Tricia Johnson Realtor’s Housing Market Update to Close out 2020!

Local Leaders: The Podcast Season 4 Episode 4

Tricia Johnson of Latter & Blum Realty sits down with Local Leaders: The Podcast and gives us a year end update on the housing market as well as discussing current housing trends and many other great tips that have made her a top realtor in her 14 year career as a realtor.

What a great way to close out 2020!

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hi it’s tricia johnston residential realtor with latter and bloom with your real estate tip of the week as we approach your end you should take a few minutes to evaluate your homeowners insurance if you’ve owned your home for a while or have done any improvement since you purchased it chances are the property value has increased you want your insurance coverage to be in line with the current value if you don’t know what the current value is just give me a call and i’ll be happy to help you determine that you should also check to make sure that your contents coverage is sufficient there are typically limitations and exclusions on certain items such as jewelry firearms artwork and collectibles and finally don’t forget to check your flood insurance including building contents and deductible amounts even if you’re in a flood zone that doesn’t require it i highly recommend that you get flood insurance if you don’t already have it so take a few minutes to assess your insurance coverage amounts so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises if you need to file a claim i know that 2020 has given us some unexpected challenges but i hope that you’ve experienced some real blessings this year as well i’m wishing you and your loved ones health happiness and prosperity in 2021 i’m tricia johnston with ladder and bloom and i’m wishing you all the best

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225-667-8100 or you can email we say yes at premiere or stop by and spin the wheel at 139 del norte avenue in denham springs there have been monday through friday from 8 30 a.m to 5 30 p.m and are a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast well hello there miss tricia johnston hello jim chapman good to be here i’m wearing a holiday hat just for you well happy holidays to you well thank you very much it is a holiday edition of local leaders of the podcast so i decided to put my hat on and make it all festive looking you got the green on today look i love the sweater looks good uh so i want to talk today you’re obviously uh someone that the show is very familiar with you do our uh tip of the week with tricia johnston and we love it everybody is is uh asking me about that they’re all excited to get your tips every week we’d like to have you on every now and then to get a feel of the market and find out how things are going in the real estate market we’ve had you know a great a great year in 2020 relative to the real estate market absolutely we agree with that i would agree 100 it’s been a great market for that it really has um and now we’re kind of closing in on the fourth quarter um yeah and i wanted to ask you this as kind of a question right from the beginning and that is curious to know if you see typically in a typical market a drop-off around the holiday time or or is it the same as summers and everything else relative to the market i think during the holidays we typically have fewer buyers looking but the buyers who are looking during the holidays are serious buyers they’re ready to buy if they find the right thing so less buyers on the market but definitely um they’re not going to waste their holiday time looking at houses if they’re not serious and ready to buy that’s a good point and and uh kind of like what i was getting at was i find from looking at it from the outside and of course i don’t do this every day like you i don’t do it any day honestly i just send them to you so uh but i do find they do notice things in the market and one of the things i find is that it seems like when houses go up for listing in the holiday time periods they it it’s almost like they don’t tend to last as long on the market and that would make complete sense if the buyers are more serious they’re not um to use a vehicle term kicking tires i guess kicking real estate houses uh so that’s a good thing yeah that’s the truth and it’s also because a lot of sellers tend to wait until after the holidays to put their house on the market so there’s fewer houses for buyers to choose from yes indeed and that would be that would be basically a seller’s market is that what they call it it’s low inventory or a seller’s market that’s right all right see i learned something from our from our visits last time we talked we talked about uh you know hot market everything was on fire uh real estate interest rates were low and people were taking advantage of that um still still rocking and rolling still rocking and rolling and part of that is low interest rates but the other part is the pandemic people have determined that the house they’re living in is not working for them some people need a stay-at-home office a lot more people are working from home if not full-time a lot more than they were before a lot of people are wanting a at home learning space for when their children are doing virtual learning or our home schooling a lot more people are doing homeschooling now people are wanting uh more outdoor entertaining areas so outdoor tv swimming pool a bigger yard to put a trampoline um so more space so people during this pandemic have figured out that what they were living in may not be working or may not be the ideal situation so they’re moving because they need their needs have changed another need we’ve seen that has changed is people who have long-term care going on at home instead of putting an elderly or sick parent or family member in a nursing home they’re nervous about that now so they’re keeping them at home now so they might need an extra room for that so people’s needs have changed and low interest rates have all contributed to a very busy real estate market well and and i’m happy to see that because as we discussed in prior uh podcasts real estate really drives the entire economy um in a lot of ways um residentially right now it’s on fire no complaints it’s interesting to me i was discussing this other day with a friend of mine and and uh hopefully we got it right but we were discussing the the difference between the commercial market right now and the residential market so the commercial market is suffering a little bit more and i think a lot of that is primarily that these big corporations have figured out that uh we don’t necessarily need five floors office space we can just have these people work from home and so it’s caused a little bit of an inventory um over inventory i guess in the commercial side which has driven the price down on on leases and things like that because of it but it’s interesting that you know when even though that side of the market may be suffering a little bit the real estate market is picking up because of just what you said which is now they have to work from home maybe they only have a one bedroom or two bedroom house and they need a three bedroom because they want a home office or something like that yeah you’re absolutely right commercial real estate is suffering but residential real estate which is what i do i don’t do commercial but um the residential real estate market is thriving right now and it does drive the economy when somebody moves or buys a new home relocates they need new furniture new appliances they need paint they need a moving company they use a mortgage company a title company so it’s not just the the single transaction it really affects the economy overall it’s in my opinion the biggest driver in the economy

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and we’ll have people like you out there and you’re you know selling houses at a at a high rate and and uh and we can rely on you to do what you need to do on your end to get those houses sold so that’s always a nice thing uh now what are the current trends right now with regard you covered a couple of those actually uh and that is you mentioned home offices are kind of important uh right now and why are people still looking for pools and things like that is that something that kind of never goes away or is that something they’re still requesting well pool houses with pools sell better in the spring and summer in general but i just had a closing last week with a house with a swimming pool so they do sell it depends on if the property is going to fit that buyer’s needs and you know if they’re looking for a house with a pool and an outdoor kitchen and it goes on the market buyers know i need to go ahead and buy it now because it’s not going to be here next month and we have seen just in the last couple of months the pendings and sold houses have gone down a little bit as compared to the previous months but higher than compared to a year ago so the numbers are up year over year but month over month they’re going down and the only reason for that is because inventories low there’s more buyers looking than there are houses for sale so i would encourage somebody if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market and you’re thinking oh i’ll wait until after the holidays um go ahead and get it on the market is especially if it’s vacant if you live there and you’re celebrating the holidays and and you don’t want that you know showings and everything while you’re celebrating the holidays that’s perfectly understandable but if the house is vacant and ready to sell do not hold on to it until january go ahead and put it on the market now because buyers are out there looking and if if a house is priced right it’s selling right now yeah so when buyers come and they and they talk to you and they say um you know i’m looking for a house i would imagine you have that conversation where you say okay what are you looking for with kids it seems to me like families are getting smaller it just seems like uh where people used to have where three and four kids were common it seems like there’s less it’s less common now so i would imagine that that kind of relates in the real estate market how many bedrooms they need or is there a typical average that you get asked you know i want a three bedroom house or y’all you have that conversation with your homeowners yeah i do obviously you want to know what size house what size lot what price range how many bedrooms and bathrooms and then we kind of dive a little deeper if they say they need a four bedroom what’s the fourth bedroom going to be for is it a blended family where there’s five or six kids because they were remarried and brought the families together or is that fourth room going to be in office because if it’s strictly to use for an office then it may not need to be a four bedroom it might be a three bedroom home with an office would be okay but if they need a true fourth bedroom then i need to know that so it’s a conversation we have before we ever start looking asking you know um some people want a large yard more people now than before um some people don’t want a lot of yard to maintain so uh it’s just a a conversation and then i when i they answer the question i usually do one more question to dive a little bit deeper to make sure and then the truth of the matter is when a buyer starts looking what they think is important to them may change as we’re looking at houses and so i’m always listening and asking them questions as we’re looking at properties if they say oh no this isn’t the right fit i want to know why so that i can rule out houses or maybe have a conversation about that so what they ultimately end up buying may be different than what they described on day one yeah and and that’s interesting see obviously you you’re doing your homework you’re having this conversation which is a huge value it wouldn’t surprise me if you had a checklist there and you were you know basically

so it would not surprise me because you are so thorough and thorough is important especially in real estate so that’s good that you you even dive deeper into that and er that speaks to you and what you’re doing uh the great job that you’re doing so i’m curious to know this and you’ve been you’ve been in the real estate game a while there uh miss tricia 14 years 14 years so in a situation like what you just described nowadays it’s a lot easier you can get on whatever program and you can just kind of check these things off and it’ll totally take houses off that you’re not interested in and only show you the ones that have all these features i would imagine so but there was probably a time 14 years ago where that was not as easy would it is that correct that’s right it used to be that everything was printed in an mls book and so the realtors had every month a book came out you know back in the day but now things are online but it it a lot of times what’s important may not be online you can’t set up filters you know somebody says you know they want painted cabinets or stained cabinets or those are not search fields that you can do and to your point what you were just saying about oh we don’t want to waste time looking at houses that aren’t the right one for a buyer i always tell buyers if we go look at houses and we didn’t find the right one that doesn’t mean we wasted our time it means that we narrowed down what you’re looking for and what you’re not looking for because every no that we look at gets us one step closer to the yes that’s the perfect house and if they haven’t looked at any houses that weren’t the right one they won’t know when they walk into the one that is and so it’s never a waste of time to go and look at houses and then it really helps me know what’s important to them what’s the yes what’s the no what’s the deal breaker and and they are learning too not just me as they’re looking through the house they may see something they say well gee we didn’t even think about you know this particular feature so um it’s important to to actually physically go look at houses because you can look at them online but if you don’t go see it in person there’s some things that you’re going to miss out on yeah i was i can’t argue with that that that’s a great point and and uh so i stand corrected you are not wasting your time that’s per treasure uh no that’s a good point and if you’re basing things off of online like you say sometimes perception might be different than reality and while that’s maybe a good guide uh starting point it certainly doesn’t need to be the ending point very very good very sharp now let me ask you something else um i was curious about and that is uh google reviews and things like that and the reason i bring this up is i had a guest um recently that is a creative media expert black sheep is the name of that company and um we were talking about how google rates companies real estate agents you name it um if you have a website it is going to rank that website based off of a lot of criteria that i won’t bore you with what i will tell you is it does base a lot off of your reviews um and those reviews actually can cause you to kind of pop up before somebody all these things are important in business um and so do you i would imagine that this is something you encourage people to give you google reviews when they have a good experience and and rate you or facebook reviews or you name it uh and i i bring that up only to mention the point because um you i’ve seen your reviews that you do have and they’re fantastic um but uh after having the conversation with him i try to bring it up to all my guests and just get there get their uh perception on how important that stuff is from from a business standpoint that people do review and do things like that if they’re happy with the experience and they they’d like to kind of share that would you agree with that yeah i agree with that it’s the biggest compliment when somebody will take the time because a lot of people take the time to complain about a restaurant they’re not happy with or whatever but you know i encourage people if you have good service somewhere whether it’s a realtor or any business especially a small um locally owned business take the time to go on and give a good review because that really does make a difference i have clients who were referred to me by a client but then they go on my website and they start reading the reviews and at the listing presentation they will quote some of the things that my former clients have said or um you know and it just makes a huge difference it you know i can tell people all the things i’m gonna do for them but if they go and read somebody who’s actually worked with me and read about their experience with me and every transaction’s unique so every experience is unique and so um ultimately ultimately you know it’s just so important i had a client one time somebody who said she went on and read that one of my reviews the the client said that they didn’t have time to finish all the little things so i actually got from you a little paint touch-up repair paint and i went and did the there was some chips in the tub and i went and did that touch-up for them and she said i just thought you know what a great person to go do something like that and i just thought oh well that was nice you know that she took the time to read my reviews and something like that stuck with her and you know i ended up listing their house for sale it’s actually the house that just closed last week with the swimming pool and she said that that really made a bit my reviews from clients really made a good impression on her to the point that she wanted to me to list her house for sale yeah they are they’re they’re important and i never used to put a whole lot of stock into them because i didn’t stop and think about how often i read reviews and that was how that was put to me was when you buy something on amazon do you read the reviews yeah i do so so uh very important and something that people want to be cognizant of and and whether whether you buy one house from trisha or one gallon of paint from gym uh if you take the time to do that that you know of course we appreciate that but you get referrals all the time that you know uh you’re kind of a lifetime realtor for a lot of people and i would imagine you’ve sold six seven houses in some cases for the same person you know as they move through life and one of them sticks out in particular to me that uh we love and uh and so that is a huge compliment because people will do business with almost anyone once maybe not so much with a house but in most in most cases when they continue to do business it means they were happy right stephanie berthelot and the crew at sr enterprise can handle it all from sheetrock to texture to paint give stephanie a call at 504-432-92 sr enterprise where they spread the paint and you spread the word

we’ll continue to do business in that they continue to use me when they buy and sell and it’s not only just a house they live in they might buy a condo for one of their children who’s gone off to college or they might buy an investment rental property so they do have a lot of transactions but one a huge compliment for me is when somebody refers me to a family member or friend i have some people who just openly say i’m their family realtor i’m part of their family and what a huge compliment that somebody you know would would think highly enough to refer me to their parents or their siblings and i take that very seriously because when somebody refers me whether it’s to a family member friend co-worker they’re putting their name on the line to refer me so you know i i just do the a great job for everybody so that they will want to refer me and go back and thank the person who referred them absolutely absolutely now when i was preparing for this podcast i wanted to think of some things you know that i really notice about you and i’m not gonna make you blush here or anything but things that that i have uh i respect about you and that i think people need to know about you abilities huge and so some of the one of the things that sticks out to me is you’re very self-motivated um we’re both uh you know you’re a problem solver and so i don’t use the term sales thank you but you are very self-motivated which is an important thing in both of our fields um it is uh you know it’s almost like you take a personal responsibility that someone is say placing you in charge of selling a house and it’s kind of your job to do it and you take it just like you said very seriously um so that’s a great attribute how do you you know is that just a part of your personality tricia you just uh you know what something you have just it is i mean from when i was young i you know i always wanted to get straight a’s and you know always just you know my one of my sisters thought i was crazy what difference does it make all you have to do is pass but i was just that one who always wanted to make straight a’s but i will say that i get it from my mother my mother was such a hard worker and um that i i have her work ethic and her integrity and she cared so much about about other people so um i i get a lot of my um i think good qualities and and uh work ethic from my mother she was a very when i was in high school she had three jobs um just to make ends meet so um she was a hard worker and i like to think that um i got all the best of her i can relate and uh and i find that with a lot of um with a lot of high performers a lot of people that are self-motivated hard workers um they usually had a a mother or a father or some sort of authority figure that that instilled that in them and uh and so well that’s fantastic it shows and it’s something i bring up because it’s important because there are people in the world unfortunately that are not self-motivated and especially when you’re dealing with real estate you better have someone that wants to get out there and do their best absolutely i think no matter what job you do you should do it with passion and do it to the best of your ability it doesn’t really matter what your job is but when you’re talking about real estate whether somebody’s buying or selling this is one of the largest financial investments they have and so you have to take that seriously and work hard for you know your clients because if they’re buying it they’re investing their money it’s not just a place to live it’s a financial investment if they’re selling this is a home that they have invested in whether they’ve just owned it for a few months and are flipping it or they raise their family in and are selling it it’s a huge financial investment and for somebody to trust me with that is a compliment but it’s also something i take very seriously i’m going to treat their money as if it were my own and very protective of that very good very good uh also one of the things i wrote about you was your knowledge of the market separates you um i think that you are one of the most educated uh people in terms of real estate professionals that i’ve ever come across um do you i mean i know you get you know you have state-sponsored stuff that you have to do and the tests that you have to take but i would imagine you’re someone that seeks out information on that how important do you think that is in your success because you’re an extremely successful real estate agent so how important is knowledge i think knowledge is power when you know i’m learning as much as i can we have a mandatory continuing at as realtors that we have to do to renew our license but i’m always seeking out new things to learn because i can use that to help my clients so um the the knowledge that i have and it’s always changing so that that’s something that i love about real estate is it’s changing every transaction is different but each you know each phase of the market is different and so just staying on top of what’s current what what are buyers looking for today because it’s different than it was a year ago so that i can educate my sellers on that and then you know to to know where this what’s important to sellers right now so i can educate buyers on that so i just um love to learn new things but also to stay on top of the numbers i’m i’m a lot like you and that i’m a numbers person so you know what the trends are is important to me whether it’s pricing trends sales trends i just i love those kind of things so i know you do it stands out and i’ll tell you an interesting story on my end of that is in knowledge is that for me it always built confidence also

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yeah and i mean all that goes back to not just wanting to be average but wanting to be you know that plus one service you know they count my clients count on me knowing what’s going on but that’s another time that’s the most common question i get asked is how’s the market i can be in home depot and you know somebody sees my name tag and says oh how’s the market and i have to answer that with a question well what market are you talking about you know because it’s different in east baton rouge parish ascension parish livingston parish it’s different in each neighborhood it’s different with each property type are you talking about vacant land are you talking about single family residential are you talking about higher price point a house that’s 500 000 and above or you know it just varies from everything so there’s no one answer to that question you know how’s the market well well how long do you have because i can talk your ear off about that yeah and you probably have to learn you know you study that and you learn that which goes back to being self-motivated and you want to know the answers to those questions but yes it is a very involved uh process there’s no doubt about it there’s so many different segments especially to the real estate market and you deal with you deal with a lot of investors and people like that so they’ll buy you know i would imagine these investors are buying properties and fixing them up and then reselling them things of that nature fluctuates as well because sometimes there’s a big demand for fixer-uppers and other times the demand is higher for move-in ready i’m working with an investor right now that has a property that’s not moving ready and he’s thinking about just selling it as is and i told him we can certainly sell it as is but move-in ready properties are what’s selling right now so it would be in his best interest to finish the project and sell it move-in ready than to sell it as a fixer-upper so that it’s always changing but the main thing is to know what’s trending in the market right now so that i can advise him the decision is always up to the client in the end i just want to give them all the knowledge they need to make the best decision for themselves very good and and you know i remember trisha um i mean it’s probably been about eight years ago but you remember a time when the the house flipping was huge everybody was house flipping it didn’t matter what your regular job was you were buying a property and trying to flip it and fixing it up and it has tapered off a little bit and i think what’s happened more than anything else my opinion is the people that were true investors are still in um the people that were uh doing it just to kind of make a quick profit or whatever which there’s nothing wrong with that but the people that were doing that they’re out now and and it’s kind of even that plateau a little bit but uh i did want to make sure that i mentioned everyone that you do deal with investors and and you’d love for any of those to contact you and and uh you get them fixed up real quick absolutely absolutely and i i look at that just like i look with all my clients but with investors it’s a partnership it’s a conversation you know my investor clients lean on me they say you know what what type of improvement should i do because some areas you want to put you know three centimeters slab granite other subdivisions can’t support that and so my investors lean on me to advise them on what improvements are important which ones will i not get a good return on my investment so it’s an ongoing conversation from before they buy it to until we get it sold very good very good now another thing i put for you was you build relationships rather than sales numbers that’s right you know i look at i treat every client whether i just met them or i’ve been knowing them for a while like family or friends you know if they’re my age i might you know look after them like i would my sister or a brother if they’re younger than me i’ll you know treat them like i would want somebody to treat my daughter or son they’re older than me how would i want somebody to treat my aunt or my parents so i just try to look out for them you know building relationships you know i’m a people person and so that just comes naturally i i do care about people i do want to know what’s your story you know why are you looking for a new property or you know if some somebody maybe just had a family member pass away so they’re selling that home i want to hear the story um and and get to know them about you and it it’s easy because i do care about my client you really do and it’s probably the most important part in my opinion of of of i know you hate the word but sales is is um the is people buy from people they don’t they you know products are so close nowadays in a lot of cases that it’s the person that separates who somebody does business with and uh and all their qualities behind that product in your case a house well it’s all the qualities of tricia johnston that make trisha johnston successful that house is there kind of for anybody to sell she even makes the difference so we talked about it before for me it’s the golden rule how would i want somebody to treat me and that’s how i treat them it’s just that simple i agree with it now another thing i put down for you i got all kinds of compliments for you cause you’re a born educator so this is something i spotted early on with you you um you are someone that just has a personality that you want to educate people you want them to make the best decision based off of the information that you give them i do i love teaching people things it goes back to what i said a little while ago about knowledge is power but knowledge isn’t worth anything if you don’t share it and so i i educate myself as much as i can on the current market trends and of course my 14 years of experience brings a lot of knowledge as well and i share that with you know buyers sellers clients potential clients co-workers there’s newer agents in my office that you know i will mentor they come and ask me questions because i was new 14 years ago and so i i just think the more knowledge you have you know it’s god-given knowledge so you know part of that gift is to share so i i just um i love to educate and you know give advice you know you give it much as much advice somebody is willing to accept and take but uh like i said my my goal isn’t to sway somebody’s decision it’s to educate them so that they can make the best decision for themselves that’s exactly right and that’s a lot of integrity involved in that and um of course that’s another quality that i have for you is your integrity is is is another thing that sets you apart you’re going to give someone all the information they need to make the best decisions they can and and when you do that it’s you know you’re allowing that person to make their own decision of course and you know it’s their house that they’re buying or whatever but you’re gonna give them the information whether it’s uh good information or not you know as far as news wise i guess good news or bad news or whatever and and uh and that requires a lot of integrity in in in your type of business especially um to do that so we talked about trends earlier and and we mentioned um houses housing family sizes maybe maybe downsizing um and you brought up a good point that i wanted to kind of push and that was with everything going on with coveted right now you know there’s there’s situations where um you know nursing homes are are not exactly the best place maybe right now for for people and so more and more people are are uh keeping that loved one at home and and taking care of them them there have you seen kind of a kind of a jump in that since since all of the pandemic stuff has occurred in march i’ve seen that i’ve also seen where adult children have moved back home i have one client who had a daughter working in boston and she started working from home and she’s like why am i in an apartment in boston by myself when i could work from home anywhere so she moved back home with her parents i’ve seen a lot of that adult children moving back home until the pandemic settles and they decide where they want to live and so people need more space for that um people relocating from you know one city to the next if you can work from anywhere then you may want to be closer to family so people who used to live out of town moving back in town or people who live in baton rouge but now they can work from anywhere might be moving if their family is in another state so that’s interesting a lot of that yeah yeah so you do you do see those trends kind of change in in the in difficult times and and uh that’s that’s interesting because you’re kind of the first person to see those things before anybody else now let me ask you i have a lot of people ask me we touched on it earlier with uh with it being a uh seller’s market right now um but i have a lot of people that will ask me and i’m like i need to ask tricia johnston you don’t want to ask me but they’ll ask me the difference between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market you touched on the seller’s market you said you know when interest rates are or when inventory is low that’s typically a good time if you’re thinking of selling a house to do it because you’re going to get top dollar for it maybe based based off of when inventory is high but what are what are some other factors that would determine like a seller’s market the seller’s market is just basically where there are more buyers on the market than there are houses for sale and my real estate tip of the week for tomorrow’s podcast is actually advice for buyers on how to buy when you’re in a low inventory or seller’s market so look out for that that’s a little teaser for tomorrow’s job

yeah so that that’s on the buyer’s side but on the seller side it still has to be priced right it still has to be in sellable condition like i said move-in ready is selling a lot faster than fixer-upper it has to have some of the features that that those buyers are looking for so there are some houses on the market that aren’t selling and it could be that it doesn’t have the features that buyers are looking for or it could be something as simple as it’s a difficult house to to show maybe the sellers require 24 or 48 hours notice and you know the buyer has their list of houses they send to the realtor the day before and and so they don’t get to see that house and so there are other factors maybe it’s because the house is great but the next door neighbor’s house isn’t well maintained and that it’s turning off buyers so that’s sometimes a buyer will ask me why hasn’t this house sold and we might have to go see it uh to to actually see what the challenge is you know it might look better in pictures than it does in person so um but just the the base definition of a seller’s market is there’s more houses uh avail there’s more buyers on the market than there are houses for sale gotcha now

tiffany c card with homekey mortgage combines the experience and knowledge you need to make your mortgage loan a smooth stress-free process reach out to tiffany for more information on the vast mortgage programs available in the livingston parish area tiffany c card of homekey mortgage a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast what would a what would a a buyer’s market be what would would that be that other opposite of what you just said absolutely more more buyer more houses for sale than there are buyers looking that’s right so typically in a buyer’s market you’re gonna get a better deal let’s say overall on a house than you would in a seller’s market relative to the pricing of the house yeah not to say that houses are overpriced because uh the house if it’s being financed has to appraise for the agreed on sale price and an appraiser can’t look at active listings now or future sales they’re looking at the last six months worth of sales and so it takes appraised value a little time to catch up with maybe a a market you know sellers market so a buyer doesn’t have to be concerned oh i don’t want to buy right now because it’s a seller’s market interest rates are so low so a buyer can get more house for their money right now and that’s a that’s a good point that’s a that’s a actually an excellent point is when interest rate market or excuse me rates drop what that does is that enables uh the homeowner or the home seeker to then go out and maybe get a little more money on that on that house than maybe they would have qualified for if the interest rate was twice that that amount they can either afford a more expensive house or they can get the same house for a lower monthly payment it just depends on what they’re looking for excellent excellent so there’s that answer and i actually had somebody email me and tell me to ask you that so um i was not going to answer their question i was going to let you do it and you did a much better job i will also uh reiterate now what this another question that i had somebody ask and and i had no idea how to answer this what is earnest money are you i mean i know you’re familiar with it but what is that how does that work earnest money is when a buyer submits an offer on a house they offer earnest money it’s not required it’s part of the offer and part of the eventual contract but um some buyers submit an offer with no earnest money some do you know a five hundred dollar thousand dollars or a percent of the purchase price and that just lets that seller know that um that buyer serious now there’s a series of ways that the buyer can get the earnest money deposit back all that spelled out in the contract and the louisiana state purchase agreement it’s mandated that all realtors in louisiana use the state mandated contract it ha it lays out these are the ways that the seller would get to keep the deposit if the buyer if the contract doesn’t close and these are the conditions where the buyer would get their deposit back their financing falls through they typically have an inspection period if something a deal breaker comes up during the home inspection period that they can’t work out the buyer can get the deposit back if the seller can’t get a clear title if the house doesn’t appraise for the agreed on sale price if it appraises low and the sellers doesn’t want to come down on the price so there are specific guidelines where a buyer can get that deposit back but earnest money deposit is just um to show that the buyer is earnestly intending to buy the house well there you go so that answers that question then that person knows who they are and i’m glad i didn’t answer that one either i might have messed that one totally up now one of the tips that you gave a few a little while back i think it was two episodes ago was about holidays i i loved that particular real estate minute because um it was a ton of things and i’m like i never thought of that um but these were with the holidays coming around it can literally affect the uh i don’t want to say if you have trisha johnson she’s going to sell your house no matter what you know you could clark griswold the whole thing she’s going to sell it but give us give us kind of sympnosis of what you talked about on there as far as some tips maybe some things to avoid during the holidays but uh with regard to decorations stuff like that for a seller i recommend that they don’t overdo it you may do the clark griswold thing year after year which is great i’m i love the holidays christmas is my favorite time of the year but when you’re trying to sell your house you don’t want the decorations to outshine the house you want to do decorations that complement the house or show off the great features so for example if you have a fireplace mantel that’s a great place to put garland and hang stockings if you have a beautiful staircase in your home you may want to wrap that in garland and hang ornaments from that or whatever to showcase that particular feature of the house but if you have low ceilings and you put a tall tree it’s going to make those ceilings feel all the lower you know you don’t want to do things that make the house feel small if you put a huge tree and all these decorations and a dancing santa claus when they leave they’re going to remember the dancing santa claus instead of what your house looked like so you want things that enhance the your house that they don’t um take away from or distract from people you know if you have christmas music playing in the background that’s perfectly fine but you don’t want it blaring you want it playing softly in the background you want them to see your home and be able to picture themselves in there and it’s really hard if you’ve overdone the decorations you also don’t want to put out a ton of presents you know you do have strangers coming in your house to look at your house and you don’t want you know everybody to see oh look at all these presents you know most people have great intentions but you never know who you know these people are coming in your house and you know see these expensive presents and and come back later so you know the safety is always a concern when we’re you know we’re talking about that um earlier about uh safety being a concern in real estate so um just to to be smart decorate and and do fine but you don’t have to overdo the decoration right and that’s those are all great points and things that someone that doesn’t do this every day is going to think about you know and and uh i would just think about well let’s sweep the floors let’s mop let’s do all you know the clean clean the house up but i would never think about maybe the volume of the christmas music or um or there’s you know the maybe overdoing the tree and those sorts of things but you bring up some very good points on that uh and and it can make a a difference as tricia has said and so that’s why these tips are so valuable because these are things that i the average person that doesn’t do this every day they’re not gonna think about that and uh so that’s what you’re for you think about that for them and so folks out there listening i mean when you talk about realtors you know that’s that’s a proof right there of how valuable this woman really is and how much thought she puts into these things that even her even her real estate tips of the week i mean they’re very well thought out they’re all great tips now we had also talked about i had asked you to kind of look over maybe some properties that that you currently have uh listed because i think it’s something of value for people we get uh you know we get some viewers on this show treasure we’ve taken off uh and so i thought it was something of value to people that may specifically be watching this episode because they’re in the market um so we i do want to mention that uh you know currently it is what what’s the date december 17th thank you december 17th uh 2020 by the way and uh so these are active as of today but all you got to do is reach out to trisha johnston if you’re interested she’ll be glad to tell you if it’s not and then hopefully find you something just like it so um let’s let’s go ahead and cover what you have there okay i selected three properties since you asked me you know if i wanted to do this and i appreciate the opportunity i selected three properties that are in livingston parish the first one i wanted to talk about is a beautiful cul-de-sac lot it’s all cleared ready to build on and it’s almost a third of an acre and it’s in laplace subdivision and it’s well established a really nice subdivision and you’re just minutes from i12 sans bass pro pebos dukes seafood you know all the the things you’re just um a minute or two away from that in only seconds for me i know it’s it’s right across the street from your subdivision which may or may not be a seller yeah maybe that’s why she didn’t mention it

so that’s a beautiful lot if somebody wants to build their new home in 2021 so a current asking price for that 65 000 i have a great house on jones street 106 jones street that is walking distance from denham high school the denim antique district i love that area i know and it’s beautifully renovated it’s got a great backyard with a large covered patio eight foot wooden fence with um gates on both sides and this house the asking price is 167 000. if you’re renting right now um you could get in this house for less than what you’re paying rent with the low interest rates right now so and it’s your house it’s an investment yeah and you own it you can paint it you can fix it up you can do whatever you want it’s been renovated but of course it’s got a single car garage so it’s got it’s a really nice house and that one’s for sale and then the last one that i wanted to feature on today’s podcast is um another piece of vacant land on 4-h club road right across from nickens lake and adjacent to the reserve at river ridge which is an upscale subdivision this one is over a third of an acre and just a great property again if somebody wants to build a home in 2021 it would be a great piece of property it’s um 3.6 miles south of bass pro boulevard just to give you an idea of where it is on 4-h club roads so um those are three um properties that i chose to feature but um i can help anybody find houses vacant land and any of the um you know not just livingston parish obviously baton rouge feliciana’s ascension ibraville west baton rouge so um i’ll be happy to help

bj pawn and gunn has been servicing the livingston parish community since 1990. if you need it there’s a good chance b.j pawn has it so go see him in denham springs they’re a proud sponsor of local leaders the podcast i’ll be happy to help and incidentally we are going to link all this if you’re listening to the audio version we are gonna link this to the video version and you’ll be able to kind of see what as trish is talking about these properties i might ask her to send me some something to pop up on those videos so you can actually kind of check them out we’ll put some links maybe at the bottom too so that people can click directly from there and like i say if by the time you hear or watch this that property’s gone because with tricia johnson that could be tomorrow so if it’s going by then though guaranteed she’ll be able to find you something else and so get in touch with her she’ll fix you up with that interesting you wore those holiday earrings today and i will this holiday happen we didn’t even talk about that that’s how in sync we are people we just know what to do that and it’s a week before christmas yes yeah that’s right that’s right some things aren’t just coins it is a week before christmas uh so i also want to uh to mention that trisha can be found really anywhere on the internet on facebook and i want you to go through how people can contact you give it give us all those well they can reach me on my cell phone either call or text it’s 225-754-2000 i have my facebook page obviously that um features a lot of good information and my website is tricia and if you have any questions at all whether you just want to have a conversation with me or if you have a question you know that’s where i get a lot of my ideas for the tip of the week is from questions from my clients buyers and sellers and absolutely because it’s questions that i hear repeatedly so i’m thinking well there must be a lot of people interested in this and you know just doing it for so many years i know what questions and concerns people have but i’m always you know anxious to to hear from your listeners if they do have any questions that they’d like to ask i’m always open for a conversation because like you said i love to share knowledge and educate yeah she’s she’s just a phone call away you can message her on facebook you can you can go to our website i’m sure you can send a message uh from there just whatever way you feel comfortable contacting miss trisha she’ll answer any question uh that you that you have in real estate and i’ll you know we ought to start a contest see if you can stump tricia i used to do that with paint believe it or not it was stop the pain guy dumped the real yes so uh we always appreciate her uh being on you and uh appreciate your tips that you give every week those have been really popular and valuable um a lot of people have reached out talked about how much they look forward to those they share those we appreciate that your podcast you did with us last time it was one of our most successful i believe is the second most successful we’ve ever had on the podcast we’re approaching 100 episodes if you can believe that can’t believe it now 50 of them were before anybody knew they were only on paint let’s just put it that way so that’s kind of a limited audience well the great thing about podcasts is you can go back and listen to you know the previous ones if you did miss them they’re just out there to hear so you know if you have some new list centers they can go back and listen to your old podcast that’s right and i tell guests on my show all the time that um you know the great thing about doing a podcast is you can share that into infinity you know i have a lot of leaders you are you are the real estate leader in my eyes and a lot of other people’s eyes and and uh i have a lot of leaders on my show in their particular industry and i always tell them it’s great to be able to just shoot a link to somebody and say if you have any questions about what i do here’s a bunch of stuff about me it’s not just five minutes of the you know the top hits it’s it’s everything because i like people to learn who someone is outside of their business and inside of their business so uh usually you can judge someone pretty well based off of that so we appreciate all you listeners and uh and we are approaching 100 episodes and it’s only people like trisha that get it get us there i’m just the kind of the voice so thank you very much for coming on thanks for having me i had a great time have a merry merry christmas i know you will uh mr mchugh david thank you so much sir for engineering this podcast casey mcmurray for producing she’s behind me she is so quiet back there it’s it’s almost nice just kidding casey thank you very much to mr johnston of ladder and bloom realtor realty for joining us today it’s always special to have you on i want to thank the livingston paris news for the space and all you viewers and listeners for your support please spread the word and continue doing it let everybody know miss trisha comes on and does these tips every week and that she’s available for all your real estate needs and let them know that i am available as well to do their podcast if they want to get their story out there so if you’re interested in sponsoring local leaders of podcast or appearing on the show please reach out you can email casey mcmurray at casey local and uh and she’ll give you all the information you need to know until next time i am jim chapman reminding you to love your community support local business and keep leading this

dane arnold with i trade exchange has been enabling small business in the livingston parish area to save cash through his network of over 300 participating livingston parish businesses saving cash by trading services with other exchange members is what i trade exchange is all about for more information contact dane arnold at 225-205-3640 or visit i trade exchange dot biz you

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