as you know not cleaning once you have too much regardless of what chemical it is you know it won’t work if you use too much yeah yeah too much anything’s a bad thing you know and then you know you have problems with possibly uh you know we’ve got to follow rules and regulations uh by the dnr that says okay there’s there’s a lot of waterways and tributaries and bayous and they may not run all the time but we can’t put that into not an area that is running into a bayou right right no so there are jobs that we actually you have to have a reclamation machine for can we get one sure do we we try to shy away from those because we do some of the smaller stuff we’re not industrial so yeah yeah but uh but the big thing about soft washing is we’re not doing any damage right right very good point and and let me tell you from you know a lot of people listen to my history i was a sales rep for a paint company for a million years and uh during that time i looked at a lot of issues with pressure washing specifically and more often than not when i would look at like peeling complaints on the on the outside of a house with paint uh it would always start with pressure washing because what would happen is that paint would kind of pop off of there or it would loosen that paint film and paint is like the thread on a shirt once it starts peeling it just keeps going and keeps going because water water’s working its way behind it just from rain and things like that um so the harder you put water on that surface you’re gonna you’re gonna pop that paint film at some point even if it’s just a little bit that matter yeah so so that is one big advantage to soft washing and essentially you’re letting the chemical do the work instead of the the water pressure is that a good way to put it yeah so uh alan i’m gonna turn to you and i’m gonna ask you this one um what type of clients would you say you work for so there’s there’s some companies they they just do say large commercial projects um what what would you say is kind of your bread and butter clients our bread and butter clients are generally those who are in the um market right now of selling their house yeah that is definitely somebody that we want to get in touch with because getting your house cleaned is extremely important with getting it on the market and off the market as quick as possible i agree i mean everybody wants to have a clean house but once you have a clean house it really makes it easy to sell because if it looks amazing on the outside imagine what it looks like on the inside yes and not only easy to sell but you probably gonna sell it for more money you know uh if if there’s someone like me who’s very analytical and they’re walking around that house they’re calculating well i’m gonna have to pressure wash this i’m definitely gonna ask for you know a thousand dollars off or whatever and and so you don’t have to uh you don’t have to worry about that it’s just going to get more eye appealing eye appeal is by appeal how you like that yeah i just thought of that one i appeal is biofeel so um yeah you so you can work with realtors and homeowners we do we are fully licensed and insured yeah we can take care of commercial jobs just as well as we can take care of residential jobs but specifically right now we’re getting two graduation seasons so we have a lot of people that are either one they’re having crawfish boils at their house or two their child is graduating or grandchild whatever it may be yeah and they’re all probably thinking oh my goodness we need to get this place cleaned up before we have a whole bunch of people over yeah that’s something that we want to do i mean one we’re going to take care of you and make sure that you’re safe as far as wrapping up outlets and making sure we’re keeping your property safe but we’re also going to get it clean and get it clean in the best way that we could possibly see fit yeah and that’s uh you know as as you folks are listening to to this uh podcast one thing that you may pick up on is they’re very detail-oriented these two guys they’re not uh they’re not going on over there and just spraying water in a in bleach or something like that and and boom your house is clean and i’m gone you know here’s the bill um they take a lot of time and put a lot of effort into i guess you could say pre soft washing just walking around the house and kind of looking for things that may be an issue before they even start which is impressive not many guys do that um so before we get into kind of all the things that you do pre um i want to talk a little bit about what you do and what what type of substrates you deal with and one of those is concrete that’s a good one to start with concrete driveways uh or something that around here i mean you’ll see grime on them in no time it’s just uh just part of the part of the environment we have here so take us kind of through your process you use on like driveways

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what what’s specific so when it comes to concrete cleaning of course we’re using a surface cleaner which is one of those you we walk behind it yeah pretty decent-sized disc i’m sure you’ve probably seen people still start flying off with it it’s not really that fun but you know it is what it is it looks fun until you get behind one and then it’s like you know this ain’t like tom sawyer painting the fence not at all not at all but um first we uh do a it’s a two-step application or three steps i guess you could say first we do a pre-treat to that concrete so we use a low-level concentration of our chemical in order to allow that to well into the concrete and kill whatever top bacteria is on there and loosen it up a little bit before we put the surface cleaner on it then we go ahead and hit it with a surface cleaner clean it up as best as possible make sure we get the edges i mean one big thing is we like to make sure that we’re getting as detailed and as oriented as we can to that edge of your driveway because nothing’s worse than lifting up a blade of grass and seeing a whole bunch of dirt underneath oh man we didn’t get that area yeah but um yeah so we make sure we’re very very detail oriented whenever we’re going through with the surface cleaner and then once we’re finished with that then we do a post treat that right there is really really important and honestly i would say arguably the most important part of the job because it helps your concrete stay cleaner longer so it’s the same application that we’re doing in the very beginning where the pre-treat then we’re just doing it post yeah and we’re allowing that chemical to dwell on there and it’s killing i would say probably anywhere to about about an inch underneath the surface it’s uh it depends on how long you let it dwell uh you know we’re in what concentration we’re using very much typically we can say it’s going to be a centimeter into the concrete yeah which is going to kill all the algae yeah and so it won’t come back the stuff that drops on top of it but algae typically on concrete grows from the bottom up right you can clean the surface but you notice it comes back really quick right well we kill it down deep so it takes longer for it to come back up because that’s a good point concrete is so porous it holds a lot of water yes oh yeah yeah so where is your algae going to be right it’s going to be where the water is you know so it’s going to come up but we do have a no tiger stripe guarantee yeah no tiger stripe guarantee i like it yeah cause you’ll see that typically with people that uh let’s just say they don’t do it for 11. and uh yeah you’ll get those tiger stripes in there and and those are no fun and they’ll drive you nuts too because i’ve been there i’ve had them right um and i’m like oh gosh and then you’re trying to wash out the stripes and then it’s like oh yeah it’s just you can only do so much one thing with those surface cleaners a lot is that you’re going on varying levels of how far you are from the concrete so whenever you’re making that pass that area that you’re going over twice with that surface cleaner i mean it’s going to get cleaner than all the rest that are in the center because the way the thing works it’s not going to allow you to get everything as clean as possible very good that’s why we do what we do because it makes that no stripe policy yeah really bright and shine yeah so great point and again just kind of shows the the extra steps that you take to ensure that the homeowner’s happy or the the commercial clients happy and that that’s always important now um you also do roofs that’s correct that’s the and look let me tell y’all if you if you ever seen and we’re gonna flash up some pictures uh before and after while we’re talking about this stuff but if you ever seen a before and after roof after it’s been cleaned by these guys it it makes like a ton of difference in the look of your house um a lot of people will pressure wash their house but not their work or i say soft wash their house but not their roof and uh and so it looks good the house looks good but then you got this grimy roof and it almost doesn’t blend right with it so y’all do that stuff too tell me about that process sure tim would you like to go ahead and handle that sure sure um basically the process is just like everything else we do an inspection first and we actually get up uh if we can on the roof because as we’re going through we’re going to see how dirty it is how much that’s going to tell us how much chemical we’re going to use it’s going to tell us ladder positions if we’re going to shoot from the ground or going to shoot from the roof there’s a lot of things going to it but we also we’re checking for wind damage we’re checking for hail damage we’re checking for broken shingles dried shingles and we’re going to let the homeowner know that prior to us putting our our quote in the reason being is if they’re go if there’s a possibility that they’re going to be able to get a new roof why would we wash it right you know let’s give them the opportunity to get something uh you know to to replace if they can yeah right you know so but once we you know make that assessment we talk to homeowner and then uh they give us the go ahead to do it you know we’ll clean right from the top of the chimney all the way down you know everything below that yeah so uh once again it’s a low pressure high volume process uh we’re using about 70 to 80 psi to put out the chemical on the roof with a surfactant

we let it dwell we rinse we rinse down all the all the plants we pre-rinse we pre-soak the ground around the house yeah we pre-rinse the plants we rinse the plants as because we got a ground guy sure and he’s rinsing as we’re as we’re spraying okay so if there’s any over spray he’s diluting that chemical as it comes out so it’s not killing anything very good yeah and then when we rinse we not only rinse the roof but we rinse the plants and we’re flooding everything as we go on to dilute everything so it becomes inert much faster very good and in some cases i mean whenever doing houses especially that have gutters mean depending on what type of applications we’re doing if we have to do a very heavy application we’re going to make sure we bag those gutters yeah and that’s extremely important especially for your property because we we don’t want to kill anything we’re there to solve problems not make them yeah so especially when we’re putting high volume down those gutters we want to make sure one we’re wetting the gutters because gutters you know they’ll take in that chemical and it can’t harm the gutters as far as the look of them sure but of course you know making sure that whenever it’s coming out of those gutter lines and going down the down spouts we want to make sure we’re collecting that as much as possible so anything you’re putting on there chemical wise you’re you’re very cognizant i’m seeing diluting that to the point that it’s irrelevant for lack of a better time absolutely we’ve got it we’ve actually hired a guy we had a huge house we did not too long ago lots of downspouts on the water yep we can’t let that we can’t let this chemical get in the water it will kill fish yeah so we’re running extra long bags off these gutters and his sole job was go for and we had multiple bags around each gutter to go from gutter to gutter to gutter pull bags and dump them into our reclamation tank replacing the bag before he takes it off that was his only job for eight hours that day wow you know that’s awesome yeah i mean it made it it makes a massive difference in him yeah and it shows y’all how much y’all care about that side of it you know it’s it’s much more than just about cleaning the house i mean there’s a lot more steps involved that y’all take uh to ensure that the customer’s satisfied right very important um and let’s talk about uh you brought up gutters and you also clean gutters oh yes yeah we do some gutter cleaning you can’t do it as much anymore you know i do i do but um yes uh honestly especially for those of you that have gotten a brand new roof in the past couple of months due to the hurricanes um one big reason why you will start having tracking as far as dirt and debris on your roof going to make that roof dirty over time is because the gutters are clogged or they’re filled with stuff that it’s just it’s disgusting yeah but um i mean you grow with your house sure i mean you never realize that your gutters are overflowing until you’re looking out the window one day on a really rainy day and then you have brown water spilling over the side like whoa what happened there yeah so um yes we do gutter cleaning um i there’s many ways that you can go ahead and clean the gutter it’s not really the most you know enlightening conversation about something to be doing but uh it’s glamorous glamorous i like watching other people do it it’s very fun to watch but um yeah i i usually my process is generally i clean it up i clean them about by hand and i haul off the debris with me and then after that i do a full uh spray down so i use the power washer we’re using high volume so we’re basically putting as much water down there as possible and cleaning out those downspouts that way everything’s flowing properly yeah that’s flushing that puppy out exactly that’s what you need to do i mean it’s the best way to do it 100 um i also do gutter guard installations every now and again i mean i don’t believe that gutter guards are needed for absolutely everything you mean there’s certain areas of your house that need it more than others and just like tim and i generally like to say you know we’re not a one-stop shop where it’s like hey we’re gonna do that for that price i mean everything is a case-by-case basis we’re going to make sure we assess your house and your gutters for exam for instance i’m going to assess your gutter is the way that it needs to be assessed yeah if i don’t need to clean one out i’m not going to charge you for you know the massive clean out i’m just going to go ahead and rinse it and just make sure it’s flowing properly very good and and look people probably one of the most important things you can do is keep your gutters cleaned out as far as the investment in your house uh those gutters can back up they can hold water against uh against your soffit and fascia and they can literally rot your wood if you’re not careful i found that out the hard way fyi so yeah you definitely want to make sure and it is nothing there is absolutely nothing fun about doing that yourself i can promise i can promise you um it is worth every single penny to have someone go out there and do it it’s just uh it’s a job that if if you don’t do it exactly right what’s gonna happen is it’s you’re going to leave stuff in there there’s going to be debris you don’t see that you’re tired and you don’t feel like trying to find and the next thing you know a month later it’s going to be clogged up again because it wasn’t done properly

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and i want to talk about that for a second uh before we move on then and that is um you know people are no different than me hey i can do that i can wash my house i can wash my concrete i can clean out my gutters um but there’s a big difference in getting something done professionally and in your world uh really it’s about number one knowing your chemicals um it’s about kind of taking responsibility for uh the work that you do you know if a homeowner messes up something it’s it’s on them and uh if you don’t do this every day all day uh there’s a bigger much larger percentage of something going wrong than someone that does this for a living and they’re insured and they’ve got you know these guys are going on a roof and they’re and they’re looking for things for two reasons one they want to protect you two they want to protect them they don’t want to go up there and they haven’t done a proper inspection and then clean a roof and and a shingle that was loose from the hurricane flies off and then the homeowner wants to blame you and say well you blew it off my roof when you were pressure washing it right right so uh so you know it’s it’s something where experience really matters especially with what you guys do it’s not as easy as just going down there and spraying down your house and a lot of people listen to us probably know that not even from a physical standpoint just from a knowledge standpoint i mean these chemicals are serious business right oh very much absolutely yeah and and you got to know these proper dilution ratios you’ve got you’ve got to keep your house i’m going to give you all just one example of a kind of a nightmare story that i’ve heard many times from people pressure washing themselves or soft washing and one of those is uh i was in the paint business and looked at complaints and one i used to have people call me and say i’ve got yellow spots your your paint’s changing color and it’s turning yellow but it’s just in spots and now me being in the business as long as i had i knew that was impossible so so i’m like not fair what color did you have yeah definitely not one fair so i’d be like what what color do you have well it’s white and now i’ve got like yellow spots and i’m thinking wow these people are crazy or something so i go over there and i look at it and sure enough like spotted giraffe they’d have yellow spots and this happened a lot y’all so um i would take a little putty knife and i would peel a piece of that paint off and i would send it to our lab in memphis and they would test it almost well i’m not going to say almost every single time it came back and this was more than 10 occasions over my career it was bleach every single time not almost um so what that told what the issue ended up being and almost in in every case of this the homeowner had just pressure washed their house like a month prior so you already see kind of a pattern um what was happening in louisiana it is so hot in the summer times here that people were were power washing their house and they were mixing bleach and water number one not at the right ratio number number two uh they were spraying it on and it was drying before they would spray it off because they try to do like the whole front of the house at once without washing off the bleach uh and doing it in smaller sections um so it was literally drying the bleach onto their paint film and doing what we call burning their paint fields that’s right yeah that’s what you get when you do it yourself and and so these homeowners you know they didn’t know um and when i explained it to them they’re like oh but it’s exactly what it is so that’s why you hire professionals y’all keep that surface wet constantly right probably one of the most important things you can do when you’re dealing with chemicals is just keep whatever surface it is that you’re spraying wet so that’s a big thing that we make sure that we do is um we do a test spot yeah with everything that’s with a roof how a roof wash with a house wash with concrete cleaning we do test spots reason why we do that is because we want to make sure like he was talking about earlier least amount of chemical as possible sure so i mean if we’re going heavy we want to make sure we turn that down make sure we’re not going to cause any problems with that or have it too hot to where you’re going to have that problem yeah yeah it’s obviously they care about what they do because you’re not going to get that out of out of a lot of a lot of folks so one of the things i wanted to press on the show today is the importance of of hiring out things even if you’re physically capable of doing it sometimes that’s not uh you know enough knowledge to go out there and actually tackle these things and besides who wants to so we can go fishing let these guys take care of it right right that’s it so one of the other issues and we or one of the other issues primarily in louisiana is our mildew problem look we live in the rain forest everybody knows that it it it’s horrible here with mold and mildew uh it’s not a something that an individual person causes this is just our environment we’ve got a lot of trees it rains here a lot um and when it’s not raining the sun doesn’t shine you know 24 hours a day so that is just like a a firestorm for mildew a lot of people don’t realize mold and mildew actually fly through the air mold spores fly absolutely and they attach from house to house to house you can actually go to and and i point this out to him when he started with me because he’d never done a roof yeah oh and we went we went out to uh pelican crossing a fairly new subdivision yeah in gonzales and we’re doing i was doing some roofs out there and i said now look at this i said you can actually see because that algae has moved from roof to roof to roof and those houses out there no no older at least in that particular part of the neighborhood no older than eight years old yeah normally you’re not going to see any type of algebra streaking or anything like that until about year 1314 on age of a roof yeah especially when they’re in louisiana especially when there’s no trees around there yeah you know but you could actually he says well why is it why so soon it’s because it travels from house to house to house 100 that’s it that’s the that’s the only reason behind it there’s no tree cover to keep that that off there and keep them dry yeah you know and just it just moves it really it really does and whenever they are fed the right amount of stuff that they need good sunlight a heck of a lot of moisture this means more that’s exactly right and and a lot of people you know in my in my days they would say you think your paints meal doing your paints you need to come look at it and i go there and look and and you know be surface mildew because you can tell you know there’s two types embedded in surface um surfaces is from you know trees blowing mold spores onto that paint film and paint has minerals in it so what happens is it becomes a food source that’s why it grows like this um and it’s nothing necessarily to do with the paint it’s everything to do with that’s just what it attached to you i had a lady one time arguing with me don’t there’s some paint i said well let me ask you this when you calling your brick guy out because you got paint on i mean you got mold all over your brick your bricks not painted so is he going to replace your brick and it clicked you know it sounded like i was being sarcastic but for her it clicked that well it’s on the paint you’re right but it’s also on your brick on your mailbox where are these guys gonna replace yeah um it’s an environment issue and look sprinkler systems and gardens uh they come on they’re beautiful and they save you a lot of time having to water your garden but uh you’re gonna have more mold and mildew problems than if you didn’t have that holes in the back look look around your condensing unit around your your air conditioned condensing yeah it’s always black around it that’s right always because very good point lots of moisture lots of moisture and and usually shaded and we can take it off there oh very much problem yeah and it when it comes out it’s just so satisfying well the great thing about what you all do is is when you leave at the end of the day you can see the fruits of your labor absolutely right that’s a that’s a big thing that’s why people like to build things and you know because when it’s done it’s i did this you know and and uh so it’s nice to be in a work environment i would imagine where you know the house can look 100 years old and when you’re done it looks like it was built yesterday it’s probably pretty cool oh yeah i mean i i always like to tell people what we do is therapeutic yeah i mean whenever you’re starting off with something that looks a little bit cluttered or doesn’t look that great i mean you don’t feel as great you know you’re you’re looking at it like oh man i really got to get this taken care of but i don’t really want to do that yeah and then you finally get it done and you just you feel this weight that was lifted and sometimes it’s weights that you didn’t even know that you had right i mean the home is one of the most valuable assets that you’re going to buy one of the most valuable assets you’re going to buy in your life yeah so whenever you take care of that i mean it really gives you a sense of pride at least i find the pride in making sure that your investment is taken care of yeah yeah that’s awesome man because you know uh y’all work a lot off referrals i’m sure i mean you know word of mouth right people saying hey you gotta call the guys at premiere they really care about your house you know it’s not just about money to them they no no they have a passion for this stuff and and that’s a beautiful thing and usually when you find people like that they’re going to do a lot better job i would i would go way out on a limb and assure people of that

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um so let’s get into the main thing that you do obviously and that is houses um you know louisiana i mean you’re in a great environment for what you do that’s for sure certainly you can almost power uh soft wash soft wash i got to learn that soft wash you can almost soft wash your house every spring around here uh honestly and it wouldn’t hurt anything um but our environment just kind of demands that people do that upkeep and and i say this a lot but people will you know they’ll wash their cars they’ll wash themselves they’ll you know they’ll keep those things up but when it comes to their house their biggest investment for most people they they don’t maintain it like they should and and you know soft washing is maintenance just like anything else it’s like not changing the oil in your car to me i mean it’s something that if you don’t do you’re going to have serious problems right you could absolutely absolutely and the great thing about you know we’ve got i’d say a majority of our residential clients are we we do their houses yearly yeah you know and that’s probably about 30 percent of our business just about in every like clockwork you know and they they understand the value because once again they’re getting somebody that has eyes on their soffits and on their brick and on their siding you know i had a customer who said well you damaged my siding at the bottom here i said that’s a lawnmower yeah you know i said we don’t use a you know any pressure at all yeah you know that we could stick our hand in front of the thing and pull and trigger all day and you would never drop a blood and uh it was it was one of our first now the customer has been a customer of mine for three years yeah they’re like okay he’s taking care of us you know exactly i called i called their their lawn care people and i said you guys got to come out and look at this i did that for them but because i’m not going to take that liability when i know it wasn’t me number one right you know and i said what kind of what color decks do you have on your on your small mowers oh they’re red yeah i got a little red streak on the side of this and it’s broken yeah so i want would you like to talk to the customer to your homeowner and he’s like yeah yeah we’ll take care of it yeah you know that make the custom the customer feel much better sure you know but those are but once again you have eyes on at least once a year on those problem areas that you know you might have a rotten spot at some place it can you know it’ll be okay for a year and then you know keep my eye on it for you and we’ll see what happens or even like a house that we did just recently we uh like we cleaned her like once a year and her the caulk on the inside of the lines on their house was starting to go because i mean you clean and clean and clean and over time that’s i mean it’s dog you know materials start to break down yeah so you would let her know it’s like hey um we are scheduled to come out next year and clean but we’ll give a little bit get a little bit of an eye on this and check and see how it goes and next time we come by we might you might want to just go ahead and get with a painter yeah yeah very good and and one thing we were talking about in the in the pre-meetings that we do is uh is the fact that you kind of go even the extra step one of the things uh they said they’d do and i was like wow i don’t i you know the times that i pressure washed my house i didn’t do this stuff i never even thought about doing it but taping off your electrical outlets um huge and i can guarantee you probably 99 of people out there professionals or not don’t do it uh doors tape off doors tape off that we tape off the door knobs the door locks at the bottom of the door yeah just in case not that any good weather stripping yeah louisiana wears out really oh yeah it wears out so we do we taped the bottom of the door uh the first thing you can you can see us do when we show up we’ve got one guy we always have two main crew one guy’s pulling hoses getting them you know and setting them correctly another guy is out there he’s he’s taping outlets um he’s taping doorknobs and door locks uh and he’s wrapping fans and tvs outdoor fans yeah we’re wrapping another thing we get up when we wrap the motor on that and that’s a just in case but we’re not gonna you know once again we’re not gonna spray water up into your fan but it’s just in case and then outdoor tvs you know we we wrap those yeah and we unplug them and we tape up that outlet behind the tv and you know it’s just it’s peace of mind for the homeowner but it’s protection for us right right we’ll go it takes us an extra 20 minutes for a job to do that stuff yeah why wouldn’t we protect you and us that’s right 100 i agree with that and and another reason why you’d want to do business with these guys now um so say someone’s listening to us right now and they’re like man my house looks horrible wash it nine years all right he’s gonna blame all this on the paint whatever um let’s say they’re doing that and they they’re like man how can i get in touch with these guys and and i would assume so tell me about estimates is that something that you just offer free of charge or oh yes free estimates and so people hearing this hopefully you’ll have a hundred of them calling you and they’ll be saying i heard you on local leaders certainly love it yeah at least i have that conversation and i would love that as well um so how would they go about getting in touch with you what what would the process be to get you out there to get a quote um you can i’m sure that you’re going to end up putting one of our cards or at least our business information out there the best way to do would be to give us a call yeah i mean that’s the best way to get in touch with us we’re very very personable people we have our phones on us all the time we’re ready to answer any calls that you possibly have or with any questions that you possibly have i mean we’re here to help yeah and we like to make everything clean very they they absolutely do um and let me tell you allen is personable that’s for sure he’ll he’s a he’s fun he’s he’s in a bni uh group uh not the same one i’m in but he’s in a bni group and and does a very good job of this 45 second i love listening to yours baby although he’s not in my group he’s always at my group because he’s smart whenever whenever i can’t work a network oh i like to see he has some great ones and what give us your tag line what was what was it oh yeah there’s a million of them but uh no i have a lot i have a lot i like to come up with jingles all the time my group will always say that but um i love to say right now it’s like make your neighbors jealous by calling us clean and fellas i love it i haven’t heard that one i like it you didn’t run that one by me that’s okay i tend to stick myself very good and uh y’all can’t tell this but tim came in he was limping today a little bit he had some crutches he had a little little uh arthritis uh messing with him that’s what happens when we get old like me and tim you know we get those little uh aggravating injuries but uh he’s getting better every day so that’s right he said he’s going to be up there cleaning out gutters in no time

stephanie berthelot in the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

so do you have like a facebook uh facebook instagram we’re on both of those yeah and what i’ll do is i’ll link those to the description of this video uh and that way folks if you’re driving or something like that no worries don’t uh don’t worry about it we’re gonna link it at the bottom and you can just scroll down when you get to where you’re going and click on it and boom off you go give them a like on facebook and let’s see how much we can make these guys grow facebooks are great for your type of business because you can show pictures of your jobs and befores and afters and all that sort of stuff and as i said at the beginning of this um we’re going to link or rather we’re going to show you pictures as we go of what we talked about today so that’ll be real interesting believe it i’m going to miss an hour now it seems like about five minutes yeah very much i’ll tell you what when you sit and you talk about uh soft washing you can go forever folks us three can for sure so thank you very much for coming on y’all have fun thanks for having us had a great time awesome thank you awesome oh man and my pleasure i can talk about this stuff all day um and please please please if you if you reach out to them let them know you heard heard this podcast on local leaders and and definitely get up get a quote and let these guys uh do your house you will not be disappointed they’re they’re just some great guys and you might even get a history lesson out of that or maybe someone will do your taxes i don’t know but one way or the other we’re going to get it done and i want to thank all my sponsors for supporting local leaders of podcast we couldn’t do any of this without all of them guys they keep us rolling over here and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like premier exterior cleaning and keep leading thank you very much fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blind’s denim springs fast fit food for you


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