The Struggle to Offer Health Insurance for Small Businesses & How Gallagher Can Help! Local Leaders

Local Leaders: The Podcast Season 4 Episode 8

What is the largest hurdle to overcome when hiring good people for small business owners?

If you said Health Insurance coverage you are correct.

The sad fact is most Local Small businesses struggle to compete with regard to the benefits that public companies can offer.

Health Insurance is also the #1 reason most people never take a chance on owning their own business, they just cannot give up the coverage they receive working for in most cases large corporations.

If this sounds familiar you will want to watch the next episode of Local Leaders: The Podcast as Sean Aucoin of Gallagher Insurance will be discussing these topics and giving some helpful tips and advice as well as covering options that small business owners have with regard to getting coverage for themselves and their employees. #LivingstonParish #DenhamSprings

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they offer a whole slew of products for a business owner so they can do your property and casualty they can handle your workers comp um your health insurance your dental your vision all your voluntary products is the things that i specialize in and then when you get large enough they can also take on things like your 401k and things like that so it’s it’s pretty much a whole gamut it is they really do help everybody run the gamut in insurance and you have a good bit of experience in the health insurance industry uh how long have you been you know in that industry i’ve been in the industry for 22 23 years after a while you quit counting i hear you i hear you and what what kind of led you into health insurance how did you get into that you know what happened um i um i graduated high school and i didn’t know what i wanted to do so i thought well i’ll join them i’ll join the military yeah so i joined the army i spent five years in that went overseas to europe i spent three years in germany and got out um came back here stationed at fort polk and got out when i was a decent mechanic and i did i didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life yeah and my ex-wife was actually in uh she worked for an insurance carrier she said why don’t you become a broker and i was like because i don’t like brokers there’s a that’s as good a reason as any and lawyers and used car salesmen sorry uh she said but you don’t have to be that way you know and i i got hooked up in the beginning with some people that were pretty transparent about the the industry and and uh what they do and they were willing to share the information with everybody instead of keeping it close to their vest and i like that so um i decided well i’ll be an honest insurance person it’ll be the first one i’ve ever met there you go there you go and needed you know in that in that industry and there’s so there’s some honest ones and and there’s some you run across and you’re like wow but just like any other professional any other profession uh paint salesman not excluded uh there’s no doubt about that probably some podcasters so uh a lot has changed i would imagine for you in the 20 you know over 20 years that you’ve been doing this i bet you’ve seen a lot change i have you know when i first got in the the the business the uh the hmos were first coming out and they were super cheap and nobody understood you could only go to one doctor or you had to go to this group of doctors and um then the industry kind of caught up with that and nobody wanted to be captive anymore right they felt like they weren’t getting good service because they could only go to the baton rouge general yeah um and then you know we went through uh health savings accounts came out and large large deductible health plans and obamacare and and that was a a yeah that was a nightmare in and of itself i can imagine i mean uh you know that there’s a lot about obamacare that people still don’t understand and we’re many many years beyond the the introduction of it and you being in you know you’re kind of in the footprint of of all of that you’re in the trenches with it and uh and so the the study that i would imagine you folks need to do to keep up with laws that change a lot i mean it’s they do it seems like they you know every day there’s something they’re changing about healthcare or adding to things like that well one of the benefits of being with arthur j gallagher is that we have a compliance team that’s on staff i don’t have to leave my office if you will um to get a compliance question answered or you know hire an outside lawyer right uh or an eno attorney but those are all on staff with us it’s a phone call away i can shoot them an inter-office text message and typically you have the answer within an hour right um that’s huge so i don’t have to do it all by myself whereas before independent agents i was still a broker i could sell several different carriers but i had to go find that information yeah um and now it’s right there at my fingertips right there at your fingertips tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

and uh and i want to get into that a little bit uh you know with regard to health insurance and and kind of dive into into the different benefits uh that that you get out of health insurance plans things like that now now health insurance is a huge component for small business uh especially because it’s my personal belief that it’s an attractor of talent right talented employees benefits with regard to your health insurance is a huge attractor but it’s also a huge detractor for someone that may be working for a corporation but wants to start their own business guess what they never started sean they don’t they can’t lose the benefits you don’t believe this i had a guy call me this morning 7 30 this morning somebody that you and i both know um he he does uh i don’t know i don’t know the best he does a bunch of different things chris called me and he said look i’m thinking about hiring somebody uh this guy’s really good and i need the help but i don’t know you know i got to get him away from his current employer who offers health dental envision and i don’t what do we do how do i go about that how much is it going to cost where do we start so uh yeah for small business owners it’s definitely obstacle number one huge yeah and it’s it’s not something that uh that they necessarily even want for themselves i mean sure they want it but it is more to attract uh uh outside talent quality talent yeah i mean it’s hard when you uh when you have great benefits somewhere you could hate your job totally hate it but then when you think about the fact that i’ve got to leave i don’t have health insurance i’ve got two kids or or i do have health insurance and i have two kids and all these sorts of things and and i want to start my own business but i will lose all of that or i’ll have to go in the pool of uh of the you know the obamacare situation um it’s not too appealing so rather than do that a lot of people just are stuck in jobs that they hate or that you know they don’t wake up every day wanting to go to and that’s where you come in right so the good thing about gallagher in particular and shawn in particular is the fact that uh you don’t have to go through that alone he’s uh he’s a very expensive uh not expensive a very experienced uh very experienced person when it comes to health insurance and the great thing is they are a broker they’re you know so sean is is almost like your own personal little sales rep for that company that can come out and he can quote you and he can do all these great things to where you don’t have to sit there and do eight hours of research on the internet now let me ask you this what would you say the biggest misconception uh is to small business you have worked with and met with do they assume you have to be a certain size for example to qualify to even get health coverage they do i get a lot of people that ask me you know do i have to have 10 or more employees no you can have two employees um all the way down to two and you can have uh another misconception is that if i have five employees they all have to be on the same plan they don’t yeah so even if you have a five-man group you may want a rich plan for the two owners and the teenage guys that you have working for you need insurance but they don’t need a rich insurance policy right so you can put two plans in there and still help everybody out and save the company money yeah so the point is there’s there’s options and you and you brought up money and that’s a that’s a good point because a lot of small business owners uh and even mid-sized businesses they never go beyond the thought of health insurance because the assumption is the cost you know it’s there’s no way we’re going to be able to afford this i’m not even going to dive into it uh and of course my advice would be and why why we’re doing this show today is is you don’t you know don’t make that assumption because i’m sure you being the expert that there are so many options there are and there’s until you there’s so many different options and dynamics that go into those options um that and if i sit down with you i can usually cover that and tell you everything in about 10 minutes yeah without overeducating you yeah but yeah there’s there’s several different options and you know you can have a high deductible health plan and then purchase a a hospital plan a voluntary plan to meet that deductible sure yeah problem solved problem solved and and you can give them all those particular options and like you say you’re not going to sit there and take up four hours of their time and do a powerpoint presentation that they fall asleep in and and all those sorts of things you’re going to go in there respect their time and basically just say hey here’s what you know we do here’s what we can offer you and and maybe get a good grasp of their needs and what they’re looking for out of an insurance company i would imagine jim we’re swamped with these podcasts and i’m in the mood for some local 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now um how often in your opinion should small businesses review their you know let me give you a hypothetical here you’ve got a business and they have health insurance coverage um maybe they have health insurance coverage that they’re they’re not dissatisfied with but how often should they review that coverage and maybe sit down with someone else and just kind of make sure that all their you know their bases are covered uh and and that they’re getting the best deal they can on on insurance typically you just want to do it once a year unless you’ve had dramatic increase or uh decrease in population in the company so um if i have 30 employees now yeah um and i can take on a huge job and i need to double in size now it might be beneficial for you to go from a small group to what’s called a large group which is anything over 50. sometimes those rates may be a little bit cheaper and it also depends on the demographics of the group so if i’m hiring 30 extra young guys as opposed to child-bearing women they’re going to charge them more yeah you know so um but typically on small groups once a year is enough yeah yeah and probably the recommended you know for for something like that but you definitely probably don’t want to go into a situation where you’ve gone years and years and not reviewed it you know you just kind of renewed every year and look i i can’t tell you how many times i’ve walked into somebody’s office and i just did this like a month ago i walked in the guy’s office to meet with him for the first time and he tells me he’s had the same insurance agent for 12 years or 20 years however long it was and the guy didn’t even he didn’t tell him that there were different options for his health plan he had no idea what a level funded plan was and how much money it could save him it could save him upwards of 150 employees 150 per employee a month that’s huge and he’s never heard of it um look agents are no different than anybody else and they get complacent the beauty of having someone like me who has someone like arthur j gallagher behind him is we’re constantly having to take classes and courses on compliance and everything else this guy had gone from 12 employees to 22. he cost a very important threshold sure which was 20 employees because now his his business was subject to the the laws of cobra yeah which means he had to offer cobra before that if he was 19 or below he only had to offer state continuation it’s completely different now explain to us what cobra is let’s see cobra essentially means that if you were let go or terminated you can take your benefits with you for a certain period of time for 18 months okay for 18 months um if you retire is 36 months if you’re the spouse of someone a retired person or that employee dies then typically they can stay on for 36 months but in general it’s 18 months but there’s there’s obligations by the employer that have to be followed through you have to be given them an initial cobra notice you have to be have a cobra notice sent out to jim when jim leaves or if jim gets terminated letting him know these are your options and this is how much it cost yeah one of the biggest misnomers about cobra is that it’s so expensive cobra’s the actual cost of the insurance the thing that makes it so expensive is that your employer is no longer paying half of your premium right so you’re on the hook for the total cost of the premium and typically plus two percent so two percent is with the cobra administration company um charges to handle the cobra i gotcha and and you brought up a another question i had which was the employ employer slash employee uh responsibility on health coverage so bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy urum amount of gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area b.j palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer b.j pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast um some of those that don’t own companies that maybe listen to the listening to this may not realize that it’s kind of a shared responsibility obviously when you have health insurance and you’re an employee that you know it typically will get deducted out of your check a certain amount but your employer is also uh paying for that insurance what is typical as far as the split there or is there a typical most of your small groups um there’s a 50 50 split yeah so they’re gonna pay for half of the employee only cost some pay for 100 of the employee and none of the family got you but typically it’s 50 of the employee only cost gotcha gotcha and so and this is probably i’ll give you a an example here of of something that happened shortly after uh obamacare uh really ramped up and that was a lot of companies started looking at the their employees spouse’s ability to get health insurance coverage through their employers so obviously you know we’re in 2021 now and and it’s not like it was in 1950 where there was a you know the husband was going to work uh the wife was staying home raising kids i mean 99 of people out there they’re they’re dual employed households income yes so in in that instance um employers were shouldering a lot of burden uh with regard to obamacare and and so they started looking at this and they said wait a minute if if you’re married and your wife can get insurance for their employer or your husband then they need to kind of get off your policy and they need to get on their own and i would say most companies started doing this now um it had a little backlash because some people had the attitude of wait a minute you know you can’t tell me i can’t insure my wife on my health cover well absolutely you can and uh and it happened pretty much everywhere especially with these bigger companies to where uh the employer basically was getting rid of some of that burden so to you know i say all that to say this when you look at it at the other side of the employer that’s less money they’re now having to shell out uh for insurance because they’re not that’s one less person they’re having to pay for when you have a family plan and a lot of times with the reason why they did it um so if they’re gonna pay 100 of the employee cost um and none of the family or 50 of the employee cost and none of the family it didn’t really affect them here’s where that there his work got him though yeah is um the claims right so so your your health insurance will adjust based off of the claims so if you have a company and most of your guys or gals are unhealthy for example and you have an uh absorbent amount of claims you know pick a claim but an absorbent amount will that affect your insurance when you go to renee it will but not on small groups gotcha small groups are in their own little bubble and when you say small groups under 50 under 50 or 50. okay so if you have a group that’s over 50 or over 100 um yeah it’s gonna the claims are going to make a huge difference they have what’s called a pvc which is point premium versus claims and that’s what they use um to gauge or one of the things they used to gauge your renewal off of yes so um if you’re running at 87 that means that they’re paying out 87 cents on every dollar okay okay so um you’ll probably get a 20 increase on that and we’ll fight for you yeah it’s huge um you know i’ve had a group that ran 118 119 for like four years in a row so every year they got like a 45 increase wow you got 160 employees with a 45 increase that hurts yeah well and we put a wellness plan in place for them so that we could go back to the carrier and say look we’re they’re doing things we’re trying and um as time would have it you know some of those people moved on yeah so that they um we didn’t have as much exposure and uh and this year we were able to give them a zero percent increase wow that’s fantastic in today’s world for 160 employees to get it yeah oh man but again well and part of that is putting in a health and wellness plan and part of that is having the game gallagher behind you yeah i agree and you know you bring up another good point and something i wanted to mention which is uh health health uh regimens that companies are now instituting in and a lot of that is to control the rising cost of health coverage in their company the simple fact of the matter is if you know your employer is paying for you know partially your health insurance and you you have an unhealthy staff of of 25 30 people um they’re probably going to see a little hike there you know um so the issue becomes if we can get these people healthier we can we can kind of control those percentages and keep them at a at a reasonable increase uh or even no increase in some cases i know a lot of companies uh now pay for their employees to belong to health clubs you know that’s a benefit um or they will have little events that they host that are are health related like maybe a contest in their company for you know running a 5k or something like that to try to encourage a healthier lifestyle because at the end of the day it’s not only good because you want your employees to be healthy just from a humanitarian standpoint but guess what else it does save you some money maybe on the netherlands gallagher has an excellent health and wellness plan for us and it’s uh it’s broken down into four corners and we have to get 100 points every quarter to keep your rates below to get to get you the best rate yeah if you don’t get the 100 points then your rate goes from 82 dollars a paycheck to maybe 100 a paycheck yeah you know and part of that is um one of the ways you can get points is i get 20 points by going to the dentist i get 20 points by going get my eyes checked by going have my health and wellness screening um by going to the gym every day a lot of the stuff can be self-reported um some people like to play softball they um like to do your 5ks and things like that and you can self-report some of that stuff too yeah yeah and and it benefits both parties i mean the you know a healthy lifestyle not only benefits the person uh that is is undergoing that lifestyle but also the employer from a monetary standpoint which in turn benefits the entire company you know everybody’s happier when you when you have less cost and that’s always a good thing

william waldrop of twfg insurance in denham springs can service all of your insurance needs offering auto life health and commercial insurance william waldrop of twfg insurance is a proud supporter of local leaders the podcast um now gallagher is a a broker y’all are not uh y’all are not a direct company like a you know you working directly for blue cross for example correct we we are um we’re calling we’re considered insurance agents but we’re really insurance brokers so an agent is going to be a state farm agent they can only sell state foreign products right right whereas we’re brokers so we can sell humana blue cross united cigna all of those depending on whichever one is best fit for your company yeah and you can probably go through there and really work with the uh with the employer to find the best plan for their you know for their possession and their case that they need in their company what would be best for them shop their plans find them you know because pricing is always a big deal we do that annually for every single one of our clients excellent excellent now um for those of you out there that may not you know the first thing you would think is well a broker is going to be more expensive than an agent because you know they got to make money right well you’d be wrong if you thought that actually uh there is no cost difference between working with a direct agent and working with a gallagher and a sean o’quinn uh the the cost is handled by by the insurance companies that that uh you broker for they are not passed on to the you know like the company that you end up selling insurance to so there is no cost difference but there’s a huge advantage i was thinking about this when i was researching uh researching for this podcast and the huge advantage is you get actually sean as you know he’s your personal guy for health insurance coverage and he’s the you know the throat that you choke when you when uh when you’re struggling to understand something or the guy you pat on the back when he saved you a ton of money over what you were paying and those sorts of things and there’s something to be said for that right we all hate getting on the phone and talking to an operator well that’s the beauty of it you know when you go through a broker i am the throat to choke and and all of my clients have my cell phone number um i give you an example i had somebody i don’t know it was two days ago who was at the hospital he never used his insurance card before he tried to use his insurance card at the hospital and the name on the insurance card had an extra letter in it from his id the hospital wouldn’t take it he’s at the hospital what do i do yeah i’m not going to call the 1-800 number because nothing’s going to happen so he called me i got in touch with his internal account executive in my office and she got through the concierge one of the benefits of being with gallagher is we have so much business we have people we have we have throats to choke inside the carriers right so we have concierge service we called the concierge service they changed it in real time and called the hospital back and had them reprocess it they took him while he was still there yeah and that’s trust me when i tell you that’s never going to happen when you go directly through and through an agent it’s just uh number one sean has a personal relationship with you at that point so if i’m if i’m getting health insurance through sean sean kind of knows me i mean he you know he’s gonna it’s just human nature to you know really really take care of people you know and you do business with and so you don’t have that through a telephone line and i’ll give you an uh an odd situation that happened to me i went on a cruise to alaska and uh beautiful cruise lucky who lucky me it was unbelievable i recommend it to anybody but on that cruise i had uh an outbreak of gout in the middle of the cruise and for people that aren’t familiar with gout it’s a i’m not going to bore you with off the details but it hurts it hurts hurts hurts and in the middle of a cruise is something you don’t want so no problem you know i’m insured right so i go to the they actually have on a cruise ship they have a hospital like you would you would see or lay the lake i mean this thing is it’s an entire floor that is a hospital you would never think this so i i go to this place and you know i can barely walk and um and i sit down and they have everything you need to fix you up right and and i’m no problem i got insurance and i’m pulling out and they say no no no insurance and i said what and they said yeah you got to pay out of pocket um because i’m in international waters i’m not in the united states anymore and um and you know for whatever reason uh i pay i had to pay out of pocket thankfully i had the money to pay out of pocket but um and it was to the tune of about three grand right there and i mean they swipe they swipe it with you right there you know they want to make sure they get their money but i got fixed up enjoyed the rest of my cruise got home and then i had to go through the reimbursement process which was absolutely no fun at the end of the day i got reimbursed now i say all that to say this had i had a sean i would have one called sean from the cruise ship and said okay is this legit and he would have said yeah unfortunately jim it is but when you get back i’ll make sure that i handle all that for you and i probably would have went back and not had to spend you know four days on the telephone explaining these people that you know the you know here’s my here’s my information and and fighting with them over whether i even had the right to get embarrassed eventually i did get reimbursed and uh and it turned out okay but i sure wish i would have had a broker at that point that i could have dealt with uh that could have took care of that for me you know we do that for people all the time you’d be surprised how many people go to the doctor and when you go to let’s say have a procedure done that you know you’re going to have um you you go into the hospital and then you get a bill from the anesthesiologist and you get a bill from the hospital well for whatever reason sometimes one of them will not run it through the insurance carrier and they bill you directly yeah we’ll say it’s human error but if you get a 2300 bill and you have a hundred dollar deductible you’re confused yeah and some people don’t know and they’ll just pay that and think yeah and it’s not hasn’t been run through so then they get a fifteen hundred dollar bill from the hospital because that’s been run through yeah so we make sure and educate people on things like that and let them know man look don’t pay anything until it’s run through the insurance carrier if you’re don’t if you’re not sure send me the bill yeah we’ll call on your behalf well that’s right and you’re the you’re the experts on that i’m i’m fortunate i’m married to someone who’s in the medical field and loves to argue with insurance companies i can say very blessed and i can tell you that um when i get any medical bill that comes in at my house i hand it to her and my first question is is this legit her answer almost 100 of the time is no i need to call him they coded it wrong and the next thing i know she comes back and you know has saved us 80 and i’m like how did you do that well they just did this wrong but guess what sean not most people don’t know that most people are just going to pay whatever it says is due or try to set up a payment plan with these people another thing that y’all can do like you say you can send the bill to you you’ll look it over maybe 100 legit or maybe it might not i mean people make mistakes they code things wrong or they you know something’s covered they didn’t realize was covered those things happen and that’s why it’s so important to have someone you you know local that you can you can contact that can get you taken care of

casey have you called the plumber about the sink in the break room yep they came this morning i can’t believe you missed them what was their name again giotts plumbing wow that was quick and they did a great job they did and when you need plumbing services of any type give giotts plumbing a call with over 50 years combined plumbing experience the team at geots plumbing can handle all of your plumbing needs so whether it’s residential commercial new construction or reconstruction give giotts plumbing a call at 907 6282 and get scheduled fast giotts plumbing a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast now let me ask you what we we discussed that you could go down to as little as two employees but what size businesses do you typically manage is it is it anywhere from two employees to two hundred or two to a hundred what what would like a sean be looking for in that realm i’m i like the two man groups yeah i have a lunch i have uh of several of those um and i’ve i think my largest group right now is probably around 185. wow um it’s a big group yeah and um but the your sweet spot is probably going to be around 25. and the only reason why i say that is because it’s you don’t have too many employees you can still have a personal you know hand and walking them down the aisle of their benefits package yeah um and when you get over 50 um it it goes into large group and it’s it’s kind of a different animal yeah so you’re 50 and below um or a lot most of the ones that we deal with got you got you and those are good little um those are good accounts that you manage and you’re used to and i do and one of the services that i provide that most insurance agents know is i’ll come out to your business and i’ll enroll all your new hires for you so yeah instead of having your hr person or your your you doing it yeah you know you don’t want me doing it yeah you can say look man i hired bill in january he’ll be eligible and in april 1st you know right so uh when can you come see him i’ll go out there and i’ll explain the benefits to them and and tell them how much everything’s going to cost and answers questions now you must charge a boatload for that huh to go out there and quote people and all that i mean that’s you got to don’t charge anything nothing zero i don’t and the reason why i do it is because we also have voluntary products that we put in place right yeah so if you have a deductible of two thousand dollars i don’t have two thousand dollars in my pocket to pay for this deductible right well if you purchase a hospital plan or an accident policy they’ll pay you up to two thousand dollars or even more three thousand dollars and uh if you become hospitalized and if you have an accident you know people buy accident plans that will pay you directly they put money in your pocket if your kid falls down and breaks his finger you know or breaks his arm like mine did playing baseball um but i go out there part of the benefit what do i get out of it is that i get to be in front of your employees every month they see me they know me that’s the insurance guy the insurance company yeah yeah yeah so so they come up to me they ask me questions yeah you know they don’t typically they’re not going to take time off of work to go bother the business owner they see me there they can just come over and say hey man i got a quick question bam answered yeah interesting now do you participate like if if and and most of the times this would be larger companies but they you know they have health fairs and things like that where they have uh days where agents such as yourself would go and you’d sit down and you would just kind of just you know you’d be in a break room and people would come in on their lunch break and just ask you questions about health coverage and things like that that’s why i go out there every month yeah you know and they know so your hr department knows when sean’s coming yep i’m coming the first wednesday every month at nine o’clock and one o’clock or whatever the time is but i am out there actively at my groups that have health and wellness fairs in case because it has to do with the insurance and inevitably somebody there is going to have a question absolutely i mean there’s no doubt about it uh and you’re just there just to so that the employees that that employer is paying to do other things can do other things let you focus on the health care side the controller don’t need to worry about it the controller goes to you and you can you know you’re taking a lot off their shoulders these controllers they they deal with enough look man if you if you’ve got 25 50 employees we’ll take about 70 of the workload off of you because we’re gonna we’re going to maintain a census we’re always going to know who’s on it we’re going to give you an employee benefits guy with all the benefits in it and i’m going to explain it to your your employees and we’re going to make sure that they get enrolled and that they have their id cards and if somebody doesn’t have their id card what do they do what do they do they call shawn they call shawn and that’s right we get them another order yeah and a lot of times it’s really something simple like dude jim had a baby now his family’s too big for this house he bought a new house he forgot to update his his uh address that’s why he didn’t get his new card sure it’s no big deal but you don’t want to call it 100 number for that no no you talk about red tape you’re right and so let me give you a hypothetical here let’s say i’m a company and and i’ve got 25 guys you know working for me in my company or 10 for that for that matter and i’m watching this and i’m like you know what i really need to look into getting some health coverage because i have had several people apply that i wanted to hire but their question was do you have health benefits and i did not um for those folks you know what would it take for them to to get you to give them more information kind of see what they what they’re looking for and and quote them what is that is it as simple as a phone call to sean actually it’s uh it is as simple as a phone call to me what we’ll do is i’ll get their email address and we’ll email them a census and the census tells us basic information um like name date of birth uh male or female yeah and that’s about it and as much of the information you can get on their spouses and children if possible so if you got 20 guys there you can hand it all out with their paycheck say look this is what we’re looking at doing fill this out send it back to me next time y’all um in two weeks we’ll have a quote for you wow that easy it really is it really and it’s more or less sitting down with the business owner and asking him what kind of plan do you want to offer do you want to offer one plan or two plans because they can offer two plans yeah you know you can have a rich plan for the for the management and then the other guys can have a high deductible health plan yeah and um a lot of business owners don’t know that that they think that’s only something that’s special for big companies yeah and it’s not you can have two or three different health plans if you have a small group or they might just assume that hey if we commit to one plan we can’t kind of change it for different people it has to stay the same and and sean’s here to tell you that’s not accurate that’s true you can absolutely there’s all kinds of things that he can do and i’m sure you’ve been innovative in your day as far as you know the things that you can do to make coverage work depending on you know your specific business and what you’re trying to accomplish because i can tell you um health coverage is tough man it’s it’s it’s a tough thing for a business owner to grasp to begin with it constantly changes and it ain’t cheap everybody knows it ain’t cheap and what does it go against directly against profit i mean you know health insurance comes right off the top of things and of course you smart businesses budgeted in and and all those sorts of things but it’s if you’re not used to paying it it’s hard to take that initial leap i can tell you that gallagher and sean oklahom will make it as painless as possible uh and you’re you’re you know you’re a sharp cat when it comes to health insurance you’ve been doing it more in a few days you know one of the other things that people don’t know is that um for us for a small group let’s say you got 20 you got 20 employees um and it’s your company and you you know you have you and two managers um you don’t have to do a plan for the whole company yeah you can do a three-man group and do what’s called a management carve out yeah you know until your company grows enough and has enough resources to to uh to be able to provide benefits to everybody so there’s there’s ways of helping everyone well there you go and that’s something i did not know that you just mentioned it so i’m sure there’s a lot of employers out there like that that he’d love to give you information

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you know uh anybody out there that that’s listening and you know our local lp businesses that maybe you’re you know you’re you’re just struggling to get people to commit to your company as great as it is because you’re not offering health insurance coverage it doesn’t cost a thing for to meet with sean and just see your options if it don’t work if it it don’t work if the math doesn’t work it just doesn’t work but uh it’s low pressure he’s not uh he’s not going to go out there and and uh and try to pressure you into buying something you don’t need or you don’t want i’m not here to sell you anything my job is to educate you and that’s it that’s right all he wants to do is give you the information and let you make you know your decision based off of that so our awesome producer casey mcmurray uh she gave me came up with some great questions to ask uh just personally about you because that’s important too you want to get to know your your health insurance guy right so uh i found i i got a chuckle out of several of these i found interesting so you listened your hobbies is working out family time and fishing all three of those sound good to you yeah they’re great matter of fact i’m going to spend some time with my family this weekend with my brother yeah i’m going hunting this weekend fantastic yeah all hunting ain’t it are you going hog or deer or we’re gonna we’re going deer but if you’re if they’re not out

now how often do you work out you’re a pretty built guy sean i i work out five days a week five days a week yeah just awesome because uh it it helps me relieve stress and yeah i like to stay in shape fantastic and you know health insurance yeah keep your head that’s right gallagher ain’t got no worries got no worries uh so you’re you listed here’s some things we got in common brother you listed your favorite vehicle as a military humvee which i call the am general from back in the day and uh mine as well and as a matter of fact fun fact um i have always said when my kids are raised that is the i am buying what i want item i’ll tell you what and i’m going out and i’m getting a military home not a h2 not an h3 i want a am general military humvee when i joined minus the gun turrets i don’t know you gotta have the turret you just can’t put the 50 cal up there that’s right so when i got in the military they uh i had several different options of what i could be you know and one was you want to be a uh working with wood and i was like i don’t want to be a carpenter i’m already i’m already versed in that and they’re like what about electrician i was like i hate that yeah he said he said what about a mechanic and i said well i don’t really know anything about that and i said well can i drive the humvee he said oh you can drive it all right

yeah i mean more that’s awesome yeah i love love it’s just something about that vehicle it just screams tough oh man it’s just a blast love it uh favorite color this is interesting white yeah never i don’t know if i’ve ever met somebody with that as a favorite color interesting i don’t know it looks good on vehicles yeah yeah it really does so now is the time more than ever to support local business a lisa verret interiors and custom workroom is working hard to use made in the usa products for all their clients window coverings schedule your appointment today for a consultation on roman shades drapes shutters outdoor sun shades and even woven woods need a virtual appointment no problem call alisa at area code

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favorite beverage same here root beer oh man you can’t you can’t go wrong with root and the good thing about root beer is even if it’s diet root beer it’s still good you’re right you’re absolutely right and look man root beer float put a little ice cream in there yum sounds good already all right favorite food steak love it yeah meat man carnivore yeah all the way look protein city and instead i’m telling you yes indeed that’s a guilt-free food too i mean you working out in your car you eat a steak no carbs you got tons of protein and it’s filling steaks are hard to beat man wow they’re awesome i would have to say for me it’d be steak or pizza i like pizza i love pizza is horrible for you but i love it no now they have cauliflower pizza well there you go i had to try that i don’t know if i’ve ever tried a cauliflower pizza go to lit i’ll do it i’ll do it i’ll have to try that so sean how can folks contact you if they want more information on an insurance quote if they want you to come by and visit you know you got some of these small to medium-sized businesses around here that are interested in talking to you what do they need to do the best thing for you to do is reach out to me on my cell phone at 225-907-3465 you can call me you can send me a text message um it’s best if you text me first and say hey um this is this jim chapman can you give me a call i would like to discuss benefits and i’ll give you a call because you know i might be at gyms doing a podcast yeah that’s right that’s right uh perfect and we’ll get uh so keep that in mind and what i’m gonna do is in the in the comments of this video i’m gonna link gallagher’s website and i’m also gonna link uh i’ll also link that phone number in there so that they don’t have to pause and you know rewind this video yeah you put my email address in there as well yeah i’ll do that and uh go ahead and say that too for those that may be listening it’s my name it’s shawn s e a n underscore o quant a u c o i n at a j g dot com there you go so uh reach out to them i can’t encourage businesses enough on the importance of having some sort of health plan especially with talent the talented guys the guys that you want to get and you never want to leave they’re going to need it at some point you know when they’re 19 20 i can remember sean when i was 22 21 22 probably 23 even i could care less about health insurance i didn’t have health problems yeah bulletproof uh you got a 401k who cares you know 10 years seem like an eternity i’m never going to be somewhere 10 years so they didn’t appeal to me then but i’ll tell you what the second you have a kid guess what you’re looking for a company with health coverage oh yeah so it’s important that you at least uh from a from a small business standpoint uh you get in touch with sean and you at least see what you options options are and it’s important that you understand it you know if if uh if what you have is the best there is and i cannot provide you because you you have what is best for you it’s important for me that you understand what you have yes i would like to i’m always here to answer any questions that you have or if someone tells you something that doesn’t sound quite right or you don’t believe that or what have you call me up and i’ll be glad to answer your questions there you go so uh like i like i mentioned i’ll link all that in the comments so look for it there i do want to thank casey mcmurray for her assistance in everything we do she’s invaluable my guest for today sean o’quinn of arthur j gallagher insurance and all you viewers and listeners for your support please follow local leaders the podcast on social media share the post and spread the word thank you to all my local business sponsors you guys rock and roll and i love you and i can’t appreciate it enough premiere credit trisha johnston realtor bj pawn sr enterprise painting tiffany c card of homekey mortgage buddies barbecue black sheep creative giots plumbing i trade exchange big mike’s sports bar and grill alisa farrett interiors and custom workroom and sporting center i appreciate all you folks if you would like to sponsor local leaders of the podcast or appear on the show reach out to casey mcmurray via email at casey until next week i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading thank you stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9288 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

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