Tracy Girlinghouse: The Business of the Parish

Former Walker City Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem

Lifelong Walker, LA resident Tracy Girlinghouse has a passion for his hometown of Walker, LA, no doubt about it.

This former Walker City Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem who is the current Livingston Parish Councilman for District 7 sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast Host Jim Chapman to discuss many aspects of his life you may be unaware of. It is a unique glimpse into Tracy Girlinghouse the man and the councilman and you are not going to want to miss it!

Transcript (Beta)

hey y’all it’s woody overton host of real life real crime the podcast and you’re listening to local leaders the podcast

hey everyone it’s jim chapman with local leaders the podcast and today i am joined by tracy girlinghouse he is a councilman for district seven so welcome to local leaders of podcast thank you for having me jim so everybody kind of knows well i say everybody not everybody but a lot of people know the councilman in this area but they may not know a lot of history behind that councilman uh in their district so you are in district seven i guess the first question would be what is that cover district seven covers the entirety of the city of walker but it would be the the east side of jupiter road you know where uh the taco bell is yes all the way over on the other side of the interstate just uh i think it was b would be uh buddy ellis yeah and then kind of up buddy ellis on the right uh on the i guess the north side of buddy ellis all the way up to walker and then it kind of does this jaggedy line yeah you know on the other side of the interstate makes a dog leg left yeah it goes up and you know just past i’d say like um waste management and then it comes it goes well i’m going to give you the thing it kind of goes through the woods yeah goes out on courtney road and i have that up to like uh you know the arnold road on the on this on the walker side of arnold road gotcha so you know it’s they make these things just so they can make the populations even out yeah so yeah basically the walker area gotcha and it’s interesting i’ve i have people call me every now and then they’ll be like man i don’t know what district i’m in and uh and of course i tell them oh you can go look on the map they have one on the parish council website and and they’ll call me back and they’ll say i can’t tell which one you know i’m right on the edge there between this one and that one and i said well just call the parish well that’s what i was saying your address if you when in doubt just call the parish council’s office they’ll pick your address and they can tell you right then whose district you fall in absolutely so you grew up in walker yes my parents moved in walker in 1969 oh wow i built the house and i was born in 70. so i’ve never known anything else so for my time in the service yeah you know yeah i’ve been i’ve been a walker person all my life all your life and you went to high school i would imagine at walker high yeah so wildcats wow yes indeed to the core you know yeah kindergarten i think it was one of the first kindergarten classes they actually taught yeah it was right there across from the old the old old high school you know which is now i think it was a freshman high last year now it’s i think it’s a junior high again gotcha uh you know the everybody knows if you live there the old building yes uh yeah and junior high was the kindergartens cross the street i think where they teach uh the ged classes or did at one time you know like right there right across the street there awesome beside the old where the old cox’s market was yeah so we had had kindergarten then it was a half a day thing and then i just went straight through k to 12 to walker fantastic and at some point you landed in the military as you just mentioned what what branch i was in the army i was army national guard awesome uh eight years uh you do a six and two yeah uh six years active two years inactive uh and so i decided to stay in do my inactive years on active so active guard if you will yeah but i did do almost two years uh on the training status straight check training status uh with the guards so i wasn’t actually in the in the actual army for two years learning trades and sure stuff like that so it was good yeah it’s good stuff good experience absolutely you know it was a my mom liked to have a heart attack when i joined you know yeah but uh i’ve you know i loved it yeah of course you all it’s like anything else you only when you look back you only remember the good stuff yeah and the bad stuff your brain protects you from right because there’s a little bit of that in the military there’s quite a bit but look i would do it again uh it was definitely a learning experience and and it’s something you carry with the rest of your life you know you’re absolutely you’re you’re uh just the way you’re goal yeah the downside is you in the military there’s a lot of you live in that that black and white world where it’s either yes or no or right or wrong and you know we understand the real world kind of lives more in the gray area right so you know but you know that mentality works well in business it works well in your thought process when you’re you know even government doesn’t work so well at the house no no there is no gray area no

yeah i know this is a bad idea but i’ll go ahead and do it that’s exactly right and but one thing it gave you i would also imagine is some leadership skills for what you would eventually do which is be a community leader right i mean absolutely you know the the it’s so strange whenever i was in the service i could stand in front of uh you know 200 soldiers if you will and just you know and bark out the days stuff we’re doing today we’re doing this we’re doing this and doing this and it never really never occurred to me to be nervous or uh just the crowd thing didn’t bother me right when you start doing this like i was terrified yeah i was absolutely terrified to do public speaking yeah because when you talk to people you know not to say soldiers aren’t people but everybody knows look you do this this is what i’m doing and you know you tell somebody what they’re going to do and then that’s it yeah that’s right there’s no questions there’s no like hey no no you know drive on yes yeah yeah so yeah so whenever i started doing uh public speaking i was mortified but i also knew that you know things that bother me things that scare me things i think so i have to tackle those things yeah you know and so i know i look at some of my podcasts i look at some of my interviews when i first started and i’m like god it was horrible well you’re always going to be your own worst critic well absolutely you know and i’m just like i need to improve that i need to improvise and look yeah i’ve come to realization that you know you’ll be improving and working on it until you take your last breath that’s exactly right yeah and challenging yourself no matter what it is is an important concept um you’re talking about public speaking i’ll tell a quick story about my wife she was like you hated to get up in front of people and do any talking she she doesn’t want to be the center of attention any of that and um i was really impressed that the way she beat that was she said i’m gonna be i’m gonna do the reading at church and if i go up there in front of you know a thousand person congregation and read the word um i will tackle that fear and she did it and she did it for a long time and every time she did it she got a little less and a little less nervous that’s right and that’s pretty much how i did it yeah you know and i’ve told this story before when i was the mayor pro tem at walker i didn’t have to do a lot of you know stand up and speaking when i was running yeah it was more like hey you remember me yeah for me and but they had a civil war i’m sorry a world war ii like reenactment at sydney hutchinson park and walmart and the mayor at the time mayor ramsey said look you want to say you want to speak and i was like no yeah and it really wasn’t that big of a crowd i was like now you got it i’m good yeah and he says okay okay and so he gets up and speaks and then the at the very end he goes oh and uh the mayor pro tem wants to say a word too and i was like are you kidding me he just threw it on me so i got up there and i bumbled and i’m just glad there’s not a recording of that because it would be

it was horrible i’m going to look for that it was so bad and look it wasn’t even that even just me like it was windy and the flag flew over and yeah it almost hit me in the head and uh it was like it was almost like the worst case scenario so i just come down off the po i come down after arms finish and i was just like oh and he just looked at me straight face he says well there you go i was like well what do you mean there he goes he goes next time you do it will be better because i mean it he goes well it has to be yeah but you know uh i thank him for that you know because i needed that i needed that first time you just the first time it’s better and then you get better and you get better and you get better and you know but still sometimes it still creeps up on you you know sure i could i could do this ten times yeah just sit and talk to you or talk to a group of people and one of those times i’m gonna get up and i’m gonna be like i can feel this like oh what are you gonna do and i’m just like you know squash that yes yeah you need to squash that you’re fine yeah so the best thing is to just be yourself that’s right that’s right and and uh that is really the best medicine for that and repetition on things anything makes you uncomfortable in life out lesseners out there the more you do it the more comfortable you get and there’s never going to be a situation you know i speak all the time all the time and uh talk to everybody all kinds of different people in the community and i still get nervous uh you know from time to time i feel that voice quiver and i can’t control it and i’m like oh my gosh then you really have a panic at that oh yeah you can’t let it compound yeah if you start thinking about it it’ll compound it’ll compound and then the next thing you know you can’t even remember what you were going to say and you just kind of have to just admit it yeah it’s like it gets even worse and on the chess board you just go that’s right that’s right good advice good advice now uh somewhere along the point so you you mentioned you were a mayor pro temp and then eventually you decided you were gonna run for her uh was it city council and then parish county no i was uh well you were the city councilman then and then the pro tem and then they then um at the time the the parish council was i felt like was in a just disarray you know yeah they were making news but it wasn’t actually good news you know that’s for the reporters and the newspaper they always go where there’s contention sure and there was a lot there and um i was considering it and then you know someone asked me if i would do it and i and i went back and forth on that in my brain i was like you know i kind of like it where i’m at but i also knew going over there would be a challenge you know um and and so that’s when i decided well you know i have to accept this challenge i have to go do it because you know i felt like that uh i didn’t feel like my predecessor was doing uh he wasn’t doing a bad job you know and he just i knew that him and the parish president they couldn’t even stay in the same room together and if you can’t have a dialogue then you can’t get anything done i felt like there was no dialogue there and um so i had known the parish president for he was an x-ray tech by trade and so i had met him probably 94 95 around that time frame and had worked with him worked for him for his employer and uh and i had a good rapport with him so i just said well you know at least i can i can go talk to him we might not we might not agree you know this job is a learning process absolutely you you you really do learn on the job right i mean unl you know not many people get into let’s say parish politics and they already know everything there is to know about drainage right well and and sometimes that’s the assumption yeah and also the assumption is a lot that goes on at the parish at the administrative level that we don’t know and they’re not they’re not they don’t come out and just share everything with us right you know and a lot of people think that you know they think well you know y’all this happened why didn’t you send me i didn’t know that happened yeah and and a lot of people are afraid to say that i’m not yeah i just said look i didn’t they didn’t share that with me yeah i found out you don’t know what you don’t know and so we can we can address it after the fact or we can address it whenever i find out we can adjust we can see what we can do to change it you know but uh we don’t we don’t know everything that’s going on because and look it’s it stands to reason to some degree that should be that way they the parish president’s job the ministry that’s a full-time job i mean that’s what they do yes uh they get up in the morning they go do that you know yeah we’re just we’re part-time employees yeah you know now that kind of gives this false narrative that we’re only doing this job with you know 10-15 hours a week yeah that is false right it’s constant i mean you saw friggin come on i’m on the phone talking you know it’s it’s phone calls and networking and talking to people trying to get ahead of thing and research yeah and you know we have we have the staff at the uh who are full-time employees you know the the secretaries and the the the women in our office and if we say i need research on this they’ll go do it for us sure you know but sometimes you just got it’s it’s about calling someone in the parish and finding out exactly what the story is yeah to try to get ahead of it because there’s always a story there’s always another there’s always two sides or three sides or you have four sides and so you have to get the whole picture before you can go out there and you know uh make a judgment on if if you have the authority to do so yeah uh and try to you know right the ship right so you you made that jump and you decided i’m gonna i’m gonna go for a parish council and you win yeah right out the gate first time and and uh how long have you been a parish councilman um let’s see i’m in my fourth fifth sixth i’m in my sixth year right now so okay this this coming january yeah will be the beginning of my seventh year awesome what was it like to win that you know was it something where when you kind of entered the race you were like you know i may win this but no you know i always run to to win but yeah obviously but i’ll do i’ll lay everything out there you know uh yeah um i i really treat it like uh anybody who’s running a race you know at any point whether you’re the incumbent you need to run like you’re two votes down yeah all the time and you need to work and work and work and then you need to to me i go you know you the closer you get to the election day the more hours you need to work you know you need to go hit people you need to go hit on knock on doors and there’s no there’s no other better way to win then you’ve got to get in front of people and try to explain your vision yeah um but you know unfortunately you need the signs and you do need you know the immediate media attention and you know you have to go and basically sell yourself hi everyone this is representative buddy mincer jr i represent the dental springs in the walker area and i’m here today to talk to you about a very important topic according to 2020 census louisiana is the third hungriest state in the nation this means one in four children are living in a food and secure home food insecurity is simply put a lack of access to affordable and nutritious food livingston parish public schools have over 26 000 students and approximately 7 825 of those students fall under the definition of food insecure this is why mighty mom started the full tummy project in 2010. for more information on mighty moms and the full tummy project visit and find out how you can sponsor a child for a 2021 school year and help us in childhood hunger in our community yeah and you know it was it was interesting uh the when i ran for the when i won the parish council race um i we had like you know everybody typically has like a a party yeah you know and there was there was three or four of us there at the uh the head that we’re running and uh i’d already i’ve already done it once you know the city was much smaller but it was still and that i felt like that was my uh the one where i felt excited and you know really yeah uh you know like i can’t believe i just won you know yeah i think yeah um but on that one i was just so tired yeah you know i mean it’s a lot of work that day i worked until i plan on working up until like you know five o’clock the election day um and then going home taking a shower getting dressed and going up to uh where we were having the you know the event where we watched the results and stuff like that it started raining like really hard like around three so i just told everybody look pick it up let’s go yeah i’m not going to stand out here in the rain i’m not going to you know ask anybody else to do that new volunteers you know yes yeah you want to do that so i just picked it up and more importantly no one else was doing it yeah you know if if my uh opponent was doing it yeah i told everybody to go home and i just stood out there right you know uh that’s just because you know there’d be nothing worse than to lose by a few votes but i would be okay with that too if i did everything and look i’m gonna do everything you know yeah you leave everything on the table and you’re proud of your effort at the same time that is what it is uh i was just really tired and uh saw one i was like huh but look i was so i was so wound up in it you know uh i say kind of tell this as a joke you know i would wake up in the middle of the night like a full two weeks after the election and go did i call this person you know yeah and i’m like wait the election’s over you already you know you won yeah go back to sleep yeah you have programmed yourself to that you know i it took me a while to to un wind from that from that moment wow i mean interesting yeah it it uh just because i’m you get you have to be invested you have to you know you have to work but then you have to do at the same time i was still doing my work at the city yeah so i mean and my regular job yes so you know you got a job right in between all this yeah i was you know it was a lot it was a lot it’s a lot to uh to do that you it takes a lot out of you to do something like that if you’re going to do it right you’re you’re exactly right it is it is really the election process is probably more difficult than once you get into office you know as far as the exhaustion it absolutely is if if it isn’t no it is it is because you know you’ve got a certain amount of time to get everything done and it comes down to you know sometimes it comes down to a few votes yeah and you know you you have to go out and you know try to reach people yes and and try to sell them on your vision of how you want things to move forward you know and then you get into office and you realize that it’s not what you thought yeah you know the process is different you have to you have to kind of buy into the system to some degree but be be committed to changing it you know sure everybody everybody runs on change because if change wasn’t um if people didn’t want change then nobody ever they would always elect the same people over and over again um so you you you have to you run on change and then you come in and then you have to realize you have to be committing to changing it and a lot of the same people who said well i don’t want to change things they don’t really want to they don’t but i don’t want to do anything different yeah you know when we have to do something different the definition of insane yeah it is and you have to do something different because we can’t stay on the path that we’re on yes you know yes and life changes i mean things change you know and and uh you have to be able to kind of roll with that process and and uh i tell people all the time some people think it’s a bad idea or it’s it’s not good if you know a politician says something that he can’t come back and change that mind his mindset on something and i’ve always been a big believer and one thing i respected with our former president was the fact that he wasn’t he wasn’t uh afraid to admit hey i changed my mind on this yeah and that’s and i’ve done that you know it’s it’s it just it’s human you know i’ve i have made decisions that i wish i would have done the opposite on um i always i always felt like i’ve made decisions that i wish i wouldn’t have made but i’ve never made a decision i was ashamed of there you go and you know and because if you make a decision you’re that you’re ashamed of at some point in there you knew you were making the wrong decision and the which means why yes why would you make the wrong decision knowingly you know and i i haven’t i haven’t done that now i have made decisions like i’ve looked back and you know with 2020 hindsight and went yeah you know well you have more information now than you had then yeah and and sometimes it’s more it’s less it’s more than that it’s just that things didn’t happen the way you thought they would mm-hmm uh yeah and that’s okay lo you know to error is human sure uh and that you you learn from that you know uh someone once told me they said uh an intelligent man learns from his mistakes a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes absolutely 100 you can be intelligent but you need to be wise yes you know that the wisdom of watching someone else do something and go um yeah that’s not good let’s let’s not do that yes but look uh anybody anywhere anything from school to you know playing sports if making a making a bad decision is always the best learning mechanism yes you know because you’re going to make them then you say well well if i do this and this this is gonna happen yeah so i need to learn how to not do that and you know what i need to do to get to improve myself in that way and you know politics and public work um public work is is no different in that regard right you make your mistakes you learn from them and you move on yeah exactly um now for those of those listeners out there that may not realize exactly what a councilman does you know there’s some people out there i’m fond of saying

politicians would be amazed at the amount of people that um either a they could really care less about politics or b they just don’t have time to worry about politics they go home they’re raising kids they’re bringing people to ballparks they’re working at the plant they’re coming home they’re sleeping they’re getting up they’re going to the plant and that’s their life so they they don’t realize maybe that there’s an administrative side of the council and there’s another side of the council which is your side so kind of tell tell us the difference between those two well i think it’s important for to say right off the bat that you know the um the way the parish has was ran up prior to 96 when we took the you know the homeless charter version of government we adopted that uh it was ran by police jurors a lot of people and it’s less now because people are actually more politically savvy than they were 10 years ago yes absolutely

because they’re they’re seeing we need we need to make changes in this parish you know on a lot on a big scale uh but your police the police juror system so it was like an untold amount of time up until 96 where there was no parish president you had police jurors for each error and era area and they kind of controlled the money yeah they controlled where the ditches were dug and what was clean and you know how which roads were uh overlaid if you will are taken care of and they control the money um but when we took the uh the homeless charter former government it basically split it up kind of like like the federal level or the event at the state level you have a legislative branch which is if you will it’s your it’s your congress so you speak and they make laws and that’s us we make laws we look at the budget we ratify the budget presented to us from the executive branch administration which is the parish president yes so you know we can make ordinances slash laws we can adjust them we can get rid of them that’s our job you know and we look at the budget that’s presented to us from from the from the parish president from the executive branch yes and we either say okay this is this is fine we need to change this we need to adjust you know we can do we can do this now that’s what we do yeah that’s it essentially yeah you know and sometimes i carry around the homer’s charter because it’s like you know you need to you know i asked have this ditch cleaned or this road and i’m like you know that’s not in our purview right and and it all and it there’s hardly any way to present that without it making it sounding like we’re passing the buck yeah but i voted for you yeah well you know you know we don’t have that authority right uh and it’s frustrating because you know um to some degree you know if if i’m gonna get blamed for something you know i would then give me the authority yeah you know uh but yeah but you know then then then if i do something wrong in that regard and you can hold me accountable for that because know we’re held accountable by the voters it’s frustrating to be held accountable for something that you have no control over no no and that’s no that’s kind of the issue there so you know the parish president they do the day-to-day stuff you know they they say this we’re going to go we’re going to go and clean these ditches we’re going to you know we’re going to this is the road we’re going to go fix today we’re going to you know uh clean up this area they make basically all the decisions the day-to-day decisions and you know we we make the ordinance if there’s an ordinance that needs to be adjusted to cover something else or you know we need to make we need to make an ordinance that covers you know something that hadn’t thought of there the world changes yes you know yes yes something like that then that’s we do we know we’ll make those sometimes the sheriff’s department will have something that they can enforce like uh people parking on the roads in these neighborhoods you know they’re blocking fire hydrants and they’re making it hard for people to see and so uh there wasn’t a specific law that says you couldn’t do that so you know we had to make one it’s really a safety measure too you know you get these neighborhoods where the houses are you know you know that are kind of close together someone’s parked on the road i mean if if they’re parked in the road you can’t see a you know a child run out you know they’re on the other side of that car and they just bolt out in front of you it’s you know it’s a it’s a it’s a health issue i mean it’s and it happens and it does happen so you know if the fire truck needs to get in there they can’t get in there because they can’t get to the fire truck you can’t get a fire truck if you got people double parked on the road you know so yeah that’s just an example that’s a that’s a good example and and uh you know the the reason i bring that up is i think sometimes there is a misconception over who controls what or whose controls a bad word but whose responsibility it is uh relative to certain things that take place in the parish council and yeah and you know there are some things that fall directly under the purview of the parish president and that administrative side and then there are some things that you you guys get together and you’re looking at plots right you’re looking at all these things if you’ve ever been to a council meeting it’s a it’s a ball of fun because uh you know 90 of the time it’s it’s looking at plots and and basically determining if if uh someone is is following procedure with that neighborhood or whatever it is they’re doing um and in you know what you see in the news a lot of times or on social media is the uh when you have controversial things that come up but that’s that’s not every every single time there’s a meeting this it just seems like that because those are the ones everybody talks about and that’s the ones that get the most attention yes so it yeah it seems that way but yeah

let’s talk about uh drainage a little bit this is a subject and and after this folks we’re going to talk a little bit about zoning but drainage is something that it seems like you know it’s an ongoing uh discussion and like not only in the council but people of the parish you know in general all the citizens here are concerned 2016 didn’t help i mean that you know when 2016 occurred it really shined a light on drainage and it made things a lot less uh or a lot more problematic with drainage so uh i guess the first thing i want to talk about is explain to people you know you have gravity drainage district 1 district 2 all these gravity drainage districts that’s who i would assume controlled a lot of the process of cleaning out ditches and stuff like that so it’s not the it’s not parish council employees per se going out there and claiming all this right no the the drainage districts typically are there to clean i guess the what they call the laterals

the the ditches that run that drain like the main tributaries that drain through your like your roadside ditch yes uh

there are one two three well now there’s four drainage districts for the paris there were five um but one drainage district one drainage district two and drainage district five are all funded yes uh which means that the people in those areas which uh for lack of battery inputting it would be you know general springs walker watson yeah the highly popular populated areas yes they went the the i guess the council member would have been at that time maybe the police jurors in that area said look um we we want to ask for a separate millage or errands and i think there’s in the case of dylan springs they have one they have like an impartial millage and a sales tax to address drainage just in our area um and so they brought to the polls and it passed in those three districts so they have a little they have extra money those districts are funded very well funded yeah sometimes one is yeah they’re and well and it’s picked up for them too because of the you know the the sales you know they’ve they have uh they have uh you know the car dealerships come in yeah and the and the the walmarts and the in the you know the bass pros so you know they’re getting that half cent you know right there and plus a little little millage so you know theirs are growing and walkers and watsons both they’ve kind of increased over the time because you know uh people move in the and gravity five works strictly on a millage so you know they get they get the millage but it only for the people in those districts yes so uh but so yeah i mean they get a nice little chunk of money and and they do well they they spread that out pretty pretty well yeah it’s it’s managed well it’s a good job yeah they do an excellent job that they operate out kind of outside of uh the parish council parish council has uh it’s their job to appoint the board members and then it kind of ceases at that yeah they’re trusting those guys and you know they need a governmental entity to put board members you know so those board members can run their districts sure you know that’s why it’s imperative to put someone who lives in that district on that board you know yeah and uh and and you have to yeah that’s that’s part of it so yeah but you know these these are these are just ordinary everyday citizens that go out there and then they get on that board they get on the board and they they make sure that the right decisions are made i know and like i’m very i’m very uh familiar with district five because that’s the one it encompasses all of walker yeah and some of the in a lot of the surrounding areas of walker um and i know they they do well they do they don’t they’re not they don’t you know they’re they don’t spend money you know willy-nilly yeah they go out and do the right thing so sure the uh the the issue though is that the the uh it would be the unfunded district or the unfunded district now um that’s they don’t have a separate millage or or sales tax or anything to fund them so they basically have zero money zero dollars and zero support zero with regard to drainage yeah now they voted they’ve tried to get it done and it’s been it was been close you know um you know i say close you know probably 45 55 yeah you know uh it’s failed around that um but you know without that support there then they get nothing done in the in the bigger issue that’s a problem for them it’s a problem for us because they are downstream um so yes

you know it’s all coming yeah it won’t it and it can and it comes down you know i always i tell people look you know we could have 10 times the money that my my training district has and you could go out there make beautiful you know ditches but you know but as soon as it hits the unfunded district it’s going to back up right you know so we have to figure out a mechanism to get that to get that district funded agreed 100 and and here’s the thing it’s like 70 75 of the parish is in an unfunded district yep i mean let that sink in yeah and it’s not i didn’t even realize it was that high it it it’s not at the top of the parish it’s at the bottom now and and let me say this tracy you know the some some folks would say well it’s 75 percent of the parish but what’s the population in that part of the parish well over half there you go because districts are are the council districts which they’re different from the the drainage districts but the council districts i know like you know mr max district entirely unfunded yeah mr de las district entirely unfunded investors

mr arg’s district i would say 90 maybe a little more unfunded yeah uh mr um mcmorris probably geographically yeah

75 percent 80 unfunded yes and i just rattled off four people yes off top yeah that’s you know that’s almost half the council so yeah i mean and that’s a problem and if you take into account this is why 75 around that number of the parish geographically is unfunded because you when you divide your council districts up by population so you know like mr ard’s district yeah he’s he’s twice as big or three times a better somewhere around that than my district geographically because i have more people it kind of like dennis springs yes uh but he has to get a whole bunch more land area to get the to get the numbers right to match me yes that’s why his district is so much bigger but that also takes in the parish and we’re not talking about when you’re talking about drainage it’s the population of people in that district is less important than if you got a district that’s let’s say if it’s an area you got to go across it’s five miles and there’s a canal that runs through that five miles it doesn’t matter if there’s five people living on that or 500 people living on that that ditch has to be cleaned 100 because it’s coming down you’re not just protecting the people that live around that five little mile area you’re protecting the people that the water upstream or the populations are or the ones downstream of the populations are so you’ve got to get that ditch clean and you know you’re relying strictly on um parish the the the parish government funds which isn’t that much money right you know i always if people a lot of people say you know i pay a lot in taxes and you know and and you might but or you might not if you you compare it to the rest of the country it’s debatable but we’ll go on assumption that you do so what are you paying to you’re paying to the school board the school board comes and says hey look we want to put a millage in because we want to build a new school we want to update our school we want to do and they go to the people of that area and you know that has a selling price it it hasn’t yeah it’s going to turn down oh you’re going to get it i want the kids to have it of course i want our schools to be good you know you you can school good people yeah and so people vote for that sure you know the sheriff’s department comes in and says look you know they asked for some money typically and we need more deputies we need more cars we need to so people say well like i like to feel safe you know our numbers our crime rate is relatively low on the low side you know if not low really low compared national average yeah that’s a selling point fair to battle yeah exactly so you can sell that you know people will go and vote for that because it’s you know there’s there’s something you can look at if i do this then this will happen and i like the end result so you know those pass parish government comes to you and says hey we need more money to just operate and do stuff you know it’s not a good sale it’s not an easy sell yeah because you’re like for what i already paid this much yeah but we can’t touch their money you gave them money you didn’t give them to the parish government yeah you know uh it’s not like well you can take some of their taxes and help do this no yeah go try to do that yeah yeah i mean you know nobody likes that sheriff’s department and school board will come after you hard you know and so it’s not an easy sell right and and uh i fear it never will be and i would be for um if we did a parish wide drainage district we’re just we’re going to talk perfect world here i guess yeah you i was going to ask you why that doesn’t exist well it doesn’t exist because i feel like years ago they tried to do that and it was voted down and they looked at the the poll numbers and where the yeses and no’s came from and most of the no’s came from the eastern side of the parish so basically the the heavy populated parts you know one of the things that i’ve heard in the past uh just talking to people is that one of the issues is the heavier part populated parts of the parish those districts well you know we’re getting most of the taxes we’re getting most of the money so we don’t think it’s fair to spread that out to these leslie less populated areas now i totally disagree with that because i understand how water flows right sure a dam is a dam it doesn’t matter if it occurs 10 miles downstream or upstream or not well still blocking it blocks everybody you know it blocks everybody well you know it’s like the road overlay program the you know which passed last year the renewal yes um that you know that the majority of that money is collected in walker denim and watson just it’s just the the things that collect the money or walmart’s home depots uh bass pros that’s for the you know that’s where the chunk of that money is collected and all of those are in the western part of the parish yes and now i know you know we we have some smaller grocery store chains like the carters yeah they have a couple of quarters yeah me too um but you know i know that more than one-ninth of that money if you take all that money at the end of the day and it’s sitting in a bank account yeah i know that one more than one-ninth because the nine districts of that money was collected in my district yes so but we can’t be greedy like that and we’re not i my district you know never gets what it puts in right because you have to give some you have to give some money or let some money go over there now it’s once again out of my control but i mean i understand the logic behind that some work has to get done over there and you know so it’s a one of those situations where you have to do what’s better for the parish yes and you know that’s a great point i won’t let my district suffer at that for that but sometimes you have to go look we have to do stuff over there um and so that’s my argument to people say well you know they clean the roads are better over in denim and walker and watson well i mean they probably are you know um but you also have to make those roads passable and good that gets you to the places where the money is spent they’re collecting highly traveled roads and you have to you know you have to keep the roads good in the areas where the money is collected yeah the walmarts the homes yeah yeah they’re not one potholes yeah so you you to keep the money coming in you have to keep those areas good and you look the the road overlay program in the next 10 years you’re going to see twice as much work being done than was done before because you know they took out a huge bond whenever they first enacted it years ago yeah and we spent until like i think february of this year paying that bond off yeah um i’m i’m not of i would i don’t know if i would have done that because you know you can get a bunch of work done if you have you know before then the roads in the whole parish everywhere were atrocious and we’re going way back you know 15 16 years or atrocious so they pass it they pass this uh the you know the the money the the tax and then they go out and take a huge bond out and they do a whole bunch of work at one time yeah and then so everybody’s like oh this is great we don’t realize we just borrowed a whole bunch of money that’s going to take that entire 15 years to pay off yes and by the time it’s paid off a lot of those roads need fixing again yeah so i’m absol there’s no way i would do a bond again yeah it’s kind of like getting a car note and by the time you pay it off you gotta get a new car right so you’re in a car no uh hole and i wouldn’t entirely i would not do a bond again uh the only way i would do i would do a bond it had to be a partial one and it had to be for a new road i’m talking a brand spanking road cutting through the woods somewhere yeah that would alleviate a lot of traffic off of the roads we currently have and even then i would be very leery about how much is this new road gonna help yeah then i might would do the bond for that you know but it wouldn’t be to the size or the scale of the bond that they took out last time because literally i mean over half that money was going to pay off that bond every month yeah and you know that’s roads you could be doing as you go and you you we’re gonna we’re gonna get a lot more done because i think that’s the that’s the mentality i wouldn’t vote for a bond to go do a bunch of roads right now so to wrap kind of that discussion up um one thing you know if i’m if i can say it sounds like you you are someone that would be for kind of consolidating into one just big gravity drainage

um i would do this but i would be for it but on only under one stipulation or i guess it would have to be a flat fee yeah i wouldn’t do it all the time as a tax right um because i believe that everyone should pay the same now if you if you wanted to take what the funded districts made collectively and average that and said look okay and that breaks down to this much a year yeah this is how much we’re going to charge and everybody pays that if you have an address you pay it yeah then you have people who if you have a a hundred thousand dollar house or you have a five hundred thousand dollar house you’re paying the same um then i’m okay with it i would be okay with that type of funding mechanism because everybody’s gonna pay the same yeah you know if a lot of houses will get exempted from taxes if you had homestead exemption well i mean you 75 000 well so you know this person pays less look everybody’s flood you know if you if your house floods if your house is a 75 000 house or or a 275 thousand dollar house or 300 i mean you know your house still flooded right and we’re and everybody needs to pay the same because we’re all in this together and and we have to look at it that way we have to be mindful of our neighbors and you know and understand there’s only one way out of this and it’s not an easy road some things you you just have to pay for yeah and and uh there’s just no i mean nobody’s gonna do all the things that maybe need to be done with drainage for free it’s got to come from something and you have you know the people support people would have to be able to let go of well i don’t want money moving out of my district well and if you only have one district and everybody’s paying the same your district will be better served that way because now we can go and clean out those areas that haven’t been touched much for you know you realize they are 75 percent or i’m throwing that number out there but it’s close that it might be a little more might be a little less of the parish that really hasn’t been touched so we need to get that we need to get those canals clean it’ll you know the best way i can help my district right now is to go clean downstream right but right you know and i i want to ignore my district by any my dream my drainage district but you know at some point you’re like okay we’re pretty good let’s go tackle that and you know you could move equipment around and you would you could move equipment between places where it’s needed if i have a backhoe over here and i’m not doing backhoe work today then by all means take it over there yeah and you know work on so-and-so canal yeah and we have to get this water from here to there that’s the overall mission is to get it into lake marpaul yes and we get it there we’re good so yeah you know and that’s kind of the mindset that we all have to be in because we can’t just take care of ourself our own anymore because you know you take care of what yourself if uh if no if no one else is willing to take care of themselves but we’re we get to a point where we have to look at that we have to figure out a way to address that yeah um if someone came up with that pro you know with that uh that uh way of doing it as a funding mechanism or just hey how we can break this down we do we do a a flat fee i don’t think this is going to occur it would be difficult because you would have to get the funded districts to not fight you on it and it’s not it’s not without support yeah if you think do you get 40 42 of the population in you know in the unfunded districts right now that are were willing to pay mm-hmm they just want the majority right you’d have to get but you’d have to sell i mean it’s just logic here you’d have to sell at least 60 percent 65 of the people in the funded districts and you would probably get the 40 over there still and then you’d be you would have enough to make it happen yes um but you would you would have to sell this on a scale where we can’t look at ourselves as as being these little districts anymore we are this is a parish wide problem you know we are a coastal parish yes and we’re growing yes and we have to address this you know in in in the mindset of as a parish because we’re addressing it now in walker and watson and denim and you see what happens these things are out of our control yeah i can make my ditches as clean as i need to be but if it’s coming back up and it doesn’t even have to be you can rain a wind will push that water back up just that’s right it’s wind yeah you know uh so you have to and there and it has to be a multiple there’s so many other things you know that not just cleaning those ditches yeah we have to you know blowing out gutters and you have to get these things and it has to be on you have to be on top of it and you know in 2016 i mean that whatever they call that a thousand year event yeah it was that it was nobody look it was it was but only a fool to think that that’s not going to happen again sure if you think oh that won’t happen again for another thousand years well i’ve got news for you it’s you know it’s not going to be another thousand years before that happens again yeah um and to me it seems the weather patterns are changing i mean i don’t remember it being this

in my entire life being like it is and like i said i’ve been here 51 years yeah and i’ve i don’t remember it being like this you know so you know we could that would be the only way i would vote for it uh yeah uh it would have to be a flat fee everyone would have to pay the same and everyone would pay the same and i i would that then i could get behind that any other way i just don’t see we’re all going to have to be in this together we’re all going to have to pay the same 100 100 agree with that and uh so look for that next week in the paris council tracy will be uh putting that on the agenda i will support it uh but i’ll also anything short of what i just said i will fight yes exactly well it makes it really does make sense and and uh so you do have some people up there in the council and they’re coming up with some things you know as far as ideas for the future on that now uh i want to get into zoning a little bit um zoning is a is kind of a complicated subject if you don’t understand it you don’t understand it it’s it’s not something people go home and they and they google uh sum it up for people that may have no idea what it is i know municipalities typically have zones like your city your denim springs city of denim springs walker those type of places yeah um they’re gonna have uh these uh commercial zoned areas and they’re gonna have these residential zoned areas but you don’t have them perish wide you don’t in other words outside of those city limits you don’t have it come explain that to us well at face value it looks like it’s uh one of these pieces of legislation that says hey we can you we can lay out the area of development in our parish to where we can see in the future this is where we want our residential areas to be this is where we want our commercial areas to be this is one industrial light industrial um like that yeah now typically those things kind of work themselves out yeah so you know in a zoning map per se if you put one in place it is a document that is adjusted uh to fit you know how development happens because we can look and say hey we take a uh a fresh slate you know where do we want the resident where we’re going to kind of go where the residents are now but residential there yeah and and then to some degree that’s very true you know you put it in but you do kind of change it as you go um this keeps you know uh i guess churches from being next to a a firing range or yeah you know uh schools next to you know something else you know a bard yeah yeah and and you know our church next to a bar and i say in that regard because like there are ordinances that keeps bars from coming in next to a church right you know so the ordinance protects the church in that regard but you know at the same time if if there is something that’s probably a poor example but there’s other examples you know uh you can keep you know highly trafficked highly like you know areas where you know let’s say it’s industrial i mean right now you want if they wanted to put you know a coca-cola plant or a concrete plant or you know an asphalt plant or something along that right next to um a neighborhood they can do it because there’s no zoning as long as they can get past the the the back and forth of ordinances which isn’t really hard to do right uh then they can do it and we can’t stop it and that’s the that’s kind of the the crux of the problem zoning protects you from that that type of uh scenario yes where it’s it’s it can’t it kind of gives the cap the council the authority that a lot of people think we have already right and stuff we get blamed for you know and then you get these huge developments on on roads that you know can’t handle that type of development or areas and it creates traffic and you it just gives you a way to go let’s let’s step back and go this area shouldn’t we shouldn’t be able to put a 600 house neighborhood here yeah you know on this little narrow road uh it’s going to be a long journey yeah and and that’s a that’s a great point and i do want to mention uh to all the listeners who may not be aware look this is they’re not uh trying to reinvent the wheel here this is something that it takes place in east baton rouge parish this is some ascension parish has zoning um what you know i tell you how important this is folks we just got named yay for livingston parish the top seven growing parishes in the state of louisiana uh according to newspaper oracle i read this morning and um that’s amazing to me for one thing who would have i mean there’s a lot of perish i don’t know how many but there’s a bunch in louisiana we’re top seven growth in the entire state and we don’t have zoning so guess what eventually you’re going to grow at such a rate you cannot control it because they’re they’re following the regulations as they’re written and so there’s nothing the council members can do to stop stop that they can’t stop that plant from going in right next to that neighborhood one of the reasons ascension has zoning is because they are very industrial based there they uh especially with plants and stuff like that and they knew they had the foresight to know you know eventually they’re going to want to put this right next to a neighborhood and if there’s a dangerous chemical they’re manufacturing over there they could have an explosion you could have uh i don’t know pollution go up in the air that you shouldn’t be breathing those sorts of things so thank god they they could zone it that way and we’re going to yeah you know the the up until i’d probably say you know 2015 2016. yeah i think there was a lot of proponents of zoning but it was more people were against it but you know at this point you know it’s the people want it yeah you know people i think so too and and it’s a it’s a it’s a process that i look i wanted to do it early on um but i also knew that i didn’t have the votes yeah and so you you play long ball yeah you know and you say look we got to get we got to turn a couple of you know at least one or two people on this and unfortunately the way you turn them is you have something happen in their district that they absolutely could have stopped with zoning yeah you know zoning protects you more than it takes your rights away yeah nobody knows nobody’s looking to do that if you have a home or two you know if you’re lucky enough to have a house in a rental house or whatever yeah and you go to work every day and you come home and you mow your grass you get something to eat and then you shower go to sleep and repeat um this is going to do nothing but protect you you know if you own 5000 acres yeah you might not like it too much yeah i’m just because i’m going to come you know where the parish is going to come in and they’re going to tell you what you can and can’t do with that 5 000 acres yeah and i’m just being i’m just being honest up front they absolutely would but not tracy you’re not you’re not a bunch of guys sitting on that council necessarily that’s going to you know you have evil intentions no it would only be a situation where you were trying to put a chemical plant right next to a my my uh my loyalty is live with you know my constituents yes and we’re talking about people who have lived here even if it’s for a year three years five years 50 years 100 years you know sure been here forever these are the people that voted to put me in office absolutely and they might not have voted for me yeah but you know they are the people who i’m here to protect yeah and they are first and foremost in my mind so from in my case you know the development in district 7 is out of control yeah it is flat out of control and you know so much so that i mean you look at i think they did a study from 2010 to 2017 over 50 percent of new enrollment in a livingston parish school over 50 percent took place in a walker school they got a beautiful high school they do indeed i gotta say and funded by the people and uh yeah and i’m very proud of that yeah um beautiful houses it is ridiculously beautiful it looks like it looks like a beautiful city hall it looks like a junior college over there yeah and look if you want to know where your money was spent just go look yeah i mean they spent it they spent it they spent the money that you owned that and yeah the the the principal out there jason st pierre he he’s very uh he’s very uh uh savvy yeah he goes out and he gets you know he’s a salesman and and a great guy but i mean he’s a salesman he goes out there and he says i need this and this and he’s going to get it at the best price possible absolutely you know and look that school is is amazing the stuff they have going on over there uh but well really and you know walker in in general and and um i’m a denim springs guy and uh everybody knows that but i i’m also a livingston parish guy and i can respect growth and i can expect respect excuse me uh uh when someone’s doing something right and i’ll tell you what walker is coming up man you know the city hall over there is just unbelievable it is beautiful the school is unbelievable and you talk here’s here’s the the uh the double-edged sword to what you were just saying so i’m working my way around to that um yes it is out of control in your district that you know the development there but but here’s the double-edged sword of that the development leads to people the people lead to tax dollars the tax dollars enable that sure you know the schools the city hall all that stuff so it’s like what you know it’s almost it’s a hard choice it’s i mean it it would have been five years ago yeah it’s not a hard choice now not for me yeah i don’t believe for the people of walker you know i’m not anti-development what i want to do is see smarter development and i want to see you know houses that are built if you’re going to build a neighborhood to some degree i want to see one that doesn’t impact the people who already live here and the way to look where there’s where there’s a trees and woods now at some point that’s probably a drainage area for people who’ve lived here yes we can’t put stuff in those drainage areas and have it negatively impact the constituents of the parish yeah um if you zone these things it kind of gives the it kind of gives the uh the council per se i guess the ability to say zoning is more than just saying hey you can build this here you can build this here yeah this year it’s more of an it’s more of a a broader umbrella of authority yeah and where you can say i don’t like the way this you know it doesn’t fit with the purview of what we’re trying to do here yeah and you know it we can take back control of the development in the parish itself because right now it’s uh you can put ordinances down and there’s always a way to go well i’ll say always usually there’s a way around an ordinance if you just do because when you write ordinance you got to be very specific right you know um and they will find a way to where you can’t you can’t hold them to it it’s like a a way i explained it i just been to you or somebody it’s like you walk in a tightrope and it’s in you have these little six-foot nets that you put up underneath and you you put 30 of them out you walk in this you know this 30-yard uh stretch of tightrope and you put 30 of them out there those are your ordinances or protection well they’ll figure out a way to just push you at the right time when there’s no net underneath you yes you know and they skirt the ordinances because they you know legally they’re not they’re not needing a waiver boom they’re in

the the uh zoning in place would be more of a big net so you can catch everything and you know and it’s a good analogy we’re not we’re not now i know this isn’t good for my area i know it isn’t and then that so you can stop that madness and we can take control back of the development because right now the developers are running this parish yeah and and i guess the only way to say it is we’ve allowed them to do it sure because we the only way you can take control of that is to put a larger oversight something in effect where you can say nah i mean there’s you know a neighborhood that goes in on this little road yeah and there’s 600 people through the water but and on top of that though we need we need to look at even if you do our zone and you do it correctly we need to make sure there are better practices in what’s going on now right you know uh how much drainage dry retention you know um retention ponds that have pumps on them and you can put that money on the on the development itself where you know if you if you build this neighborhood this subdivision it should say or a neighborhood and there’s going to be a retention pond there then that the person who buys into that neighborhood is going to pay a little more money every month to help maintain the pump their retention pond yeah and we’re going to pump that pond down at before an event and pump pump it pump it down after and give enough free board and then the area from the top of the pond to where the water starts to to put the to have the offset for the dirt that they brought in yeah to offset you know that’s really what a retention spawn is supposed to be yes you know it the volume of water should be equal to or more than the amount of dirt you brought in that’s right and that’s not happening right now i don’t care what anyone says they’ll tell you oh that no it’s not because they’re using those they’re using those retention ponds is like a a lake front type property yeah they’re promoting that i don’t know and look i understand that sure but this is a retention pond first yeah and if you got three foot a free board yeah so be it yeah you know put a six foot fountain in there yeah well yeah and look let’s let’s face it this again these are neighborhoods or subdivisions that don’t exist yet yeah and we need to make requirements on these neighborhoods and these developments that come in to say look this is what you’re gonna pay yeah you’re gonna and it’s gonna be and you know it’s gonna be for the whole time you have the house yeah it might be 10 bucks a month or i don’t know what it is but you’re going to pay and to maintain your your so who’s maintaining it now well that’s the thing you know you have uh hoas that we all i have zero faith in hoas right because and and you know nobody’s making them do that they just and then you know so the pond gets all icky and full of you know sludge and and then you know they go and say well we need to clean this we need to clean it out well the parish really doesn’t have jurisdiction to go in yeah and even if they they say well you can have it too in there then you know you got all these fences up against it there’s no there’s no way to get to it yeah you know because there is no servitude or right-of-way around it right so you know we can clean it out but then you have to you have to tear your fence down yeah you know

hi i’m leighton rix lipston parish president since its approval by the lives repair school board in 2010 mighty moms have been grateful to have a project that allows them to spread love with one full tummy at a time each week bags of food are distributed before the weekend to those children that are at risk for weekend hunger this is accomplished through the generosity and love of many many people to date mighty moms has delivered 112 804 full tummy bags september the first to childhood hunger awareness day for libston parish public schools this is a great opportunity for us all to take a look at the reality of food insecurity in our parish mighty moms need your support to continue in the mission of seeing all children graduate with full minds and full tummies visit on ways that you can partner with them and help the future leaders of livingston parish together we can make a difference

hey folks we just took a a little break we actually ran out of battery we love this subject so much of zoning that uh we ran out of battery but we’re back and as you were saying uh tracy you know the the issue with not having the zoning obviously just to sum that part up is that you can’t really control where that growth is taking place so yes i mean it’s probably important to say you know nobody is anti-development per se it’s just you need to make sure it’s quality development and it’s it’s occurring where you’re not taking uh you know current current constituents of yours and throwing a bunch of water on them or correct or whatever so that’s what’s happening now yes i mean nobody wants to say that out loud but that’s what’s happening right now and we it needs to stop yeah yeah yeah and tracy’s serious about that he looks he’s got a mean face because you know it’s stopped it does need to be and it needs to stop and yeah um and it won’t until until zoning exists well and then we can actually you know zoning is like i said so it’s it’s fluid it changes you know you can change the rules but we and it should yeah but uh you know we need to put the people of the parish first sure and the people that are here that have and you know that that that that mindset that i guess the um free livingston perish you know yeah you know we can’t afford to live that way anymore we can’t afford to think that way anymore we need to think you know i’m all for maintaining who we are yes you know um at the same time though we can’t afford to not act because we’ll find ourselves in a situation that’s uh you know well we’re already kind of halfway there we are seventh growing perishing in the state it’s and so we need to be we need to it’s time we need to stop the bleeding mm-hmm and the zone will help stop the bleeding will it fix the problems all together it’ll fix them from getting worse yeah and you know and that’s where we need to start you’ve got to stop the bleeding first and then we can we can really tackle on fixing the issues at hand 100 percent and now the the last question on that is okay so let’s say we’ve done swayed half of livingston parish over the zoning way and they’re like yes let’s zone i’m we’re all for tracy you know and his thought process on that um how does this occur do the council members only vote for that or is that a parish wide vote no the council members vote okay and it’s it’s a two-part process um the first part is which they have completed and we introduced last thursday is the language yes and you know what categories of what what the category is going to be commercial residential you know industrial light industrial and we have agriculture yes yeah uh and then we have ones like undefined yeah um and there’s many many categories there but you know we that’s the first part yeah we introduced that language um it was introduced like i said last thursday we’ll vote on it next thursday uh and then the second part is the maps you know the um the local afa alvin fairburner associates they’re the ones they’re going to draw the maps up for us what they think with input from the councilman how that area should be now that part won’t be as hard for like me because walker is 80 percent of my district yeah it’s already it’s already zoned and then the rest is pretty you know there’s a house there you know it’s residential yeah and so you know it’ll be not a lot i think yeah of hubbub yeah with me and how it goes forward you know the the in the eastern part of the parish where there’s not any zoning they’re going to have to go out there and just look and say what we think this is going to be this and then you’re going to have public meetings where the public can come in and give their opinion what you know on this i would like it to be this that’s fine yeah you know um you you get the public involved in that because they have to be very much involved in because they have to be you know we have to sell them on this being a good thing yes and it is a good thing you know there was there was some uproar on walker’s own and you know they zoned it and the sun came up the next day and you know but and that’s the thing about zoning you don’t know how it protects you when it does but you definitely know how it doesn’t when you don’t have it yes very true you know very true and there’s a lot of things that even your like you know in walker the mayor or the or the councilman never hear about because they might see a piece of land and say hey let’s build this here and they go oh well that’s zoned yeah that’s on commercial we can’t put a neighborhood there and it just goes away yeah they make one phone call and they’re just like well man yeah they’re not going to change that so you know there’s at some level nobody hears about it that and that raises a question that i would have and that would be once you zone something so i’ll give you an example jubin you know the big jubin development yeah okay so there might have been a let’s uh let’s play devil’s advocate there there might have been a point in time where people went out there and maybe zoning was about to be passed and they said this is going to be residential and then look at it now it’s a major con commercial thoroughfare and has done very well my question would be once something is zoned can that ever change absolutely okay absolutely but it would fall um

they’re gonna have we’re gonna we’re gonna have a planning we’re gonna have a zoning board or something commission and my mind is probably gonna be the same as planning you just yeah planning is owning the same thing sure but you know i’m open to that on however they do that yeah um they’ll they’ll give their recommendation yeah um but ultimately it’s gonna be like planning is the council is gonna decide yeah you know because that planning board member wasn’t elected right they were appointed by the councilman the person who but so they have to stand and face the music on that yeah yay or nay howard however they decide because there’s some things that might make sense you know this is zoned you know commercial and there’s nothing commercial around it and there’s this big neighborhood that was over here and now they want to and you might look at it and go well you know that that makes sense yeah and it’s hard to imagine things but believe me anything and everything will come before you at some point and where you go oh that makes sense yes you know um or absolutely not it’s gonna be more of absolutely notch you’re not going to do that yeah you know but you know yes they can change it with the the zoning planting zoning

representative will make the their recommendation although it comes to the council it doesn’t matter if it’s 9-0 there yeah it’s still going to come to us yeah and i i mean there was a question like someone had asked that there’s no way i’m passing that on to someone i appoint i’m not giving someone that i appoint that much power yeah i mean you know because it is power absolutely and and they’re representing one person that person being the councilman but they’re not you’re representing uh however many voters put you in often they’re representing you know i don’t micromanage any of my uh my board members yeah but you know in that particular case i would you know he i don’t want to put that on him right because he’s not the one that people went into the ballot box and went click that’s right at the end of the day it’s going to be me or or any of those people that that i’m going i’m going to decide no or yes yeah and because i was the one that the people of my district put their faith in when they elected me to office and you appointed that guy and if it’s and if it’s yeah and if it’s bad it’s bad if it’s you know if it’s good it’s good but you know i was the one that they put into office to make those decisions not an appointment of mine yeah you know very good point very good point so zoning most likely coming to livingston

you know they they film these and you can watch them on youtube and things like that and so you don’t have to attend a person i know with covenant and everything and that’s a question i did want to ask you as well um you bet you zoomed the last one the last time that was fun yeah and the the difficult thing is you know that people want to speak and if it’s not on the agenda yeah then we legally cannot talk about it yeah at all yeah because you know whatever the subject matter is that someone wants to speak about that’s not on the agenda and they want to speak about it there could be someone with the opposite opinion that’s right that didn’t get the chance to voice their opinion because it wasn’t on the agenda right so you you have to be and in that particular case you know you had the the um the gentleman and the lady that had you know it’s one of them had a son that had drowned you know and the other ones had a husband and you know you have to be i mean as well you should you have to be cognizant of where they’re at yes and you know absolutely um at the same time you can’t talk about that because it’s not on the agenda right you know it’s and you’re it’s going on a record yes and so you you have to kind of back away and say look i’ll call you and that’s in that’s what chairman talbert did yeah you know he that they were outside the i think he called one of them wasn’t there and then he talked to the other uh gentleman who was outside the building thinking that the council was meeting that night you know yeah and he just said as soon as i’m done i’ll walk out there and talk to you and this is what he did sure you know but you know legally you gotta go you gotta you gotta cut that off because we can’t talk about those things that ought on the agenda yeah because it’s i mean even if you want to it’s not even up for debate it’s against the law right and you can’t do it that’s it you can’t do it so um uh i would assume the next council meeting as of right now or have you made a decision if that’s going to be zoomed or if you’re allowing him well that’s the chairman’s call but you know uh i assume that it’s probably going to be zoomed in yeah i would i would probably make that assumption myself um now how how often do these council meetings take place every two weeks every second and fourth thursday of the month so there you go folks and and uh so pay attention to those if you want to know what’s going on with your councilman and what he’s doing to help improve your district you can see tracy garland house is working hard over there we have um we have an ordinance committee meeting on the same week yeah tuesday of the same week so next week we’ll have an ordinance committee meeting on tuesday and it look it’s tough to get into the uh it’s tough to get into it when it’s zoomed yeah really yes the ordinance committee meetings i i i don’t i’m not as rigid because you know we’re discussing how we want an ordinance to be shaped for the council to discuss yes so it’s more um more like an open discussion yeah uh where the council meetings are pretty rigid because you’ve got to follow robert’s rules yeah you only get out of hand quickly yeah and so we just kind of have a more round table you know we do follow the rules but uh you know if someone else speaks up you know i don’t i don’t necessarily have to go to another one of the other board members on the ordinance committee other committee members i don’t know oh you don’t have to be recognized by the chair yeah you know you know if someone else is done talking on the on the board right another person can just start talking and allow it to happen you know but you can’t really do that right on a council meeting because you got nine people and usually a room full of people and so you have to be a little more strict at least i was when i was chairman sure you know i mean i agree with you so but at the ordinance committee it’s more like if you’re in the crowd and you oh like some come on up you know yeah and stand at the podium it’s where we can hear you and you give your name and address and tell us you know tell us what you learn a lot from the public yeah you know people come up there and they’ll just bring up the you’re like i didn’t even think about that yeah you know and well yeah we need to factor that too because sometimes you know you just you learned i love when people come yes because you do learn a lot you know what you get sometimes you get so you know pigeon holed on something yeah you can’t see something obvious yeah from the outside that comes in you’re just like oh wait wow none of us thought of that yeah you know it’s a good one right that down yeah that’s right i mean you learn a lot from from uh being an observer sometimes as much as you do from any kind of research you could do online or anything else ma’am one thing i’ll say is if if uh you’re someone that that is not familiar with tracy erlinghouse and in that district of district seven all you gotta do is look over there to see the work you’ve done and it’s a it’s a beautiful part of livingston parish it is growing it is uh you know no one can take that away from the name well you know and i’m of course it’s a team effort it is absolutely but uh there’s there’s been good administrations at walker there have been these guys that that uh the you know in my mindset is you certainly you want to have some growth yeah but you have to have you know you kind of have to have the reins on it it’s where you grow responsibly yes and more good just as important you know you don’t lose sight of who you are right and who you want to be you know that’s one thing i’ve always loved about my community is that you know it is a sense of home and community and you when you start growing that’s usually the first thing to start slipping right and i felt like that you know we’ve had leadership there that has said no no yeah we’re going to grow we’re going to build this big new school and we’re going to have but you know i don’t want to lose track of who who we are

and that’s right and you know and i’m all about that you know i’m uh lp first yeah walker yeah walker

yes but you know i i’m a walker guy you know through and through yeah you know and i always will be and and i’ll die of that guy yeah and uh so i can’t get you to say go jackets you and buddy you hadn’t been here yesterday you got to do it yeah buddy messy look he uh it’s funny my my girlfriend’s uh daughter graduated from denham and i went to um her graduation and they were like you know my girlfriend’s like oh you need to wear this purple shirt you know i have one yeah like for lsu and i was just like come on here seriously yeah let me wear this purple shirt and uh and i said okay i’ll wear it and so you know we’re on the visitor side yeah so i’m not going to see anybody yeah and i walked by and and this is before um buddy was elected yeah i went by and buddy hawks by me and i was like how’s it going you know and he was like so you know and then he goes wait wait wait

and i was like he goes ah he goes i cannot believe this right now he had his wife come over and take a picture of me and him and i and then he was running i said you know you’re gonna have to wear green when you kind of walk because i know you’re planning on running for state right yes and i made him wear the green too so yeah yeah that’s right so like very good very good yeah so uh man i enjoyed it this is this was a great discussion uh i hope the listeners out there all of y’all i know when a little longer than usual hopefully you’re all still there and check out uh check out those council meetings i do appreciate you coming on uh if you want you can like you can subscribe to the podcast uh please share the podcast really love that it’s important let’s get let’s get our name and word out there to all these people uh on what we’re doing here in livingston parish until next time i am jim chapman reminding you love your community support local business and keep leading thank you very much fit blends of denim springs can help you with everything from meal prep to supplements i love it that they serve breakfast all day in addition to the best ultra healthy wraps you can really get anywhere in livingston parish they are home of the five dollar smoothie friday and are an amazing sponsor of local leaders the podcast fit blends denim springs fast fit food for you

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