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Jane Gaspard of Tenor Florals sits down with Local Leaders The Podcast host Jim Chapman to discuss life running a high volume floral business and the lessons she has learned along the way!

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hey everyone and welcome back to another edition of local leaders the podcast and the ladies sitting across from me you may be familiar with you may not be familiar with but hopefully after today you’re going to know all about her business tenor florals miss jane gaspar welcome to local leaders of podcast thank you for having me so uh i’m excited to talk all about flowers today an interesting subject and believe it or not 150 something episodes i’ve never had a florist on my show several inquire but never had anyone actually come on so i’m as excited as you are i guess for this one definitely eager to get the name out there and i’m glad i was able to come and meet with you 100 now you are originally from orange texas yes sir where is orange texas for those that may not know it’s right across the state line it’s that first little town that you drive through before you get to beaumont everybody knows where beaumont is yes nobody really considers that first little town yeah because that’s something you just drive right on through when i think of beaumont for some reason i think of george strait i don’t know why that is i think he might walkers from vitor really that’s where i went to school yeah oh so although tracy bird clay walker do you sing country music

no please don’t i may have been in band but i don’t see anything right i hear you i hear you so you are married to your husband blake yes and uh you have a two-year-old daughter you describe as full of spirit and sweetness i know the feeling uh two-year-olds it’s it’s a great age though because they they’re it’s all about discovery at that time right there oh yes sometimes that’s a bad thing but it’s her new words are amazing and delicious oh i love it i love it well that’s better than some of them put them in a sentence and to what they go to yeah like she’ll say delicious for food or her favorite thing is when she’s on her swing and she’s going high and she goes this is amazing what a great age yeah i miss those days when you know from 2 to 22 it’s like a blank man it gets so fast so yeah i’m about to be 28 in october so yeah yeah wow and uh you actually moved here is your husband blake from from the baton rouge area he’s actually from new roads new roads okay um technically bachelor so a little north of new roads but still in point could be parish his dad was a farmer okay awesome awesome so you y’all moved to baton rouge at some point in time or he was living in baton rouge when i met him and going to lsu lsu you going to lsu for business and he ended up graduating in 2018 with his business degree very good very good so you move on down here and uh you know we we want to talk all about uh obviously tenor florals but you got started off in the floral industry kind of early in life about seven years old yeah yeah and you were actually actually there’s a good story to that a guy named scott hasty and tell us the story of how you got kind of introduced into the floor world so we had moved to orange when both my grandmothers had health issues um so we moved to orange to be closer to them and my mom was she went to school for interior design at ut but when we went to orange she couldn’t find an interior design job kind of similar to what i went through when i moved to baton rouge yes so she went to go work for a florist and all she did was clean the buckets clear out everything all like the little part-time stuff sure and most of the time she would have me tag along and well mr scott and mr bubba would place me on the table and oh bud broke off here’s a carnation or here’s a rose or here’s a daisy and just throw it at me and teach me my colors and teach me what the flowers are and it was just really fun going there and then i’d play hide and seek in the cooler with them and when they’d find me by a certain flower they would tell me what it was and everything about it oh wow so you you got that bug early yes i did and my grandma has had the biggest green thumb i mean her garden was always gorgeous she kept up with it and i always when we’d go see her i’d help her out yeah fantastic uh at the age of seven that just and you probably you knew all the blooms and buds and all these kind of things they were kind of teaching you mentally that and my grandma was teaching me that when she was uh in her garden fantastic now you continued your love for kind of all things flowers throughout high school and you eventually made it your way to baton rouge as we discussed earlier your husband blake from from that area and at some point you decided to go into the interior design field i went to lamar university right out of high school and started my degree for interior design i was a year and a half from graduating i had my internship lined up everything and then lamar decided to cut the degree because well beaumont area focus on engineering because of all the uh the plants out there 100 yeah a lot of industry out that way similar to baton rouge so they cut the funding for the family and consumer science department and sent it to engineering oh my god then i took a year off and well my funny thing is my best friend signed me up for a dating site oh that’s how i met blake so um sometimes they work yeah and then when i moved out here i couldn’t find a job for interior design because you either have to have a experience or b the degree yeah and it can’t be one or the other right so i went i fell back on my hobby and i applied for a job uh like five different floors yeah and peregrines was the one that hired me at first and i learned a lot from him and then floors yes and then after that i went to go work for the plantation florist yeah um out of port allen and we went to white magnolia we went to nottaway i mean mainly not away yeah beautiful before collie was uh over at her pla her warehouse that she was at she was stationed at that station but her shop was on notaway’s premise oh wow that’s nice and then she broke off and became the plantation floors because she used to be the nottaway plantation floors yeah and she broke off on her own and became the plantation florist very good and let me ask you this about about that experience in in that you work for two pretty well-known florists um how advantageous was it to work for them and kind of gain that early knowledge i mean you you knew some stuff yourself right i knew the basics on my own but working for peregrines i learned the daily stuff how to run a daily shop and do the daily deliveries and the different sizes of arrangements and what to charge for them yes but that was four and a half years ago so the prices from what i learned with peregrines is different from what i charge now because i mean i’ve got five years of experience and i’m licensed in the state of louisiana we have to be licensed to own a shop and louisiana is the only state that does that really that’s interesting if you want to own a shop you have to be licensed through the ag department and then you have to have like four different permits and everything like that gotcha so you can’t just go open up a floor no you’ve got to have to have all the credentials for it interesting and that can be a good thing i guess it keeps people that that maybe aren’t as educated i guess in in the in the floor world uh from just you know sometimes that can run down in the industry when you’re right when you water it down we have too many designers that think that they can just be their own and then that just makes us look bad when one person has a bad arrangement that just gives the whole floral industry a bad name yeah yeah they assume everybody’s like right sometimes so exactly right on that bj pawn and gunn and denham springs wants to buy your own wanted gold jewelry gold coins and gold bullion with 30 years of experience operating in the livingston parish area bj palm wants to be your source when selling your gold so stop by bj pawn today for a no obligation offer bj pawn a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast

now um you bring kind of an interesting talent in my opinion to the table as a floor is because of your interior design experience that you have in education behind you that’s a they kind of go hand in hand right they do because of all the techniques for design they apply to interior design as well as floral design a color concept color theory everything like that you have to have it all aesthetically pleasing yes whether it’s in the shape the design the container that it’s in the type of flowers that you use how big how small how wide or long it it all is about where you’re placing it that’s right so say it for interior design aspects you’re buying a new lamp you don’t want this big chunky lamp like that would be about as big as this table on a table this size right same goes for a flower arrangement you don’t want something long i mean if you do something long it’s got to be narrow yeah so maybe no more than six to seven inches wide going down the middle and technically i would use a garland for something like this yeah or you do a small arrangement and you don’t go over chin height so people can still see over the arrangement and see i love that because let me tell you why that education is so important in the things that she just mentioned and incidentally color theory you’re 100 right and me coming from a paint world and i was an outside sales rep for a paint company for many years and and i i was pretty much a master in color theory because it’s all i ever dealt with right in in the paint business but very important to know all the aspects of what you just mentioned because me as as just a guy that didn’t you know outside of holidays i don’t get flowers all the time so um i would not know what to pick out from one i know what’s pretty i can look at something and say wow that’s a beautiful arrangement of roses for example but i would be someone that would come in there and ask you questions and say okay here’s what i’m doing here’s what i’m thinking can you make anything those are actually the questions i ask yeah when somebody says they want a big arrangement i’m like okay what type of person is it going to what’s their personality because i want to incorporate if they’re a fun type of person i want fun flowers or if they’re a very elegant type of person you do lilies and roses and hydrangeas yeah but if they’re fun i would use snapdragons and irises and uh i would use some roses but also some bells of ireland because they just stick up and what i do with them is there’s a little trick bells love light yeah and if the lights right above them they’ll just stick straight up so what i do is i stick them under a table yeah and i may and they end up curling so they’ll curl around the table so they’ll have that nice unique wave and each one of them is different interesting so i don’t just put straight up bells in there right i make it to where they are curled yeah so you put a lot of thought into this obviously and then there’s bear grass lily grass and aspardistria leaves i love to fold them up and make them into little loops the saint patty’s day order was one that i used uh lily grass for and i made it look like it’s very thin but it’s a four leaf clover it’s beautiful and what i want you to do with that text that to me because i can make it pop up while we’re talking about this so everybody can send you samples of all the stuff i can do that’s unique like that i paint the hydrangeas so that way it looked like a little painted pot of gold love it love it and and folks we’re gonna pop some pictures up of all the stuff that well not all the stuff she does but a lot of the stuff she does good samples and that way yes yeah visuals and and uh that’s a great thing about a podcast is you can actually make that stuff pop up where people can see what we’re talking about but very good that you’re uh you know your education impresses me you obviously know your business um so important because most people and and i’m sure you get your ladies in there maybe even your men that that kind of know their flowers like the back of their head but i would probably say the at least 50 of the people you know they don’t know it’s valentine’s day i need a dozen roses kind of thing and most of my clientele they know what they want or they send me inspiration pictures of what they want oh that’s a good idea yeah and then there’s some that are i know my flowers but i trust you i want it just as gorgeous as usual is what yeah i get a lot i would totally that’s what they tell me i’d be like just make it pretty exactly yeah so i get it 100 now um let me you you kind of go off in the job market and you mentioned that you work for some well-known florist and obviously that what they taught you was valuable because they taught you kind of the business side of the flower business you know um there’s a lot of people that can be experts in whatever field they’re in but if they’ve never actually run a business that’s where the benefit of working for someone else joel he taught me the daily stuff and then working for collie i learned everything weddings yeah weddings and events i learned from kali okay go collie yeah way to go uh so in 2020 you made the move to watson louisiana and uh you have a pretty interesting story into what led you into opening tenor florals in watson so tell us what eventually led to you kind of taking that proverbial jump so we decided to move out to watson because of the school district so because live oak was rated pretty high we moved out to watson yeah but the only thing was was child care yeah having to pay somebody to go watch for camille my husband had just started a new job at state farm no sorry he wasn’t at state farm at that time he was uh in between jobs gotcha and then he went to all-star forward and now he’s with state farm yeah okay so i had a good bit of walk-in traffic and those ladies that walked in that december that i first opened they have been my number one two three and four customers oh wow they order very regularly and then they’ve been sending people my way as well well and that was gonna be one of my questions was do you have regulars you know customers that you see a lot or is it so which is a great thing because again us as i would imagine it’s most guys but us as guys we think you know holidays is we buy flowers right but there are regulars in the in the floor they are and then the third month open um yeah we were coming out of those regulations bit by bit for covid so uh i went and signed up for the hometown marketplace over at north park yeah and that’s where i met a good bit of people that are that are my regulars now yes um jordan courtney yeah and one of them he is he is one of my regulars come on peyton that’s peyton’s husband yes sir peyton teaching them well

peyton sends me people all the time um her arrangements go to her her shop a dell lane spawn boutique yes and i mean people go in there they get their facials they they’ll just get their boutique clothes they get anything just about exactly good conversation and peyton and all her girls over there and tell them oh it came from tender florals you have to go check them out they’ll say a few people or they’ll say i saw it at a del lane yes nine times out of ten it’s i saw it at adel lane yes and then there’s miss bridget rowe she sends everybody to me and um there’s a few others that do the same thing well and refer look referral business is about the best form of advertising you can get exactly uh when people vouch for you it kind of it speaks to who you are it speaks to your work all of those things so um huge compliment when anybody refers somebody for anything right but in your business uh there’s competition out there i mean i’m the fifth florist in denim yeah so yeah there’s a lot of competition especially in our little bitty town 100 sandra richard has been in the business of selling homes for over 20 years this award-winning realtor brings the perfect blend of professionalism integrity and client satisfaction to every buying and selling transaction a passion for both her clients and her community makes sandra the perfect choice when buying or selling your home so if you’re in need call the cajun lady sandra richard at 225-955-5484

or visit her on the web at sandrasellshouses.com

sandra richard a proud sponsor of local leaders podcast now one of the things i really liked when i read over your questionnaire is that you are a debt-free business right and while you list that as a difficult thing to maintain in my opinion being debt free is one of the best ways in which you can kind of get through the slower periods right but when it comes to bigger weddings and i have been booking a lot of bigger weddings it’s the growing pains from that yes because i build it up i start it starts at nothing for the month and then i build it up build it up pay for everything pay for my flower costs pay for all my utilities my rent everything and then i’m left with a little bit at the end then the next month i’m building it up even more again and there’s a little bit more at the end of each month but it’s those growing pains that’s right not having that loan to back me on everything it yeah it makes it hard it does it does but in the end i’ll say it’s it’s uh you know it’s it’s a great thing in the end for for any business because most of your businesses that you see that don’t succeed they things happen in life and they’re slow periods or you have a covet or something you know you pick a pick a tragedy a hurricane whatever and your business is shut down for three weeks and uh people that have loans they’re paying a bunch of debt during that time and have nothing coming in and speaking of hurricanes with hurricane ida hitting last year i had a wedding that still happened a week and a half later yeah and then i had another lady another bride she booked me nine days before her wedding because her floor is cancelled on her due to damage to their shop yeah i mean those things happen we had a nice storm here i was out of electricity for for a week and a half after ida i was out of electricity two weeks i can’t say i wasn’t without power yeah after ida shopping center with it being so close to dimco we had power oh very good so we spent most of our days at the shop yeah that’s where we had ac so we didn’t have to run the generator so hard no doubt we had two generators my dad gave us one to borrow and then we had his dads so one was running the uh ac unit for the one bedroom we had to keep cold and then the deep freeze very good now tell us about the you mentioned bridal brides and bridal shows and things like that um how beneficial are like markets and bridal shows to your business i know you mentioned one in particular yeah yes this last one i did at the bennett barn over in zachary i have never filled a bridal interest sheet where i have them fill out all their information i filled up 25 slots wow the most i’ve ever done is 15 and that’s even at the big bridal shows like at homer’s house i had 15 brides sign up and five booked yeah but this last one at the bennett barn i had 25 brides sign up and 12 have booked wow amazing so it’s a i mean numbers wise that doesn’t sound like a whole whole bunch but that’s almost 50 percent of the amount of brides that showed that they were interested booked with me very good yeah i still have some that i reached out right after the bridal show they haven’t they didn’t reach back out immediately but they are now right because it’s getting closer to their wedding day that’s right and they’re realizing that vendors are booking up really really fast i’ve had to turn down a few because i already booked a wedding for that day yeah yeah well and and uh you know with that comes peace of mind and when you get those bookings and and all of those sorts of things now uh another event you mentioned the bennett barn a big success for you it actually booked out the rest of your year right um doing that bridal show yeah yeah it did and then it also got me starting to be about 25 to 35 booked for next year wow very good because of that one bridal show fantastic so those shows make a difference well i’m sure you’re thinking in your mind man that was money well spent getting those definitely it was yeah so give us the 30-second kind of elevator pitch of all things tenor foils has to offer cause you’re much more than just a dozen roses right right so we do more than just your regular rose arrangement we do custom orders we do unique designs we do parties events baby showers that’s the new biggest thing you gotta have flowers for baby showers i just had three ladies book a book with me this morning and that’s why my phone just went off too i had another lady message me about booking for her baby shower yeah i did a wedding yet on saturday and the photographer she needs flowers for her baby shower this june so baby showers are a big thing for flowers i do weddings and weddings are i mean possibilities are endless on what i can do um i have basic packages where i do your personal flowers for 800-900 that’s covering your bridal bouquet uh bridesmaids bouquets boutonnieres corsages pedals down the aisle and possibly a ceremony centerpiece yeah very good um and those start at between eight to nine hundred dollars

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and then i have my other packages that start at 2500 so that covers your ceremony and your reception yeah from basically everything that i said about the personal package to table center pieces buffet centerpieces designs down the aisle everything excellent and i also have silk rentals so if you’re a bride on a budget i have those available too so we have the boho elegance package where we it’s blushes and mauve and palmetto leaves and pompous grass and that is the biggest thing yeah pompous grass i’m having pompous grass shipped in all the way from dallas from a wholesaler because i’m out of fresh pompous grass right right um and then i have the white floral elegance package and the blush package so those all start at 2500 yeah and that’s just for your basics no candles no other rentals that’s just the basics now when you want to add in all that other stuff and fresh greenery and garlands and mantelpieces that makes the price go up but it goes up probably to 3 500 and that’s with delivery setup and pickup excellent now what about funeral arrangements i do those as well um i typically like to do when i do a casket piece i make it more of a garden theme not your traditional rounded dome because i mean that’s what everybody else does i don’t do what everybody else does i like making it look like a garden so you’ll have some flowers tucked in farther than others you’ll have the filler flower look like it’s just growing out of everything and the greenery it has a nice little skirt of greenery like it’s sitting in a bed of grass there’s no greenery sticking out of it unless they specifically want it fantastic and uh you also offer like candles things like that i do i have a friend of mine that i went to school with inviter he makes candles it’s his company is called the saljon candle company okay and he makes really unique stuff um my biggest seller was the high tide candle it was had a little bit of a sweet smell but a very clean smell very good so like fresh laundry yeah but with the hint of sweetness to it yeah and i’m sold out of that but i still have the woodsy smell and then a cocoa butter cashmere one at the shop still very good and we haven’t talked about delivery but do you deliver i do and right now it’s just me so if i get an order it takes me about an hour to prep it load camille in the car because like i said earlier child care is expensive so camille is with me at the shop yes and i’m trying to work with her to yeah hey teaching her early exactly and then um getting her loaded and then we go on delivery very good very good now um when i announced that you were going to be on my show i had a couple of people uh text me questions or message me rather on facebook some questions that they were curious about and one of them wanted me to ask you what is your best advice for extending the life of roses so what you need to do to extend the life of rose is when you see that the water is getting kind of cloudy you need to pull it out and give it a fresh cut you’re talking snip the bottom of the rose snip the bottom but you don’t go flat you make it at like a 45 degree angle um and then put in some fresh water gotcha and that’ll extend the life and i know some of them have like food or something you can always find flower food or if somebody goes and buys you some grocery store stuff uh grocery store flowers there’s always that flower food packet and you don’t need to really put the whole packet in there yeah if somebody does that then you can just pour just a little bitty bit in the roses that you might they might have purchased from me or any other forest put a little bit of that flower food packet in it and that’ll extend the life there you go so i hope that answered that question and then also what is your most popular arrangement my customs your customs yes so most of them are named for the ones that sold the most yeah like for valentine’s day last year so my first valentine’s day open um no sorry let me correct that mother’s day [ __ ] mother’s day i got them mixed up because jordan’s first order was m was valentine’s day and then mother’s day happened yeah that’s yeah and he said i want to send peyton flowers anyway yeah so we i made them a basket arrangement it had these unique lilies in it that are called rose lilies they don’t have the little stamen in it that produces the pollen yeah so the people that are allergic to lilies but love lilies we can i can get that for them excellent um so we had that and so i called it the adele lane basket oh that’s fantastic a lot of my stuff she loves that that is very popular is named after something i did for peyton or named after adele lane so that one was very popular i ended up making six smaller versions of that because people saw it there and they said i want the same one that i did they had at adele lane yeah and i’m like okay great i can do that for you yes so it’s my custom orders um that are like that and i’ll be sending you some samples of them yeah especially that adele lane lilly yes yes we need a load of local leaders lily i like that we can do that so um continuing on your business you do a lot of interesting things that uh make you unique at tenor florals one of those is you do ladies night out classes tell us about that so we actually have one coming up on april 10th i’m going to be putting an ad out on my facebook page for that as well um where we are going to be designing a easter wreath or in some cases if people don’t want it to be just for easter it’ll be a spring wreath yes so we’ll be designing a spring wreath it’s a little 14-inch wreath and it’s gonna have all these pretty pastel colors so i do that all the time well i haven’t done it for a few months because weddings right i’ve had 15 weddings already yeah from january to now right wow yeah it’s been busy that’s a good thing so we do wreath classes and fresh floral classes and one thing i’m going to be bringing into this year is a silk class so a little table centerpiece silk class so we’ll be doing that as well i’m thinking possibly the summer time we’ll be doing that that one so it’ll have sunflowers and hydrangeas and bright colors in it very good very good so uh look out for that for those ladies night out classes and you also offer theme weeks uh tell us about this concept so the themed weeks aren’t like okay it’s going to be um based off of a movie or whatever it’s based off of what kind of flowers i decide on that monday because i’m normally closed on mondays so i can go to my wholesaler and figure out what i’m doing for the week yes so we have we can have a pink week which was last week and we had pink carnations pink roses and it’s not just one color of hot pink it’s a very light blush it’s a magenta it which magenta is kind of purple but when you get a magenta rose in it’s more hot hot hot hot pink right than magenta 100 and then there’s the hot pink then there’s a light pink i mean oh there’s a million paints i mean i can send you or show you a just pull up blush roses on your phone or or you can google it yeah and there’s going to be a wide variety of what color pink we’re doing yes very good and then i do painted hydrangeas yeah that’s my favorite to do yeah because i paint the hydrangeas to be not the colors you’re used to christmas time i paint them red yeah and we have a floral paint that doesn’t harm the flowers at all it kind of preserves them yeah so that and the painted hydrangea is 28.50 for a little hydrangea arrangement that’s painted i can either make it one color i can make it gold silver um multi colors could you do like if you wanted a rainbow i could make a rainbow uh lsu colors company colors yes things like that awesome oh i’m getting some ideas even in mine that’s very good stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-9284

sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word now let me ask you this obviously in the world right now there are supply chain issues everywhere right yes um i know in in the paint business you can’t even hardly get paint right now according to the people i talk to but also every industry is getting affected how about the flower industry for us it’s freight yeah that’s why our costs are having to go up because normally a rose doesn’t cost wholesale doesn’t cost a dollar ninety a stem it costs a little less sometimes so that’s why a few years ago rose arrangements were like 65 dollars now they are anywhere between 75 and 90. because of the cost 100 wedding i just did this past saturday wholesale rate that rose cost me two dollars and fifty cents a stem well and and here’s how i explain it to people when you’re relying on something to come to you be afraid for example uh when gas is four dollars a gallon versus two dollars a gallon they’re not going to eat that cost what they do is they charge a surcharge on their freight or they just jack their cost up well nobody can absorb that so right and nineteen all those costs yeah yeah and you know freight companies right now are almost double what they used to charge to freight things to you so um when your local whatever it is it has a price increase of some sort it’s not because they’re trying to make more money they’re probably making less money it’s us trying to cover the cost of getting everything in like my wholesaler is located located in port allen yeah so i drive to port island every monday morning to go get my flowers yeah yeah and i and i mean it costs you double you know what it did six months ago quite frankly yeah so i get it a hundred percent now um social media great thing uh i relied on rely on it in my business um how critical a role has social media played in your business it actually has been my greatest benefactor yeah because 90 of my orders are through social media yeah last night i got an order from a regular hey i know it’s short notice but can you bring me an arrangement today yeah like for today monday yeah and i’m like sure thing and i’m in the middle of watching uh raya in the last dragon with my two-year-old and i’m processing an order because it’s on social media yeah it’s through facebook yeah and i mean awesome i’ll sit there and watch a movie with camille on the weekend and there we go i’m processing two or three orders at one time yes and you know if if people if you’re not taking advantage of social media for your business you really need to it right it is uh it is one of the biggest tools now people look at facebook more than they do just about anything else anymore i know my the people reached um stats for that post that i did about the wedding yesterday afternoon it has reached almost 3 500 people yeah that’s amazing 18 hours of being posted and that for me i know for some people that oh that’s nothing wow that’s for me as a new business and honestly i don’t have a sign yet but i am working on getting a sign yeah for it to reach that many people is huge for me huge huge no doubt about it and uh speaking of people you list several people as having a positive influence on both you and your business now we mentioned earlier scott hasty which is is one that had a a big effect on you early early on uh but you also listed both trenesha jackson as well as a 20 20 22 local leader leading lady by the name of peyton courtney and now mother and now mother thank god yes uh just had a beautiful baby girl yes she is uh you list both of these as having large positive influences on you so just kind of take a minute and and tell us about that so scott hasting when i started off with my designs i’d send them to him in a picture and he goes honestly i can’t tell you a good critique without cnn person but he would still give me a critique on it and tell me i’m doing a good job and he likes my designs and now it’s more of he loves my designs that’s where i get my uniqueness from because if you look up scott hasty or j scott’s a florist yeah his designs are not your traditional designs right so i learned just by watching him growing up and just following his designs how to make mine more unique very good so he has always been a positive influence on that and i mean he’s nationally accredited he would travel up to vancouver all over the country and teach classes on floral design yeah yeah and i’m working on getting uh just like doctors and everybody else we have ac uh acronyms is that yeah we have acronyms that go behind our names yeah so my husband makes fun of this one mf

so i’m working on that one um then after that there is the international uh floral endowment yeah to be able to get be a part of that one then there’s the american floral institute of design so if to get all three of those that’s years of being in the industry and working your butt off to be recognized like that yes yes very good and so that’s my game plan is in five years i want to get that master florist acronym behind my name um i would love to get the american institute a floral design acronym behind my name that’s what a lot of people have they have m they have cf certified florist mf aifd and then if they’re really good they have the uh the ifv behind it well you you’re gonna have that in no time i hope so and uh as far as trenesha and peyton yeah trenesha she’s been through a lot yeah she lost her husband when their son was born i think it was a little bit after mason was born he was a police officer and so she’s been raised in mason on her own yeah and just as a mother just to see that that is an inspiration and she’s train she’s treating him training him and raising him to be the perfect little gentleman and he is i mean when they come into my shop mason says hi and then goes on back to the playroom to go see where cami is yes and then she also runs chateau lyle which is a venue off of greenville springs in baton rouge she runs a couple charities and she works a regular full-time job on top of that mover and a shaker yes so she’s an inspiration just to be the better businesswoman that i can be yes and the same thing goes to pa goes for peyton yeah i mean if i have something that comes up and i don’t know what to say or okay how would i do this i call peyton yes yes i’m like okay peyton what do i need to do how how would i need to handle this as a business owner and everything like that and she is great about giving that advice she really is she really is she’s special special individual good friend too yeah very good well shout out to both those awesome ladies and that gentleman uh for having a positive influence on your life in different ways

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225-205-3640

or visit itradexchange.biz

and i also uh wanted to mention some promotions some upcoming events you have very important we want to mention those uh you’ve got to paint a pot on april 9th from 9 to 11 at the shop which is 7755 magnolia beach road suite r so when you go into broadway play show yes when you go into the broadway play shopping center i’m the only one without a sign and look for the one without us exactly or look for the one with all the kids in front of it because i have 25 kids now signed up for it okay and there’s no limit on it i just need to know ahead of time hey i’m bringing this amount of kids and i’ll have the pots ready so they get to paint two pots um and while those pots are drying i’m going to have brownies and cookies and lemonade i mean kid really love it as long as i can keep my two-year-old from eating them and then after their paint is dry they’re going to scoop some dirt and then they’re going to plant their own little flower seeds and then be on their way fantastic and uh you’re on april 10th you have a ladies night of design yes so for those that don’t sign up um and they see that because i’m gonna advertise that at the painted pond for all those mamas that are coming with their kids yeah um if they want to come and do that i mean sign ups all the way up until paint a pot love it love it and then uh mother’s day on may 8th of course a huge holiday uh i would imagine that’s that’s uh busy for you it is and on top of that i’ve got a wedding the day before oh wow you like to stack it all up well it’s for one of my regulars so i couldn’t say no right right they’re a great family i just did take care of you right and i just did her other son’s wedding this past january this january and so now her youngest son is getting married mother’s day weekend yeah so i’ve got that and then mother’s day um the arrangements are all customs if you want a rose dozen okay i’ll do a rose doesn’t but i push those customs sure that’s one way of being different from valentine’s day yeah everybody associates valentine’s day with roses yeah it’s got to be a dozen rose arrangement and mother’s day is normally plants people give plants yeah and yeah i’ll have some plants there yeah but it’s going to be the custom orders very good very good and you will be open on uh that sunday yes i will 12 o’clock so be there be square as they say 12 until i am sold out until you’re sold out and then you also have a ladies night of design on may 22nd yes uh and tell us about that that is going to be a fresh flower arrangement so we’re going to have fresh sunflowers and yellow roses or i’m i’m kind of torn between yellow roses or they’re called shimmers yeah and they’re kind of orange pink and yellow all kind of just blended together i’ve seen those yeah i like that i like yellow it kind of looks coral but it has some pink to it and that yellowy orange center so i’m thinking that with sunflowers and some hydrangeas and then some little berries just sticking out do they have purple roses yes really yes i do yellow and purple roses the last wedding i did at the bennett barn in february was nothing but purple yeah i had purple roses i had lavender roses um so there’s some names for purple roses like ocean song it’s kind of like a purpley pink yeah but it goes really well when you have that deep purple and then the lavenders as well to go with it very good so uh look whatever you need they can even paint them if you want to no i don’t paint them

good thing i brought that up you cannot determine how soon that rose is going to open by the time you need to paint it oh that’s a good thing and i have tried painting them before and when you open them up when when you’re painting them they open up even more yeah and if somebody wants a really dark color like a dark blue i can’t put too much paint on it because otherwise it’ll just flatten the rose and damage the petals and make it just too heavy and smell like paint yeah because when i do paint the hydrangeas yeah it’s all about um the drying process right so i don’t put them in the cooler to be sold until two days after i’ve painted them gotcha that way we don’t have that paint smell gotcha awesome well don’t paint your roses in pink you heard it here first uh so and it has to be a floral paint it cannot be your regular paint right there you go yeah so don’t don’t put no you know regular paint on there yeah no krylon or rust-oleum

fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

very good advice and obviously you know you know so much about about your chosen profession and i think that’s awesome and that’s what throws people off because i’m 27 i’ll be 28 in october yeah nobody really thinks that i’m the owner when they walk in they think i’m just the one working the front right but no it’s me everything is me and some people haven’t taken me really serious because of my age so i let my work speak for it’s 100 and i mean you’ve been you’ve been kind of doing it since you were seven in one way or another so you have more experience than most 50 year olds to be honest i started putting bouquets together for homecoming with being from texas we do the big homecoming parades and the moms and everything so i did the mums and the bouquets for parades so that’s when i really got hooked on it was putting those bouquets together for homecoming awesome awesome well go seer um let me ask you this do you have a website uh you’re working on doing a website okay um facebook you have yes facebook and instagram okay so you can go you can even google tinder floors on the facebook exactly and when you pull up on my facebook page if you scroll through all my photos if it’s a regular arrangement it should have a name on it if it doesn’t i haven’t come up with the name for it yet there you go so very good well maybe maybe you can have a contest at some point and have somebody name it you know you never know that much yeah that’s a good idea yeah poll for names yeah i love it i participate right now i’ve got 648 followers yeah so for whoever gets me to 700 gets 15 off their next order oh there you go 15 off your next order number seven hundred so don’t like it it was the same for eight hundred nine hundred but if you get to a thousand you get a little gift bag too yeah very good fifteen percent off and a thou uh and a gift bag if you get me to a thousand awesome so go give her a like on facebook and uh and check out our work it’s really beautiful and uh and you won’t be disappointed now we do fun facts on this show and we’re gonna cover those real fast uh i asked you if you purchased the yacht what would you name it and i can’t even pronounce the first emma in mirrorless oh the amaryllis amaryllis i was close amaryllis wave yes i like that it’s fancy sounding it is but also the greek terminology for amaryllis means sparkling okay so when you think of water you think it sparkles in the sunlight and everything like that so very good i love it that’s a great one uh to be an interior designer is what you wanted to do when you were 12. yes yeah and and look you’re you’re pretty much that now you’re just in the full side of it my grandma handed me one year for before she passed when i was 13. um she handed me a oriental trading catalog yeah yeah i remember that and i saw this cool looking floor plan designer where you can design your own floor plan for a dollhouse yeah and then it came with the parts to create the dollhouse oh very good and i think it was on oriental trading she had a couple catalogs we were yeah christmas stuff through oh yeah and she bought that for me and i was hooked on it awesome and that’s when i decided okay i want to do this yes and then yeah well i’m not an interior designer you sort of are there i mean you are in that realm you’re you’re just on the floral side of design but you’re definitely in in design there’s no doubt about it uh so lastly we’ll just do one more on that if you could travel anywhere in the world you said holland yes that’s a pretty place i’ve never been there but i’ve seen i would like to travel google the holland tulip farms it looks like a rainbow come on yes i’m gonna google it and y’all google it too i mean it looks like a rainbow especially right now because it’s springtime very good that’s one reason why i want to go i want to go to those flower farms well i’m sure you’ll make it there and i’m going to google that actually i’m going to check that out i don’t like looking at other places in the world so thank you for coming on did you have fun oh i had so much fun i love doing this talking about my business and letting people know that i am here yes because i’m not local so i am somebody new to the area yeah i’ve learned the area because we’ve been i’ve been open for 18 months we’ve been here since august of 20. yeah but i still want my name to get out there and i want people to know i am here and i am different and i have unique designs and i can cater to almost everything you need yes so go see her and they’re definitely gonna know you’re here after this we’re gonna blast it everywhere so i hope so very good i do want to thank all the viewers and listeners of local leaders for your shares and likes of this podcast uh the sponsors of the show for your continued support i can’t do any of this without all of you and if you would like to sponsor or be featured on local leaders please reach out to me at jim at localleaderspodcast.com until next time i’m jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business just like tenor florals and keep leading thank you very much you

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