Talking Business & Micro Wrestling w/ the New Southern Rhythm Venue

Steve McDaniel – Southern Rhythm Venue

Steve McDaniel has owned businesses in and around Livingston Parish since the age of 19. In all this time there was one business he wanted to make a run at….the venue business.

Fast forward until now and Steve is almost complete with the remodel of “Good ole Boys”, just beyond the Livingston Parish line in St. Helena Parish. And on October 30th, will welcome Micro Wrestling to his establishment.

What else is “On Tap” for this new business?

Check out Local Leaders: The podcast #129 hosted by Jim Chapman to find out!

Transcript (Beta)

hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and today we have mr steve mcdaniel in studio how are you steve doing great we are going to talk today all about some new ventures you got going on in your business and some uh some that are somewhat new but before we do any of that uh for the one or two people that may not know who you are in livingston parish i want to talk a little bit about where you’re from what part of the parish are you from uh walker moved here when i was four years old you were actually a businessman pretty early in life right 19 years old started uh innovative audio uh very interesting you’re a man that knows obviously a lot about business with all the experience you had at some point you uh you opened us seeing property management and property you put in high-end uh what i would call higher-end uh mobile home parks uh have several in the parish nice looking mobile yeah we bring in brand new homes uh we rent them out and sometimes we do owner financing on them very good very good and uh we also want to mention that uh as of late you have a parts store that’s your mobile home uh we deal nothing but with mobile home parts excellent so what if i need skirting we got skirting doors all that yeah yeah and and if it’s something you don’t stock do i need to go somewhere else nope nope we got two shipments on fr uh we got two shipments a week one on tuesday and one on friday yeah it comes in every week actually trucks so anything for your mobile home that you may need reach out to the folks at sem they have moved locations uh actually the building that i’m in and i produce this podcast out of is steve’s building and uh and he rents that to me and he has moved to uh i guess you could say the other side of denim uh you’re right across from the mcdonald’s and right next to the firework big fireworks place that everybody’s familiar with right there rushing russian road yeah so uh got a beautiful beautiful uh building over there you really remodeled that thing yeah we took it over we remodeled went in and remodeled made some offices and then the back we did a warehouse the total building’s about 6 000 square feet wow man that’s plenty of room plenty of room you probably want to expand it already i can already see that brain yeah my wife’s my wife says what you’re going to do with all this and now it’s chock full of parts that’s the thing you think it’s going to stay i’m going to have all this space you just feel it really quick so uh but he has moved to that uh other side of denim and just got a beautiful location over there that is where your parts store is located correct right across from arby’s next to the fireworks stand and uh we do the property management in the front of the building yeah and we do the warehouse parts warehouse and the back of the building and what are the hours of that if somebody needs monday through friday eight to five monday through friday eight to five and you can i’m sure call if you’re curious if they have a part in stock and they can probably let you know if they don’t an estimated time of delivery and just curious about this have you seen what most manufacturers or most part people that sell parts all those sort of things lately we’ve had a lot of shipping issues in a lot of different markets have you kind of seen that on your end yeah oh yeah anything it’s very hard to get windows really that’s interesting i tried to order a window the other day for a guy and they said next january that’s insane and you’ve been ordering windows quite a while so i mean you’ve probably never seen it like this never never yeah doors we i mean we keep everything in stock but there’s some specialty doors that we uh order yeah and they said they’re not making them because they’re making all the stuff for fema right now and they told me some of the the special door that i want to order was next march next march and i had somebody go a refrigerator they went to get a refrigerator that you used to walk in a store and just buy it right it was like six months they yeah we’ll have it to you in february or whatever they think me and my wife’s stove went out we got an end wall stove went out went to a client store to get one yeah they told us eight months so i said well what about the one on the wall yeah i said well if it’s used you want to take it i said i’ll take it it’s better than wayne name must be exactly exactly crazy wow what a world right now it’s just everything’s nuts everything um but we get through it as business people you have to uh definitely roll with the punches and just innovate come up with a you know another way to do something whatever it is so you obviously have been doing a good job of that and we want to talk uh primarily today about a new exciting venue and for all of you that follow me on facebook you might have seen uh just yesterday which this will air on tuesday so when you hear it it would be like a uh you know half a week prior but i posted a uh a flyer for um uh i don’t know what the proper term i’m gonna say short people wrestling micro micro wrestling there you go micro wrestling uh is coming to a new venue in watson that was actually an old venue i want you to tell us the history of this venue first of all so start with that yeah it started off as triage yeah there um and then it went to the good old boys yep and the girls many people are familiar with that yeah the good old boys um tony gyro did a good job up there and you know so it came to me to purchase it so i did and um my wife is my partner we’re so lisa mcdaniel she’s my partner yeah you always see her next to steve no matter where you’re at we’re 50 50 in it um so and we said look you know what what happened was i said hey i’m going to buy the good old boys yeah and she said wait a minute that’s a bar and i said well yeah she goes well if it’s a bar and you’re going to buy it i’m going to divorce you i’m like okay well and then immediately i said no it’s not a bar it’s venue and entertainment yes and that’s what we’re going to do up there we’re going to bring in venue and entertainment so there’s a lot of things you can do here such as micro wrestling correct that you probably wouldn’t see in a typical bar room correct um all but the it goes well beyond that now the interesting thing and and why i liked i got a lot of interaction on facebook just in the one day that i that i’ve had it on there and i think the reason for that is kind of uh number one we’ve never had it that i’m familiar with in the parish so it’s it’s new and it’s something nobody’s nobody’s familiar with uh and number two it catches your eye you know it’s just something different um and i’m always someone that that loves to see different things brought to the parish and maybe something you haven’t seen before but there’s some familiar things that this uh particular business is going to have southern rhythm southern rhythm uh venue and and one of those is live bands so um i guess a question here would be i know you anticipated opening at one point and it got held back because of the hurricane kind of take us through that yeah we was going to open up last month and uh we had uh crystal ball band gonna we’re gonna do a soft opening with him and then we had chase tyler opening for our grand opening yes chase of course hometown boy hometown boys yes and then uh kendall shaffer so we had three acts lined up last month but we didn’t have no electricity yeah and since electricity didn’t it pushed us back to this month october yeah and here we are we’re almost finished um we got everything this week is finalizing everything absolutely you totally remodeled it you did a great job i of course follow your facebook page that you have for southern rhythm venue and uh you did a great job of taking pictures as you progress through that remodel stain correction my wife did all that she comes to the facebook page yeah and that’s what you go back on the facebook and see where it was was at to where it is now it’s amazing it’s uh we got the vip areas in there yeah and they’re upstairs they’re upstairs kind of like a loft i guess kind of like a lot we got vip we uh extended the uh the band the the stage we put this epoxy floor in there oh beautiful she wanted to get a a big fan in there yeah and uh it’s not the big ass fan that they everybody likes but it’s a hunter fan yeah and uh it’s 24 feet wow it’s a 24 feet fan in there hey and it comes from the scene i imagine it’s a big ceiling yeah we got a 10-foot 10-foot drop on it 10-foot drop on it and and you remodeled as far as uh you you have all the wood slat uh what i like about it is it’s a it’s a a brighter wood stain i guess you could say that it it’s more like a yellow yellow wood type color instead of those dark stains and and that really opens the building up and makes it you know very spacious in there as a matter of fact uh you know according to the fire marshal 440 people can can get in there if needed steve would love to have 440 people in there one night

let’s see if he’s right yeah 440 people i was like wow that’s that’s a lot yeah to me that’s a lot i’ve never owned a place a venue yeah and uh just something i’ve always wanted to do yeah on my bucket list to own and uh that’s what i did i you know bought it and made my wife my partner and absolutely we’re gonna try it out and see where we land well and you’re familiar you were familiar with it because you were a guy that liked to you know we would see each other listening to live bands just both being in the same place at the same time so you you were very familiar with that type of uh a venue anyway just from a fan standpoint right correct i always love loud bands yeah and one thing that that steve did that i thought was very smart was he conferred with people that already do this for a living i guess you could say and have a lot of years experience behind it and you know y’all you always seek out the advice of people that have been there done that because it’s probably not to do what to do yeah yeah learn from other people’s mistakes all right don’t reinvent the wheel don’t reinvent the wheel if it works it works and so uh just a beautiful venue there now you mentioned some of those people that you had scheduled then the hurricane hit are they going to be rescheduled and be coming up oh yes okay yeah good good most definitely we’ve got those we’re we’re also talking to um some big acts right now that i can’t say yeah but we got some big acts coming um and i’ll let one of them out the bag one of them is uh i like rock and roll yeah yeah i love the country i like it all yeah but um we have a tribute band ac dc triple band coming that would be cool that’s going to be next year and uh we were working on that deal right now very good very good so he’s moving into shaking over there at uh southern rhythm venue and uh and you haven’t even opened the doors yet you already got you know you’re already booking it out one question i had good old boys one of the complaints with that if anything was the parking right it correct it was tight there was not really any parking right now we brought in probably over 200 loads of dirt in there we extended the parking um we actually didn’t double it we tripled the parking tripled the parking so people would love to hear that because that was uh if there was any complaint that was it that was the biggest number one complaint parking everybody complained about parking yes so they have uh tripled the parking so no problems there it’ll be easy to get in and out and park and you ain’t got to worry about all those sorts of things

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now it’s also important to mention that this venue um is not just a you know micro wrestling and a live band venue you can do all kinds of things here give us an example of how you would rent this venue out for people to use you can do graduation parties corporate parties um birthday parties yeah we’re gonna have it available for for anybody that wants to come rent the building out yeah yeah and uh and i’m sure they’re you know working through that process and and of course you would reach out to probably a good way at this point is to reach out to you on facebook with questions about that um which incidentally we’re gonna link their facebook to the description of this video so go to the facebook page give it a like uh obviously you’re supporting uh local business your uh and also you stay updated your your facebook is active so you great you know already even though you know they haven’t hit the stage yet where the the people are busting through the door um they are updating on you know building uh progress and things like that so every day they have some good updates on there and if you like the page you’re going to see when they book those bands right correct everything’s uh run through facebook right now until we get a website up and running yeah right now like i said facebook you can instantly do stuff yeah instantly instantly so we’re going to break away from that subject for a minute just talk about the venue you have i mean the event you have coming up so i’m gonna hold this out for the camera right here so they can see it usually i have miss tiffany c card in here helping me and i would have her hold it up but she decided she went on vacation man i know you let her go i know i know i’m too nice because see now we need someone to hold this up but anyway we held it up for a minute you can pause it and read that uh but this is interesting and i really like the flyer that came out here and this is micro wrestling so this is october 30th y’all correct october 30th at southern rhythm venue which is on highway 16 maybe for the people that aren’t familiar the first thing we should do is kind of tell them how to get there from from say from the interstate in dental just go straight up 16. yeah pretty much everybody knows where the end of the line was yep and as soon as you cross over into saint lina it’s one mile on the left hand side there you go one mile on the left hand side as soon as you cross into st helena you will find southern rhythm venue plenty of parking there and they have the original micro professional wrestling organization coming into town uh one thing that steve showed me just prior to us going on the air is uh a video of these of these guys doing and gals doing what they do and i’m gonna tell you what they’re athletic they are they’re flipping and and all kinds of things going through chairs tables whatever but really it’s just a good time for them a good time for you and i’m sure that these these uh micro wrestlers you know it’s all about the crowd for them they feel that energy and so the bigger we can pack that house the better for those guys you know they’re out there they’re working hard right there you know there’s nothing easy about what they do they were actually featured in sports illustrated magazines at one point so a pretty amazing organization probably the top micro-wrestling organization there is out there it is the um they also uh this group here also i just found out they opened up a place in pigeon forge tennessee oh wow they have their own building and pigeon forge so they’re legit you know they’re legit yeah yeah mr mr jack that uh that bought the building over there yeah and he put his organization there yeah so um this question just entered my mind so is this a like a family-friendly event or is this something only for adults they they in in pigeon forge it’s a family yeah here we’re going to make it 21 and up 21 and up 21 gotcha so 21 and up uh event um it starts at seven o’clock on the 30th and you’re gonna have a dj we have a dj from seven to nine they uh they take the stage at nine gotcha to eleven gotcha then after eleven we’ll have a dj to one and who’s the dj do you know top you don’t know yet we’re interviewing a couple of them a lot of people don’t know this too because i just tell them 19 i started innovative yeah but uh when i was 16 years old i had my own dj company really yeah look at you a lot of people don’t know that so you were 16 when you and you’re in business correct that makes me feel even worse i just i just you know loved loved live music and loved djing yeah so i did that actually for three years i guess well you might do some dj in them at this time maybe maybe she behind that turntable yeah get after it yeah so interesting and uh and will this be the first event uh that you that you’ve had since it opened or well it ain’t open yet yeah so so this will be the this is gonna be the first event um we are trying uh we talked to a couple of bands right now and maybe the week in before this and get some bands in there to kind of fine-tune it like a soft opening yeah um the music in there um we got uh jody’s music yeah and walker’s doing the music and the lighting oh and okay and i’ll tell you what i didn’t know he did lighting that’s interesting he does uh him and there’s another guy forget his name but uh they’re doing all that for us up there and we went to every place around here and listened to their music and me come back the background of me loving music sure and have an innovative yeah you know i love music so we got the best i wanted the best equipment around yeah and uh this will be nothing like anybody’s ever heard yeah we went top-notch with everything um and like say it’s just it’s going to blow people’s minds huge yeah we’ll we’ll a good thing to mention we’ll take a new band that’s just starting out maybe they’re tweaking their sound yeah we’ll make them sound like rock stars come on yeah yeah just like your equipment yeah it’s like your equipment here yes but you know equipment really does make a difference whether it’s a venue uh a podcast um you know sound is really everything especially in what you’re doing correct um no expense i mean i went out there and said look i want the best yeah very good so a heavy investment there and i know that you remodeled it and when you did you just made it better and better and there’s an investment there with all of that so you’ve really invested in this area and uh and so of course us as as people from this area we want to support that we want to support our hometown guy and and uh all of those sorts of things so this is just the start of some of the things that are going to be rolling out for this for this venue now will you have will you be open on nights when you’re not having events so let’s say hypothetically you don’t have a band schedule would you still be open with dj or no we’re looking at some of that um some of the uh neon lighting parties um that’s a huge thing right now i’ve never done that yep but i see people yeah we’re looking at neon lighting parties right now um so yeah we would we’d be open for djs and stuff like that but you know we got to schedule it you know it’s not going to be your your local bar that you can go in on a tuesday or thursday or friday whenever right we have it has to be an event going on gotcha and we’re also looking at uh maybe doing car shows yeah so we have car shows car shows are huge do we do that you know jambalayas and yeah so there’s your answer to that folks if you have that question you have to have kind of a a uh event of some sort going on to be open now there will be alcohol uh at this at this venue so some people would have the question is do they have to bring their own or whatever no we haven’t we’ll be serving it we have a full bar there okay um so we got bartenders we got all that yeah yeah so uh so there you go no bringing an ice chest in or anything like that they’ll have it all ready for you in there uh and you can really have a good time and keep in mind folks that you know it’s not just events that steve uh and his people over there schedule if you have an event and you want to hold a private party there of some sort you know woody everton wants to do uh a live podcast steve’s all about it yeah right might even talk to him get him up there yeah yeah yeah i could probably get him to do i think that would be a good good uh venue for him we got we got the equipment the stage we got the room to do it yeah yeah so uh so anything like that if you if you have a wedding coming up and uh you know you could use it for that corporate parties uh be a great venue for that and even birthday parties you um just a great venue and a big investment that you’ve made there um and as as steve stated earlier no worries on parking they tripled it so uh that was you know he did his homework before and he wanted to find out what was something you didn’t like about good old boys because there was a lot of things to like tony gyro did a great job with it but the biggest probably complaint was man the parking is so steve said well i can fix that and tripled that parking so no worries there um also we’re gonna have food trucks there too some of these big events come in yeah we’re gonna have food trucks interesting so people can drink eat yeah we’ll have the food trucks there too for them that’s a great idea and a big deal right now food trucks are [ __ ] they just had a food truck festival i know uh here and one in in uh ascension parish as well so uh food truck things are are the deal right now and i know a lot of food truck people too i try to get them on the show they’re interesting cats right mobile businesses as i call those so uh crystal ball chase tyler and kendall shafer were scheduled the hurricane hit things happen no electricity it’s hard to do podcast it’s hard to do live venues and kind of shut us all down there for several uh weeks but they will be rescheduled uh i’m sure at some point and yes they’ll be rescheduled we’re gonna get them get them guys coming in and we’re going to like say we have other people there too we’re um wayne toops love wayne too swamp pop i love wayne tubes um ernest scott local guys ernest cop you know we’re talking to his wife yeah that’d be great that’d be great yeah i mean like so we’re talking i’m talking to a lot of people in the background that um i want to bring that entertainment to liverson parish saint molina you know yeah but local you know local be the texas club of livingston parish a little smaller a little smaller it’d be a good problem to have bigger problems i always tell people when you when you got to look at growing the size of your building you got a good problem i mean that that means you’re outgrowing your business and that’s a good thing uh so again want to mention that it’s straight down 16. you just keep going keep going you pass into the line if you’re not familiar where that is just keep going until you see say you’re entering saint helena parish about a mile past that on the left-hand side you’re gonna see it you can’t miss it major improvements there and uh and let’s pack out micro-wrestling on the 30th i guarantee it’ll be something you ain’t seen you know for most of you you’ve never seen and it will be entertaining there’s no doubt about it i will put uh and be sharing a video on my facebook page of uh of these micro wrestlers doing their thing a little short 15 second thing you can watch so steve you got some sponsors let’s shout those people out right now most definitely premiere credit here in dental yeah uh b.j paulin yep jeremy over there right there in dental ben at performance automotive also in denver these businesses these three guys are just awesome yeah my business is awesome yeah been knowing them for years and they they’re just down earth good people and their business is awesome absolutely and they’re supporting other businesses and that’s that’s what we look for out of a community so check out premier credit performance auto and uh tire and automotive and bj pawn and gunn uh all three of those well-known denim springs uh based businesses and proud sponsors of steve’s with microwrestling so we appreciate you bringing that you know to our area uh and uh and come back any time next anytime you got anything to talk about you got a major uh you got a major announcement on you know whatever bandwidth ac dc thing we’ll mention it well you know you can come on and talk about it and all those sorts of things also keep in mind again that he has that parts store for you all your mobile home parts right there at scm property management on rushing road uh so check that out if you’re in need give them a call if you’re curious if they got a part in stock and they can certainly help you with that steve thank you for coming on thank you i am jim chapman i want to thank all my sponsors i want to thank all of you for liking commenting subscribing look we are almost at 10 000 followers on our youtube page we’re almost at 10 000 on our facebook page and we’re almost at 10 000 on our instagram page never thought i’d see that day but it’s a beautiful thing it’s local people supporting local people and that’s what we love to do so until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business and keep living thank you very much you

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