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Christopher Stirgus (mostly known as Chris Stirgus) is the original owner of Stirgus Credit Repair, an online company he created.

Chris Stirgus was born in Baton Rouge, La. and mainly grew up in Denham Springs, LA. He gained experience in evaluating credit and guiding consumers to assert their legal rights.

He guarantees honesty, dependability, and virtues that most people have forgotten. Credit repair firms cannot do anything to make you feel comfortable.

Still, Stirgus Credit Repair can help you achieve results in ​a fraction of the time without making costly errors and earn your trust without feeling that you’re just paying for a dream to come true. Unlike most credit repair companies, when you need help, you can earn the opportunity to talk directly to Chris Stirgus, with no frustration of having to speak to a different person every time you have a question or concern.

Not only can they attempt to improve bad credit, but they can also guarantee to assist people with no credit history and have several products to build credit that don’t require a minimum credit score to be approved or placing any hard inquiries. ​ Stirgus Credit Repair is recognized as one of the best credit repair companies in its surrounding areas.

Out of 160+ credit repair companies, Stirgus Credit Repair is recognized as one of the top 6 BEST.

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denham springs fit body boot camp a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders of the podcast and i have chris sturgis sitting across from me in this seat how are you sir pretty good thanks for bringing me in jill man we are going to have a good time today you own sturgis credit repair uh based at right here in denham springs so we’re going to talk all about your business really get into what it is you do i know there’s a lot of i don’t know if you call them misconceptions in the credit repair business but oh yeah but maybe pre-assumptions that people have so we’re going to kind of set the set the record straight on that and let people know exactly what you do but first like we do on this show all the time we want people to learn a little bit about you and you know who you are what you uh what you enjoy doing in your off time and stuff so uh one thing i noticed when we first met is you’re extremely motivated individual would you agree with that yes i am yeah almost an understatement would be motivated when it comes to you uh not only in your business but really in your personal life as well which as you know as we all know as business people those kind of tie in sometimes you’re a big believer in a strong mindset yes i am yeah um challenging yourself you do a lot of that and we’re going to kind of discuss that one of the ways you do it is by intermittent fasting something that i’m somewhat familiar with and and uh so tell me how you kind of i hate to call that a diet because really that’s a lifestyle oh yes it’s completely different and most people would probably even most people think it’s impossible you know you hear somebody say they went two or three days without eating yeah you know let me just start off by saying i was over 300 pounds just this time last year that’s unbelievable man and you know i just wasn’t happy with myself and now i treat my body just like i treat my business and you know everything else your relationship you know so on and so on yeah you can’t put all of your focus in one thing but you’re slacking in the second thing so 100 my health wasn’t the best you know um my family they don’t have probably the best health and you know diabetes high blood pressure things like that i was getting towards that you know that area yeah and it was time for me to make a change so i looked into um fasting as a quick way to lose weight yeah and you know just looking on youtube and most people are doing like five days without eating i’m like that’s impossible yeah and i started doing research on it and fasting has been around for centuries you know it’s one of the oldest diets you know 100 percent you know that’s that’s probably around and one of the easiest things you can do and you know now i got down to about 200 pounds i’m 100 pounds down and it has changed for years a lot of health issues very good very good and you you bring that up and you’re right i mean back in the day there was no such thing as like breakfast like for example if you ate breakfast you were like a king or a queen right you know normal folk we didn’t eat breakfast that was too much money for all that and and then even before that i i hate to go back to caveman times but i mean there was a time though those people probably went three or four days without finding a dinosaur or whatever probably probably over a week yeah yeah so uh your body’s not exactly uh i guess made to eat three four five times a day and i know these bodybuilders you know they they eat like every two hours but these are people that are training constantly they’re burning through this stuff well the crazy thing is uh coming towards my diet fasting was one of the main thing that just changed my whole mindset on life i mean the longest fast i did was five days without food just water only and i think i lost over 10 pounds just that week yeah so it’s huge it’s it’s not only a i guess a diet change it’s more mental yeah yeah because it has so many benefits outside of and that’s why i bring it up it has so many benefits outside of just you know the losing weight is nice especially when you’re overweight right but uh aside from that mentally it is a it’s a breakthrough almost when you especially with intermittent fasting which i’m familiar with i’ve done several times and guys and girls actually have a lot of success with intermittent fasting for whatever reason where uh where females typically struggle to lose weight you know more than males do for whatever reason and intermittent fasting seems to be a real good key for them right most most ladies that i know that have tried it have had good

a uh a success person but also you like to rob you like to ride a bike yes i ride about 15 to 20 miles a day on my bike wow morning i wake up between 4 and 5 a.m every morning and i usually do most of my work things get that done i have an automated business so i just check up on all of my automations make sure they’re doing their jobs and i start riding around 5 30 6 a.m every morning fantastic stationary or or you actually get out and ride i get out and ride oh it ain’t a stationary tonight wow okay well i’m i’m uh i’m surprised you can find places to ride around here uh you know one of the things i’d like to see is them put black bike paths all over town well i ride in my my neighborhood yeah and i usually do about three laps around my neighborhood yeah and um you’ll be surprised how how much that can add up yeah yeah that’s true yeah no doubt about it so obviously you’re doing everything you can from a from a standpoint of just yourself to improve your lifestyle which in turn typically will improve your business exactly uh so good job on that now you are the owner of a successful business and you’re you’re pretty passionate about your road to that successful business which i found interesting so we’re going to go deep into your business but before that i want to uh discuss something you’re ultra passionate about and that is something that i have some passion for which is uh the massive push we’ve seen probably in the last five years or so with kids uh you gotta go to college you gotta go to college and look i wanna preface this with none of us have any problem with college in and of itself and there are people that are totally made for college and um and all of that but you like me when we were discussing off-camera you know we were talking about the lack of business owners and and a lot of that is because nobody’s going into trades anymore right right um what are your thoughts on that kind of let’s talk about that a little bit well um and again like you just said this is my own personal opinion sure and you know like i said if you want to go to college and you think you may have a good chance and being successful in life you know you want to be a doctor lawyer whatever you have to go to college to do that by all means yes go to college but if you’re going to college because you’re not sure what you want to be in life you know there may be different options out there there can be options out there where you can be more successful working for yourself versus getting a degree and you’re not promised a job a second thing is owning a credit repair business i see hundreds of credit reports per month yeah one of the main things that i see affecting people or student loans yeah yeah and we’re going to get into that a little bit because that is uh not only a local probably you know issue but really a national issue with regard to student loan debt and college is just ridiculous and look i’ve got a son at lsu right now and two daughters uh that are that are coming up they’ll be seniors next year and and uh it is not cheap and we’re going to get into that a little bit but we want to talk about your kind of your business a little bit as well now stephanie bertholot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

you established this business in 2019 right okay in denim springs but originally it was kind of like a side job for you yes um the way it started i was working in the car business and you know in the car business and sales i’m only paid if i can close the car deals right so one of the main things that affected me from getting paid was people with bad credit yes so you can come in there and say you want to buy a thousand cars on a lot but if you don’t have the credit to purchase them or if you’re just not paying them cash then i’m not making any money you’re not behind any vehicles so yeah nobody wins right that’s an area and that’s how i got into it and then my original plan was to find a way to bring customers back to me to make more commission at the dealership and of course that’s making the dealership more money right i started looking into ways to improve credit scores because i never knew any of this existed and all it is you’re just disputing negative accounts on credit reports and hopefully finding ways that you can get unverified items removed from credit reports so what i started doing i started practicing with friends and close friends and family and things like that to just practice my way of seeing how the fair credit reporting act laws work and different debt collection laws and practices laws and eventually that took about a year and i didn’t really start um let’s say i should say i didn’t really make it public that i was doing credit repair i just kind of wanted to stay low-key with it because credit repair just has a bad name for itself you know yeah it’s almost like the car business you know a lot of i know i have a lot of friends that are in the car business and are great sales people great finance managers um but it has a stigma sometimes and there’s a difference between a car salesman and a professional car salesman oh 100 uh it’s a great way to start and learn and not everybody is is a slick guy from from that remember the old movie used cars yeah yeah not everybody’s those dudes with the fishing pole and in your case you really wanted to help people so much in fact so much in fact that you made it your business yes to do that so you kind of you almost fell into this and what you were doing was what i tell people all the time business owners do you innovate when you can’t get uh in your situation you couldn’t get people financed because they had these dings on their credit yes and so you were looking for ways to get those dings removed exactly and boom sturgeon’s credit repair was born right and the crazy thing is the way it started i actually had a one of my car sales customers she couldn’t get approved and whenever i and again this wasn’t when i first made it known i was doing credit repair but i reached out to her i said hey look let me see if i can do a few things with your credit you know do i have your permission to do that can you allow me to at least attempt to help you and i did that completely free i didn’t charge or anything this is just 100 free just me practicing on her yes and about four months she came back to us and she was able to get a vehicle wow yes and you were like i wonder if i can do this with this person and i wonder when it started it’s crazy yeah and then the next thing you know you’ve gotta you’ve got another career so you’re going along and this is obviously you’re learning you’re you’re studying i’m i’m sure you spent a lot of time on the internet kind of researching you know what what these guys do and that it’s legal and what they may do that’s not so there are requirements you got to have it’s a lot of things that’s tied into it as well yes a hundred percent and then you decide in february 2020 you’re like man look uh i i can make this a full-time gig what made you come to that decision well um it got to the point where i was becoming less motivated to i guess go into work and work for someone else um at that point i honestly believe i got up to about 120 clients within three wow yes that’s amazing that’s just local clients before my business just expanded in multiple states yeah after 120 clients i guess i really like i said i got less motivated going into work and one day i said you know what this is going to be my last month at work yeah um and it’s crazy because i went to lunch that day came back and i said what am i doing yeah i mean i have clients calling me i have emails coming in new people are signing up you know i email my boss and say hey you know can we meet in your office in an hour he said sure let’s meet i went in there he’s like man what’s wrong i say uh i think i’m leaving and i think i’m gonna work for myself and he pretty much said i knew it yeah yeah they all seen it coming yeah and and uh you know the writing i guess was on the wall for you just your heart was one place and not another and look any type of sales job once you start losing motivation oh yeah you’re not doing anybody any good at all and so off you go and i hope you folks caught the date that i just said because it was february 2020 well right that’s significant because in march of 2020 what happened coveted um what were your thoughts man you you’re breaking out you’re on your own and right boom coveted hits a month after you uh kind of kick up and get going on your own what were your first thoughts well it initially didn’t hit me at first because i didn’t really take covet too seriously at first yeah well i didn’t really let’s not say i didn’t take it serious i was too busy to actually understand what was going on in the world yeah yeah i don’t watch the news i haven’t been watching cnn or you know i don’t really listen to them anyway but yeah yeah but uh it didn’t really hit me until i had about 50 to 60 clients calling me emailing me saying hey you know we’re getting uh laid off at work or we’re sick we can’t go into work they’re not allowing us to go to work because we may have covert and i’m like what the heck is going on and you know when i lost 50 to 60 clients within two weeks i’m like i just made the biggest mistake of my life oh man i’m about to be the biggest fool going back to the dealership asking for my job back yeah but that goes back to having a strong mindset so i built my mindset to where i’m not going back to work for someone else i’m really gonna make this work i’m gonna make this work yeah yeah so i i went from 120 clients i lost about 50 to 60 so i went back down to about 60 to 70 clients enrolled and then i started promoting more and advertisement meeting up with some of the realtors local realtors that’s in the area loan officers and i went from 50 clients and i shot back up to about 300 within wow two months during a pandemic yeah you dug in business owners we innovate and and one of the things i’ve i’m famous for saying on this show is kovit it was hard to find a silver lining especially when you were in certain businesses like restaurants hairdressers i mean those poor people man they were just told you cannot make 11. you can’t make a living how do you like that chris you can’t make a list i don’t either i mean it’s just crazy to think about but they were they were told that right and uh these the silver lining for everybody was it forced all of us to innovate it forced all of us to say well i can’t just quit making money so how can i continue to do what i do but uh come up with a better way of doing it or maybe a way that will work where i can still make a living and a lot of people did do that including yourself you dug in uh you didn’t just tuck you tuck your head and and run and you actually flourished i mean you ended up with 300 clients right in a short order and that’s an amazing thing hey ladies it’s pete with idaho lane spawn boutique located in walker we offer all things skin care hair care makeup spray tan lashes and more and we have a full selection of clothes and we also do private events from birthday parties bridal showers and more so stop by today and get your queen on making every woman a queen see you soon so let’s talk about credit repair in particular in it look some people they they have no idea what that is and uh so maybe just kind of give me just a quick summary of what credit repair is right yeah that’s one of the main things i would love to talk about uh so credit repair again that’s disputing negative things that’s on people’s credit report and one of the biggest misunderstandings that’s out there is you have three type of people the first type is most people think credit repair is just some type of online scam which there are many fake companies that’s out there sure not real credit repair companies right individuals posting as credit repair companies trying to charge thousands or hundreds of dollars up front and scam people so that’s the first misunderstanding the second misunderstanding which is the biggest most people think you can just fix their credit within two or three days just because they may be seeing some fake ad online you know credit repair doesn’t work like that you know the credit bureaus only update once a month and plus when you’re disputing these negative items the credit bureaus have to investigate into these items so let me give you example here i guess one of the main things people have are collections you know they don’t pay a utility bill they don’t pay their credit card off it goes to collection phone bill correct anything like that so if a debt collector reports that they don’t legally owe that debt they’re just reporting it for the original creditor so you can dispute that item that’s on your credit report you know actually you can do all of this stuff yourself credit repair is just a service just like you’re paying for a car wash or you’re paying for somebody to cut your lawn so if you’re paying you know a credit repair company all they’re doing is just trying to find ways to get this removed off of your credit so if this debt collector can’t prove what that debt is for they can’t prove that you own this debt then by law the credit bureaus have to remove that from your credit report interesting and a lot of people don’t realize that and look one thing obviously you’re the expert here but i know a little bit about this and and uh one of the things that people need to keep in mind is unoriginal there’s an original creditor and then there’s someone that buys that credit from that original creditor at some point so they’ll charge it off uh we’ll use we’ll use citibank in this case citibank you own some money you don’t pay it for four or five months and they say i don’t think uh i don’t think xyz is gonna pay this bill so they charge it off so that they don’t have to pay taxes on it and then this guy comes along this dude or this chick and they say hey i’d like to buy that debt for 25 cents on the dollar or something pick a number exactly and they buy it and the reason they’re doing that is they’re taking a gamble they want to buy that debt and then they want to try to go to xyz and say look you owe this debt and i’m going to collect it exactly and they hope that they can collect at least 50 cents on the dollar then they’ve made a little bit of money right um but the point to that is they have to have a lot of paperwork number one they have to have proof of the debt right exactly so they can’t just have something from citibank saying you owe it they have to have proof exactly and and i think to sum up kind of what you do is you make sure that they have that brand right right you can do it yourself chris is an honest person and it’s good that he puts that out there but here’s kind of the difference chris knows the rules right we as as laymans in this do not so number one people do get tend to get embarrassed when they have to deal with uh anything to do with their credit oh yeah they have a ding or something well you’re there to say hey you ain’t gonna talk to them people i’ll talk to them people exactly and you know the rules right right so chris knows what they have to do no that’s the biggest advantage to you that’s a huge advantage well another thing is uh you have a lot of online uh apps such as like credit karma you can just go to the credit bureaus and dispute things online one thing is whenever you click that dispute button online the only thing you’re doing is just pretty much saying this that doesn’t belong to me and then they verify that you can you can just keep doing it every single month it’s going to keep getting verified it’s never going to get deleted so credit repair is a it’s a usually a different process than just saying this isn’t mine it’s more of prove that it’s mine you know if they don’t respond within 30 days in the fair credit reporting act the bureaus must remove the information so there’s a lot of more methods you can use to get things removed from your credit report versus just clicking the online button that says this account isn’t mine yeah usually the credit bureaus are just going to just i wouldn’t say ignore because they legally can’t ignore it right you’re disputing something because you have their right uh that right to do that but they’re less motivated to dig deep into it when you just click an online button that’s just claiming something that’s really yours isn’t yours sure 100 and and uh that’s where your expertise comes in and student loan debt um you see a lot of that 100 i would imagine you do and it’s amazing that you know student don’t student loan debt is not just limited to uh you know people who get crazy degrees like bask we used to say in in my old football high school football coach you should say don’t get a degree in basket weaving right so i mean it but it’s not limited to that you got lawyers doctors who are in insane especially in their case an insane amount of debt now some of them make money to justify it i guess you could say but even them i mean with the amount of money some of these doctors and lawyers make it takes forever to pay their student loan debt off right my opinion college is just too expensive well um and again this is my own opinion and i just started looking at college as a business um you know i may get a lot of um disagreements with that yeah but you know by owning a credit repair business i get so many nurses pharmacists early lawyers who email me or call my office and they’re like hey look you know i went to school for this i’ve been working for one or two years at my career i can’t get a house and i’m just thinking in my head like how yeah you know yeah you got a great job you make good money right and you know i i have nurses right now that are enrolled with you know four and 500 credit scores because they just stop paying their student loan debt then they have missed payments on it and you know different things that’s under credit report but you know main mainly is the student loan debt that is affecting them from moving forward in life you know even if they wanted to use their credit to invest in some things they can’t do that right right which is crazy because you know they they’ve got the i guess the income right the problem is they’ve got student loan debt just piled up on their on their report and it’s stopping them from doing them things and you did mention earlier that you you like to deal with real estate agents for example and kind of make relationships with those people because those people are the first first i guess line there that they see these people’s reports and and uh and they you know they they know what they’ve got to fix in order to qualify for a house would be right probably the best way to to say that and so when you have relationships with these people they can refer you and and all of that sort of thing so take note real estate agents and probably mortgage lenders and people of that nature um now would you consider your business passive income um now yes but at the same time no so originally when i first started my business i was you know 100 of my day was tied up into working now i have invested back into my business from the first two years of having my business to where i can pretty much afford all of these automations to where my business runs for itself yeah so usually i would be up to eight or nine pm at night folding hundreds of dispute letters after i’ve already worked eight hours during credit repair yeah then i have to go to the post office the next day to ship all of these dispute documents paying for stamps putting the stamps it’s just so sit in the post office for more than five minutes and see how frustrated you get right now i have a thousand documents a day that are outsourced and they’re shipped within one business day directly to the credit bureaus po boxes and you know even as far as my crm when someone sign up the system now automatically send them their enrollment assessment they enroll on their own they can see their credit score updates every 30 days starting from the day they sign up they have questions they can always schedule consultation or physical consultation in one of my virtual offices and other than that you know my day is pretty freed up you know now and that blows my mind and it goes to how smart you are and that um you know you

you were selling vehicles right and you went into this credit repair thing you researched it you figured out ways to fix people’s credit but in a short in short order you have really automated this whole thing

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and i like i said i’ve been researching this for eight months now of how to just automate my business uh whenever customers schedule consultations i don’t have to manually send a confirmation anymore you know everything is just 100 automated if someone if someone is listening this right now and hopefully there’s 200 of them and they’re like yeah i got tons of student loans on on my report that you know maybe some of this stuff ain’t valid maybe some of these things they don’t feel like they owe what would they do how would they what would be their first step of doing business with sturgis credit repair so the first thing that i highly recommend everyone to do is to first go to the website and right there on the home page you’re going to see a button that says credit repair details so before you even sign up click that credit repair details button read exactly how the service works read uh read how long it may take read what can be done what can’t be done you know usually when i say what can be done what can’t be done that’s usually for people that’s coming on the website thinking their credit can go from a 300 to a 700 overnight yes that’s what i meant by what yeah yeah i have on the website some of the credit repair organization act laws so for example i can’t charge money up front so you know most of these people that’s on the internet they’re charging 500 up front thousand dollars not supposed to do that that’s illegal one of the biggest credit repair organizations out there is lexington law firm and they got fined by the cfpb for charging money upfront to clients so now they have their free trials going wow so you can’t charge money up front and that’s one of the biggest things that people are probably getting scammed by or people that’s on facebook and saying they can fix credit when they’re just probably just clicking some button that’s just saying this account isn’t mine you can do and that’s not going to work yeah but you cannot charge money up front and you cannot do false advertising so i can’t promote any type of advertising out in the world that say hey sign up and i can guarantee your credit is going to get fixed in one month yeah i can’t do that right i can’t even promise that right right and and uh so the first step is to go to that website and do what you just said and and you kind of take it from there now um you mentioned earlier that they’re some shady credit repair code just like there’s in any company any business there’s shady and there’s not jd let’s just be honest um and uh in your business there’s some people out there that can be shady um obviously you separate yourself just from the fact that you’re not shady yeah you know a lot of what you just said a lot of credit repair companies aren’t going to tell you they’re not going to tell you they’re not supposed to charge up front fees but crystal t because chris is a good guy and he’s honest right um give us some other ways that you would say sturgis credit repair separates itself from like competitors uh no upfront fees right right off the top i can tell you is one way right so yeah i don’t collect any money up front like we just said but one of the biggest things that i have people call in the office about is hey i signed up with this company i had no idea what was going on they haven’t updated me since i’ve been enrolled i don’t see my scores or anything so one of the main things that i invested back into was making sure that each client has their online account so they can literally log in 24 7 they can see what i’m working on they can see their credit scores they can see what’s in dispute they can see what was deleted etc so that’s one way a second way that’s fantastic every 30 days starting from the day you sign up my system automatically sends you a detailed custom credit report so it’s not like your normal credit report where you just read and there’s words and abbreviations everywhere and account numbers you don’t know what you’re reading right you make it where you can understand it this detail report is typed up to where a third grader could read it yeah it has your scores right there big and bold and then right under there it’s going to say these are your negative accounts that’s simple yeah highlight in red and then it’s going to show everything that i’m working on and then secondly every 30 days you get updated what changed in your email so that’s one of the biggest things that separate my company from all of these other credit repair companies out there because they’re not updating their clients they’re not letting their clients know what’s going on all they know is money is getting taken out of their account each month yeah or upfront however right and also you so i’m gonna give you a scenario let’s say someone enrolls with you and they’re 30 days into it and and uh and they want to get out for whatever reason i don’t know i haven’t just is there a contract where are you stuck for a year or how does that and that goes back to the credit repair organizations act you cannot um have any type of contract so a lot of these people i wouldn’t say companies because they’re not real companies but some of these people tell clients that oh well this is a 12 month contract we have to charge you 12 months which you know you can’t even do that but secondly most of those people that are doing that and this blows my mind they don’t have a billing system like i have that automatically charges their card every 30 days they have it to where there’s something cash out payments or vimo payments or paypal or something like that and these people are manually paying them so i’m like how do you have somebody tell you you you’re in a contract and you’re manually paying them yeah that just blows my mind i had about five people who called my office um just this month alone saying yeah i’m still paying this company i’m like you paying them how are you paying them yeah and they literally say cash up in vemma i’m like well just stop yeah yeah and that that’s that’s really you know one thing i will uh we discussed earlier but i’ll bring up again is you got to be careful with with these third-party creditors that buy this debt because they’re going to do anything they can to collect that debt right they have an inves as small as it may be they have an investment in it and so they want to make as much money as possible and look sometimes there are some things on your credit that don’t you know are not legit i paid a medical bill one time paid the medical bill and about six months later it popped up on my credit as a charge-off and i’m like i paid that now fortunately i am a record keeper to say the least i’m a file freak what people call it but i had the records i had the proof of the that i paid the debt and i was able to get it removed but if you don’t pay attention to your credit report you never even know it’s there exactly um you can actually get a free credit report every 12 months if you just go to so i highly advise people just to do that every 12 months because you can use things like credit karma and things like that but they don’t show your full three bureau credit report so i highly advise going to just look at your credit report today sometime or whenever you’re watching this this podcast and just look at things that’s on there you would be surprised if there’s any errors that’s on your credit report i would say about 90 of people would probably have some type of error that’s reporting to their credit report that shouldn’t be on there wow 90 percent yes yeah and uh let me ask you let me ask you this question so do you see a lot of a lot of people in this area that have you know issues maybe with yes their stuff yeah yeah a large amount yeah and and i think some of that’s tied into you know the flood and and uh people at that time some some of us didn’t have insurance and maybe they went out uh and and were forced to charge you know a lot of things on a credit card or something like that to get it paid for and maybe got behind a lot of things but i think a lot of that is tied to to the disasters that we had especially the 2016 uh flood no doubt about it but we’re local you know we’re a local podcast and and of course we know that there’s people out there right now that aren’t sure what to do and and they don’t know what’s legal and what’s not legal and that’s really that’s what you’re here for right they don’t need to know you know you know i mean if you want to know you can but but uh leave it up to sturgis credit repair to kind of kind of look over that and get you fixed up get those things that may not even uh supposed to be on your credit get those removed because sometimes it’s not about getting out of a debt that you legally owe it’s about it’s not accurate exactly and if you don’t check your credit report you’ll never know do you see a lot of uh of identity theft right now well um let’s say out of 100 people i have probably had 10 that yeah had their identity stolen and put things on their credit report is that hard to get removed well that process it’s it’s the easiest thing to get removed because it’s legally not yours and you can usually prove that it’s not yours because most of the time it’s credit cards and you can see the out-of-state transactions or the out-of-state billing statements and things like that yeah but the process itself takes a while because they have to do a investigation and prove that it’s legally not yours and it was really identity theft plus you have to submit a lot of forms so that can take a sometimes a three to four month process right there yeah yeah and i i had a feeling that was kind of a deal these days is is identity theft so that’s a situation where the debt’s not even legally owed and people out there just taking your information right just stealing your information if it’s online you can do it somebody can hack that trust me you know 12 year old in a closet somewhere right you know he’s got selling credit card numbers so be wary of that do just what chris said and pull your credit report once a year just review it make sure you don’t have a credit card or something like that on there that you don’t recognize if if you do have that do what chris said go to his website and he’ll get you fixed up

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now your slogan is use your credit to finance your goals tell me about that well that goes back to how i started my business so i went back to all of these crazy automation automations um we were just talking about you know i couldn’t pay for all of that out of pocket at the time so i had a high limit credit card and the credit card i believe had zero percent interest for the first 12 months or the first 15 months or something crazy like that plus you get a 300 um intro bonus whenever you spend a certain amount within a certain period yeah um on top of that you get about three to four percent cash back so what i did i’m like instead of going out and apply for a loan putting myself in debt and paying interest guaranteed interest i want to take advantage of this zero percent credit card and i’m just going to start my business buying everything just with this you know one of the biggest things that i needed to start my business was louisiana requires a 100 000 bond for credit repair organizations so oh that’s interesting yeah so you have a 100 000 bond um you usually pay a certain percentage for that and that’s for the first year and that’s about i think i paid that was 7 500 just for my bond plus all of my software’s integrations automations and things like that you know that that could be about 20 25 000 yeah i use my credit card and the return was just crazy i was able to you know pay that back within four months just from starting my business and again you know using that zero percent credit card i just used my credit to finance my business i was charged no interest and i literally made money to start my business fantastic from the cash back the intro bonus zero percent interest it was free money yeah yeah very very good and and fitting for your slogan i mean it makes all the sense in the world now one thing i want to read uh is in your questionnaire i asked you give me your why statement and uh i was impressed to say the least with yours and it because it kind of speaks to who you are what you believe so i want to read it i’m going to try not to not to uh jack up your quote here but it but basically you said why keep bad credit it costs you more money right prevents you from moving forward in life it may hold you back from starting your own business why do i love what i do i help hundreds of individuals a month increase their credit scores not only am i helping individuals get better credit i’m also helping businesses that need customers with good credit to stay in business that is a fantastic point a fantastic point and you notice the word help was in there three or four times you know it’s it’s not every day that maybe a credit repair company uses that term right help but that’s who you are as a person you really at the end of the day you’re providing a service that helps a lot of people exactly and so shout out for that i wanted to quote that because it impressed me thank you um and you’re also you also brought up in that that other businesses stay in business because you keep that ball rolling right if you own a used car a lot and you get sturgis credit repair involved and you end up selling that truck that that person did not qualify for before you’ve just helped that business and the person you’re helping two people right huge deal that’s a man who thinks outside the box right there right i know a little bit about that i get out that box every now and then very good um now what are some people what are some things that people may not understand about the credit repair business something that maybe you know we talked about the misconceptions right obviously and a lot of people just look at credit repair as a joke um i get so many people who call the office throughout the week and they’re like hey you know how does work and i tell them the whole process and i had a guy the other day he called and he’s like uh it sounds good but um i don’t think it’s real so you know a lot of people would just keep back credit versus trying to fix it and i tell people all the time i said look you’re calling me because you know you may have not paid some things in the past or maybe life happens and you couldn’t afford to pay things and now you have bad credit so i tell people all the time you know why would i want anything else from you you know if you want bad credit so i’m just trying to help you yeah so you know a lot of people think that it’s some type of identity scam or something and that goes back you know i can’t do anything with bad credit right yeah you know a lot of people um they’re just stuck in this mindset that if they just get bad credit they just lose motivation to improve their self and they just rather just stay like that for the rest of their life yeah 100 man uh let me ask you this question so you um you’re a very passionate person about business ownership you belong to a a group on facebook it’s like a private group where y’all uh kind of uplift each other right in you right you know you’re all business owners and and uh there was a time chris you me um are two good examples of people that worked for successful companies and we we uh you know we were blessed to have those jobs and and nobody’s uh nobody’s you know uh insulting corporations or the fact or or companies that you work for but is there anything like business ownership in your mind yes so um one of the main things that helped me with my business and improving my business was surrounding myself around the right people you know i didn’t have anyone in my family that owned a business or knew how to build a business or anything like that so i i couldn’t really hang around anyone in my family or ask family for advice you know their main thing is just going to school get a degree and make some type of salary you know your boss is going to give you but surrounding myself around people who own businesses and invested into things you know that changed my mindset completely on life and honestly you know without surrounding myself around the right people i probably wouldn’t be nowhere where i’m at right now right 100 percent you are who you hang out with i guess would be the whole the old term for that but when you surround yourself with positive people and people that have maybe the same goals it’s amazing oh yeah it’s amazing stuff that happens and on this show we like you know some people listen to show chris and they and they’re they’re trying to make that jump make that leap they’re they’re working for somebody else and they’ve always wanted to have their own thing and it’s kind of a side hustle right now and they’re like man you know i don’t want to lose my insurance or i don’t want to i always which medical insurance okay is something to me that um is a struggle because it’s so expensive to go out on your own own your own business and have medical insurance exactly so a lot of people get get trapped they get locked in that in that corporation uh mindset where the only thing that’s stopping me is i got three kids and i got to have this insurance and i can’t afford it unless i work here right i hate that all right man that you know i really do i i i think something needs to be done about that oh yeah i know many people who are like that right now yes friends of mine you know they’re just uh keeping work just for insurance you know purposes and things like that which i understand but at one point you have to make that jump you know if you can increase your business i mean insurance may be the least thing on your mind that’s right that’s right and you know on do some things to help yourself intermittent fast things like that maybe you won’t need the insurance as bad but right um but entrepreneurship there’s nothing like it you’re a great example of an of an entrepreneur and someone who has innovated his business from folding i mean think about a man not too long ago you were folding letters in the living room or whatever right and look at you now in short order yep and another thing is you know my my business doesn’t just have one service so um of course repairing credit which is disputing the negative things on credit course that’s the main service but i also help individuals with no credit history so if you just have zero great point never financed anything and you need a co-signer to buy your first home or car you can’t just get a credit card i i’m partnered with uh banks and creditors and i have my own secured credit card that’s on my website and my own credit building loan that’s on my website so the credit building loan what you’re doing is you’re paying like 15 a month and that money is given back to you whenever you close out the account you cancel or whenever the term is over so that 15 a month what that does is it reports to the credit bureaus so it’s just like you’re paying on a loan yeah so you’re just building positive credit history whenever you’re done you get the money back so i like to call it a credit building slash savings loan because you’re getting the money back another thing i have on there somebody’s going in an escrow or something exactly i have the secure card on there which most of your banks and credit unions offer one but the one that’s on my website does not put a hard inquiry on your credit and i’m partnered to where it’s automatic approval so you apply today you put a 200 deposit down you’re using your own money as credit just to build credit history and again whenever you cancel the card if you want to you get your 200 deposit back so fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

you can go straight to sturgis and just click the credit building products page and both of those will be on there i also have a service that can report rent payments as well come on yes i i have it all always thinking chris you always thinking that hamster’s always running on that wheel ain’t it right and i i guess this is also unrelated to credit repair uh but i also just started a second company i was gonna ask you about that with business money so a lot let’s talk about that yeah well so i have um sturgis funding it’s the business name so if i went to a big bank right now and just started my business two years ago which i should be fine now because they require two-year tax returns but still i’m still classified as a new upcoming small business i’m probably going to have some type of crazy requirements or they may have some crazy stipulations or they may not even they just may tell me no if i wanted to get a business loan and go out and build something well now i’m partnering with this special underwriting team to where i can work with businesses as early as being open four months or you know making a minimum of three thousand dollars a month in business so you can get up to 75 of your monthly income the same day wow for business funding that’s impressive yeah but you have to be a registered business to apply for it would you have to be uh a business that uh you know one of the things with businesses that business owners don’t realize they have they struggle they don’t realize a struggle exists but you open up a business you know you register it you do all those things you’re official and you’re taking in money and then you got to figure out do you want to be a w-2 employee or you want to take an honors draw or how do you want to do all that and there’s advantages to both and one of the things with being a w-2 employee is is you have proof of income that’s coming into you so probably the better way to go but there’s a lot more paperwork involved that’s a whole nother podcast yeah yeah i guess my point to that is um how would you judge with businesses it gets a little hairy because how do you judge so you go off of the income that the business itself has in a four month time period basically right and i can also work like p l sheets basically yes and i can work with business owners with credit scores as low as 500. that’s that’s up and running and people can it’s 100 up and running now i’ve i’ve had many customers so far uh local business owners um it’s just it has literally kicked off just like credit repair man you’re just rolling right you’re rolling i like the way you think man you’re always building your business yeah that’s a good thing you know like i tell people all the time i’m not working all the time but i’m working all the time i’m working in my head so another feeling i also have uh real estate that that’s coming up soon uh in the local area so i’m always you know figuring out the next move you know very good uh i asked you some fun facts man on uh on on your questionnaire and i liked you at the end of the year some interesting stuff here i asked you if you purchased a yacht and that’s probably coming what would you name it you said sturgis yacht everything sturgis using my last name for everything i’m making something out of my last name i love it i said what what what was your dream job when you were 12 years old you said an engineer yep very good and you’re kind of an engineer now you know i guess it’s amazing that’s right if you could have any superpower what would it be you said the ability to lose weight and stay healthy i’d say you got that superpower already yes if i have to work for it yeah yeah you just like to think in a way huh i hear you if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go florida will always remain your favorite place to visit even even choosing somewhere out of the country yes uh so you love florida 100 yes that’s one of the next places i will probably um change my my living too yeah yeah yeah be hard to beat man yeah be hard to beat man did you have fun today oh i did i enjoyed it i’ll tell you what we uh you know one of the things i’m blessed with on this show is to get entrepreneurs who have really built something on here and it happens a lot and just feel very blessed to be able to tell your story and people just like you every week on the show and i’m glad you had a good time anytime you want to come by and talk about you know credit repair or beaches or whatever man we can just talk about how great the florida governor is we can do it so i want to thank everyone out there for viewing and listening to local leaders of the podcast and i do want you to shout out uh your website again uh and do you have a facebook or anything or just website yeah well uh crazy thing is uh years ago i was always just against social media yeah i just never did the social media thing yeah when i started my business i made the facebook page uh facebook page uh foster just credit repair so yes now i have the sturgis credit repair facebook page sturgis credit repair instagram since a lot of people get on instagram now sure i still haven’t made an instagram account but i do have those pages for my business so if you have social media definitely go follow sturgis credit repair on those two 100 i’m gonna link them to the video as well yeah people can find them easy check out the website i’m gonna link that also to the video to this video uh and the audio version so people can check that out so hopefully you’ll get like you’ll be like jim i got like a million hits yeah i’m sure we’re pulling for it uh so please continue to like comment subscribe and share local leaders on all your social media platforms we really appreciate that and we are really striving over here to shine a spotlight on all of our local business thank you to our sponsors including tricia johnston realtor william waldrop of twfg insurance b.j paul b.j pawn fit blends denim springs black sheep creative sr enterprise painting adele lane spawn boutique fit body boot camp we could do none of this without all of you and we really appreciate it if you want information on sponsoring the show or appearing on the show please reach out to jim at until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like sturgis credit repair and keep leaving thank you very much

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