Primtek LLC Owner Scott Dufrene on Hard work, Technology and his Business!

Local Leaders: The Podcast Presents – Scott DuFrene with Primtek LLC.

With his deep Cajun accent it does not take long to figure out that Scott Dufrene was not born in Livingston Parish but the accent would be the only way you will notice.

Scott has raised a family here, built his business Primtek LLC here and along with his wife and children have contributed heavily into the betterment of Livingston Parish.

In Season 4 Episode 13 of Local Leaders: The Podcast I sit down with Scott Dufrene to discuss his decision to go into the computer software field and in the process discover the hard work he put in preceding it and the amazing things he has done to better the community around him.

You are going to love this edition of Local Leaders: The Podcast!

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Video Transcript (Beta)

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and if you are not using technology to your advantage whether in your business or in your personal life you’re going to want to watch this episode whether it’s a mobile app for your business it’s you’ve always needed or software for your business there’s a local business right here in denham springs that can help you achieve that goal today we’re going to talk to him about all of that and a whole lot more so welcome primtech’s own scott dufrin thank you jim to the local leaders uh so scott you do so much in the livingston parish community in the way of technology you all have a vast system over there of different things that you do some of it might require if you’re a little technology ignorant i guess with the word it might require a little explanation but i want to get into some other things first because judging by your accent uh i’d imagine you didn’t start here no i’m i’m a livingston paris import i come from the other lp which is lafourche la fouche parish couple couple people from lafourche uh famous people bobby a bear is yeah he’s central official bobby very solid southwest tommy hudson with central lafourche and you are central central okay central official you’re a hudson guy that’s always like todd’s a man he was a good quarterback did you know him i knew his his brother uh younger brother graduated with my brothers he was a great quarterback at lsu man god i used to love watching him play and that was like my my time in football you know when i really got into it right when tommy was playing but you you kind of left lafourche and you ended up right here in the livingston parish area and we want to talk about how you kind of ended up here tell me a little bit about that and a little bit about your family you have a a family that’s very active in this community as well yeah so i graduated from nichols state in 2000 uh got a job in gonzales and i was doing municipality software and then my wife and i was kind of looking for a house uh we kind of came to the livingston area and it was just it’s more the people was more like where i was from yeah you know and and we kind of settled in here fell in love with the place my wife definitely sunk her heels in and i don’t think we’re going anywhere yeah yeah and it’s interesting your wife’s a second grade teacher at freshwater elementary yep not only a second grade teacher but the teacher of the year in 2019. she was she is an excellent teacher i’m so proud of you she puts her her heart into it for sure she’s up till midnight writing lesson plans yes every night so yeah and glad to see her get that accolade and look man there’s a lot of teachers in this parish should it be recognized as the teacher of the year what an honor and and uh all of those sorts of things now you’re kind of a big guy so i did you play ball when you were in high school i played baseball all through high school i didn’t play football i came from a catholic school yeah moved up to the big public school and then i just stuck with baseball i never kind of made the switch what did you play in baseball i was a pitcher okay i played first base yeah i wouldn’t want you throwing a baseball at me like you look like you could hum it pretty good i don’t know if i’d want that now your your daughters are also kind of active in the community especially your oldest daughter she’s an impressive one i sent you a questionnaire before we started and uh and tell you a little bit i’m gonna tell everybody a little bit about your daughter she’s a jacket right yes denim high school go jackets uh she’s a straight a student that’s sure and she wants to be an orthopedic surgeon yep she uh fell in love with the the human anatomy in her freshman year taking the class at school yeah and uh for christmas she wanted an anatomy book so the youngest one calls it the dirty book yeah you know she wanted to study honor she really likes it and so well fantastic that this early on she’s kind of you know she’s kind of found something that she has a passion for because i’ll tell you what man i i’ve i’ve got daughters twin daughters in in the same grade and uh i know with them uh it’s kind of back and forth and i have one daughter she says i want to be an actress and i’m like no you don’t i told her i said what if that kind of falls through i don’t want to not support you in that but let’s have a backup plan just in case i mean that’s kind of a tough field and you know livingston parish to be an actress but hey if you can make it happen i you know that’d be great but let’s get a dentist degree or something in the meantime uh so fantastic you have a younger daughter as well yep she’s my little cajun she’s more dark complected than the other one she’s got a little attitude some people call her salty you know if she if you go at her she’s coming back at you so i love it i mean she’s uh she’s a handful but she’s in the volleyball and soccer and yeah doing a little volleyball program at parts right now so fantastic man so you’ve got a great family there you look like you’re a pride dad and a proud husband and those are always good qualities to have and and i find a lot of business people you know they credit a lot to their family because all of us as business owners we give up time and uh and thank goodness we have families that kind of understand that so how long has prim tech been in business we’re just still over 10 years now it’s good longevity yeah you get you getting up there with the big boys now on yeah i’ve been doing software for about 20 years now and i made the decision to uh start primtech on assad it’s part time yeah and that lasted about eight days until i got a big contract to go full time so uh you had a little time to think about it about six months after i hired my first employee and that’s been growing ever since never looked back interesting now and you know longevity is important scott when you first started prem tech uh you know kind of take me back to that in the struggle you know we all kind of go through a struggle when we start there’s very few businesses that you start you open the door and the next day you get a million dollar contract or something right there’s usually like the beginning where you’re like oh man i hope that phone rings you know kind of take me to that well the kind of unique thing the first big contract i got yeah um you know i told them i was doing it part time and they actually invested in the company yeah they they they’re actually part owners in the company today yeah really great so they uh they’re silent partners i think the last meeting i had with them was in the 2016 yeah after the flood that means they know you know what you’re doing and they don’t want to mess it up yeah fantastic but uh yeah and it’s just getting it started finding the right people uh you know the biggest thing with me is is everything comes from the referrals i gotta get inside of a business and find out how they do business and it’s not something i can go knock on the door most of the time and do yeah good so uh you know they referrals get you in that door and it allows you to talk and then uh you know turning it over to other developers to you know not my name but you know right you know it’s my business and and then you know just keeping that going on keeping those referrals absolutely yeah and that’s it that’s a big part you want everybody you know shopping with you whatever it is and and uh so it will literally be the difference between staying in business and going out especially early on referrals mean a lot you know word of mouth advertising’s hard to beat right and it’s a lot easier to get a client in the door when somebody knows them than it is just to walk in there cold because you have no relationship um now you you started your business and and y’all are doing great over there at prim tech definitely getting around to that but before that you had some interesting jobs that you did i had a few you know tell me about those when i was starting in college uh i took the route of i didn’t want to take student loans out so i sat out every other semester there you go and uh hey that was a smart move though looking back yeah i was a rough neck offshore for a while so it was a workout rig so all you did was trip pipe and you know that was a it was a pretty rough job back in the 90s and you know going through it then i uh i started climbing towers so we did um when i first got into it it was all analog so everything was 500 foot and above oh my god working on it and you know changing out antennas changing out cables yeah then nextel came to town yeah and that was the first kind of digital they had a tower every three miles down the interstate and uh you know those were 200 to 250 feet so you’d literally climb up and people don’t realize how much that will wear you out halfway yeah i don’t care what kind of shape you’re in back then i was built man and i would get about halfway up and you know you tie off and all those things but wow that was some work swaying you know i’d imagine in your case you’ve got some swimming yeah you can definitely feel it and you know once we get above 500 foot you have to have multiple people climbing because you usually rig the rope and it’s about 500 foot a row was about the most you can handle it’s about 70 80 pounds hanging off of the wow you know so that you know the biggest one we did is 92.3 that’s an advantage that’s 2000 feet and it’s uh you know the triangle odds is 10 foot each face and the ladder goes up two thousand feet in the middle of it so i mean you look up it’s a two thousand foot ladder so you go up 500 the next person would start you get to a thousand next person would start you got nerves of steel it took about four and a half hours to rig that you know for climbing wise but you know once we got it rigged you have different cat heads and winches and everything else to pull you up and down pull the equipment up and down interesting yeah well you got nerve there’s no doubt about you ain’t scared of heights then no wow amazing and so you know you’re not doing that no more i had to go back for a katrina um when all that happened they asked me to go back and i i didn’t climb i went run the ground yeah and uh we were just picking up crews going and we setting up uh telephone hops really to get from tower to tower to try to get it back on it was more for the police stations and and all that to get online because it was all oh wow depending on these towers absolutely interesting so you know you did all those jobs scott and uh and i’m imagining you’re making a pretty good living you know you’re you’re surviving you’re making a little money and and uh you decide you’re going to take a risk at some point you’re going to open up your own thing yeah it was uh right after the second child was born too so come on i was born in april we started in december yeah you know so it’s a it was a leap of faith yeah yeah you know before i was doing the same type of work i was partnering with a guy in baton rouge and you know as i kind of was running my own projects doing that you know so and that was kind of used of it so yeah yeah and you know it’s interesting scott that i’ve said this more than once on this show you know some people can be a victim of their own success they’re so good working for somebody else and they’re making good money maybe they have that entrepreneurial spirit but they never kind of take that jump because they’re you have so much to make up and so it’s like well i’m making so much money here i gotta at least make that for it to make sense but sometimes if you don’t take that jump you just never know right right you never know

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i want to talk about prim tech itself so let’s discuss what your company does in the technology realm give me kind of a rundown of of the stuff you spot you know that y’all do every day so three basic ones is websites web applications and mobile apps yeah web applications are like company portals you know something that’s hosted on the web companies can log in do their day-to-day operations um you know everything’s role-based secure yeah where they’re uploading data getting data you know helping companies make their decisions so we improving their processes you know when we’re working with companies and you know i’ve been through nightmare situations where i’ve seen companies that are huge and they are all on excel spreadsheets and every department is on a different application themselves and you know just taking a employee and typing in his name and his address and his information six different times you wipe that out you’re wiping out so much time and much yeah man it’s huge and you’re like you say these ain’t like little one-man operations some of these are large companies i can relate to that the the pain company i work for we lived in the in the dinosaur age many years after everybody else got out of it we were still using like dot matrix printers like three years ago with the three you know the three part and the flood the flood woke them up to a lot because we were not on the cloud back then yeah and our hard drives got uh destroyed obviously in the flood and and uh that taught us a hard lesson because i mean those hard drives had color formulas you know people’s color formulas and things you could not absolutely recover so uh so i know what you mean by that and primarily probably with with companies is your your company’s role i’m sure in some form or fashion is to show people that uh yes it’s an investment but you’re gonna recover that investment by the time you save and things like that like you just brought up that’s a time is huge i mean that’s that’s probably the biggest expense you can often prove it you know just on on the time it takes and looking at the different processes done i worked on a job it was a two-week process we brought it down to 30 minutes yeah and that’s uh you know that’s huge and you’re freeing up that employee to do more productive work you know instead of just there’s no doubt you’ve probably made a a friend for life and that business owner that you just saved all that time they’re like man why didn’t i do this five years ago uh so technology has come a long way even since you started 2010 to now i mean it’s nice and starting yeah programming i started in 2019.99 and it was all it was vb6 and access database yeah and uh i’ve we worked on an application called trip ticket we used to do for the wildlife and fisheries you know it was an install type of thing so you built it you went install it on a somebody’s drive well sure learned a hard lesson with the old microsoft’s operating systems if you didn’t build it on the same operating system you would install it you’re going to crash that whole computer i know that about experience so you know sometimes that’s the best way to learn yeah for sure wow and yeah so it’s it’s come a long a long way and and now it seems like everybody has an app right every big company anyway has an app but 11 years ago it was not super common for anybody but big companies private smaller companies didn’t have apps back then you know it it had to work its way around so let me give you a scenario i’m gonna give you a scenario and we’re gonna talk about app development for a minute let’s say i came to you and i said scott i want to develop an app where people can access my podcast directly from the app and do a bunch of other cool things you know you name it uh would i have like a creative process with with you and your team where we all kind of sat down and i said you know here’s what i’m kind of looking to accomplish and you tell me what is possible yeah so basically we go through the layout of the app itself decide which the functionalities besides the different players of the apps players it’s your roles so whether it’s a a user of the app an admin you know different uh operations of the app itself and then you and that most apps have to have a web portal to manage the data yeah so you’re not logging in through the app uploading your new podcast it would be on a web portal yeah a web application you would have a secure login to upload your videos yeah tie it in creating so the app pulls from that database excellent so um you know absolutely a big thing that they created because you can do them disconnected right and also that you can push notification to a a user yeah with a web portal you can’t do that right i have to come to you and and look for that information so that’s where it’s gotten huge on you know showing notifications showing pop-ups doing new here’s a new workshop that’s available here’s a new podcast that’s coming out yeah local leaders just uploaded a new podcast check it out and you click the app i like it already scott sign me up we can set it up eight o’clock every tuesday morning send out a new podcast notification yeah where people get it yeah interesting and and you know it’s a huge huge thing right now everybody of course wants an app some people don’t realize what’s involved they you know it’s not as easy as it looks trust me and and uh that’s why people like premtech exist is because uh that is their expertise so just kind of on demand they’re almost on demand you know search engines they know exactly what you’re going for and y’all are y’all are experts at building those apps but you also talked about software development something else you do and uh so i have some questions there first give me some examples of the software you develop for companies so we have a one it’s called service and track it’s kind of a it’s not a product but it’s a baseline we start off and it’s more for uh businesses that have field employees yeah so whether you’re doing dispatching to work orders to you know purchase orders to sending out invoicing you can control that whole process through it you know i like that too so i need that when you’re talking you know i’ve have come people come to me and say you know i want to control inventory yeah well that’s not as easy as it sounds because you got to have a place to take in inventory and you got a place to use inventory so that’s your purchase orders your purchase orders have vendors associated with them all that has to go in the database you have pricing associated with it whether you’re going to do lifo fifo on the pricing of it you do the percentage on the client you’re selling to we’ve got to make the invoices you know and it it’s used inventory especially if you have field employees you know their truck is a warehouse right so you transfer and they from the warehouse to the truck it gets transferred out of that truck on a work order so you should know exactly what inventory you have on your truck just by you know if you if you received it in and you didn’t use it on a work order yeah it should be in your truck yeah so it’s uh you know keeping up with that and just using it on the job you know if they don’t want to do that it’s hard for us to control you might as well use this excel spreadsheet because it’s the same it you’re just going up updating numbers yeah i agree 100 and you know great for the retail industry right uh especially i mean the paint industry what what you’re talking about right now you know it’s it’s all about i issue a po okay and and i’m ordering from rust-oleum some spray cans um when those spray cans come in somebody has to receive them into the inventory and that all goes through a software system and you have to know if you received everything you ordered yes know if anything is on back order you know especi the technicians we have out you know they can make a um item order right there that you know they need a parts order for they couldn’t fix it they have to come back so we automatically make the rewrite dispatch it gets tied to a purchase order once that purchases are received and that dispatch can be going into the queue as ready to go do again because you partner right there you go exactly very good point and to the business owner it it definitely saves you money because um like you say not all the time do you order something and it comes in like correct right you might be four cases short of what that what that po ordered and if you don’t have a good system of tracking that you’re gonna assume you got all that spray paint right and you’re going to pay that bill yeah exactly and you’re not going to have it all in your warehouse and then when you do your inventory you’re going to be short and you’re going to assume somebody’s stealing from bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your am wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience 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so the big thing we have like technicians working on the job you know they can look in their truck inventory see if they have it right there on their uh laptop yeah you know and then if they don’t have it they can look on the other trucks anybody have a closer do we have it in the warehouse if not we have to order it have to come back and if you have multiple store locations of some sort you can actually see what the other stores have maybe maybe at your location you’re short a particular product but they have some you know one in baton rouge well yeah how do we know that with that type of software so do you do you know have that software that you can set up in a company if if this is something they’re interested in what about like custom software so what if somebody comes to you and they say i want to develop like a point of sale system just a custom point of sale system can you do that yeah we’ll try to go through we track down we do an analysis and that’s kind of one thing i’m pretty good at and most of the stuff i do now is is going in do the analysis going from a to z of the whole process to finding it out yeah you know a company especially big companies with a lot of people you know they wing it sometimes yeah and they don’t have the direct rules or nobody knows the rules that are supposed to happen in certain situations so going through this process really helps the company define their processes yes it helps the employees learn what they’re supposed to do and things and then you know with the web application i can make things required on the work order you have to fill it out or you can’t submit it yeah you know you’re still in paper order they can write whatever you can’t read it they put it back to the office good point so we can you know and would talk to texts on the phones now and stuff like that you know i have to type everything out you hit the microphone you can put it in the description of what you worked on yeah it makes it easy for the technicians yeah good point and and you know though essentially what you’re saying is you can set up some software so if if you’re an ac if you’re an ac company and you have techs and they’re going on site and they’re you know they have something with them i don’t know they’re replacing an air conditioner they’ve got parts that they pulled out of the warehouse and put in their truck you can track that you can see that that’s where these parts are um there’s probably i’m sure an option in there where if they need to order parts they could do it remotely or at least key in a purchase order to get something done then we keep job history you know so that there’s a client you can look up that client’s address you can see the job history who went on the last you know if they spent three hours finding the leak yeah the lady didn’t want to fix the part they just filled the freon they don’t have to search for that the next three hours they know going to over there she has a league in her system she decided last time just to fill it up yeah you know you can tell what you want to do you want it we can go with the part or excellent and what about like software what if somebody has machinery and they’re wanting to develop software to run their machinery can you is that something you get into you know it all depends on the machinery we do a lot of integrations with other software systems not too much machinery because you know just have to have that they call it api is the point where we can push and pull data sure um you know it’s just how it’s set up okay we do a lot of erp systems and quickbooks integration mass accounting systems microsoft ax jd edwards you know because it’s big erp systems but for field employees they didn’t want access into the erp system all of a sudden they’re making twice their wage

yeah they’d be changing all kinds of numbers oh i got 200 hours of vacation time what do you mean 20 yeah so uh you you make a good point there but that’s something that our listeners need to know that that is also available is is all of those software options and you do integrate with some machinery software uh i guess just reach out to them if you got questions on that and scott can sure answer the question for you what other services do y’all offer besides those two when you do web design or do websites um i mean we don’t use a kind of third party we have our own built-in it’s kind of our i’ll say gateway drug to come in to do because we wanted to be a tool for them to use you know whether your clients are going to log in so we partner with a lot of design companies around town you know and and they’ll do a wordpress site wix or build-out or whatever but if they need it to be over a content-based website they need some functionality you know they’ll come to us and and we can bail it out for and they sub it out to us and we can customize it yeah you know it’s a 500 website i can’t i can’t do it just the way we develop and the way we do it yeah i would be making a dollar 22 an hour yeah we want you making more than that i know if your kids are in dance you gotta make more than a dollar twenty dollars no doubt about that it’s a good deal uh so reach out to him and he can he can answer definitely answer your questions on that now where do you see the technology business going now personally i think business in general if they’re not already researching apps using tech to their utmost advantage uh they’ll become kind of obsolete next next little while man i mean it is especially with this covey hitting it uh it raised a lot of eyebrows and a lot of people and it’s they realize how far behind they are they couldn’t reach out you know personally or with paper and you know just taking orders from customers and doing like stuff like that you know we’ve made a lot of portals to where clients can come into the companies now and make their own orders absolutely and you know with what you do it’s interesting from a from a business owner’s perspective that um obviously all of us are in business and so you you try to get a buy as long as you can with spending as little money as as you have to on things that you i’m gonna say you don’t maybe realize are necessary and then something happens like a covid and it’s like i think we’re gonna have to buy the bullet and just you know do this or do that name pick something but uh that’s where your company comes in i mean you have solutions for those things now a lot of people don’t realize their website’s their first impression of their company yes you know and it’s a 24-hour salesman you should have running all the time it’s a great way to put that it’s your handshake it is your handshake and it’s you know you got to put the time into it you know it’s a lot of content creation there’s a lot of images and you know putting the information that answers the questions to google a lot of people you know they develop and they they do everything on their business name or if somebody knows your business name they’re going to find you they’re going to do that so yeah you got to get your keywords right figure out what people are searching for and develop your pages based on that you know and it’s the functionality that you’re exactly right how quickly you can get that information in customer there’s no doubt and you know if i go in google and i type in local leaders the podcast i’m going to pop up first right look i’m first in google no i’m really not let’s punch in livingston parish podcast and see where i pop up now if i pop up first there yeah i’m probably first or livingston parish business podcast so when you’re googling yourself don’t really google yourself google maybe your industry yeah and see if you’re a painter and your name is sr enterprise don’t google sr enterprise and see if you pop up you’re definitely going to pop up as long as your gmb is set up it’s always good to do like a painter near me yes yes those sorts of things now if you pop up first there you’re doing something right because there’s probably a million you know that are near you that are on google but where are you popping up on there that’s a very important thing and uh you know websites where that kind of all starts it is your handshake it is uh your salesperson 24 hours a day most people they’re looking at websites for their own personal use when they get home at night so you’re not there to answer the phone if they have a question you better have a website that’s informat informative in mind right now you have to do all of you have to have your google business account set up you have to you know the position of that you got to have your facebook and social media set up and you got to cover the full gamut of that and it all points to each other i agree 100 now prim tech um as well as yourself you y’all are very active outside i guess the desk of the key the keyboard desk or whatever you want to say you’re a member of bni as well as the livingston paris channel meeting this morning yeah yeah and and uh you’re a member of the chamber of commerce you’re actually a 2015 graduate yeah i mean that chamber does great work for the past i mean april and her team they’ve been doing i i can’t say enough about them what they do for all the small businesses here around awesome that leadership program was a great thing to go through i met a whole lot of people i got the contract with the city of walker through it yeah you know i work with ramsey our project was that challengers field yeah and walker so we uh did the grant writing for that and tell me about that a little bit the challengers field so y’all for the people that are listening that aren’t familiar with what leadership livingston is and i’m also i’m a 2020 graduate so i’m a covert class graduate proud covert class right here but uh but leadership livingston is a is a or it’s a program put on by the chamber commerce in livingston parish and uh basically it’s i don’t want to give away too much about it but you learn a lot about the importance of giving back through leadership livingston which we’ll talk about this in a minute but it’s really a good indication of a good leader but um but we do projects we do a little small team projects and uh and so scott tell me what y’all did as your service project i guess you could call it so i had rick ramsey on my team who was the mayor of walker and he had already kind of started that project that was one thing he wanted to do before he was ending his mayorship or they yeah they had a kiwanis club had uh pledged some money to it he had some money from the state so what we did basically is um they have a bunch of grants out in the state and they had the cal ripken foundation yeah that goes around the country and sponsors these so uh baltimore oriole for those that don’t so so we wrote a bunch of grants got in touch with the cal rivkin foundation got all that started you know and it ended up you know they funded i think 50 of it wow that’s huge man that’s huge so check that out if you’re if you’re in walker i’ll tell you what if you ever want to watch a baseball game that puts a smile on your face go to challenge field and watch some kids play there you go i mean it is something to see it’s it’s really humbling and it’s excellent because you know half of them using walkers you know it’s it’s yeah they can never play because it rains every other day in south louisiana yeah yeah we’re in the rain forest here so you know this is a turf field all the plates are flat and everything they can take wheelchairs around you know they never have to worry about any of that so awesome so awesome yeah so shout out to 2015 leadership livingston class your group uh for what you did for the community that’s a big deal and that also speaks to uh to you know print tech as a company and uh so i want the listeners out there the viewers to understand that uh they give back and they believe in giving back too and and scott and his crew you know they’re they’re all about supporting their community jim we’re swamped with these podcasts and i’m in the mood for some local barbecue for lunch barbecue casey the problem with barbecue is the speed that would take forever not at buddy’s barbecue with the drive-through line they can get us fed fast in that sauce mmm yum it is right in the heart of denim springs do they have specials yes they have plate lunch specials every day jim and i bet you didn’t know they offer some of the best catfish plates you’ve ever tasted on fridays and on saturdays they have smoked rib eyes they are as flavorful as you can find anywhere okay i’m hungry what’s the number i’ll call it in no just go online and place your order by the time you’re finished i can head that way that is convenient and really smart yep just like me a local business and you know what i always say oh yes jim chapman loves local correct and that makes me smart oh please if you’re in the mood for barbecue go see buddies barbecue at 105 florida avenue southeast right in the heart of denham springs they’re a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast and uh and so we love that about you now with regard to covid you your company y’all had some negative effects and some positive effects and so tell me about those a little bit so the flood really helped us in this situation because it made us go all the office flooded in 2016 my house flooded in 2016 too luckily i was the only employee that house flooded so everybody work remotely so it takes some setup to get their house computers ready get all the software installed by the new licenses get access to all the servers so we had all that set up from the flood already right so when covet happened everybody had to go home yeah you know everything was already set up yeah that’s a beat on that but a lot of customers we had we do a lot of contract customers you know people in the field sure they all got shut down people in plants you know i have one customer they had 400 people in the plan they went down to three first week unbelievable and they laid off all these people people i’ve been working with for five six years yeah this beer in the week he gone yeah you know that’s awful so a lot of contracts we had got put on hold um you know just waiting but a lot of new ones popped up you know people that needed to get things done yeah working remotely so yeah it was definitely a weird time man i mean it you know it seems like forever ago but it was just you know not even a year ago it’s coming up on a year yeah and uh and i can still remember you know the day like it was like the whole world just got flipped completely upside down and and business owners all over and i’m sure you were included you’re all trying to figure out okay what can we do what can we not do and how are we gonna uh you know revamp how we do things to still function right and uh so that’s interesting time and still remains to be yeah a lot of customers are still remote and you know having the portal helps them do that you know they don’t have to be sitting at the desk anywhere where the internet access they can log in they do their job so right it really helps them on that and you know what a lot of people figured that out and especially bigger companies they figured out wait a minute um we don’t have to pay for that office space right and we just give him a little stipend let me use his home office or whatever way they want to do it but you know technology that is one great thing about where technology is now is that people can go and you can do a lot of work from your home yeah just don’t tell casey but you can yeah you can do a lot of work from your house and and uh technology has really come to a point where you probably wouldn’t miss a beat yeah they can figure out on zoom how to quiet the dog in the background it’ll be great yeah the dog and the crying babies yeah it’d be like the the game silencer game yeah buds that you have to hear that better need to silence out the background i think you ought to work on that yeah i’d have something there that’d be some great code to put in there to just silence that yeah uh now with print tech it’s worth mentioning some of the more notable jobs that y’all have done prim tech is not no fly by night operation right scott y’all done some pretty big work you mentioned uh you know the city of walker so you did the citation management system for them tell me about that so the police officers they came on kind of phase two or three uh where they actually enter in their citations online yeah um before they was bringing it to the clerk’s office and the clerk’s orienting them all in um we track payments on there so anytime the payment’s made they use an in-court system so we can download the excel and then import it in yeah so you know there’s no more typing that in they have a docker report that we produce that uh you know it who’s supposed to show up for court today yeah you know and then from there if they don’t show up we have to generate a failure peer notices for them to send out said you know wow having a system you just click buttons and it produces all that you know it’s hours and hours of time hours of time and frustration i mean those guys don’t want to sit there filling out forms all day and it’s so much easier to do a lot of that you know through your through your management system and and uh so that’s a pretty big deal and you also did this one i found interesting a deer management system for a ranch yeah it started with the last company i was with kind of came over after a couple of years but it’s you know it’s a 40 000 acre ranch in texas yeah they have different pastures set up they track the deer they name them everything’s named going from year to year to age them and score them we got graphs to show the bell curve and you know the score at seven and a half is the highest and you know he sets them to save they set them as a call he sets them as a trophy you know different statuses on the deer so he you know there’s a lot of went into that that you wouldn’t think goes into managing there that’s pretty cool that’s yeah that sounds like it’s involved right uh and you also did a website and a mobile app for the louisiana small business development council yeah we just went live with that this year um you know they was looking to redo their website and a lot of struggles would they have so louisiana small business development center has um little centers all around the state yeah so each part of the state needs to manage their own information get their contacts through the website and all that so yeah you know we developed a website but it also is a tool for them to manage everything so each location has their own login their role is a location manager they tied to a location so when they log in they only see their location information you have a super admin they can kind of go through everything they have a third party system that they manage all their workshops and everything through so we integrated with that so we can pull in their workshops um big thing with them you know going to that workshop we have a theme on that and then the mobile apps so we develop all the apps we pull all the location information pull all the workshops send out a notification at eight in the morning of any new workshops that are added and people you know can sign up through the app through the website yeah so it sounds like you know um any companies that are out there uh large or small but if if you’re interested in the app development aspect or the website aspect uh kind of get an idea of what you’re looking for and and what you would like to accomplish in that app or that website and like we discussed earlier scott and all those folks at primtech can get with you and and uh i mean it sounds pretty much like you can handle it regardless of the size of the company or the contract or whatever i mean you’ve done the gamut here from small business to large business yeah we have some businesses uh one of them has about 3 000 employees and everything we did manages their internal operations so all these employees have schedules they have certifications you got to track they got safety you got to track you know each department so we work with companies with multiple departments multiple locations even state to state yeah you know field employees is big for us and it’s just empowering the field and letting them do things you know yeah it’s all about yeah it’s all about time it’s all about uh compliance and you want to make sure you know especially like you say with safety you want to make sure that you’re compliant with whatever your regulations are wherever you live but software enables you to keep track of that stuff where you have a record of what’s going on and and uh so very important so if you’re like me and and uh casey has gotten me away from this a little bit but i rely a lot on paper you know and it’s just not um the way really it’s not the way business is set up to run anymore yeah safety is pretty huge i mean we’ve been doing a lot you know daily farms and inspection farms to fill out that we make online yeah you do safety meetings you can track what topic it was who was there who was getting it goes on their employee record yeah you have safety incidents and you track near misses and things like that so when you go and do employee reviews you pull up their employee record see how many safety incidents they’ve involved with you know training if they have safety incidents have they gone through the training that would help them out that you know just making those decisions if you’re not tracking that data you know and if back when you know even outside salesmen people everything’s on excel spreadsheet on their computer when they left all that information left too most of the time yeah so it’s uh that’s a great point it’s come a long way yeah it really has and and look no more searching i mean think about it if you have an issue where you’re looking for a particular file you know no more searching for 30 45 minutes looking through 900 different files because you know you have that customer’s colors somewhere in one of these manila folders uh you know there’s a way that you can build some software you should like type in the customer’s name and boom there it is and um not so antiquated for everybody because time is time man one cool thing we did we had an uh events management so the company had tickets to lsu they had tickets to nickels they had tickets to new orleans and all the sales in one of those tickets so we created a portal where they can go make the requests what client they wanted to take and how many spots were remaining and available so it saved the ladies in their office wanted to kill everybody because they get calls you got any tickets left left why are you getting it he went to the last game oh yeah you know it it you wouldn’t think something so small would save somebody so much time and headache but it makes a big difference just that’s a great point yeah because you know like we we go through that a little bit my company with those lsu he went to a sec game already yeah yeah so it allows you to as access to the portal you can log in and see the information yourself you don’t have to call and ask anybody and there’s two people right in the company wasting time on who got the tickets it’s all about time man it’s all about it and and us as business owners understand that you know you want to be productive with your time and uh so step up to the plate you know with this with the software and these apps and all these sorts of things you will be shocked at the productivity increase and the um the time increase in your business just from uh just from that perspective you know


casey have you called the plumber about the sink in the break room yep they came this morning i can’t believe you missed them what was their name again giotts plumbing wow that was quick and they did a great job they did and when you need plumbing services of any type give giott’s plumbing a call with over 50 years combined plumbing experience the team at geots plumbing can handle all of your plumbing needs so whether it’s residential commercial new construction or reconstruction give giott’s plumbing a call at 907-6282 and get scheduled fast geats plumbing a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast another couple of things that stood out for me on your questionnaire were your answers to a few of the questions we ask you so when asked what characteristics do you feel a leader should possess i want to quote this you answered a true leader needs to learn to serve learn to serve your employees clients and community because helping make these people better makes you better people are only as good as who they surround yourself with and if they are growing you will grow that’s fact dude amen brother now look it took me a long time to learn that leadership was more about serving others needs than serving my own needs right i’ll be the first to say that um out of that i learned not only how to be a better leader but a better person it’s a huge thing and that’s what leadership is all about and that’s something that uh you know i knew before but when i went through leadership livingston like we talked about in the end it was all about serving right never would have thought that going in and i figured it out and it was like that light bulb went off and i was like man this is what it’s about yeah you wanna you want to be first in what you do of course we all are competitive in some way shape or form but it is serving others that really makes you a leader right and uh so i i could concur with you 100 now the other response that stood out to me was when asked what advice you would give to fellow business owners you said keep overhead low production high and stay positive failures are gonna occur learning from them is key hard argue with that right yeah positive you know it’s something i’ve been working on hard just to find the positive and in everything negative especially in 2020 i mean yeah you know through everything it’s it’s trying to stay positive trying to find the good stuff i agree with you and i’ll tell you this i think a huge issue is that when failures occur growing and or gathering and then owning the issue okay so owning the fact that uh of the failure and then resolving it is really the biggest indication of a leader um leaders will take extreme ownership of of every problem if you have employees underneath you and i don’t know pick a scenario but something goes wrong you know the cream really rises to the top both ways when it tastes good and when it tastes bad and uh and as the as the leader you know you’ve got to own the fact that okay this occurred it was a mistake we’re going to rectify it and make sure it doesn’t happen again learning from it is is very important um and you’re right i mean positive staying positive is uh is really a key uh not only business but in life man yeah i mean you know get out of here get out of the funk and and always try to find a positive uh ring to every situation and you surround yourself with some negative people and complainers all the time you know it’s gonna have a direct effect on you and it’s the opposite the same thing you know you have a positive person keeps a head on a swivel and keeps going yeah it’s it’s it’s hugely important and and you kind of become who you hang out with right and and uh and so surround yourself with positive people and and and uh you know professionals and and whatever they do and uh and you’ll probably be okay and and so that that’s advice from both of us to y’all yeah you’re gonna have to charge you for that you know you just remember uh god provides so that’s right staying positive and you know that’s right it’ll come that’s right that’s right now before we get off the subject to primtech i want to discuss the differences uh between like off-the-shelf products and custom products uh so tell me a little bit about the the most off-the-shelf products started with somebody doing the custom program for another company yeah and they said man this is great let’s make it into a product yeah now the problem comes with you have to change your company process to run inside of that product right and a lot of people can’t do that yeah you’re adjusting to something else you have to you know fit within their needs now to get a custom off-the-shelf software change for yours is a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time because yeah they usually have a board they review all the requests they decide what’s going to go into the next release and it goes out to every single company sure so if yours is pretty specific in yours you’re not getting it right you know and then a lot of projects we do it’s you know second or third try for them to implement a software package really you know and then they come to us we just need a custom yeah yeah this this off the shelf stuff just ain’t working for right you know you you you go off the shelf you changing your company to to work inside of that software instead of the writing the software to work that’s the way you do companies so yeah that’s a great point and there might be something as a company that you really want in your software that it just ain’t in the software you’re trying right and and uh so you know these guys can make it happen at broom tech you go to them they’re gonna make it happen they’ll custom make some software for you and uh and we all know louisiana has unique processes to do everything there’s no doubt even our crawfish yeah i mean it’s the same thing in business yes it indeed it is now tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast one thing we do on this show scott um is we do fun facts and i love doing fun facts because i learn about people’s businesses uh probably more information than i ever wanted to know i mean it’s just fun little neat little things so for years i wanted to do it on app development i was curious to know some fun facts on app development and so we’re going to go over a few i’m sure you know most of these but tablet sales believe it or not have actually surpassed desktop sales that’s how important a map is folks you hear what we’re saying to you people don’t use desktops unless they’re dorks like me who still have a desktop at home i mean most people if you’re not in the computer industry use tablets and cell phones so here’s a test for you if you have a website right now go to your phone and go to your uh desktop if you have one and make sure it looks right on both right i see a lot of times where websites are built and it looks fine on a desktop but ain’t no one looking at it on a desktop they’re pulling up their phone and your logo is all off in the corner and looks crazy and it’s it’s uh so then after you do that if you do notice something crazy call uh call scott they call that they’ll pick you up you call that a responsive design no matter what device you’re on it’ll respond to it there you go so uh very important though that people grasp the fact that no almost nobody is looking at websites and stuff like that on desktops anymore hardly and they’re certainly going to applications a lot so through phones cell phones and tablets um advertising is the most popular source of revenue for apps in app advertising revenue is expected to reach 16.9 billion dollars 38 of developers use ad revenue while in-app purchases are used by 37 um so advertising now via an app is apparently a popular thing is basically what all that says um 63 of millennials interesting here prefer to make purchases on mobile apps i’m sure interesting huh so there’s another thing if you’ve got a uh if you’ve got a website where you sell things okay whatever you know t-shirts pick a pick a product but uh you need an app is what that’s telling you because over half of millennials prefer to go through apps to make their purchases they don’t necessarily want to go to google and get a website and all that there are five million apps available to download there’s a wide range of mobile applications available uh to download with 2.2 million on the google play and 2 million on the apple app store i’m surprised apple app store was less than google well apple app store is very hard to get into uh yeah i got you and i heard that they shut down things for little in google you could put it in you have it like you put it in anything google ammo takes about two weeks for them to review and then they usually come up with something so google is that that would be like uh not not an apple product but what is what is it android android so okay i got you now um so i found that interesting and here’s another one every day on average and this kind of backs up what you just said 4 375 apps are released on the google play store while the apple store averages about 1082 apps daily it’s a big difference but that guy’s to show you exactly what scott just said um so scott i want you to tell everybody kind of where you’re located in denim springs so we’re right off of rushing road behind the big firework buildings there’s a business park drive most people don’t know it’s there it’s behind planet fitness and spectrum and you think i’d go to the gym having two of them so but you know you get off get to it off of rushing but yeah you know we’re right behind those okay awesome and and uh you know let’s shout out your facebook your website and those sort of things you search premtech you’ll find us on all the social media platforms awesome and now before we go i do want to ask you you know we talked about networking earlier and uh the importance of networking i know you’re a bni guy and we hadn’t covered too much of that but which being i you’re in the livingston leaders right livingston leaders and local leaders that man that’s that’s a perfect combination right there uh so how beneficial have have they been to you it’s been huge for me you know just being not from here yeah coming in not knowing anybody and you know being able to get in the chamber being able to get in bni meeting everybody see him in supermarkets now you know people you know before it was my wife and i yeah you know we didn’t have any family up here like i said earlier 2700 new friends live in the future they don’t move out they don’t move out that’s right that’s right so it’s been very great for your company and uh and i tell people all the time you know especially when they start a new business they’ll ask me any advice i’m like get into networking right i wish i would have known about networking you know 20 years before i figured it out because it uh it’s really like having a bunch of little sales reps running around for you all the time yep selling your stuff and and they don’t just do that freely you got to earn their trust too definitely you know work with them a little bit and they they take a liking to you and they want to tell people about you so i want to thank uh the queen of producing that’s why i’m a caller today casey mcmurray she’s over in the corner over there paying major attention right now for producing local leaders of the podcast she actually does a fantabulous job for me and is invaluable to my success i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders the podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share local leaders of the podcast on all our social media platforms we really trying to you know our best to spotlight local business and it’s the support of all you folks out there that really help us out and go give scott’s page a like on facebook um any likes you get for about the next two weeks or because of me all right i’m gonna take all that credit even even if i don’t deserve it i love it uh thank you to all our sponsors including premier credit corporation tricia johnston realtor big mike’s born grill william waldrip of twfg insurance sport and center sr enterprise elisa verret interiors and custom work room you know elisa you didn’t mind guilds guilds plumbing tiffany c card of honky mortgage and buddies barbecue of denim springs i am jim chapman and until next time i’m reminding you to love your community support local business and keep leading thank you

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