FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 & More with Ryan Harrell Goosehead Insurance

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Ryan Harrell of Goosehead Insurance Denham Springs sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast host in Episode 134 to discuss a variety of topics including FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 and its possible effects on Louisiana Flood insurance.

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hi this is tiffany c card with homekey mortgage and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast every business owner has a story let jim chapman tell yours it’s episode 135 of local leaders of podcasting joining us today we have ryan harrell of goose head insurance so welcome to local leaders of podcast first of all it’s good to be here finally uh we’re able to link up yes after a few mishaps and yeah busy schedules and look a lot has happened we’ve had like storms and and uh well life ryan in general sometimes gets in the way but yes we’re finally together and we’re going to talk all about goose head insurance all the exciting things that y’all do over there at goose head you have a lot of different options for insurance over there and so we want to cover that in detail but first we want to get a little background on you talk a little bit about your history uh and i guess we can start with where you were born and raised sure um so born in uh zachary yes which is just north of baton rouge yeah um not a very big town so everybody knew everybody yeah um and it has grown oh exponentially it um i drove through that i don’t go there often anymore now that i’m a livingston parish resident yes i try to stay out here but um drove through the other day and and the traffic is is unbelievable yeah yeah it’s it’s grown by leaps and bounds look some of the best schools in the state of louisiana yeah before no doubt about it after i graduated they decided to get a whole new school yeah new football field new new facilities they were waiting on you to leave they weren’t they were like ryan’s gone guys let’s go ahead and get this thing going no doubt about it but it it has it’s grown i can remember from my past uh you know life selling paint i did a lot of paint sales in zachary and i would have to go there quite often and uh i i kind of saw that growth in your questionnaire that i sent you i’d asked you a little bit about your upbringing and uh you really credited your mother for kind of shaping you in those early formidable years of your life so i want to hear a little more about mom kind of tell us tell us about her and the strong influence she had on your life early on sure um so my mom uh my parents divorced when i was about six or so so my mom and i were kind of uh you know we were a little teeny we were she was a single mom and whatnot but she was just a wizard with with money she didn’t make a ton right yeah but she was able to you know allocate funds and save and manage money so well that i never wanted for much you know if i wanted to play baseball or if i wanted to play basketball or if i wanted to play golf or whatever i wanted to do she found a way to make it work wow um so yeah i mean huge uh admiration for my mom and respect but yeah she was really influential early on and taught me work ethic and uh you know kept me in church and kept me in school and kept me in sports so so she was uh instrumental and i think the person that i am today for sure 100 now uh you know one thing that i find the most common in business owners and i’ve talked to about 130 of them now sitting down in these chairs is all of them started working really early in life it wasn’t you know one thing about today is it seems like kids are kind of getting into the workforce a little later than they used to and one thing i noticed with you is that you’re no exception at 15 you were working in a construction company that your grandfather had started so kind of let’s talk about that and the value that that gave you even today um not the funnest job yeah in the world so cutting your teeth in the construction industry is uh it’ll make you appreciate any other job yeah um so you know as as a kid we were out there 14 15 in the summers me and my cousin and um out there started as a surveyor and then worked our way to the labor crew down in the they did sewer line mostly yeah a lot of mud yeah down in the poop ditch is what we called it so we said we’re down there in the mud and you know whatever and worked my way up to to become an operator and operate machinery and you know so on and so forth and but in louisiana you know i don’t have to tell you the weather is is not ideal for construction it’s either a hundred and something degrees in the summer and humid or it’s you know 20 degrees and wet and rainy and yeah so that just made me uh really pushed to get my college yeah i can imagine that was a big convincer that you know maybe i don’t want to do this my entire life but a good experience from the aspect of work ethic i would imagine and just knowing knowing what a hard day’s work feels like and and uh and all of that kind of stuff and i do you know with construction especially either it’s kind of like painting either people love it or they hate it there’s kind of no in between but you bring up a good point that in louisiana it is a situation where there’s not a whole lot of ideal conditions for seems like anything you know my old foreman that you you know used to work out there with me he was my boss essentially but he’d always say oh you’ll be back it’s in your blood construction’s in your blood it’s your family don’t hold your breath yeah i don’t think i’ll be walking back on this job site yeah well at least it showed you another side of it and and uh and you pushed for other things and you know in 2007 you your life kind of took a sharp turn uh to say the least you were involved in pretty major car accident tell me about that um yeah that was uh that was pretty traumatic i i i just graduated high school i think i was working at home depot at the time yeah um and i was on my way home from work one night it was rainy and just i mean the last thing i remember was was looking down for a cd that i’m dating myself but yeah looking down for a cd yeah to slip in but they say you know i could have fallen asleep and that’s just the last thing i remember or whatever but anyway um head-on collision i mean it was it wasn’t pretty it uh left me in the hospital for about six months or so and uh wow surgery on both feet i mean they cut me over and had to remove my spleen it was a big deal you know you pushed on right you appreciate it a lot more after something like that yeah and you eventually made it to college and and uh even after that and moving right along 2013 your senior year um tragic circumstances kind of hit you again you got diagnosed with uh hodgkin’s hodgkin’s lymphoma yep tell me about that situation yeah so uh you could look at it as either being extremely lucky by surviving the car crash yeah and then surviving cancer or i’m the most unlucky person in the world yeah yeah it’s either half full or half empty that’s right that’s right but um yeah i mean nobody in my family had ever had cancer um so that was that was a shock you know i i just never in a million years would think they would call me and say hey you’re positive for hodgkin’s lymphoma and i didn’t even know what that meant i said what does that mean they said you have cancer and i’m you know my world just came crashing down i mean i’m like you know what what happened you know nobody in my family had cancer why me so obviously i was just you know pissed off at the world for weeks and just didn’t want to talk to anybody and and you hear the word cancer and you think a death sentence automatically yes because you don’t know anything right i didn’t know anything about cancer at the time so and my oncologist said stay off the internet don’t look on the internet don’t you know and of course what do i do first thing oh yeah yeah you’re good i’m googling yeah um and you see all these horror stories and whatnot but anyway i finally decided either i you know carry on with my life go back to work finish school go through the chemo it is what it is and make the best of it or i just stay mad and locked up in my room for the next six months or however long this is going to take yeah so i did that i went back and waited tables and i went back to college and i did chemo treatments every other week and it knocked me down for a week and then about a week later i’d start feeling good and i’d go back to work and do what i just kept leading a normal life as best i could um and then you know six months later they they told me i was cancer-free wow man good for you yeah that’s uh that and how old were you uh 20 i think i was 23. 23. yeah yeah get how did you find out i mean like you just happened to go you were feeling bad or actually no i wasn’t feeling bad at all i felt completely fine i had a a like a lump show up on the side of my neck and i thought it was a cyst and i remember i remember vividly to this day sitting at in missouri we were deer hunting at our farm in missouri and i was talking to my uncle so what do you think this is and he said oh it just looks like a little cyst or something and then cut it out or whatever so i let it go of course because i procrastinated everything and you know if it weren’t for my mom staying on me i’d probably be dead right now because i would have never gone to the doctor wow um but it got a little bigger and a little bigger and it got noticeable and it looked like i was quasimodo looking out in the mirror and i was like all right something’s clearly not right yeah yeah this is normal yeah yeah so uh went and they did a two needle biopsies and it came back negative both times i was like see nothing to worry about i don’t have cancer and she wasn’t satisfied um so they cut in and did a tissue biopsy and they pulled out a piece of it and they that’s when it came back positive for canada so yeah so there’s a lesson right there for people if you don’t ignore those lumps and things like that if you get something on you don’t don’t ever ignore any of your body’s telling you something listen because most of the time it’s it’s accurate 23 years old you already kind of had two pretty traumatic experiences happen to you but you again push through them right you uh you you eventually go on to graduate with a degree in business marketing something i know a little bit about as well uh which kind of you know this speaks volumes to me about the type of person you are because uh you had a lot of choices man you just covered a few of them when you when you found out that you had cancer you could have just gave you could have just said i i i mean i don’t i’m not even going to stick to the school thing anymore right you could have just thrown your hands up and said this is the second time in so many years that i’ve been kind of knocked down and and really just taken a left turn when you should have took a right turn you know sort of sort of speak and uh and you just pushed through them so i’d say you were kind of a guy that don’t have a whole lot of quit in you would that be accurate i’d say that’s pretty accurate i mean i don’t i don’t i don’t even really like to bring it up and talk you know there’s a lot of people out there that and i’m not trying to minimize anybody’s situation sure by any means um i’m just not the type of person i don’t like the sympathy i don’t like that yeah doting on you i don’t like oh my god your congratulations you beat kanji that’s so amazing and i just don’t yeah it is what it is and it’s done it’s in the past i’m i’m over it yeah so i just kind of like to move on from that um sure but but i just i don’t like to let it define me i guess right right but the good thing about it ryan is is someone may be seeing this that’s kind of in that situation but they may be taking that left turn when they because they don’t think you know people feel like sometimes they lose hope of things and and uh one thing happens to them then another thing then another thing and they’re just like well i can’t make a good run of my life because i keep getting knocked down you’re just a good example of sure you can and uh and you know you can be a business owner after having these things happen so i know you’re modest guy and but shout out to you for doing that because that’s a that’s a tough thing to do for a lot of people so at some point you got into the industry that you’re in now which is the insurance industry now it’s important to mention that ryan didn’t just jump out of college and go straight into goose head you know you had a lot of experience under you in the insurance industry prior to owning your own insurance company and uh and so we won’t mention any names but a large insurance carrier that you worked for for uh how many years three or four years three or four years and kind of i guess cut your teeth in that in that industry i’m sure learned a lot of things early on that are of value to you today and uh in october of 2018 you officially became a business owner right um so take me through that decision because this is something that people struggle with a lot and that is they’re working for let’s say somebody else or they’re working for another company in their industry and they’re debating should i stay here and wow this pretty good job or whatever or but i really want to own my own business you know take me through that was it a struggle for you you knew right away well i i think i had been contemplating it for a little longer than i let on you know i was working in that position but i i don’t regret it because you know that company enabled me to um to learn how to talk to people to learn sales to learn the lingo to learn insurance now i mean granted i never thought in a million years i’d be in insurance right that’s not what you when you’re a kid like i want to be an insurance agent it’s not the most exciting thing in the world um i wanted to hunt and travel the world and do all that you know sure and when i realized there’s no money in it uh and i started having some bills that showed up i was like all right well insurance sounds sounds good people have to have it but um yeah they do leaving leaving that company um i had planned to open an agency for that company originally um and then i just felt i was like man there’s got to be a better way to do this i’m just because i wasn’t making a ton of money there so i was thinking like well i’m going to have to hire people to work in this position that i’m in and they’re going to go through this same thing so what is their mindset going to be yeah probably the same as mine i’m not making much money i can’t really you know and so it’d be hard to hold on to good to good employees but um right about that time when i was kind of just juggling back and forth somebody from goose had reached out to me yeah and you could say it’s fate or whatever i think they’re just really good marketers but yeah um they reached out and they said hey look we have an opportunity for you we want you to hear us out fly out to dallas take a look now at the time i think there was only like eight or nine goose head agents in the state so i didn’t nobody knew who goosehead was and most still don’t but they’re starting to make a name for themselves sure um i was like a goose head like it just sounds like okay whatever so i flew out there and they just blew me away with with uh you know their their marketing and their uh process and their technology and their culture mainly because their culture is just um it’s mostly 24 to 34 young hungry you know people that are ready to go and and so i i took the lead they said here here’s the offer here’s what we can do for you um we’re gonna have all your carriers set up you’re gonna be ready to sell day one wow and i said let’s do it yeah so i i took the leap and then here we are yeah and you know um but one thing i’ll say about goose head is they’ve got some great branding um i actually like their branding and and uh and we’ll talk about their slogan in a little while i think it’s cool uh but being someone that does a lot with promotion um branding is something that catches my quick and and uh they have some great branding over there with goose heads so and i like the name i think it’s i think it kind of sticks out you know it’s not something yeah it’s different um now your office is located right here in denham spring matter of fact it’s you know a stone’s throw from where we’re at right now filming this podcast um but when you were basically leaving where you were at you were opening your you’re going to open up your uh goose head insurance agency right here you had a choice of where you wanted to go and this always intrigues me with business owners is why they choose where they choose because that i would imagine and i know firsthand is extremely important location location location you chose livingston parish you chose denham springs right here in the heart of town

how big a struggle was it for you to kind of decide where you wanted to go once you knew you wanted an insurance agency it was um let me first say that i never saw myself living in denim yeah right because i didn’t know anything about them all i heard was living the lp livingston parish you know and whatever surrounds that stigma and i’m just like i don’t know my grandfather is in development and does a lot of these new developments and new neighborhoods and he said ryan don’t open in baton rouge go to livingston parish they are growing it’s a great area great people and so i said all right and i i trust him yeah with pretty much anything sure he’s my mentor he’s um forgot more than i’ll that i’ll ever learn but uh when he told me that i was pretty unsure and uncertain and i said i trust you you’re gonna do it and i’m glad i did yeah because i’ve i’ve come to know you know a lot of the people here uh y’all and and other business owners and and it’s a lot of similarities i felt like livingston is is you know a lot of our business is based off of the real estate market obviously you know we work with mortgage lenders and real estate agents and that’s goose heads model it’s not internet leads it’s not cold calling it’s build relationships yeah with people in the industry yeah and then once you become friends with those people they trust you you do a good job for them they’re gonna send you business 100 um and so you know that’s that’s why i moved out here because the the real estate market is booming there’s development everywhere there’s people moving out here from baton rouge and um you know i’m in the process of trying to hire now because i can’t keep up man that’s a good problem to have right frustrating but a good problem to have not good on my hair but yeah i know the feeling believe me uh so you’re essentially a broker meaning you kind of facilitate a relationship between an insurer and an insurery i guess would be the word there what would you say some of the advantage are of going through a broker versus say a company that offers insurance directly through them um so i tell people all the time i feel like the other company i worked for was a captive agency is what they call it right so you have one product one offering one price yeah um and i tell people all the time i’ll work for you as a as a broker i work for the person i don’t work for the company so i’m i’m on your team i’m on your side i’m shopping the market to find the best fit for you because not everybody is made to fit you know in a certain little box everybody is different some people may have poor credit some people may you know have uh claims history some people may so so there’s different companies that cater to that stuff 100 um so a little more work on on the agent side um because we’re shopping and looking our instead of just quoting one hey here it is take it or leave it yeah um but at the same time it’s it’s better for the client so i agree 100 and one thing you know that you for someone that’s on the outside i guess of of what you do i would say the price comparison shopping that you get out of a broker you don’t necessarily get out of uh company that you’re buying direct insurance from so that’s you they can actually lay out plans for you could actually lay out plans for people and and say you know here’s where you’re at with this particular company in this particular company um you’re not going to get that out of somebody that sells one essential product right um so that’s a huge to me a huge advantage now you sell personal line insurance so kind of tell us what personal line insurance entails so it’s basically um your everyday insurance that people need right home insurance auto insurance life insurance flood insurance motorcycle rv but whatever we do a little bit of commercial but that’s not our bread and butter our bread and butter is the everyday person homeowners auto you know flood that kind of stuff yeah and and uh but probably important to mention one of the overlooked uh aspects of insurance for personal line insurance that people may not even realize is not covered under say their homeowners is like kind of like your toys right your boats your your atvs stuff like that you you offer separate policies for those you have carriers that you can go through on those absolutely yeah and a lot of you’re right a lot of people don’t realize that that stuff isn’t just covered i had a good friend of mine he’s actually a lender yeah and so he’s familiar with the industry but he didn’t he has dirt bikes and side by sides and all this stuff and he said is this stuff covered under if something happens is it covered under my home policy said no no no we need to ensure each one of those things individually um so yeah a lot there’s a lot of misconceptions and i think a lot of people when they buy insurance and this is something that i i guess pride myself on or take time with people with is educating them because people don’t i can’t tell you how many people i talk to that have no idea what they have on their insurance policy they don’t know what their deductible is they don’t know what coverage they have they don’t know what’s what and then something happens and of course they’re upset because they say i didn’t know i had a 13 000 hurricane deductible you know yeah and that you know just came down the pipe here recently a lot of people got a shock there that education’s important it’s huge especially in insurance because you don’t need it’s not like you’re referring to your insurance policy every day you only refer to it when there’s a catastrophe of some sort yeah um so that’s something that you’re going to get out of a goose head out of a ryan harrell um is you’re he’s going to sit down with you and you can bring your i guess your deck page or whatever and and i’m sure you can review that with them and and uh and give them other options you know things they can do explaining insurance is is very important because then you don’t run into situations like we just had where people say oh i didn’t know i had a higher deductible than i normally have for a hurricane and you would think everybody knew that but a lot of people didn’t most people yeah it shocked people so that’s something that you folks pride yourself on is that you are going to kind of review all that explain all those details with people and make them feel comfortable about it right that’s right so um what you mentioned commercial and and i know that’s not your bread and butter but let’s say you know a company wants to come and and get some workers comp quotes is that something you could do yeah absolutely absolutely we have um when i say commercial you know we do workers comp we do small business we do things like that but we don’t do um you know big fleets of autos and big giant construction companies and you know we that’s just not we’re not set up to service that real well right so we’ve put more of our focus and attention on the person aligned side of it to try to be the most competitive sure in that space right sure um and we’ve got more business than we know what to do with but if somebody approaches me and says ryan and i already have their personal home auto blood whatever and they say hey look i have a little side venture i’m about to start i want to start a podcast studio yeah you know yeah i can say i can write insurance for that yeah there you go so if you are in the commercial realm and and uh and you want to talk to ryan he’d be glad to talk to you and and uh review those things i know in my former life as a sales rep for a paint company i can’t tell you how many painters you know workers comp is the they got to have that and and uh a lot of them have no idea whether they’re getting a great deal or a horrible deal they don’t know you know and and uh and there’s some horror stories that i was told especially in the painting industry from painters of buying insurances just directly online and and not even going through like a like a goose ad just going online and buying a spontaneous insurance policy and guess what ain’t even real no and and i can tell you i mean it’d be like me coming in here and jumping on the mic and pressing your buttons on your podcast yeah i probably mess everything up yeah because i have no idea what i’m doing so that’s why i tell clients you know they think they they’re better off just doing it themselves or going online and doing and it’s just um i studied for a lot of long hours to pass that insurance exam i can imagine not fun so yeah i put in the time to become a master at my craft and at my trade so i can help people to know what they have yeah and if they have a better policy with somebody else i’m going to tell them i’ll be like look you’re good you know i’m not going to try to you know skim coverage off and do what i need to do i’m not that type of person i’m going to tell you like you have a good policy or you don’t or whatever you know i’m going gonna just educate them sure excellent now uh we talked about the fact that y’all offer some flood insurance options look hot topic right now it’s flood insurance and and really private versus public flood insurance has been a hot topic for a long time um with you know fema offers their own policy but a lot of people don’t realize you’re not locked into i have to get from fema there are some private flood insurance companies that you can go through which which goose head can you know basically facilitate and get you quotes get you all these things you need you’d sit down with them um i was a under the misconception for a long time that it was just fame nobody else offered flood insurance not true right that’s not true you’re right um so and a lot of you’re not the only one a lot of people think that fema is the only flood insurance there is a lot of people don’t even know that female rights to flood insurance a lot of people just think flood insurance yeah you know i need to get flood insurance so they don’t understand that there is a private market and we have i think four three or four private carrier options for uh flood and then there’s nfip which is the national flood insurance program fema um and so you know the private market a lot of people say oh well i’m worried they won’t pay out yes i’m worried they you know so when you think private you don’t think of joe blow down here with an office that offers private flooding yeah that’s not what’s happening right i’ve got 500 000 saved up in my account to pay you or something no they’re backed most of them are backed by lloyds of london which has been around since insurance started the 1800s right so they’re just as capable and financially stable uh financially stable and capable of paying out as much as the government if not more yes and i’m glad you brought up that point because that is probably the biggest uh uh thing that stands in the way of people just dealing with with uh nfip versus uh you know joe blow with five hundred thousand in fact is uh you know what happens if there’s a catastrophe like what happened in denham springs during 2016 you’ve got all this money to pay out and look the as ryan just said these people are backed by people that are really larger than probably the federal government as far as insurance is concerned they’ve got plenty of money yeah they got plenty plenty of money so you have no worries there but i was one of those people ryan that it’s at one point i was like you know what happens if a catastrophe happens and and i’m with a company that is smaller you know in perception’s mind so that was a concern of mine so you bring up a a really good point and that is you ain’t got to worry about it you’re going to get you’re going to get your payout just as if you would if if you were with fema uh now something that a lot of people have been really

i guess asking me about recently and uh actually when i posted that you were coming on somebody messaged me and asked me to discuss with you because they don’t understand it so it’s risk rating 2.0 which is

from what my understanding as a layman fema has basically recalculated the way they figure uh uh the cost of insurance that’s right to ensure your home right tell me um kind of break that down let’s unpack that a little bit so uh beginning last month uh fema rolled out what’s called risk rating 2.0 and essentially what it is it’s it’s a new way to mitigate their risk i guess to rate um flood insurance policies yeah so the the premise the the just of it is that it’s no longer based off of uh flood zone and elevation and normally a flood zone x c b you know that was a considered a preferred flood zone right so if you would have a if you had 250 000 in dwelling coverage and 100 000 in contents you’d be paying in the ballpark of 572 a year across the board no matter where you’re at in louisiana well now the difference is there are no longer any preferred flood zones essentially is what they’re doing so they are basing it strictly off of the location of the home in um in relation to water like if you’re close to a body of water or a tributary or a creek or river or something um and then also based off of the replacement value of the home um it’s so i’ll just speak off a personal experience this is what i’ve been seeing in in flood quotes so x flood zones are no longer a standard rate i’ve seen some as high as three thousand dollars a year and i’ve seen some 700 a year 600 800 yeah um and the good thing about this is everybody’s upset about it obviously because they bought their house in this ex flood zone and they you know based their entire purchasing decision on this aspect because flood’s so high in louisiana but um there is the private flood market which a lot of people aren’t aware of which is kind of a fallback for this um and then on the same hand a lot of people in a a e zones the high risk zones we’ve been seeing decreases in rates yeah so some of these houses these 1970s 1960s homes that were four and five grand a year for flood insurance are now 900 a year a thousand dollars a year so essentially they’re they’re i hate to say it like this but spreading the wealth mm-hmm you know it’s to make it to where everybody’s kind of pitching in their part because flood rates are increasing and there’s more flooding in the state et cetera yeah and you know they really um they to me they’re basing it more off the individual home that’s right than just an area because that can be fair and it cannot be fair if i’ve got a million dollar house next to me and mine’s 500 000 under the previous way that they figured all of this i was going to pay a little bit more than probably i will now base you know that person with that million-dollar home they might have had a little more of an advantage where now they’re gonna base it right off of that million dollar home versus the the entire area now okay the rates will be capped um as far as the percentage of increase but it’s pretty pretty high cap at 18 so i mean uh that that is something that obviously people are not going to like um you know they’re estimating 350 000 people in louisiana probably gonna have an increase um with 17 000 of those even going up higher than 10 to 20 dollars per month of an increase which is gonna look this is exactly why you want to contact goose head insurance and ryan harrell because if you ever wanted to get your f i’m gonna call it checking their oil if you ever want to check fema’s oil on their rights and stuff like that bring that to ryan let ryan look at your your page and let him quote you get in the habit of doing an annual check and just uh it doesn’t doesn’t hurt anything um what go ahead i was just gonna say and that this doesn’t benefit me to say this but i tell people all the time every two to three years shop your insurance yeah right well that’s the independent model we’re able to shop it that’s why i like it so much yeah i can shop the market for you and i don’t have to lose customers every two when they start shopping because i’ll still have one product and it’s like i can’t do anything this is it you know we have multiple let me shop it for you let me look around yeah i mean it’s shopping your flood insurance rates uh home home homeowners insurance rates anything to do with insurance is a is a smart thing to do and you really the best way to go about that is to go with these you know the goose head insurances of the world where they have access to 20 20 is it 20 different 25 i believe 25 different insurance carriers all a-plus um and at the moment and i’ll you know i don’t want to lie or right at the moment since hurricane ida insurance has gotten really tough in louisiana right it’s it’s um and you know tiffany and people like that lenders can attest to that is they’ll they have a client who has to be at a certain you know debt to their debt to incomes tied or whatever the case may be um and since it’s a hurricane we a lot of these insurance carriers have tightened up you know so they may have had a bit of a rate increase or they may have increased a deductible or they may only accept certain people so that again that’s why it’s important to have multiple options because a lot of these companies have made it harder to get low insurance rates oh yeah i mean we live in a you know louisiana is a tough area for insurance anyway as far as uh i mean insurance insurance carriers uh you know they leave the state a lot because you got i mean let’s be honest you’re in a state where there’s a good chance you’re going to get a hurricane that’s right you know sometimes eight or nine yeah like last year yeah i mean it’s it’s uh so from their perspective i get it it’s a huge risk and so um so yeah it can be tough on that front and you bring up a good point from a lender standpoint especially homes that’s where i’m really concerned with this risk rating 2.0 is it it’s going to price some people out of the market as far as once their flood insurance kicks in they may not can afford that house anymore that’s right and i you know and this is um myself included but we tend to find money for things that we want right right if we want something we will allocate the funds to get it sure you know um if i want a new a shotgun for duck season i’m probably going to go hungry a little a little bit just to make sure i can afford that shotgun so yeah insurance isn’t something that people want to spend money on and i get it i don’t right you know i’m right there with everyone else yeah you hate it till you need it that’s right and and if if people need it they will be able to afford it somehow and i’m not saying that this doesn’t suck because the rating some of this is going to be uncomfortable for people but like i said the private flood market’s there yeah um if you have fema and your rate keeps going up and going up and going up call me we can chop it through three or four different private carriers there you go and that’s that’s something i would recommend especially now that everybody do is just just check on that on that front and get those quotes now you place a high value on the service side of what you all do at goose head insurance how important would you say this was especially in the insurance industry that you really offer that good service service is huge i think even more so than sales yeah because your retention you know people get we get into the insurance industry for the book of business to retire one day to sit back and kind of let you know your your book work itself so retaining those clients is huge so we have a a hundred plus but it’s probably more than that now but at three years ago is a 100 plus person licensed service team in dallas that are all capable of uh doing what i do basically so once i make the initial sale a client comes on if they need uh to add a vehicle if they have a billing question if they have whatever they need they have we have a chat option we have a obviously a phone number they can call we have an email we have a um text option we have every every way you can possibly reach somebody yeah goose head’s got it yeah you make it easy for them exactly exactly so and then i’m always available i mean i think 90 of denim has my cell phone number yeah so my phone doesn’t stop um but you can always reach me or somebody so out of service is is huge yeah it really is and and you mentioned kind of touched on this earlier and i couldn’t agree more and that is the importance of building relationships uh where you can get kind of referral business uh from people that you built those relationships with and you’ve you’ve done several things to do to really work on building relationships in the livingston parish community remember the chamber commerce that’s a big thing my question would be who makes for a good referral source for you is it i know you work with some specific industries a little more uh than others maybe uh that you kind of you’re able to gain that business sure um i mean obviously real estate agents and lenders are that’s where we get the majority of our referrals but i’ve found uh especially in the last year so now that my book of business has grown and it’s gotten bigger that i’m starting to get more just uh client referrals and word-of-mouth referrals and people calling me saying hey such and such told me to call you yeah my insurance so um you know ideally anybody can be a referral source because everybody needs insurance right yeah so if i’m able to help you um then most of the time they’re willing to reciprocate that and send somebody to me that’s right and it’s you know nothing’s better than word of mouth advertising if someone says hey man ryan will take care of you and it’s a friend of a friend um you know you’re more likely to kind of do business with with ryan harrell and that in that situation because you’re you know your friend and your friend hey i’m a voucher you know you trust him he’s a good dude yeah uh so that’s that’s very important and i think one of the most overlooked aspects of sales is is selling based off of a relationship and not not just basically saying this is what i offer uh but what separates me is i’m gonna form a relationship with you you need me you got questions for me things like that i’m not hiding from the phone putting you to voicemail and all those sorts of things and a lot of people you know insurance they just think price they want the cheapest that they could possibly get that’s the first thing that and and i get it because i do too everybody wants to save money absolutely yeah but you know on the same hand i tell people all the time i’m like i’m the next person the next insurance agent may come along and offer you five dollars cheaper a month because they shopped it but they’re not going to answer your texts at nine o’clock at night on a saturday you know they’re not going to um give you the type of service and catering that because i’m not naive enough to think that there’s not a million other insurance agents out there doing the same thing that i’m doing but what separates us from them is the person ability the family aspect the relationships like you said you know that’s right and i’ve built relationships with clients and referral partners alike and so they trust me there you go and trust is probably the number one thing in insurance yes i would say a lot of shady business that goes on out there yeah yeah no doubt about it now that kind of leads me into this and that is i wanted to quote something in that questionnaire that i sent you i asked you to basically give some ways in which your business stands out and you stated by being honest and spending the time needed to explain things to clients and referrals partners alike you would be amazed how many people have no idea uh who their insurance is or even what coverages they have and we kind of discussed that a little bit earlier but i can’t hammer that down enough um even you know i was someone that kind of prodded myself with i paid attention to things and and i’m a researcher that’s always have been and you know i got bit by that snake and that’s why i’m a big believer in private um private insurance uh companies and especially people like goose head insurance where they will sit down and they’ve got a comparison for you of not just one not just two but several options you can go in and take that time how important would you say social media has been too it’s what you do it’s probably the number one marketing tool that i use other than getting in the car and driving to an office and meeting somebody you know yeah um so everyone has a facebook account my grandmother you know who’s 70 something years old has a facebook account so um i’m able to reach people without ever leaving my office and and you know market and and talk to them and um i mean i probably get on average at least two or three leads a week just from facebook yeah you know people say hey i saw your post or hey such and such i still have clients who just strictly communicate with me via facebook messenger yeah i have a phone yeah also if you ever want to call me yeah i got some friends like that yeah but i mean sometimes i miss it you know because if i’m busy i’m not always on facebook so i’m sorry text me but um yeah social media has been i mean just absolutely um imperative in growing my agency 100 and and i’ll i’ll say that the great thing that i find with social media is it enables anyone to be on kind of an even playing field you know we’ll use uh i don’t know ford motor company as an example ford motor company huge corporation probably got an advertising budget that is in the millions and millions of millions um if you started a little car company and you blasted it on facebook every day you were good about putting your post on there and talking about all the great things about your vehicle you’re kind of on an even playing field with ford on that front that’s right or at least as even as you can get it because guess what it doesn’t cost anything to put a post up now you boosted it cost something but um but really extremely inexpensive compared to some forms of advertising so um commercials billboards all that kind of stuff i mean you can for free thousands that’s right for free on facebook that’s right and and share it so you said go on ryan’s facebook go on uh actually goose head insurance ryan arrow is how it’s listed on facebook and uh and maybe share that you know uh ask your friends to give him a like on on his social media because the more exposure he gets the you know the easier it is to get your word out that’s right and uh keep people informed of all the things going on because as we talked before insurance maybe not the most uh exciting of subjects but something that people do have a legitimate interest in because they don’t understand it and uh and so that’s why this guy has got all that education and more than welcome more than willing to sit down with you and discuss all that with you now we we talked about some of your coverages earlier and i want to highlight those one more time you obviously offer like some homeowners insurance through several different people um atv insurance any of your toys pretty much um what about like sewer you know how you’ll have an insurance policy and it’ll have a i want to say a sewer stamp but that’s not the one endorsement endorsement thank you um do you offer things like that through your policies absolutely um and that you bring up a good point because a lot of people um you know i hate to i don’t want to talk bad about other insurance agents in the industry and stuff but a lot of people are just worried about getting that client right so they don’t uh they’ll they’ll leave off important endorsements or whatever to kind of get the rate down some to beat out because it’s competitive it’s insurance is just like real estate or lending everybody’s got one yeah and everybody’s got an insurance agency everybody so um you know to to narrow it down to one that you feel comfortable going with is tough so i tell people pay the extra 30 or 40 a year 50 a year it’s nothing to get water and sewer back up on you know an endorsement on your policy because that’s common a kid throws a toy in the toilet yeah backs up you know that’s that’s stuff that happens every day your sewer backs up so um there’s a lot of endorsements that replacement cost on your contents you know that’s another big one because people they have actual cash value and replacement calls actual cash value is the depreciated value right it takes a lot of premium off of that final number you know maybe 1200 as opposed to 1400 a year yeah just from removing that and people don’t know that unless somebody tells them right so i you know i just tell people be diligent be ask a lot of questions um make sure that you and i’ll always review people’s policy if you call me and say hey here’s what i have currently and i’m going to be honest with you i’m going to say you have a great policy and i can’t touch it yeah you know or i’m going to say there’s some gaps here that you need to address and you’re not you’re exposed yeah and and you know there may be some situations where people are over-insured sure maybe they maybe they have you know way too much coverage on their homeowners to what they need yeah so he’s gonna sit down with you he’s gonna say there’s all these endorsement options that you have a lot of people don’t do that they’re after that sale and uh and so that’s something that i will say i know i look for and i and i’ll tell you you know i sleep good at night knowing that i may lose a sale occasionally to another insurance agent who came in cheaper but i sleep good at night knowing that clients are protected correctly they have low deductibles they have everything’s right you know i know that i didn’t do anything to just try to win that sale that they might be exposed and i put them in a bad place and then uh next year we have a big hurricane and then they’re you know stranded right so i’d rather lose a policy here and there knowing that i’ve done my job correctly and lost it a little bit on price than to have my clients exposed yeah yeah and goose head doesn’t you know a lot of people think that goose head cuts the checks and we’re an actual insurance company yeah but that’s not the case we are like you said a facilitator we’re a middleman so yeah we’re there to share our expertise and do the work for you it’s where you can go on about your day and do whatever you want to do and we’re shopping and we’re doing the work we’re finding you the best policy and at the end of the day you call us and say hey what you got i’m like here’s what i got period make it easy but yeah i mean the claims aspect of it is it is what it is i mean these carriers you’re kind of at the mercy of them but we’re there to put a little pressure on them sure you know if we need to get involved if we need to call them speak to their manager get our people involved you know we’re there to we’re on your side we’re there to kind of help you fast track and facilitate that claim to expedite it and get your money well and you just hit the nail on the head you’re on our side that’s right because you don’t work directly for those guys sometimes when you when you buy direct from an insurance company that works for the actual insurance company who’s where’s their best interest you know that’s a good question where you know ryan’s is going to be with you because he doesn’t work for none of these folks um they’re just carriers in which uh in which he offers their policies so um we didn’t talk about car insurance a whole lot uh do you offer car insurance we do we um we have i think currently we have about seven different auto carriers so not quite as many as the home um but we do have uh a good number more than if you were with a captive carrier and you get a policy and and your rate goes up the next year yeah they can’t offer you anything else because it is what it is without taking coverage off they can say we can lower your coverage to get your rate down but you don’t want to do that so um you know more often than not um we have some other options if i write you say with progressive or a company like that and two years from now your rate goes up i have six other auto carriers i can shop through and we can find you something else that’s a great thing man so he’s shopping he’s looking out for your best interest at all times and one more time how often do you recommend that people review their policies in general whether they’re with you or not every two to three years i’d say because some companies will take rate increases rate decreases although that seems like a unicorn and people don’t think that happens companies actually do in louisiana have rate decreases yeah um but you know i tell people it’s it they they they’ll tell me ryan i haven’t filed a claim ever and my rate keeps going up what’s going on and i’m like it’s not you yeah it’s the system it’s society i mean cars are getting more expensive to replace a bumper on my truck is you know five grand because of the sensors and whatever so um the stake you live in makes a difference lawsuits um i mean you see a gordon mckernan billboard every five feet interstate so you know i mean a lot of factors play into that um into the rating so it’s not your fault it’s not you but that’s why i like to be able to shop and give them options if their rates go up and yeah 100 very good so uh we do fun facts on this show and uh and you are no exception for a fun facting and we asked you some we asked you if you purchased a yacht what would you name it and you said high tech redneck i like that one that’s a good that’s a great one uh of course you’re a hunter you like to hunt you like to fit outdoors you’re an outdoors guy right very good um which some people may be surprised an insurance agent is an is a you know uh outdoorsy type guy but ryan isn’t i just uh just got back this weekend from mississippi from planting food plots and work that’s that’s my getaway that’s i’d rather work out in the woods and be away for a little while you know yeah have to come back and get in the office very good now i asked you what job you wanted when you were 12 and leading right into that you wanted to uh be in the hunting industry working outdoors uh was kind of your thing now you do it for fun not for work um if you could have any super power what would it be i agree with this 100 flight without question i mean yeah yeah that’s hard to beat uh if you could travel anywhere in the world you said the vatican and rome or ireland and that was interesting because that’s two places i would go really yeah so i always wanted to do that i’d love to go to the vatican um and ireland definitely way up there on my list that’s a beautiful country from the pictures i’m saying yeah from google i did get to alaska and i highly recommend it if you’ve never been you would love it yeah oh man it’s it’s outdoors of outdoors beautiful up there a friend of mine just got back he won a moose hunt yeah in alaska wow he just got back in the pictures or he said it’s unreal it is man i mean eagles fly around like like uh sparrows around here i mean they’re just everywhere um crazy just crazy um so we talked about earlier speaking of flying we talked about what your tagline was at goose head insurance and it is come fly with us and you know obviously geese fly and so yeah let’s play off that but i love go check out goose head insurance’s branding um it is just really neat and it catches your eye and i’ll tell you what you can’t forget the name you cannot forget it now let’s shout out your facebook your website your phone number for those that want to get more information look it’s gonna be ringing off the hook now i’m ready you don’t open the doors there’s gonna be nothing new that’s it uh give a shout out to your facebook and website and all that kind of yeah um a lot of people i mean like i said everybody has my personal cell phone yeah it’s you know but my office number which it routes to my cell phone so essentially it’s the same thing it’s 225-304-6808

and then on facebook you can follow me on my personal page which is just ryan harrell h-a-r-r-e-l-l which is where i do a lot of my stuff and then my business page is goose head insurance ryan harold awesome check check all that out and uh did you have fun today man i had a blast you know look uh i get to do this every day right i might i might end up selling my agency and look you cause with me anytime we’ll we’ll tear it up so uh so i appreciate you coming on i appreciate us talking about insurance and anytime you want to come on the future let me know you know insurance changes all the time so it’s uh it’s something that definitely deserves it’s it’s just doing the airwaves i do want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders of podcast please continue to like comment subscribe and share us on all your social media platforms thanks to all our sponsors including tricia johnson realtor bj palm fit blinds denim springs black sheep creative sr enterprise a ideal lane spawn boutique and fit body boot camp could do all this without all of you and i really mean that if you would like information on sponsoring or appearing on the show reach out to me at jim at localleadersthepodcast.com and until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business like ryan harrell’s goose head insurance and keep leading thank you very much thanks jim you

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